Biblical Apocalypse


Man’s Prediction Apocalypse

In the wake of the much-hyped doomsday on 21-12-12, there has been a lot of frenzy talk by doomsters about how the world will end the last couple of years especially since the Mayans’ calendar ending on 21st December 2012, that was “predicted” as when a global disaster would happen in what most people speculated as the Apocalypse better known as the end of world. Up until that “fateful” day of human civilization, it somehow turn out quite “convincingly” that the scientists accredited the Mayan’s prediction of the “end-of-the-world” was something having to do with the Earth’s crust displacement that was depicted in the movie, “2012” which probably started the apocalyptic buzz of the millennium.

As such, it came as no surprise that it also caused a lot of speculation and unnecessary “panic” with fearful people around the world whether in the religious community or not with regards to the destiny of mankind. As scary as it sounds, thanks goodness, the supposedly “D-Day” came and gone with nothing happening on the “fateful” day that happened to be only yesterday. As it is, everything was business as usual but most people probably could not pass the day without being getting affected in some ways.  Even getting humorous than this is when some people getting so overly anxious and fanatical to the point of stocking up large supply of food to last until the next “D-Day” I suppose. Still, let’s not rest on our laurels that just because it had come to pass without any sign of a global destruction, it is not over yet. Although the world didn’t come to an end, but still it does not mean it will not happen. It will happen. It’s just a question of when and in what way.

Honestly speaking, never has it been so interesting that scientists at the same time could come up with so many other interesting ‘end-of-the-world’ theories and prediction stuff that makes it so easy and convenient for the doomsayers to have a field day causing more anxiety and speculation to the world. If one does keep up with the updates of scientific discoveries whether from NASA or not, it is not surprising at all to notice what uploaded in You Tube about the Apocalypse really looked so “logical” and “imminent” that they would almost have done a fantastic job in making everyone scared stiff should any of such global disasters “predicted” would really happen.

To the non-Christians and especially because they do not believe in the one and only Almighty God that sent Jesus, one such possible theory and discovery that would look most likely to happen is the “Solar Storm” erupting from the Sun. There’s a video clip depicting the process so “real” it would make you fear the worse. That’s because it would be amassing such incredibly powerful solar heat thrusting towards earth that it will most likely cause untold and perhaps “unimaginable” mayhem to a lot of people if the whole world is affected by such hot and powerful storm. Can you imagine the fear gripping you when you know there’s a ‘ball-of-fire’ that is described as “millions” degrees of heat thrusting towards you? What if the next one coming is more powerful than the first one back in 1859? Many questions will race to your mind if the world is going to be kind of “incinerated” should such disaster happen. What will be the aftermath like? Will humans and every living thing survive such catastrophe? Will there be anything left of planet Earth, maybe like you and I?

The Prophesied Apocalypse

However, if you are a Christian, you would not look to man for answers, you would be smart enough to look to God for answers because God had already provided us a way out no matter what “seemed” to be the problems or disasters of the humankind. The only problem is that humans always forget they’re humans and that’s when they can’t help but start thinking they are “smarter” than God and so they always believe their ways and opinions would suffice. No wonder, as a Christian it is so easy to tell humans could be so foolish as that that they are so concerned with man’s prediction of how the world ends rather than believing what God told us about the actual Apocalypse described in the Bible that is going to take place. So, not surprisingly and up until now, humans have yet conceded defeat in their ways even after proven wrong every time. If not, every one in every country in the world would have no problems becoming Christians a long time ago. Still, it baffled me what God said in the Bible is not being appreciated and accepted whether it’s about the Apocalypse or not. Many times, I couldn’t help but wondered in my capacity as a fragile and feeble human being and a small fry in the eyes of the world if God ever “cried” or “laughed” at humans whom He created with so much intelligence and freewill, yet have become so foolish and disobedient in straying away from the path He had shown us in the book He wrote called the Holy Bible.

But then again, whatever all of such hype generated means, trust me, it still pretty much failed to point towards the actual Apocalypse that would take place as what really described in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Although I’m not as brilliantly “bright” and as “smart” as those scientists and professors, still, I don’t think the world will end the way they have predicted according to whatever “scientific discoveries” they’ve made. They may have all the scientific research ever ready to substantiate their claims but what they don’t have that Christians taught to have is trust and faith in God.

