The Man or The Devil In The Mirror [Part 6]

Man’s Mirror Of Death

In the case of Islam, Muslims have also been taught to believe in monotheism. Like Christians, they too, revere and worship ‘one God’ only. The Muslims’ version, however, is entirely a different story altogether. Different in what way?

The TRUE WAY, of course! It is especially so when we come to talk about the TRUE identity of the one true Almighty Yahweh revealed in the Holy Bible as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But when we come to talk about “Allah” of Islam, it is obscure and vague because no one, not even Muslims themselves, would dare to “thump” on their chest to make any absolute claim about their “Allah” that only so much means God in English – that’s all!

Even if one was to speak from the theological standpoint – still, there’s absolutely NO true identity of “Allah” ever established, except it is widely known as the ‘moon-god’. Incidentally, there is not even a scientific name for it like there was for Mars which is, “Barsoom” and the Earth, “Jassoom” in the movie, “John Carter of Mars”.

Perhaps, the most that Muslims can only obscurely and vaguely claim would be, “there is no God but Allah the moon-god”! But if that is the case, even anyone as an anti-Christ or a non-Christian, probably would have drawn to a conclusion sooner than I thought that Islam is nothing more than just a man-made religion – you know, the same like those “so good” at making make-believe movies in these high-tech times and age!

Common sense alone will tell anyone that whatever religious claims made is crucial to be substantiated with proper divine scriptural proof as well as logical enough to make it unquestionable because of having made a lot of sense, otherwise it is certainly not worthy of devotion – to say the least! And that’s only because other people embracing other man-made religions can make the same claim too! Can they not?

What if a Buddhist tells a Muslim, “there is no Allah, the moon-god but Buddha” and vice-versa? Can both then argue with one another and make an issue out of it when both claims are surely as obscure and vague as one another because of not having any divine scriptural proof to substantiate both in the first place?

Apparently, as far as anyone, especially Muslims, would take the word, “Allah” into consideration in attempting to find out where it originated from, or whether it makes any difference compared to the Christians’ version that is Yahweh, yet the Islam’s version is even more far-fetched than you ever would have imagined because there’s enough evidence to suggest that the Koran is nothing more than a classic work of ‘copy and paste’ from a little of Judaism and a little from Christianity, thus leaving it without strong backbones to support it.

Because of that, even non-Muslims will find there’s no essence of life and hope in Islam since all it took for the Prophet Muhammad to make it sounded somewhat“superior” was to get a little twist of doctrines done to his advantage so much so it gonna takes a smart and sensible enough Muslim to notice whatever “spiritual disposition” found in his teachings – holds no water!

As such, only Christians are aware of the warnings and prophecies of false prophets because the writing is on the wall that false prophets will come in sheep’s clothing as warned by Jesus in Matthew 7:15 and foreseen by John in Revelation 20:10 that the false prophet implicated was the devil and that is no other than Lucifer!

If Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, so much as having the will to send His only begotten Son, Jesus to earth in the form of a ‘human being’ to save mankind, so too, did Lucifer do the same to appoint an ordinary existing human being on earth as his “messenger” to do his will by only having to mess up the one true Almighty God’s plan with teachings contrary to His but conveniently doing it all in His name!

And that was to make sure all humans are getting screwed up enough to always argue and fight with one another in their bid to figure out, or to prove who the one true Almighty God is.  Don’t you think that’s ever so possible?

Insomuch, the Prophet Muhammad being an Arab, so obviously, he had no choice but to use the Arabic word, “Allah” as the “true” identity to represent Islam, but still, the name as Muslims always proudly claimed is “special” does not sound any authentic other than it merely means God in English.

But then, what great things the “Allah” of Islam had done that made him/her as the ‘moon-god’ worthy of devotion?

As much as they’d like to think highly of their “Allah”, still, it does not in any way means Muslims have proven it is “superior” than the Judaism version known as Yahweh, or the Christian version known as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who sent Jesus of Nazareth, does it?

Definitely not! That’s because they have no way of proving it since Islam has all along known only so much as nothing short of the classic work of ‘copy and paste’!

As always is the case that Jews and Christians have anticipated and expected, it seemed little could be done to hold them [Muslims] responsible by filing legal charges against them in the “court of law” for having committed religious plagiarism that in doing so, both will surely go on a head-on collision course and unnecessarily!

But, Muslims as always, would arguably have no qualms in denying such allegations and have not ever had shown any sincerity to do something positive and forthcoming about it to avoid religious conflicts of any kind. Instead, they all the more have no qualms to act otherwise and unwisely even over just the word, “Allah” used in Bibles of other languages.

You know what – if those religious bigots who did not like the word, “Allah” used in Bibles of other languages, don’t you think they should have hastened to fly to the moon? To do what? Of course, to search for their “Allah” the ‘moon-god’ who, probably, is hiding on the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, and seek his permission first whether he likes his name used in Bibles of other languages or not!

Then, obviously this would have saved other innocent and sensible Muslims worldwide from having to suffer such an unnecessary embarrassment caused by those radical but foolish ones who are always so incapable of thinking wisely first before they act and so,  always end up getting ridiculed instead!

