The Man or The Devil In The Mirror [Part 10] Conclusion

The Ever Inevitable Islamophobia Epidemic!

Yes, like it or not, the ever abysmal and inevitable Islamophobia terror that follows, is undoubtedly  the many ‘aftershock’ tremors of the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam that is here to stay!

Incidentally, this will always get everyone shaken and stirred so easily the moment any of such disasters strikes whether it’s man-made or not, so much so people will always at the snap of their fingers perceive and link it as the work of those bad extremists [IS] who are always religiously obligated to ‘kill, or be killed’ fighting in their perverted “Holy Jihad” of Islam!

Because of such eminent fears that will always get the better of non-Muslims, that’s why it comes as no surprise that Islamophobia is another ‘terror attack’ of the heart, mind, and soul! Why?

Don’t you see? The problem here is the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam that is causing the Islamophobia epidemic! What’s more, whether Muslims deny it or not, they will NEVER ever find a solution to the problem because they always “can’t help it” but must fulfill their religious obligation to make Islam as “superior” as ever than Christianity even if it means getting so ‘cheapskate’ to sabotage the legacy of Jesus’ death and resurrection by claiming it as only a “fairy-tale” story! But too bad, it backfired!

If they had done the right thing according to God’s will in Acts 2:38 with no questions asked to make the world, at least, a little more peaceful without the fear Islamophobia rearing its ugly head every now and then, certainly there wouldn’t be such a thing called Islamophobia that even has officially made its mark in every English dictionary to begin with!

This writer is not being bias or what, but do you find such a word, “Christianophobia” in any English dictionary ? NO? Why? You tell me! If you can’t, then let me tell you then! The divine power of the Gospel of Jesus is always around to save us because of Jesus’ death and resurrection that gave us hope of salvation, and NOT to intimidate, discriminate, or incriminate others as Islam does to make Muslims feel more “superior” than others, thus causing non-Muslims having nothing to fear but the Islamophobia epidemic!

So, even those professing themselves as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims”, they CANNOT and WILL NOT help one bit to ease, let alone stop the fear of Islamophobia spreading because the trouble is, they themselves too, always end up as CONFUSED as ever to think and act otherwise!

That is why, as Muslims who are as antiChrist as ever, they can NEVER correct, nor solve the problem of Islamophobia because of them having gotten corrupted by “ways of men” via man-made religions such as Islam that NEVER ever propagated the urgency to save Muslims’ sorry butts, let alone non-Muslims from the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

Instead, Islam only all the more will sentence Muslims to eternal damnation because of their “beloved” prophet who DID NOT ever have the power to act as a ‘mediator’ to save them since he himself died but NEVER ever resurrected to conquer death – unlike Jesus who did! That’s where the big difference is between Christianity and Islam!

So, that is the reason they always will succumb to the bad habits in proving themselves as incorrigible as ever because they have “no choice” but to keep practicing the ‘corrupted’ system of ‘politics-cum-religion’ to get what they want materialistically through their Islam’s Supremacy Agenda [ISA] cause, while the bad extremist ones [IS] will continue to religiously annihilate “infidels” [Kafirs] with ‘acts of violence’ according to the perverted “Holy Jihad” of Islam to ‘kill, or be killed’!

As a result, it has become a dangerous but no less an unheralded epidemic plaguing humanity because of the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam that caused them to have “no choice” but to continue doing themselves and others more harm than good based on the unhealthy 2-in-1 ‘religion-cum-cult’ menace.

Not surprisingly, such an unfortunate religious problem is unequivocally showing no sign of abating so much so it has unimaginably caught the world, and even CONFUSED Muslims themselves off-guard to say the least.

And this is only because they have gotten themselves still trapped under the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’ so much so they will always have “no choice” but to ever keep DENYING Islam is always propagating ‘acts of violence’ to have the world “Islamicized” to the tune of Lucifer who so badly and viciously wanted to destroy God’s will and plan on earth after having got ‘kicked out’ of heaven for turning against the one true Almighty God who subsequently sent Jesus to rescue humans deceived by him via man-made religions!

Yes, inevitably such kind of man-made disaster is happening rampantly because of radical Muslims always having the devils rallying behind them to confidently claim “superiority” over others by whatever means necessary to run down especially Christianity whose stronghold point is always based on Jesus’ death and resurrection!

