“God vs Allah?” [Part 1]

What does that means?

Usually, it only makes sense and means ‘something’ if it’s God versus the Satan aka Lucifer because one can surely read all about it in the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament to know what went wrong, and what God did to right the wrong for the sake of the human race!

If that’s the case, how is it possible that the God of the Bible known as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the ‘same’ as the other impostor “God Is Great” of the Koran best known by eerie shouts of “Allahuahkber”?

Perhaps, the only way to find out is to use the common equation that is clear-cut enough for even any DUMB and DUMBER like this writer to write for other DUMB and DUMBER to understand easily and satisfactorily, right?

You see, if there’s always fighting among us humans in more ways than none, whether politically, racially, or religiously, so why not the God of the Bible and Allah of the Koran too? After all, wasn’t the ‘war of the gods’ started in heaven in the first place based on what John said in Revelation 12:7-9?

In any case, whether anyone is lucky enough to WAKE UP every morning or worse, not that lucky enough to NEVER again to wake up anymore one fine morning, still, everyone is fighting an ‘invisible war’ everyday whether from inside out or outside in, whether one is ignorant or not, whether one believes it or not, whether one’s pretending or not, whether one’s debating about it or not, and surely much less whether one likes it or not!

Since that’s the case, don’t you think then that DEATH is always imminent as well as a possible thing to happen at anytime with all such fighting keep going on day in and day out?

Again, if that’s the case, then don’t ever take things for granted!

Even if you got so lucky to WAKE UP literally everyday to believe there’s a guardian angel to keep you from harm’s way, still, it DOES NOT mean there’s no demons lurking around to jump at any opportunity to make ‘double-dead’ sure you really don’t ever wake up at all one of those fine mornings, especially when you start to keep God out of your life spiritually because of having to go along with the standards of the world where there’s always a heavy price to pay whether you become rich or not!

And even if you got so lucky enough to WAKE UP in the morning on this side of the world, you can be assured there’s always those demons lurking around to make ‘double-dead’ sure you may not always be so lucky to escape DEATH [Romans 6:23] after all!

Yes, you can be assured you might not escape all the time from bad things happening to you because there’s always the ‘forces of evil’ around to screw you up in more ways than none until you have gotten subdued enough to believe that it’s the ‘norm’ for you to blame God for everything bad and wrong that happens to you.

That’s the infinite power of the Satan to deceive us humans without us knowing what went wrong with us because he knows humans are too gullible, and worse, ignorant enough not to take upon the privilege of ‘freedom of religion’ as a means to an end to find out why there’s such ugly truth about everyone having gotten lost but NOT everyone found like the parable of the ‘Lost Son’ in Luke 15-11-31, and most urgently why everyone having gotten trapped under the bondage of the Satan as his ‘slaves to sin’ but NOT everyone so smart and HUMBLE enough to do what’s right to OBEY God rather than man-made religions to set oneself free according to Acts 2:38!

To the Satan, the best bet to make any ‘evil’ things happening to you is when you get behind the wheels and driving on the road because that’s the best chance for him to get you involved in a road accident that will surely cause you or others harm, and worse, DEATH so that you will NEVER ever WAKE UP at all on this side of the world but only wake up TOO LATE to find yourself on the wrong side of other world, especially if it so happened that you NEVER ever knew who the one true Almighty God is, let alone believe Him enough to do what’s right to OBEY Him rather than men while you were still breathing maybe one minute ago, or worse all the days of your life when you had the ‘second-chance’ to do so long before the tragic road accident happened but you FAILED ridiculously to do so!

But then, one may ask, how do we mortals know and be able to tell who’s the only one true immortal ‘entity’ from a false one? Actually, it’s already too obvious for anyone to know the answer because even any DUMB and DUMBER knows and can tell by now!

If not, then the most likely possible way that one can tell easily is the abominable clash happening between both of them as characterized by what each one of them does to the human race based on whether it’s good or evil happened, and surely, this is simple enough for anyone to know and understand it if you look at all the harm done in this world because of Muslims having gotten screwed up by Islam! Is that not true?

