The Man or The Devil In The Mirror? [Part 1]


What are mirrors for? There are probably a number of reasons for people to use mirrors. But unmistakably, there are too many people not smart enough to know the purpose of having to use mirrors per se.

People must understand and know how to differentiate between the reason and the purpose of doing things. But because humans are always so good at taking things for granted, it is not surprising that whatever the reason and the purpose of using mirrors, it no longer means anything to everyone – anymore!

And very much so is TRUTH and HONESTY too, and that’s because it’s practically becoming non-existent in today’s world of humans living in a ‘faithless and perverse generation’. That is also why the world is never in peace and harmony – if you can see what I mean.

The common response when asked about the reason in using mirrors is that of people giving the same answer and that is no other than to check on how one looks. Is that it? I guess so, if it is according to Man’s standards!

But if you asked what is the purpose of using mirrors, don’t be surprised you get questioned back, whats the difference?” Of course there is a difference like, you may look but you may not see. Do you or do you not see any difference here between looking and seeing?

So how many people do you know who can tell you when looking in the mirror, what they could see and perhaps, tell you truthfully and with honesty, at least, a little something about…

The Wonders of Mirrors

It is something far too common not to mention. Everyone regardless of gender and age wants to look good or pretty. That is why, people always think mirrors are so good for anyone to check out one’s looks to satisfy one’s ego only.

Back in the good old days before mirrors came into the picture, it was not only difficult but practically impossible to know what one looks like without mirrors, what more for one to see, “Who is the most fairest, mightiest, or richest one of them all?”

Now that mirrors are easily available and come cheap, it is not only a somewhat blessing for people to enjoy seeing the real face of oneself every day and for as long as one sees fit. But also, what came along was the inevitable and diabolical curse for those who are smart enough to see beyond, or worse, those DUMB and DUMBER enough not to see something far more cynical and sinister behind than just the usual face staring back at the person looking in the mirror.

Mirrors are actually the best and the fairest judges in the world, but it’s also a curse that no one is aware of or perhaps, not ever bothered what else it is good or not good for.

It cannot show the ‘good’ side if you are not good-looking for a man or not pretty for a damsel – literally of course! It also cannot show the ‘bad’ side if you no longer have a heart and conscience as your true guide – consciously of course!

Perhaps, that was how some “educated” or “smart” humans came to know about the curse of humans’ imperfection that soon enough brought about all man-made plagues and disasters that literally, not only screw up God’s creation of a perfect world for humans to live, but humans themselves too gotten screwed up enough to become somewhat “perfect” for all the wrong reasons instead. So who says people are “never” perfect?

Unmistakably and unfortunately, a mirror cannot literally and clearly shows if there’s something not right inside you like the case of any deadly cancer growth and whatnot. However, a mirror that can divinely and truthfully shows clearly any guilty conscience written all over you is only when you still have a heart and conscience to see not only the wonders of mirrors but also the ugly truth of who you are, when looking in the mirror.

Otherwise, it’s nothing but just an ordinary mirror like everyone is having. To have a mirror that can tell you the sad but real and ugly truth of who you are, you need to bring back your heart and conscience for it to work perfectly.

The same principle applies if you need to come clean with God to become a perfect NEW creation and to become one of the sons of God to enter the kingdom of heaven. The only devil’s question is, do you have the sense and the sensibility to go about it and not to mention – with humility too?

Only then, the mirror you look into will give away the unmistakable devil’s manifestation of a bad and not radiant appearance on your face because of who you are according to Romans 3:23.

And that only means one thing – you badly needed to make a change faster than the Fast and Furious sequels before anything bad or unfortunate happens to you all of a sudden that you will even find it too late to regret, let alone do something about it because Mother Earth will swallow you once your body lay buried in the ground!

That’s why, do not be so surprised that at times even your friends or colleagues could literally see something not right with you if your face is exuding the dark side that is even more eerie than the dark side of the moon and it’s all because of Romans 3:23 again!

Don’t you think then, mirrors are so scary when it can play with your conscience and not showing the real image of you literally but instead, showing what have had become of you because of one wrong reason or another and that was the purpose Jesus had to shed His blood for?