As Muslims whether radicalized or not, they are undoubtedly not taking any chances to let the legacy of Jesus’ death and resurrection as the hope of salvation that can convince Muslims to jump ship and be proselytized by the Gospel of Jesus to set them free from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’!

But unbelievably, they have gotten unashamed as ever to make such ‘cheapskate’ claims of Jesus’ death and resurrection as only a “fairy-tale” story known to the world through frequent public debates so that people, even Christians themselves could get “confused” enough to reject Jesus as the Son of God who died and resurrected! How despicably amusing it is, is it not?

But too bad, what they foolishly attempted to do in breaking the faith of born again Christians all the more backfired instead! Don’t you know why?

That’s because they pretty much have gotten delusional enough to underestimate the faith of born again Christians who understood what the Gospel of Jesus meant to them so much so they, as the righteous ones in the sight of God, would have no qualms to SUFFER at any cost for the cause of Christ than let the cause of Christ to suffer but only provided, of course, if Christians ever get motivated enough to pass the ‘baptism of fire’ to make the ‘leap of faith’ to follow in the footsteps of the apostle Paul who had truly, madly, and deeply proved himself as worthy of God’s graciousness and mercy, to do His will at any cost, and in which case, he successfully did!

Now, is this not what makes born again Christians awesome enough to become the righteous ones in the sight of God? Surely, it is NOT by performing the ‘stoning of the angry devils’ ritual as propagated in Islam, right or not? Even if they do it once in their lifetime, it will, at best, ONLY make the devils all the more angry for having always rallied behind Muslims to make them successfully become as antiChrist as ever!

If it’s not because of Muslims whether radicalized or not, having such sadistic ambitions to sabotage the Gospel of Jesus as a “fairy-tale” story only, and not to mention, the untenable doctrines preached and practiced in Islam to have the world “Islamicized” by the corrupted “ways of men” via man-made religions, then it certainly would not have had led those 1.7 billion or more Muslims to the point of no return for having snubbed and rejected Jesus as the Son of God who died and resurrected. Don’t you think so?

If so, then surely they CANNOT and SHOULD NOT continue to bluff themselves silly till kingdom come to even claim they “can” set themselves free from the curse of sin, death, and devil by performing the ‘stoning of the angry devils’ ritual during their so-called pilgrimage haj in Mecca! Can they? Have they?

If it was ever possible, then by whose authority – Jesus or Lucifer?

Certainly, it can’t be Jesus since they, being incorrigible Muslims who are as antiChrist as ever; so obviously, they would NEVER ever go down on their knees to ask Jesus for forgiveness by obeying the Gospel of Jesus to set themselves free from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’! Would they? You tell me!

Even less than possible is Lucifer gonna set them free from the curse of sin, death, and the devil since they are always so willing to be still under his bondage as ‘slaves to sin’ to DESPICABLY and UNGRATEFULLY counter-attack God’s will and plan on earth to prepare for the final battle with God according to Revelation chapter 16!

So, how the devil can it ever be possible for Lucifer to set them free from the curse of sin, death, and the devil when they, as Muslims areas  antiChrist as ever, and had so willingly submitted themselves to the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’ to snub and reject Jesus as the Son of God who died and resurrected?

As a result, they had blindly become radical enough NOT to see eye to eye with “infidels” [Kafirs] especially born again Christians who always believed NO ONE should ever shove any of their man-made “religious laws” and “religious practices” into any person’s throat, whether one is a Muslim or not, to violate the fundamental principle of human rights, and the ‘God-given’ freedom for anyone, including Muslims, to choose one’s path as provided for under God’s constitution written in everyone’s hearts and conscience from the day we were born!

Unfortunately, it looks like even their own kids have not been spared such kind of man-made disasters to have their hearts and conscience so deliberately violated at a young age when the grown-ups have no qualms to get them trained in advance to perform the religious practice of the ‘stoning of the angry devils’ ritual as a ‘must-do’ thing to prepare them to go and perform their “once in a lifetime” pilgrimage haj in Mecca when they grow up.

Reality check has unveiled that kids under the care of Muslims parent are especially the most vulnerable ones to suffer abuse of human rights because they always could easily end up having those “so alibaba” religious values and traditions of Islam, especially the ‘stoning of the angry devils’ ritual BULLDOZED into their lives at a tender age without even knowing what the devil was going on and why they were being ‘brainwashed’ to carry out at all costs such an illogical and outdated ritual!

