The Man or The Devil In The Mirror [Part 7]

This is where we left off from the post of “The Man or The Devil In The Mirror”.

Apparently, it ended with a serious implication. And that means, there are, at least, 3 reasons to prove why Islam can NEVER ever be substantiated as “divine” and “true” enough to give hope of salvation to the humankind the way the Gospel of Jesus does and always will – until the end of time.

First, let this be clear. Those non-Christians, especially Muslims reading this post should not construe such writings as “bias” or “prejudicial” to their religion. This writer is merely pointing out the ‘ugly truths’ they have yet discovered about Islam, or perhaps having discovered it, but cannot defend it because it’s indefensible – to begin with!

What they have yet understood about Islam, and as a result, also missed out on doing the most ‘significant thing’ in their lifetime is definitely something that gonna have serious repercussions on their existence in this life and the next life whether they believe in what goes around comes around or not.

By such definition, it only means this certainly comes with the heavy price of hell to pay for simply putting their religious “faith” in the wrong place for all the wrong reasons!

Honestly speaking, if they do not like what they are hearing, then so sorry to say it’s long overdue that they should have considered the choice of obeying the Gospel of Jesus and set themselves free from the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’ without having to be told bluntly to do so.

But what do you think is that ‘significant thing’ mentioned earlier? Well, if you are a Muslim, most likely you will say it’s about observing all “religious laws” and “religious rituals” of the Koran without “fail” to find favor in sight of “Allah” the moon-god.

Oh really? Without fail? Is that right? But hello, reality has proven otherwise! That is exactly what most of them have inevitably FAILED awfully to do until today! Do what? Fight as what “true Muslims” should fight in the “Holy Jihad” that is a ‘must-do’ thing for all Muslims!

As ironical as it sounds, even if you are a Muslim, you can safely say at least 99.9% of 1.7 billion or more Muslims have FAILED awfully to understand the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam, let alone volunteer to die as “martyrs” to become “true Muslims” that is a ‘must’ according to the ugly and contradictory side of Islam.

But alas – instead of backing all their “true Muslim brothers and sisters” of IS to fight in the “Holy Jihad”, those so-called “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” are making the tides turn against them [IS] because of not willing to give up the riches of the world and die voluntarily as “martyrs” for the cause of Islam whether they like it or not!

If that is the case, then it means only one thing – it’s actually those extremists IS brothers and sisters who are “truly” the brave ones qualified to enter a “paradise”, so to speak!

In fact, other Muslims who have yet decided to become “true Muslims” like them, or perhaps never will, should consider and emulate those “true Muslims” who have had, at least, “faithfully” and most arduously, WITHOUT FAIL, obeyed the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad to fulfill the “undisputed” purpose of Islam to have the world “Islamicized” through acts of violence to glorify “Allah” the moon-god by sacrificing their lives to fight in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam to kill “infidels” [Kafirs] especially Jews and Christians!

But then, to all born again Christians who understood about the spiritual implication of the Gospel of Jesus, they will tell you that the first ‘significant thing’ to carry out is to mend the broken relationship with the Almighty God, and at all cost come clean and REPENT to stand CORRECTED according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible in Acts 2:38, and NOT dilly-dally anymore till kingdom come!

Since the relationship between God and Man has gotten severed because of SIN having entered the hearts, minds, and souls of humans that resulted in the earthly death of everyone born in flesh and blood, everyone should know, including Muslims, that the simple Gospel of Jesus that came to our rescue is all about ‘healing’ that broken relationship and in which case, we should make it as our top priority WITHOUT FAIL to do something about it!

It’s not about whose God is “better”, or more “superior”. It’s about whose God did the right thing to save our sorry butts from the curse of sin, death, and the devil and thus, stands out mightily as the one true Almighty God who, not only, created the heavens and earth to His glory, but also has proven WITHOUT FAIL as a loving and compassionate God so much so, He could not stand to see us humans going astray to the point of no return [eternal damnation] without doing anything about it.

That is the reason He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus the Nazarene as the Mediator to bring us all back on the correct path to Him. So it’s clear that Jesus the Nazarene has left us a spiritual legacy that only you will hold dear to your heart, mind, and soul – if you ever understood what it means to reciprocate God’s graciousness and mercy that will lead you to obey the Gospel of Jesus – with no questions asked!

In relation to this ‘life and death’ issue, however, is a serious question raised about why Islam does not preach about ‘reconciliation’ with “Allah” the moon-god.

