The Man or The Devil In The Mirror [Part 5 ]

Man’s Mirror Of Death

For Christians to believe in monotheism – it means there’s only one true Almighty God whom they would revere and worship. Sure enough – that is none other than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! And not forgetting, He was and still is the most gracious and merciful ONE who sent Jesus of Nazareth to SAVE mankind from the curse of sin, death and devil as recorded in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

By right, everyone including Muslims, should know by now the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ is something so simple and as easy as ABC to understand, believe and obey. Yet people are still so ignorant and worse, as ‘stiff-necked’ as ever even to SAVE their own souls!

But too bad, it is always a little TOO LATE for people to do anything about it when they, whether Muslims or not, would probably end up on the wrong side of the divide only to discover they are still under the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’ even unto eternity!

So understandably, that clearly made Jesus of Nazareth, the prophet of Christianity and not Islam! Without doubt, Jesus is and will always stand out as the Christ and Savior to those who are smart and humble enough to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’!

And going by such definition of who Jesus was and still is, therefore it only means one thing: Islam can do NOTHING about the curse of sin, death, and the devil to save Muslims from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’. That’s not a threat – that’s the ugly truth!

Sadly, neither can they, whether as extremists or not, in any way be “superior” enough to protect the word, “Allah” [God in English] when they can’t even save themselves from the curse of sin, death and the devil according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible!

Rightly or wrongly, if Muslims do not like the word “Allah” [God in English] used in Bibles of other languages, so do Christians! They too, do not like the name of Jesus and other biblical prophets such as Abraham, Moses, and Noah among others used in the Koran! It’s only fair and square to tell the ugly truth in the name of freedom of speech, is it not?

Perhaps, most people especially Muslims, might have wondered what made Christians so special and unique in the sight of God so much so they, especially Muslims, are so ridiculously and amusingly FEARFUL of Christians sharing the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ with them. Is that not right?

Because of such impending FEAR having had gotten too intense and too much for them to handle, they will do anything “at all cost” to prevent Christians from sharing the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ with Muslims. Is that not right?

So they will keep producing more and more radical religious laws and edicts to make sure all Muslims do not become “apostates” that will compromise the “sanctity” of Islam – all in the name of “Allah” [God in English]. Is that not right?

But what if there were some sensible “Muslims” who diligently studied the Word of God, the Holy Bible and already secretly became “apostates” of Islam in their hearts? Should they ‘come clean’ and denounce their Islam faith and face the music like all men of principles do?

If all the above are right, then, can you, if you are a “true Muslim”, a half-hearted one, or even as a duped one, imagine such fearfulness overcoming you for having had, either become a truly full-blown fearless religious jihadist to fight the Holy Jihad to kill “kafirs” [infidels], or a fearful ‘extremist-in-disguise’ forced to live in the cage with no means of setting yourself free from the bondage of the Satan as a ‘slave to sin’ just because of your race largely giving their so-called allegiance to nothing but only to Islam for political expediency?

Because of the FEAR of Christianity eventually taking a heavy toll in their hearts, minds and souls to ‘come clean’ and REPENT according to the Word of God in Acts 2:38, hence, such never-ending FEAR in them can only be absolved with the excuse to kill “kafirs” [infidels] especially Jews and Christians as a means to an end!

But why in God’s name are they so FEARFUL of Christianity that is about saving lost souls including them? Why in God’s name do they even think it is such a “big threat” to them when they always “claim” Jesus as their prophet in the Koran?

So if Jesus is a prophet of Islam, why in God’s name do they not ‘copy’ exactly what Jesus did – to SAVE themselves and lost souls in the name of Jesus? Why in God’s name did all those “true Muslims” become bad extremists to kill “kafirs” [infidels], or those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” hiding behind as ‘extremists-in-disguise’ to prevent the word, “Allah” [God in English] used in Bibles of other languages – all in the name of Islam?

Did they not ever know that Christians DO NOT kill “kafirs” [infidels] even when it has been proven they [Muslims] too, are “kafirs” [infidels] themselves since they are as anti-Christ and non-Christians as ever? Did they not even know the purpose of Christianity is to SAVE everyone whether as “kafirs” [infidels] or not? Did they not ever know Christians always are the unfortunate ones to end up as victims of hate crimes and violence? Did they not ever know Stephen was the first ‘man-of-God’ brutally martyred in Acts 8:1 and that Saul who later became the apostle Paul, gave the approval for the stoning of Stephen and was a witness himself?