It’s bad enough that, as “grown-up” Muslims, they have gotten screwed up as antiChrist as ever to get themselves seriously CONFUSED with who Jesus of Nazareth really was and still is! But what could not be more worse is when they CANNOT even tell the difference who the impostor “God” is that they MUST reject at all costs, and who the true ONE is to worship with full confidence!

For this reason, they simply have gotten both of them mixed up religiously but still they have gotten as unashamed as ever to go along with what they knew is ridiculously hilarious as grown ups to pass on their religious CONFUSION to their kids to grow up as CONFUSED as them because of not knowing the serious consequences to subscribe to the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam!

Unbelievably, they are not doing their kids a big favor by helping them to grow up religiously and ungratefully FAILING as they did, to acknowledge the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus.

Instead, they all the more are training their young and innocent kids to grow up as CONFUSED as them to become forever antiChrist by ‘brainwashing’ them to think it’s a ‘must-do’ religious thing to perform their pilgrimage haj at least once in their lifetime, especially the untenable ‘stoning of the angry devils’ ritual in Mecca that will, one way or the other, end in tragic accidents to annihilate themselves for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

As such, this will certainly destroy their kids’ one and only hope of salvation made possible by Jesus’ death and resurrection because when they grow old enough to realize they fell short of the glory of God because of what Romans 3:23 had divinely declared everyone in flesh and blood as sinners, then they really have no one to blame but their parents for having misled and misguided them like the blind leading the blind and so, both fall into the ditch for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Yet, these Muslims parent have no qualms to teach their children to destroy their one and only ‘second chance’ to do the right thing to come back on the correct path to God that is only possible by obeying the Gospel of Jesus according to Acts 2:38, and NOT by performing the ‘stoning of the angry devils’ ritual in Mecca!

Just imagine, when their kids grow up as antiChrist as ever like them, and still think of going to perform their pilgrimage haj to do the untenable ‘stoning of the angry devils’ ritual in Mecca, soon enough they would grow up to be nowhere better than the devils to commit wrongdoings because of “human nature” aka sinful nature that is beyond our control. So do not underestimate the power of the dark forces!

Unless we, including Muslims, are smart and HUMBLE enough to let Jesus take over our lives that will save our sorry butts from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’, the devils inside us will NEVER ever flee helter-skelter because they are NEVER ever scared of anything, or anyone, save Jesus of Nazareth only!

As such, how the devil can they, as parents and their children have hope of eternal life with Jesus in heaven because of them being taught from young to grow up to become as antiChrist as their parents?

Now, if you, as a grown-up Muslim, knew you were walking in the wrong path and warned about it by the Word of God, the Holy Bible, do you still drag your children to go along with you should you end up on the wrong side of the divide? If you do, then what kind of a human being are you other than having a devil inside you to lead you astray all your life as a “Muslim” for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose?

Still, it’s as unimaginable as ever how the devil could they as grown-up parents screw up their own kids in their heads to make them treat the ‘stoning of the angry devils’ ritual in Mecca as a ‘fun game’ to play that they ‘must play’ and “never” to miss out ‘playing’ by making ‘double-dead’ sure they get accustomed to doing it while they are still young so that they will grow up as antiChrist as ever and perform their pilgrimage haj to do something so silly without even knowing why, and so, end up having NO CHANCE at all to set themselves free from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’ until eternity!

And even more than duper-super unbelievable is, how the devil could they even have the heart and conscience to train their kids to grow up to become literally ‘consumed’ by such dangerous religious ‘stoning of the angry devils’ rituals to play fire with the devils that will surely backfire, one way or another, with untold tragedies that could happen and did happen before such as the usual case of stampede that will surely cause massive loss of lives in just a blink of an eye!

Tell me, if you were in the shoes of the “devil”, would you not have gotten angry too, and would in retaliation, wreak havoc on Muslims because of what they did to shame and humiliate the devils in Mecca year in and year out?

Don’t forget! After all, it’s always Lucifer having rallied behind you and other Muslims to become as antiChrist as ever. Is that not right?

