What really matters to Yahweh?


Does anyone really know what really matters to Yahweh? What does SOS [Save Our Souls] really means to you?

If ever anyone got the heart and conscience of a ‘real human being’ who can contemplate to live according to God’s standard, at least, for once in one’s lifetime and for a change, then, don’t you think it’s crucial to ask such simple questions as above? Equally important is, let it be known that in knowing what the answers are to the questions, it would have an even far-reaching implication than not knowing. So if that is the case, is it better to know or not to know? Perhaps, one might prefer to keep quiet and make no comments about it just to keep a “good” reputation. Oh really? But in this case, don’t you know you say the worst when you say nothing at all? That’s because the worst is yet to come for anyone and everyone who does not know what really matters to Yahweh and more importantly, what SOS really means.

Well, one thing that is for sure though is that, it’s basically down to everyone’s choice to know or not to know. However, it’s a vital choice that no one should in the least ignore in choosing to find out than just simply brush it aside without hesitation that in which case is a resemblance of those religious bigots who could be easily mistaken as the modern “Pharisees” or “Sadducees” somewhat acting impressively as “men-of-God” on the outside and “supposedly” know everything already….or so it seemed!

If, as a result of anyone having the good sense to find out what really matters to Yahweh as declared by Himself in Isaiah 45:22 is still prevalent today, Yahweh would have been so proud of the person, even if it’s only one [Jeremiah 5:1], to have realized the significance in reconciling with Him. Needless to say, that is exactly what really matters to Him because that’s what SOS really means! But is that happening? I guess not!

Now, what could not be any worse is that if something as significant as that of SOS is not happening, perhaps then, the best bet is that one will walk away from reading this post. And by all means please do so if one does not really “feel good” about knowing what really matters to Yahweh, let alone about what SOS really means. Be forewarned then. Please do not continue reading to continue taking the “heat” from this article that will really “hurt” the feelings of anyone because of an ugly truth about to be unleashed as I go along in disseminating such cardinal information with regards to man-made religions.

Therefore, as a reminder again, please DO NOT continue reading this post if it is offensive [Jeremiah 6:10] and could cause you to ‘lose’ your mind and thus, not ‘act responsibly’ by calling for stern actions to be taken and indulging in such nonsense that makes one “feel good”. Well, so much for all such rhetoric of “tolerance” and “moderation” these days that still keep locking people up in jail for speaking out under the banner of freedom of speech and expression.

What’s even worse is when such undemocratic process is taking place in places that so-called professed to uphold democracy and protect the human rights of everyone only to turn around and do otherwise!

Really, how anyone as a ‘real human being’ could tolerate such hypocrisy is totally unimaginable! Even Jesus himself could not stand such hypocrisy and sort of “lashed” it out at the hypocrites [Matthew 22:18] especially the religious ones with the infamous six woes recorded in Luke 11:37- 54, but seven in Matthew 23:1-37.

As usual, you know better than I do that humans are always preoccupied with earthly things, you know, like money and power? Perhaps, once in a while, the ever inevitable subject of man-made religion and its teachings whether deviant or not but nonetheless still cause divisions and disunity will rear its ugly head. The only worse thing to happen is that “religion” will become the ‘devil-in-disguise’ to make things look well and dandy on the outside while the ‘sinful nature’ [human nature] still raging endlessly inside of those who actually HUNGER for power and glory and stop at nothing to satisfy such GREED [Jeremiah 6:13-15]. Can you imagine if there’s no such HUNGER? I guess not!

Without doubt, one knows all the important earthly things are normally and usually what really matters to most humans today, than to have even a wee bit ‘sense of direction’ for anyone and everyone to be concerned with heavenly things that will last – you know, like eternal life by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus?’ Because people have become like wax that is cold as ice, hence, it’s not surprising at all that one does not even bother to find out what really matters to Yahweh, let alone do something about the urgency of SOS! Am I not right to say so? I guess so!

