The Holy War: Be An Extremist For Christ! [Part 1]


A Modern-day Taboo

If you study the Old Testament of the Bible, you will notice the book contains many accounts in chronological order how it depicted wars that were fought between God’s chosen people known as the Israelites or “Children of Israel”, with neighboring opponents of various tribes where some were even among the tribes of Israel while others were not throughout all centuries. One of the most notable wars fought during the biblical era was with the Philistines where the most famous story  of King David was recorded. Not surprisingly, the war between the Israelites now known as Israelis is still ongoing with the Philistines now known as the Palestinians occupying the Gaza strip and West Bank of Israel where they are still fighting for the autonomous power of a separate state even until today.

Unless the Palestinians are smart enough to become the “miracles” themselves as suggested in “The Amazing Grace of God” post, such centuries old wounds will never be healed and so is the same with peace that will never be felt or ever seen to happen. On the contrary, the large part of the Muslim communities in the Middle-East especially Iran think otherwise. Instead, they believe the only solution to bring about peace according to their “interpretations” of the teachings of Islam is to strike “fear” in the hearts of their opponents by taking the extremist ideology as in perpetrating war to annihilate Israel that will completely wipe out the land of “infidels” for not embracing Islam in solving the conflict. Nevertheless, if anyone is to criminalize war, the best one to start with is Iran and then North Korea where both have destructive nuclear weapons ready to strike any time soon.

So this was why such extremists as in the case of Iran, they became known as the “jihadists” fighting what they called it as their “Holy Jihad” to make their Islam religion as the only supreme one that all humans will ever know. But based on the scriptures found in Revelation 13: 6-8, the Bible depicted the “Holy War” in total contrast. If you read carefully in verse 8, where it says, “to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world”, that kind of depicted that the “Holy War” was brought down to earth when the beast [Lucifer] got kicked out of heaven and that the world was created because of the “Holy War” that started in the heavens. As mortals, we do not have the divine power to fight with the Beast and because God trusted us, that’s why, “the Lamb that was slain” was actually Jesus that God sent to help us fight the “Holy War” now raging on earth in the hearts and conscience of every human beings.

What is the real definition of the “Holy War” here? First of all, if it is holy, why then is there killing of humans involved? Yes, indeed there has to be “killings” involved, otherwise it is not a war, isn’t it? “What do you mean by that?” Well, it is quite easy and simple to understand if you are not too blinded by the evil force. There are actually 2 types of killings represented here. One is for good and the other is, of course, for bad.

If you look at the Islamic version, most of the followers are led to believe they are doing their Allah a favor by killing those who are “infidels” and that’s how it brought about the term, “extremists” the world now know are associated with the trademark of bombings and whatnot. Because of such terrifying identity they have created for themselves, it has evidently become obvious that such Islamist radicals are more like making it a ‘satanic cult’ under the disguise of “religion”. How can it be identified as such? That’s because it is understood that their ‘modus operandi’ was to kill especially Jews and Christians who they believed are the enemies of their Allah. And that is exactly what glorified the Satan rather than the one and true Almighty God who the Christians always believe is the most gracious and merciful Father in heaven that abhorred such traits of the Satan in killing humans He [God] created. [Romans 12:19]

Now if you look at the way Christians would propagate their faith, what you’ll discover is that they always believe that according to the Word of God [the Bible] – no humans, whatever their races, are enemies of God except only when one refuses to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ to be saved. The only real enemy of God is the Satan [Lucifer] who is always rallying behind those hell-bent on killing the “infidels” whether Jews or Christians. For other followers of Islam who are less radical and not approved of killing, they would be expected to stay away from the Jews and Christians and not commit the “apostasy” act to keep them in Islam, otherwise they would be killed too. If you could see the real contrast here, you would have already understood clearly the true definition about the “Holy War”, what more the need to fight it God’s way and not the devil’s way. Yes, not surprisingly even Christians would advocate about “killing” too, but it’s not about killing humans, it is about killing the Satan who wanted so bad to see us humans killing each other. Only when we, as humans, come clean before God by obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ can we really fight the “Holy War” and kill the Satan, or not at all!

