The True Divine Kindness of Yahweh!


The true kindness badly misunderstood and misplaced…

First and foremost, everyone should know what kindness is according to Man’s standard just as the way one takes something at face-value. But, if you want to know what true and pure kindness is according to God’s standard and to experience it wholesomely and meaningfully, I would say the best way to find out is try a little kindness with your canine friends. And perhaps, even a stray one on the streets will do. Then, you shall not be disappointed with the amazing result. In fact, you can rest assured you will get more than you bargain for to have ‘trusted’ in rendering kindness to animals than humans to know what true and pure kindness is and can do. That’s because even animals like dogs better known as ‘man’s best friends’ could tell and be able to sense whether they get treated kindly or not by humans from simple tell-tale signs.

Better yet, these canine friends are ‘so good’ at delivering true and pure kindness so naturally that most humans would have problems doing so instantaneously. Why? That’s because they [dogs] have the best natural ‘radar detector’ to know instantaneously who their true masters are but the same cannot be said of humans. Many humans until today who are better equipped with knowledge and intelligence that in many ways are well-advanced than their canine friends, yet still have the biggest problem figuring out who the one true Almighty God is.

Unmistakably, these canine friends would also have no qualms at all to give their utmost loyalties as well as sacrifice their lives for their masters should the need arise. However, in the case of humans which is a sad case of kindness badly misunderstood and most of the time misplaced that many of us until today are not even able to come to terms with what the Bible testified as to whether the one true Almighty God [Yahweh] of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the One that sent Jesus, had done us a big favor or not, let alone reciprocating the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] with REPENTANCE.

If dogs are so smart enough to deliver true and pure kindness to their owners as true ‘masters’ and be loyal to them, why is it that humans are not even smart enough to figure out who the one true Almighty God [Yahweh] is, and to glorify Him as the Creator of the universe with praises and sacrifices worthy in His Sight as well as having no qualms to fall down on one’s knees to worship none others but Him? Can you imagine that? I guess not!

One can actually liken kindness as the best ‘heaven-sent’ virtue to constantly keep humans from becoming inhumane in all aspects of life whether at home, work, on the road, politics, civil courts, man-made religions and whatnot. It is what the Creator had painstakingly intended to have it ingrained in all humans to make the world a better place to live so that everyone learns to take care of one another than to fight or worse “shoot-to-kill” one another without taking into consideration the basic rule of law that safeguard the rights of everyone regardless of whether one is a victim or a villain.

The kindness to uphold fair and equal justice badly abused…

Unless the world is a lawless place to live where only apathy prevails and which unfortunately seems to be the case actually, even hard-core criminals have human rights and expected to be treated equally although it would not obviously be the case when it comes to actual law enforcement where such humans’ rights would be easily abused. So that’s why if there is such a thing as kindness in the human race, it is surely a sad case of kindness not well articulated and assimilated in law enforcement when even violence as in “shoot-to-kill” is being propagated as the last “weapon” to keep law and order.

The police force whether in developed or developing countries in the world, of course, have the power and authority legally binding under their own constitutions to keep law and order, but does it also mean they are “above-the-law” to “shoot-first” to kill anyone only “suspected” as criminal? Doing so would only clearly show disregard and disrespect of the rule of law and indiscriminately violating the fundamental human rights of anyone, even hard-core criminals, to be treated humanely and equally in any given countries professing to uphold democracy and human rights.

If the police force in any given countries fails miserably to have the capabilities to cope up with rising crimes and at the same time claiming not possible to protect everyone 24 hours, then is it not sensible and inevitable to pass such bills as that of the Western counterparts that would allow private citizens to own firearms for self-defense in the event that any member of the public is dangerously threatened by violent and aggressive perpetrators where innocent lives are at stake? Is this not the better excuse for the police to be alleviated of responsibility and accountability than to propagate fighting crimes with violence?

The kindness to save humanity failing miserably…

Then, of course, there is the case of the true divine kindness of Yahweh [God] that entrusted humans with the sole and biggest responsibility to look after Mother Earth and not let it fall sick. If not, it will do more harm than good in return. As a matter of fact, it is evidently proving to be the sad case of kindness being abused today because of man’s incompetence and inefficiency to do what’s right to protect Mother Earth from getting violated. And in which case should the need arise to save Mother Earth from being indiscriminately destroyed because of man-made climate change, then don’t you think it is inevitable that humans should show the utmost kindness to Mother Earth and REPENT quick enough to make whatever changes necessary to prevent Mother Earth from retaliating with its most powerful and destructive forces of nature to wipe out humanity as a result of man’s doing?