Well, one thing I know for sure is that according to Man’s standards, anyone and even I, will definitely get all the thumbs down for not saying the “nicest” things to anyone’s liking but that’s really no big deal for someone like me who only cares about speaking nothing but the truth by separating the right from the wrong! Nevertheless, I’d rather stick with telling the truth that is according to God’s standard even though the truth will ALWAYS hurt, but so are lies and hypocrisies anyway! Don’t you think so?

But little did we know? The fact is, the more anyone or everyone wants to avoid knowing and ignore addressing issues such as what really matters to Yahweh and what SOS really means, the more chances that all will lose everything, both earthly things and heavenly things in the end! [Luke 9:25] And this is one of the worst of all such ‘endless possibilities’ happening in the world today whether one would deny it or not and much less “don’t think so” or not!

In other words, every one of us in this lifetime will face the grave danger of losing ‘something’ of even greater value than we could ever have imagined and that, of course, is our SOULS! [Galatians 6:7-8] Ever heard of SOS? What does it really means to you? Are you not even saving your own SOUL for goodness sake? Unless you don’t think you have a soul to bother about what SOS means, you will, of course, not bother about what I’m saying now, will you? Whether one would bother about what really matters to Yahweh and one’s own soul or not, everyone knows so well that nothing in this world will last – including, so sorry to say, all the laughs, smiles and not forgetting those “good” but stale memories of the past!

And even then, the worst thing that no one can ever bypass is everyone having to pay the price of sin, death and the devil’ no matter what’s the excuse or explanation [Jeremiah 8:6].  But now, right before our eyes is the only ‘Hope of Salvation’ [2 Timothy 2:10; Ephesians 1:13] in Jesus who has the divine power, today, tomorrow and forever to reverse the curse of mankind. No money, power, laughter – be it natural or artificial, smiles, and much less man-made religions can do so! “So, eat your heart out…amigo!”

Basically, do you know what really matters to Yahweh? No? I guess not! Let me tell you nothing but the truth. Well, Yahweh is, actually, more concerned than you about where your SOUL would be heading and finally resting when after all the fun and sun you have enjoyed on earth are over! Then, it shall be the beginning of the end for everyone, either to inherit eternal life or eternal death! Take your pick. You CANNOT enjoy “heaven-on-earth” [fun and sun] and expect to escape the ‘second death’ [hell] in eternity for not even knowing what SOS, your SOUL in particular, really means to you, let alone what really matters to Yahweh. Can you?

As such, the most painful and delusional question is: how many people today even though each one blessed with a “beautiful mind” to think, reason and to choose to do what’s right, would be so bothered with such an urgent issue to address that is what really matters to Yahweh and for you to know what SOS really means? One could not be more right to know what is the right thing to do than not to do what’s right, right?

And to do what’s right, don’t you think the first most important step is….

To TRUST and have FAITH in Yahweh – not man-made religions?

Since the beginning of human civilization, no humans who ever existed and even more so, the existing ones on earth today will ever get the chance to escape from choosing whether to obey or not to obey any of God’s commandments. To be able to carry out such simple yet significant task, it certainly would take one to TRUST and having a lot of FAITH in Yahweh to make it happen. Would it not? Because of such reasoning, it evidently makes ignorance as what Isaiah said in Isaiah 45:20 none optional and pretty much 101% unacceptable too.

We all know or do we not, that during the biblical era of Moses, it was the Ten Commandments that supposedly would have kept the ‘the children of Israel’, the chosen people of Yahweh from sinning until such time the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah that we all should know by now or should we not, had become what is now known as the New Covenant of God [New Testament] after having been fulfilled by none others but Jesus, the Son of God with His precious blood to make everything sparkling ‘NEW’ again for the human race.

As a result, and as always the case with humans, it depends on whether anyone and everyone would be banking on such euphoria or not to make good on Yahweh’s promise of eternal life by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and be saved from ‘sin, death and the devil’ once and for all. But the question is: are we banking on the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ to live happily ever after, you know, like putting back the ‘everlasting’ smile on everybody’s face only by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’? I guess not!