Again, even extraordinary unbelievable than this to happen is when radical Muslims are becoming so ridiculously hell-bent in implementing incoherent religious ideologies such as the “Sharia Laws” even in Western countries when they are only the minorities graciously given the chance to make a living there, but turned out to get as big-headed as ever in making big demands all because of them having to meet their religious obligation of establishing their ISA [Islam’s Supremacy Agenda] to have the world “Islamicized” for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

So surely, it will lead to endless conflict of interests among other races given any multiracial society whether or not, is under the control of the ‘corrupted’ system of ‘politics-cum-religion’ that is always bound to cause unspeakable confrontation with others, religiously and politically!

And if, in any case, Islam gets awarded the “constitutional right” to become a national “hero” for Muslims to easily implement their “Sharia Laws” in any secular society in their ever superficial claims to “fight” SINS that caused people to commit despicable crimes, then the freedom and democratic process for other races to live in “one heart” and “one soul” with them will surely get religiously ‘hijacked’ and further ‘eroded’ by radicalism and bigotry because of their ever foolish attempt to achieve their final goal of getting the world “Islamicized”!

If that is not the work of the Satan aka Lucifer to destroy God’s will and plan on earth to save our sorry butts from the curse of sin, death, and the devil, through His Son, Jesus of Nazareth, then what is?

That’s why, it is NEVER even surprising to see Sunni Muslims not seeing eye to eye with Shiite Muslims. They both always end up clashing with one another ‘to kill, or be killed’ by blowing up one another into smithereens even while they go about pathetically “praying” in their mosques to their impostor “God” [Allah] to spare them!

But little did they know – it’s EXACTLY the opposite! The reason they ain’t getting spared is simple, and that is because they are NOT the righteous ones praying to the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus!

Even the devils ain’t gonna end up as “sitting ducks” for them to re-enact what Abraham did because it’s NOT Abraham that the devils were “so scared” of, it’s Jesus of Nazareth for having brought the New Covenant into effect with the shedding of His blood to seal God’s promise of eternal life through the 3r’s, and certainly NOT by performing the ‘stoning of the angry devils’ ritual in Mecca! Do you copy, or not copy?

So, one can tell from all such logic that it is beyond 100% for sure the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam is the immediate problem plaguing humanity so much so non-Muslims can’t help it but will always inevitably picture it as the ticking ‘time-bomb’ that could get them stricken with fear and inundated with the endless Islamophobia epidemic every time any tragic accident, or incident happens!

Hence, it only clearly shows the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam is the main culprit causing all the unnecessary Islamophobia to strike fear in the hearts of non-Muslims. It is, therefore, not at all surprising that one can see even more clearly why Islam is a ‘religion-cum-cult’ because of its ticking ‘time-bomb’ nature that is religiously set to explode at any time necessary with anything written, said, and whatnot that is not to their liking!

Ultimately, it is a man-made religion best be avoided at all costs because it has proven to date that Muslims, whether “moderate” or not, could so easily be misled and misguided that they, like the devils, could not even ‘tolerate’ the sighting of a + [crucifixion cross] on any churches near them “just because” they do not see eye to eye with born again Christians just the same as the devils will always flee helter-skelter even at the smell of Jesus approaching!

Or, if it’s not about the cross sign, they would get “so alibaba self-righteous” enough to even screw up the judiciary and judicial system to take control of civil courts that DOES NOT have jurisdiction over “religious matters”, but somehow one way or the other, they still could manage to “so alibaba” impose their “religious authority” on them to stop the use of the Arabic word, “Allah” published in Bibles of other languages.

Or, if it’s not about the Arabic word, “Allah”, they would even ‘blacklist’ non-Muslims school-going children of other races as “infidels” [Kafirs] for “disrespecting” them because of eating among them while they [Muslims] are “fasting” in the month of Ramadan so much so their Muslim teachers would have no qualms to tell off those “infidels” [non-Muslims] to go and eat secretly in TOILETS so that they, as “so alibaba righteous” and “so alibaba holy” Muslims, would not be religiously offended, or rather tempted to eat as well.

Is this not bad extremism at its worst shielded by the ever intimidating ‘smokescreen’ of “moderation” to show they, as Muslims, are still “superior” than others who are “infidels” [Kafirs] of Islam? So, not surprisingly, that’s when ‘war of words’ in the racial and religious context will always ensue, whether in the mainstream media or not, especially over such ‘sensitive’ but ever ridiculous racial and religious issues that rear its ugly head every now and then with no end to it!