The simple truth is, when a person got badly screwed up in the head, it will spill out on the outside. Usually that only means bad news. You know exactly what am I talking about here if you have heard of all those killing-spree of innocent civilians with guns even in the most civilized countries in the world, have you not? So you don’t need to become a ‘shrink’ to know and understand the root cause of such problems as in killing that is existing in our societies, do you? The problems of humans whether religious or not, are always having to do with what we allow to enter our minds because that will be where the devil’s workshop is. It starts to get worse when one does not know how to control one’s mind and get things right.

Now, the only way for us to do it right and do it God’s way is to become an extremist [jihadist] for Christ to save ourselves and others from being annihilated eternally by the satanic curse which is sin, death and the devil. What Jesus came to fulfill was to show us to fight with repentance to bring back the heart and conscience while those Islamic extremist [jihadists] are showing their Muslims brethren to fight with hate and vengeance for power and glory which is exactly the way Lucifer was fighting God in the heavens and now on earth – using humans! See the difference?

What does the word, “extremist”, means to you?

It’s not uncommon to hear as much as it’s a well-known fact to see factual evidence in the Internet or TV news about those extremist militants known as ‘jihadist’ waging a somewhat peculiar war that is unlike those happening during the biblical era. These ‘jihadists’ had become what most normal people today in the world have conceived as a group of ‘disillusioned’ people so hell-bent on revenge that they were willing to become suicide-bombers to make “human-burgers” out of innocent people including women and children in a bid to make themselves as “righteous” and “holy” warriors of “God” or Allah in Arabic and Tuhan in Malay, fighting their version of a holy war called the “Holy Jihad.”

As unbelievably screwed up in the head as in the heart and if you, as an ordinary people who is not, would easily see what they’re perpetrating is more for a wrong cause than a right one that started all the unnecessary havoc in the world and even in their own homeland. What could not be any worse is when they have audacity to believe there would be honor, justification and reward in killing to become “martyrs” and be assured of a “paradise” in return for “protecting” their religion they claimed as the only “supreme” one in the world. Now, if it is really that “supreme”, don’t you think that any right thinking people will be able to tell and know for sure it is worthy of devotion – or not?

Do they really have to go on a killing spree to make a point? How “supreme” can it be when almost everything of what they are teaching and practicing were ‘copied’ from the Old Testament of the Bible? Even though they claim they also believe in Jesus and that Jesus was mentioned many times in the Koran, but strangely though – they do not believe Jesus was crucified and resurrected which is a total contradiction of what’s being recorded in the New Testament. In short, they don’t believe Jesus is part of the Godhead who took the form of a human being to sacrifice and die for the sins of mankind. As such, isn’t it fair to say they are officially stereotyping themselves as the wrong kind of extremists without other people doing so? Is not something going awfully amiss here?

To say the least and without prejudice, everyone knows what these religious extremist perpetrating are inexcusable and unjustifiable whether in the sight of man or God. Yet, why do I still suggest the alternative for everyone to become an “extremist” for Christ in this particular post? Is this a joke? Am I out of my mind? “No, I am not”! When you finish reading everything, you’ll see or not see. Because of religion that is so subjective and questionable, the word “extremist” has become in what is now considered as a modern-day taboo to majority of people in the world, but not to me!

Furthermore, it is undoubtedly changing the political landscape of foreign policies in most Western nations where especially diplomats can be seen taking ‘extra’ precaution in presenting their speech at public press conference in Islamic nations as not all Muslims are extremists. But because of some who were that got badly screwed up in the head, the world  is subsequently getting another wrong kind of attention from them. Now the whole world knows these religious extremists have made their philosophy of ‘annihilation’ so dramatically well-known and intense that only by killing the “infidels” or “blasphemers” of their “superior” religion will they have proven their allegiance “profoundly” and “truthfully” in serving their version of their “Almighty God”. Well, at least that’s how their contradictory religion taught them to have a “purpose” in life – a dangerous and disastrous one though!