Do you, if you are a Muslim, know why? You don’t? Of course, you don’t and that’s understandable! If you did, you certainly would not have become a Muslim in the first place, right or not? But not surprisingly, the question continues to remain unanswered and it’s because of two possibilities.

First, the origin of the religion, Islam itself, is questionable. It can only go so far to “claim” Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as their original source and inspiration. Only problem is, that is a Hebrew God widely known as synonymous with the Jews [not Arabs] in every way since time immemorial, right or not?

So, how the devil could it have been possible for them [Muslims] to ‘STEAL’ other people’s version of God and make it as their own? That’s not right, right? Morally speaking, that is NOT a nice thing to do either! Is it not? Tell me – can you actually ‘STEAL’ someone’s wife and make her “legally” as yours to keep? I guess NO ONE in the history of mankind can, except the Prophet Muhammad! Can you, anyway?

Moreover, there’s evidence to suggest he had an ever ‘gluttonous’ appetite to enjoy promiscuity enough to commit the sin of adultery as recorded very clearly in the Koran for having had “married” no less than 15 wives one way or the other so much so it must have involved the sinful nature of humans in lusting after women even by hook or by crook – if you know what that means. Do you?

As such, even if you are a Muslim, you can safely say Islam is more like just another one of those man-made religions than as a “divinely” endorsed and authorized one by the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, right or not?

Second, Islam DOES NOT preach about the severed ties between humans and the Creator because of SIN. So naturally, the question about Muslims having to “reconcile” with the ‘STOLEN’ Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob certainly DOES NOT arise, right or not? Even more so, the question about Islam having the “divine” power to help Muslims reconcile with the ‘STOLEN’ Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, DOES NOT arise too, right or not?

Whether they accept such theological reasoning as reasonable or not, and much less like it or not, it’s absolutely necessary that they must, FIRST, keep an open mind to find out what are the 3 main reasons should they ever wanted to know about the serious ramification of their religion that sadly, can resolve NOTHING other than insulting their own intelligence over and over, and not knowing it, or knowing it, but pretend not to because, again, it’s an indefensible task to prove me wrong, let alone argue about it till kingdom come! Am I right or not?

Listed below are the 3 significant reasons to easily prove in particular why Islam, also merely a man-made religion, CANNOT and WILL NOT have the one true Almighty God’s divine power and blessing to save their sorry butts, including the Prophet Muhammad, from the curse of sin, death, and the devil – period!

Reason No: 1 – NO True Sovereignty!

In terms of sovereignty, it is without a shadow of a doubt Islam is facing an immediate problem in claiming sovereignty over all creations. It is especially so when it comes to God’s creation of the humankind because such true and divine revelation of God who created the heavens and the earth could be found written ONLY in the Book of Genesis of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible – NOT in the Koran!

If ever Muslims claimed it’s also found “written”, or more like ‘copy and paste’ in the Koran, it’s only because the Prophet Muhammad had no qualms to violate the divine copyrights of the Word of God, the Holy Bible to destroy, disparage, and dismiss the Gospel of Jesus as the correct path for us feeble and fragile humans to reconcile with God through the one and only Mediator, Jesus of Nazareth who sacrificed His life by shedding His precious blood on the cross to make His Father’s promise of eternal life to us possible under the New Covenant.

It is even more so highly unlikely for such divine truths revealed by Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to be ever found written in any other man-made religions, especially those based on idols-worshiping.

So understandably, if people do not pay allegiance to the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, then it’s obvious they, especially those idolaters, are still obstinately paying allegiance to the impostor “God” aka Lucifer by creating “gods” and “goddesses” in man’s images to “revere” and “worship” for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

Everyone should bear in mind that the one true Almighty God [Yahweh] had already made it so crystal clear even to His own chosen people, Israelites, from biblical times that He always abhorred all forms of idolatry no matter what age and time we are living in.

In case you are an “idolater” [hope not] and you gonna meet up with your Maker one fine day, please do not make a fool of yourself and tell Him on Judgment Day that you have not been warned that it’s a SIN to indulge in idols-worshiping!

The same too here on earth. For instance, as earthlings, you cannot argue with another type of earthlings, the traffic police, especially when your car got clamped for ignorantly parking at a designated clamping zone with bloody big signboards to warn you, can you?

