The True Divine Kindness of Yahweh – Conclusion.


The kindness that comes under fire…

Anyone who does not know what the above caption means will ask…“what happens when humans are trying to show kindness to one another?” “Is it a good and right thing to do?” Of course, it is as long as it is according to Man’s standards. If it is, then, what kindness that comes under fire that this writer is talking about here? Well, it is rather difficult to say as it actually depends on the kind of emerging circumstances for each person to experience humans’ kindness that comes under fire especially when it is according to Man’s standards and not God’s.

You see, the problem is that, most humans especially if they have yet obeyed the gospel of Jesus, they would become confused too with what is kindness and what is graciousness. Of course, there are still chances that humans are capable of showing kindness but the chances for humans to show graciousness are always very slim and perhaps down to zero. The reason is obvious as most people do not see a big difference in the way humans show kindness as compared to the way the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ works.

From the humans’ point of view and in my case, what I see as not a good and right thing to do to give alms to any smoking beggars or drug addicts is because I’m taking it at face-value that is according to Man’s standards, not God’s. No doubt, you or anyone, can argue that no one and what more if one is a Christian, should impose on having conditions and much less expecting something in return when it comes to rendering kindness to one another, right?

But if that is the case, then should not you or anyone knows very well that by rendering such kindness to any smoking beggars and worse, drug addicts especially when it comes to the ‘sensitive’ issue of money, it will bound to have its adverse side-effects rearing its ugly head? That’s because you know as well as anyone that such kindness will not help and neither does it save any smoking beggars, let alone drug addicts who have already gone to the point of no return! Only by the untainted blood of our Lord Jesus Christ shed on the cross would have had the divine power to SAVE such people having fallen into such an insidious evil plaguing the society in today’s so-called modern world.

Then again, this probably is not exactly what you or anyone else will see and think. Well, if you disagree with me, then why not try giving money to, perhaps, one of your siblings who happened to wind up as a drug addict for one reason or another? And if you persist in doing so, do you not ever realize that you would not only be “killing” the person by helping him/her to continue with such satanic curse but you as well because when a drug addict is high and desperate for a fix, he/she will have no qualms in actually killing you for the money to feed the addiction problem especially when you refuse to give money to the person at a wrong time?

Under certain circumstances and particularly this one, do you not know that you cannot even afford to show graciousness because you do not have the divine power to save them like Yahweh does through the untainted blood of Jesus? So, can that bring us to the conclusion that the kindness that comes under fire is because of humans’ kindness that is according to Man’s standards and not God’s? I’m afraid so!

You see, the point I’m trying to make, that hopefully you will understand later, is that showing kindness to one another is not exactly a complicated and impossible thing to do but graciousness is. Unlike Yahweh, no humans can really show “graciousness” without sacrificing oneself. Things only start to get complicating when you show kindness according to Man’s standards and not God’s. So you see, it is always to do with whatever reasons behind whether rightly or wrongly that is what making humans’ kindness all too complicating in the aftermath, is exactly what I’m trying to get across here.

And the not so funny thing is that you may find my views pretty odd. Do you know why? First simple reason is, you have yet obeyed the gospel of Jesus and therefore, it’s highly likely that you do not understand how the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ works. The second simple reason is, I’m not speaking according to Man’s standards, but God’s. The third simple reason is, no humans can show kindness according to God’s standard. So you can see that is also the reason that triggered Jesus to say in Matthew 7:13 about people doing what’s “good” and “right” based on majority of people’s perceptions that are according to Man’s standards and not God’s.

But as far as what God’s standard is, and mind you, there are not countless of them to follow, yet there is hardly anyone who knows how to comply with it because most humans, especially non-Christians, really do not understand what ‘obedience to God until death’ in Philippians 2:8 means except our Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles in the first century who were the only ones to have set such good example for us to follow today.

You see, what many people have failed to realize and much less understood the divine implication behind Jesus’ death and resurrection is that Yahweh who is the only one true Almighty God is not as “demanding” or “unreasonable” as anyone could have mistaken Him to be. Why is it so? That’s because the real culprit behind in making the one true Almighty Yahweh looking as such is the stupidity of any man-made religion trying to execute ridiculous punishment on others and explicitly attempting to do so that would do more harm than good.

That’s when the true divine kindness of Yahweh is badly misunderstood and misplaced. I know that is not something “nice” to say but that is evidently the truth of one religion among others that is propagating such teachings as necessary and a so-called prerequisite to bring law and order to the society that anyone could easily see it as going above and beyond the existing civil laws. And unless you have obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ and a Bible-studying Christian, you will NEVER be able to see and tell easily.

As a matter of fact, what people will NEVER wake up to see, as in the case of ‘spiritual blindness’ is that, it’s the Satan who is the real culprit behind masquerading as “God” of this or that religion in misleading gullible people to serve and glorify him, either with violence, bloodshed or ignorance is exactly the opposite of what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. What God [Yahweh] only wants from us is to be OBEDIENT to His only simple commandment to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ and NOT how “righteous” or “holy” one can become by practicing all the so-called religious laws and rituals that we know consciously will NEVER have the divine power to “whitewash” any of our sins that we would have incurred because of our sinful nature.