Not surprisingly, Muslims, especially those lousy ‘extremist-in-disguise’ who always stand up for all the wrong reasons every time, are not even showing one bit of remorse, let alone be thankful enough to Yahweh, the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that the Christians Jews and the Gentiles Christians did not easily go cuckoo and acted violent to “kill” them over the name of Jesus and other biblical prophets used in vain, is certainly something they [Muslims] have taken for granted for far too long!

As always like business as usual, Jews and Christians, are tolerable humans and always incapable of defending themselves for the sake of peace and harmony, yet they have unnecessarily taken the option to swallow their pride and endure all such nonsense.

They do not even bother to pursue further such serious matters legally, even when there was NO GOOD explanation, let alone an apology, forthcoming from the Muslim community thus far, to REPENT and REDEEM themselves from their religious misconduct in exploiting the name of Jesus and other biblical prophets that, little did they know, only do more harm than good, NOT to the Jews and Christians, but to at least 1.7 billion Muslims or more to feel guilty as “charged” in their conscience to see the name of their “Allah” the ‘moon-god’ and Islam as nothing short of having committed serious treason against the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth!

And that’s only because Muslims can NEVER in their lifetime substantiate Islam as divinely “authorized” and “endorsed” by the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with scriptural proof even though they always so much as “claim” and “revere” Jesus and other biblical prophets such Abraham, Moses and Noah as prophets of Islam! That’s two different thing altogether!

And still, they easily go cuckoo ‘all of a sudden’ over the word, “Allah” used in Bibles of other languages when Arab Christians have known to use it long before even Islam came into the picture! Don’t they ever have any general knowledge about the history of Christianity and Islam to know which one preceded which one, or which one was the pioneer – if you prefer?

So, it’s unimaginable how the devil one could find them unashamed of having done something so shameful, yet they keep on pretending they always have all the “obligations” in this devil’s world to protect the “sanctity” of Islam but do not even know how – save only to keep “thumping” on their chest to claim this and that in the shadow of Judaism and Christianity so much so it’s exactly like an empty tin making the most noise only! Don’t you think so?

Given such an unappealing environment they have created, don’t you think it is, therefore, safe for anyone whether as a Christian or not to say, “Allah” the ‘moon-god’ of Islam, is in NO way ever possible to compare with the most gracious and merciful Yahweh who undeniably sent Jesus of Nazareth to save mankind from the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

What the Prophet Muhammad did not do and not ever given the divine power from above to do is because whatever needed to be done to solve the problem and curse of sin, death and the devil had already been fulfilled by Jesus of Nazareth.

And not to mention, neither did he have the courage and dignity to ‘copy and paste’ in the Koran such remarkable and magnanimous work that Jesus had done so that he, the Prophet Muhammad, could claim all the credits to himself.

The reason he had failed awfully to showcase Jesus as the Christ and Savior in the Koran is simply because the Prophet Muhammad himself did not have any chance and worse, the conscience to do so. How can he, when he too, badly needed someone greater like, Jesus of Nazareth, who has the divine power to help him break free from the bondage of the Shaytan as a ‘slave to sin’ since he too, fell under the same class as a human being in flesh and blood that made him no different from other human beings implicated by Romans 3:23?

Since it was proven as true that the Prophet Muhammad was only a ‘self-proclaimed’ messenger of God, so this means, Christians without even having to “thump” on their chest to disparage the Muslims’ claim, “there is no God but Allah”, yet they [Christians] shall ever be more than confident in having the upper-hand to claim the one true Almighty God is the ONE who sent Jesus of Nazareth, simply because of having ample supply of proof from the Word of God, the Holy Bible, to substantiate such an unquestionable and significant claim that is timeless!

Can you, if you are a Muslim, answer only 2 questions that most Christians would like to ask?

First question: What “good news” did the Prophet Muhammad, as the only “messenger” of “Allah” [God in English] bring, other than having told Muslims that if they ever wanted to become “true Muslims”, they must first fight the “Holy Jihad” with violence to kill “kafirs” [infidels] including even their own Muslim brothers and sisters who go against his ideologies?

Second question: Have you ever heard of any news better than the ‘Good News’ of Jesus that is your one and only ‘Hope of Salvation’?

Well, if not, then for 100% sure, you gonna have a big-time problem figuring out who the one true Almighty God is!

Since Islam is as questionable as it always is, then be ever rest assured of an affirmative answer – there is NO where in the Koran that could produce the “true” identity of “Allah” [God in English] other than what has been known to the Jews, Christians, and of course, Muslims around the world, as the ‘moon-god’ that only function like clockwork for Muslims to carry out all their religious rituals such as fasting in the month of Ramadan and whatnot!

Even then, such a religious ritual of “fasting” is the same like Judaism practiced by those orthodox Jews long before Islam came into the picture!

As it is, that’s where all ideologies and beliefs of both Christians and Muslims are arguably in contrast with each other because unlike Christians, they [Muslims] still have yet figured out who the one true Almighty God is, let alone to revere and worship Him – unmistakably!