As a result, such arbitrary misinterpretation in religion has unmistakably plunged the world into becoming so weary of their “Holy War” that it would be best and safe for other “lesser” aggressive ones in the same religion not perceived or seen as the “extremist” [violent ones] that ultimately led to a movement to call for “moderation”. This, of course, was expediently propagated in a bid to “nullify” the damaged reputation of the religion. One thing for sure is that one really does not need to go around the world to “protect” a religion and much less God or Allah whether by killing or by calling for “moderation” [lesser violence?] when in fact such calling [moderation] is no big deal at all as that is no different from calling people to practice everything ‘halfheartedly’ even in spiritual matters pertaining to obedience and allegiance to the one true Almighty God.

On the contrary, don’t be so surprised to know that God is rather interested in humans obeying and glorifying Him by becoming the true extremists who should walk in the ways of the LORD with all their heart and soul according to 1 King 2:3-4. How could anyone claiming as “man-of-God” have the heart and conscience in making a mockery of the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ by simply killing people who they believe are “infidels”? Did Jesus come down from heaven to kill all the “infidels”? In fact, it’s the opposite. He was saving them [unbelievers] and even now for goodness sake!

Whether a religion can or cannot be proven and substantiated as the true and correct path to God, one can easily see the truth just by the good or bad examples the followers are showing openly. When it comes to your personal belief and spiritual allegiance to God, either you give all your heart, soul and mind to God as an “extremist” for the right reason, or not at all [Deuteronomy 5:32-33 and 6: 5], but you don’t simply go around killing people who don’t embrace your religion! If you can’t do it right according to the one and only true God of the Old and New Testament, don’t you think you’re better off as an atheist than as a jihadist? At least, atheists are not that screwed up to simply go around and kill people for no reasons be it bad or good. So, will such “moderation” movement work especially with what’s left of al-Qaeda since the founder of the organization had been duly annihilated in his own ‘annihilation’ agenda?

Is it a bad thing or a good thing to become an “extremist”?

The Bad

Even without having to become an “extremist” to kill, you would be able to tell instantly whose side are you already. If you’re not with God, the author of life and the Bible and the One who sent Jesus to save you, then naturally you’re with the Devil, the author of the most generous ‘double-bonus’ award! There’s absolutely no place for “moderation” in such instance. If the character of a person you consider as “good” or not that good becomes an “extremist”, would you not agree that everything is down to how educated the person was and whether the person has gotten badly screwed up with radical ideologies or not? Today, what most people perceived is that when anything looks or sounds ‘radical’, it is bad news and would instantly be associated with the “extremist” rightly or wrongly, right or not?

For example: If you spot someone wearing a “goatee” and “clothing” that resembles Osama bin Laden, you would have almost passed the person off as an “extremist” or maybe feel a little suspicious and might even take necessary precautions on that person especially at immigration checkpoints of airports around the world, don’t you agree? You probably would have mistaken me as an “extremist” too just by looking at the title of the post, would you not? These things happen because of a stigma that stemmed from such horrible man-made tragedy like 911 that no one is left unaffected and much less forget such heinous crime ever committed in the name of religion. But then again, just because all the people in the Middle-East almost has the Osama bin Laden look-alike, can you then say all of them are “extremist” rightly or wrongly? You can’t, can you? You cannot judge a book by its cover and so is the same with religion – or so it seemed. Somehow, based on my Christian belief, I’m afraid I have to “disagree to agree” on this especially when it comes to religion, not people.