So certainly, in this screw-up world where most grown-ups have a mind of their own to think, reason, and to choose, it is very likely there’s every good chance everyone, whether Jews or Gentiles, already knew and thus, could even be so confident to say truthfully from the bottom of one’s heart that if there’s ‘good’ manifested from a true God that will do us only good and for our own good only; surely, there’s also ‘evil’ manifested from a false one doing the exact opposite to destroy us by making ‘double-dead’ sure we only end up as ‘children of the devil’ to go on the road to hell!

Again, is that not a possible evil thing to happen that can help everyone to WAKE UP for good?

That means – if we know there’s a likely chance of a true God always trying to SAVE us from harm’s way; surely, there’s also a false one always trying to DECEIVE us by making double ‘dead-sure’ we continue to stay as big-time SINNERS to do more harm than good according to Romans 6:23 because of what Romans 3:23 having had indisputably ‘blacklisted’ who we are!

But too bad, even when there’s something godly already taken place to give us hope of salvation and whether or not, everyone knows there’s such a thing that happened; still, we CANNOT escape the Satan’s ‘forces of evil’ that will keep making us humans go upside down and fighting one another for one lousy reason or the other whether it’s via man-made religions or not!

And because this too, NOT everyone knows there’s such a thing going on, that’s the reason people keep getting so INCAPABLE of telling the difference between what’s the gospel truth and what’s not so much so it will keep people, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, blindly and inevitably going on the road to hell because of not knowing who’s the true God to believe and worship and who’s not, so that we can reject and flee from!

As such, there will always be those antiChrist and non-Christians, especially Muslims, who can NEVER make a change to REPENT according to Acts 2:38 and become what they should have had become in the name of the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus!

And if not, then surely, the worst thing to happen is – they can only continue to live as who they always are in Romans 3:23 because of not knowing what went wrong with them, or knowing it, but still pretending as though nothing is wrong because of them having gotten screwed up in their heads by the other false ‘entity’ claiming as the other impostor “God Is Great” aka ‘Allah’!

Unless and until they can get so much as smart and HUMBLE enough to relate to what the apostle Paul had already warned us in 2 Thessalonians 2:4 to become wary of such eminent ‘darkness’ plaguing them; surely, they will continue to dispel, dispute, and even DENY at all costs that it’s God’s gospel truth!

So needless to say, if there’s an entity called ‘God’ that we humans most likely name as the Creator of the universe and the humankind found written in the Bible; surely, one will believe He’s still existing whether with or without people smart and HUMBLE enough to OBEY Him or not because there’s always true men of God around to do the job of preaching the Gospel of Jesus with the hope of bringing all such LOST and CONFUSED souls back on the correct path to Him just as much as we MUST know and be aware that there are also so-called men of God who would do the exact opposite by making ‘double-dead’ sure all those already misled and misguided, especially Muslims, stay as antiChrist and non-Christians as ever!

If that’s the case again, then surely there must also be another mischievous but no less powerful ‘entity’ not wanting to miss out on such an easy ‘copy and paste’ task to have fun by getting those antiChrist and non-Christians screwed up in the head so that they would rather create “millions of ways” to go on the road to hell than to choose the ‘one and only way’ [John 14:6] to go to heaven where such blessed hope of salvation had already been made possible and available to us nearly two thousand years ago by only one man known as Jesus of Nazareth!

Yet, it’s not surprising to know that all others so-called men of God, especially Muslims, who inevitably ended up as antiChrist and non-Christians for one lousy reason or the other, they will still continue to be religiously misled and misguided by Islam so that they can and will continue to snub and reject Jesus’ death and resurrection as an ‘impossible’ thing to happen back then!

Really, it’s incredibly mind-boggling so much so no one can really imagine how could it be possible that, as Muslims having professed to “revere” Jesus as a “prophet of Islam”, they still DO NOT realize this is the most dangerous thing ever to happen in God’s sight to snub and reject Jesus as the Son of God especially when knowing so well the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is certainly the same ONE who sent Jesus to atone for the sins of all mankind.

Instead of grabbing such a golden opportunity to SAVE their sorry butts from the curse of sin, death, and the devil, to REPENT by obeying the Gospel of Jesus, they keep snubbing and rejecting Him as the Son of God who died and resurrected as Christ and Savior of the SOUL – including them!

It’s hilarious enough why they don’t even know they are actually snubbing and rejecting ‘Allah’ every time because when they keep doing the same to Jesus, they are also doing it to the God who sent Jesus whom they also worship as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and whom also they refer as ‘Allah’ of Islam!