No doubt they always claim, “there is no God but Allah”, but what they do not even know, or knowing it, but pretend not to is that, “Allah” the ‘moon-god’ had failed inanely for not having the divine power to resurrect the dead Prophet Muhammad, let alone all Muslims in the end – to begin with!

Sadly, they were only instructed by their Prophet Muhammad to die a violent death as “martyrs” to enter a “paradise” but NOT without having to kill “kafirs” [infidels] first in fighting their so-called “Holy Jihad” that is exactly the opposite of the ‘Holy War’ described by the Word of God, the Holy Bible!

Whether as a Muslim or not, you can NEVER find anywhere in the Koran claiming that the Prophet Muhammad is coming back again to resurrect Muslims, let alone to set up something the same like what John prophesied in the Book of Revelation about a ‘New Jerusalem’ where no one will ever suffer and die again. Why? The answer is obvious. The Prophet Muhammad ain’t coming back again because he is history – already!

Even if ever there was such a claim found written in the Koran, don’t you know by now it’s nothing but only so much as the classic work of ‘copy and paste’ from an impostor only “so good” at making claims but not good enough in substantiating any one of them even with logic, let alone with divine scriptural proof?

For example: If I keep bragging about how “righteous” I have been for having done this and that, but there’s no evidence to suggest I’m telling the truth, let alone having eye-witnesses to back me up, would you believe me? I don’t think so!

Now, if you study the Koran, that’s exactly the same thing you will find out about the Prophet Muhammad!

You know what? He sure can tell one hell of “righteousness” stories and even had justified all“righteousness” to kill – if one was fulfilling the will of “Allah” to kill “kafirs” [infidels]. Oh yes, you should not miss out on this too! The Prophet Muhammad also declared that it was absolutely alright for him and all Muslims to “commit adultery” under one condition and that is – as long as one would “do-good” with “acts of kindness” that is according to the kind of “righteousness” approved by the Prophet Muhammad himself!

Is that so? Does that mean I can actually rape any young helpless and homeless girls and women that I picked up on the streets as long as I “do-good” with “acts of kindness” for having helped them by providing them food and shelter? If so, I might as well start a brothel based on such code of ethics and tell the authorities to eat their hearts out because the Prophet Muhammad, the only “messenger” of “Allah” has given the approval and you can read about it in the Koran!

Indeed, the Prophet Muhammad was surely not only one hell of a preacher about killing but also about getting the licence to kill from “Allah” the ‘moon-god’! And oh yes, he certainly was one hell of a perfect womanizer too! It’s no wonder he married 15 wives – all in the name of “righteousness” to “do good “ with “acts of kindness”, you know?

Honestly speaking, I’m beginning to suspect the Prophet Muhammad was actually Lucifer in person, like a ‘devil-in-disguise’! What do you figure he was? Now that’s even more scary to think that 1.7 billion or more Muslims have yet found out the devil’s truth!!

It’s no wonder more people than ever are converting to Islam because it’s “so good” to do bad things and still would be considered as “righteousness” with absolutely no worry of getting punished! So now I understand what Islam is all about. I won’t get puzzled, confused or even disturbed any more to hear the daily news on TV about people committing all such screwed up “righteousness” were Muslims, because it’s always allowed – if done according to their prophet’s terms.

Rightly or wrongly, perhaps, if you can so much as relate to what Jesus had prophesied ahead in Matthew 24:4&24, then you know that Jesus spoke the truth about ‘false prophets’ arising after He’s gone because He already could see it coming in the likes of ‘false prophets’ such as the Prophet Muhammad for all you know!

What Jesus had foretold His disciples about ‘false prophets’ even at a time He was fulfilling Father’s will on earth is good enough to prove He was right and that there will come a time when religious people use His name in vain is right too!

Indeed, that’s exactly what is happening today when Muslims always claim Jesus is the prophet of Islam and thus, using His name and other biblical prophets’ names in vain!

On one hand, Muslims claim Jesus is a prophet of Islam but only to deny and condemn Him on the other hand, for speaking “blasphemy” against “Allah” [God in English] because of having had claimed Himself as the Son of God, so much so they, as well as those orthodox Jews, up until today believe it was an impossible thing for a mere “human being” to claim according to Man’s standards. Is that right?

But little did they know, ‘nothing is impossible’ according to God’s standard! It would have saved the day if they had done some homework quick enough to figure out the difference between God’s standard and Man’s standards and that is – if they ever wanted to be seen as qualified and respectable ‘men-of-God’ in the sight of men and God, and NOT seen by “kafirs” [infidels] as false and pretentious “men-of-God”!

But too bad, they did not and even until today, none of them ever had proven themselves as qualified and respectable ‘men-of-God’ whether in the sight of men or God. If they ever were, they would have no qualms at all to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and had become ‘born again’ Christians long time ago as well as having saved me the trouble too, to tell what went wrong with them!

So evidently, only those ‘born again’ Christians are the ones who believe Yahweh is the one true Almighty God because it had been proven He was the ONE who sent Jesus of Nazareth to atone for the sins of mankind and that they shall be resurrected when Jesus comes back again even as He told His disciples ahead in Matthew 24:30!

