“God’s Righteousness and Justice vs Man’s” [Part 1]

What does this means? Why should God challenge with humans? What does it have to do with us humans in the first place? Why do we need it? And if we really need it, how to make it work to overall benefit everyone, whether Jews or Gentiles, to have ‘peace of mind’ not only in this lifetime but in all eternity as well?

Evidently, these are unavoidable questions that urgently needs to be answered with nothing but HONESTY from the bottom of the heart of everyone, by everyone, and for everyone if we really are serious to make ourselves “great again” in the sight of the one ‘true God’ who sent Jesus that gave us all the much-needed hope of salvation for the sake of SAVING our precious SOULS as the top priority!

If we can’t even ‘possibly’ and ‘positively’ do our SOULS this one little favor only in this lifetime, how then can helpless human beings like us ever ‘possibly’ and ‘positively’ make this planet Earth “great again” to have blue sky and everything nice?

Unfortunately, it’s just too bad that a lot of things are not ‘possibly’ and ‘positively’ going the way they should! And it’s all because we have negatively FAILED so badly that what we can only, at best, do is keep FAILING to save ourselves!

Unbelievably, this is the saddest thing to happen in the sight of the one ‘true God’ who sent Jesus! Surely, He did not imbue us with a heart and conscience to become so unwise and not save one’s own precious SOUL, did He?

Perhaps, all of what happened and keep happening that is definitely not a good sign at all is because we are just too blind to ‘see’ what the ugly truth is which is why it could have gotten us become too ignorant and always take things for granted!

You see, when we come to talk about having to deal with climate change, and especially if based on Man’s standards that we already knew are untenable because of having gotten corrupted by the “ways of men” in every aspect to have badly ‘violated’ Mother Nature – this only means we are only talking about an eccentric but ‘hopeless’ chance to so-called solve the problem of global warming that will only keep us as pretentious as ever in going round and round in circles to go nowhere fast and thus, end up making a mockery of our own intelligence instead!

Just think, how is it ever ‘possible’ for us helpless human beings to deal with Mother Nature in every sense? If we had no qualms to ‘violate’ her out of one lousy reason or the other, surely she has no qualms too, to retaliate and ‘violate’ us back with her forces of nature to unleash greater destruction than anyone can ever imagine!

Surely, common sense alone is already good enough to tell us that, as helpless human beings, we have absolutely NO CONTROL over our sinful nature, let alone Mother Nature!

And regardless of how many times and how many ‘heads’ come together “united” to say or do as a means to an end to somewhat “correct” the damage done to Mother Nature, she still stays as IRREVERSIBLE as ever just as much as she would be kind to us more than we ever thought possible if only we have been kind to her – to begin with!

When God had set in motion for Mother Nature to run its course to perfectly provide for the needs of human beings to live and survive on earth, this is already understandable enough that, as helpless human beings, we CANNOT, SHOULD NOT, and MUST by no means go by the corrupted “ways of men” to disrupt her by literally ‘choking’ her to death even with ‘reduced’ percentage of carbon emission when she’s doing her job to give us conducive sunshine, clean air and water for our daily needs!

But alas, so little did we know that once we got her ‘violated’ out of one lousy reason or the other, surely she will go haywire and turn the tables on us to make us suffer serious consequences and worse, she will stop at nothing to ‘annihilate’ us with unprecedented natural disasters never seen before as a result of our pressing “need for development” that caused global warming which then leads to climate change!

Whether we accept it as the Nature’s wrath or God’s wrath in ‘punishing’ us or not, what we always so easily keep forgetting is; as helpless human beings, we really are in NO position whatsoever to mess with her and still think we can get away scot-free without having to bear the brunt of her wrath that will keep coming back to harm us with more and more severe natural catastrophes whether we agree with one another to ‘reduce’ carbon emission or not!

If that’s the case, how then can helpless human beings like us, will ever have ‘NO WORRY’ about getting wipe out from the face the earth with wave of backlash one after another from Mother Nature because of us having inevitably ‘violated’ her whether intentionally or not?

And whether it’s TOO LATE or not to do “something right” about the precarious situation of the world hanging in the balance, what makes us humans think we are so ‘smart’ enough to ‘reverse’ the climate change situation even when knowing so well we CANNOT ever ‘STOP’ Mother Nature from being forever unforgiving and unstoppable to unleash her wrath in making us learn a lesson not to mess with her – ever?