I’m talking about the real SOLUTION here that will SAVE humankind from eternal death, not earthly death and it is only possible by obeying the gospel of Jesus according to God’s standard, not Man’s.

Don’t you think such TRUTH as declared in John 14:6 which has nothing at all to do with “arrogance”, but which is about the URGENCY to wake up is already a good enough reason for all humans to turn away from all of their man-made religious ways and come back on the correct path to God through Jesus and become the ‘amazing-race’ of God until eternity – by obeying the gospel of Jesus?

In contrast, the only truth and transparency in man-made religions is that they can neither save you from eternal death and much less earthly death! In fact, one should know better what is worse than this is that man-made religions are actually the real culprits behind that will bring out the real arrogance in people to become so ‘stiff-necked’ that it is ridiculously preventing all religious groups to c0-exist in “peace” and “harmony” since day one because it is all according to Man’s standards and not God’s!

Come on, don’t be fooling yourself! How can there be “peace” and “harmony” when there is still so much of religious ‘huffing-and-puffing’ among religious groups over who can or cannot use what “name” to refer as God for a start? If man-made religions are becoming more of a problem than solution that got people divided even further apart in the 1st place, what makes anyone think there’s any chance at all that man-made religions and especially all those religious radicals and bigots are capable anymore in building bridges?

Unless and until people are SENSIBLE enough to throw all man-made religions out of the window and start REPENTING by obeying the gospel of Jesus in Jesus’ terms, there will NEVER be enough of bridges for humans to religiously keep burning in all centuries to come and provided we could even survive in these religiously troubling times! Ironically, such “arrogance” in bull-bashing all the man-made religions would come in handy and will do nobody no harm if one knows how to stand in my shoes and look from my perspectives. Too bad no one can because it will take one to be smart and humble enough to obey the gospel of Jesus and studying the Word of God diligently to become impeccably informed and to inform according to God’s standard and not Man’s.

Although one cannot deny that it is generally a “good” and “right” thing to do in showing kindness to one another but that’s only because humans always base their thoughts and actions according to Man’s standards and not God’s – so that’s inevitably where the biggest problem is! It does not always prove to be the “good” and “right” thing to do in showing kindness because if one, who is a meticulous Bible-studying Christian, will be able to tell easily the kindness that comes under fire is when anyone attempting to show kindness to one another for all the wrong reasons and in which case perhaps is something to do with publicity and recognition.

If you study the Bible especially the New Testament where Jesus at many points during his mission to fulfil God’s will and plan on earth usually ended up having to rebuke and reprimand those religious Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes for their hypocrisies and arrogance, you will understand that’s how vain humans could become in the sight of God even in showing “kindness” because it is always according to Man’s standards and not God’s. So what’s the point of “feeling good” in showing kindness if it does not even look one bit good in the sight of God? Has anybody ever thought of that? I guess not!

As such, one thing you or anyone better be so sure of is that humans’ kindness will always be questionable and have flaws aplenty! Why? That’s because such kindness if practiced according to Man’s standards, and not God’s, it will surely come under fire one way or another. Again, why? Because…unlike the perfect ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God], there are so many other imperfect reasons for humans to show kindness to one another. It does not matter whether it’s executed rightly or wrongly, the fact remains that humans’ kindness in whatever ways and forms that are according to Man’s standards will not gain favor in the sight of God but ironically, obedience to Him until death will! But too bad that humans are always missing the point!

The trouble with humans is that we do not take the trouble to know and understand what Yahweh [God] wants. Humans are only interested in what “good” and “right” thing that they thought they could do that will make them “feel good” but not bother at all what really matters most to Yahweh is the urgency for everyone to obey the gospel of Jesus and not so much about all those “do-good, feel good” sort of thing that should come as secondary.

Don’t you know that it was disobedience from Adam and Eve in the beginning [Romans 5:19] that got them into trouble and plenty of people now for still not obeying the gospel of Jesus? It is becoming so unbelievable and amusing to notice that people still do not realize it was actually the ‘arrogance’ of humans who rather preferred to obey the commandments of men than God’s commandment to obey the gospel of Jesus that is what causing all the polarization and divisions today because of man-made religions.

So, is it wrong or perhaps even arrogant for God himself to say that ONLY Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life in John 14:6? If you or anyone think so, then, does it mean you are saying that something is very wrong with God and not those man-made religions?

No wonder humans keep burning the bridge [Jesus] which is the ONE and ONLY left that is leading us to come back on the correct path to God. What’s even worse is when someone making it publicly known in the media by saying that it is arrogant for anyone to claim only one religion holds all the truth and not others. Although the writer’s letter published on a local newspaper did not mention exactly which religion the writer referred to, I suspected it’s Christianity.