Idolatry is a sin found written in Exodus 20:3-4 as one of the laws of the Ten Commandments not to be violated under any circumstance! It’s strictly forbidden even for the Israelites to indulge in, what more for non-Jews who cannot ever find favor in the sight of God as “righteous” enough to be saved from eternal damnation because of Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23!

If people, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, still do not stop indulging in idols-worshiping, then they are only making an idiot of the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, and themselves too, for having failed to respect Him and His simple rule of law that is always for the good of mankind.

Everyone can read about such warnings from the Word of God, the Holy Bible that whatever man-made religions NOT proven as divinely endorsed and authorized by the one true Almighty God with scriptural proof will only lead to man-made destruction which is your final destination – hell, and NOT to Him as ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ to inherit the kingdom of heaven!

So, if you are a “full-time idolaters” always having to burn big holes in your pockets to spend on buying huge joss-sticks and prayers paraphernalia as “burnt-offerings” to appease your “gods” and “goddesses” that obviously CANNOT save your sorry butts from catching fire in hell, what makes you think you are getting anywhere better here on earth, let alone in the next life?

Have they not told you that you will only end up as one of the ‘sons of the Devil’ or ‘children of the Devil’ instead? Is that what you are dying to become after having got all your hard-earned money went up in smokes to appease them for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose?

The sooner you give up such useless and money-spending “full-time job” and come back on the correct path to the one true Almighty God by obeying the Gospel of Jesus, the better you are, in every dollar and sense so much so you can save up enough to help the less fortunate ones than to see all your money going up in smokes for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Everyone, whether as a Jew or not, had since time immemorial been strenuously warned of such serious consequences for centuries, especially in bowing down to all man-made “gods” and “goddesses”, and yet, so sadly, all such biblical warnings fell on deaf ears and so, it’s all to no avail until today.

Sadly or not, if all such antiChrist and non-Christians still do not heed God’s warnings and would obstinately continue to play with fire, sure enough, they will end up getting burned in eternal damnation, right or not? If so, whose fault is it then – God, the Devil, or YOU? You tell me!

Because of us having NO hope of salvation as implicated in Romans 6:23 and Romans 6:23, you should know by now that is the only reason God decided to help us out and thus, provided us with a SOLUTION to the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

In any case, if you still don’t know who is the ONE best suited and qualified as the SOLUTION to all the demonic problems of humans made possible by the curse of sin, death, and the devil, then either you have not been truthfully informed, or worse, you have been religiously ill-informed by the “ways of men” through man-made religions!

It’s important that, NO ONE, under whatever circumstances, should become so foolish enough to even think there’s no price of hell to pay while enjoying the freedom of religion to worship anything on earth including the Devil that humans are always capable of being deceived to the point of no return.

If ever you thought and believed freedom of religion is for you to go against God, or to spite Him for whatever reasons known only to you, then you are so wrong to think God will spare you from having to be made accountable of such foolishness that corrupted your mind, heart, and soul.

But if ever you professed yourself as a true ‘man-of-God’, and a ‘man-of-principle’ dare to speak out the ‘ugly truths’ about all the flaws of man-made religions under the banner of freedom of speech or expression to make known the true purpose of freedom of religion, then you will always have God’s blessing and assurance to do so!

You see, the advantage of having freedom of religion that can only be properly used, and NOT arbitrarily abused, is when we are smart and humble enough to make a right choice to come back on the correct path to God according to His will, and NOT according to the “ways of men” via man-made religions.

Of course, that can only be possible by obeying the Gospel of Jesus, and NOT according to the “ways of men” to indulge in idolatry, or in the case of Islam with its own dangerous brand of ‘religion-cum-cult’ teachings that will do more harm than good because of NOT ever divinely endorsed and authorized by the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus!

As for Muslims who blindly are “believing” they are on the “correct” path by embracing Islam, then one thing they should have known better than those idolaters is that they are forever far from getting anywhere near God’s promise of eternal life through His Son, Jesus, the Nazarene even if they “professed” to “revere” and “worship” Him as a “prophet of Islam” as well.

No can do! Do you know why? Perhaps, let’s just say the Prophet Muhammad did not find favor in the sight of God to have such a precious and divine promise endorsed in Islam.

Apart from that, it was a little far too late for him to get hold of such an important assignment as it had already been assigned to Jesus, the Nazarene who already had fulfilled it long before even the self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad was born!

And that should lead them [Muslims] to the next reason to know why even after observing all the “religious rituals” such as “fasting” in the month of Ramadan and whatnot, still, they ain’t getting anywhere close to the heart of the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and that brings them to ….