So, is it really true that you cannot “judge” a religion by what some followers do and what others not do? For those who kill in the name of religion, even unbelievers would have branded them as extremist in the true sense of the word, right? What about others in the same religion not committing such sin? You cannot brand them as “extremist” too, can you? Now this is where it gets a little edgy when it comes to telling the bitter truth about religion and especially when I do not want people to see me as being prejudicial or only “good” at stereotyping others. To be honest and stating from my Christian point of view, if you profess yourself as a “man-of-God” but failed to stand up and stop short of reprimanding your “extremist” brothers from committing such heinous sin, then you should know better this is no different from sinning against not only God, but you as well. For further reference, please read Ezekiel 3.

As such, you are not in any way better off than them for not rebuking their wrongdoings and reprimanding them according to what Jesus said in Matthew 18:15-17. What good is there to call for “moderation'” in such scenario if it does not solve the problem? This shows that even there is a price to pay to be ‘kind’ to others especially your own kind. If you, as a man of principles, show impartiality in not taking the appropriate action to solve the problem, you are only making the situation worse because you would have then become a victim in a collateral damage. For example, if you caught your son stealing money from your wallet, would you close one eye and pretend nothing ever happened or would you teach him a lesson by reprimanding him to come back to the correct path? There is a time to be kind and not kind to show the true definition of kindness. Sometimes, depending on circumstances, it is not exactly wrong or bad to become “cruel” to be kind if it’s done with a heart and conscience that does not involve in killing people..

Do you know why? Because whatever “religion” and whatnot that one embraces, it doesn’t matter whether one is a Buddhist, Muslim or Christian and even atheist, all are brothers and the principle to live in unity is universal as what King David said in Psalm 133:1. Meaning to say, there is no unity without first having purity in the mind. Purity comes from the consistency in having all the humility to repent by willing to stand corrected, otherwise unity among one another of the same race and with other races is 100% impossible and become only as good as lips-service. When there is no unity of the heart and conscience inside of everyone to walk in the likeness of Christ in Ephesians 2:1-6, there shall not be real peace and harmony on the outside. That’s why it is not uncommon to see civil unrest such as rallies, street protests or worse, suicide bombers linked to religious issues.

However, King David also saw it equally and universally important for everyone not to mind one’s own business only. It is in fact mandatory to help one another see and correct one another mistakes or wrongdoings so that everyone will be blessed and enjoy prosperity in Psalm 128:1-2. If one really really fears God from the top to the bottom, then one should not so much as mind others pointing out one’s mistakes or wrongdoings and be readily stand corrected, don’t you think? So, whether a Christian brother trying to correct a Muslim brother and whatnot or the other way around, it should not be seen as a “threat” to destroy one another’s faith or as one trying to proselytize the other or worse, to stir up racial disharmony. If you teach someone even though not your son to walk on the correct path and uphold God’s law to have a heart and conscience in doing the right thing, will doing this stir up the whole neighborhood to fight and kill one another? If it does, that’s really no news like bad news and unfortunately that’s exactly what’s happening these days because of religion and pride!

Everyone is universally entitled to one’s right to choose or not choose. Telling a Muslim brother about Christianity or the other way around with Islam, does not mean one must abandon one’s faith and change to the other. There is always a choice to do so or not do so. I may have the right to talk about Christianity but I don’t have the right to ‘force’ anyone to become Christian just as much as a Muslim brother has the right to talk about Islam and likewise, does not have the right to force it down somebody’s throat. This principle applies to all “religions” without having to embrace any particular religion to know about it. Therefore, if anyone, regardless of what religion one comes from and doing otherwise is much the same as violating God’s law and His universal constitution as even He being almighty and superior than humans, does not stop anyone for not believing or obeying Him. Is anyone more powerful and superior than Him to do otherwise? The point is – the right to freedom of expression whether it’s religion or not must be guaranteed and so must the rights of everyone to choose because it’s universal. Get the point?

The reason I would like anyone reading this post to get it right in the head once and for all is to understand a simple ‘guideline’ that will dispel all the negative thoughts one may have and then, know exactly how to handle the truth if in any case, one comes face-to-face with such ‘edgy’ situation because of religion.

