A Dangerous Question or…NOT? [Part 2]


“Why are 1.7 billion Muslims still not dying violently by now as “martyrs” to become “true Muslims” and earn a place in a “paradise” propagated by the Prophet Muhammad in the book of Surah of the Koran?”

Is this a dangerous question or not? It is and it is not! Again, it depends on who you ask this question. If you ask any ordinary Joe who is a non-Muslim, of course, this time around, it is the most dangerous question ever known to anyone and in the history of mankind.

Even more so, your guess is as good as mine what the respond would be like if you ever asked any ordinary Joe such a scary question that has to do with the Islam religion only and not others.

The reason it gets scary is because, should one become a Muslim, one had to obey the teachings of the Koran to die a violent death as a “martyr” by having to kill “infidels” to glorify “Allah”.

Now, what if you ask 1.7 billion Muslims around the world this dangerous question in any of the Islamic countries that have Shariah courts, or worse, hudud laws? Will doing so result in serious consequence or not?

Will it be even more scary especially if you have gotten those ‘super-sensitive’ Muslims screwed up enough to come out to protest on the streets and even burn an “effigy” of you to demand for an apology that ironically, could turn out to be the ones professing themselves as “moderate and democratic Muslims” but act otherwise?

By right, asking any of the 1.7 billion Muslims around the world, whether one is an extremist or not, should not be construed as a dangerous question and no big deal doing so.

Why? That’s because, according to the teachings of the Islam religion, all Muslims had no choice and they must, whether they like it or not, prepare themselves to become jihadist sooner or later, to fight in the Holy Jihad that requires only “true Muslims” to die violently as martyrs.

As such, should any one of the 1.7 billion Muslims around the world got cold feet and cannot live up to this “glorious” expectation of the religion to kill “infidels” just to become “true Muslims”, then one should NOT have even thought of becoming a Muslim in the first place?

All in all, it really depends on whether you are “lucky” or not. And also, with what kind of Muslims you can ask this dangerous or not dangerous question just to know if they, by any chance, really understood the nature of Islam.

If any ordinary Joe having a heart and conscience, one can already tell so easily that the Islam religion does more harm than good for all 1.7 billion Muslims around the world today because of them having to the obey the commandment of the Koran to kill all “infidels” so that every Muslim can die violently as “martyrs” fighting in the Holy Jihad just to be recognized as “true Muslims”. Is this not enough to make you wet in the pants?

How can one become a “religious” Muslim and then go marching in the Holy Jihad and kill people whether innocent or not just because they are “infidels” for not embracing Islam?

Does this make any sense to you as an ordinary Joe? But what really disturbed me and I found it most baffling is, how the hell could it have been possible that such ‘suicidal teachings’ so easily made sense to 1.7 billion Muslims around the world today? Is it not mind-boggling that people could so easily gotten screwed up by man-made religions?

And if they do understand the critical criteria to become “true Muslims”, even you, as an ordinary Joe, would be extraordinary curious to know what they have to say about the commandment of “Allah” requiring all Muslims to die violently as “martyrs” to be rewarded a place in the “paradise” which is similar to that of Heaven found written in the Bible but not in the Koran.

Do you not feel the butterflies in the stomach or gotten cold feet already even to think about becoming a Muslim, let alone waiting to hear if they would really die a violent death to become “true Muslims” and worse, you would have to do the same upon becoming a Muslim?

Since you cannot tell who is a “bad-temper” but “moderate Muslim” looking good on the outside or an “educated” enough “extremist Muslim” with no looks to tell and to judge on the outside, but whose toes you are stepping on by asking this dangerous or not dangerous question, still, you do not mind taking the chance even if you have to put your life on the line just to find out what makes 1.7 billion Muslims tick or perhaps not tick at all.

Do you think you would like to bypass such a good chance to know the true colors of 1.7 billion Muslims around the world?

Maybe, if you are “lucky” and happen to ask a “learned” but an “extremist Muslim” this question, you probably could get to know the real truth about the nature of Islam from such “extremist Muslim” than from a “moderate Muslim”. Do you know why?

That’s because, any “extremist Muslim” will surely and honestly admit the truth that it has always been, by all means necessary that, if any Muslim was to be become a “true Muslim”, one must really sacrifice one’s life for the sake of “Allah” by having to die violently as a “martyr” which is according to the true teachings of Islam.