If you and I, or anyone can live long enough to see the real “D-Day” coming in our lifetime and hopefully it does, I believe and trust then, the one and only Almighty God would not have this world come to an end so “dramatically” and “drastically” without ever fulfilling all the prophecies according to His will and plan that one could read about and understand what’s written in the Word of God which is the Bible. Again, this is all up to everyone to believe God’s words or man’s. If you believe in the same God who created the world and us as humans, and also as the author of the book called the Holy Bible, then there’s no question or any doubts in your mind that you will believe everything written in the Bible. Is it not so? So here’s an important question to ask yourself. Do you rather believe what man says or what God says is coming? Up until now, if you found out to your dismay what man said about the end of the world never turned out as true and correct, why not then listen to what God said about…

What Is Coming?

This is the most interesting part of the Apocalypse that will be taking place. Jesus even while alive prophesied that the end is nearing and that’s when one begins to witness wars and rumours of wars, increasing crimes and diseases, civil unrest with riots and protests, and frequent natural catastrophes like earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, hurricanes, so on and so forth. All these are just the beginning of the post-apocalyptic signs. At the climax of all such destructions, there is one ‘disaster’ that is even more fearful and devastating than all of these things combined and it has yet come to pass thus far. And what would that be? It is the mark of the beast that comes with the numbers 666 according to Revelation 13:18. What does that mean? For those who have watched the movie sequels, “The Omen”, at least know what 666 means. It’s the anti-Christ having a showdown with all the followers of Jesus Christ called Christians! Even if you are not a Christian, it doesn’t mean you will be spared. No one escapes when it comes!

We, whether Christians or not, have been told and warned by the apostle John in his revelation that when the time comes, everyone will be forced to receive the 666 mark on their forehead or right hand. If and when that happens, it means only one thing – the prophecy of the Biblical Apocalypse is proving to be true and being fulfilled. If one refused to receive the mark and worship the beast [Satan] the person will be killed whether or not he/she is a Christian.

In this scenario, all true Christians will of course be killed for not receiving the mark. You can clearly see here that’s when the faith of any Christians shall be tested for real whether one is a true Christian or not. So even if you are a Christian and want to live when at a time food is scarce and you could not buy or sell unless you receive the mark 666 on your forehead or right hand, you would be left with only one choice. Either you choose to die once or die twice. If you chose to receive the mark because of survival, it will be a bad choice and the saddest day of your life.

  1. As a “Christian,” you have made it known publicly that you have betrayed Jesus just like what Judas did for money. Even worse than Judas now is that just for the sake of food to survive, you chose to become anti-Christ by turning your back on Him and worshiping the Satan instead for having received the mark of the Beast.
  2. Supposing in the midst of all such evils taking place, Jesus suddenly made his appearance as in fulfilling his promise of his second coming, you will certainly become dead meat even if you have food to eat because you will not be resurrected together with his [Jesus] saints to inherit the kingdom of God as one of the ‘sons of God.’ So you should know better by now the choice you are going to make any time soon whether you are a Christian or not.

Just imagine. All these while, I’m only talking about the dangerous position of the Christians at the height of the Apocalypse who will face the most difficult time ever in their lives having to make one very important decision regarding the mark of the Beast. What do you think will be the fate and destiny of those who have yet chosen to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ all their lives even when they knew and heard about it or perhaps even for the likes of “religious scholars” such as the late Mr. Ahmed Deedat who were very “well-versed” with the Bible? Don’t you think as non-Christians, they are putting themselves into double jeopardy for taking such risk? To those who probably may not live until then to savour such days of the Beast ahead, is it not time now to seriously  obey the gospel of Jesus Christ and become Christians according to God’s will and plan? Why wait for the actual Apocalypse to come? It will be too late 100%.

Who Is Coming?

It is not “what” disasters coming, especially in the context of the ‘end-of-the-world’ or the mark of the beast that we should be so fearful of especially if you are a Christian. Rather, the only thing we should either fear or rejoice is the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as prophesied in the Bible who would be coming back again at any time possible but no one knows when except God. Those who so much fear for their lives would understandably be the ones not believing in Him and repent. Likewise those who so much rejoice would be those true Christians who kept their faith in spirit and in truth and according to God’s will and plan, not man. Now that we understand it’s ‘who is coming’ that is more important, so we can safely say the planet Earth cannot be entirely “annihilated” as in the ‘end-of-the-world’ context by those earthly catastrophes precisely “predicted” by scientists and professors that presumably were thought to be fulfilling according to their calculations and whatnot. Is that what the Apocalypse, end of the world, means? The answer is, “no”, if it’s according to man’s definition.