Starting from the first century until today, if anyone, or everyone knew or at least heard about Jesus, it should have been pretty clear to everyone already that what is now known as the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ was that only Jesus himself had been given the divine authority and power by God to have 11 of His disciples entrusted with the massive task to carry out the ‘Great Commission’ that He rolled out in Matthew 28:16-20 which is about delivering the ‘Hope of Salvation’ to all mankind to become saved from ‘sin, death, and the devil’. Don’t you think so or at least make sense?

As such, it should serve as a clarion call to all true followers of Jesus today that Christians should not lose sight of such a significant task to SAVE humanity. Apostle Paul always reminded Christians to carry on the good work of bringing lost souls to Christ at all cost and make ‘no excuse’ about it. And neither should any true Christians be so fearful of suffering whatever backlashes from whatever evil forces because of not letting the cause of Christ to suffer. If any Christians is not prepared and ready to die for the cause of Christ by SAVING others according to God’s standard, then it would have been better off that one did not become a Christian in the first place. Check out what the apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth in 1 Corinthians 3:1-21.

By right, the human race should STILL be dancing “Gangnam Style” or should we not, with great joy in spreading such glad tidings that the TRUST and FAITH Jesus put on the apostles had successfully paid off. But the problem is: do you see anyone and everyone really rejoicing as a “Gentleman” should with such ‘Good News’ of Jesus today? I guess not!

The ‘Gospel of Jesus’ is NOT about how humans can become “righteous” and “holy” in the sight of God by merely practicing those “religious laws” and “rituals” as mandatory as what man-made religions such as Islam among others, is teaching today. You see, it is about learning to TRUST and have FAITH in Yahweh in one’s relationship with Him that is ONLY possible by having obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and that, of course, is what really matters to Yahweh so that one knows what SOS really means as well.

That is why, no one being a sinner oneself as indicated in Romans 3:23 should enforce any of those somewhat “religious laws” and “rituals” as mandatory and then, ridiculously force them down on people’s throats to become “righteous” and “holy”. No matter what “good intention” behind in making such practices as mandatory, it will still become as inconsequential as like anyone not having practiced them – so what’s the point?

In fact, in doing so, this shall be seen as a direct contradiction of God’s laws written inside the hearts of everyone that would be based on letting our CONSCIENCE as our true guide to STOP sinning and that’s ONLY if one can do so according to God’s standard and not Man’s. If not, even chopping peoples’ hands and legs off with “hudud laws” and whatnot still WILL NOT stop people from sinning – secretly though, or perhaps with conspiracy to cover up when necessary if the religious radicals themselves are sinning! Do you ‘copy’ that?

So amigo, for all you know, such extreme push as in the case of those conventional man-made religions especially Islam for the sake of “religious expediency” is nothing but impossible even to please God, let alone be what really matters to Yahweh!

Why is it so?

  1. It has become the biggest question now for you to answer. Are you 101% sure you are ‘correctly’ paying allegiance and ‘worshipping’ the one true Almighty God? If not, then check this out in Isaiah 42:8.
  2. The problem is: we all are separated from God because of our sinful nature that can NEVER be subdued and much less can anyone’s sins be washed away by any man-made religions that are according to Man’s standards. Isaiah 42:24
  3. It’s the biggest problem of all time. As long as we are born of the flesh and blood [sinful nature] and not willing to TRANSFORM ourselves to be ‘born again’ with water and the Holy Spirit through baptism by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ which is according to God’s standard, NO ONE is getting anywhere near to redemption, let alone reconciliation with Yahweh to become “righteous” and “holy!” Isaiah 43:9-13.

Now, just because of such reasoning, people whether religious detractors or not, will sort of automatically interpret it as those of the extremists only claiming one’s religion as being more superior than others. Now, what if the Christians believe and say that the one true Almighty God of the Bible himself claims there is no other gods but He only, can you then say the Christians of this one true Almighty God are extremists just because they believe He is really the only one true Almighty God and for having proven as such by sending His Son, Jesus to die for our sins? What have man-made religions proven to substantiate it as proof from the one true Almighty God?

