The Man or The Devil In The Mirror [Part 8]

One of the legal aspects mentioned in the earlier post most Muslims, especially the radical ones, have always ignorantly dismissed and rejected as valid and acceptable is no other than…..

The Legacy of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection!

Based on God’s standard, such a legitimate legacy ever made possible by the ‘Blood of Jesus’ and indisputably proven by, at least, 3 incidents that happened is because of the Word of God, the Holy Bible having had unmistakably substantiated such claims – without fail!

First: It was because God appointed two most prominent prophets known as Isaiah and Jeremiah to make known to the Israelites about the prophecy of a Messiah to come. The prophecy made almost one thousand years before the birth of Jesus came to pass – eventually and successfully!

Second: It was because Jesus of Nazareth having claimed Himself as the Son of God who died and resurrected that ultimately had proven Him as the Messiah who fulfilled the prophecy – unmistakably! It was proven not only by His own words, but also by the words of many others who marveled at the miracles He performed while He walked the earth.

Basically, you can check this out by reading the first four books of the New Testament that obviously provides all the affirmative answers to allay your doubts whatsoever – once and for all! Even before His death and resurrection occurred, Jesus foretold about it to His disciples that He would soon enough end up getting betrayed according to Matthew 20:17-19! Jesus even told them, at least, twice on different occasion. Did He not get betrayed after all?

Third: Most importantly, Jesus also foretold about His death and resurrection even to the Pharisees Jews in public because of an incident that happened at the temple when He got very angry at some people using the house of worship to do business as testified in John 2:13-20!

Not surprisingly, even Muslims who conveniently claim to “revere” Jesus as a “prophet of Islam” until today, are still asking some of the most “interesting” but no less than delirious and disastrous questions ever in this ‘faithless and perverse generation’ about the legacy of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Undeniably and unfortunately, the most notable question ever asked, especially by radical and self-righteous Muslims, in this millennium is: “Is Jesus the Son of God who died and resurrected”?

By right, they should not even have asked such kind of questions – if they so much as always professing themselves as “men-of-God”, and are paying “allegiance” to Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to keep practicing a ‘copy and paste’ version of the traditions and laws of Judaism under the Old Covenant but only having made it sounded more “superior” than Judaism according to the perverted ideologies and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad!

Instead, they should seriously and urgently ask themselves relevant questions like, “Why do we still not believe the Word of God, the Holy Bible? And not to mention, “Whose God are we seriously paying allegiance to? “Is it the ‘stolen’ Yahweh, the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, or Allah the moon-god associated with the self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad”?

So, what’s the rationale behind in asking them to do some soul-searching? There are only two possibilities in the outcome. If it’s not the Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob they inadvertently had ‘stolen’ from Judaism to worship, then obviously it is “Allah” the moon-god, right or not? But then again, who the devil is “Allah” the moon-god? Is he the impostor “God” otherwise known as Lucifer, or Beelzebub, or perhaps even Baal?

Back to their intransigent question, “Is Jesus the Son of God who died and resurrected”?

In echoing again the intransigent testimonies of Jesus’ disciples, and the intransigent accusation those ancient scribes and Pharisees Jews made about Jesus having spoken “blasphemy” against God to claim Himself as the Son of God and proven it even after they made ‘double-dead’ sure Jesus’ body did not get stolen, but still ended up witnessing an empty tomb on the third day, then the answer is an affirmative YES!

Of course, Jesus was and still is the Son of God who died and resurrected, but provided they never ever denied what they really saw that biblically happened. Did they not?

At least, all such claims made and substantiated with proof by Jesus’ disciples among others, were found written according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible. It can, however, only be considered as good as TRUE GRIT provided even you, as a “Muslim”, DO NOT dare to equate God as so much a pitiful liar as you in having no qualms to irreverently deny Him left and right. Do you, anyway?

And if you so ever dare to call yourself a “Muslim” to endlessly and relentlessly accuse Jesus of having spoken “blasphemy” against God, and keep “crucifying” Him over and over with falsehood as exactly as what those orthodox Jews today, are still doing in rejecting Jesus as the Son of God who died and resurrected, then you are only showing and proving NOTHING but as pathetic as those antiChrist and non-Christians still under the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’!

In Matthew 27:54, even a Roman centurion, probably the same one who pierced Jesus’ side got so terrified and exclaimed, “Surely he was the Son of God”! Was He not?

Well then, what the devil do you think? Surely, even if you so much as a “Muslim” never ever dared to question your self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad, why the devil then do you dare to question the Word of God, the Holy Bible and make the ‘stolen’ Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob look as DUMB and DUMBER as you?

So, is Jesus the Son of God who died and resurrected – after all?

Nevertheless, to be fair and square, the best way to answer such a “sensitive” question that always carries with it an implication that it was a “mission impossible” job for God to have the divine power to raise His Son, Jesus from the dead, is to make it backfire with another insensitive question that is certainly no less than satirical like for instance….

Did Jesus really get “so lucky” to be “resuscitated” back to life by His faithful disciples only with some “herbs” [John 19:39-40] even after a Roman soldier had pierced His side with a long spear to make ‘double-dead’ sure He was really dead as testified in John 19:31-37?

Honestly speaking, it is even easier to deal with “sensitive” questions today than with insensitive questions like the one above. Only problem is, people usually like to take the easy way out with either acts of violence, or insensibility when faced with anything “sensitive” especially if it involved racial and religious issues.

Perhaps, that is the reason some people, notably those having “so alibaba” professed themselves as “men-of-God” always can’t seem to swallow anything “sensitive” especially in the racial, political, or religious context – be it questions, remarks, criticisms, and whatnot.