The reason all such bad things happened to Christians way back in the 1st century is much too simple to understand than logic itself. This is all because Christians are the ‘saved ones’ but those orthodox Jews and Muslims are NOT!

First, it was those ancient Pharisees priests – the orthodox Jews of the biblical era who FEARED the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ spreading among the Jews after Jesus’ death and resurrection. Today, it does not come as a big surprise that it’s those radical Muslims following in the footsteps of the orthodox Jews they supposed to kill as “kafirs” [infidels] according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, yet they ended up as the ‘copycat’ of those ancient Pharisees priests and turned around to kill even Jews and Christians whom they considered as “kafirs” [infidels].

Why in God’s name was such madness perpetrated until today? There’s nothing complicated – to say the least! This is all because of the orthodox Jews and Muslims having yet obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ that can set them FREE from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’. Plain and simple but they always make a mountain out of a molehill!

Nevertheless, Jesus had instinctively warned His followers what to expect in John 15:18-25 at a time when Islam was not nowhere to be found, or the Prophet Muhammad ever heard of!

Disclaimer: Should anyone, especially Muslims having had gotten so FEARFUL  of whatever ugly truth being exposed here in this website, then please stop reading anymore of what I wrote and continue writing – if you, as a Muslim, can’t handle the truth, ugly or not! Better still – why not directly study the Word of God, the Holy Bible and experience the power of God’s holy scriptures yourself and find out if it’s any less FEARFUL than what you are reading now? If, after studying, you still do not FEAR the Word of God, the Holy Bible enough to ‘make a change’ for the sake of your soul by reciprocating the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ to REPENT, then nothing in this world can change you including the Koran – ever!

Significantly – the Word of God, the Holy Bible according to what the apostle Paul said is that Christians are always in good hands of our Lord Jesus Christ come what may. And this means whether dead or alive!

However, as for Muslims, whether as bad extremists or not; unfortunately they DO NOT have such divine promise from the Prophet Muhammad because he died for NO GOOD purpose! How can inciting Muslims to kill “kafirs” [infidels] be construed as “good” religious teachings? Can you, if you are a Muslim, thump on your chest to say he did a “good job” telling Muslims to KILL “kafirs” [infidels] especially Jews and Christians?

One thing everyone, especially Muslims should, at least, know is: Christians are the ones smart and humble enough to look in God’s mirror of truth, but those orthodox Jews and Muslims DO NOT! They were only taught to look and act otherwise according to Man’s standards, not God’s!


For those orthodox Jews – that’s because they still do not recognize Jesus of Nazareth as their prophesied Messiah.

As for Muslims – that’s because the Prophet Muhammad DID NOT have the divine power to give ‘Hope of Salvation’ to Muslims like Jesus did – to Christians! All he ever promised Muslims clamoring to become “true Muslims” was a vague “paradise” [heaven or hell?] but that they must die a violent death to become “martyrs” first, either ‘to kill “kafirs” [infidels], or be killed’ by them, especially Westerners such as the Gringos who always believe in protecting human rights and freedom of speech – period!

Unlike Jesus, no where in the Koran ever could nor substantiated the Prophet Muhammad as having had been given the divine authority in heaven and on earth by the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth. Not surprisingly, it was only those smart and humble enough to become Christians who realized the URGENT need to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ more than anyone, even Muslims, could ever have imagined! And in doing so, it was to help such ‘born again’ Christians break free from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’ according to Romans 6:17!

If not, the Satan aka Lucifer will, sooner or later, drag anyone including even Muslims to eternal damnation which is the point of no return as long as anyone failed to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible!

As such, whether as a Muslim or not, you had better make sure you DO NOT worship and revere the wrong version of the “one true Almighty God” [Allah in Arabic] that could turn out to be Lucifer masquerading as the impostor God!

You can cry foul or kick up a fuss over such a statement made but still – it’s all to no avail because NO ONE in flesh and blood can fight against what the Word of God, the Holy Bible says – if one can relate to what the apostle Paul said in Acts 5:29-38!