Even if Christians are seen as “extremists” in this case because of being associated with the one and only true Almighty God, they are the legitimate ones, not the screwed up ones for goodness sake! And by the way, all true Christians have never been taught by the Word of God that their way to God is more superior than others. They only teach that it is the only correct way to God by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and Christians do not have the bad habit of forcing it down somebody’s throat for that matter.

On top of that, this must have gotten anyone and everyone wondering and asking the same old question why man-made religions are not at all possible to come anywhere near to addressing the issues of ‘sin, death and the devil’  according to God’s standard, right? Well, to cut the long story short; during the biblical time, the ‘children of Israel’ offered ‘burnt sacrifice’ of animals to ask Yahweh for forgiveness of their sins with the shedding of animal’s blood on the altar. This has changed! The reason for Yahweh to change with the modern times long time ago is because such kind of ‘burnt sacrifice’ to God by using animals’ blood to purify oneself of sins is no longer practical enough to stand the test of time.

You see, the problem of humans sinning from the beginning has NEVER been God’s fault but it’s due to humans’ disobedience and their unrepentant hearts. Hence, such change was inevitable simply because humans NEVER stop sinning – even though “religiously” until today! Can you imagine then, the incredible amount of animals required to be slaughtered every day to carry out such “ritual” if it is still being practiced today?

So Yahweh knew the sacrifice of animals’ blood needed to “sanctify” oneself those days had to be replaced with humans’ blood that would do the job ‘once and for all’ and that’s where the idea of having 1 man to atone for the sins of the world was born and so was a Messiah that we now know is Jesus. That is why, it would not have been possible if the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ did not happen to fulfill such prophecy about the Lamb by prophets such as Isaiah in Isaiah 53 . It would also have failed to fulfill God’s ‘New Covenant’ to SAVE your SOUL and everyone else. So amigo, don’t you think it’s really time to wake up because you have fallen under the evil spell of the Satan long enough?

For your information, such “ritual” of ‘burnt sacrifice’ had already been outdated and became obsolete even long before you, anyone or I were born in the last century and the rest of those centuries way back to the first. It has had already been replaced with the shedding of the ‘one and only’ sacrifice of Jesus’ blood on the cross. The divine power of Jesus’ untainted blood is the only possible means to wash away the sins of anyone and everyone who obeys the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and not by any man-made religion for goodness sake! Don’t you know that by now, amigo?

Even then, if one talks about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the last fulfillment of God’s will and plan on earth in what is now known as the ‘New Covenant’, one can NEVER dismiss the logic, let alone the divinity that only someone as sinless as Jesus, perfect and holy as substantiated in Isaiah 53:9; 1 Peter 2:22, can atone for the sins of all humans. And Jesus had proven it because He rose from the dead and that only means – only He has the divine power to CONQUER death and none others, thus can SAVE your SOUL from eternal death, not earthly death! Are you aware of such truth coming out of the mouth of Yahweh, not man-made religions?

As such, if or when, you or anyone obeys the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, it is the same as having washed away one’s sins by the untainted blood of Jesus Christ and having conquered death by being resurrected from the dead together with Jesus through baptism to become a ‘new creation’ now known as a Christian. Is this a heresy? Whether it is or not, you will understand or still stubbornly not, even after having studied the Word of God, the Bible because the Satan is always around to get people screwed up in the head with his most powerful tool and that is man-made religions plus false prophets who, as “Gabriels” of the ‘Satan in disguise’ are ‘twisters’ of the Word of God, the Bible. Are you one of those screwed up by such ‘twisters?’ Certainly hope not!

The ‘Gospel of Jesus’ that is according to God’s standard, not Man’s, is all about OBEDIENCE by reciprocating the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ to REPENT and not by practicing any of those man-made “religious laws” and “rituals” to be so unrealistically, pretentious and irrelevantly seen as “righteous” and “holy”. It is about having the HUMILITY to feel remorseful of one’s sins and thus, one would willingly go down on one’s knees to SURRENDER oneself to the one and only Almighty Yahweh and REPENT by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ so that one can take on the biggest task of mankind to continue fulfilling His will and plan on earth and insomuch to become the ‘children of God’ or as one of the ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven in due time.