As such, if they do not shout verbal profanities at others in public, they will become arrogant enough to show their ill-bred prowess of “self-defense” in public to intimidate and suppress others as though only they have the “special rights” to abuse the rule of law to protest legally without getting arrested but not others.

And even worse than this is, “just because” they have gotten themselves equipped with “martial arts” skills to show off, they think they are always ready to challenge others with acts of violence to spark bloodshed that will add more fuel to the fire for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose just to make ‘double-dead’ sure their race and religion are more “superior” than anything else in the world.

Or, if they are not good with ‘war of words’ with others as those “keyboard warriors” do in the Internet, their only “best bet” to solve anything “sensitive” is to react with verbal threats to cause riots and unrest as a means to an end to “self-exonerate” themselves of guilt, incompetence, and hypocrisy because of their ‘ugly truth’ honestly and bravely exposed by others one way or the other!

But little did they know? Their ill-advised and ill-judged actions to discriminate and incriminate others can only end up to show themselves as NOTHING more than just a bunch of pathetic losers in a “democratic” society they only ignorantly help to make it become NOT as “democratic” as they claimed and practiced – after all!

When all such nonsense rear its ugly head every time to make them quickly “forget” about the “noble” teachings of even their own “prophet” NOT to lose one’s head easily as “Muslims” on one hand, but not surprisingly, they will, however, even all the more easily “forget” at all cost what they have religiously “learned” and thus, always end up to act according to the ugly and contradictory side of Islam.

Instead, they religiously learned to “forget” everything faster than the “Fast & Furious” the moment they felt insulted or threatened even by peaceful street protests not to their liking “just because” of someone having gotten publicly insinuated for GREED and CORRUPTION that they felt obligated to protect at all cost to make ‘double-dead’ sure they do not lose power whether politically or religiously!

To all such ‘one-sided’ people, the evils of GREED and CORRUPTION are something supposedly as precious to them as “breathing” to live knowing so well they have gotten accustomed to such an easy lifestyle for far too long so much so they practically cannot live without indulging in such evil traits simply because this is exactly what had kept them in power to survive and thrive for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

At this point, you probably wonder why this writer is touching on political issues all of a sudden, right? Oops, so sorry, almost “forgot” to tell you that this writer is riding on the tide of ‘politics-cum-religion’ fervor in this post which is a ‘must’ in today’s trend if anyone wants to “politically” get the message across so that people will religiously understand what it means to kill two birds with one stone, you know?

So what happens if you, as a “Muslim”, are being asked the same “sensitive” question, “Is Jesus the Son of God who died and resurrected”? Surely, you do not think this is so very, very difficult to answer, especially since you also believe Jesus is a “prophet of Islam”! Do you, anyway?

As simple and realistic as it sounds, do you still think you would not die if the same thing [crucifixion] happens to you especially when there’s a doctor around to pronounce you dead the same way a Roman centurion who pierced Jesus’ side himself was there to confidently pronounce Jesus dead, and then, confidently reported the news to Pilate as recorded in Mark 15:43-45?

One can’t help but wonder if it happened to any ordinary Joe, what would be the end-result like? Could a person very likely have died already after having gotten punished with severe scourging for no crime committed, let alone forced to carry the heavy [or not] cross to a place called Skull, also known as Golgotha, to be crucified and die an excruciating death?

But if you ever asked this writer a “sensitive” question like: “Hey mister, what could have happened if it was you”?

Understandably, the answer is a simple and straightforward one even if this writer is not a Christian. This is what this writer would say, “I would rather have an arrow flying straight into my throat to die on the spot and be done with it than for them to inhumanely and unnecessarily torture me the way they did to Jesus who committed NO crime other than to SAVE them and everyone’s sorry butts from the bondage of the Shaytan as slaves to sin!”

But if you, as a “Muslim”, must ask irrelevant questions like, “Why the Bible never mentioned about the missing years of Jesus”, or “What exactly Jesus did during those missing years” and whatnot, then surely it is really, really difficult to entertain you the same way John felt and said so bluntly in John 21:25!

Meaning to say, does the Bible even have to tell you every little irrelevant thing in details like for instance – how much “income” Jesus made a month as a carpenter? Or, how “tall” was Jesus? Or, was Jesus “good-looking” or not? Or, did Jesus ever have long hairs that looked like those “hippies” of the 70’s or not? Or, did Jesus “lust” after women like the Prophet Muhammad did? Or even, did Jesus ever get to eat “pork” or not?

The list is endless if this writer goes on like what John said. But this writer can’t be wasting time so unnecessary even over trivial things that are irrelevant – to begin with!

On the contrary, the FIRST thing you, even as a “Muslim”, should ever think of doing [not asking] is something RELEVANT! And that is, if you are a human being with conscious, you should have considered yourself damn lucky! You should have felt immeasurably indebted to Jesus that, as a SINNER, God still loves you in John 3:16 so much so He had to SACRIFICE His only begotten, Son, Jesus of Nazareth to save your sorry butt and those 1.7 billion Muslims or more like you from the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

As such, you should NOT ever get so hard-up on finding out every little irrelevant thing that you “want” or “curious” to know about the life and death of Jesus.

Instead, even as a “Muslim”, you should all the more have felt more than satisfied already with what you’ve read about Jesus and His purpose on earth in the first four books of the New Testament as that will suffice! And that is, of course, if you do it for clearing the air on all such man-made controversies surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection that, in the first place, probably could have gotten you so religiously incapable of believing Jesus is the Son of God who died and resurrected.

And now that you know the gospel truth who Jesus was and is, what should naturally follow even if you are a “Muslim” is – you should have NO qualms to violate the infamous man-made religious laws such as the ‘apostasy act’, and jump ship faster  than the “Fast & The Furious” knowing so well your ship had already started to religiously sink to the bottom of the sea!