Can you then, if you are a radical Muslim, thump on your chest again and again to claim the Prophet Muhammad had done a “good job” to set you free from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’ when he died but NOT even resurrected by “Allah” [God in English] because he too, was NO BETTER than anyone according to Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23? 

If that is the case, then you, if you are a Muslim, had better stop “thumping” on your chest and shout “Allahuakhbar” [God is Great], or you will start to vomit blood because there’s gonna be one hell of “thumping” on your chest to do – till doomsday!

The gospel truth is – even those ‘born again’ Christians certainly could not have qualified to become the ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ should they ever failed to do the right thing according to God’s rule of law to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ under the New Covenant made possible ONLY by the ‘Blood of Jesus’!

Now, the reason Christians are, and will always stay as the ‘saved ones’ in the sight of God, is simply because they had the heart and conscience to reciprocate God’s graciousness and mercy shown through Jesus of Nazareth by having had obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ with no questions asked!

For this reason, even the apostle Paul warned Christians, with his brotherly love and concern, to live, not as unwise but as wise in Ephesians 5:15-17! So, are the orthodox Jews and Muslims “wise” in rejecting Jesus as the Christ and Savior? You tell me!

By right, there’s absolutely NO reason those anti-Christ and non-Christians can’t see and understand by now why those ‘saved ones’ were the ones smart and humble enough to study the Word of God, the Holy Bible so much so they got inspired by the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ that made them went down on their knees to ‘come clean’ and REPENT by having had obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to become ‘born again’ Christians to follow in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in turn do God’s will to SAVE “kafirs” [infidels] who are anti-Christ and non-Christians because they are ‘spiritually lost’ in this devil’s world without ‘Hope of Salvation’!

But sadly, it is so incomprehensible why such amazing ‘Hope of Salvation’ made possible by the ‘Blood of Jesus’ still continues to get people, especially anti-Christ and non-Christians, screwed up enough in the head to turn to idols-worshiping and earthly “deities” who died and became lost souls wandering in this world!

Given such unfortunate things that happened and still are happening in today’s modern world, it is unimaginable why people who are still “living” would seek such “spirits” of lost souls only to find themselves getting trapped in the ‘Man’s mirror of death’ when they too, will end up one day as wandering “spirits” of lost souls and getting nowhere fast!

Whatever the case, all such unbelievers [infidels] of Christ can so much seek is worldly but unsubstantiated “blessings” from “spirits” of deities, or “spirits” of lost souls. But what they can NEVER seek from them is eternal life because they too, were not spared the death penalty of Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23 – if they once existed as living human beings!

If those dead could not so much as save themselves on the other side, how the devil could they be “called up” to save you – on this side? Perhaps, it might raise your eyebrows if you could relate with Jesus who told the parable about Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16: 19-31 to know what I’m talking about here. Perhaps, you would have even looked and felt silly for having gone the wrong direction when you could have simply heeded what Jesus said in Matthew 11:28!

So, all they [the living] ever get from the dead in the end, is nothing but false hope! What’s even worst than having false hope is that they failed to realize they were looking in the ‘Man’s mirror of death’ to find themselves in the dead-end with the dead even after all the troubles they went through. As to why they keep bluffing themselves silly with all such man-made beliefs and rituals, it is of course no dead men’s tales!

The reason they could summon up any of such earthly “spirits” of the DEAD whether deities or not, is because the Judgment Day has yet come. It does not matter whether those dead were “worshiped” as deities and gods or not. It does not matter if they died even before Jesus walked the earth – still all of them died as sinners and God will judge them according to His standard!

As for those who comes under the New Covenant but are anti-Christ or non-Christians while still breathing, no sooner than the earthly death happens, their souls will start to stray like “stray cats and dogs” on the streets with no proper dwelling place since they, as lost souls, were unable to end up in good hands of our Lord Jesus Christ for having had failed to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

However, there is one thing that is still “possible” to happen. As long as those anti-Christ and non-Christians are still breathing on earth, they have the somewhat “power” and “blessings” of the Satan to summon up all such earthly “spirits” of the DEAD, deities or not, so that they would still be duped to stay as anti-Christ and non-Christians till eternity!