Even having riches and fame in this devil’s world as opposed to what you should choose to become a conscientious human being in the sight of God; still, you cannot whatsoever over-ride or cast-out the demon inside you with whatever ways-of-men whether by religious rituals or not and definitely, not even possible if done in “moderation” according to Man”s standards. You can tell, can’t you?

In other words, you have no other better choice but to become a good and sensible “extremist, a zealot and a bigot” in order to turn to Jesus to cleanse yourself of sins and that is exactly the reason all demons flee helter skelter from Him and from you too, if you ever understood the purpose of Jesus’ death and resurrection and allowed Jesus to come into your heart and conscience.

Why? That’s because Jesus is the one and only Savior in the whole wide world who can SAVE you from the curse of sin, death and the devil – provided you are humble and smart enough to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’as your only ‘Hope of Salvation’ whether you believe it or not and much less like it or not!

Where your destiny brings you will depend entirely on the path you chose while still breathing. For humans who are so awfully LOST and needed so badly the ‘Hope of Salvation’ only made possible by Jesus, hence, it is NEVER even about the “right thing” to do according to Man’s standards that have gotten not only you, but also even “educated” people thinking it can save one’s butt from eternal damnation as long as people “do-good” with “acts of kindness” without having to bother about who Jesus was and is. Is that so?

No mate, absolutely not! You have gotten so screwed up by the devil up in your head to think so all the while! So sorry to say too – your “redemption” whether through do-good with acts of kindness or not, is NOT possible – if done according to Man’s standards whether by “ways-of men” or man-made religions for that matter!

If you really want to save your soul from having to perish in the ‘second death’, you have no other better choice but to do the right thing according to God’s standard as a good and sensible “extremist, zealot and bigot” would and that is to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ with no questions asked!

Only a badly screwed up extremist, zealot and bigot would do otherwise! So who says all extremists, zealots and bigots in whatever form are bad and not acceptable? Can you say a criminal having turned over a new leaf is still bad to the bone or that a good person will always be  a good person and will never turn bad and vice-versa for a bad person to forever stay bad” and never can get back to become a good person again?

The good thing about being a human being that is still better than a robot is that humans always have a choice and the capability to take control of any given situation and not any given situation taking control of you like in the case of a robot!

So if a Christian, in doing God’s will by telling people to come clean’ with Him is classified by other humans as an extremist, a zealot and a bigot, then so be it! It would have been better off this way than to fail God to become an unfaithful servant and unworthy of His graciousness and mercy!

And that’s because there’s no bargaining with God whatsoever. The price of obtaining God’s promise of eternal life is already fixed because it had already been sealed by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross! So for any true Christians who understood the purpose of the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, it is better to suffer for the cause of Christ than let the cause of Christ to suffer!

Again, that’s because NO ONE can change God’s will and plan – just the same as you cannot change the history of whatever happened to mankind from day one!

That is why, you CANNOT even argue anymore about who Jesus was and still is, what more to become DUMB and DUMBER enough to reject Him for speaking “blasphemy” against God when your life is in grave danger because of the demon inside you hell-bent on turning your life upside down just to make sure you become anti-Christ to perish another time and that is the ‘second death’ for leaving behind an ‘unfinished business’ that caused you to face such serious and grave consequence – forever!

But how ironic that even 1.7 billion Muslims having claimed Jesus as “merely” one of the prophets of Islam, yet turned around as did those ancient Pharisees and foolishly hammered Jesus for speaking “blasphemy” against “Allah” which in Arabic language ONLY means God and nothing else!

But little did they know it was Jesus who sacrificed His life to SAVE even them as well as all other humans from the curse of sin, death and devil and evidently that is according to the Bible, not the Koran! So don’t get yourself confused at this point whether you are a Muslim or not!

But why are such insolence and insensibility of humans still happening? The answer is simple and already clearly revealed in the Bible. It is all because of you and everyone, as did Adam and Eve when put to the test, failed awfully to TRUST and have FAITH in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when you, whether as a Muslim or not, also like Adam and Eve, having gotten duped by the devil to have sinned against God and thus, no longer get a chance to eat from the tree of life in Genesis 3:22.