If that’s the case of them always referring almost anything that only seems like a ‘borrowed’ version of the Bible to counter-attack the Bible, then they might as well become Christians than stay as Muslims who don’t make sense with what they say or do because they keep contradicting themselves here and there, especially when they still professed to “revere” Jesus as a “prophet of Islam” only to end up again and again snubbing and rejecting Him as the Son of God who died and resurrected as Christ and Savior of the SOUL – including theirs!

One just can’t help but wonder what, in God’s name or more like in Allah’s name are they trying to prove when they religiously keep ‘slapping’ themselves in the face the whole time by what they say and do in the name of their ‘Allah’ also supposedly their version of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!!

And surely, such an imperfect perfection of humans made possible by such man-made religions will only make it even all the more impossible for even Muslims themselves to understand why, after having professed themselves as “men of God”, or even “revere” Jesus as a “prophet of Islam”, they still CANNOT and WILL NOT ever become smart and HUMBLE enough to go by the proper channel [John 14:6] to do what’s right to OBEY God rather than men based on what Peter and the other apostles said in Acts 5:29-32!

As “men of God”, instead of doing what’s right to OBEY God rather than man-made religions, they keep doing everything the exact opposite of the Bible just to make a mockery of the Gospel of Jesus even when knowing so well it’s the one and only means possible that can SAVE everyone’s sorry butts including theirs from the curse of sin, death, and the devil so much so even God had ‘no choice’ left but to sacrifice the ‘Blood of Jesus’ for the purpose!

Because of their religious INABILITY to think for their own good, surely that’s already a good enough excuse for the mischievous ‘entity’ who’s always so good at disguising himself as the other impostor “God Is Great” to so easily confuse all such so-called men of God via man-made religions such as Islam by making them use the lousy ‘apostasy act’ to do the ridiculous job of ‘crucifying’ themselves that will only religiously force Muslims to stay as antiChrist and non-Christians as ever for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Already, such a man-made religion is something so contradictory that is as bad as other antiChrist and non-Christians having already gotten screwed up in the head to believe that if there are “millions of ways” to go on the road to hell; then surely, it’s even easier and convenient for them to believe such corrupted “ways of men” are “no less better” than taking ‘the one and only way’ [John 14:6] to heaven even when knowing so well people like them are so absolutely gullible enough that there’s absolutely NO PROBLEM for this mischievous ‘entity’ aka Lucifer to disguise himself in many other ‘godly’ forms, whether as earthly deities or not, to so easily DECEIVE all such unsuspecting humans by making them go round and round in circles so that they will end up going nowhere fast!

But in what name or in what screw-up form is this mischievous ‘entity’ best known as?

As sure as the sky is so high, surely anyone would have gotten quickly to know about it at the snap of fingers if only one knows where to look for the correct source of information to read about it. Don’t you know, anyway?

Perhaps, if one knows and can understand what really ‘freedom of religion’ is for; then surely, one would know too why making use of it to check on the feasibility of other man-made religions can help us to ‘see’ clearly where we are heading but only provided we really make good use of such useful means that will lead us to the correct source so that we can do something right for the sake of our own precious SOUL!

Yes, if humans have been given such a good opportunity to make use of such a wonderful privilege to think, reason, and to choose; then surely, we should all know too well that it’s meant for everyone, whether Jews or Gentiles, to find out NOTHING but the truth, whether it’s the ugly truth or not, by doing a little homework checking up other “religious faith” to make sure one DOES NOT get duped big-time into believing and worshiping the false ‘God-in-disguise’ to end up going nowhere fast but dead on one’s own trap!

Perhaps, one best way to find out is to get started with the quickest way to finish doing one’s homework, and that is no other than to start reading the Word of God, the Holy Bible because the truth is, it has by far proved to be the one and only correct source of information [2 Timothy 3:16-17] that can truly guide everyone, whether Jews or Gentiles, to go back on the correct path to God – period!

But alas, only problem is, “who can understand it”? Can they [Muslims]? Can you, anyway?