For any of us who are born of the flesh and blood to become OBEDIENT to God until death like in the case of Jesus is something that will take endless TRUST and FAITH in Yahweh, not “good works” alone to make it possible. As such, no one regardless of race or status can really rely on “good works” [Ephesians 2:8] as in the case of showing kindness or doing charity alone to gain favor in the sight of God. But then again, it does not mean doing “good works” is entirely out of the question here.

“Hey Mister, first you said “good works” can and then cannot.” “So, what are you talking about here because you are contradicting yourself and getting people confused.” “Can you make up your mind whether can or cannot rely on good works?”

Well, amigo, it is all about setting one’s priorities right according to God’s standard and that’s what really matters to Yahweh and to save one’s soul. Got the point? I guess not. And that means you got to keep reading the Word of God, the Bible until you really understand what it means to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to become a Christian. Only then will everything start falling into place and make sense to you. Otherwise, you do not even know what you stand for – for a start!

Apparently, many people especially those unbelievers, skeptics, religious detractors and whatnot, whose beliefs and convictions are according to Man’s standards, they would undoubtedly disagree on the precept of TRUST and FAITH in Yahweh. Why? That’s because what’s only real and practical to them are the normal view of the masses that only “Seeing Is Believing”. So that means if one can’t see God, there is no God according to Man’s standards. Because of that, it’s so easy for one to have gotten misled by the Satan to “believe” then that one can make “God” in man’s image to make “Seeing Is Believing” possible. That’s how humans became so rebellious and unrepentant until today as prophesied in Isaiah 9:16! Am I not right to say so? And that is exactly what Jesus meant when He pointed out what a ‘faithless and perverse generation’ it was then and it is now!

Even though one should consciously and conscientiously accept such precepts of TRUST and FAITH in Yahweh as according to God’s standard and found written in the Holy Bible especially in the Book of Hebrews as the basic foundation to inherit eternal life, yet humans are foolish enough not to accept such fundamental principles with an open heart and mind as something that is what really matters to Yahweh and what made SOS possible too – for every soul. But sadly, that is not the case with today’s people who always oppose God’s ways but will adhere to Man’s ways instead.

If people are smart enough to think according to God’s standard, not Man’s, I believe every right thinking person in the world today would have no problem at all in having obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ already, right or not? And “if” such is the case already happening all these while, the world would not have wasted so much time beseeching one another in a god-forsaken time-warp of ‘faithless and perverse generation’ trying to propagate “peace” and “harmony” only made worse because of man-made religions and false prophets compounding the problem further.

If one does pick up enough courage to defy any religious edict whether as a Muslim or not, to study the Bible with TRUST and FAITH in Yahweh, there is definitely NOT a chance for one to miss out the most significant point. And that is: God has been from time immemorial TRUSTING and FAITHFULLY awaiting all humans to reciprocate His TRUST and FAITH in everyone regardless of race or status to come back to Him on the correct path by doing the one and only most simple and right thing in the world. That is: obedient to Him first, by consciously and conscientiously reciprocating the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ to REPENT and ‘come clean’ which is only possible by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, not just by doing “good works” alone, or through man-made religions.

Ironically, after you or anyone having obeyed the gospel of Jesus and became a ‘new creation’ as what a Christian is today, then again, you cannot entirely rely on TRUST and FAITH in Yahweh alone to gain favor in His sight. Your TRUST and FAITH in Yahweh will not work [James 2:26] if it is not strong and powerful enough to push you to the front-line of the ‘Holy War’ to fight the LORD’s battle which is about doing God’s will, and that is to trustingly and faithfully spread the ‘Good News’ of Jesus to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Now, that is of course doing the ‘good works’ of the Lord according to God’s standard . However, it is not the same as doing those “good works” [charity] according to Man’s standards [Matthew 6:1-4] and the ‘good works’ among the brotherhood of Christians in James 2:14-25. Sounds confusing? It is not when you sincerely and honestly study the Word of God, the Bible! Trust me – Yahweh will guide you if you do so with TRUST and FAITH in Him, not in man-made religions!