That is also why NO humans of whatever “intelligence” then and today, will and can find the Garden of Eden anymore and to eat from the ‘tree of life’ to ever cheat death!

As a result, not only you, but everyone including this writer have all been taken on a ride by Lucifer since day one and till kingdom come UNLESS and UNTIL you and everyone, like all other biblical prophets and the likes of Jesus’ disciples, are smart and humble enough to do the right thing to ‘come clean’ with God and do His will and that is to preach the ‘Good News’ of Jesus to all humans regardless of race or creed – according to God’s standard and not Man’s!

At this point, you may scratch your head wondering, What do you mean when you said, the demon will always flee helter-skelter from Jesus?

First of all, you cannot take the word, demons literally in its context as you always can with the word, ‘humans’ because no one can see what a “real” demon really looks like, not even in the least like the way you can see what a human being really looks like, not literally even during Jesus’ time and definitely not now!

Although it’s common for people to describe demons as having 2 horns on the head and a tail and are fiercely and ugly looking monsters but that’s only, at best, what human’s imagination can describe according to Man’s standards. A demon is not what you can “see” on the outside to know what it really looks like, if it’s according to God’s standard!

You see, you have to understand what figure-of-speech means to know what I’m talking about here.

Our existence on earth as humans have always been revolved around with what we ‘say’, do and ‘think’ according to Man’s standards that will always make everyone a devil because of having ‘inherited’ all the devil traits from day one and what Romans 3:23 rightly said so .

So naturally, it will bring out the devil in you as long as you have yet surrendered yourself to Jesus to make the devil flee from you. That is the reason you CANNOT conquer the demon inside you according to Man’s standard but ONLY according to God’s standard and that is no other than to REPENT and be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost and by complete immersion in the water!

If not, the devil inside will turn you into a devil-in-disguise at all cost that no one including you would ever have realized and that was to get you screwed up enough to reject Jesus beyond 100% so that Lucifer will soon enough get hold of your precious soul in the end when you finally stopped breathing! Do you follow or not follow at all?

So If you still think it’s “so cool” to smoke and to reject Jesus beyond 101%, you had better also make sure you do not ever stop breathing – beyond 101%, too!

In short, it is about the battle of the heart, soul and mind so much so if you are not on God’s side, then it’s pretty obvious you are on the devil’s side, right or not?

When it comes to such personal and spiritual matters, you CANNOT even defend your faith in “moderation whether it’s Islam or not, can you? You also cannot protect your race, religion, the constitution and the sovereignty of your country in “moderation”, can you? If Israel can’t, what makes you think you can?

If it takes a redeemed crook to catch any crooks, surely then, it must also take a redeemed “extremist, a zealot, and a bigot” standing beyond 100% on God’s side to drown out all racial and religious extremists, zealots, and bigots , right or not?

So, if it took the badly screwed up racial and religious extremists, zealots and bigots who are the problematic ones causing disunity among the people, then surely you should know by now why it took the blood of Jesus to make God’s promise of eternal life possible for anyone willing to redeem oneself to bring back the heart and conscience as the true guide in, not only saving oneself from the curse of sin, death and the devil, but also in paving the way for peace and harmony for all which, again, is only possible if done according to God’s standard and not in moderationaccording to Man’s standards. Don’t you think so ?

Of course you don’t think so if you are not even capable of thinking at all! Besides,what more can you ask for when you are killing ‘two’ birds with one stone here if you do the right thing according to God’s standard and not Man’s! You know, don’t you?

Since you cannot even accomplish any of such important things in “moderation” that will get you nowhere fast, so what makes you think you can save yourself from the curse of sin, death and the devil especially if you, as a Muslim, gotten screwed up enough to consider Jesus as a “mere” prophet of Islam only, yet still “cannot” accept Jesus as the Son of God propagated in the Bible of Christians?

But the trouble is, did you not know, provided you read the Bible, that even God himself hailed Jesus as His Son in Matthew 3: 17? So who do you think you are, to argue with the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and who created the world and the universe?

Have you, as a Muslim, gotten so DUMB and DUMBER enough to even suggest that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the Bible, cannot be the one true Almighty God, but only “Allah” the ‘moon-god’ of the Koran can?