Meaning to say – if everyone knows the word, ‘good’ that’s pretty much associated with the word, ‘God’ and the word ‘evil’ associated with the word ‘Devil’, then surely, it SHOULD NOT come as a big surprise for everyone, whether Jews or Gentiles, to know and easily understand why the one true Almighty God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus in John 3:16 to SAVE the world; and why the false one keeps disguising himself as the other impostor “God Is Great” otherwise known as Lucifer who will always have no qualms to abuse the one true Almighty God’s name by using another similar name, ‘Allah’ to make no less than 1.7 billion Muslims screwed up bad enough in the head to stay as antiChrist and non-Christians as ever!

If ever there’s an evil chance that Lucifer has the delusional power to turn up as the false ‘God-in-disguise’ and make it all the more possible to deceive those ever gullible and superstitious enough to continue living as big-time SINNERS by continuing to commit idolatry or adultery [sexual immorality] in the case of Islam without even knowing what went wrong with them, what good chance is there that they would all of a sudden be “capable” of setting themselves right with the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus? NONE! And that’s for 101% sure!

Surely, there’s really NO miracle whatsoever to happen in Islam because understandably, for Muslims to take the big leap of FAITH to amaze God by obeying the Gospel of Jesus will NEVER happen! Will it? You tell me!

Because of all such screw-up people so INCAPABLE of going by the proper channel [John 14:6] to solve the problem of SIN even for their own good, perhaps that could be one good reason for Jesus to say why He did not come to bring ‘peace’ but a ‘sword’ in Matthew 10:34 so much so even His disciples got caught by surprise and wondered why their long-awaited Messiah turned out to do ‘something’ so different that they did not expect and thus, they even started suspecting whether Jesus was the biblical prophesied ‘Messiah’ to come and doing the correct job or not!

Perhaps, that’s when everything started to get interesting, especially when Jesus mentioned again in Luke 12:51 that He did not bring ‘peace’ but ‘division’ and this, so unfortunately, have gotten those so-called men of God, whether those ancient Pharisees Jews and teachers of the law or Muslims today, so terribly confused that they didn’t have a clue what Jesus was talking about!

Even more so especially shocking to them is when Jesus said something like, ‘love your enemies’, they would on the spot deemed it as rather ‘irrelevant’ at that time when knowing so well those zealots Jews were only looking forward to have an earthly ‘Messiah’ who could lead them to do the immediate earthly job of driving out the Romans intruders with “acts of violence” to “kill or/and be killed” just like Islam is teaching Muslims to do the same to have the world “Islamicized” with those “infidels” [Kafirs] of Islam annihilated by hook or by crook in the name of ‘Allah’!

Even in today’s modern times, honestly, who would not consider ‘love your enemies’ as ‘irrelevant’ too? Can Muslims follow Jesus’ teachings to ‘love your enemies’? No, I don’t think so! Yes, on the other hand, they can and will! However, if based on their Islāmic teachings, they can and must do everything possible to extend their helping hands but ONLY to Muslims in need!

In doing so, they also ONLY proved clearly and openly that Islam is a religion based on favoritism to say the least! And to prove Islam as a “superior” religion than others, it’s always out of the question for them as ‘extremist-in-disguise’ Muslims to extend their “helping hands” to non-Muslims they ‘blacklisted’ as “infidels” [Kafirs] of Islam to be annihilated without fear or favor!

You know, if they don’t persecute or kill non-Muslims, it’s better for you to quickly thank the loving and compassionate God who sent Jesus to SAVE you!

On the contrary, those who have obeyed the Gospel of Jesus surely have no qualms to help anyone without looking at their religious faith. It’s true enough that as born again Christians following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, they have even proved their worth by extending their helping hands even to those Muslims in need with no intention of ‘proselytizing’ them because as born again Christians, they certainly do not born again to become savages, do they?

In fact, it’s only Islam that made even “true Muslims” to become savages to “kill and be killed” with “acts of violence” in the name of ‘Allah’! Does that not even scare the hell out of you? If so, then why are you still not a Christian?

To those born again Christians, they already knew ahead that they CANNOT, whether by religious laws or by their own conscience, ever ‘force’ their beliefs down anyone’s throat in God’s name, especially when they know they MUST follow Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 5:43-48! It’s actually those ‘extremist-in-disguise’ Muslims who don’t respect Jesus’ teachings, and so surely, they have no qualms to commit religious misconduct whatsoever!