Instead, you should do the right thing to become a born again Christian with no questions asked! Why? That’s because, you should have known by now that obeying the Gospel of Jesus is the ‘one and only’ way to reciprocate God’s graciousness and mercy for having given you a ‘second chance’ to redeem yourself, reconcile with Him, and have a relationship with Him so much so, you will soon enough live as one of the ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven should the ‘rapture’ mentioned in the Word of God, the Holy Bible, happens any time soon!

And oh… just so you know, Jesus will always stand by you, so do not ever worry even if you get “killed” for becoming a born again Christian because then, you know you have become one of the righteous ones in the sight of God as a murdered martyr for His sake. And that’s because the only most important thing you ever have done was to jump-start your leap of faith. Do you not have even a ‘little’ faith to begin because of what Jesus said according to Matthew 10:28-42?

By right, even as a “Muslim”, you should NEVER ever have doubted the Word of God, the Holy Bible and asked irrelevant, or insensible questions to show yourself as so badly ‘crippled’ from inside out because of having lost your sense of direction while busy claiming yourself as a “man-of-God” that unfortunately, even this is no longer befitting you because of you having had glaringly failed to obey the Gospel of Jesus to get accepted as one of the righteous ones in the sight of God to know about ….

The GREATNESS of God that always overshadowed the “ways of men”!

In case you have missed out on the greatest bonus ever offered to you, here’s your ‘second chance’ to grab it while still breathing!

The apostle Paul who humbly succumbed to the good extremism to do the right thing to come clean and REPENT to stand CORRECTED and thus, wrote Acts 2:38 is because of the GREATNESS of God to save earthly humans according to His will. That is why, such GREATNESS of God came in one big heavenly package of humility, love and compassion. Certainly that is what gave us hope of salvation that reigns supreme forever!

So that means, anything, especially “moderation” which is one of the irrelevant “ways of men” WILL NOT and CANNOT save us even in the sight of Man, let alone God! Yet so sadly, God is still patiently waiting for all humans, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, to reciprocate His graciousness and mercy with no questions asked!

Yet again, it’s not surprising to see such a wonderful gift from God that money can’t buy still do not make those antiChrist and non-Christians one bit remorseful enough to even understand the reason and the purpose of obeying the Gospel of Jesus – to begin with! Too bad, this is NOT happening because of the “ways of men” to always do the opposite of what’s good for us. And such bad news could only be made possible by the curse of sin, death, and the devil! So are you still purposely planning to miss out on this ‘bonus’ of a lifetime just as those 1.7  billion or more Muslims would?

Of course, there’s no doubt about it that you and they, as Muslims, will keep on missing out on God’s greatest ‘bonus’ until the end of time due to the IGNORANCE, ARROGANCE, and STUBBORNNESS of people like you NOT able to see, think, and choose to do the right thing according to God’s standard that one can read about from the Word of God, the Holy Bible to find out. Too bad again, even such a simple and noble thing to do is clearly not happening!

Meaning to say, the hearts and conscience of humans, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, have apparently gotten badly dormant and rotten because so sadly, they do not even know how to appreciate such a precious gift from God to let it guide them to do the right thing, at least, for the sake of their own souls. But so sadly, even their hearts and conscience had gotten sidelined, and always get violated by NO ONE but by themselves!

Instead, they would rather unequivocally let it “hanged” somewhere over the rainbow so that it can NO LONGER be found anymore, and that’s because they either are still as STIFF-NECKED as ever, or they still truly, madly, and deeply enjoy DENYING the simple gospel truth that they are under the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’!

Not surprisingly again, even after Jesus’ death and resurrection that gave them hope of salvation to set themselves free by obeying the Gospel of Jesus, still, they prefer to do the opposite of what’s good for them.

In short, because of them always so rebellious and so concern in paying “allegiance” to man-made religions that, “at best”, they are only pushing themselves to DOOM for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose so much so they do not even bother, nor ever care to know the hope of salvation made possible by Jesus had already existed even before any one of us ever born and died in this millennium!

Before I go ahead any further, just to spice things up a little [or not] for this ‘politics-cum-religion’ post, and before I “forget” to share what I’ve found out about man-made laws is that, even law-makers themselves have always showed their inconsistencies and incompetence because of having “so alibaba” professed themselves as “men-of-principles”  in the political context, or as “men-of-God” under the pretext of man-made religions; they still end up as always having failed to uphold God’s rule of law when they always had no qualms to abuse Man’s rule of law like business as usual just to make ‘double-dead’ sure they do not lose face, or ever “forced” to relinquish any political post even when faced with the serious insinuation of GREED and CORRUPTION!

One thing for sure is, anyone whether politically ill-informed or not, can tell easily that most existing laws, especially in a multi-racial society governed under the “monarchy constitution” that professed to “protect” human rights of every race, and “uphold” justice, democracy, and fairness for everyone, is actually nothing more than just a ‘smokescreen’ to divert people’s attention with the mainstream media promoting “moderation” so that those with vested interests behind can rule with “peace of mind” to always get what they want.

Meaning to say, such a ‘smokescreen’ erected is for the purpose of protecting their vested interests only. But then, they knew this could not be ever possible without having ‘one-sided’ laws to help further enhance their cause. So the one and only way to make ‘double-dead’ sure it can safeguard them from not getting implicated of wrongdoings of any kind under whatever circumstances is to become dictators-in-disguise with ‘one-sided’ laws. Another reason is due to an ever competitive environment to fight for worldly gains and positions. As such, it is so sad to say most of the laws legislated under such a ‘corrupted’ political system are NOT made for the common good of all – after all! And I’ll give you that!