But what’s most important of all is for 1.7 billion Muslims around the world to follow such teachings by the book or NOT ever had become Muslims in the first place, right or not? But the devil’s question is, had there been even 1% out of 1.7 billion Muslims ever followed in the footsteps of Osama Bin Laden and obeyed this commandment strictly by the book?

Just imagine: if only this little 1% out of 1.7 billion Muslims around the world ever had gotten screwed up enough to continue the extremist legacy of Osama Bin Laden to become “true Muslims”, my goodness gracious me, this will definitely get the American people jumping out of their comfort zone because they have no choice but to keep voting back Barrack Obama as the President for many more terms to come because ONLY he is good at annihilating any such kind of Osama bin Laden getting in the way of everyone’s rights to ‘free enterprise’ which the world cannot do without to live as free humans under God’s heavens!

What if you so happen ask a “bad-temper” but “moderate Muslim” this dangerous question? Do you think you can still be in one piece by the time you finished asking? You probably would have gotten “hammered” left and right and told to go back to where your great grand father once belong. You know, don’t you?

So, you had better not count on asking any of the 1.7 billion Muslims this dangerous question. Why? Because studies have shown that it is highly likely that those who “professed” as “moderate Muslims” are the ‘super-sensitive’ ones who actually know nothing much but only ‘half-truth’ about the nature of Islam and thus, can easily go cuckoo and wreak havoc if they, one way or another, gotten offended especially by “infidels” like you asking such “dangerous” question.

But what’s even more than amusing is that, should it happen that you have gotten them screwed up enough asking them this “dangerous” question, you can tell they will do something silly like demand for an apology from you first if they can’t handle the truth, then they will “apologize” and ask for “forgiveness” after that. Is that scary, amusing or what? I don’t know. Better you tell me. I’m confused by such confusion!

Perhaps on a more serious occasion, if they have gotten screwed up enough by their religion to “believe” that as Muslims whether moderate or not, they always have the “Allah-given” rights to even “kill” someone. That did happen before, did it not?

And that’s when they can “religiously” say sorry after that as long as it could be proven in Shariah courts that the “perpetrator” is an “infidel” that the Islam religion allowed “true Muslims” to kill and which, “moderate Muslims” also can if only one would just ask for “forgiveness” to be “forgiven” by “Allah” after that which again, is faster than the “fast and furious” sequels. You know, don’t you?

Surely, for all you know, those “moderate Muslims” are actually the problematic ones not to mess around with because they are the “smart” ones who are pretty “religiously” good at twisting and manipulating any given situation and circumstances. Nevertheless, they could also easily get agitated the moment they only “felt” insulted by you asking this dangerous question or if they ever “sniffed” you questioning about their religion in any way not to their liking. You know, don’t you?

That’s because, as “moderate Muslims”, they only prefer to pursue wealth and prosperity in the name of religion. They would do everything in their power to use religion to protect their interests first and not about ready to become “extremists” in the way their Islam religion demands them to by having to die violently as martyrs to please “Allah” the moon-god and earn a place in a “paradise” propagated by the Prophet Muhammad who probably had a big problem getting there himself because of him having committed adultery over and over. You know, don’t you?

An Ancient Curse Comes Full-Blown.

But here is something you don’t know or perhaps, only “thought” you knew. How many people do you know, knew what is causing the conflict in the Middle-East to have gotten so screwed up enough to even screw up the rest of the world to “hammer” Israel only but not the Palestine?

Perhaps, there is something you should know first, before you simply go out protesting and even “thought” you are doing the “right” thing when you are not because you only know ‘half-truth’ about the conflict to even talk about it, let alone “shout” for justice in the streets when you know nothing about what kind of justice that is justifiable!

Everyone knows it cannot be denied that the never-ending conflict between Israel and the Palestine in the Middle-East is the most horrific pandemic of the humankind in the world and ever to have happened in the history of civilization for such a detestable “conflict” to last so long with no end in sight.

Why can’t the United Nations commune a security council referendum to solve this devil conflict once and for all? Since Iran is a member of the UN, all members of the UN should vote for Iran to invite all Palestinians to take up residence in their country. Is that not a good idea and the best solution for all.

After all, they speak the same language and embrace the same religion. The Iran government should look into the plight of their brothers and sisters of the same “faith” instead of just condemning the Zionist as the biggest threat to them.