But what is not possible is that the dead, whether deities or not, had NO power and NO means to warn the living not to end up like them! Why? That’s because even on the other side, they are still under the bondage of the Satan as his eternal slaves to pay the price of what Romans 6:23 demanded of them!

The misconception so far is – most people would have thought “all blessings” surely come from above. No, that’s not always true. In fact, it’s wrong to have such unsubstantiated perception! It is equally wrong to “believe” God “still” will show mercy to the dead “even” if they had failed to take advantage of the ‘second chance’ to ‘come clean’ with Him and REPENT while still breathing.

If you don’t listen to God’s warning and buck up to do the right thing according to God’s rule of law, who posed the greatest problem here? Of course, the problem is always with humans – NOT God! People, especially anti-Christ and non-Christians who do not even show mercy on their own souls for failing to reciprocate God’s graciousness and mercy by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ should only have themselves to blame – forever!

So please don’t confuse yourself about God’s love and compassion and His promise of eternal life through Jesus of Nazareth as though all man-made religions, “automatically”, have the same “divine” power to “save” everyone even without the ‘Blood of Jesus’ shed. No mate – that is no way possible according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible! Check this out yourself by studying the Word of God, the Holy Bible!

You may promote diversity of cultures of all races to bring about so-called “peace” and “harmony” in any given society, but it DOES NOT mean you can promote all man-made religions to “make good” on your allegiance to your wrong version of the “one true Almighty God” through pantheon of deities and gods!

No can do! You can ONLY do so through Jesus of Nazareth – like it or not! That’s because Yahweh, the one true Almighty God had already made it so perfectly clear even to the people of Israel from biblical times that He always abhorred idols-worshiping and had only endorsed and authorized Jesus in John 14:6 as our one and only ‘Hope of Salvation’!

Everyone should know by now that God had already shown His graciousness and mercy by sacrificing His only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth to die for everyone’s sins. After this, it’s YOU, YOU and YOU who is the big-time problem here for not having even the slightest clue who the one true Almighty God is!

If you still do not make use of such a wonderful blessing of having the ‘second chance’ to ‘make a change’ for the sake of setting your soul free to make sure you are no longer under the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’ in Romans 6:6, then sure enough, your soul is as cold as ice – the same extreme ‘coldness’ that you could feel from the dead in any paranormal activity!

Meaning to say, if you so much are planning to miss this only ONE chance in your lifetime to straighten up and ‘come clean’ with God and REPENT, then you certainly will end up in one hell of a cold storage of the Satan – for sure!

And that also means, you ain’t getting the third, fourth, or fifth chance to get “reincarnated” again and again to ‘come clean’ and REPENT! That’s because – according to Acts 2:38, the only chance you ever had, is while you are still breathing and living!

Even the Satan does not have the power to call the shots and change anything when it comes to dealing with Romans 3;23 and Romans 6:23!

Little did we know – the Satan too, has his own brand of power to “bless” and “prosper” those who are “worshiping” him directly or indirectly – with materialistic gains, of course! That was clearly his one and only purpose on earth – to make sure all anti-Christ stay as anti-Christ, and non-Christians stay as non-Christians so that they will continue to stay under his bondage as ‘slaves to sin’ till doomsday!

Is that not clear-cut enough for everyone to see the danger of having had gotten beyond blinded by the Satan from inside out and thus, failed to grab the ‘second chance’ from God to be set free?

It is, indeed, a very sad case of humans who would rather rely on such unreliable and ungodly sources to get worldly “blessings” by taking the risk to lose their precious souls to him [Lucifer]. Because of humans getting so engrossed and concerned to seek earthly riches to the extent that some desperate ones would even get involved in calling up “spirits” of the dead, deities or not, they will, one way or another, end up paying even a heavier price with their souls that will take place immediately after their earthly death!

After all, all such earthly “spirits” especially those worshiped as deities, and summoned by “spiritualists”, were also once living human beings and worse – if they too were anti-Christ and non-Christians! If they were not, then certainly all such deities or gods probably are nothing but only myths or legends for all you know.

If that is the case, then those who are still living should “honor” or “respect” such dead only maybe for their courage, nobility and whatnot and that’s it! One cannot go any further than this!