Quite honestly, it is so hard not to laugh at such stupidity but it is even harder not to cry – I guess at least for Yahweh [God] for having created “intelligent” humans. So, is it thanks to that writer or no thanks to that writer for making God’s grace and truth [John 14:6] comes under fire now?

You may have all the means and resources in the world as a “philanthropist” or whatnot to “save” millions of people from hunger and poverty but if you do not even have the simplest common sense to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ to ‘come clean’ and set your heart right with God by REPENTING and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ in John 14:6, it will all come to nothing in the sight of God! And that’s not a threat, that’s a promise! That is also the reason Jesus told a rich young man to sell everything he’s got and give all of it [not half or moderately] to the poor to have his treasures stored up in heaven and then follow him [Jesus] in Mark 10:17-31.

Did the rich young man obey Jesus then? No, he did not and probably because he preferred moderation which means not having to give everything he’s got to TRANSFORM himself! Have all the rich “philanthropists” and whatnot obeyed the gospel of Jesus today? I guess not and probably because all the rich people still prefer to be rich over the poor than to follow Jesus to store up their treasures in heaven! So, do you still not understand what is according to God’s standard and the kind of kindness that comes under fire because it’s according to Man’s standards?

As for humans’ kindness always skewed with all the earthly reasons that are according to Man’s standards, I could not be more specific to say the most dangerous ones would be those with “good” intention to show kindness but not without being seen publicly doing so. Rightly or wrongly, that would be something not difficult to see happening in the world today that I believe many people probably have come across pretty often in the public, the media and whatnot.

One example is in doing “charity” but even then humans’ kindness rendered in such “noble” cause could still be abused or done in vain either in the name of religion or for something in return as in the case of “I scratch your back and you scratch mine” which was the famous script from one of my favourite Elvis Presley’s classic movies, remember? One thing you can tell straightaway is that almost everyone would be doing it [charity] for publicity sake if I may say so because that’s the truth that no one can deny. Can you? I guess not!

Everyone involved in doing “charity” would be so eager to have their photographs taken just to make sure the world knows. Is that so important? Do they not know that God knows? Remember what Jesus said when giving to the needy in Matthew 6:1-4? So, why are people so concerned about getting such publicity when doing charity? Perhaps, the most obvious reason could be because one would easily be praised and seen as a “kindhearted” person or “hero” according to Man’s standards. Is that the kind of humans’ kindness that could save anyone from sin, death and the devil for knowing you or someone else is a “kindhearted” person? I don’t think so!

First of all, how can you “save” others when you have yet saved yourself first from the most tragic curse of mankind that only by the shedding of untainted blood of Jesus could do the job and not just by doing charities?

Another example so common is that of people seen “pushing” away one another to foot the bill when eating in public places to make humans’ kindness “mandatory” and thus, so fake and pretentious. Why wouldn’t everyone be kind to one another and just pay for one’s own meal and be done with it instead of making a scene out of it? Surely no one should have problems understanding that humans’ kindness cannot be a “one-man-show” and neither can it be a “one-way-traffic” all the time, can it?

Even Jesus died for us only one time. Of course, also only He could do such one-man-show to atone for the sins of mankind because He’s got the divine power to do so for He is God coming in the flesh as recorded in John 8:12-29. But surely, He cannot die for us each time each of us commit sin, can He? So how many times does one think one can afford to “push” away others to foot the bill for everyone on the table? And for all you know – what if one is having a hard time sleeping later at night because of feeling the pinch or that such humans’ kindness not always reciprocated every time from either side because of one reason or another?

As far as I can tell and having experienced what humans’ “kindness” is like, one thing the unsuspecting public does not see is the ‘dark side’ to it. And the worst thing is that it does not seem at all matter to anyone because people are so concerned with what’s on the outside to show than to avoid the danger of having violated what’s on the inside the heart and conscience. Even then people who have had such insurmountable experience before in rendering humans’ kindness would rather not share the truth about it openly like I do now because of shame or guilty conscience as no one would like to expose the truth of having been pretentious and dubious in doing charity or in “pushing” away at others to foot the bill for everyone after a meal, would they?

But then again, if truth be told, no one should worry so much about being seen in such bad light as humans’ kindness can of course come under fire or could backfire sometimes because it is according to Man’s standards and not God’s. That’s why it’s not surprising to read in the news where innocent people got killed for thinking that all “acts of kindness” will prevail and be rewarded. I guess not after all – if it is according to Man’s standards and not God’s!

However, the point I want to make is about the urgency to discuss the issue with the way people go about rendering humans’ kindness especially in doing charity. Otherwise, people will continue to go the wrong way without recourse of any kind and the worst thing is that, what went wrong would then become the ‘norm’ and people would consider it as a “right thing to do” even when it is not like in the case of monetary handouts whether for political expediency or not.

You see, the real danger in doing “charity” is not those who are giving but those on the receiving ends where the chances of violating the heart and conscience could occur because of non-accountability and non-transparency in the way the aid received and spent without proof especially donations involving cash. Given the choice, I think it would be better for any “philanthropists” to give in ‘kind’ as in daily necessities than in cash if ever possible. It is almost always possible that anyone would get carried away when receiving large amount of cash because the temptation is always there to violate one’s heart and conscience even for those purportedly taken as “trustworthy” in managing public funds derived especially from doing “charity”.