As such, only the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ is the vital key to bring people of all races and creed together as ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ to inherit the kingdom of heaven but only provided they had the ‘sense and sensibility’ to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to begin with!

But too bad, man-made religions are exactly doing the opposite in making people go separate ways because of too much religious differences and worse, PRIDE to keep every race apart and it’s all because of man-made religions! Can you believe that? Were not man-made religions supposed to keep people sane and together?

As expected, even talks of engaging one another in inter-faith dialogues had not ever as well as did not ever seem to produce the desired results. In fact, it’s getting worse than ever – to say the least!

Mark my words – it certainly won’t work today, tomorrow and forever, especially when there will always be radical Muslims around only interested in fulfilling the supremacy agenda of Islam that you know as well as I do – it DOES NOT and CANNOT ever bridge the gap between all races and religions!

Everything that everyone tries to do religiously will always end up back to square one again! Nothing will go a step further because of man-made religions! Why? That’s because people are not willing to come back on the correct path that our Lord Jesus Christ had paved for us with His precious blood and that’s the one and only SOLUTION left for all humanity to make a difference – like it not! If not, then the world that fell apart long time ago will continue to stay apart till doomsday – indefinitely!

Never mind about this writer not having any “nice thing” to say especially when it comes to talk about man-made religions because things had already gone ugly so long time ago that even saying all the “nice things” in the world now would only make one look positively stupid and like a hypocrite not going to make any difference!

It’s the same as it is TOO LATE to save the world now to prevent all humans from having to brace with all kinds of natural disasters and catastrophes till kingdom come as the damage had already been done to Mother Earth – badly! In fact, it is far too serious already for Mother Earth to be reversed to the former glory of blue sky and everything “nice” because of humans having had screwed up the planet enough not to see it coming!

Even though both are in favor of monotheism with Christians referring theirs as Yahweh in Hebrew and Muslims always proudly but only so much as they religiously can claim, “there is no God but Allah”, but the most controversial issue ever arose since Islam came into the picture was – Christians believed and accepted Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God who died and resurrected, but Muslims did not and never will!

They, like those orthodox Jews today, are still as ‘stiff-necked’ as ever in rejecting Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God sent from above to atone for the sins of mankind! And that’s “just because” Jesus, the prophesied Messiah, turned out as only a lowly carpenter and thus, failed to meet the expectations of the people of Israel.

But not surprisingly, the most bizarre and irrelevant thing ever happened in the history of mankind is, Muslims ‘copied’ the same tradition of the orthodox Jews later to reject Jesus in more ways than none. What’s even worse is, they even turned unbelievably twisted and nasty to kill “kafirs” [infidels] such as Jews and Christians for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose! Can you ever imagine that to happen in your lifetime?

When the Prophet Muhammad ‘all of a sudden’ appeared out of nowhere claiming himself as the “last prophet” of God [Allah in Arabic] he influenced Muslims to believe he did a “better” job than Jesus in representing “Allah” [God in English] by calling Muslims to kill “kafirs” in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam that ironically, also included killing Christians who believed Jesus as the Christ and Savior, and Jews for not embracing Islam as “superior” than Judaism!

But strangely, nowhere in the Holy Bible ever prophesied about the Prophet Muhammad, an Arab as a “bona fide” prophet of the Jews, and neither was his claim as the “last prophet” ever substantiated as having fulfilled “God’s purpose”.

What purpose was it anyway for Muslims to claim their Prophet Muhammad as the “last prophet”? Was it to take over the place of Jesus as the Islam’s version of “Christ” and “Savior” to the Muslims – indirectly? If so, then the Prophet Muhammad had certainly violated the ‘copyrights’ of Jesus, who had proven Himself as the Christ and Savior through His death and resurrection and His name was EXALTED by God as the name that is above every name!

Do you think the Prophet Muhammad would ever have any chance even as a stand-in to be the “Christ” and “Savior” for Muslims?

Hello, what was there to fulfill anymore when all that God ever needed anyone to fulfill for Him had already been fulfilled by His Son, Jesus of Nazareth?

If anyone including Muslims especially, is smart enough to relate to the testimony of John the Baptist in John 3:22-36, then they should have known better that their Prophet Muhammad especially, would not even have the guts to ‘copy and paste’ in the Koran such a powerful and divine claim made by John the Baptist.

But if ever he did, he would have ended up making a bloody fool of himself simply because he knew damn well in the first place that no false prophets such as himself, can!

Hello, any Tom, Dick or Harry can make all sort of claims, but can any of them be substantiated with proof, especially in the divine sense – if it’s about spiritual issues? Who was this “God” that sent the Prophet Muhammad as the “last prophet”, anyway? Yahweh or Lucifer?

Were they [Muslims] not ever informed that Lucifer, as revealed in 2 Thessalonians 1:4 too, has the power to disguise himself as “God” on earth to fool gullible humans like he fooled Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Were they not ever told by Christians that the Word of God, the Holy Bible always strenuously warn people, including them, NOT to be ever so easily fooled and be gullible enough to believe anything and everything without first checking it out with the Word of God, the Holy Bible that is the SAFEST and TRUEST spiritual guidebook ever available to gullible, superstitious, foolish, ignorant, dumb and dumber ‘stiff-necked’ people?