Yes, the ugly truth is – how the devil can helpless human beings like us ever ‘STOP’ the Sun from burning incredibly fierce enough to bring about deadly heat waves that’s dangerous enough not only to kill those with high blood pressures faster than the “Fast and Furious”, but also can get anyone living in tropical countries easily BBQ if stay outdoor in the open long enough for the Sun to do the job?

So is the same that will happen in cold weather countries where elderly people can easily freeze to death on winter, and livelihood unprecedentedly obstructed because of more and more severe snowstorms and whatnot that is already telling us how badly we must have mistreated Mother Nature and so, it was only natural and fair for her to give us back the same ugly treatment!

The saddest truth ever known about why helpless human beings like us can NEVER ever do is to completely ‘STOP’ carbon emission which is why the ‘superpower’ of the world already have said bye-bye to such an agreement because of having the common sense to tell it’s already TOO LATE to do something that can do NOTHING to ‘reverse’ the damage already badly done!

In other words, the worst is yet to come!

Common sense alone is good enough to tell us that RAIN and SUNSHINE are both very essential and crucial in every aspect to give life to everything on earth. Too little or too much of both is no good for our survival! Because the ozone layer is the ‘heart’ of Mother Nature that particularly controls the amount of ultraviolet ray sunlight to keep everything in perfect order, therefore, we CANNOT and MUST NOT puncture her ‘heart’ at all costs!

If we do so “just because” of one lousy reason or the other, then who do you think can ever ‘mend’ this punctured ‘heart’ of Mother Nature up in the sky to ‘reverse’ the damage for her to ‘love’ us back again, but with what? With a ‘broken heart’? Can those ‘smart’ scientists ‘mend’ her ‘broken heart’? Can you, you, and you, anyway?

If given the ‘choice’ by Mother Nature to choose which is, of course, NOT a ‘nothing is impossible’ thing to happen, would you choose to have more severe rainfall that could easily cause life-threatening flash flood and landslides in a flash, or would you choose to have NO RAIN indefinitely so that all your ‘precious’ household stuff will not get damaged in flash flood or landslides?

But then again, whether you choose either one or not, the ugly truth is, it’s NOT up to us to have the choice to ‘choose’ what Mother Nature should or should not do because she has already started to unleash her wrath to wreak havoc on us. Surely, there’s going to be a lot of lives lost every time she gets ‘choked’ and ‘angry’ enough to make us pay the price!

Like it or not, the most important thing we should do now is to start ‘praying’ so that Mother Nature keeps raining as much as she ‘possibly’ can, and NOT to STOP raining even if it means making a lot of life-threatening flash flood and landslides. The purpose is for us to WAKE UP finding ourselves getting swept away by flash flood or getting buried in landslides that is better than to die of thirst!

Why is that necessary? That’s because there will come a time when there is NO RAIN to fall – indefinitely, and is inevitably going to happen sooner or later! And when it does, surely it means only one thing: Yes, nothing is further from the truth, it would be quite obvious that those living in tropical countries are the first ones to face prolong drought to die of thirst with NO WATER to drink because of NO RAIN!

By then, it’s already TOO LATE to appreciate having WATER available ‘free’ from Mother Nature because it would have become precious enough as a commodity to buy than buying gold to invest so much so NO ONE would ever want to trade even a little supply of WATER for gold or money for the simple reason that one will die of thirst with NO WATER to drink!

So, what’s the point of having lots of gold or money that CANNOT and WILL NOT ever quench your thirst? What can your gold or money do to “save” you from dying when WATER supply is barely available?

Perhaps, only then will people start to realize how precious WATER is! Surely, common sense alone is already good enough to tell us that when there’s NO WATER, surely it only means there’s NO LIFE!

Better take your pick! Is it better to have as more rain as possible now even if it brings about life-threatening flash flood and landslides that constantly disrupts our livelihood? Or, is it better to make Mother Nature completely STOPS raining by ‘choking’ her whether with ‘reduced’ carbon emission or uncontrollable ‘open-burning’ so that there’s no loss of ‘precious’ property than to find your most valuable property inundated either with flash flood or maybe go up in smoke sparked by wildfire because of deadly heatwaves?

