Saint or Devil?

Whose side are you?

Sounds familiar? If you ask anyone, probably the response would sound like this. “Oh sure, I have heard of it before, maybe in a movie, TV dramas or even when some people arguing or fighting over something that calls for such ultimatum.” It’s not surprising most people have heard this line of script in many ways or circumstances. Isn’t it? But, the funny thing is, do people really know why they are saying this, “whose side are you?” especially when they find themselves at odds with each other or on something else which could mean life or death and for richer or poorer? And, here is something interesting that shall be unleashed for everyone to get their priority right, now or never.

It may sound somewhat ludicrous, but not unreal to say the least. Well, it could not be a situation that many people would be caught off-guard with so often that it would result in having to resort to such measure. However, there’s the stringent irony about the thing that shudders me. You see, the problem is. Everything I’m seeing that is happening everyday points to the fact that people are actually caught in such a predicament which is really dragging humanity to kingdom come even without the help of natural catastrophes. To put it bluntly, we are the biggest disaster, ourselves! Yes, it is beyond any doubts that everyone will get caught up in this situation everyday of their lives and are not even aware of it. Do you know why? Honestly, it’s really quite simple to understand what I’m trying to tell here. If you follow through to the end, then everything will be crystal clear.

I have noticed everyday to my horror and dismay at how people are conducting themselves as human beings who, apparently are the ones contributing to a lot of unnecessary social-ills, problems or even mishaps not only to themselves, but also to other “innocent” bystanders who happened to turn up at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Anyway, who is really “innocent” anymore? What I discovered is that it is even more horrifying than ever because it just keep getting incredibly ugly and uglier each time. It’s like anarchy that rules even when there’s law and order. But, then again, what good is law and order when it can also be twisted at one’s whims and fancy?

One thing that’s for sure I would not be doing. I’m not about to do the dirty job in pointing out who is the bad, the good and the ugly here. That’s because I’m no exception. I, too am accountable and need to know where I stand. I’m still struggling to fight the ‘Holy War’ or ‘Holy Jihad’ within me everyday. The only advantage I have is, I know where to get the strength from, that’s all. So, what I can do is to create the awareness only. After all, we are all in the same, “God couldn’t even sink it, Titanic” and sinking. Everyone should give a thought to help one another. Everyone needs to do something about it urgently. Even if one can’t save others in such a life or death situation, at least think of saving one’s own self. Here’s what I can do at the most to get the message across. I’m creating a questionnaire for everyone to take part. This questionnaire would mean taking the “beatings” of one’s own self. Great, isn’t it? Anyone who plucks up the courage to go through it by answering all the questions is to faithfully carry it out with all honesty and sincerity from the bottom of the heart. Only then, this questionnaire would be a success in deciding where you and I stand in the course of our existence and where we will be heading. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to start anything that makes anyone feels guilty or bad. It is not up to me decide who’s bad, anyway. Only the Almighty God can.

As we go along, there’s a chance some may find it not their cup of tea, and not able to take the “beatings” like Jesus who could. Well then, I hope there’s no offence taken because this is a questionnaire that will in fact help everyone to get their act together and make some sense of living as a ‘real human being’ should, to minimise many unnecessary sufferings that usually are our own doings. There’s no point in talking about the next life when so many things in this life are so messy and unthinkable. And most of them are only just small things happening day in and day out, but yet we, as grown-ups failed so miserably to handle them. This questionnaire is applicable to every person and whatever answers given is known by the person only, and of course God too. Therefore, no one should worry about anybody else knowing how one fares from it, except the person who’s brave enough to take part in finding out the truth about oneself.

There are altogether 33 questions where there’s A, B and C to choose from. Really simple, but quite controversial so to speak. Make sure you do not choose those answers that do not truly say who you are just because you know it awards you more points. It will defeat the purpose of waking up everybody to fight the ‘Holy War’ or ‘Holy Jihad’ if you prefer. Be not afraid to point out the truth about yourself even though in the end it will probably piss you off. No pain, no gain. Heard of it?