  1. To know doesn’t mean one will believe.
  2. To believe doesn’t mean one will accept.
  3. To accept doesn’t mean one will obey.
  4. But to obey, it really means one must act on it.
  5. To act on it finally means one will be saved.

If you use this guideline and have the heart and conscience to do the right thing, you won’t go wrong. You can try this out now. Let’s say you are sitting at an “inter-faith forum” and asked to share your views. For example, let’s say you are a “Christian” and one who has a strong and unwavering faith. You want to tell everyone why they should become Christians too after having studied and researched other religious “faith” that you believe were “good”, but not good enough to save you and give you eternal life promised to those who obeyed the gospel of Jesus. You’re now sharing it with even those of the Muslim faith as you consider Islam as very close to the religion as Judaism with regards to those “canonical” religious laws and rituals derived from the Old Testament of the Bible.

Based on your personal belief in the one and only true God of the Old Testament whom also the Muslims believe, and the same God that sent His Son, Jesus in the New Testament whom unfortunately, the Muslims do not canonically believe as part of the Godhead that is God, you’re convinced you’ve made the right decision to become a Christian all the same. Supposing you invite a Muslim brother who is supposedly a “man-of-God” as much as you to God’s “cinema” and watch one very important God’s epic movie called “The Bible” which the screening is the Old and New Testament. And again unfortunately, your Muslim brother walked out of God’s “cinema” half way through because it was coming to the part of the New Testament where Jesus was getting crucified, thus he failed to know the story completely for not watching until the end of the movie. What does that mean? It means he has simply passed up the chance to know the TRUTH because he could never “judge” whether God’s epic movie was good enough for him to understand all the spiritual implication behind especially the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and followed by His resurrection on the third day. It was unfortunate that your Muslim brother had this misadventure, thus not fully [100%] gotten down to know the one and only true God, His will and His plan for everyone in the world to become the ‘sons of God’ in the end. Am I right or wrong? Do you agree to disagree or disagree to agree in this case?

“So how”? You cannot “kill” him because of that, can you? He, as a human being created in the image of God, has every right to decide what’s “best” for him according to the guideline, right? As you cannot do anything about the consequences he will face, so the best thing to do is to leave it to the hands of the Almighty God as only He has the supreme power and the sovereignty to judge us or to have mercy on us. No one on earth has the divine power to mete out death as a “punishment” whether for God or on behalf of God [Romans 12:19-21]. Now the question you will ask is: “Why then still go and tell a Muslim about the gospel of Jesus”? This is because the responsibility of a true Christian is to carry out the ‘Great Commission’ as that was what Jesus [God] commanded His disciples before ascending to heaven in Matthew 28:16-20.

Whether or not Muslims and even the Jews failed in whatever way or circumstances to obey the gospel of Jesus would be their business. What matters here is that you as a “Christian” are doing your best to fulfill God’s will as that’s even what Jesus did and doing so in the best interest of those who are lost, but sadly don’t think so. The point I’m trying to make here is: I have the right to share with a Muslim, or anyone else regardless of one’s religion about my faith and vice-versa. A Muslim and whatnot has the right not to accept it, but he does NOT have the right to stop me or have their religious authorities to arrest me based on their man-made doctrines and laws. Neither does he have the right to “punish” me under whatever man-made religious laws as it is NOT a crime to share the good news of Jesus under the sovereignty law of God!