In such a worse-case-scenario where there’s prolong drought happening, one can’t help but wonder how the devil can helpless human beings like us ever make Mother Nature starts ‘raining again’ like “business as usual” since she has already gotten badly ‘violated’ by the corrupted “ways of men” because of one lousy reason or the other!

When people start to panic because of NO WATER to drink, surely the worst of anything will follow and can happen!

Surely, that’s also when all types of man-made ‘Gods’ will go on sale as man-made ‘solution’ to man-made problems such as NO WATER to drink! Even at such bad times, there are those idolaters who still CAN’T stop bluffing themselves silly whether rain or no rain, and whether the Sun can easily BBQ everyone or not to carry on conducting their religious ‘open burning’ as if it can’t get worse enough!

As such, it’s not surprising to see especially the superstitious ones who will religiously resort to doing even more silly things such as intensifying their religious “burnt-offerings” to ‘appease’ all their man-made ‘Gods’ either to bring rain or to stop rain from falling. But so little did they know that when they keep conducting their religious ‘open burning’, it will only do more harm than good to destroy people’s health and Mother Nature with no recourse because all such silly ‘open burning’ will all the more ‘choke’ Mother Nature bad enough to suffer from severe ‘dehydration’ that will also surely cause her to STOP raining as a ‘protest’ for not getting taken care of by humans!

One does not need to become a ‘rocket-scientist’ to know about such ugly truth so much so it’s no longer surprising that this planet Earth could end up as a great ball of fire because of global warming that is IRREVERSIBLE no matter what we say or do!

If nothing ever works to make this planet Earth “great again”, then why do we still keep bluffing ourselves silly whether via man-made religions or not to keep destroying Mother Nature when knowing so well it only comes back like a ‘boomerang’ to destroy us?

Even more so is the time will come when we have absolutely NOTHING to fight against all odds that is our own doing!

If that’s the case, what makes those world ‘top leaders’ at the Paris summit think they can ever ‘appease’ Mother Nature to calm down? Just because they think their get-together in coming up with the same consensus to ‘reduce’ carbon emission, it DOES NOT mean they have successfully  ‘solved’ the problem already to go home with ‘peace of mind’ or so they thought!

Has it ever occurs to them that it’s already TOO LATE to do something about it when even God himself has no jurisdiction over Mother Nature after He had her set in motion to run its course?

Again, if that’s the case, is it still not good enough to tell us that God cannot help us anymore than we think we can go by the corrupted “ways of men” to ‘help’ ourselves? So who is to blame? Is it God, Mother Nature, or you, you, and you?

For example: If you got involved in drug trafficking and especially when knowing so well about the serious consequence ahead that there’s every ‘good’ chance to get yourself killed or end up languishing in jail for being INCORRIGIBLE, do you still stubbornly go ahead and get yourself killed which is likely the case?

Who is to blame then? Is it God, or you for having abused your own human’s right? Or perhaps, do you ‘blame’ someone like President Rodrigo Duterte for ‘failing’ to respect humans’ right and wipe you out clean or incarcerate you when he has the responsibility to do his job as a President to keep law and order?

Or better still, do you blame the one ‘true God’ for not ‘loving’ and ‘compassionate’ enough even having given you and everyone, whether Jews or Gentiles, a ‘second-chance’ long, long time ago even before you were born? But if you found out that you can’t blame anyone else but yourself, does it not looks like you need to get back to talk about the top priority of bringing God back into your life first?

Honestly speaking, no matter how many times those ‘top leaders’ of the world come together “united” to raise the same ‘issue’ over and over while the Sun is getting undoubtedly hotter than ever and with NO FRESH AIR to breathe, it’s absolutely USELESS when all such rhetoric ‘talk’ will only end up with half-boiled actions from all sides that will only bring about half-boiled result that is not even ‘good enough’ to clean up one’s act in solving one’s own country environmental problems, let alone make this planet Earth “great again” for everyone!

If anyone has the ‘sense and sensibility’ one should ask – how will it ever be ‘possible’ for the Paris agreement to solve the climate change problem that can make good sense to keep Mother Nature under control? If one can get to hear a ‘sensible’ and ‘durable’ answer, perhaps then, it might make sense to attend the summit!

But then again, who can control Nature? Can you? If not, who says ‘nothing is impossible’?

In fact, the biggest problem is, no one can say for sure Mother Nature will ‘listen’ to all such insoluble ‘talk’ from ‘top leaders’ and that she’d be so ‘kind-hearted’ enough to also ‘reduce’ her percentage of destruction around the globe! Do you think Mother Nature cares about us when we FAILED to take care of her first?