You may ask, “What proof do you have to substantiate your claim then? If you read chapter 21 in the Book of Revelation, what John saw in his vision was that a ‘New Jerusalem’ would be set up on earth by Christ who would come again this time not to die another time at the hands of men, but to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He would live among men as God for a thousand year and that the Satan will be kept in “prison” [bound] for the same period.  And that’s when it would be the only time and reason possible for the ‘called-out’ [Christians] to live with Him and will be His people, and He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away as John wrote in Revelation 21:3-4.

However, if you read in chapter 20:11, prior to the setting up of the ‘New Jerusalem’, the apostle John revealed that “Earth and sky fled from his [Jesus] presence, and there was no place for them.”  Now this sounded like a contradiction of the aforementioned statement that the planet Earth cannot be entirely annihilated. Is that not right? No, there is no contradiction at all. You see, if the world was like “blown” up or something without a trace by a somewhat disaster on a global scale, how then would it be possible for Jesus to come again like a “thief” in the night that no one knows when? As a reminder to the atheists or skeptics who will start questioning in their heads, don’t take that context as meaning he’s a thief and neither can it be ascertain as he will come in the “night” only.

The only problem that we are not able to ‘grasp’ according to our human’s intelligence is how Jesus going to do away with the first heaven and first earth [Revelation 21:1] and “transform” it into the Holy City, the New Jerusalem? As humans and understandably so, our intelligence of course has its limitation to understand the mystical power of God that we ought to know and believe by now that with Him, everything is possible, hence it is not necessary to question Him. This should not come as a “big” surprise or so “shocking” to anyone concerning the divine power of God.

In all the revelations that John passed down to us, it is not unusual nor surprising that even by using ‘figure-of-speech’ such information can still go beyond our human imagination as to how Jesus could make the impossible, possible. How Jesus going to do a metamorphosis “change” of the first heaven and first earth to one that He will spiritually rule and live among those of the resurrected at His second coming that even apostle John could not in his earthly mind able to describe it as “vividly” as you would have expected. As such, it would certainly leave many people dumbfounded and frustrated and of course it will also be inviting discerning or undiscerning interpretations.

To be able to grasp what’s being revealed in the Book of Revelation, it would be best left for one to become a Christian first. Once you know why you have to become a Christian to have the hope of salvation, only then will you begin to acquire wisdom and knowledge when you start reading the Bible and praying to God in all humility and obedience. When you come before God in total submission, you will learn to experience the power of the Word of God when the time comes and ‘see’ things clearly that other people can’t. That is why it is so crucial that one becomes a Christian and most importantly learn to trust God with all of one’s heart, mind and soul.  And when you can soon enough see it all coming, you will always be prepared come what may as you will only focus on the second coming of Jesus, a great day to rejoice and no longer fearful whether the “end-of-the- world” is near or not!

The Second Coming of Jesus

Now the question is: How prepared and ready are you?

We know for a fact that most ordinary people whether in the past or present usually had or have their favorite “idols” to idolise whether their celebrities have passed away or not. For example, we know there are still plenty fans around the likes of Elvis Presley, MJ, Marilyn Monroe, and perhaps even Bruce Lee just to name a few. They became popular celebrities the world has ever known even though they are dead now. However, I’m pretty sure many of them still wish to see these “idols” of theirs coming back alive and perhaps would give all they’ve got [always ready]to see them alive and kicking again even if it means having to risk cardiac arrest on “seeing” them coming back from the dead. Am I not right?

In such a case, naturally there is no question or doubts on anybody’s mind with regards to how prepared and ready they are to see their “idols” coming back from the dead. But the only problem is that you and I know this is absolutely impossible to happen, isn’t it? A person no matter how famous he/she was, once dead – that person will always stay dead and there ain’t no coming back for sure. So, if it is not easy and possible to go chasing after the wind, then why still go chasing after it? But at least it’s gratifying that most of us have seen what all these earthly “idols” looked like before they disappeared from the face of the earth, isn’t it so?

I would like to share here, a complete and total contrast of the second coming of Jesus compared with the earthly departed celebrities and how incredibly precious the moment it would be to see Jesus coming back again. Perhaps, everyone knows by now there is one person who may not have occurred to many ordinary people as their popular “celebrity” to go chasing after. Nevertheless, there’s the biggest chance that many people would soon realise they are actually missing out on the biggest ‘celebrity’ of all time. And who in the mother of all nature is that? Jesus Christ, of course!