But then, how can the “Allah” of the Koran be the one true Almighty God when all Muslims are “praying” to him as the ‘moon-god’ only and what more when all prophets propagated in the Koran are actually prophets from the Bible except the self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad who was not and worse, not even found mentioned in the Bible?

So, are you, as a Muslim, saying the Bible cannot hold greater authority than that of the Koran that existed much later than the Bible, just because God exalted Jesus, a “mere” human being as His Son, who, all Muslims believe, should not have been given the divine power to SAVE mankind from the curse of sin, death and the devil?

Okay, let’s assuming you are “right” but the devil’s question is: If you, as a Muslim, think Jesus as only a “mere” human being cannot qualify to do the job to atone for the sins of mankind, then what makes you think the Prophet Muhammad, also a “mere” human being and not even exalted by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the Bible, and who committed 15 times adultery to sin against God, can?

Can you, if you are a Muslim, two-time believing Jesus as a prophet in Islam and also in Christianity think you can even do your every morning nature business on two toilet bowls at the same time and in “moderation” too?

My goodness, you are only insulting your own “intelligence” if you do not roll on the floor laughing till it hurts, mate! So much of Islam for now.

Perhaps, if you want to know what a demon really looks like in flesh and blood, then it is as easy as ABC. The fastest way to find out is stand in front of a mirror with a lighted cigarette in your mouth, then you will see so clearly and can ask literally, who the devil is the man in the mirror even if you are dressed-up looking so cool for a guy, or so pretty for a damsel.

However, the worst of all sad things to happen is when those involved in “religion-cum-politics” are the ones not even truthful and honest to themselves in the eyes of the public to smoke, to reject Jesus and living on ‘double standards’ by saying one thing but act otherwise – in the sight of God!

Can you imagine becoming a politician in the name of religion? Can you imagine the Satan killing humans in the name of God and shouting “Allahuakhbar”? Can you imagine all Muslims as anti-Christ and anti-Jews, yet still are following and practicing all the traditions and rituals of the Jews to fast and whatnot?

When you have gotten yourself engulfed in filthy smell and destroying other people’s health with yoursecond-hand smokes’ because of your stubborn indulgence in the devil’s habit of smoking – then, what’s the point of looking “so cool” for guys, “so pretty” for damsels and “so religious” for those involved in politics – anymore?

If that is something not scary enough for setting yourself on fire and burning other people’s hearts and lungs too with your devil’s habit of smoking and politics jumbled up together, I don’t know what is.

So you think you are “so cool to smoke and “so religious” enough to reject Jesus at the same time? Do not even think again! It’s a waste of time for such people gotten so screwed up !

But still, I’m duty-bound as a servant of God and like many other predecessors throughout all the centuries, to tell you the gospel truth about who Jesus was and is whether or not, you gotten screwed up and whether not or not, I gottenblacklisted as an extremist, a zealot and a bigot for trying to save your butt from eternal damnation.

It is only when, the sooner you realize the urgency to stand correct by having to come clean with God according to His standard, the better your chance of you kicking the devil’s habit of smoking and also kicking out the devil in you as did God kick out the devil [Lucifer] from the kingdom of heaven as revealed in the Bible!

If you cannot so much kick out the devil, then surely it has to be the devil kicking you all the way to the eternal pit of fire that you can be so sure of it happening beyond 100%.

The reason the devil gotten kicked out of the kingdom of heaven is simply because he [Lucifer] was not as powerful and righteous as Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who is known as the Alpha and Omega in Revelation 1:8; Revelation 22:6 and Revelation 22:13.

That is why, no “gods” be it the “sun-god”, the “rain-god”, the “money-god”, the “moon-god” or whatever man-made gods ever dared to challenge Yahweh and take over Him as the one and only Almighty God of the universe.

However, it’s only humans DUMB and DUMBER enough to do so by rebelling against Him with all such idols-worshiping nonsense that made them worthy of self-annihilation by raising Hell on earth!

And if any of such man-made gods ain’t powerful enough to be honored and respected as mightier than the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, then why the hell worship such man-made gods and get yourself in trouble and having to face the ‘second death’ in the end which is one’s doings and no fault of God?