You see, once you understood what it meant to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and know how definitely necessary that TRUSTING and having FAITH in Yahweh is, it will lead you to become a true Christian according to God’s standard. Then, you will aspire to become an “extremist for Christ” just like He became an “extremist” to DIE and SAVE you and the world from ‘sin, death, and the devil’. If not, you will end up as just a “Christian” only, dead and stagnant in one’s track as in meaningless and thus, not able to continue running the most ‘Amazing Race of God’ to win the crown of life [James 1:12].

We all know so well or at least heard of it that Yahweh had already sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, as the perfect example for us to follow and to obey God’s commandments by fulfilling His Father’s will and plan on earth and that every true Christians should do likewise, right? Or at least, everyone whether as Christians or not, should know by now that it has become what is now known as the ‘Hope of Salvation’ in Jesus for the humankind to be saved from ‘sin, death and the devil’, right? And it was ultimately Yahweh’s promise of eternal life for anyone and everyone who obeys the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ that was divinely sealed by the shedding of Jesus’ untainted blood nearly two thousand years ago, right? And because of all these fulfillment already taken place, still, Jesus had warned even while He was walking the earth that there will be always self-proclaimed false prophets arising to tell you otherwise, right?

So why do people still not do the right thing according to God’s standard but Man’s? Jesus also said you shall know them by their “fruits” and one of the most dangerous tell-tale signs that one can easily see is false and twisted interpretation of the Bible scriptures that one can even watch at YouTube, right? So amigo, why still not do the really right thing according to God’s standard and set everything right again and stand by God as He would, for you? Don’t you know you got all the rights in the world to do so and that you don’t have to answer to anyone and much less any man-made religion but God only! Why still so afraid to TRUST and have FAITH in Yahweh to believe His promise of eternal life by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus?’ Is it because you’re so afraid that you will become unpopular in doing so?

Not surprisingly, to obey the gospel of Jesus is such a simple commandment for humans to obey, yet so surprisingly, it has become the “most difficult” commandment for humans to follow and to obey until today because of man-made religions and false prophets compounding the problem! Have you not had any ideas what went wrong with the heart and conscience of humans today just to obey the simplest commandment of God? I guess not!

When Adam and Eve failed to obey God’s commandment not to eat from the tree of knowledge and life, everyone including myself at one time also defended that it was their fault that they sinned against God and not everyone else. As such, no one born after them should ever be held responsible for their sins. Is it not right? Okay, that’s fair enough to say it’s not your problem or anyone else and that’s about clear the air. Is that so? I don’t think so!

How could it be so, especially now that you are a grown-up who knows how to surf the Internet that makes it so much easier for anyone, whether “religious” or not, to scam people until penniless or to satisfy one’s lust watching obscene videos. Can you then be so confidently thumping your chest and write an official SD [statutory declaration] that you have not made any mistakes such as telling lies whether white lies or religious lies, or committed any wrongdoings all your life such as cheating, whether it’s women, money and whatnot, thus not having incurred a “single” sin against Yahweh your Creator? You can’t? Of course you can’t, amigo, because God already said so in Romans 3:23!

If Jesus said that even lusting after a woman in the mind is already having committed adultery, then, can you imagine what could be even worse in today’s modern world with people so easily and freely watching obscene videos in the Internet and in the comfort of one’s home? Coupled with the fact that many people are without a heart and conscience to guide them, perhaps then, don’t you think this is the main contributing factor to the rise in domestic crimes such as rape, incest and beatings, so on and so forth? Do you not know what Jesus was trying to point out here that still many so-called religious people today haven’t got a clue and yet still barking up the wrong tree like blaming it on YouTube or the Internet? No? I guess not.

So amigo, you see, it’s not You Tube or Internet that is the problem here – it’s humans who do not know or realize something is very wrong with “human nature” aka sinful nature that badly needed the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ to come to the rescue! In contrast, man-made religions will only lead you to nowhere, not even near the 3 R’s namely, redemptionreconciliation and relationship with Yahweh!