Reason No: 2 – NO True Divinity!

When we come to talk in the spiritual sense about what divinity is, especially the divine power of our Creator, an immortal communicating with us humans as mortals, so clearly, the only means to do so is through holy scriptures written and translated in whatever languages possible to serve people of all races and languages.

But so sad to say Christians are being religiously persecuted especially by radical Muslims for doing the will of God to save mankind from the curse of sin, death, and the devil that also includes them! Because of that, what we now have in our midst is the Word of God, the Holy Bible versus the Koran that is the same as the good versus the evil.

The best thing to come out of freedom of religion is, anyone can scrutinize both, Islam and Christianity, in all truthfulness so that one can decide which one is truly and divinely endorsed and authorized by the one true Almighty God.

It must, however, be done with a good sense of judgment that in every way one must by all means necessary keep an open mind, and as always like business as usual, be TRUE to one’s heart as exactly as the way God has always been TRUE to us so that one can tell from the bottom of one’s heart which one, the Word of God [the Holy Bible] or the Koran, has the divine power to save our sorry butts from the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

If your final decision to choose either Islam or Christianity that is according to the words of Jesus spoken in Matthew 12:30 when He ‘openly’ challenged the Pharisees Jews to choose between Him and Beelzebub, the prince of demons, then it is the same too that you like those ancient Pharisees Jews must, like it or not, dismiss and reject either Islam or Christianity, as the perverted teachings not only ‘at all cost’, but once and for all!

Only then can you see clearly which one has the divine power that is prevalent enough to save our sorry butts from the curse of sin, death, and the devil! But in this case, it looks like Muslims have rejected Christianity ‘at all cost’ while they CANNOT even prove Islam as “divinely” endorsed and authorized by the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, the Nazarene!

Can you then, as a Muslim, accept this challenge from Jesus?

If you can, then you have to be sincerely prepared in your heart, mind, and soul to read about ‘significant things’ that probably are NOT to your liking especially if you are a Muslim because you may suddenly find yourself in the shoes of those ancient scribes and Pharisees Jews…and blow your top with acts of violence for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

In fact, you should imagine yourself in the same scenario as those ancient scribes and Pharisees Jews always hearing whatever Jesus said that were NOT to your liking, and perhaps you like those ancient scribes and Pharisees Jews even “fondly” grew to hate Him enough to chop Him up into eighteen pieces – if you are a Muslim who are “so religiously” self-righteous that you cannot take criticisms in your stride!

Frankly speaking, NO amount of criticisms, even the most “constructive” ones will and can ever change you if you DO NOT even know what had already gone wrong up in your head in the FIRST place!

In any case, you must, FIRST, learn to accept whatever “criticisms” as ‘ugly truths-in-disguise’ but that might truly get you to wake up to know what went wrong. That is exactly how you must by all means necessary learn from others who and what you really are from inside out – if standing in front of a mirror failed to do the job!

Otherwise, you will only see all criticisms as totally bias and having prejudice against you that will only make you forever go on the defensive, thus resolve NOTHING, right or not?

You see, the ‘ugly truth’ is, you CANNOT learn by wanting to hear what you like to hear that is music to your ears only. You must learn to hear very critical criticisms especially the ones NOT to your liking – to begin with! Bear in mind that people DO NOT always criticize you just for the sake of criticizing. They always have good and valid reasons to do so and that’s for you to find out and do the right thing about it.

Although, it can’t be denied that you gonna learn the hard way and most of the time having to come to terms with reality, but the good thing to happen is, you know deep down in your heart that it gonna help you to become more mature and learned as grown-ups should, and so you would, at least, equip yourself better to accept even harsher challenges than this in life, and face them like a ‘man-of-principle’ should without having to keep telling one lie to cover up another lie with no end to telling lies every time your integrity is under serious questioning and challenged to prove yourself clean of any wrongdoings.

The Challenge To Learn From Jesus

Okay, here’s the challenge for you: Let’s say you are a Muslim and I am a Christian. Probably the first thing you know who I am, you may not like me but do not be surprise – I DO NOT hate you as a human being in any way. I only hate the one inside getting you screwed up in the head to embrace Islam for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

Do you know why I say that? That’s because I believe Islam is not from the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus. It’s too obvious, is it not? Instead, it’s from the impostor “God” aka Lucifer who rallied behind the Prophet Muhammad under the disguise of the angel, “Gabriel”, and gave him the power to create a false and dangerous religion that will do all humans more harm than good. The main purpose was to counter at all cost God’s plan to save mankind from the curse of sin, death and the devil!