And should that not remind us of the basic moral lesson to learn that, “If mankind is not kind to Mother Nature, naturally Mother Nature not kind to mankind”?

All the tell-tale signs of the world collapsing and paving the way for the biblical foretold ‘Apocalypse’ to take place are already indicating that humans should not mess around with Mother Nature and much less Yahweh [God] and not expect ‘what goes around comes around’ to happen. On the contrary, it has proven to have happened and caused untold destruction  of all kinds to the humankind from time to time. The worst ever Tsunami triggered by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Banda Acheh, Indonesia and recorded on the Boxing Day of December, 2004 is a case in point to learn a simple lesson the hard way that the wrath and fury of Mother Nature knows no bounds and limits. Should it not be still fresh in anybody’s mind as a serious warning to humankind to get ready for more earthly havoc and whacking?

The worst ever known disaster in the history of civilization recorded in the Bible was the worldwide flood during the time of Noah. Everyone knows too well that such massive tragedy was the result of man’s doing because of the sinfulness of humans that invoked the wrath of God [Yahweh] then.

Likewise, on the other side of the divide, should the need arise to save one another from the evil clutches of the Satan which is another worse disaster but that one can avoid at any time possible, then let it be a tough lesson to learn that it is no longer optional for humans not to consider the ‘much-needed’ reconciliation with God for redemption. Why? That’s because humans have gotten into such a terrible advance “cancerous” stage of being vulnerable in getting deceived by the Satan to sin against God to the point of no return that the only SOLUTION left is to fall down on one’s knees to REPENT and obey the gospel of Jesus whether one likes it or not! But by the look of it, still plenty humans would rather drown in one’s own sins than to do something and be saved from it.

What Yahweh actually intended for humans to obey and worship Him and not idols or man-made religions does not seem to be the case anymore since the fall of man and nowhere better even after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ with man-made religions compounding the problem further. Instead, humans will continue to have no qualms at all in defying and destroying God’s [Yahweh] planet created for all to live godly and His purpose for all to have a relationship with Him according to His will and plan. But humans would rather choose to obey Man’s commandment, or worse, be willfully misled by other ways such as man-made religions to do their so-called penance than to obey God’s [Yahweh] commandment to REPENT by obeying the gospel of Jesus which is according to God’s standard and not Man’s.

God [Yahweh] keeps calling people to REPENT through His messengers [Christians] but many still keep ignoring such urgency to do so and even question why Yahweh [God] is being unreasonable to impose on humans to REPENT if He is full of love and compassion. Now, this is really a case of kindness badly misunderstood and misplaced. What people always fail to understand is that it does not mean God [Yahweh] must overlook and forgive whatever mistakes or wrongdoings that humans would commit just because of His love and compassion. It is entirely two separate issues altogether. One must be able to tell one’s priorities apart so that one can address the issues accordingly and separately. But first thing first, how do you expect God to forgive anyone when one is not even forthcoming to go down on the knees and REPENT, let alone obey the gospel of Jesus?

Whether under God’s [Yahweh] laws or Man’s laws, everyone is accountable for whatever mistakes or wrongdoings one has committed and it has nothing to do with whether God is full of love and compassion or not. You cannot mix oil and water together in such a scenario, can you? Or can you, as a high court judge, allowed all murderers and rapists go scot-free just because you are a Buddhist, Christian, or Muslim and whatnot who is full of love and compassion? If you do, then what’s the point of having the police to catch criminals and lawyers to either prosecute or defend them in civil courts in the first place? The police cannot be the all-rounders and doing other people’s job as judges, lawyers and executioners, can they? If they could, then you, as a parent and if have children interested in studying laws, you would have saved a lot of money sending your son or daughter overseas to pursue such career, wouldn’t you?

The true and pure kindness of Jesus diabolically ignored or stubbornly rejected…

The ‘Amazing Grace of God’ [Yahweh] delivered to sinful humans by the true and pure kindness of Jesus Christ in sacrificing His life on the cross to save humans from sin, death and the devil was only meant as a ‘second-chance’ for all humans, criminals or not, to REPENT and be saved from eternal death, not earthly death! Even then, humans must do something and by that definition, it means one must act on it to REPENT by obeying the gospel of Jesus so that one would be spared the deadly result of suffering in eternal damnation. Got the point? I guess not!