Anyway, this is what I wish and hope for it to happen as nothing is impossible. Of course, this is just my point of view and probably would not be taken seriously by world leaders as I’m only a small fry getting pissed with all the unnecessary killings and making Lucifer one damn happy devil in the whole wide world.

Nevertheless, rest assured, this devil conflict will keep on happening with no recourse till kingdom come because of Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23. It is incredible indeed that some humans have yet even understood what these two verses were all about, and thus make no sense to them but make sense of all the fighting and wars by getting involved with lopsided protests on the streets. Can you believe that?

If one had studied the Bible before, whatever the Bible had prophesied to happen in the past and the future whether good things or bad things to happen to humans, one would have believed all prophecies had not ever failed to come to pass and will not ever fail to come to pass for whatever had been prophesied to happen ahead of us will eventually come to pass.

For example: Even the killings of 6 million Jews during WW2 known as the worst ‘Holocaust’ perpetrated by one of the most evil humans ever existed on earth, Hitler, had already come to pass that the Jews would have suffered as a result of sinning against God for worshiping idols and not REPENT.

As for this Middle-East conflict that was as surely as man-made, what the Bible had revealed about the ‘last days’ is now being fulfilled and come to pass with this curse to happen between Israel and the Palestine.

Whether anyone is ignorant or not, it had been prophesied by one of the ancient prophets, Jeremiah that; the manifestation of the curse of the ancient Israelites, who are known as Israelis today, was that God scattered them everywhere on earth to suffer as a result of their disobedience and rebellion because of idols-worshiping. That could be seen as having happened and proven to have happened with 6 millions Jews from all over Europe got their lives snuffed out by Hitler.

However, the most gracious and merciful Father in heaven also promised to bring them back together to the land once belong to their forefathers during the biblical times. And that prophecy had already been fulfilled back in 1948 when the Jews finally had a home they can call their own and that is the present-day Israel.

That is why, the Zionist is doing everything in their power whether as “extremists”, “zealots” or “bigots” to protect their sovereignty and its people. They had already suffered the worst casualties during WW2 that had ever known and recorded in the history of mankind. You know, don’t you?

And if they failed to protect their race at all cost, the Jewish race will face extinction in no time and they are smart and talented people but only too DUMB like 1.7 billion Muslims not knowing who Jesus was and is. You know, don’t you?

What’s more, there are already many “extremist Muslims” hungry and waiting for every available opportunity for bloodshed especially that of the Jews and Christians.

So how can any of the world leaders past or present and if, having a heart and conscience, be so mean and cynical to condemn them [Jews] as even more evil and worse than Hitler? When 6 millions Jews were sent to the Nazis’ ovens to become BBQ, who cried for them, let alone save them except the Americans only?

You can read from the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament about the prophet Jeremiah having had prophesied about the ancient Israelites living a ‘curse’ because of having strayed away from their Almighty and got scattered all over the world to live and suffer in the hand of others.

So sad to say. Until today, they are still many orthodox Jews, being rebellious and unrepentant to ‘come clean’ with God through Jesus Christ as their Mediator, even though the death and resurrection of Jesus had already come to pass for nearly two thousand years ago having had fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah about a ‘child’ to be born as the Savior of the world. And we all know that was Jesus, yet those orthodox Jews today still rejecting him, You know,  don’t you?

In this long-standing conflict that the Jews still raging the war with the Palestine people as Gentiles living in the land of Israel, one must not be ill-informed. God made a promise to their forefathers long long time ago even before the arrival of the Philistines, the ancient enemies of Israel but who are now known as the Palestinians.

Now, in the latest turn of events yet to be resolved and perhaps never will, the conflict between Israel and the Palestine is getting so contagious that it’s going to be like the Ebola disease spreading even to other nations in the world, especially among the Islamic countries.

The tensions are running so high that there is already talk among the brotherhood of Muslims from Islamic countries to take up arms to fight for the Palestine people one way or another, thus going against all protocols to call for UN security council resolution to solve the unsolvable problem of today’s worst conflict ever.

And this all started because of the ancient Israelites’ disobedience of their God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So no matter what ankles you look at, it’s all because of Romans 3:23 and the only solution to this man-made problem is to surrender to Jesus and look forward to a New Jerusalem.