Such immediate problem to solve is about the urgency to do what’s right and in the right context of doing charity according to God’s standard, not Man’s. However, no one seems to notice such dangerous trend in doing “charity” today because people have gotten a wrong perception about what kindness is that needed badly to be corrected. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not trying to propagate anything bad or to discourage people to go about rendering kindness to one another or in doing “charity”. And neither am I trying to dictate what people can or cannot do.

After all, only Yahweh has the last right and power as His disposal to judge every one of us. Of course, we should leave it all to Him to decide where our destiny would bring us because He’s the one and only “Big Boss” around and none others qualified enough to take over His place to have all the say!

By all means, one should encourage activities of such benevolence to carry out and even more so in a badly disintegrated society where such “much-needed” humans’ kindness should become one of the most urgent priorities in everybody’s agendas to bring us all back to become real human beings again that is the same as fostering “peace” and “harmony” but all these are only happening according to Man’s Standards and not God’s. It is time to do the reverse. Don’t you think?

However, the only problem is that when humans are failing miserably to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God]’ to begin with, then, one can no longer tell the difference between what constituted as God’s standard and what constituted as Man’s standards. That’s when doing “charity” would be sort of “hijacked” from behind closed-door after the events are over and could be taken advantage of by people with vested interests. So do not be surprised that people working in “charity” organizations are staying in bungalows and can afford to fly first class for all you know. Would it not get you wondering where such money comes from?

I can understand why sometimes people “push” to foot the bill. It could be because of one reason and that is when one is playing host to visitors who are close friends or relatives who too may join in the fray to “push” in order to foot the bill for not wanting to be seen as “troubling” others in lavishing on them. If the host can actually tell such “pushing” to foot the bill going to happen, then the host should arrange to settle the bill beforehand with the proprietor of the restaurant first by leaving behind a credit card or something before all the guests arrived for the gathering to eat together. This way, it will prevent such awkward scene of “pushing” one another away to foot the bill in the public eyes at the end of a dinner or whatever, right or not? I don’t know why but I always get very disturbed at such sight.

But what I cannot understand is why must people do “charity” for publicity sake when it is not even fair and equal or perhaps not efficiently and openly monitored? Who and how many poor souls can one save physically and perhaps spiritually based on Man’s standards? And surely that would also bring us to the attention that doing “charity” may only help a small fraction and only certain groups in a society. Moreover, the worst thing to happen is when only certain charity organizations would get selected as the favorite charity to be given more and others less. Are some poor people of certain popular charity organizations more important than other poor people from whose charity organizations are less popular?

What kind of “charity” would that be in the sight of God that some get more and others less – in cash? It’s understandable and absolutely okay if everyone gets the same “fish” and “bread” like in the case of Jesus who fed the poor in kind as some could eat more and some less. But if it involved money [$$$], it would be unethical and unfair that some get more and others less. Do you know what I mean? So why is there “favoritism” even in doing charity? Besides, if doing charity really helps to channel the “much-needed” humans’ kindness to everyone to do the same, why then is there all the more poverty prevailing in the world and that people still dying of hunger around the world while the rich get richer and poor get poorer? And don’t forget too that there are even more people outside of charity organizations needing financial aid and help as well but are not receiving such aid just because they cannot be entitled to be called the “less-fortunate” ones to qualify for one reason or another.

To be honest, I always have this disturbing question in my mind. Can all money especially in ‘cash’ donated to charities monitored or traceable with how such money collected and spent? Now, perhaps this is where I deserve to be “applauded”, but never mind if I don’t, for saying something “nice” for a change and hoping that any mainstream media would do some research and report such findings in the newspapers as an eye-opener because I have this gut feeling something is not right with the present trend of doing “charity”.

Don’t get me wrong again. I’m not saying that doing charity is not good but it is even better if humans can do charity that is according to God’s standard and not Man’s. But going by such definition, this is not going to happen if people have yet been divinely transformed by the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] to have one’s heart and conscience to ‘come clean’ even with money! As the saying goes that all charities begin at home, so should not the best charity to start with is to have the heart and conscience to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ first?

Once a person has fulfilled such divine redemption, I’m pretty sure it would bring back the heart and conscience of anyone to ‘come clean’ even with tons of money collected from charity drives. Then, you can rest assured of accountability and transparency and not likely for charity organizers to become affluent enough to stay in bungalows or fly first class.

However, my wish is that I would rather prefer people not do “charities” only after any big disasters have happened to any unfortunate countries as many lives would have been lost and properties destroyed by then. Why not do charities that could prevent big disasters from happening? And the biggest ‘charity’ to start with and one that does not cost anybody a dime is to be kind to Mother Nature so that Mother Nature will reciprocate such humans’ kindness and not wipe us clean with all the bad karma accumulated because of man’s doing.