She’s NOT like humans who can “forgive and forget”, you know?

If not, then what’s the point of even going to attend the summit and waste time to ‘talk’ about it even when knowing so well NO ONE and NOTHING on earth can ‘STOP’ Mother Nature from wreaking unprecedented havoc because of having gotten ‘violated’ by human beings in the first place?

One can’t help but wonder why in the world do they still want to bluff themselves silly even when knowing so well that NOTHING human beings can do will ever in any way ‘STOP’ the momentum of destruction already in progress, what more with evidence of many catastrophic mayhem already happened and that will keep happening around the globe to destroy lives and everything in her path?

Is this still not crystal clear enough to signify that Mother Nature will never ‘STOP’ to wipe us out with one wave of disaster after another that is almost like bringing us all back to the biblical times of the great flood during Noah’s time, and the fiery end of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone during Abraham’s time?

When those biblical disasters happened, it was because of humans existing at that time were known to have become too sinful in God’s sight so much so it was taking a heavy toll on a holy entity like Him who then had ‘no choice’ but to wipe them out from the face of the earth!

Don’t you see? When humans have gotten to the point of no return and worse, became too ‘stiff-necked’ and INCORRIGIBLE to be saved even when given a ‘second-chance’ to REPENT, surely that’s when the one true God’s righteousness and justice shall overrule humans’ right, right? Don’t you think it’s only fair and square that the one ‘true God’ who sent Jesus should see it as befitting His righteousness and justice to destroy us humans just the same as humans seeing it as befitting to ‘punish’ one another with the corrupted “ways of men” whether via man-made religions or not?

Because God always gave us a ‘second-chance’ to REPENT, this already is good enough to show that He always respects our humans’ right! Only problem is, it’s always humans who keep abusing one’s own humans’ right and REFUSE to REPENT for one’s own good which is why it’s only right and proper that we get punished by own doing!

Even more so, everyone whether Jews or Gentiles, should learn a good lesson from Abraham why there’s NO ONE righteous even after having had pleaded with God not to punish the people of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 18:20-33 and then Genesis 19:24!

You see, what humans still don’t appreciate and be thankful to the Lord is, God always gave everyone a ‘second-chance’ from the time of birth whether it was the inherently wicked ones or not and whether during the biblical era or not, to come clean and REPENT by the proper channel in John 14:6 made possible for us since two thousand years ago!

The Bible has already made it crystal clear enough that by NO MEANS humans can come clean and REPENT via man-made religions!

And surely, this is already good enough proof to tell everyone, especially Muslims, that the death and resurrection of the sovereign Lord Jesus Christ has already made Islam become inevitably OBSOLETE and IRRELEVANT because it CANNOT and WILL NOT ever “save” anyone’s sorry butt, let alone Muslims from the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

But because humans are always inclined to do nothing ‘righteous’ but only so much as ‘good’ at proving to God they can go to the point of no return via man-made religions, and worse, INCORRIGIBLE to be saved even when knowing what went wrong with them, surely that’s when it’s taking a toll on the one ‘true God’ who would have ‘no choice’ but to punish all such UNREPENTANT ones – if His righteousness and justice was to prevail on earth as well as in heaven.

That means, EVERYONE whether Jews or Gentiles, have always been WARNED ahead to make a change and do what’s right to come back the correct path to the one ‘true God’ who sent Jesus!

And if ever those antiChrist and non-Christians, especially Muslims who SINNED against God and REFUSED to REPENT according to His will and plan on earth through the sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, then it’s just too bad that they will end up only punishing themselves with serious consequences already in place for the UNREPENTANT ones to meet their fate that is their own doing and more importantly, this also happens within the framework of human’s right that God respects and still protect!

If no one is to blame but themselves for being INCORRIGIBLE that seals their man-made fate, then who says God has no respect for humans’ right to punish those who sinned against Him? Can you say the court of law has no respect for humans’ right “just because” of having to sentence a criminal to be hanged when proven guilty of a crime?

As such, can they even dare to blame the one ‘true God’ who sent Jesus for having emphatically warned them ahead and for having given them a ‘second-chance’ to REPENT based on the Gospel of Jesus? Of course, common sense alone can tell anyone they CAN’T blame God but themselves only!