Is it worth putting your precious soul at such high risk over something so silly like idols-worshiping that even the Almighty himself had always abhorred and stated so crystal clear in His own Word, the Bible in Revelation 21:8?

So stop blaming God for your own wrongdoings that caused you all the sufferings as a result of your arrogance and stubbornness in not willing to REPENT!

As such, if anyone whether as Christian or not, having had studied the Bible, one would have known so well already that Lucifer had always wanted so badly from day one to take over the place of Yahweh [God] to become the human’s version of the one and only almighty God himself.

And he did succeed to a great extent as one can see idols-worshiping today is as rampant as ever with the Taoist even teaching that Hell is the ‘final destination’ of all such believers “praying” and dying to get there!

Perhaps, the only reason people “praying” and “dying” to end up in the eternal pit of fire is because it is much easier to get there than going to Heaven. People probably don’t like to go to Heaven because of the shame in having to go down on one’s knees to ask Jesus, a “mere” human being, for forgiveness and only possible by having to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’.

And not forgetting another of Lucifer’s outstanding record with his greatest success of all time in having gotten 1.7 billion Muslims around the world to propagate others, especially the Jews, as worse than the devils but themselves having become not only anti-Christ but also anti-Jews and anti-Christians and yet the worst thing ever happened is that they are not about to wake up and realized they had copied their traditions and values for centuries!

Can you imagine such contradictions still prevailing and still religiously embraced?

Because he [Lucifer] failed awfully to start a devil’s revolution in the kingdom of heaven, he challenged God to create human beings and made a wager with Him that even humans will want to become better than Him to act as “God” too.

So that’s the reason God created humans in His image and put them to the test on earth and that is why everybody always end up getting jumpy enough to say “OMG” when something bad or unfortunate happens “all of a sudden” without warning!

Alas, end of the day, it’s still him [Lucifer] succeeded with flying colors in having duped humans as we all should know by now whether as Christians or not! “OMG, if you don’t, you gotta be so outdated, mate!”

So you had better make “godly” sure that, should there be any “god” that you’re paying allegiance to now, you would do fine and dandy to do some homework first and not end up worshiping the wrong “god” as the so-called “one and only Almighty God” that is according to Man’s standards and gotten so religiously perfect for all the wrong reasons.

What’s even worse is when you have gotten so screwed up by man-made religions enough to think you have the “authority” to act as “God” to punish others.

How can you, as a sinful human being, yourself as declared in Romans 3:23 punish others especially on religious issues that are personal matters between every person and God and that you have NO say, let alone using “religious laws” to control what people choose to say or not say, believe or not to believe?

For your information, the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, does not punish humans on earth. Whatever bad things that happened is actually the retribution of the sins of humans committed against the law of nature as in the case of ‘what goes around comes around’ and also as in, ‘you reap what you sowed’. You cannot expect to reap “mangoes” if you planted bananas, can you?

Even on Judgment Day, if you ended up in Hell, it’s not God’s doings, it’s your own doings if you did not REPENT when you were still breathing and got the chance to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’! This is all what the Bible propagates – either you copy all or not copy at all? You can’t do this in “moderation” as in copying a little of this and a little of that, can you?

If you have done your homework well, that’s when you know you have learned a good lesson here already and will NEVER ever go against the Almighty God known as Yahweh in Hebrews and would have sensibly REPENTED to become a Christian according to God’s standards, not Man’s!

If anyone ever had the common sense, one already could tell that whatever we humans always say, do or think is according to Man’s standards – that’s when all the troubles in the world started snowballing and getting worse than ever.

We should have known better long time ago the reason all the havoc and chaos that keeps happening over and over is because of humans still not sensible enough to do the right thing according to God’s standard by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of God.

Because of that, you can guarantee even beyond 100% that nothing at all holds water as well as NOTHING in this devil’s world, especially man-made religions, can outdo, outclassed or outlast the Word of God [the Bible] and God’s promise of eternal life by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ which by the way, is the one and only divine SOLUTION to the problem of SIN – like it or not!