Undeniably, that is exactly what causing all non-Muslims to end up having nothing else in their minds to fear except the ever intimidating Islamophobia epidemic plaguing them for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose! And of course, this is only because of the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam that always rears its ugly head to show the ugly and contradicting side of Islam!

As a result, all such religious conflicts will inevitably happen in any given countries that are secular but having radical Muslims around always only so good at religiously discriminating, intimidating, and incriminating non-Muslims with bad extremism under the cover of “moderation”, thus so recklessly and arbitrarily showing themselves as the real culprits behind causing the Islamophobia menace!

As if it’s not bad enough that, as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims”, they always have no qualms to do anything bad extremists [IS] would do in giving their Islam a bad name. If not, then perhaps it’s the other way around where it’s actually Islam giving them the wrong impression that they are always “superior” than others, especially Jews and Christians! That’s why, they always have no qualms to do the inevitable and nonsensical things to show themselves as antiChrist as ever!

So, what good is there to embrace such a man-made religion that has NO RELEVANCE and NO SIGNIFICANCE to save everyone’s sorry butts from the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’ especially them [Muslims] who, as unashamed as ever, had ‘stolen’ other people’s version of the one true Almighty God to worship as “Allah” of Islam while at same time show their displeasure at Him for having sent His only begotten Son Jesus to die for our sins and raised Him from the dead?

Yet, as usual they easily get away scot-free by hilariously telling others to be ‘tolerant’ when in fact, they are the ones who actually failed religiously to ‘tolerate’ others because of their screw-up “superior” mentality made possible by the ugly and contradicting teachings of Islam.

Not surprisingly, they can even be very, very good at coming up with lame and stupid excuses too, to ‘demand’ this and that because of either, their political “special rights” made possible under a tyranny Muslim government, or their religious “self-righteousness” that is the result of them having gotten screwed up by the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam to get what they want even to the extent of committing wrongdoings without having even to worry about getting implicated because of the ‘corrupted’ system of ‘politics-cum-religion’ protecting them from harm’s way!

As one thing leads to another like falling dominoes to get worse than ever, it will surely make those ‘political racists-cum-religious fanatics’ get hypothetically feeling “superior” over non-Muslims to end up having no qualms at all to make provocative racial and religious speeches even in so-called peaceful street rallies, and still, get away with it without being charged in court!

And, that’s only because they CAN’T handle the truth of what the ugly and contradicting teachings of Islam had turned them into! So who is to blame – Jesus, the Prophet Muhammad, Lucifer, or perhaps the ever ‘corrupted’ system of  ‘politics-cum-religion’ made possible by the corrupted “ways of men” with vested interests?

If you still do not know who are the REAL jerk of all jerks, surely by now you do, don’t you? Anyway, it’s better to leave this subject out for now because there’s no point to “squeeze” in this topic in this post because you CANNOT mix ‘oil’ and ‘water’ together, can you?

Yes, that’s right, how the devil can you mix ‘politics’ and ‘religion’ together that CANNOT and WILL NOT ever find favor in the sight of Man, let alone God? Since both will still go their separate ways, so what’s the point in talking about something that is NOT for the common good of all! And that’s mainly because of the fact that…..

No True Humility In Islam EVER Detected!

Instead of believing the Word of God, the Holy Bible that clearly testified about Jesus having died and rose from the dead the third day to make hope of salvation possible to all mankind; what those antiChrist and non-Christians would rather do, whether by hook or by crook, is to create baseless and unfounded claims in relentlessly trying to prove the Word of God, the Holy Bible as “questionable” and as “bluffing” as ever as “bedtime” stories where only fairies with flapping little wings could come alive, but not a SINLESS “human being” like Jesus, the Nazarene who claimed Himself as the Son of God, but having had, by His death and resurrection, unmistakably proven it and thus, clearly EXALTED by His Father in heaven based on the testimony of the apostle Paul written in Philippians 2:5-11, and NOT by Jesus himself!

From this point made so clearly by the apostle Paul, one thing for sure WILL NOT ever work and not acceptable is when you, whether as a “Muslim” or not, certainly CANNOT praise, and neither can you “exalt yourself”, “by yourself” and “for yourself” like what the Prophet Muhammad did to proclaim himself as how “righteous” and “holy” he was, but ever so contradicting to preach about his grandest ideology to kill “infidels” [Kafirs] for Allah’s sake and among others, “do good” with “acts of kindness”, but not without FIRST, having to commit adultery to marry as many wives as possible, and whether by hook or by crook!