That’s why we should have known better that this is all part of God’s rule of law to warn us ahead of the Judgment Day to come when knowing so well NO ONE is righteous enough in these days and times to make His righteousness and justice to prevail on earth by bringing back LOST and CONFUSED souls such as Muslims to come back on the correct path to Him through the proper channel that is other than the one found written in John 14:6 that even their “beloved” prophet cannot ‘copy and paste’ in the Koran to “save” Muslims’ sorry butts!

This is the one true God’s ‘copyright’ that CANNOT and WILL NOT ever so easily get violated by Muslims whether they are INCORRIGIBLE or not!

Who then can ‘save’ the planet Earth? NONE? Then why accuse and protest against anyone or ‘someone’ in particular for having dissent because of knowing NOTHING can be done?

If it looks like it’s already TOO LATE to “save” the only planet inhibited by human beings, and no longer ‘possible’ to make the world “great again”, then why not SAVE our own precious SOULS instead? Has this writer not emphasized enough?

Anyway, there’s no harm done to emphasize on it again, is there? It’s good that the TRUTH will always hurt anyone badly especially when one can’t handle the truth as wise men do! Isn’t it time for those who are always feeling ‘hurt’ easily by remarks not to their liking to hear of this common saying: No pain, No gain?

The only reason those antiChrist and non-Christians, especially Muslims, should all the more get their lousy feelings ‘hurt’ by the gospel truth and quick enough is because it’s still NOT too late for them to know who the one ‘true God’ is, and who’s still as gracious and merciful as ever for giving them a ‘second-chance’ to come clean and REPENT based on the Gospel of Jesus that is according to Acts 2:38!

Then, the next most important thing they SHOULD NOT avoid getting their lousy feelings ‘hurt’ again, nor make lousy excuses to ‘feel good’ as antiChrist and non-Christians is that they MUST by all means necessary get down to serious business in making the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth which is the only chance they have to take a shot at making this world really great again by doing what’s right based on God’s standard, and NOT Man’s standards via man-made religions such as Islam!

Honestly speaking, if we all have the common sense to tell why it’s not uncommon to so often hear about those victims of many unfortunate circumstances having ‘no choice’ but only, at best, could cry foul after having found out to one’s dismay there’s NO true righteousness and fair justice served on earth to save the day, perhaps that’s when we might start to get a little idea about what it means to have the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth instead of subscribing to Man’s so-called righteousness and justice that could get ‘innocent’ victims caught off-guard and thus, still trapped by Man’s corrupted system of “righteousness” and “justice” that will always keep happening out of one lousy reason or the other!

But then again, one can’t help but ask, what has the one true God’s righteousness and justice got to do with us humans who can’t help but go by Man’s corrupted standard of “righteousness” and “justice” that surely CANNOT and WILL NOT ever prevent, let alone ‘STOP’ any kind of man-made INJUSTICE that keeps rearing its ugly head over and over simply because the Bible tells us NO ONE is righteous enough to make the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth!

Yes, even those Jews born in flesh and blood and chosen by God as His prophets during biblical times admitted there’s NO ONE righteous as espoused by the wisest man on earth, King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 7:20 of the Old Testament, and in Romans 3:10 by the ‘worst of sinners’ who later became known as the apostle Paul and pioneer in spreading the Gospel of Jesus far and wide to SAVE our sorry butts from the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

Rightly or wrongly, when there’s anything in this screw-up world that involves having to call for “justice” to be served based on the “righteousness” of human beings, surely everyone would be assured that’s when all the troubles start to rear its ugly head the whole time!

And when all such man-made disasters of the worst kind that keeps rearing its ugly head because of us humans keep going by the corrupted “ways of men” to keep law and order on earth that’s based on Man’s untenable and pretentious “righteousness” and “justice”, that’s when everyone whether Jews or Gentiles should be assured there’s no ‘happy days’ ahead!

So sad to say no ‘happy days’ are here to stay, especially when there are more and more people ending up as antichrist and non-Christians to go on the road to hell out of one lousy reason or the other! Yes, it’s so sad to say, gone were the days when anyone can easily find a Bible in every hotel’s room to read and keep oneself spiritually sober by being in touch with God who’s always having our best interest at heart not to stray away from His path!