Hello world, here is one piece of good advice to take and said only once whether one likes it or not! DO NOT ever live one’s life in utter and gutter delusion the rest of one’s life! Please, by all means necessary, study the Word of God, the Holy Bible and make sure it’s the correct and one true Almighty God that everyone should put their TRUST and FAITH in, NOT a false one – for goodness sake!

Can anyone tell me, what has “Allah”, the ‘moon-god’ of the Arab Muslims got to do with Yahweh, the Hebrew God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who sent Jesus of Nazareth at a time when even Islam was nowhere to be found, or the Prophet Muhammad ever heard of?

If no one can, then naturally, can I not even help but wonder if they [Muslims] ever knew what they were doing as to who, Yahweh or Lucifer, that they ever believed and worshiped [Matthew 12:30] and not to mention, what the devil did they ever learn, or not ever learned, anything sinister, hidden in the Koran?

One thing for sure they failed entirely to learn and will always deny they are incapable of learning is that their inept claim of “there is no God but Allah” is nothing short of an empty and useless claim. Even more so, it is absolutely rubbish to make such a nonsense and illogical claim.

Common sense alone will tell anyone that, “if there is no God, then how the devil can there be “Allah”
because “Allah” is God in the Arabic language for goodness sake! Can anyone, especially Muslims, “see” any difference between the word, “Allah” when translated from the Arabic language to the English language?

Do you not, even as an anti-Christ and a non-Christian, find Muslims the most confused lot ever existed or existing on earth? I mean – how the devil could they dressed up looking “so good” like “men-of-God” and all the more make empty and useless claims is something so unbelievably screwed up that probably, will even make “kafirs” [infidels] scratching their heads in disbelieve and to question if they [Muslims] ever knew what they were doing to their own reputation and that of Islam!

The Ugly Side of Man-Made Religions.

To sum it up, Islam and Christianity are like two magnets and because both of them are of the same pole as in believing in monotheism, they always rebel against each other when brought together. However, one of the most interesting things that most Muslims do not know, or knowing it, but pretend not to is – Islam is always powerless to do what the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ can!

Why? There are, at least, 3 reasons Islam CANNOT even play a crucial role in saving humanity the way the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ can!

Is it not obvious and clear-cut enough by now – if you have followed this website whether secretly or not.

Islam is NOT about saving the world from the curse of sin, death and devil! If it is, surely there would not have been any of those “inhumane beheading and immolation” of “kafirs” [infidels] perpetrated by IS today or even during the era of the Prophet Muhammad fighting with the Roman Catholics’ crusaders, like it’s nobody’s business, would it?

So, people whether as anti-Christ or non-Christians, they can even safely come to a quick conclusion that Islam is ONLY about ruling the world with their Islamist supremacy agenda. Can anyone not see there is enough evidence to suggest this is a fact?

That’s because the IS had already proven it by having had established their “caliphate states” in Iraq and Syria. And what they did and fulfilled is so glaringly true because it’s in line with their Islamist supremacy agenda to have the world Islamicized through ‘acts of violence’!

No sooner than anyone could ever have expected, they will infiltrate the rest of the world with such inhumane ‘acts of violence’ that are of NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

As such, even promoting “moderation” can do absolutely NOTHING to change their already screwed up mentality because they will certainly NEVER give up in fulfilling their despicable agenda to hold the world in ransom with their religious supremacy to kill in the name of Islam whether other Muslims claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” like it or not!

And hello, how the devil, those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” who desperately wanted their IS brothers and sisters ‘annihilated’, can become “true Muslims” according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad?

Do those who are claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” not ever realize what they are up against now is not just“kafirs” [infidels] of other races and religions, but also their own “kafirs” in the Muslim brotherhood – those who are against the extremist ideologies that are according to the true but sadistic nature of Islam?

Can those who are claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims”, not ever tell they are actually ‘contravening’ and ‘contradicting’ the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad if they do not to kill “kafirs” [infidels] whether Muslims or not, in what “true Muslims” must do in the name of Islam?

If ever they, “true Muslims” or not, were to fight the “Holy Jihad” to make known to the world their so-called “supremacy of Islam” then, the world cannot take it lightly and must fight back one way or the other, at least, to make them look like ‘super-idiots’ fighting with NO GOOD reason and for NO GOOD purpose!

As such, anyone having the ‘sense and sensibility’ of a human being created in the image of God, should avoid ‘at all cost’ any chance of becoming a Muslim only to find out later one has gotten driven into the cage, either to ‘kill “kafirs” [infidels] or be killed’ by “kafirs”, especially those Gringos who will go all out to protect ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom of speech’ at all cost!

You see, if anyone thinks Islam can help one to become so-called “righteous” and “holy” to be “superior” enough to enter an unknown “paradise” of the Islam’s version by practicing those “religious laws” and “rituals” perfectly that actually NO ONE can, in the sight of the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth, then whoever that person is, he/she can forget about it!