You may have seen Him in pictures painted in so many variety of looks, but have you or anyone seen His original face before when He was a human on earth? Don’t you want to see what he really looks like if you ever had a chance? Don’t you want to know if he really had long hairs like the 70’s “hippies”? Don’t you want to find out if he was really crucified by looking at both his hands and feet whether those nail marks still there like what happened to Thomas? Don’t you want to ask Jesus personally if he was really born on the 25thDecember to find out whether you have been celebrating all the years a “lie” or not? Don’t you want to see what his expression on his face like when you tell him that people only celebrated his “birthday” and not his death? Don’t you think you deserved the most precious opportunity ever to meet and see him in person? Don’t you think that his second coming is the best thing that would ever be happening in the history of mankind? Don’t you believe you would be the luckiest and blessed person alive if his second coming takes place during your lifetime on earth? Don’t you want to confirm if you were right all the time believing in Him with what He promised and that is eternal life? All these questions and doubts shall be answered only if you could meet up with Him personally but could you? Of course not if you are not a Christian. Why are you not a Christian then?

So what’s the difference between Jesus and those earthly celebrities? I would rather say there’s one really really big difference between them.  How big the difference? Well, let’s say, Jesus chooses his “fans” to live eternally together with them and not otherwise! He certainly is not interested in having lots of earthly fans who only think about celebrating his “birthday” at the end of every year with all the booze and revelry that meant nothing to Him. It’s only the people enjoying themselves on the pretext of “honoring” Him. It does not in any way glorify Him if the world is still festered with unrepentant hearts and ungodliness. He is only interested in having lots of heavenly fans who chose to become buried and raised again with him as in being baptized and come back to the correct path he had paved for mankind. He would rather have his real fans [Christians] celebrating his death and sharing it as good news with those who are lost, because there is much more meaning and significance in his death than his birthday! Why is that? This is because his death signified a divine victory over earthly death so that one day he would enjoy living with his true fans [Christians] and celebrating every moment in another heavenly world where joy and happiness know no bounds and limitation. But first all His “fans” contemplating such eternal bliss much choose well and wisely.

In short, he’s looking for fans looking in him for everlasting life who would never ever become disappointed forever even after death. He’s looking for true fans who are eagerly anticipating in seeing him come back alive again even though they have missed out on seeing what he really looked like the first time around in almost two thousand years ago. This, of course, would take a great deal of trust and faith for it to happen. Do you HAVE it?

Jesus Is Coming!

Who said so? Jesus himself did in Revelation 22:7 and the apostle John was the witness in Revelation 22:8.

So, do you think you want to be prepared and ready to see him come again? There are only 3 reasons to qualify you as being prepared and ready for his second coming as someone divine yet human. This is something not only you but everyone will have no idea the great impact of his second coming it would have on everyone’s life whether one holds him in high esteem or not!

  1. You are not prepared and ready to face him if you have yet even become his fan [Christian] who would praise and glorify his name come what may even if it means having to die for Him.
  2. You are not prepared and ready to face him if you do not know and understand the reasons behind all the unbelievable ‘magic’ he did and the sacrifice he made to change the course of mankind and to give the hopeless hope and even the dead another chance to live and experience an unprecedented way of life not everyone can see and enjoy if one failed to qualify as one of his fans.
  3. You are not prepared and ready to face him if you still do not believe he had done you a great favor you’ve failed to realise up till now that you are not worthy of his sacrifice, yet he did it for you because of his love and the amazing grace of God.

This “unpopular” person in most people’s life who went by the name of Jesus, once lived as a godly and sinless human being nearly two thousand years ago is at the threshold of coming back as God and King in yet the same bodily form as before to complete an ’unfinished business’ as prophesied and promised that he would come back to straighten out everything that was not right to become right, evil to become good, selfishness to become selflessness and hatred to become love and compassion for mankind once and for all.

Everyone should understand by now the Apocalypse mentioned in the Bible is not so much about all the earthly disasters taking place because that is not the significance of the revelations. Natural catastrophes and ‘man-made’ ones like wars, diseases, and poverty have been happening throughout all centuries in the history of human civilization. All such calamities were accumulated and built up by the bad karmas [wrongdoings] of mankind that the law of nature returned to us serving as a means of retribution brought upon by the evil deeds of our sinful nature.

If any Christians can recall, the Bible even recorded an earthquake took place at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. This has proven that all evils and wrongdoings perpetrated by mankind and on mankind will not go unpunished for all mankind. All such disasters would happen from time to time because of disobedience to the gospel of Jesus and all the wrongdoings committed by unrepentant hearts. Perhaps these days, one may find disasters happening frequently and fiercely because of global warming that led to drastic climate change which in turn caused all of what people would “deem” as the coming Apocalypse prophesied in the Bible, but it is not. The real Apocalypse is the destruction of the heart and conscience of humans since time immemorial. Jesus is coming to make right again for you only if you are ready to meet Him.

Are you ready for Jesus?



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