Let’s get back to talk about God’s GREATNESS and about your “loyalty” to Him – if any! If ever you still have an ounce of it left in you as a “Muslim” that you can prove your “loyalty” to Him is ever true to your heart and conscience, then you must by all means necessary NOT ever violate God’s rule of law with abuse of power whether by ‘politics-cum-religion’ or not, to protect your vested interests from getting exposed and blown sky-high.

Then and only then, you as a “religious-cum-lawmaker” or not, shall be qualified to talk about your “loyalty” in whatever scope! If not, then clearly there’s NO scope for you talk about the subject because you already have had, unmistakably, showed yourself as pledging your “loyalty” to the other impostor “God” otherwise known as Lucifer who also have had gotten you badly confused, and so, not able to tell who is the one true Almighty God and who is NOT to pledge your “loyalty” to!

In order to confirm your “loyalty” to the one and only Almighty God that you probably are not even sure about because of having gotten so awfully confused until today, hence you badly needed to know whether you have dealt with the one that always sounded logical and sensible enough or not, just so you do not get mistaken easily as a fake one. But have you gotten it right until today? If not, then you really gotta get down seriously to do some soul-searching by looking in the mirror to see whether your heart and conscience still there… or not!

Because both of them, God and Lucifer, are immortals and they too, are very concern about your soul where one wants to save your soul while the other one badly wants to do otherwise! So that means, you gotta figure out which one is the correct one to choose and be forever loyal to because ONLY one is worthy of your devotion and loyalty, the other one absolutely not! So for goodness sake – you must choose wisely, and NOT give your devotion and loyalty to the false one instead! You copy?

Actually, it’s a very easy and simple task to figure out, but somehow, people especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, they have gotten so screwed it up in their head so badly that they will always find it so difficult to choose due to reasons known only to them and God. It’s really a simple homework that is as easy as singing Do Re Mi, but still they cannot even tell the one true Almighty God is always involved in something so efficacious called FAITH described in Hebrews 11.

So if it’s not this ONE you are pledging your utmost loyalty to, then naturally you are only dealing with the other impostor one who have had already taken you for a ride, and at least, wasted half your life and worse, you have yet discovered such a sinister plot, let alone know what went wrong in the first place.

Even if you did, and as a “Muslim” having had confessed your utmost “loyalty” to “there is NO GOD but Allah” in your Islam version, then you should all the more NOT fail to fulfill the cause of Islam like those IS do and fight as expected of a “true Muslim” must fight in the perverted “Holy Jihad” to die violently as a “martyr” to enter a “paradise” according to the perverted teachings of your Prophet Muhammad that you cannot by any means oppose or reject. Can you?

But if you do not want to be seen as a bad extremist either, in killing “infidels” [Kafirs] of Islam for all the wrong reasons, then the least you could do is NOT ever again show yourself as a coward Muslim for having betrayed your “loyalty” to your Islam version, “there is NO GOD but Allah” that strictly and always requires you to sacrifice your life to have the world “Islamicized” by acts of violence!

It’s unimaginable how you, as an ordinary “Muslim”, read the Koran and have yet understood the nature of Islam! Don’t you even understand that killing “infidels” [Kafirs] is the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam? That clearly means, if you so much as want to become a “true Muslim” to enter a “paradise”, then you must by all means necessary, ‘conform’ and follow the “marching orders” of your “beloved” Prophet Muhammad to fight in the “Holy Jihad” to spill blood one way or the other so that you can truly, madly, and deeply prove yourself as “worthy” enough to enter a “paradise” promised only to “true Muslims” having had SACRIFICED their lives for “Allah” the moon-god!

If not, then you are NOT a “true Muslim” that your “beloved” Prophet Muhammad expected of you, and so you too, will end up getting yourself blacklisted as an “infidel” [Kafir] to ‘be killed’. You dig or not? So if that is what have had gotten you stuck in between with the bad option ‘to kill or be killed’, then you might as well be smart and humble enough to follow in the footsteps of the apostle Paul who once violated the infamous ‘apostasy act’ to jump ship and become a born again Christian himself. Oops, sorry there was no such “religious act” to obey or violate at that time. So this is a man-made religious act today meant only to keep Muslims under the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’!

So, can you, or can you not be like the apostle Paul who made use of the ‘second chance’ to come clean and REPENT to stand CORRECTED in the sight of God according to Acts 2:38, and NOT make your half-past-six “loyalty” to your Islam version, “there is NO GOD but Allah” like an empty gong that makes the most noise and so, perpetually do you even more harm than good to your reputation as an “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslim”?

By having had done the right thing as what the apostle Paul did, will only the one true Almighty Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob consider you as one of the righteous ones, but provided you so much as having given up your half-past-six “loyalty” to an impostor “God” you hardly knew, or understood enough to worship in your Islam version, “there is NO GOD but Allah”.

Sure enough, if “you don’t understand what you believe, you will suffer”! Remember the song, “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder? Now, that is the most dangerous thing ever to happen to anyone who can think, reason, and to choose what’s right to do, and yet, always FAILED to do so!

Have you ever thought even as a “Muslim”, you should by all means necessary CHANGE for good and obey the Gospel of Jesus to become a born again Christian like what the apostle Paul did when he started truly, madly, and deeply persecuting and killing Christians, but turned around to truly, madly, and deeply preach the Gospel of Jesus instead?

Whether you are a “Muslim” or not, you should FEAR no one and emulate him to do the same so that you can sincerely and heartily reconcile with God through REPENTANCE, and NOT by the “ways of men” via man-made religions such as Islam that will do you more harm than good as reality has shown very clearly today that Muslims, especially from Iraq and Syria, have been fleeing from their own homeland because of IS having turned them into caliphate states.

And even more so, everyone including Muslims should have known by now that by obeying the Gospel of Jesus, one is only doing the right thing in the sight of God as opposed to the ugly and contradictory side of Islam to kill “infidels” [Kafirs] in God’s name by shouting “Allahuakbar” for all the wrong reasons and worse, without even knowing why you, as a “Muslim”, had gotten so misguided and so misled by such man-made religions!