It’s better off that they go fly kites to feel at ease, or play computer games until drop dead than to get killed by powerful “kafirs’ [infidels] such as the Gringos, for nothing! Don’t you think so?

Why not? If you, in flesh and blood, cannot even relate and understand this simple reasoning, then you will certainly NEVER grow up to know why – even as a Muslim unto eternity!

Here’s the reasoning homework you, as a Muslim, should do to get in your head once and for all. What’s the point of you, as a Muslim, practicing to become so-called “righteous” and “holy” when you have already failed controversially even to have a relationship with your Creator because of not having obeyed His simplest commandment ever to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to fulfill the 3R’s that is no other than Redemption, Reconciliation, and Relationship with Him – to begin with?

Even though it has been proven from the days of Cain in Genesis 4 that humans are always capable of committing evil in the sight of God whether with direct ‘acts of violence’, or indirect non-violence such as GREED, CORRUPTION and whatnot that comes from the sinful nature aka human nature of humans, yet, God gave Cain a ‘second chance’ to REPENT just the same as He still does to everyone, including Muslims, through Jesus of Nazareth today, by only having to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, NOT solely depending entirely your whole life on practicing those so-called “religious laws” and “rituals” that understandably, NO ONE ever, including Muslims, is perfect enough to do so according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible in Galatians 5 & 6.

Please DO NOT get me wrong. As a ‘born again’ Christian, I’m not saying “do-good” with “acts of kindness” is a “wrong” thing to do, so much so you probably would have misunderstood me to think I’m out to discourage people to contradict and go against even those man-made religions that basically teaches people such moral values so that one would “feel good” enough to be so-called “redeemed” of one’s all wrongdoings according to Man’s standards.

No, that’s not the point! It’s not that simple as you thought either. One thing for sure is – whatever those man-made religions basically taught people to do will NOT solve anything especially the problem and curse of SIN!

When we come to talk about the problem and curse of SIN as a result of humans committing whatever wrongdoings in the sight of the one true Almighty God that Christians always believe He’s the ONE who sent Jesus of Nazareth, it is entirely a different story altogether! You know, don’t you?

What I’m saying is, you don’t have to go one big round to embrace any man-made religions only to be told to “do-good” with “acts of kindness” all the same. Your heart and conscience alone is already good enough to tell you to do the right thing whether in the sight of men or God and whether according to Man’s standards or God’s standard.

You see, the only difference in Christianity is the question about setting your priorities right when it comes to dealing with the problem and curse of sin, death, and the devil….and the aftermath! It’s all about whether you gonna do it according to Man’s standards or God’s standards because that’s what matters most and that’s also what gonna make you different in the sight of the one true Almighty God that is more important than in the sight of men! Got it?

Still don’t get it? You will, once you become a Christian because that’s the beginning to learn everything in a different light that is according to God’s standard! You see, when you no longer think, believe and act according to Man’s standards, then and only then, you shall start to ‘see’ things differently like what is happening to me now.

Most importantly, that’s also when you know you are on the right track to become one of the ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ to inherit the kingdom of heaven!

In fact, what actually separated people from God is because people do not have any foresight or hindsight to look at it according to God’s standard. Meaning to say – you cannot mix SIN and “do-good” with “acts of kindness” together as though they “complimented” each other so much so someone like the Prophet Muhammad must have taught you that if you “do-good” with “acts of kindness’, your sins would be “forgiven”, but that’s only according to Man’s standards. Is that right?

NO, I’m afraid not! Why? That’s because your “do-good” with “acts of kindness” was the kind of “righteousness” that is only according to Man’s standards and not God’s!

If you would base your earthly “righteousness” according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible, then you must ‘come clean’ and REPENT by confessing your sins to Jesus Christ. Obviously, this cannot take place if you do not have a heart and conscience to reciprocate God’s graciousness and mercy to the point where you know it’s necessary to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ according to Acts 2:38 for one’s sins to be ‘washed away’ by the ‘Blood of Jesus’!

To obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to have your sins washed away only requires a simple act of acknowledgment. You have to be baptized by immersion in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:38. Certainly you cannot expect to “wash away” your sins by only reciting so-called “holy” scriptures such as the Shahada in Islam. or perhaps chanting whatever Buddhist sutras and whatnot that are all only according to Man’s standards, can you?

After baptism, any of your ‘do-good’ with ‘acts of kindness’ shall only be binding in the sight of God and be rewarded if and when everything done only according to His will! Do you follow, or still not follow what I’m talking about here? I’m talking about the true nature of Christianity where obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ is the one and only ‘Hope of Salvation’ for everyone implicated as sinners in Romans 3:23?

As long as anyone wakes up and turn around to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ with no questions asked, including even those IS cold-blooded murderers who ever existed or are existing as sinners in flesh and blood, only then there’s a good chance to save one’s sorry butt from eternal damnation before it’s too late because death always comes knocking on anyone’s door ‘all of a sudden’ and without warning!