As such, we as humans created in the image of God should stand united with God as one in fighting Lucifer and not the other way around to fight God and let Him down and risk facing eternal damnation [second death] for losing one’s soul to Lucifer.

Really, you do not need to become a religious scholar to know something so basic that anyone having a heart and conscience can tell already. Can you not? Of course you can’t, if you have gotten screwed up enough by the devil to become anti-Christ in the first place!

Nevertheless, be forewarned. It is unforgivable if anyone all of a sudden left this devil’s world without getting his/her unfinished business done while still breathing because the Bible never ever mentioned about giving humans the third-chance or more for anyone to reincarnate over and over until one has gotten redeemed oneself of all past sins.

No can do, mate! You are only bluffing yourself silly till kingdom come by all such man-made doctrines and nonsense. That’s clearly the devil’s teachings to trap humans from surrendering to Jesus, the only begotten Son of the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and who sacrificed and shed His blood for us that NOTHING and NO ONE else in this devil’s world ever had such divine power to atone for the sins of mankind!

So eat your heart out, mate!

If everyone can reincarnate at one’s whims and fancies, then what’s the point of God having sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to die for? God might as well not be God and close shop since humans have all the say and power over Him to die and come back as another person without His authority, right or not?

As all of us are grown-ups having a mind to think and to reason, so don’t you at least have the common sense to tell there’s no way such a thing as reincarnation made possible. By who? By God, or by humans or perhaps, even by the Satan? Is there even a valid reason to believe in such man-made nonsense?

If you study the Bible, you would have no problem knowing there are plenty of valid and sound reasons to believe Jesus was the one and only human being ever to have proven He died and resurrected according to God’s will and plan to save our butts. If you still don’t believe, then the only thing left for you to do is to get ready to drown in your own sins and that’s about the only best way out according to Man’s standards!

Who else do you know of – died and resurrected and exalted by God? Even Jesus who promised to come back as a human being again have yet happened. So how the hell can it be possible that any other sinful human beings who died and probably in Hell already, could so much as get “reincarnated” more times than Jesus who have yet fulfilled the promise of His second coming to come back in flesh and blood again? Please don’t make me roll on the floor laughing till it hurts because of you getting DUMB and DUMBER!

If ever Osama Bin Laden gotten reincarnatedas another human being to become a screwed up extremist again, then you will know for sure beyond 100% that President Barrack Obama will be able tosniff him out to annihilate him again.

If that is the case, then what’s the point of Osama Bin Laden getting reincarnatedand coming back to earth again? It does not serve any purpose, does it? He might as well stay dead and it’s better off that way, don’t you think?

So, why do you not believe in the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ that makes a whole lot more sense than to believe in something like reincarnation that does not make sense at all?

Do you not find it mysteriously strange that people today still prefer to become DUMB and DUMBER than ever and make a fool of God and themselves so much so if God ever decided to send Jesus back to earth again, probably Jesus would havevomited’ all of His blood first before He could even shed a drop of blood?

Such devil’s teachings about reincarnation could only be made possible by man-made religions according to Man’s standards – not God’s! Moreover, no one can substantiate such vague claims with divine scriptures from the highest authority. Neither has it had in any way ever been proven as authorized and endorsed by the one true Almighty God and found written in the Bible which is the Word of God!

Do you simply believe me if tell you that money will fall down from the sky for anyone who believe in Jesus? You don’t, do you? So you see, anyone can make any bloody claims whether it’s Jesus or the Prophet Muhammad and whatnot, but the devil’s question is, do you simply believe without checking out whether such claims could be substantiated or not, and at least if it even sounded sensible or not?

It is very plain and simple. The Bible which is the Word of God had revealed clearly the gospel truth that all humans ONLY get their second chance and no third or fourth, to save oneself from the curse of sin, death and the devil by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’.

If any of those man-made religions are teaching you otherwise, then you know and can tell easily that whatever is not found written in the Bible, it is nothing but false, unreliable and pure nonsense!

Don’t you be ever fooling yourself sick by such devilry for goodness sake! This is the work of the devil getting all humans screwed up till kingdom come so that everyone will lose one’s soul to Lucifer and make him the happiest devil on earth and in Hell for having successfully gotten humans screwed up enough to “hammer” God together with him but only to end up themselves gotten tricked and hammered by the Devil instead!