But then again, it’s too little done and a little too late now to stop Mother Nature from unleashing its wrath and fury as anyone should have been able to see clearly what it had done to the Philippines with Typhoon Haiyan not so long ago. Without doubt, I believe such urgent call to be kind to Mother Nature will once again fall on deaf ears in no time after the “feel good” reason in doing “charities” has gone and vanished into thin air. Even as I write, I already have this gut-feeling that Mother Nature is already on the brink of unleashing its wrath and fury on the next target and one should have no problem see it coming…soon! So be ready to get wipe out from the face the earth – little earthlings!

The kindness that is best served in God’s way, not Man’s…

If humans’ kindness that comes from the bottom of the heart touches another heart quietly even on a small-scale, what’s more important is that God knows and not so important that the world must know which charity organization should entitle to more aid than others. If humans’ kindness can only fill the stomach of the poor because of poverty or rendered to those only “afflicted” by man-made wars but then failed miserably to bring all such hungry poor souls and the wounded to be reconciled with God again, then what’s the point of saving people only physically but not spiritually which is even more important than you ever know? We all know that everyone exists here on earth in flesh and blood only for a short while, but our souls will either live or suffer in the next life and in eternity! Does that not make you think and choose wisely now what to obey – man-made religions or the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Jesus had said in Matthew 4:4, “It is written: Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” is exactly attesting to most humans being more concerned about the physical well-being of everything else than the spiritual well-being of oneself and others.

Can you tell now what really matters to you in such a scenario? Would you rather be saved spiritually according to God’s standard even though you may die of hunger without charity aid coming to rescue you? Or would you rather be saved physically on “bread” alone with charity aid provided that is according to Man’s standard but that you will still die eventually without the hope of salvation which is the eternal life God promised to those who chose to be ‘born again’ by water and the Holy Spirit?

Either way, all of us will die when the time comes, but now the question is – which death do you actually prefer? Would it be to die once or to die twice? To die once is something no one can escape whether one is rich or poor, hungry or well-fed. But to die the second time is something that everyone is given a ‘second chance’ regardless of what race or status and the option to choose whether to escape or not to escape. Keeping quiet and not doing anything about it is also construed as an answer to tell which direction you are heading. If you know it is not well with your soul, you should know what to do by now because that is the one and most significant ‘charity’ to do and one that almost everyone would have missed out in one’s lifetime to act on it and leaving it too late to regret when one stops breathing one’s last breath.

We cannot so much consider ourselves as real human beings if we still are not able to let conscience be our guide to be kind enough to let charity begin at home and that only simply means to save our own souls 1st before that of others by coming back to the correct path that our Lord Jesus Christ had paved for us. Having the spiritual sense to do what’s right according to God’s standard and not Man’s standard is about putting your spiritual well-being as the 1st top priority and not so much about those “do-good, feel-good” things that you should only consider as secondary because these earthly deeds although “good” in the sight of man are still “not good” enough in the sight of Yahweh [God] to get you closer to Him one bit if it is not according to His standard in Ephesians 2:8.

In other words, it is so crucial to put God [Yahweh] FIRST in your life than anything else in the world by being obedient to His commandment to obey the gospel of Jesus because where your destiny would bring you and others will depend pretty much on making such a significant decision. Rendering humans’ kindness alone CANNOT save you or others from sin, death and the devil even though it’s a noble thing to do as taught in Titus 3:3-8 but that which is only meant for those who have already become Christians and going on a journey to become one of the ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven when the time comes. So the most important aspect to consider is, are you able to distinguish and to differentiate your priorities and not confuse yourself with what is according to God’s standard and what is according to Man’s standards?

To put it bluntly that you may understand clearly, would you rather fill the stomach of a person dying from hunger physically by “bread” alone than to be concerned about filling the spiritual need of the person on every word that comes from the mouth of God? Of course doing both is important but it’s the last part that people have always forgotten or simply taken for granted. That’s because, once people have gotten their stomach filled, they would have easily forgotten about Yahweh [God] and that is usually the case with most humans who only see the materialistic will to survive as more important than the spiritual will to store up their treasures in heaven.

Up until now, I have not told the truth but it is better than not admitting it, is it not? Now that I know it is NOT because of the righteous or charitable things I have done that saved me but because of the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] that has saved me through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he [God] poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, I would rather die of hunger if I don’t have to die another time after the first earthly death. If I had my stomach filled by “bread” alone but not by every word that comes from the mouth of God and then having to face eternal death which is even far worse than having to die the first time and once only – what’s the point? Is it so difficult to TRUST what Yahweh had promised to those who obeyed the gospel of Jesus or is it easier not to have FAITH in Him at all?

But then again, if you are really contemplating to seek Yahweh [God] and His righteousness first, make sure you do such “shopping” right and know that it is the one and only true Almighty Yahweh [God] who sent Jesus that will SAVE you from sin, death and the devil and not those as fake and dubious as the Satan doubling himself as the “God” of this religion or that religion.