The reason those born again Christians have no qualms to extend their helping hands to anyone regardless of race, creed, or religion is NOT because Jesus made it sounds like it’s ‘mandatory’ to do so but it’s because they TRUST Jesus enough to do so for the good of all mankind because that’s exactly what Jesus did!

Unless they [Muslims] have NO conscience at all, this is one fact they cannot deny, nor can they ever refute even in the name of ‘Allah’ that they extend their “helping hands” ONLY to Muslims!

There’s no doubt about it that what Jesus said always seemed so out of the world, but what those ancient Pharisees Jews and teachers of the law didn’t know nor ever understood is that Jesus’ mission on earth was to open a gateway to a new era of believers and followers who will have NO PROBLEM understanding the importance of His death and resurrection, and thus would have NO PROBLEM too to SAVE themselves from the curse of sin, death, and the devil by obeying the Gospel of Jesus according to Acts 2:38 with no questions asked!

This is exactly what Muslims and others antiChrist and non-Christians CANNOT and WILL NOT ever bring themselves to do if they still allow themselves, especially Muslims, to be under the control of their own ‘apostasy act’ that will also make them stay as antiChrist and non-Christians as ever based on what John said in 1 John 2:22-23!

Although what Jesus’ declared in John 2:19 does not make any sense to those antiChrist and non-Christians in today’s world, and even all the more sounded ‘irrelevant’ to those ancient Pharisees Jews and teachers of the law having caught by surprise what He said, but what they’ve FAILED ridiculously to understand is, Jesus had yet completed the jigsaw puzzle for them to ‘see’ the bigger picture until only after His death and resurrection had come to pass, and that is, if one could relate to what Peter said in Acts 10:34-43!

Surely, it was because of them not knowing, let alone understand that Jesus was actually talking about His death and resurrection and this could be the only reason they didn’t think, let alone believe in the spiritual sense that for a dead man to be resurrected was ‘possible’ to happen despite Jesus having said before in Luke 18:27 that could support His claims!

And because Jesus didn’t do what would have pleased those zealot Jews especially, it soon became clear that what Jesus was about to carry out is not even in the least having anything to do with delivering the oppressed Jews from the Romans intruders in the literal sense. But then, it does not mean Jesus didn’t care for His own people, does it? If He didn’t, surely He would not have asked God in Luke 23:34 to forgive them, would He?

One thing everyone, whether Jews or Gentiles, must bear in mind is that His Father in heaven who sent Him [Jesus] to fulfill a mission is greater and important than driving the Romans intruders out. That’s why, Jesus was only doing His job that God sent Him to do on earth and so He too, had ‘no choice’ but to stick with it until it’s done and that’s called OBEDIENCE until death!

So let’s be fair to Jesus! He had tried very hard to get the message across that His top priority was to set them free FIRST, from the bondage of the Satan as his ‘slaves to sin’ but in the process of doing so, it had to involve Him having to sacrifice His life to make it all possible. Surely, that’s the only reason we should know by now why God sent Him, shouldn’t we?

But too bad, they have gotten it all wrong and even unsuspectingly caught off-guard that their biblical prophesied Messiah became a ‘heavenly’ one who was so willingly to end up getting Himself arrested, tortured, and finally crucified on the cross and thus, leaving them with no hope of driving their earthly enemies out – literally!

One thing for sure is, even in the midst of doing us a big favor, the one true Almighty God had NEVER ever needed to go behind our back to work ‘mysteriously’ as we’ve always been led to think so. Everything that God did in our best interest through Jesus was open and transparent! Nothing is done in secret! That’s why, even when Jesus got arrested and brought before the high priest for questioning, at one point He even DARED to rebuke openly an officer who struck [slap] Him in the face for being open and transparent enough in answering questions according to John 18:19-24!

So if ever those having professed themselves as “men of principles” or worse, as “men of God” but keep snubbing and rejecting Jesus as the Son of God who died and resurrected as Christ and Savior to end up as antiChrist and non-Christians, then they should also keep giving themselves one tight slap in the face every time they say the name of Jesus for having FAILED ridiculously like those ancient Pharisees priests and teachers of the law to believe who Jesus was yesterday, today, and forever!