Today, humans are pretty much like being “divorced” [separated] from Yahweh [God] for preferring to “marry” many other earthly and man-made “gods” and “religions” and not to mention “riches” so much so that humans are making reconciliation with the one true Almighty God [Yahweh] next to impossible even with Jesus as the rightful Mediator. Why? That’s because humans’ hearts have become so hardened like a rock that one would not be able to feel remorseful anymore to go down on one’s knees to REPENT by reciprocating the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God].

And it’s all because of our sinful nature that will also keep heaping up all the ‘bad karma’ so good enough that it would come around at any time possible and wipe us out clean with powerful natural or man-made disasters. Do not forget. Everything existing on earth and connected with one another is like dominoes knocking each other down once it starts falling. Since the fall of Man, everyone and everything started falling to knock each other down until the end of time. All the tell-tale signs are warning about “something” even worse and powerful than the 2004 Tsunami will happen in a matter of time unless people start REPENTING now and come back on the correct path by obeying the gospel of Jesus. Trust me – this is the only hope of salvation for mankind that you will not regret embracing until eternity.

The true and pure kindness of Yahweh [God] in the beginning is now very much forgotten by humans…

You see, it all started with God’s intention to prove to the Satan that even though humans have been created less superior than him, yet God had FAITH in humans upfront and TRUSTED humans would do better than the Satan in being obedient to Yahweh [God] and not turn around to become rebellious because all humans are created in His [God, not the Satan] image to live ‘godly’ on Earth. Furthermore, humans are known to have been graciously given the “mandate” to take care of it and not destroying it by being ignorant, arrogant and disobedient. But are we reciprocating the same FAITH in God or all the more TRUSTED Him back as the Americans would have “pledged” to do so with the popular symbol found in every greenback printed with the words, “In God We Trust”? I guess not!

What was true and pure kindness rendered to humans in the beginning is no longer the case anymore. Now, to have FAITH in God is only for those who would have TRUSTED God enough to become humble and fall down on one’s knees to REPENT by obeying the gospel of Jesus. So what are you going to do about your FAITH” and TRUST” in Yahweh [God] if you woke up after reading this and if indeed you will wake up to find yourself drowning in such a sorry state as in being separated from God because you have lost your “FAITH” and “TRUST” in Him [Yahweh]?

Do you still have the heart and conscience to bring back the true and pure kindness that started the world turning in the beginning and more so in having FAITH and TRUST what He [Yahweh] had promised to those who obeyed the gospel of Jesus? Or do you intend to let such true and pure kindness of Yahweh [God] die an unworthy death without you lifting a finger to bring it back to life again for Yahweh’s [God] sake? Your decision is crucial to Mother Earth, the Creator [Yahweh] and not forgetting your physical and spiritual well-being today and in the next life. It’s time to choose well and…more so, wisely, not blindly and foolishly for goodness sake!

Because of one wrong move in the beginning, it’s too bad that humans have caused everything to turn out so diabolically wrong and devastating that God [Yahweh] had no choice but to come down personally from heaven to become a “human being” in the likeness of Jesus to get ridiculed, spat at, and crucified as a “criminal” just to rescue us from all of our shortcomings. This is the kind of true and pure kindness that should not have been badly misunderstood, misplaced and much less ignored. But even then, with the promise of eternal life offered through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, humans still continue to reject and question such ‘Amazing Grace of God’ [Yahweh] to become saved from eternal damnation. Have you got any ideas what stupidity humans are trying to wield? I guess not!

Humans have become so disillusioned and rebellious whether knowingly or unknowingly towards Yahweh [God] that they have no qualms at all in being disobedient and unrepentant. Perhaps this is the only kind of stupidity only found in the human species after all. The fact that the Satan has succeeded amazingly in ‘misleading’ humans to sin against God either willfully or ignorantly should not have been a cause of wonder even for those who “thought” they were religious enough to be seen as “righteous” and “holy”. Why? Because I have all the reasons in the world to prove that such “men-of-God” have failed miserably in realizing what they have been religiously practicing would only so much gain favor in the sight of man and not the one true Almighty God [Yahweh]. So they might as well resign to the fact that no one can gain favor in the sight of Yahweh [God] except by REPENTING and obey the gospel of Jesus and in Jesus’ terms, not Man’s!