Doing what’s right is NOT just about rendering kindness to those with special “need”. And neither should it be based on “racial rights” where one is given all such privileges in the form  of ‘handout’ than what one should rightfully earn one’s dues with one’s ability and dignity. No one regardless of race or status should need such ‘spoon-fed’ rights because it is not right in the sight of God to say the least. Nay, that is not true kindness because if there’s an intention or condition attached, it is only according to Man’s standards, not God’s. What really matters to God is that everyone should know and understand perfectly well what true kindness in its right perspective is and all about before talking about ways to show “kindness” or going beyond promoting it whether by words or by deeds to make “racial rights” look good, equal and justifiable.

You see – if anyone renders true kindness based on the heart and conscience and NOT on “racial rights”, God will know and will reward the person when the time comes. Now that is what I called kindness according to God’s standard, not Man’s. The reason people most of the time does not have any ideas that there are worse things to happen in the long-run for not knowing the ‘dark side’ in rendering “kindness” is because there is such a thing as….

The kindness that kills according to Man’s standards… 

Never ever heard of it before? What does that mean? How could kindness kill and in what sense? As in the human race where many races co-exist together, so is the same that everyone should know the facets of humans’ kindness that needed to be exposed and one of them is the kindness that “kills”. Is that right? I’m afraid so! You probably wonder what I am trying to advocate here. Yes, no doubt, it sounds a bit far-fetched especially to those who may not even have come across such a radical term in rendering kindness to others once in a while, thus may prompt anyone to ask something like, “you can’t kill a beggar by giving alms to him, can you?”

Of course I know it can’t, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. I do not mean literally to “kill” someone physically, but rather indirectly that what I am talking about in this case is the dignity or reputation of a person. And given that such “kindness” based on Man’s standards are where all the liabilities will crop up, it will lead to a long-term killing process that eventually will cripple and corrupt a person from inside out which is what I’m talking about. Perhaps, by giving a couple of illustrations here, it might help you to see my point of views clearly even though presented bluntly that may somehow “hurt” the feelings of others one way or another. If anyone still never learn a lesson from such “hurt”, then something is awfully wrong with the person.

The killing of one’s dignity from humans’ kindness that is according to Man’s standard…

Now, as for the example of “killing” the dignity of a person, let’s say you are a “Christian” for illustration sake and that “the person” concerned is known or close to you. The reason I’m not using other religious faith as an example is because I do not want to be seen as so partial and bias as to purposely “hurt” the feelings of others. So if one goes with such definition of what a “Christian” is, that would have made the person a man of principles who always believe that every man regardless of race must earn one’s dues to win the honor and respect from others and that of Yahweh [God] by working hard starting from scratch or the bottom without cheating or shortcuts like handouts. We must always bear in mind that was what God [Yahweh] instructed that Adam would face the harsh reality ahead in Genesis 3: 17-19 after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.

Let’s say the story begins with you coming from a poor family. But because of the strong upbringing and conviction as a “Christian”, you finally made it to become a somewhat tycoon in the corporate world with your blood, sweat and tears. Yet it’s interesting to note at the same time that you only married one wife without violating one of Yahweh’s [God] Ten Commandments which is committing adultery. However, your wife only bore you a son and her womb got closed up as that could be because of God’s [Yahweh] will or that Yahweh [God] was testing your faith and willpower to stay true and obedient to Him like He tested Job and Abraham. Probably that also could be the start of a turning point in your life either for good or for bad. This will of course depend on how you plan to handle such an “incredulous” challenge thrown at your feet. It only takes making one small mistake to entirely throw you off course in your journey to find peace of mind with yourself and Yahweh [God].

Unfortunately, because your son was the apple of your eyes, he grew up being spoon-fed all the while without you realizing it as is usually the case of anyone having the one and only son to carry the family’s surname. Who would not pamper or protect the one and only son in a family? So naturally he had no problem getting what he wanted because money would never have been an issue at all. As it is, your son never grew up to know and much less would experience what hardship is as well as not able to gain the work experience by working for others to learn the hard way. As such, he never had a clue what working hard enough to get promoted to earn a good income to support oneself is all about, thus would likely be squandering your wealth as though all your hard-earned money drops from the sky and as if that was his birth-right too.

Nevertheless, the only one big issue that you failed to take stock of is bringing up your son to become a responsible and independent person. As a business person, you have learned to manage well. But as a parent, you fared badly for not instilling in him [your son] the true values of what becoming a man of principles like you is and all about. Because of your busy schedules with all the business portfolios to take care of, you could not afford to even spend quality time with your wife, let alone your son. And that is really a heavy price to pay when one is pursuing all the “riches” in the sight of man than the riches of the heart and conscience that would make one spiritually rich in the sight of God.