It is even inconceivable and unsustainable to use whatever “ways of men” via man-made religious laws such as the controversial “hudud laws” to force all Muslims to become religiously “righteous” and “holy” which again, is NEVER a possible thing to happen in the sight of Man, let alone God. In fact, such a law can do NOTHING good other than infringing on the rights of humans to have freedom of religion to choose what one deems as fit to believe and embrace without ever getting religiously intimidated by such ridiculous religious laws!

What makes them so sure any Muslim will become “righteous” and “holy” even after having gotten one’s hands or legs “chopped off” for having violated any of the “hudud laws”? And also, what makes them so sure those who always dressed-up looking “so alibaba” religious to look “righteous” and “holy” on the outside like their Prophet Muhammad, will not violate the laws themselves and too, should face the music like other small-fry Muslims?

Because God already knew we humans would become as ‘hypocrites’ and ‘dead’ as ever if we go by the “ways of man” via man-made religions to so-called “save” ourselves, we humans will forever be under the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’, and that would be the greatest man-made disaster of all time. As such, NO humans will ever get the chance to become ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven because of having failed awfully to understand God’s will and plan on earth that is for the common good of all – Jews and Gentiles alike!

And that’s exactly where the death and resurrection of Jesus comes in handy to give us humans hope of salvation that only you, you, and you can decide whether to obey the Gospel of Jesus or not. But if you do obey the Gospel of Jesus, let it be clear that it is about attaining righteousness through FAITH, and NOT entirely based on practicing those “religious laws” and “religious rituals”! Neither can our salvation depend on “good works” alone such as “do-good” with “acts of kindness” as testified by the apostle Paul in Romans 3:19-31!

And that means, only by reciprocating God’s graciousness and mercy that caused Him to SACRIFICE His only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth, to save us will righteousness through FAITH ever prevail and last – if everybody ever wanted is to see the light at the end of a tunnel, that is!

Honestly, you CANNOT do anything when you are in the ‘darkness’, can you? So naturally, you have to find a way out of this, FIRST! You can only do so by looking for a ‘true light’ because this ‘darkness’ we’re talking about here is eternal damnation and needed something divine to counter it, NOT by the “ways of men” via man-made religions.

So obviously, that is the reason you should know who the ‘true light’ is that can lead you out of the evil of this ‘darkness’. And if a Christian ever told you the ‘true light’ is no other than Jesus who is the light of the world, do you believe it? If you don’t, then check this out in John 8:12 and John 11:9 for verification!

Either you believe it or you don’t, so DO NOT ever base your salvation on “moderation” that DOES NOT ever work under such circumstances because it is totally IRRELEVANT and OUT OF THE QUESTION when it comes to reconciling with your Maker through REPENTANCE where God wants to see you truly, madly, and deeply CHANGE for good like what the apostle Paul did – from a bad extremist to kill Christians to become a good extremist as a born again Christian to get killed for the glory of God because of doing His will!

Then and only then, the light of Jesus will show you the way to “do-good” with “acts of kindness” that is pleasing in the sight of God because by then, God knows you’re NOT gonna do it by the “ways of men” festered with vested interests that will make doing benevolence work hypothetically untenable and unworthy of devotion even in the sight of Man, let alone God. You can feel it by the time you get there!

Otherwise, so sorry and so very sad to say, you are NOT out of the eternal evil of ‘darkness’ even if you are a “Muslim” who still claim to “revere” Jesus as a “prophet of Islam” but still not ever willing to obey the Gospel of Jesus to save yourself from the eternal evil of ‘darkness’ which is hell for goodness sake!

Based on God’s standard, everyone’s salvation, therefore, is NOT measured by how much of “do-good” with “acts of kindness” done because such kind of “righteousness” that is according to the “ways of men” via man-made religions simply CANNOT and WILL NOT ever save our sorry butts from the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’ because it is NOT the key to unlock Shaytan’s “prison” and set us all free forever. If not, then, what is? Don’t you know already?

But please be ever reminded that it DOES NOT mean it is “no good” anymore to “do-good” with “acts of kindness”, so don’t get this writer wrong. It’s actually all about putting our priorities right that is the most ‘significant thing’ to understand FIRST, especially the words of Jesus in John 6:25-51 before putting our hearts, minds, and souls to please God with doing good works and that is, preach the Gospel of Jesus to save lost souls!

Because of sin having blemished our blood that made our “human nature” aka sinful nature got us into hot water to come under the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’ to pay the price of death, that is why this man-made disaster can only come undone with the SACRIFICE of the unblemished ‘Blood of Jesus’ that CAN and WILL wash away our sins clean – once and for all!

And since our “human nature” aka sinful nature is something beyond our control, that is why we cannot 100% do this on our own, and neither can we, by the “ways of men” via man-made religions go and just “dip” ourselves in the Ganges river to set ourselves “free” from the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’ without the divine help from God, can we?

No can do! Health-wise, you even may pick up contagious diseases from others polluting the rivers. In the case of divine salvation, all such devotees of idols-worshiping certainly cannot explain how doing that be ever possible to wash away their sins. If they ever claimed it could, then by whose authority? Buddha? Hare Krishna? Or perhaps Lucifer – that’s even out of the question, right? What have they done to conquer death, and prove to God that they have been “endorsed” and “authorized” by God to absolve these idolaters of their sins?

So that means, you can easily tell already that everything in life that we humans want to make possible and successful CANNOT and WILL NOT happen without SACRIFICES of some kind whether in the religious context or not. The same too with the one true Almighty God! He certainly CANNOT and WILL NOT ever save our sorry butts from the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’ without having SACRIFICED His only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth as a sacrificial Lamb to atone for the sins of mankind.