“You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off”


  • 1. Do you use signals when driving on the road? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 2. Do you stop on red? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 3. Do you cut queues? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 4. Do you double/triple park or haphazardly? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 5. Do you speed on all types of road? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 6. Do you obey all traffic rules? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 7. Are you a considerate driver ? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 8. Do you show the middle finger at others? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 9. Do you smoke or use cell phone while driving? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 10. Do you drink and drive? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 11. Do you swear or even fight when accident happens? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never


  • 12. Do you say, please, excuse me, sorry or thank you? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C)Always
  • 13. Do you ask for permission when taking a chair at kopi-tiam? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 14. Do you hold the door for others when walking in or out? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 15. Do you smoke when eating outside? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 16. Do you talk loudly on the cell phone? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 17. Do you flush the toilet after used? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 18. Do you switch off your cell phone in cinemas? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 19. Do you give up your seat to elderly or pregnant women? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 20. Do you litter indiscriminately? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 21. Do you waste food? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 22. Do you give to charity? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always


  • 23. Do you get along with all colleagues? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 24. Do you make excuses for your mistakes or failures? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 25. Do you take advantage of any colleagues? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 26. Do you respect your boss? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 27. Do you speak up if there’s any work problems or grouses? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 28. Do you feel exploited by your boss? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 29. Do you ‘lepak’ (snake-king) when boss not around? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 30. Do you gossip or back-stab your colleagues? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 31. Do you ‘shoe-shine’ your boss? (A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Never
  • 32. Do you do your job properly? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always
  • 33. Do you offer to help out a colleague’s workload? (A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always

A=1 point B=2 points C=3 points

Based on the above points, now add up all the points from the 33 questions and see what’s the result.

From 10 – 33 points.

That’s bad news! You are on the Devil side. There are still a lot of the Devil’s traits in you. You had better look for an “exorcist” to drive away all the evil spirits that are clouding you and are messing you up. If you don’t do something about the situation, the Devil’s poison will spread all over you. You will then be in the bondage of the Devil. In no time, the Devil can easily come to claim your soul. Not even God can help you! You are in grave danger, and it’s time to snap out of it before it’s too late.

From 34 – 66 points.

It’s good, but not good enough to shake free of the Devil. That means, you are half saint and half devil. You have the willpower to fight against the dark forces of the evil. But, you need a lot of strength to help you pull through. That is, if you only knew and believed that Jesus is the source of all divine power to turn to. Once you invite Jesus to come into your heart, take up the cross and follow him, the Devil will flee from you. That’s because when you have the love of Jesus in you, it will simply kill the Devil instead of the Devil killing you. The love of Jesus in you will be the most powerful weapon to keep the Devil away from you.

From 67 – 99 points.

That’s good news and congratulation. You are truly a saint. You have come a long, long way and must have walked through the valley of death and the pain of sacrifice to triumph over all evils that so many people would have already been so easily perished because they chose to walk in the path of the wicked. Anything that anyone knows deep down in the heart and conscience that one is doing that is not righteous in the sight of God is the same as walking in the path of the wicked. And, that’s the path of the Devil. There’s no in-between. Either a person is a saint or a devil. So everyone must choose one’s path well. Do not think that just doing a little bad thing like lying don’t matter. It will add just like a drop of water will make an ocean. Every little ‘small bad thing’ a person does and is continually doing with impunity will in time become so serious that it will be irreversible. The result will be horrendous by the time one really wakes up on the other side of the world. When you have discovered to your horror, after doing this questionnaire that if those ‘bad habits’ are badly outweighing the ‘good ones’. Will you still not willing to learn the lesson of humility that Jesus taught to change for the better and not keep on getting worse? Will you still allow the ‘cancer’ of those bad habits to take root and spread inside you which is the evil disease of the Devil that will do more harm than good? In conclusion, after all these “beatings”, will people still be showing the Devil in them when driving on the road, in the public, at work and as a human being? Maybe yes, maybe no. Incidentally, I think it’s more likely a “no!” Why? That’s because, people will NEVER change as long as the LOVE of JESUS is not found in them. Simple as that! The Satan, without a doubt, has succeeded with flying colors in blinding the people of the world, not to believe and accept Jesus who is the only SOLUTION in saving them from the evil clutches of the Satan. So, whose side are you?

Will you still leave behind the biggest question mark of the millennium, unanswered?