The fact is, whether you committed any serious crime and deserving to go to Hell or not, it makes no difference who you are in the sight of God because of Romans 3:23. So that is the reason no one in this devil’s world can stand out as an “exception” and not having to face the second death even if one is always ready to do-good with acts of kindness in the eyes of the public.

If you have sinned against the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, then you must also from the same source get your redemption done according to His standard, not Man’s, don’t you think? The same principle applies in man-made disasters too.

For example: if Mr A raped and murdered your daughter and even to the extent, blew her up into smithereens as a bad extremist would, then you must ONLY hold Mr A responsible for the wrongdoings and let justice be seen to be served according to God’s standard, right or not?

You cannot, just because Mr A is a “big-shot” and whatnot, simply go and make Mr B and Mr C as scapegoats instead, can you? If that is the case which is a serious one, what kind of “rule of law” are you talking about then?

But strangely again, if you are so kind to do-good with acts of kindness to others, why not do-good with only one-time act of kindness to yourself first which is for the sake of your own soul. You can only feel safe if you are in good hands of the Lord God Almighty by doing the right thing according to His standard and that is no other than to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ first, then only talk about do-good with acts of kindness to others? You dig or not dig?

Because death which does not discriminate people whether young or old, good or bad, healthy or not, can happen all of a sudden to anyone, so why don’t you be smart enough and make sure you are in good hands of our Lord God Almighty FIRST to make it as your eternal but priceless “insurance” to enter the kingdom of Heaven by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ before it’s too late to do so?

In other words, set your priorities right FIRST so that when you do look in the mirror, you don’t find yourself questioning, who the devil is the man in the mirror looking so screwed up? But unfortunately, the reason for those not knowing the danger of death happening “all of a sudden” to anyone is because they always have problems figuring out whether Lucifer is God or not, and whether God is Lucifer or not, you know?

Even if you can “tell” the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, God and Lucifer, and perhaps, having even gotten this far to know about the urgency to set your priorities right, so what! The devil’s question remains: What then are you going to do about the ‘devil’ of the man looking back at you in the mirror?

Are you not going to kill it like those Islamist extremists do to “infidels” who are Jews and Christians by having to die violently as “martyrs”? But then, you can’t simply take a gun and shoot at the devil inside you, can you? Because, if you are going to do exactly that, that only means you have to put a bullet in your own head and in the heads of those Islamist extremists also for having gotten so screwed up by the devils for not knowing that’s where all the devils live and work – up in your head!

So how , mate? Kill or Be Killed? Better you tell me!

Back then, even though people were smart enough to have the immediate idea to look on the surface of water from a pool, pond or simply fill a pail of water just to see what one looks like, yet, it was not good enough simply because it was not in any way convenient to do so.

The reason is only too simple. A slight movement of water could easily distort one’s images and not last long and clear enough for one to look at the precious reflection of oneself that will fade away all too soon. Moreover, what if there was no pool, pond or worse, no water around?

That is probably another too simple reason for people to think of a solution to the problem and invent something permanent for such a vital purpose in the daily lives of everyone so much so, no one can live without looking in the mirror. Can you?

The same is true with our lives for having gotten screwed up because of Romans 3:23, but the loving and compassionate God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob came to our rescue and thought of a SOLUTION to the problem of SIN. That’s why He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus as the SOLUTION to the problem of our SINS! Now you can copy that, can you not?

So if you ever had made one wrong move for having failed to think twice with whatever you had stupidly done or perhaps plan on doing in the days ahead, it will seriously screw up your whole life to the point of no return like what will happen at the slightest movement of water that could distort your images.

And that’s when mirrors come in handy for us to do all the relevant soul-searching without any distortion of one’s reflection as one looks in the mirror to see what went wrong with the man in the mirror!

Do you or do you not look in the mirror? You do? Good! Then hopefully, you can learn something powerful and meaningful about having the advantage to look in the mirror and start to look more often so that you can perhaps, digest on what MJ’s song, Man In The Mirror proposed to anyone looking in the mirror to get his/her unfinished business done right, right?

We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.

Oscar Wilde

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