That’s why, it is ever so important for everyone, regardless of race, creed or religion, to study the Word of God, the Holy Bible and find out the TRUTH about who the one true Almighty God is and why He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth to die for the sins of mankind!

After that, it’s everyone’s choice whether to believe and accept it or not because it’s a personal affair between you and God. Everyone’s action, whether good or not is something NO ONE can escape from being accountable to God in the end whether one is an atheist or not!

Most importantly, when it comes to making a serious and personal decision about your estranged spiritual relationship with the Creator because of SIN and whether to reconcile with Him through Jesus of Nazareth or not, no third-party should have any say in what you choose to believe or obey.

You must, no matter what, make 100% sure you are NOT under threat by whatever “religious laws” or forced like most Muslims were because of circumstances beyond your control, to believe in something that you know do not make sense.

You must by all means necessary stand your ground no matter what’s the end-result you have to face just like Jesus of Nazareth did. He stood His ground on His claim as the Son of God until death because He was only telling and defending nothing but the TRUTH, and so should you in defending your right to choose and NOT ever be depicted by others what you should choose to become, or should not choose to become.

Under God’s constitution, you know you will do well to protect your right to embrace or not embrace any religion because ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom of speech’ both of which are under God’s jurisdiction, not humans! So, no one can have any say on whatever your final decision is when it comes to any spiritual matter that is between you and your Creator!

Even if you found yourself in a sticky situation where it’s so-called “compulsory” for you to embrace Islam “just because” of its religious nature, or perhaps, because of your race and culture, still, you have to show yourself as wise in the sight of God to stand up for your God-given rights to choose what you are mature enough to know and believe is the divine correct path that will lead you to eternal peace of mind.

Certainly, if you are a grown-up with a mind of your own, you should have no problem at all in telling what is divine and what is not, what is true and what is false, or what is correct and what is not, when one comes to talk about spiritual matters that matters!

Don’t forget: It’s your SOUL on the line here and you cannot afford to lose it no matter what. You don’t wanna find yourself going to the point of return, do you? So, do you, whether as a Muslim or not, believe Islam is the point of no return?

If you do, then certainly you have to do something about it urgently even if it means having to denounce your faith in Islam and face the music like all true ‘men-of-God’ do according to God’s standards where the apostle Paul stood out as a good example especially for Muslims to follow!

Even more so, you should NOT be ever FEARFUL of anyone and that is – if you could relate to what Jesus said in Matthew 10:28 and brave enough to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’!

Once you are a ‘born again’ Christian, you shall know deep down in your heart your TRUST and FAITH in the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth is worthy of your devotion – even unto eternity! That’s because what Yahweh will reward you is something NO ONE, not even Muslims, in this devil’s world can ever imagine unto eternity!

Insomuch, you should also know that failing to do the right thing according to Acts 2:38, you will never be able to imagine the kind of sufferings in the eternal pit of fire that is definitely no dead-men’s tales because it is a serious warning to everyone, rich or poor, “good” or evil from the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to ‘come clean’ and REPENT before it’s too late.

We can no longer afford to let our sinful nature aka human nature to hold us back from obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’! If we do not solve this problem and curse once and for all, every one of us might as well be ever ready for an imminent disaster that could strike us ‘all of a sudden’ and it’s a disaster no one can ever imagine because it is even worse than coming home in a body-bag whether with missing parts or not! The biggest disaster is LOSING your soul to Lucifer!

Based on such convictions, I believe, therefore, it is safe for anyone to say Islam is a ‘religion-cum-cult’ that was radically created to fulfill the purpose of Lucifer who’s dying to win the wager with God [Yahweh] over the souls of humans on earth in the Bible’s version of the ‘Holy War’ [spiritual warfare] that most ordinary folks including even Muslims, are either unaware of, or simply ignorant because of one reason or the other due to the “human nature” of most ordinary people always only so interested and concerned in eking out a living to survive and thus, do not ‘see’ the true purpose of their existence on earth, let alone know the truth why all bad things keep happening in this devil’s world with no end to it!

Honestly speaking, please do not ask me what’s my opinion about the pressing issue on life and death! If you do, I have only this to say – what’s the point of surviving and enjoying life on earth as Romans 3:23 does not even spare “billionaires” either, from having to deal with the problem and curse of sin, death and the devil!

Do you think anyone as a feeble and fragile human beings can handle such a deadly curse on one’s own and by one’s own way without God’s help that is much the same as looking in the Man’s mirror of death?

How the devil is that anyone can ever think one is smarter than God? Can you? No one, as a fragile and feeble human beings, should continue to bluff oneself sick anymore! Evidently, you know as well as anyone that even those “filthy rich” are as burdened as anyone in flesh and blood with an ‘unfinished business’ on earth that could lead anyone to face the ‘second death’ hereafter.

You know as well as anyone that no one can take one’s wealth unto eternity, right or not? So, is it worth it to ignore God’s call to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’?

For sure, the warning to avoid the ‘second death’ is no joke according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible. You can make fun of it or say what you don’t like about it for as long as it pleases you, but still, in the end this issue will come back to haunt you when you finally find yourself on the deathbed on day which will happen to anybody with no exception!