You, regardless of your religious affiliation, should NOT go beyond and “worship” all such earthly “spirits” of the DEAD, deities or not, as having the same “divine power” as that of Yahweh. Why? That’s because the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, is the God of the living – not the DEAD! Such claims as this had already been so clearly and bluntly substantiated by Jesus in Matthew 29:33!

Besides, there is NO evidence to suggest all “spirits” of the DEAD, deities or not, are as worthy of “belief” and “devotion” as Jesus who died and sacrificed His life for our sins that NONE of all such earthly “spirits” of the DEAD ever could and did!

You can make a name list of whatever “deities” of the DEAD until you drop dead, but still you will NOT and can NEVER get to enjoy ETERNAL LIFE that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ONLY promised those who obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’!

So why are YOU, YOU and YOU still not a Christian to secure such a wonderful promise from God but would prefer otherwise? Are you a nutcase or what?

People, especially those anti-Christ and non-Christians should know better that all such practices of going into “trances” are NOT divine nor godly according to God’s standard! Why? That’s because these devil-backed practices are nothing short of the Satan’s devilry to keep as many humans as possible under his bondage as ‘slaves to sin’ according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible as revealed in Galatians 5:20!

By drawing such a conclusion, the immediate question you might like to ask is – why then was it still possible for them to call up all such worldly “spirits” of the DEAD? Where do they come from – heaven or hell? And how does one knows for certain it is the work of God or the Satan when any of such “spirits” from the DEAD who too, were sinners once, could easily be summoned up by living human beings just by going on “trances”?

The gospel truth is – no earthly “spirits” from the DEAD whether from myths or legends that one ever worshiped as “deities” or not, could ever have “promised” any living human beings eternal life – except ONLY Jesus of Nazareth when He said so in John 14:6!

That means – if it is something NOT promised by the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob such as the promise of ETERNAL LIFE that goes beyond the grave and ONLY possible by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, then you can easily tell it is the work of the Devil!

For humans to have a relationship with the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth, it is by TRUST and having FAITH in doing His will the way Jesus did! It is certainly NOT by the works of sorcery to summon up “spirits” of the DEAD, deities or not!

Little did we know – the Satan has to accede to human’s whims and fancies if he was to make sure of holding them under his bondage as ‘slaves to sin’! But, if you ever could WAKE UP to “smell” something is burning, you know for 100% certain, you would do fine with some soul-searching to ‘come clean’ with God and REPENT by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’!

That’s because – the one true Almighty God had given ONLY Jesus of Nazareth all authorities in heaven and on earth in Matthew 28:18 to help you break free from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’, and NOT to any of those earthly “spirits” of the DEAD whether you worship them as deities or gods that are only according to Man’s standards – not God’s!

Have you forgotten what happened in the Garden of Eden? Did you not know that the Satan too has the mystical and enchanting power to ‘trick’ humans into believing they will be like “God” knowing good and evil in Genesis 3:4?

So is the same thing undoubtedly happening in today’s world with anti-Christ and non-Christians seen as having been duped into believing earthly “spirits” of the DEAD could become man-made “deities” to worship like Buddhists worshiping Buddha, Muslims worshiping the Prophet Muhammad, the Hindus and Taoists worshiping pantheon of deities and gods!

But, do Christians worship Jesus as a deity – you probably are eager to ask too, right?

The answer is NO! You may worship the Buddha or the Prophet Muhammad as a “deity-cum-god” but Jesus is NOT because He was and still is the only begotten Son of God! He is always part of the “Godhead” that comprises the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, or in what most denominations churches today like to refer as “The Holy Trinity” that, honestly, you can’t find both “phrases” written in the Holy Bible – just like you can’t find the phrase “3-in-1 Coffee” in any dictionaries but you know what that means!

So that means – you must, by all means necessary, SAVE yourself from this corrupt generation according to what the apostle Paul pleaded in Acts 2:38-40! If not, the devil will NEVER flee from you, which again only means, “no news is good news” for you, including even the ‘Good News’ of Jesus’ death and resurrection because you already have had sentenced yourself to the point of no return for ignoring God’s call to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’!


………………………………………………………….to be continued!


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