The reason Jesus made such a statement during his time and recorded in Matthew 5:27-30 is because He [Jesus] already knew so well in advance at that time that no matter what man-made “religious laws” and “rituals” implemented in the future by man-made religion such as the “hudud-laws” of Islam as an example, will still be not good enough to deter and much less scare people, whether one is religious or not, from committing sins if one does not even know how to let one’s conscience be the guide.

So what Jesus meant was that it’s the ‘heart and conscience’ that’s what really matters to Yahweh, and to save one’s SOUL. No one, as flesh and blood, should end up becoming like “robots” practicing those man-made “religious laws” and “rituals” that absolutely means nothing to God because it’s not according to God’s standard but Man’s! It’s as plain and simple as that! So how confusing can this be?

Besides, there is NO evidence or unquestionable statistics to suggest that all such man-made “religious laws” and “rituals” even though made mandatory have ever had successfully proven to have caused any drastic drop in the crime index worldwide. Neither are people, whether “religious” or not, getting anywhere near “righteous” and “holy” according to God’s standard. Are there? I don’t think so! In fact, the result is the opposite of what people do not see – it’s getting worse instead!

One can easily attest to it if one reads the daily news or the Internet that more and more people, even white-collar workers like bank employees and so-called trusted civil servants like cops and immigration officers have been reported to commit crimes lately like cheating, robbery and drugs related incidents. Why did such people still commit crimes even when they were gainfully employed? The answer is simple – GREED, and in which case is because of our ‘sinful nature’ that simply does not have the willpower to control the satanic urge to sin especially when one does not have a heart and conscience to ‘come clean’ and save the day.

The whole point of the argument is that, if you let your heart and conscience as your true guide, it will naturally either prevent or stop you from violating and breaking any laws whether it is God’s laws or Man’s laws. The reason humans keep breaking and violating any laws be it religious or not is because they NO LONGER have a heart and conscience to know what really matters to Yahweh, let alone to save one’s SOUL. That’s where the biggest problem is that even “extremely religious” people can’t see! All such “religious laws” and “rituals” can do, are only plugging all the wrong holes for all the wrong reasons but failed miserably to be the real SOLUTION and the ANSWER in bringing back the heart and conscience as the true guide of anyone by REPENTING and obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to save the day.

So, do you really know what really matters to Yahweh? Can obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ bring back the heart and conscience of everyone and thus, save everyone’s soul? Obviously you should know by now or should you not? If you do, well then, do you have the heart and conscience to REPENT and obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ now? If you don’t, does that not mean you are still as screwed up as what Romans 3:23 said, whether you are religious or not?

And if by now you still do not know what really matters to Yahweh, then nothing else really matters anymore! Then, you can “safely” go back to “Be Yourself” in Romans 3:23 as you always are and will be without the need to know what really matters to Yahweh and much less what SOS really means to you! Sounds better?

Does it not make you “feel good” too? You should, especially when you know what led the world to become what it is today was because of Adam and Eve who brought the “original sin” into the world that now everyone seems to have the “right” to confidently believe it’s their fault. As such, one should only put the blame on them and not on oneself. Is that right? I don’t think so!

The “original sin” that was then, not original anymore today because….

If one claims one should not ever be held responsible for the sin of Adam and Eve, then, how about one’s own sin even if it’s only “1” which is not likely so, is it? Had not one, whether “religious” or not, ever wondered how one would be ready to face and answer Yahweh whether now on earth or on Judgement Day because of what the Bible said in Romans 3:23? Now, if you don’t think what Yahweh said in Romans 3:23 is right and relevant; what makes you think then you are “right” and “relevant” in defending yourself with whatever mistakes and wrongdoings you committed by simply putting the blame on Adam and Eve but not yourself?