And yet, with all such evidences of the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] manifested through our Lord Jesus Christ, still, many religious radicals today are missing the point about the greatest hope of salvation that lies in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and not in “practicing” those religious laws and rituals that have had already become irrelevant and obsolete under Yahweh’s [God] will and plan in the New Covenant that were divinely endorsed and sealed by the shedding of Jesus’ blood. If not, Yahweh [God] would not have taken the trouble to send His only begotten Son, Jesus to die for us, would He?

Meaning to say – what God [Yahweh] has always been interested in is how well we let our heart and conscience be our true guide to live according to Yahweh’s [God] standard, not how “righteous” and “holy” one think one can become by “mechanically” practicing all the religious laws and rituals on the outside as doing these things will still mean nothing to God [Yahweh] if one is not able to ‘come clean’ from the inside to set one’s heart right with Yahweh [God] and that is what obeying the gospel of Jesus is all about. That’s why Jesus had evidently made it crystal clear in the most quoted scriptures of all time in John 8:32 that, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Are you set free now? Can you confidently thump your chest and say so? I guess not!

Perhaps, that is one of the reasons a person does not need to question human’s impenitence and their inabilities to know what went wrong with mankind. Humans are already practically lost and doomed without Yahweh [God] and yet have become so immune to it as though nothing ever went wrong. In fact, you can read about all such stubbornness or ‘stiff-necked’ people in the Bible if you disagree with me. Of course there are also many ‘stiff-necked’ people of other races apart from those recorded in the Holy Bible.

Time and time again, even the Israelites who were the chosen people of God still stubbornly failed to live according to Yahweh’s [God] standard even with all the necessary laws in place. Come on. If they failed to do so well during the biblical times, do you think people can do so well today even in making all the “religious laws” and “rituals” mandatory? Yes, of course people can but they only end up making themselves like ‘robots’ that would have been religiously “programmed” to do this or that, right or not?

Honestly, I’m trying my best not to take a dig at others because I have to look in the mirror every day to ask Yahweh [God] how I am faring too or if there’s any mote in my eyes [Matthew 7:1-5] to take out instead of others. So please don’t make me roll on the floor laughing over such stupidity of humans to believe that one can become “righteous” and “holy” by only practicing those “religious laws” and “rituals” according to Man’s standard and not God’s.

The kindness in humans to feel remorseful and to REPENT became void because of man-made religions…

As it is, it is already not surprising that many people still do not know or understand why they became separated from Yahweh [God] and have become so lost in this satanic world because of failing to read the Bible or hear the gospel of Jesus in churches or in the Internet. So, to tell them that they are in a dangerous situation based on the ‘spiritual’ sense would be out of the question unless such people are fortunate enough to stumble upon this website and read all the articles to figure out what went wrong, right? Otherwise, one is really lost and doomed and worse, not even knowing it! What state of affairs do you think you are in now? Good, bad or screwed up?

Were you not lost and doom without a Saviour? What if you found yourself standing on thin ice this instance? Will you be honest with yourself after finding out about the imminent danger of the thin ice giving way under your feet and that you must do something quickly about it or die a freezing death? What kind of human being one is if one does not even bother to save oneself from eternal death while the earthly death is staring at one’s face with every passing second?

Well, I doubt you or anyone else would in the least bother about it because the Satan is so amazingly “perfect” in his trade of getting people screwed up in the head to go other ways than to come back to the correct path that Jesus had paved for us. So one might as well live with the fact that many people, perhaps including you, have already gotten into the mood to become spiritually “suicidal” and not knowing it either until they or you found the dead but RESURRECTED Jesus Christ who still lives and have the divine power to SAVE you from eternal death! Let truth be told. If Jesus cannot change and save you, nothing will!

Quite honestly, if you are looking to bring back the true and pure kindness of Yahweh [God] to this satanic world that have turned people upside down, then, search no further. Only by setting the good example to REPENT and obey the gospel of Jesus first will you able to start your journey to carry out such noble act of spreading true and pure kindness to others the way Jesus did.

As this satanic world never knew what true and pure kindness is until it was Jesus who made it all possible with His true and pure kindness in sacrificing Himself to save us from the curse of mankind, one will never REPENT and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ if one does not even believe in the urgency to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’!