If you don’t know why, then let me put it this way and…..bluntly, of course! I’m now even saying it in your face that you DO NOT know the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam, or actually knowing it, but pretend not to like business as usual.

I’m also challenging you at the same time that you definitely CANNOT, and will NEVER be able to prove your religion, Islam as “divinely” endorsed and authorized by Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – the same God who sent Jesus of Nazareth to atone for the sins of mankind.

I’m saying all these ‘significant things’ that are absolutely NOT to your liking and to piss you off directly. That’s exactly the purpose of this harsh challenge you will find not only humiliating but hurting your feelings so bad that you would, by whatever power or means, even cross the line with abuse of power and do anything possible to shut me up just as the ancient scribes and Pharisees Jews did to Jesus!

That’s most likely because your Prophet Muhammad told you in the Koran that people like me are to be taken as “infidels” [Kafirs] “just because” I did not embrace your religion as more “superior” than Christianity, is that not right?

But still, it means nothing to me. Even if it takes you having to openly and glaringly violate Man’s rule of law with abuse of power to deal with me like the way those Roman soldiers dealt with Jesus’ disciples after His death and resurrection in the 1st century, it DOES NOT ever change the ‘ugly truth’ that NO true divinity in Islam has ever been detected from day one.

Don’t you know why? You see, the moment you, as a Muslim, deny Jesus as the Son of God in 1 John 1:22-23, it is the same as denying the same God you so-called “revere” and “worship” as ever sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, the Nazarene to save mankind, including you, from the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

That is why you CANNOT, and will NEVER be able to prove you are paying allegiance to the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob because of you having religiously denied and rejected Jesus as the Son of God in the first place.

Instead, it’s the impostor “God” aka Lucifer that you are acknowledging and not knowing it, or very likely knowing it, but pretend not to because of the ‘apostasy act’ of Islam in force to stop you from becoming a born again Christian according to the Gospel of Jesus spiritually ‘licensed’ to save your sorry butt from the bondage of the Shaytan as a ‘slave to sin’.

Since the day the followers of Jesus first called Christians at Antioch, did you even know for a fact that Christianity from that day on was very clearly based on the Gospel of Jesus so definitely and successfully made God’s promise of eternal life possible under the New Covenant because of having had fulfilled and sealed by the Blood of Jesus in Hebrews 9:11-28, and NOT even based on the “ways of men” to “do-good” with “acts of kindness” that is only secondary in God’s sight?

As such, one thing most certain that you, as a Muslim, can and able to tell and see is; your religion, Islam, all along existed solely on the basis of Judaism that dated back to the biblical days of those Hebrews prophets chosen to do God’s will.

And, as one thing leads to another, ultimately, it led to the prophecy of a Hebrew [not an Arab] Messiah in Isaiah 53 fulfilled and that came to be known as Jesus, the Nazarene chosen by God, His Father, to atone for the sins of mankind.

But unfortunately, as a Muslim, you do not even realize that you have had only embraced ‘half-truths’ of Islam because ironically, that’s where most “learned” but “self-righteous” Muslims like you will very strangely stop believing in the divine truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

Theologically speaking, do you, as a Muslim, know there’s absolutely NO chance ever for the Prophet Muhammad to lay claims on God’s creation of the world and humans as well as the divine blessings from the one true Almighty God to save mankind from the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’?

Even under the pretext of your Prophet Muhammad’s version, “there is NO GOD [Yahweh] but “Allah” the moon-god, still, you CANNOT very well prove he was “truly” entrusted with the “divine” mission from the true version of the Almighty God [Yahweh] to save mankind from the curse of sin, death, and the devil after the fall of Man that in Romans 3:23 also included the self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad himself and you too, where both of you, without a shadow of a doubt, had FAILED awfully to understand the true mission of…..

True Prophets and Prophecies

If ever you, as a Muslim, studied the Word of God, the Holy Bible, you would have noticed glaringly in the Old Testament that God spoke to humans during the biblical era, especially to the Israelites known as the chosen people of God, through many prophets that even you are familiar with such as Abraham, Noah and Moses among others who truly were doing God’s will.