Whether we deny it or not and much less like it or not, it does not change the fact as well as the divine truth that Yahweh, not man-made religions, still have all the say in the end who would be rewarded with eternal life – or not. When it comes to the simple commandment of God for all humans to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, such divinely relevant commandment even without making it as “mandatory” is simply irrefutable, inexcusable, and inescapable to obey! Meaning to say, what’s inevitably ugly that will happen in time to come will still turn out as inevitable to happen no matter what, when, how or why, as long as one fails to REPENT and obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ while still breathing. Plain and simple!

Do you know why? That is because where your destiny will bring you would pretty much depend on making the most significant decision in your lifetime and that is about whether you REPENT and obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ or not while you still have the ‘second chance’ on earth to do so before it expires.

If you think REPENTING by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ is not what really matters to your soul, which on the contrary, is exactly what really matters to Yahweh, then you should not put the blame on Adam and Eve but yourself for failing to obey God’s such simple commandment to save your own neck that in which case makes you no better than Adam and Eve. Don’t you think so?

If you cannot so much even do such a simple little thing like your canine friend can do to respect you as its master and now you, to show your TRUST and FAITH in Yahweh as your only Creator and Master by obeying His one and only simple commandment to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to set yourself FREE from the curse of ‘sin, death and devil’ as well as to set your heart RIGHT with Yahweh by bringing back your heart and conscience to ‘come clean’ just so you can reconcile with Him, then, it is such a crying shame that you are unwittingly only making yourself become so lost for nothing at all because you simply failed to have even a wee bit of TRUST and FAITH in Yahweh.

If that is the case, it is certainly not something for you to “smile” as comfortably as you like because you already have made it the saddest day in your life by repeating the history to follow in the footsteps of Adam and Eve in having disobeyed God all the same! So, who to blame now, Adam and Eve or yourself?

To be born and end up on this planet is nothing the same as checking into a hotel, enjoy one’s stay and then check out with all ease. “No Sir/Madam, that’s two different thing altogether!”

When anybody “suddenly” check out of this “Planet Hotel” and vanished like vapor that only appeared but for a little while in James 4:14, there’s no telling where one’s SOUL would end up after leaving the physical body that dust to dust will it go whence it once came in Genesis 3:19. The one and only one sure way to know for 101% certain is to obey God’s commandment to become ‘obedient to Him until death’ by taking the first step to REPENT and obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’. Then, do God’s will at all cost by spreading and preaching the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ, the only ‘Hope of Salvation’ for anyone and everyone unto all corners of the Earth regardless of what “religious” uproar, protest, persecution or annihilation! And remember this: there is NO such thing as “mission impossible” when you have the words of Isaiah 33:6 etched in your mind.

In case you did not notice, everyone definitely does not have problems checking into this “Planet Hotel” as on the day you were born, you brought with you the greatest joy to your parents, but sadly it’s not the same case anymore when checking out of this materialistic world. Almost everyone will have problems to a great extent than that of Adam and Eve when checking out of this ‘beautiful planet’ because: first, no one knows what the checking out time is and secondly, no one knows how one will check out is the most dreadful thing bothering anyone and everyone that is not just “A Nightmare on Elm’s Street”. It is on every street and even yours truly on ‘corbenstreet’. No one shall be spared the agony of leaving this world – either alone or lost and maybe both!

One can only be so sure that checking out of this “Planet Hotel” will not be like the “The Fast and the Furious” if one knows where is the correct gate to “speed” to. But unfortunately, even then not many will “speedily” findthe way, the truth and the life’ in John 14:6 as what Jesus had forewarned in Matthew 7:13-14. It’s a real tragedy if no one can see it coming when one “speedily” wind up on the wrong side of the divide between the living and the dead without knowing what really matters to Yahweh and what SOS really means!

Quite honestly, if one does TRUST and have FAITH in Yahweh, one does not to need take any other “speedy” ways [man-made religions] to Him except through Jesus in John 14:6. But if you are “speeding” to other man-made ways other than what “speed-limit” God had commanded you to obey, then you shall be seen as wrongfully “speeding” against the “speed-limit” of God’s commandment in doing what’s right, right?

………to be continued.


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