Actually, if you can use your head to think instead of allowing it to get screwed up so easily by man-made religions, you would agree with me that humans are really insane to go against its Creator [Yahweh] so much so that even when there have been truly ‘men-of-God’ such as the apostles in the 1st century and now Christians tasked as messengers of God [Yahweh] to bring humans back on the correct path to become reconciled with the Creator [Yahweh], would still most likely end up having to face the same incoherent result as that of Noah in asking humans to do what’s right and REPENT from their waywardness! And yet, why are humans still so stubborn or should I say so stupid not to REPENT but go other ways instead? Is that not true and so sad too?

Indeed, history has already proven from the time of Noah and Moses until after the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ that humans, whether once Israelites or not, have become so lost, confused as in being screwed up, and rebellious against Yahweh [God] to the point of being ‘so dead’ from inside out to even hear such an urgent call to wake up and REPENT by obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ – now! No wonder people are making it as an excuse that it’s okay to become ‘zombies’ and worse, to mark such hilarious event as a worldwide celebration to show that nothing is wrong with a world of ‘zombies’ starting with London on 12th October, 2013. Of course, Mr Lucifer would be very pleased and honored that humans would rather prefer to pay allegiance to him as the “God of Zombies” instead of Yahweh as the one true Almighty God of the heaven and earth.

Without doubt, humanity would be 101% heading towards untold disasters and sufferings of all kinds as a result of our sinful nature that usually will stop most people in heeding the call to REPENT by obeying the gospel of Jesus. So brace yourself and be prepared. Whether it is global warming or not, world zombie day or not and much less whether humans REPENT or not, Jesus is coming! And when He does, it will no longer come as “good news” to you especially if you make yourself out as a ‘zombie’. It will come as ‘good news’ only to those who have REPENTED by obeying gospel of Jesus and…doing God’s [Yahweh] will at all cost!

The humans’ kindness that backfires is happening every day…

To talk about humans’ kindness in a world where people no longer consider kindness as a way of life to embrace is much the same as building castles in the air. As people are becoming so awfully materialistic today that would probably cause people to end up as ‘zombies’ as a result of their greed failing to be fulfilled, even rendering kindness has become so shallow and laughable that it has lost its noble meaning. People no longer can grasp the full meaning of what true and pure kindness is simply because of having the biggest problem figuring out who the one true Almighty Yahweh [God] is. Perhaps if we do a little assessment starting with a question, it could help us to know where we stand as humans created in the image of God [Yahweh], and not become a ‘zombie’ like Mr Lucifer, could it not? And by the time we know where we stand, we would be so shameful to notice that we are not as “intelligent” as we would like to think ourselves as such after all.

So, is the question – what could humans’ kindness do to your soul that Jesus can’t, sounds better or rather, the question is better off put the other way round to say – what could the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] do to your soul that humans’ kindness can’t and out of the question if one is already a ‘zombie’?

To find out, how about say something “nice” to another fella who is not yet a lifetime member of any ‘zombie’ club worldwide? Really, do you believe such “act of kindness” would do better than what Jesus did with the shedding of His blood? Then, why not try to say something “nice” to a smoking beggar to quit smoking without giving alms and see what happens? Can doing that change a person’s life so easy enough to become even more “cool” than having the hope of salvation in Jesus? No, I don’t think so! It usually does not have a lasting effect in changing people’s lives because such humans’ kindness in saying something “nice” is only according to Man’s standard and not God’s. You should thank your lucky star for saying something “nice” that the smoking beggar easily forgotten in a jiffy for not becoming a ‘zombie’ yet. Because if not, you probably won’t hear something “nice” from the same person in return who would make you feel like a ‘zombie’ already. You can be pretty sure of that!

However, if it is because of you having to “sacrifice” yourself to save someone and not a smoking beggar at this point, it will certainly have a lasting effect to change even the world as that was exactly what Jesus did that only such humans’ kindness so far is according to God’s standard, not Man’s. Do you follow? That is why the gospel of Jesus is still being preached all over the world since the 1st century and will last until Armageddon. That’s a promise! What’s more, such divine task being encapsulated in Jesus to show humans what true and pure kindness is all about will not easily be forgotten in a jiffy or swept under the carpet especially with those true Christians having the heart and conscience to do God’s will on earth and who would rather suffer for the cause of Christ than to let the cause of Christ to suffer.

And who would “sacrifice” to save a smoking beggar? Would you? I don’t think so! But Jesus did and still will because He has the divine power to do so “if” only the smoking beggar whether a ‘zombie’ or not is smart enough to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] by obeying the gospel of Jesus. Then, believe me – he would have done a better job than those non-smoking humans who may only go about saying something “nice” but not smart enough to go about doing something better than “nice” for the sake of their own souls.