No doubt God always had the power to make Lucifer disappear once and for all to save us, but it DOES NOT mean He can simply abuse His power and violate His own rule of law to save our sorry butts by “killing” the Shaytan aka Lucifer who have had taken us as ‘slaves to sin’ because of our sinful nature. That is why, the Gospel of Jesus is our one and only hope of salvation not to be taken lightly, let alone hypothetically dismiss it as a “fairy-tale” story!

Because people are always very superstitious and gullible enough to “believe” and “fall” for the “ways of men” via man-made religions for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose, so you can see the “cleansing of sins” in the Ganges river – that’s really only a fairy tale story or myth made possible by the “ways of men” that CANNOT and WILL NOT work to save our sorry butts from the curse of sin, death, and the devil – like it or not!

Furthermore, there’s NO evidence to suggest such a laughable way to “wash” away one’s sin had gotten “endorsed” and “authorized” by the one true Almighty God, is there? So for goodness sake, please don’t bluff yourself silly till kingdom. Instead, one should come back to God on the correct path that Jesus had paved for us by obeying the Gospel of Jesus. Plain and simple!

If it’s not because of the GREATNESS of God that can make us ‘great’ [not superior] too, in His sight, clearly, there’s NOTHING else we humans can do that will “save” us from the curse of sin, death and the devil, especially when humans are dumb enough to underestimate the power of God to do the unimaginable like….

Did you not know that God actually took the form of a “human being” and was living among us at one time? Are you still so ever “blow-blow” even in this millennium to know who that “human being” was and still is – yesterday, today, and forever?

What the devil do you think God went through all the troubles of getting accused of speaking “blasphemy” against Himself and as a result, got Himself killed by ever ridiculous, confused and faithless humans, especially those radical Muslims, who only “revered” Him in words, but always turned around to “crucify” Him in deeds over and over with all irrelevant, insensible, and irreverent questions to ridicule Him until today? And for what?

If you, even as a “Muslim”, still cannot figure this out, perhaps it would do you a world of good to check this out in John 9:35-41 and make it as ‘double-dead’ sure as the centurion who reported to Pilate like you should now bookmark what John said to make ‘double-dead’ sure you DO NOT keep forgetting and keep questioning the death and resurrection of Jesus for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose !

Even if there are many things that as a “Muslim”, you “want” to know or “curious” to know about Jesus that the Word of God, the Holy Bible most certainly CANNOT entertain you to satisfy your ego to the “fullest” like money NEVER does nor can, still, the only ‘one thing’ you ever need to know is, asking whatever questions, especially irrelevant ones, is absolutely immaterial to where your destiny will bring you because it’s definitely not just knowing every little irrelevant thing about Jesus that will save you – it’s about having the ‘courage’ and the ‘sense of humanity’ to humble yourself before God through FAITH to do the right thing, and that is no other than to come clean, and REPENT to stand CORRECTED according to the Gospel of Jesus in Acts 2:38 with no questions asked!

You see, God had already offered His ‘goodest’ sacrifice, His Son, Jesus of Nazareth to pay for your salvation. Are you not ready to make the SMALLEST sacrifice even for your own sake by only obeying the Gospel of Jesus, and NOT blindly ask and do things that hilariously are irrelevant, and CANNOT save you from the curse of sin, death, and the devil?

As of now until the end of time, even you, as a “Muslim”, should know and be forever satisfied from reading the Word of God, the Holy Bible because the hope of salvation made possible by Jesus’ death and resurrection is what really matters the most to your well-being in this life and in the next life – if you so much as believe in Heaven and Hell to begin with. Do you, anyway?

It is certainly NOT how “righteous” and “holy” your Prophet Muhammad was, but who, divinely speaking, still CANNOT and WILL NOT ever set you, and at least 1.7 billion or more Muslims, free from the bondage of the Shaytan as ‘slaves to sin’ because he did not even “sacrifice” his life to die as a “martyr” for your sake as a “Muslim”. You know, don’t you?

If ever you so much as having gotten screwed up enough in the head as a “true Muslim” to join IS because of his ugly and contradictory ‘religion-cum-cult’ teachings, then you should have known better that he only gave you the “marching orders” to do the dirty job of the Shaytan to kill “infidels” [Kafirs] for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!  And yet, you still believe there is a “paradise” awaiting you to enter, but what sort? A devil’s paradise?

Never mind, come to think of it, maybe if you let me entertain you a little, it might help to satisfy your “ego” one way or the other even knowing so well it’s a LOST CAUSE! Is it not, anyway?

Okay, let’s assuming you, as a Muslim, and as “innocent” as a child having gotten misguided and misled to go as “far-fetched” as having claimed Jesus survived the crucifixion by “resuscitation” so much so His faithful disciples also one way or another, “abetted” Him to flee to somewhere south of France to look for Mary Magdalene and live “secretly” and “happily” ever after even with a “daughter” as what the movie “The Davinci Code” depicted, but whose bloodline, unfortunately, NO ONE, not even you, could ever trace until today simply because NOTHING of such nature ever happened in the first place; do you still think such an irrelevant and insensible claim ever make sense?

Okay, how about answering such an irrelevant question with another irrelevant question? How about something that sounds like…. did the Bible ever mentioned Mary Magdalene had already gone on her way to “somewhere over the rainbow” faster than the “Fast & Furious” when she was still around at the time of Jesus’ death, and unmistakably reported in the New Testament as one of the earliest witness of Jesus’ resurrection when she excitedly said, “I have seen the Lord” as testified in John 20:18? Now, did she say that while in France or while in Jerusalem?