But too bad, that’s awfully not the case today since humans already having gotten diabolically DECEIVED to become like ‘God’ knowing good and evil in Genesis 3:4 and thus, DO NOT know who’s the one ‘true God’ to believe and worship, and who’s the other ‘impostor God Is Great’ to flee from as fast as one’s legs can run!

Hence, those who ended up as antichrist and non-Christians, especially Muslims whether the ‘extremist’ ones disguise themselves as the “moderate ones” and the violent ones who are “true” to the sadistic nature of Islam; undeniably, they have gotten unbelievably screwed up in the head all the same when they still keep going by the corrupted “ways of men” whether via man-made religions or not, to get themselves spiritually ‘drown’ in an ocean of SINS!

But that is, of course, unlike at one point when Jesus literally saved Peter from ‘drowning’ when he tried to follow Jesus and walked on water!

Not surprisingly, that is the only reason those antichrist and non-Christians, especially Muslims who will get themselves ‘drown’ in an ocean of SINS because of having evidently FAILED to amaze the one ‘true God’ who sent Jesus! Having FAITH in the one ‘true God’ based on OBEDIENCE is definitely crucial when seeking God’s ‘forgiveness of sins’ under the New Covenant made possible by the ‘Blood of Jesus’ But too bad, they keep missing the point!

So, that only means the one and only SOLUTION to the problem of violent extremism propagated and perpetrated by extremist Muslims wreaking havoc and causing unrest globally is for them to come clean and REPENT according to the Gospel of Jesus with no questions asked, or surely they will get themselves ‘drown’ in an ocean of SINS if they still DO NOT reach out for Jesus’ hands to save them from ‘drowning’!

If not, then those “moderate” Muslims can forget about ‘educating’ their violent brothers and sisters to ‘calm down’ and accept the so-called moderation ideology that’s not even based on the call of their “beloved” prophet’s perverted “Holy Jihad” to have the world “Islamicized” with ‘acts of violence’ to ‘kill and be killed’ to annihilate “infidels” [Kafirs] of Islam until the world become an Islamic State!

That’s why, there’s nowhere in the Koran can Muslims find their “beloved” prophet teaching Muslims about the so-called moderation ideology to fight in his perverted “Holy Jihad”, is there? Even Christians fighting in a spiritual war for God by preaching the Gospel of Jesus to save LOST and CONFUSED souls could easily get killed by ‘extremist’ like Saul, a Jew with Roman citizenship who later became the apostle Paul!

So the question is – how the devil can anyone go to fight in a physical war not to ‘kill and be killed’? Surely, this can happen in a fairy-tale story with ‘happy’ ending only, is it not?

The reality is, NOT all LOST and CONFUSED souls, especially Muslims, want to be ‘saved’ by the ‘Blood of Jesus’ shed because of having gotten diabolically DECEIVED by the Satan to believe Jesus was only a “mere” human being and so, He committed “blasphemy” for claiming Himself as the Son of God!

Because they can’t tell what’s the gospel truth, they would rather prefer to go by the corrupted “ways of men” via man-made religions to bluff themselves silly than to go by the proper channel in John 14:6 to come clean and REPENT according to Acts 2:38!

If the ‘Blood of Jesus’ shed is according to what the New Testament tells us that it gives everyone whether Jews or Gentiles hope of salvation, then it’s super baffling and disturbing to know why Muslims still prefer to stay as antichrist and non-Christians and NOT wanting to be saved by the proper channel!

Why? The simple answer is, they always have REFUSED to love the TRUTH, especially God’s gospel truth based on FAITH! Because their version of “salvation” can only be based on bloodshed and violence which anyone can ‘see’ it DOES NOT make sense, surely anyone can ‘see’ easily there’s a sharp contrast with the Gospel of Jesus that gives us hope of salvation – the correct and sensible way! Can you not ‘see’, anyway?

So the good thing that happened was, at least, Peter did not FAIL to acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God who could SAVE him whether literally or spiritually from ‘drowning’ in an ocean of SINS! Of course, this only makes sense if only one could so much as relate to the event that happened based on the testimony of Matthew 14:29-32 that is unlike the case of Muslims who can only, at best, “claim” their “beloved” prophet as a ‘messenger’ of ‘Allah’ but with NO ONE at that time to bear witness of him as ever “endorsed” nor ever “authorized” by ‘who’ if you know what that means! Do you, anyway?

Now, that’s where the big difference between Christians who believe in Jesus as the Son of God and Muslims who don’t!