Now, let’s say, “should” such die-hard smoking beggar acted upon the call to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, he would have then acted according to God’s standard, not Man’s, right or not? And in such instance, of course, you can rest assured that God’s standard will always last till the end of time. Now if you put yourself in this scenario, surely, anyone would be able to see you as smarter than the smoking beggar to do what’s right according to God’s standard than to just say something “nice” only that is according to Man’s standard, right? But are you not smart enough than the smoking beggar to do so? Or have you become so ‘zombie-like’ to know what is what?

The problem here is that everyone including you knows the chances of the smoking beggar to quit smoking and REPENT is of course very slim or worse, not at all until death does he part with his filthy habits. Just imagine. How do you suppose you can save someone’s heart and conscience that had already been burnt like charcoal inside? Don’t you know that no amount of Jesus’ sacrifices would be good enough anymore to save a smoking beggar who is already more than half-way on “fire” and going up in “smokes” especially if it is one who does not even bother to quit smoking, let alone REPENT and obey the gospel of Jesus? But can you not, if you are a non-smoker, act any wiser and do better than the smoking beggar to ‘come clean’ in your heart and conscience before God [Yahweh]? Surely you can. The question is, will you?

The kindness perfectly reflected in animals than in humans…

Humans’ kindness is something so easy to understand that kids from as young as one year old could tell the difference between kindness and abuse by how grown-ups are treating them while growing up under their care. So sadly, it is not the case when it comes to grown-ups dealing with one another. In fact, most grown-ups always seem to have the biggest problem understanding that humans’ kindness is all about the fundamental human rights of everyone to be treated humanely and equally even though it would not be kindly rendered to hard-core criminals. So from here we are able to tell how far and how good humans’ kindness are, compared to the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ [Yahweh] that goes beyond all boundaries simply because God is love in John 3:16 and 1 John 4:8.

Anyone arguing about the fundamental human rights of everyone whether hard-core criminals or not, is certainly not reflecting on humans’ kindness to protect the human rights of everyone regardless of race or status, isn’t it? And that only means one does not respect the simple rule of law that a man whether hard-core criminal or not is innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. Therefore, kindness whether truly or falsely executed with or without a heart and conscience, one shall see it in no time by the “fruits” it bears just as what Jesus taught His disciples to look out for simple tell-tale signs of ‘false prophets’ in the last days and so shall the same in the case of humans’ kindness to make sure justice should prevail for all and even for hard-core criminals no matter how one dislikes criminals who have no qualms in killing! That’s the rule of the game under the banner of human rights advocacy because humans’ kindness to punish or not to punish criminals in the court of law is according to Man’s standards, not God’s.

While a small child is not able to defend oneself by speaking out or lodge a police report if treated unkindly, the same cannot be said when it comes to animals. In the case of dogs and especially those fierce ones, they would scowl in displeasure by baring their teeth and ready to bite but not a defenseless minor. And even for those dogs not fierce enough to do the same, they could still bark at the top of their voices so that they can at least make known of mistreatment by humans. But when it comes to humans dealing with humans, it is always up to those with greater power whether because of political inclination or not to have the upper hand in playing the game according to Man’s standards to show humans’ kindness or not to.

Yet, if animals would receive kindness in the same way as humans could or could not from one another, you will see a big difference the way animals react to kindness compared to humans. While it is 101% certain that animals will reciprocate kindness by showing their utmost loyalties to humans without fail, but the same 101% certainty cannot be said of humans with humans, let alone humans with Yahweh [God]. In fact, I would rate humans as doing rather poorly than the animals whether in rendering kindness to one another or in reciprocating the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] in humility and repentance to ‘come clean’ from inside out and not the other way round.

“Why?” You see, humans should I say are such foolish creatures who although blessed with a mind to think, reason and to choose, yet still have become the biggest problem in all aspects of showing human’s kindness for centuries until today. And that is why it is still not surprising to find humans or rather ‘zombies’ who do not have the heart and conscience to do what’s right to treat other fellow humans and animals as humanely and equally right as everyone should. Even hard-core criminals are also “humans” who have the rights to justice and be humanely and equally treated before one is proven guilty or not in the court of law. So quite ridiculously, it would take plenty of ‘miracles’ to happen if all humans whether criminals or not would go down on their knees to REPENT by reciprocating the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God], let alone respect and worship the Creator of the heaven and earth where human beings are His main concern and subjects to save. Can you imagine that? I guess not!