But if you, as a “Christian” ends up being punished and is suffering for doing God’s will because of them violating God’s law to punish you, the Bible teaches that still even as “extremist” for Christ, you cannot repay them evil with evil or insult with insult as what apostle Peter taught the Christians in 1 Peter chapter 3. If you as a “Christian” are afraid to suffer and not ready to die for the cause of Christ to SAVE [not kill] those who are lost, then you’re better off as a Muslim, atheist or whatnot. No wonder the population of Muslims is growing at an alarming speed worldwide because it’s easier to kill or punish others than to save them! The sinful nature of humans will always make people inclined to punish others than to be punished. That is why a lot of people are so afraid to become Christians according to the gospel of Jesus. They’d rather preferred to become the conventional “Christians” where they do not have to risk getting punished by telling a Muslim about Christ that is so unlike what you are encouraged now to become an ‘extremist for Christ’ that could get you killed on earth for doing so, but would please and glorify God because of your faith.

Unlike humans whom you cannot judge by their looks but when it comes to religion, it’s a different matter altogether because what the followers of a religion do or not do really reflects what their religion had taught them to become. “Become what – an extremist”? So what? Even the Prophet Muhammad was an extremist who didn’t stop fighting and killing during his lifetime and not to mention, he never failed to have extreme dominion over women. So what is so surprising that your Muslim brother may ‘know nothing’ about it if you shoot him the question? Even if there are really ‘negative’ elements found in a religion, it is only natural that the followers would interpret as “correct” and reciprocate with actions corresponding to the ‘negative’ religious texts, isn’t it?

Then, what about the Bible? Are there no ‘negative’ elements found in it? Yes, of course there are, but if you read carefully and diligently, you will find that all of them were meant to help you see the truth. Let’s take for example the case of Jesus who was brought before the governor of Rome by the Pharisees and scribes in their bid to kill Jesus and not have blood on their hands. They were hoping the governor would charge Jesus for the crime of having committed blasphemy against God. The negative element found here was that the Roman governor found it odd when the Jews got him involved in punishing a man who supposedly committed “blasphemy” but it’s a crime that did not even exist in the Romans’ laws for him to execute any punishment on Jesus leading him to tell the Jews, ” I found no fault in this man”. This has proven that whatever ‘negative elements’ that man found in the Bible will not be able to over-ride or dispel the truth that God wanted us to know.

Yes, so sorry to say this. You can judge, measure, weigh any religions, paganism or monotheism including Christianity by what standard each of them comes from – man or God? So how to tell? Really, it is not as difficult as you might have thought. The most easiest and obvious way to spot is by the kind of behavior and actions the followers of a religion whatever that is, are perpetrating. If the followers of a religion are radically accosted to propagate hatred and violence, you can tell straightaway it is from man and not God. Yet when they claim themselves as “man of God” but act otherwise, then you can even tell more easily who the devil is rallying behind them. Of course, that will very much depend on where you got the knowledge and wisdom, man or God, that is helping you to see so clearly and tell so quickly and wisely.

With such conclusive findings, this instantly begs an earnest question. Would you not then all the more ‘disagree to agree’ that religion is really not the answer and neither is it the solution to the problems of humankind because it’s so festered with man-made creed and decrees that usually are unsubstantiated with divine endorsement of any kind? What then is the real and sensible solution? Obviously, obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ is! It’s as easy as ABC to tell! It is the only possible link to God fully substantiated in the Bible which is the Word of God itself, not man.  It  has already been divinely proven by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the only correct path to blissful eternity that is free of religious radicals and bigots to screw you up in the head here and eternally. If you can’t tell what is from God and what is from man, so sorry to say this: You are definitely and awfully 100% screwed up!

As is always the case, there are “good” and “bad” people everywhere in every race and in everything, so is religion! How can this be? How can there be “bad” religion? Why not? If there is God to save us, then there is certainly the Satan around to kill us! Although all religions usually would be seen and thought as “not bad” because they teach people that anyone can go to “heaven” by just doing good only and whatnot, but the only problem is, according to God, the author of the Bible in Ephesians 2:8-9, no religion is “so good” enough to stop people from sinning, killing one another, or be cleansed of sins by what “good” things one does.