Don’t you see it’s all  so irrelevant and insane? How could it ever be possible she was at two different place at the same time? I mean – how the devil could she have gotten to France that quick even if she was a “magician” and hence, “not” even as one of the earliest witness to arrive at an empty tomb on the third day as testified in John 20:10-16?

If it’s “true” she was in France at the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection, then all those having a hand in testifying and writing whatever happened to Jesus are nothing but chronic “liars”, aren’t they? But how could every one of them who followed Jesus so close were so ready to “lie” about what they saw really happened?

And oh.. what about those who even ridiculously claimed Jesus fled to India to “live” and “died” of old age as a “Buddhist” monk in some remote mountains in Kashmir and purportedly “suspected” as having gotten buried just “beneath” another somewhat “well-known” Muslim with each other placed in different direction?

Now, if they were so ‘double-dead’ sure it was the remains of Jesus buried there, then why the devil didn’t they, by hook or by crook, exhume the site to find out the gospel truth by making ‘double-dead’ sure their “killer instincts” were right, at least, once and for all?

After all, it was the one and only opportunity of a lifetime to break the Guinness Book of World Record as the “best joke” ever that Jesus’ death by crucifixion was “fake” and no more than just a “fairy-tale” story should that grave have gotten proven as what’s left of Jesus, right or not? And if it’s really “true” that Jesus’ crucifixion was a “hoax”, surely then, those 1.7 billion or more Muslims, especially the radical ones, would do anything ‘at all cost’ to make ‘double-dead’ sure Christianity will forever become “obsolete” and “redundant” in the history of mankind, right or not?

And if having proven “true” that grave was the remains of Jesus, they would most definitely have had gotten into a frenzy to shout “Allahuakbar” like mad as though the world has not gone mad enough with their IS brothers and sisters already busy wreaking havoc like nobody’s business to make so many of their own Muslim brothers and sisters flee from their Arab homeland as refugees and get drown in the seas for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

After all, are not all Muslims, especially the radical ones, dying to see Christianity as nothing but a “big lie” just because it has always been a bloody thorn in their flesh that keeps them from getting the world “Islamicized” for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose?

But too bad, instead it turned out the ‘double-dead’ sure claim that Jesus’ grave found in Kashmir is only as good as a real mission impossible outing with NOTHING ever accomplished to prove Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as a possible “liar” that they would always like to make people believe that even God is no better than every one of us “just because” He sent Jesus of Nazareth to atone for the sins of mankind that “proved” He was only trying to “right” a wrong. Only question is, was the wrong His doing or Man’s own doing? You tell me!

So, if this is not the biggest joke of the millennium ever made just to keep Christians in “suspense” only than to make them doubtful of Jesus’ death and resurrection, then what else is?

And oh yes, perhaps the unsubstantiated “claim” made by those radical Muslims that Mary Magdalene had a “daughter” and was a case of “knock-up” by Jesus “secretly” is only for making Him [Jesus] looked as “sinful” as a “mere” human being who was no better than the Prophet Muhammad in an ever foolish attempt to “vindicate” their beloved prophet of guilt for having committed the sin of adultery. Is that not right?

This writer just cannot imagine how the devil could all such nonsensical and irrelevant as much as insensible claims about Jesus would ever make sense, let alone considered as positive proof, especially if based on what Jesus himself so clearly said in John 20:17 that, “He is returning to His Father”. What did Jesus really mean by that? Does that means – His Father was in India or in the heavens? Was His Father, Yahweh or Krishna, or “Allah” the moon-god? Or perhaps, as all of them?

If so, was Jesus then returning to His Father as a “Buddhist” monk, or as a “Hare Krishna” monk, or as a “prophet of Islam” to be ever ridiculed and crucified over and over by radical Muslims, or maybe, as all of them, and “not” as the Son of God sitting at the right hand of His Father? If that is the case, then you as a “Muslim”, should by all means necessary show this writer where in the Bible, or the Koran as well as whatever historical evidence [if any] to support such irrelevant, irreverent, and insensible claims?

But if you CANNOT do so and pretty much is the case, then you might as well NOT satay [BBQ] yourself anymore as a “Muslim” for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose. Instead, you should do the right thing to become a born again Christian like what the apostle Paul [or Saul] did!

Now that you know it’s so very, very hilarious to even answer all such insensible and irrelevant questions with irrelevant and insensible questions to backfire them, apparently, there are now, at least, three most ‘sensitive’ questions to ask back those who always doubted or worse, ridiculed the Word of God, the Holy Bible for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Sure enough, all such “smart” and “learned” Muslims, religious scholars, and whatnot, will religiously find such ‘sensitive’ questions most difficult to swallow, let alone answer with calm and without blowing one’s top!

First, where are all the evidences to support their laughable and preposterous claims thus far? Perhaps, if their somewhat “claims” were relevant, sensible and reasonable enough, at least, one cannot consider them as just figments of their imagination, right or not? But too bad, there’s NONE even of such kind. As such, they are only making themselves as NOTHING but big-time DUMB and DUMBER as ever, are they not?

Second, since they CANNOT prove the Word of God, the Holy Bible as full of “lies”, then surely it’s the other way around which means they are the chronic liars, right or not? Again, that also means, they have proven themselves as the one’s speaking blasphemy against God or “Allah” in Arabic, and thus, having undeniably insulted God or “Allah” in Arabic with a whimsical sense of humor without even knowing it, or knowing it, but always pretend not to – like business as usual, you know?

It’s unimaginable how outdated they are and still act the same way as those ancient scribes and Pharisees Jews still accusing Jesus of having spoken “blasphemy” against His Father [God] when He had already proven He was the Son of God by His death and resurrection centuries ago. What are they trying to prove here – the devil’s advocates or what?