As a result, your relationship with your son in particular started ailing. The worst part is when you had no idea your son was mixing with the wrong company and likely end up not knowing the danger of being used as a drug mule in a world of crimes, syndicates and crooks. So one day you got a phone call and got the shock of your life because your son got caught at an international airport in a place far away for smuggling drugs and would be charged in court. If convicted, your son will face the death penalty and in which case is likely to happen. So you flew over to meet up with your son and to find out why he got involved in drugs smuggling when you always never failed to show “kindness” as a father by allocating him with whatever ‘handouts’ possible to keep him happy and satisfied or…so it seemed.

Finally when you met up close with your son in jail, you just could not wait to ask, “Son, why did you do something so stupid?” Instead, your son retaliated with anger as though the blame should not fall on him when he answered back saying, “Come on, papa, the air-ticket and holiday package were entirely free ‘handouts’ just like you always give me all the free ‘handouts’, so I thought nothing could go wrong, could it? So what is the big deal now when you can always “bail-me-out” anytime without me languishing in jail, can you not?” And so sadly and as a man of principles, you have to answer back saying, “Son, how to save you now when you have already dug your own grave because of all my kindness and handouts?”

So what is the moral of the story? It’s quite simple really. A lot of times, people do not realize that it can actually “kill” a person’s dignity in rendering kindness whether to one’s own family members or not but also anyone on the receiving end. In such a scenario of what happened in the story, you as a father “thought” you were doing your son a big favor with all the free ‘handouts’ without him like everybody else working like a dog to know what is hardship to earn money so that he can better equip himself with experience and knowledge to get promoted to earn a decent living and to stay out of troubles.

No doubt your free ‘handouts’ had helped to keep your son happy and satisfied but it’s only for a while. What you have failed to realize is that you have indeed had done a pretty “good job” in having corrupted him and crippled him from inside out so much so he was not able to fend for himself anymore. That’s when such “kindness” in the disguise of ‘handouts’ if not carefully carried out in its right perspective can “kill” even those who are rich in rendering such “kindness” and in whatever circumstances. Is that what you believe is the kind of right thing to do? Do you think rendering such “kindness” as in ‘handouts’ will always help anyone and not kill instead? Think again.

The killing of one’s reputation from humans’ kindness that is according to Man’s standards…

As for the example of “killing” the reputation of a person known or close to you whether as Christian or not, let’s just say there was a poor sibling in your family perhaps identified as “Mr Amigo” among other siblings married but living separate lives in different places. The scenario here is, somehow this “Mr Amigo” was running into financial difficulties because of having all the household commitment of bills to pay and the worst part was, putting all the money in the wrong kind of investment that got busted for one reason or another. Because of this, “Mr Amigo” had exhausted all means to make ends meet even when gainfully employed, thus having no other better choices to seek help from. “Mr Amigo” knew he would be as good as dead if he tried to seek help from loan sharks. So finally, “Mr Amigo” decided to approach you as another sibling of the same family for financial help.

Although “Mr Amigo” was granted the financial help from you but not without promising to return you the money in the days ahead when things are back to normal, but then, you having rendered such “kindness” to help went about blowing the trumpet of a “good deed” done even to those that “Mr Amigo” also knew. In doing so, you did not realize such antics have gotten “Mr Amigo” the bad reputation for borrowing money. When words like a bullet ricocheted and hit back at “Mr Amigo”, it became like a curse for “Mr Amigo” to even think of going to visit your close friends or relatives as they will start avoiding “Mr Amigo” for fear of being asked to give monetary “kindness” again or be given all the weird looks as though he has become a “monster” of borrowing money or something.

So what is the moral of the story? Well first, the question is – is that not the kindness that kills, at least, the morale of the borrower and not to mention, the reputation? Would it not have been better if you did not give such “kindness” to “Mr Amigo” in the first place? How could you in the right frame of mind have such insensibility to offer such unkind “kindness” to one of your own siblings in the family? Don’t you know what kindness is and means and more so if you are a “Christian”?

The moral of the story is that you should, whether you are a “Christian” or not, stay true to your heart and conscience and not violating it as admissibility as an excuse to promote yourself as being “kindhearted” in helping others when you are not. It would be better to say “no” as honestly as you should, if you did not feel like rendering such “kindness” especially when it comes to the “sensitive” issue of money than to do it and then regret or complain about it later because of feeling the pinch yourself afterwards. Always bear in mind that there is someone watching from above whether one feels “obligated” to help or “supposedly” as your “right” to help or not to help.

What is the difference between kindness and grace?

Well, there’s definitely a lot of difference even to say the least! In fact, it’s two different entity altogether – like a duck and a chicken even in texture and taste. Each plays a different role and cannot mix together like water and oil that will separate from each other no matter what. People have always misconstrued the subject of kindness and grace. And the myth that most people held as true is that when showing kindness, it’s the same as showing grace. No, I’m afraid that is not the case!

Showing or rendering kindness does not necessarily mean one is having the graciousness to make it perfect. In fact it is not, most of time! It is only by showing it the other way around that will what make both kindness and grace as perfect as God. In other words, if you have GRACIOUSNESS in your heart and conscience, you will have to sacrifice yourself unconditionally without complaining or regretting to help or save others whether as Christians or not just the same as Yahweh [God] who sent His Son, Jesus Christ to sacrifice Himself on the cross to die for our sins and to SAVE us from eternal death which is the second death. And God [Yahweh] did so for the sake of everyone on earth whether good, bad, ugly, criminals or even the religiously screwed up and….without complaining or regretting! Can you?