“So how”? You wrong or I wrong? Of course, you’ll say I’m wrong. But I’m also saying you’re wrong! So who’s right? Why not we ask God? The God I believe and trust told me that I can only go to heaven if I have obeyed the gospel of Jesus who can divinely wash away my sins with His blood as this could be substantiated by the Holy Scriptures in 1 John 1:7-10 for instance. Now who is your “God” or whatnot that can wash away your sin and how? Can it be substantiated and proven in any way? Do you have a heart and conscience to tell the truth? Can you say your heart is right with God for what you believe or not believe now? If not, that’s really no news like bad news!

If you can tell the biggest problem that is threatening the humankind is the heart and conscience of everyone, then surely you can tell that is what ultimately led to the birth of many religions that by far are usually man-made ones and cannot be proven or substantiated in any way that all of them comes from the one true God of the heaven and earth. If there’s ever one chance in my lifetime on earth that you, or anyone can tell me just one “religion” that makes common sense and proven as divinely “supreme” than the one I belong to, I’ll turn around and have no qualms in renouncing it. On top of that, I would  become an “extremist” for it whatever that is with no questions asked. I always take it seriously when it concerns the destiny of my soul that is far more precious and valuable than anything else on earth. You know what? If it is not well with your soul, that’s really no news like bad news forever. So – deal or no deal?

Surely now, you can tell straightaway that religion is what causing people to have all the different perceptions and beliefs and not to mention, havoc and chaos big time! Because of humans’ foolishness in paying homage to so many “gods” and “religions” but not the one true God that sent Jesus, people are being misled and thus are awfully lost. All the problems started simply because of one simple fact and that is, you can’t say or “argue” whether one is right or wrong with one’s belief but only could advisedly tell people to “respect” or “tolerate” each other religion, lest there will be carnage when people start fighting who’s right and who’s wrong about religion. This is because what one claimed as “right” may not be seen as such by another and vice-versa. Now if religion can cause all the troubles and problems, why still “tolerate” it or “respect” it? Why not chuck it away for good?

But little did we know? What’s more frightening and ironical than this is when any country enforced only ‘one’ religion in its constitution as supreme so that you don’t even have the privilege and freedom to argue for your rights if you supposedly were born in such impoverished places that strictly embraces only one religion as supreme to others. When this happens, naturally there’s an easy and big chance for anyone there to become the wrong type of “extremist” who could be so theocratic in such a way that one would not even be realizing it. Obviously, that is when the most dangerous thing is waiting to happen for all the wrong reasons. Yet, they would believe and uphold as “right” because the Satan will stop at nothing to deceive all humans in fighting over the issues of religion just to make sure people don’t wake up! So hopefully this post will open your eyes or not at all.

The Good

If you have this perception that “extremist” are always “bad” and never good, you are right and you are also wrong at the same time. It depends on whether you are a smart and conscientious person and be able to discern between truth and lies, right and wrong, wise and foolish and most importantly, being saved or lost.

You are right – if you look on both side of a coin and be able to make correct and sensible assessment of the pros and cons. In doing so, you are opening up an opportunity for yourself to see things in a better light so that you know you’re making by far the right and fair judgment of what being an “extremist” is and means to you and not just simply stereotype them. Only then will you know better what made those people become as such [extremist] and you’ll be able to tell better whether you should avoid becoming the same or not.

You are wrong – if you only look on one side of a coin and that makes you become so ‘stiff-necked’ [ngan-kein] to look on the other side to make correct judgement with the most proper assessment possible. For example: You cannot just study the Old Testament and not the New Testament, or accept the Old Testament and not the New Testament, and expect to know and understand God’s will and plan, can you? You have to ask yourself whether you’re 100% making sense of yourself with what you believe and not as ‘halfhearted’ as in the case of moderation. Otherwise, you are as good as making a bad news of yourself [self-stereotype] in the sight of God and that’s really no news like bad news for another time and counting!