Third, if they had no qualms to ridicule the Word of God, the Holy Bible by the “ways of men” via perverted teachings of man-made religions, so is it not right and safe to say they have hilariously and foolishly approved and endorsed themselves of having embraced Islam as the worst kind of DUMB and DUMBER religion in the eyes of non-Muslims, let alone in the sight of God?

Of course, you will say this is so “insensitive” to hurt the feelings of others like taking revenge, right? No, you are so wrong! They are the ones actually really insensitive in the first place without even thinking twice before ridiculing the Word of God, the Holy Bible for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose! And now, it’s only fair and square that they should get the taste of their own medicine in what goes around comes around….and that is their own doing!

And hello, there’s NO revenge whatsoever to take here. Revenge always involved killing people and there’s no giving anyone the slip in doing so, and that’s only what those bad extremist IS will tell you and exactly do so themselves, right or not?

As a “Muslim”, you must have gotten the wrong impression here that anything people irreversibly perceived as “bad” always override the good is to say people have gotten the wrong perception in everything only for the sake of putting the blame on others. Is that not so?  If so, then, it is actually you are the one who had a wrong and very dangerous perception itself to begin with because you are telling others to change their “wrong” perceptions while you continue unchanged and unfazed by your own wrong perception of others!

When something ‘bad’ happens, how the devil is it possible that it can give people the “good” perception out of it to “override” the reality? What you perceived of others and others did the same to you matters not because you can always play around with words, one way or the other, to make something ‘bad’ that happened to sound “good” as a ‘smokescreen’ to defuse other people’s wrong perception of you.

It’s about how you perceive something that you know is true to your heart and conscience, and that alone is good enough to stand as a solid proof that no one can ever change or manipulate such perception that’s based on reality of what really transpired simply because there is only smoke when there is a fire, right or not? And neither both of them can “possibly” override one another in any way whatsoever, right or not?

Tell me, can smoke “override” the fire to say there was no fire? Or can you say there is only “fog” [not smoke] when there is a fire in trying to “change” people’s perception? You can’t? Of course, you CANNOT because truth is TRUTH when it’s based on the heart and conscience that is as solid as a rock that even no made-made evidence or lies can “override” it which means: NO ONE can ever manipulate whatever your heart and conscience tells you it’s the TRUTH because your heart and conscience is actually God watching and trailing you from inside!

Only people with vested interests, especially in the political arena, will by whatever means necessary, manipulate the truth with lies after lies perpetually only to put the common people through the mill until they get tired of it all because of those implicated of wrongdoings NO LONGER have a heart and conscience to guide them, or to make them feel GUILTY enough to admit their wrongdoings? That’s what the court of law for – it’s only meant for those who have NO hearts and conscience to tell the truth, is it not?

But right here and now, this writer is only giving those so-called learned “Muslims-cum-politicians” some ‘good tips’ worth more than gold because this is only teaching them to act and behave like real human beings should, and most importantly, with a heart and conscience to accord justice and fairness not only to others but to God as well.

Why? That’s because this world is so awfully short of it. Or perhaps, it’s already non-existent long time ago because of humans having NO HEARTS and NO CONSCIENCE – to begin with! In short, NO love of God in them! And that’s because humans, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians always put God on “trial” in the court of law by the “ways of men” to keep questioning Him and His Son, Jesus of Nazareth for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

In so doing, such people do not even realize they are showing disrespect to God for not trusting Him enough to even “believe” He had the divine power to raise His Son, Jesus of Nazareth from the dead and so, would obey the Gospel of Jesus with no questions asked. But too bad, that’s not what this world ever “succumbed” to. And that would only explain why Jesus said people have always lived in a ‘faithless and perverse generation’ whether while He walked the earth or not. When one no longer even had a little ‘faith’ that can move mountains, it only means we NO LONGER are allowing our hearts and conscience to guide us!

You see, according to God’s rule of law, even if you cheated anyone of “one cent” only, you would have violated your heart and conscience to the point of no return, let alone in billions!

If based on God’s standard, it is your heart and conscience whether there’s any of it left, is what matters the most to Him as long as you still have the sense to come clean and REPENT to stand CORRECTED according to Acts 2:38! It’s NOT about how much of “do-good” with “act of kindness” done that will “always” find favor in the sight of God. That’s a wrong perception because the trouble with people is, they think, reason, and choose to do things only according to the “ways of men”, and that certainly DOES NOT work in the sight of God.

Why? That’s because God knows even filthy rich people know how to “do-good” with “acts of kindness” that is more often than not, done out of GUILTY conscience, or for other reasons known only to themselves and God, and so, it’s NOT truly, madly, and deeply from the heart. If that is the case, certainly that’s not what pleases God one bit because God is only interested to look in our hearts to see whether our conscience are clear enough to actually see Himself there or not!

Don’t you see? Even if you are very smart at ‘stealing’ or ‘cheating’ people’s money to give to the less fortunate ones only to “feel good” over some other wrongdoings committed that looked like a “win-win” situation, do you think even the authorities would still be “well-pleased” with what you are doing – if there’s still such a thing called law and order?

That is why, the apostle Paul claimed in Romans 3:9-20 that it’s NEVER ever possible for humans to become “righteous” and “holy” by the “ways of men” via man-made religions, nor by “do-good” with “acts of kindness” festered with vested interests.

So that clearly means even those radical Muslims with the so-called good intention to start and enforce “hudud laws” to force Muslims to become “righteous” and “holy” will surely FAIL because it still CANNOT and WILL NOT ever stop, whether themselves, or other “small-fry” Muslims, from violating one’s heart and conscience to do wrong, especially when it comes down to the very ‘sensitive’ issue of money, money, and money, apart from other equally serious issues such as committing adultery, greed and corruption – to say the least!


………………………to be continued again.


Famous Quotes:

“Always tell the truth. That way, you don’t have to remember what you said.”

……. Mark Twain……… 


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