Understandably, all of them were strictly Hebrews. But most notably were two prophets, namely Isaiah and Jeremiah, they were known as the most prominent ones because God gave them a ‘special task’ to speak and make known, during their lifetime, about the prophecy of a Messiah to come.

Whether you are aware or not, both of the Hebrews prophets NEVER ever mentioned about any “Arab” prophet as per your Prophet Muhammad who he was, and what role he would have played if he was ever prophesied as having to fulfill any of God’s will on earth. Unfortunately, there is NONE whatsoever! So, practically and spiritually, it’s only fair and sensible to give credit to whom it belongs and that is no other than Jesus, the Nazarene!

That is why only born again Christians all knew and believed such a significant prophecy to fulfill God’s promise of eternal life had already been proven as fulfilled by Jesus, the Nazarene because it had already come to pass nearly two thousand years ago and recorded by the Word of God, the Holy Bible in the New Testament, NOT in your Koran, of course!

Until today, still, people especially those orthodox Jews, like those ancient scribes and Pharisees, and not surprisingly Muslims like yourself too, are not mesmerized nor enthralled to know the prophesied Messiah was Jesus, the Nazarene!

The biggest problem is, even as a Muslim, you FAILED awfully to understand the sole purpose of a true prophet chosen by God would certainly be seen and proven by their divine words and works – easily! If you so much can relate to what Jesus said in Matthew 15:7, it is the same as what the prophet Isaiah prophesied the Messiah that was Jesus who would soon come and say the same in Isaiah 29:13. And surely, even as a Muslim, you know that happened nearly two thousand years ago. If that is not the proof of Isaiah prophecy of a Messiah fulfilled, then what is?

You see, the genuine prophets who FEARED God will serve God faithfully and would even have no qualms to sacrifice one’s life to bring them [Jews] back on the correct path to come clean and REPENT from the sinful “ways of men” so that they can reconcile with Him [Yahweh] and to only worship Him for their own good.

But the Prophet Muhammad did exactly the opposite. Everyone knows he instigated Muslims to kill Jews and Christians as “infidels” [Kafirs] under his own version known as the “Holy Jihad” of Islam. So it’s very, very easy even for you as a Muslim to tell whether a prophet is true or a false one based on such ‘ugly truths’ found written in the book of Surah in the Koran. Is it not?

Don’t you think it’s rather odd and out-of-place for Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to send “all of a sudden” and “out of the blue” the self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad, an “Arab” as a “bona fide” prophet to bring the Israelites [Jews] back on the correct path to Him even after Jesus had already done the job and said, ‘It is finished’ even before the self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad was born? Use your head, please!

The only reason for a true prophet to do God’s will was to prevent His chosen people, Israelites, from getting misled and lost. Do not forget. The great Deceiver aka Lucifer, that you, as a Muslim, also believe as the Shaytan in Arabic, he too, have the evil power to devour them of their souls as soon as they forsake and forget about God as their Heavenly Father who does not wish to see the Devil consuming their souls for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

Perhaps, you could say it’s the same thing that your earthly father and mother too, do not wish to see you going astray on the wrong path to hurt yourself and them as well, right or not? But, if ever you were led astray by the sinful “ways of men” to become mentally, materialistically, and spiritually lost, it’s only natural that your parents would by any means possible seek help from any of your “religious clerics” as trustworthy as a ‘true prophet’ to persuade you to come home to them safe, and perhaps “changed” for good too – if possible, right or not?

That’s exactly what God as the Heavenly Father is to us humans, always will be, and do whatever necessary to make sure we do not get lost to the point of no return. Unfortunately, it’s always us as ungrateful humans who gave Him NO choice but to sacrifice His only begotten Son, Jesus the Nazarene to deliver us, regardless of race, creed, or religion from evil all because our Heavenly Father still loves us as would your earthly father and mother do the same too to you, right or not?

But in the end, it’s still up to you to make the right decision….or not!

That’s why Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob deemed it as necessary to appoint ‘prophets’ such as Isaiah and Jeremiah who were both trustworthy enough to do His will for the good of mankind.

But why then did God also consider it as necessary to speak about the prophecy of a Messiah regarded as important and that will serve the purpose of giving hope of salvation to mankind?

It was due to the simple fact that God saw humans as getting out of hand in everything that they do or ever did because nothing were short of wickedness and evil as recorded in Genesis 6:5-6. You see, people do not even realize that the evil that has infiltrated their hearts, minds, and souls is too powerful for us to fight without the help of God.