In this case, why it happens is because the ‘only’ religion you embrace does not allow you the luxury of freedom to have an open heart to see and an open mind to choose what you think and believe is a right thing to do or become. In other words, you’re just as good as running on empty. If you don’t look on the other side as well, how can you be so sure it’s not good and equally practical or perhaps even better? When you become suppressed by your own religion without the luxury of freedom and the choice to choose which side is good or make better sense, you’re pretty much like someone forced to go on the ‘road to perdition’ and that’s exactly what those “extremist” militants all along have headed to kill or be killed all because they “failed” to get the correct information from the correct source. The problem so obvious was, they only looked on one side of a coin, and it’s another no news like bad news keep adding.

The Screwed Up

To me, the word “extremist” is never a bad thing if you know how to handle it and not let it handle you and screw you up in the head instead. To do that, you must have an open heart and a clear conscience to look on both side of a coin to know what are the pros and cons just the same as you should know why a person is good, bad or screwed up. There’s always a reason for everything to happen whether bad, good or screwed up. That is why no matter what’s the situation, it’s always so crucial to do one’s homework first before coming to a conclusion and that is to search for the TRUTH! That’s because what is good or right to you can turn around and perceived as wrong or bad to others and that’s how the vicious circle keep circling. Only you have the power to stop it. You can start by searching for the TRUTH because you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free [John 14:6]. Otherwise, you are still pretty much in “shackles” up in the head, in the heart and conscience. Finally, that’s really no news like bad news for good!

People no longer would have a wrong and bad impression of what an “extremist” is if people are smart enough to take the bad examples of the bad extremist and turn it around to become as good examples of an “extremist” for Christ instead. “Become an extremist for Christ”? You must be saying, “Are you joking”? Why not? There is nothing wrong if you’d become one for the right reason and purpose and better yet, one that is filled with the ‘passion-of-the-Christ’! That’s why He is the one and only ‘good news’ to be had – one that you have been missing out all along without knowing it because of being one-sided only.

Here are two most prominent examples of different people doing the right thing in a way a sober and liberated “extremist” would. One is a human as in the flesh and blood. The other is Jesus in the form of a human and yet as God in divine existing at the same time. So the question, “Is Jesus God?” should no longer be an issue by now.

  1. If you study the history of America, you probably would agree that the famous President Abraham Lincoln was pretty much a righteous “extremist” who sacrificed his life in fighting the evils of the slavery trade and got himself assassinated. We all knew that Abraham Lincoln was doing his best to free all the African Negros from the bondage of slavery. Can you not say he did it for a good reason and that is to save, not kill?
  2. If you study the New Testament of the Bible, you would agree that Jesus too, was pretty much an “extremist” but in a special way because He sacrificed His life in saving the lost souls of all humanity and got himself crucified. We all knew that the reason Christ came down from heaven was to free all men from the bondage of sin, death and the devil. In doing so, He gives hope of salvation to all people regardless of race and gender. Can you not say the same for Christ what He had done for you?

So, who says being an “extremist” is bad and be avoided at all cost? Yes, the only reason it is bad is because your “religion” got you off on the wrong footing and you cannot avoid it at all cost because you don’t know if you’re doing it for the right or wrong reason and purpose.

To become an “extremist” is not that bad after all, if you know how. “So how”?

  1. You must clear your mind of all the bad images of the wrong type of extremist that you know, heard and seen in the news all along that caused you to think it does not pay to become an “extremist” which is what making it the modern-day taboo.
  2. You must understand and be able to come to terms with it that it does not necessary mean all “extremist” have to “kill” to be seen as such. You see, if you become an “extremist” in the head and worse, for the wrong reason because of religion, you would be so sure that is already good enough to “kill” you in the first place, let alone others. But, if you become an “extremist” the way Jesus did for the right reason and that is no other than to SAVE you and the lost souls from eternal damnation by first obeying the gospel of Jesus yourself, then you would be so 100% certain the one true Almighty God would be so proud of you because of your willingness to repent and come back to Him on the correct path paved by Jesus.

…… be continued in July.



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