Even if you were a “big-shot” and did something “great” according to the “ways of men”, people only will somehow see the “so-alibaba greatness” in you, and perhaps might give the credit to whom it belongs without you having to personally and hypocritically publicize it yourself to tell people how “great” you were.

You see, that’s exactly what those radical Muslims are doing today, and pathetically! They always blow their own trumpets to tell the world how “righteous” and “holy” their “beloved” prophet was. And if their 100% “righteous” and “holy” prophet, or even Islam ever get insulted by remarks or criticisms not to their liking, they surely will have no qualms to “righteously” wreak havoc with ‘acts of violence’ as permitted in their perverted “Holy Jihad” to ‘kill or be killed’ just to protect the “sanctity” of their religion, or their “beloved” prophet’s name but to no avail as always! Don’t you know why?

Because if that’s exactly what they do all the time to show off the ugly and contradicting side of Islam by using so much of violence, or ridiculous religious misconduct to settle every damn issue every time, does it not even irk you enough to think they are only making Islam more like a ‘religion-cum-mafia’ organization! Is it not, one way or the other?

If so, then frankly speaking, it does NOT even sound nor look good at all in the eyes of non-Muslims, let alone the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus! Does it looks good to you even as a “Muslim”?

But do you, as a “Muslim”, know it is NOT one bit hard to understand why a religion like Islam can make Muslims become so violent and ‘mafia-like’, thus letting Islamophobia get the better of non-Muslims? You don’t why? Well, if this writer tells you the ‘ugly truth’, you will definitely say this writer is ‘bias’ and only having ‘prejudicial’ views against Islam “just because” this writer is a born again Christian, right or not?

So if that is the case, how about “picture” this writer as a “Muslim” instead, and see if he makes any difference at all? Perhaps then, you can bet your butts off it is only VALID when Muslims themselves WAKE UP and become sober enough to condemn Islamophobia by all means necessary, right?

But come to think of it, how the devil can they condemn Islamophobia? Surely, they CANNOT even do so in any sense, can they? And why not? You see, if this writer, as a “Muslim”, or they as Muslims themselves, ever condemned Islamophobia that is NOT the fault of non-Muslims, then it only means one thing – this writer and them are actually condemning Islam instead! Don’t you think so?

That’s because, like it or not, the ‘true but sadistic’ nature of Islam is what actually causing all non-Muslims to live in fear of getting intimidated, discriminated, and incriminated, or perhaps even ‘killed’ unnecessary as a result of the Islamophobia epidemic spreading like contagious diseases to bring out the worst in Muslims, radicalized or not, who always will end up giving a bad name to Islam one way or the other!

So can you, or this writer as a “Muslim”, still DENY, DENY, and ever keep DENYING this is the cause of the problem plaguing humanity in this millennium because of Islamophobia?

If not, then what do you, or this writer as a “Muslim”, think it’s the “best” course of action to take in solving this long-standing problem? Well, as for this writer standing out as a “Muslim” at this point, surely it’s not a moment too soon for this writer to jump ship without thinking twice to get proselytized, and become a born again Christian instead! That’s because it makes more sense to do so!

But, so sorry to inform you that for you as a “Muslim” to jump ship with this writer ain’t gonna happening, NOT even in all the millenniums to come because of you as a “Muslim” having had already gotten screwed up in the head in the first place to believe there is nothing greater than Islam so much so you have no qualms to keep DENYING it’s the fault of your religion even knowing so well that Islam is, in words and in deeds, the cause of the Islamophobia epidemic!

Otherwise, there is no such word, Islamophopbia found in every dictionary of all languages, is there?

Apparently, it’s so unbelievably sad to tell the same gospel TRUTH about Jesus’ death and resurrection especially to Muslims in every millennium to come. Why?

Well, is it not obvious enough when they still hypocritically “revere” Jesus as a “prophet of Islam” but always end up as antiChrist as ever because of having unmistakably gotten screwed up enough in their heads to always think of only REBELLING at all costs against the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus than to HUMBLY come clean and REPENT before Him to stand CORRECTED based on what Peter addressed the crowd in Acts 2:14-41?