It’s already crystal clear enough that Muslims who unlike Peter, they still can’t ‘see’ who Jesus was yesterday, today, and forever even when knowing so well they could not have hope of salvation, let alone the ‘second-chance’ to come clean and REPENT if the one ‘true God’ didn’t even bother to send His only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth to die on the cross to save everyone’s sorry butts including them from the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

So if that’s the case, why then do they still REFUSE to love such gospel truth? There’s absolutely no good reason to REFUSE or to REJECT it, is there? Why do they, until today, still not accept such well-meaning truth when Christians could so easily see it as the only SOLUTION to the problem of SIN and REPENTED with no questions asked? Surely, the quickest way to answer the question is because they can’t ‘see’ what went wrong with them and Islam in the first place and so, keep going blindly on the road to the point of no return!

So, whether all such worse-case-scenarios of Man’s “righteousness” and “justice” takes place in predominantly Muslims countries or in so-called democratic countries easily marred by the corrupted system of governance and whatnot to discriminate, dispute, or worse, fight with another for power or justice, everyone whether Jews or Gentiles, is surely affected in more ways than none!

And this only goes to show we humans have only gotten ourselves to a ‘dangerous’ point where NO ONE born in flesh and blood is “righteous” enough to do what’s right in making the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth for the sake of everyone’s precious SOULS to have ‘peace of mind’ for all eternity!

If those corrupted by the “ways of men” whether via man-made religions or not still DO NOT and CANNOT make the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth as the only means to address whatever ‘social ills’ afflicting and affecting all mankind, surely it will lead to one bad thing to happen after another that is like falling dominoes also inevitably affect even Christians because everyone and everything’s connected just the same as everybody’s blood is red that makes blood donation and blood transfusion possible to ‘save’ another person’s life in time of need!

If not, then sure enough that’s when anyone crying out for social justice for whatever reasons will start questioning why there’s STILL no “righteousness” and “justice” to prevail on earth even with whatever existing laws to keep law and order with Muslims making matters worse to keep implementing and amending their Sharia laws that are not always good and work for Muslims themselves, let alone non-Muslims?

Well, the answer is as simple as saying 123! You see, when humans try to control and handle everything by human by themselves and for themselves where ‘nothing is impossible’ to happen whether rightly or wrongly and without bringing the one ‘true God’ who sent Jesus into the picture, surely that’s when things will start to go terribly wrong because humans will always have the tendency to go by the corrupted “ways of men” whether via man-made religions or not to get things done because of one lousy reason or the other!

That’s why NO ONE including Muslims is “righteous” enough to make the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth! If they were “righteous” enough, they would have seen Jesus’ death and resurrection as the SOLUTION to the problem of SIN and quick enough to have obeyed the Gospel of Jesus to become born again Christians and make the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth! But too bad, that is out of the question!

So the question here is: Is there or is there no “righteousness” and “justice” to prevail on earth? Of course, there is! However, if such a question that’s objective, it will surely depend on whether it’s based on Man’s standards or God’s to make the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth! And sure enough, that’s where it makes one hell of a big difference!

One thing for sure is, it’s absolutely out of the question for any “righteousness” and “justice” to prevail on earth if based on Man’s standards because there’s always a possibility of inevitable corruption and manipulation involved the whole time which is why everyone will in one way or the other keep crying out for ‘righteousness’ and ‘justice’ to prevail on earth!

But alas, those who are antiChrist and non-Christians, especially Muslims, they would have NEVER thought that by making the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth FIRST, everyone will WAKE UP smelling something unprecedentedly FRESH and LIVELY in the air because of having done the right thing to bring back the one ‘true God’ who sent Jesus into our lives to live as real human beings once again!

If not, then so sorry to say that for us humans to have the one true God’s righteousness and justice to prevail on earth is an absolutely impossible thing to happen especially when we always try to do what’s right according to Man’s standards without putting the one ‘true God’ who sent Jesus in the picture!

Surely, if that is like one ‘missing’ puzzle that cannot get the job done to complete the puzzle for everyone to see the full picture of who’s the SOLUTION to the problem of SIN, so how can those antiChrist and non-Christians, especially Muslims ‘see’ they are still as LOST and CONFUSED as ever when they keep looking the other way to end up going on the wrong direction!

So, does having the one true God’s righteousness and justice make any difference then?



…………….to be continued

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