So it is definitely foolish of anyone to take it lightly, or even to brush it off as a “glut of information” to avoid reading in the Internet or preached in churches of Christ [Romans 16:16] all over the world.

Are YOU, YOU and YOU not even level-headed enough to think? If it is so important to make a living on earth and to enjoy life with what God has given us, so is acknowledging Him as the one true Almighty God too, by reciprocating His graciousness and mercy through His only begotten Son, Jesus in John 14:6 equally important! Is it not?

What is so hard then, for you or anyone to kill two birds with one stone here with God’s help and blessings?

Undeniably, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob made it so simple and easy for YOU, YOU and YOU, but then, YOU, YOU and YOU wanna make it so hard for Him. What are YOU, YOU and YOU trying to prove – that YOU, YOU and YOU know better than God how to deal with Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23?

Bear in mind, you, I, or anyone else – as long as we are humans made in flesh and blood, we have a problem called SIN and this is the biggest problem ever known in the history of God’s creation that has troubled mankind ever since the fall of Man in the Garden of Eden.

It is something so devilish serious that NOTHING humans on earth can do to solve it or absolve it, not even when humans are so “smart” enough to think they are so capable to “do-good” with “acts of kindness”, or have the so-called “power” according to Man’s standards to call upon whatever “deities” and “gods” of man-made religions to do whatever ungodly rituals, especially going on “trances” that are looking as ridiculous as ever!

The Word of God, the Holy Bible has already made it crystal clear and glaring than diamonds that NOTHING of all such “human nature” that are sinful in nature, can so much, according to Man’s standards, handle or solve the problem and curse of sin, death and the devil!

No can do! ONLY the ‘Blood of Jesus’ can wash away your sins, and help you break free forever from the Shaytan aka Lucifer, as ‘slaves to sin’! Have you still not get in your head by now?

It’s unimaginable how humans, having a mind to think, reason and to choose, can get so DUMB and DUMBER than ever to choose and act like silly monkeys doing their silly antics in the sight of God whatever it is. What do I mean by that?

Of course, by that I meant you can forget about whatever religious rituals, recitals, and chanting conducted in the name of whatever “deities” or “gods” you pay allegiance to. None of these can, and neither had they ever proven to solve, eliminate, annihilate, or whatever words you can find in your dictionary, the problem and curse of sin, death and the devil!

Like it or not, this problem and curse of humans can only be dealt with according to God’s standard because only God has the divine power to help us feeble and fragile humans to deal with something so incredibly sinister in the history of mankind.

In order for anyone to be redeemed and their sins washed away, one has to look for an absolute and right SOLUTION to break free from, or one will simply get drown in it with NO GOOD reason and for NO GOOD purpose!

And for your information, what is right before your eyes, you can find it written in John 14:6 of the Holy Bible, not in the Koran, or any of those man-made religions. The big-time TRUTH is something you CANNOT miss or escape and that is – if you would be so smart and humble enough to turn to studying the Word of God, the Holy Bible to rid yourself of your earthly mess – SIN!

So why still not do the right thing according to God’s standard and be done with it – once and for all!

Which means – the one and only way out for YOU, YOU and YOU to get acquitted of the serious charge by Romans 3:23 and to break free from the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’ is to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’!

Certainly, NO ONE can think of getting away with it all by merely fasting, chanting and definitely NOT by those religious “burnt offerings” that will only pollute the environment causing global warming to deteriorate further for people to die of heat waves, no water to drink because of prolong drought, or bitter cold winter!

Of course, you can brush this off as a “glut of information” and not taking it seriously for all I care. However, it’s your precious soul you are gambling with because, ultimately, you, everyone, and even including me, we all have to pay a heavy price to suffer in the eternal pit of fire – if anyone of us still continue to be as ‘stiff-necked’ as ever about the serious warning and the serious consequence one will face for not willing to ‘come clean’ and REPENT while we are still breathing!

So sadder than sad to say is, most people do not even realize they have been inexplicably blinded by the dark forces of evil working within them simply because they do not even bother to read the Word of God, the Holy Bible to know where they stand in the sight of God. Because of our ignorance and insolence – we all will stand guilty of the charge according to Romans 3:23 and having to face the music according to Romans 6:23!

Only Jesus of Nazareth can help us to get acquitted of all the charges – if only we so much as smart and humble enough to help ourselves by becoming the ‘miracle’ to ‘come clean’ and REPENT according to God’s standard in Acts 2:38!

Trust me, you do not even want to imagine what it’s like suffering in the eternal pit of fire, would you? But, if you ever made a wrong turn, whether on purpose or not, to find yourself still trapped under the bondage of the Shaytan as a ‘slave to sin’, and as a result, lost your precious soul to him, then no one is to blame but yourself only – period!

Remember this too, you have to make up your mind quick enough before death ‘all of a sudden’ comes knocking on your door and of course, everyone else too!

As such, you don’t wanna be seen playing the ‘Russian Roulette’ game with Lucifer on your precious soul, do you?
Now, let’s get back to the 3 reasons mentioned earlier.

………………….to be continued


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