One can’t help but wonder what do they really gain to keep REBELLING against the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, and worse, especially to become as antiChrist as ever in claiming by the “ways of men” that Muslims upholding the 5 pillars of Islam shall attain “righteousness”, and that it will suffice! Is that so?

But how can this be ever possible when the Word of God, the Holy Bible DOES NOT say so?

So, are you, as a “Muslim”, saying the “ways of men” are more “superior” than God even in solving the demonic problems we humans are facing perpetually especially when anyone is not a born again Christian, is still under the bondage of the Satan as ‘slaves to sin’? Who the devil are you kidding, anyway?

But it seems almost everything, from God existing in the heavens to the legacy of His Son, Jesus who lived and died as a “human being” on earth but resurrected by the divine power of His Father and highly EXALTED in Philippians 2:5-11, shall always be purportedly and maliciously disputed, manipulated, discounted, refuted, and whatnot because of those antiChrist and non-Christians such as Muslims still living in a ‘faithless and perverse generation’ made possible by the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

So whether those antiChrist and non-Christians like what they are reading here or not, they will surely 100% with great but false pride, give all their 1.7 billion or more thumbs down in this post, and that’s not surprising, of course! And that’s only because they CANNOT and WILL NOT in any way prove themselves as true men-of-God for having UNGRATEFULLY failed to obey the Gospel of Jesus even though given the only ‘second chance’ to reciprocate God’s graciousness and mercy by doing the right thing to come clean and REPENT to stand CORRECTED according to Acts 2:38!

Yet, they still have no qualms to dispute and totally reject Jesus’ death and resurrection as the one and only hope of salvation to be had!

Honestly speaking, all true men-of-God can and will only ‘feel good’ in the true sense when one knows from the heart and conscience it’s so ever super sacrosanct to tell nothing but gospel TRUTH according to God’s will even if it really, really get people, especially Muslims radical or not, pissed off! It’s no wonder King David echoed something similiar in Proverbs 9:7-10!

But as an impartial writer always telling it the way it is, it’s immaterial and certainly NO BIG DEAL even those 1.7 billion or more Muslims are giving this writer the thumbs down for speaking nothing but the gospel TRUTH! And too bad, that’s NOTHING this writer can do anything about it even if they still prefer to snub and reject God’s call to come clean and REPENT or…PERISH!

Of course, it does not hurt this writer one bit, let alone the Almighty God even if those antiChrist and non-Christians do the most ridiculous thing ever on earth like they always want to screw up just about anything they can lay their hands on, whether it’s about the legacy of Jesus’ death and resurrection or not; still, they are the ones to end up as big-time losers in the sight of God, so there’s nothing for this writer to worry about knowing too well they will sooner or later, get ‘fried’ so good as Lucifer’s KFC in the end!

And whether they end up proving anything but their own insensibility, immaturity, inadequacy and worse of all – VANITY till kingdom come, still, it’s nobody’s doing but their own. And that’s because, under God’s rule of law, everyone has to be made accountable for one’s own doing, rightly or wrongly!

As God had already revealed the gospel TRUTH in what is known as the Word of God, the Holy Bible that He created humans in His image. Yet it’s so very, very funny and odd how people, especially those idolaters still ever so REBELLIOUS and continue to worship “gods” and “goddesses” made in Man’s images, or animal’s images to make a laughing-stock of themselves, and even ridiculously claimed “all man-made religions”, whether Islam or not, will lead to God or so they thought!

As such, there’s no point in arguing with them and since people like to bluff themselves silly into eternity, so be it!

However, the point is, whether they as Muslims believe it or not; ignorant or not; and much less like it or not, those born again Christians and as true men-of-God, they are duty-bound to warn them [Muslims] NOT to become as UNGRATEFUL as ever to stay as antiChrist and non-Christians because it amounts to nothing but as a LOST CAUSE that will only cause them to suffer in all eternity!

If they still do not wish to ‘make a change’ like what the apostle Paul did, then it’s time for them to be ever ready to face serious consequences they will never see coming! That’s because you, as a “Muslim”, whether come clean and REPENT or not, and obey the Gospel of Jesus or not; still, the truth is – Jesus is coming back!


Famous Quotes:

“There is nothing to FEAR except the persistent refusal to find out the TRUTH, the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings.”

………. Dorothy Thompson……….


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