Because sins could only be cleansed by blood sacrifices of animals under the Old Covenant and that it would be impossible to kill an animal every time to carry out such rituals since humans always have no qualms to sin against God even when dressed-up looking “so alibaba” religious on the outside all the time, so it was all the more necessary to appoint prophets to prepare the way for the Messiah to come as a sacrificial Lamb to atone for the sins of mankind once and for all under the New Covenant where the simple promise of eternal life would be made possible to whoever will obey the Gospel of Jesus – with no questions asked as a sign of one’s faith in God!

And also, because of the sinful “ways of men” taking a heavy toll on the Holiness and Highness of our Heavenly Father, He knew He must prepare for ‘Plan B’ to be executed as He no longer could see the hearts and conscience imbued in us ever gonna guide us humans to come back on the correct path to Him.

On this account, first, I would like make it clear that there is no evidence of such ‘Plan B’ recorded in the Word of God, the Holy Bible. I was like only trying to put myself in the shoes of God and started having such an intuition about why the one true Almighty God no longer wanted to communicate with us humans anymore, whether Jews or not, since after the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Nazarene. I was once blind but now I see!

Of course, God still communicates with us, but most notably only when we have become born again Christians to be considered as the ‘righteous ones’ in His sight. Then and only then, can we communicate with Him through prayers from the heart, NOT recital of prayers by heart! You copy or no copy?

Understandably, the moment we open the Holy Bible to read, that’s when Christians start communicating with Him through all the meaningful scriptures that can and will guide us or simply tell us something of great value to our lives whether in this life or the next one.

You see, the first thing you should know and understand is that Christianity is not a religion about following “marching orders” to do this and not do that, or eat this and not eat that, be this and not be that as these are only “ways of men” that CANNOT and WILL NOT ever help us to become reconciled with our Creator!

It is about bringing back our hearts and conscience to reconcile with our Creator and to do His will to bring other lost souls back to Him. Don’t forget – it costs Him to sacrifice His Son, Jesus of Nazareth who paid a very high price to set us free from the curse of sin, death, and the devil by His death to conquer death through RESURRECTION so that we might live eternally as ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven!

So, don’t you think you are only wasting your time for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose – if you still continue to stay as antiChrist or as a non-Christian refusing to come clean and REPENT to stand CORRECTED according to the Word of God in Acts 2:38?

Even though it was true that God regretted having made man on earth, but it does not mean He no longer is loving and compassionate towards us, nor does He ever plan on forsaking us, does He?

On the contrary, we all know He still loves us and we cannot deny that because Jesus is the living proof. Is it not? And according to my intuition, it’s too bad that it has gotten to where God could no longer compromise His Holiness and Highness anymore by continuing to speak to us sinful humans all the time through ‘prophets’ that usually either end up getting persecuted or killed for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

Yet, after having done all He could for our sake, we humans at the same time still continue to rebel against Him with no end to it. Can you imagine that?

So obviously it was for the last time that’s the reason God appointed prominent ‘prophets’ such as Isaiah and Jeremiah to make known of His decision to come out with a New Covenant that promises eternal life not only to His chosen people but to anyone who obeys His only one simple commandment as proof of one’s lasting faith in Him for having reciprocated His graciousness and mercy to save oneself from eternal damnation – hell that is!

And sure enough, that commandment was to obey the Gospel of Jesus with no question asked that is unlike your Islam version by reciting the Shahada, “La ilaha illallah” meaning “there is NO GOD [Yahweh] but Allah”. Do you think that’s “good enough” to absolve you of all your sins and get yourself reconciled with your Creator, Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who said otherwise in the Holy Bible?

Naturally, when you have FAITH in someone, especially if it’s the one true Almighty God who you cannot see, you do not ask questions, do you? All you need is FAITH because God promised He will ONLY listen to the prayers of the ‘righteous ones’ who were those smart and humble enough to come clean and REPENT to stand CORRECTED with no questions asked! But if you put your religious “faith” in the wrong place that makes it questionable, then you have a serious problem to deal with for the rest of your life!

So your biggest problem is, have you today, as a Muslim, figured out who are the ‘righteous ones’? If you still have not, then definitely, you have problems understanding what it means to obey the Gospel of Jesus, and its legal aspects such as…


…………………to be continued, again!

Famous Quotes:

“When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons – we ceased to grow.”

…… Anais Nin …..


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