If not, then imagine what dogs can do that most humans cannot…

Just imagine – if humans could only do such simple little thing like dogs could to their owners for having received humans’ kindness and in this case also means that if humans could do the same simple little thing to Yahweh the Creator by reciprocating the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] to do what’s right in coming back to the correct path by obeying the gospel of Jesus, I believe then, all of us regardless of race would have already become Christians by now and shall also be called the ‘sons of God’[Yahweh] or ‘children of God’[Yahweh] in the kingdom of heaven one day. But are we?

Instead, humans keep on wasting time debating and arguing with no end in sight about whose “God” is the one true Almighty God, who can or cannot use what “name” to refer as God, or whose man-made “religion” is the one true religion and even now what “justice” should hard-core criminals receive or not deserved to receive. The debate is over. It is time now for everyone, hard-core criminals or not, religious or not to REPENT by obeying the gospel of Jesus for goodness sake!

Just imagine – if any Tom, Dick or Harry could make such dubious and unsubstantiated claim of man-made religions as “true” and worse, so easily accepted as such by everyone, then, don’t you think the world will be so polluted with so many “pagan gods” to worship and so many “true” religions to follow that humans no longer bother to come back to the one and only true Almighty Yahweh [God], the One who sent Jesus? Since God [Yahweh] has provided mankind the one and only SOLUTION to sin, death and the devil which is by obeying the gospel of Jesus, the question is, why do people still keep straying away from such real issue of humanity by wasting time and energy in other irrelevant sources and religious practices? Don’t you find such stupidity of humans intimidating, intolerable and inexcusable?

Has anyone ever bothered to think this is exactly what the Satan would have it to counter-attack God’s [Yahweh] will and plan in saving the human race from self-destruction? Don’t you ever realized that by setting up whatever devious and deadly trap possible such as man-made religions, it would be the smartest move he [the Satan] could ever have made to confuse humans until the end of days? Don’t you think all such questioning and soul-searching not bothers you at all? I guess not!

Also, don’t you think that if anything having to do with the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God], it should obviously be about the one and only true Almighty God [Yahweh] showering upon humans the last sacrifice of Jesus on the cross to save us? It definitely cannot be about humans’ kindness and worse, man-made religion, can it? And also in the same vein, should it not ever trigger anyone to ask one legitimate question urgently? And that is: Can one actually question humans’ kindness shown to one another just as one should have no qualms in questioning all man-made religions? “Sure, why not?” That’s what I would answer immediately without second thoughts because I have discovered humans’ kindness and man-made religions are no such big deal at all compared to the ‘second chance’ humans have been given to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] to become saved from sin, death and the devil. What do you think rendering “humans’ kindness” to others or embracing any man-made “religions” can save you from?

To me, such wonderful blessings of Yahweh’s [God] graciousness and mercy bestowed upon humans from above would have had such an amazing divine power to change and to transform a person completely like it did to the apostle Paul that I could not be more certain to vouch and testify in all sincerity right here and now that no humans’ kindness in whatever form or degrees could ever do such an amazing job as that of Jesus’s death and resurrection to SAVE all people, good or not, because of the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God]. And neither is there any man-made religion already less than believable can in any way do so.

Well, you’d probably be thinking I am either a lunatic or heretic to say so. But then again, I am saying you would be either a lunatic or hermetic if you do not say so as I did! The reason I don’t think humans’ kindness or man-made religions can compare with the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] is because humans have yet understood and still would be having the biggest problem understanding its simple divine implication behind. If all humans do, quite honestly, the human race would not have been so badly polarized and screwed up by man-made religions that are according to Man’s standards and not God’s.

In fact, all humans would have already had become Christians known as the ‘amazing-race’ of Yahweh [God] according to the teachings of the New Testament – by now! If only humans had their eyes wide open to see the way, the truth and the life in John 14:6, everyone would have already been set free from the bondage of sin, death and the devil without a hitch and live happily ever after!  You see, when it comes to the humans’ standard of kindness and worse of all, man-made religions – one thing anyone will see or not see straightaway is that there will always be limitations and conditions compared to the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] that is none of this sort.