As the Son of Man, chosen by God to fulfill a very important mission on earth for the sake of us humans and especially after having clearly implied His mission was not about bringing ‘peace’ but ‘division’, it became even clearer than ever that Jesus’ task was to spiritually ‘divide’ the good from the evil FIRST on earth!

Surely, this is ‘something’ even those ancient Pharisees Jews and teachers of the law could NEVER have thought relevant, nor did they ever realize it was so important and so necessary if ever God’s promise of eternal life under the New Covenant was to be fulfilled and sealed by the ‘Blood of Jesus’!

Everyone as well as those antiChrist and non-Christians should know why Jesus’ mission on earth is NOT about making it “safe” and “possible” for everyone to live in “peace” and “harmony” and much less a “rich” and “prosperous” life to enjoy on earth because all these earthly things DO NOT last for sure!

He only wanted us to have ‘something’ that will last forever because whatever we worked for here and gained on earth whether by hook or by crook will not last! That’s why His mission was about giving us the ‘second-chance’ to do ourselves a big favor to escape from getting ourselves trapped under the bondage of the Satan as his ‘slaves to sin’!

And to do this, of course, it comes with a heavy price to pay – the sacrifice of one’s life to suffer for the cause of Christ than to let the cause of Christ to suffer as what Jesus’ disciples did in the early days preaching the ‘Good News’ of Jesus’ death and resurrection that is better known as the Gospel of Jesus today! Then and only then can we only store up all our ‘treasures’ in heaven so that we can live as ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven when the time comes!

But if we take into account of today’s situation, no doubt it’s easy for anyone whether Jews or Gentiles to believe and understand such a simple doctrine. However, when it comes down to the OBEDIENCE part that even man-made religions teach people – that’s another different thing altogether, and that’s also where another problem crept in – DISOBEDIENCE by force!

First: There are already people of other religious faith getting stuck with the issue, especially Muslims who can’t tell who’s the one true God to obey and who’s not!

Second: Muslims who, ironically, ended up as antiChrist and non-Christians for one lousy reason or the other DO NOT have the religiously freedom to choose their own path because their own ‘apostasy act’ is already forcing them not to become an ‘apostate’ or face the music!

Third: If they are the ones so unluckily born in a wrong geographical location like in the case of those born in predominantly Muslims countries where Islam is their official religion that even got as far as having enshrined in their country’s constitution, surely they DO NOT have the luxury of ‘freedom of religion’ to choose one’s path, let alone become an ‘apostate’ if they felt necessary unless one is willing to sacrifice one’s life to do so but the person has to have a lot of guts to take such a big leap of FAITH to amaze God first!

And whether any Muslims has the gut to defy their own ridiculous religious orders or not; still, the Bible made it very clear that there’s NO EXCUSE not to do yourself a big favor and REPENT according to Acts 2:38! Unless of course, one is willing to give up one’s own precious SOUL to perish in eternal damnation, then it’s understandable why such a LOST and CONFUSED soul CANNOT do the right thing to change the course of one’s destiny for the better but only stay for the worse!

Surely, this is ‘something’ so unlike those earthly “riches” and “prosperity” that we will always be going head over heels after all such materialism that CANNOT last even after having gotten hold of it whether by hook or by crook!

But let this clear! Whether we humans can live in “peace” and “harmony” with one another or not in this life has nothing to do with Jesus’ death and resurrection because surely we know God’s promise of eternal life fulfilled by the ‘Blood of Jesus’ is surely NOT of this world! That’s why, we still need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling here on earth if we do not want to end up on the wrong side of the divide on the other side!

So whether we humans can have ‘peace of mind’ in this life or not, it surely has EVERYTHING to do with Jesus’ death and resurrection simply because NOTHING on earth can ever last to give us ‘peace of mind’ especially when we so pathetically always keep bluffing ourselves so much so we can, at best, only “show” to the world we are living in “peace” and “harmony” with one another on earth but in all honesty and reality, we are NOT whether from inside out or outside in!

So be always true to yourself and speak NOTHING but the TRUTH, whether it’s the ugly truth or not but you MUST make sure it’s NOT twisted truth for a twisted purpose because God is always around listening and watching us to take note who’s honest enough to speak and defend His gospel truth and who’s twisted enough by the devil to counter-attack His truth sealed by the ‘Blood of Jesus‘!


………………………to be continued



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