But if one shows kindness that is according to Man’s standards and not God’s, somehow or other, there’s a chance one will expect something back in return whether directly or indirectly because most humans do and let’s be honest about it. Do you think you can borrow money from friends, family or relatives and not having to pay back the money? Yes, you can but your reputation will definitely get burnt because that’s the price to pay for receiving humans’ “kindness” according to Man’s standards.

Now, when times are hard because of living standards keep rising, even if you borrowed money from any of your siblings, friends or relatives, you would be expected to return the money one way or another or you’ll be made to feel guilty until you die! No humans’ kindness is so kind after all compared to the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God]. Do you know why?

Experience will tell you that if you owed someone a favor as in borrowing money, there will be no end to returning it all of your life. However, the most gracious and merciful Yahweh only expects you to stay obedient to Him as a true Christian until death by doing His will and of course to stop sinning by just letting the heart and conscience be your guide – not those religious laws and edicts in whatever names that will have your hands and legs eventually chopped off and leave you with nothing!

That is why if you can see the beauty and power of GRACE over kindness, you would have no problem coming back to the correct path that the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] is waiting for you to reciprocate by doing the right thing to REPENT and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ. You would then be able to understand easily why Yahweh [God] still send the rain to the just and the unjust because all humans whether Jews or not have been equally given the ‘second chance’ to REPENT and be reconciled with God again. As such, no one should become so foolish to lose the one and only chance left in doing so while one is still breathing.

The urgency to reciprocate Yahweh’s true divine kindness is blatantly denied and ignored…

So the bottom line is, do not undermine the power of the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] to save you through Jesus Christ as though I’m now telling a bedtime story to kids only and thus you can sweep it under the carpet after that. And even more so is, neither should you underestimate the craftiness of the Satan to drag you or anyone to hell because there’s always a chance that it will happen. And since humans are still so naïve even with the Bible so easily available in bookshops around the world, in hotels’ rooms and churches for anyone to get hold of to read and understand Yahweh’s [God] will and plan, therefore, there will be NO EXCUSE for anyone to deny having heard or knew about the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ and to REPENT by obeying the gospel of Jesus.

If you think such urgency to REPENT does not matter or mean anything to you, then you are only making the job easier for the Satan to devour you which is the kind of kindness you should not let him take advantage of because it’s the kindness that kills. But if you have only kindness to give or to show that you might complain or regret later, you will NEVER be ready to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh [God]’ and be smart enough to REPENT and be baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ so that you don’t have to die the eternal death because God [Yahweh] knows it would be a terrible thing to happen if humans, whether religious or not, still keep rebelling against Him.

So the point of the argument is that having GRACIOUSNESS in the heart and conscience to REPENT is not only what really matters in the sight of Yahweh [God] as this is according to God’s [Yahweh] standard, not Man’s. It also matters how urgently humans would need to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] by coming back to Him quick enough because there’s a possibility of a life being snuffed out with every passing second.

You never know and can tell if such an unfortunate incident happening to the next one could be you, or perhaps even me, so to speak. That is the reason people would buy life insurance in this world according to Man’s standards. However, in God’s [Yahweh] world and according to His standard, there is no such product to buy and to keep paying until death. You only need to REPENT by obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ and it does not cost you a bomb, does it?

But if humans can only wallow on humans’ kindness and not on the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] to make themselves “feel good” but not saved from eternal damnation, then, I really do not have any “good feeling” at all that humans would ever wake up to see how screwed up they are for not having the slightest clue about who the one and only true Almighty Yahweh [God] is.

Don’t you think everyone should be able to see how crystal clear by now that it is only by the ‘Amazing Grace of Yahweh’ [God] that the human race can and will have hope of salvation to become saved from sin, death and the devil? Whether you believe it or not, and much less like it or not, no humans’ kindness and man-made religions that are pretty much out of the question would be divinely substantiated as the one “true” way to bring us back to be reconciled with the one and only true Almighty God [Yahweh] that sent Jesus – if all that you do is not according to God’s [Yahweh] standard!

Well, if you can see clearly now, you should have no problem seeing the urgency to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ with REPENTANCE now. Yahweh [God] does not simply grant you or anyone REPENTANCE just through prayers whether by yourself or someone else praying for you. That’s not how the gospel of Jesus works. You have to go according to God’s standard, not Man’s.

If you have not yet become a Christian, here’s the correct way to become one. First, you must hear and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ and the significance behind why Jesus’ blood had the divine power to save you from sin, death and the devil. You do not just simply REPENT without knowing why, do you? There are videos on the right side bar that will teach and guide you on the correct steps to become a Christian in accordance to the gospel of Jesus Christ and which also is according to God’s standard, not Man’s.


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