And because it is so perfect even the Satan cannot have a hold on anyone following Jesus for having experienced the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] to become ‘born again’ as Christian and living humbly according to God’s standard and not Man’s, that Jesus proclaimed all such followers would one day sit upon 12 thrones with Him, judging the 12 tribes of Israel in Matthew 19:28.

To help you see God’s [Yahweh] point of view, you should start asking the most important question. And that is: Can you question the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] for having sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for everyone regardless of race? No, I don’t think so! On the contrary, you can only either start believing it or not believing it at all because you can neither question why Yahweh [God] had a Son called Jesus although it’s true nowhere in the Bible has ever had substantiated it with proof that God [Yahweh] was “married” with a “wife” so that He could have a “son” called Jesus, like all humans do. But does that mean Yahweh [God] is fake and contradicting Himself and as such, no better than the Satan? No, I don’t think so!

You see, the problem is always with humans, not Yahweh [God]. What makes you or anyone think the one true Almighty God [Yahweh], who has all the infinite and divine power to turn Himself into anything, let alone as “human being”, cannot have a Son called Jesus in flesh and blood? And just because Yahweh [God] turned Himself into a “human being”, does it give you all the “rights” in the world to turn objects like stone or wood in the likeness of even dead human beings perhaps like the Buddha or others to become as superior as “God” to worship?

Of course you will question back, “Why then can Christians worship Jesus Christ also once a “human being” as the Lord God but not the Buddha for the Buddhists?” That’s because Jesus died and RESURRECTED while the Buddha did not! Jesus had the divine power to do miracles to heal and save people from sins and there’s no evidence to suggest the same happened with the Buddha. Again, you may ask, “How can you be so sure that Jesus died and RESURRECTED when you were not there as a witness two thousand years ago?” Well, the simple answer is that the Bible tells me so just as much as there were witnesses like the apostles and many others as many as 500 people who testified at that time that they saw Jesus appearing for no less than 40 days after having been buried as a dead corpse in the stone tomb guarded by 2 soldiers.

But in my case as well as many other Christians around the world, there is such a thing called FAITH that comes by hearing the Word of God in Romans 10:17. It has also guided me to learn about the truth of God’s [Yahweh] will and plan on earth as did many others in Hebrews 11. So that is the reason why I TRUST Jesus is the one and only hope of salvation for all mankind and none others if one is to be saved from eternal death. The whole point of the argument is about SAVING people and from what – hunger and poverty? Of course it’s not! Then – what? Don’t you know by now? I guess not!

So why is it that most humans until today still have problems telling the difference between mortals like us and immortal like the one true Almighty Yahweh [God] that sent Jesus and that with Him, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE even for Him to have a Son called Jesus in flesh and blood without having to get “married” and have a “wife” first? How could it ever be possible for humans to make comparison with God [Yahweh] according to Man’s standard? Are people so dumb than dumber to the point that one cannot tell the difference between God and humans, good and evil and right and wrong? Don’t you even know that Mr Lucifer is laughing at humans’ stupidity from behind?

What’s more, there is NO such vocabulary in God’s [Yahweh] language for people to ask, “what if” God [Yahweh] is this or that, as more “important” and “relevant” than what urgently matters to Yahweh [God] is for all humans to come back on the correct path to be reconciled with Him again through Jesus Christ. Why don’t you obey the gospel of Jesus first to be saved from eternal death [hell] so that you can meet up close with Yahweh [God] when the time comes and then only ask Him all such earthly questions, “what if…”?

The reason humans could not understand how the divine power of the Almighty God [Yahweh] works is simply because humans are humans and our intelligence have its limits, thus are no way superior and almighty enough to know about all such mysteries of Yahweh [God] until perhaps such time when God [Yahweh] would consider as necessary or not to show everything to us. But, in the meantime, why can’t we just have FAITH in Yahweh [God] by obeying His most simple commandment to be reconciled with Him through Jesus Christ the one and only Mediator as recorded in 1 Timothy 2:5 and Hebrews 8: 6?

As such, there is no point at all to hold debates of any kind about such divine secrets that only rightfully belongs to Yahweh the Creator to keep according to His will and plan. So why not be realistic and practical then? Maybe you should only question anyone suspected of having killed your wife, son or daughter but not otherwise when it comes to God’s [Yahweh] secrets. Perhaps, what you can only so much do is question any man-made religion that cannot invariably be substantiated as having God’s [Yahweh] divine power to save you or anyone from sin, death and the devil. Can you not?

…….to be continued in December.


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