As it is, apparently it looks pretty much like the UN is losing control over this most complex and perplex situation ever to have happened in the history of mankind all because of the “self-righteousness” in everyone getting out of hand – even the protesters!

And this clearly has indicated that mankind whether one believes it or not, and much less likes it or not, is under the curse of sin, death and the devil that is causing all the chaos and havoc on earth.

The worst part is when all humans whether Jews or not, are leaving the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, out of this man-made conflict. For doing so, humans will forever face never-ending crisis and conflicts in this lifetime and eternal damnation in the next life.

This is exactly where everyone must do something to stop this ‘curse’ without even thinking twice about it, and from letting it further destroy humanity that in turn will destroy the only ‘Hope of Salvation’ that is only made possible by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’.

Somehow and not surprisingly even “educated” people have gotten screwed up enough to suggest that anyone believing such ancient “fairy tale” story propagated in the Bible which is the Word of God has got to be one narrow-minded freak of all time. Oh really?

As a matter of fact, it could not be more true of humans today because it looks more like this Middle-East conflict is about to produce even more narrow-minded freaks going out on the streets by the droves protesting which in turn, everyone will end up, actually and unknowingly, glorifying the curse whether supporting the Palestine people or otherwise.

Honestly speaking, as a human being with a heart and conscience, I strictly DO NOT condone any “inhumane” act whether it’s the Zionist or not. But this time around, it has gone too far-fetched in inflicting damage on properties and human lives just to take out some nutcase Hamas militants hiding among civilians which is something not right and inhumane too.

That is why I can not condone the action of the extremists, zealots and bigots who have also gotten screwed up enough to become so lopsided ONLY in condemning Israel that I dare say, even such action of “educated” people involved in all the street protests is totally unjustifiable!

Surely, one cannot deny that the conflict also caused both side to suffer casualties although it’s lesser on Israel side but does it mean that only Israel be brought to justice?

As a human being having a heart and conscience, if you, as surely as would anyone going out to condemn Israel, you should also condemn the Palestine people for not having a heart and conscience to at least plead with the Hamas militants to stop all their stupid antics too – for peace and justice to prevail.

Don’t you think the Palestine people should hold the Hamas responsible too for getting women and children killed because of their stupidity?

As one thing leads to another that started with the news of 3 Israelis boys having gotten abducted and gone missing until found murdered, it was obviously a “good” chance for the Hamas to blow up the matter by causing the Zionist to “believe” they [Hamas] got a hand in it.

So in seeking revenge and justice for the murdered boys, the Israelis soldiers will surely round up suspected Palestinians and start a ruckus that will lead to many “suspects” getting killed one way or another.

That’s when the Hamas can add in a little of their usual antics by launching their rockets on Israel as an act of “self-defense” that Israel would, as much as them do the same. By then, the figure of casualties on the Palestine side would have grown to a large number that is definitely “big enough” for worldwide coverage to start getting international attention to rally behind the Palestinians and to condemn Israel. Is that not right?

That is exactly the kind of plot that the Hamas needed badly to deploy if they had to, whether by hooks or by crooks, get the international support to “hammer” Israel. Doing this will bring them [Hamas] a step closer to a free state of their own which is what they have been vigorously and perhaps even “viciously” fighting even to the point of getting their women and children killed as sacrifices in return for freedom.

At this point in time, do you even “believe” it is fair for you to take sides whether it’s the Palestine or Israel? If the whole world thinks Zionist could not be trusted, so should they think the same about Hamas too, don’t you at least think?

Let this be clear, in such devious conflict where both sides are the devils fighting one another, surely you know no one is right and no one is wrong whether or not one claiming small casualties on this side or big casualties on that side.

If one claims that the Palestine side is right, then so is Israel too, right or not? That’s because both sides are equally as guilty as the other in pounding each other with launching of rockets attack in the hope of wiping either side out.

If either side wants so badly for either side to die, then both side must die! Don’t you think that’s fair and square? So should the same – if either side wants either side to live. If that is the case, then both of them have to work towards restraining themselves from pulling off any stupid stunts and start behaving like real human beings having respect for one another’s rights to live and to value one another’s lives regardless of differences.

Surely, as a human being with a heart and conscience, you cannot be so bias, racist and partial to side the Palestinians only just because they suffered the most casualties, can you? You cannot say that only the Hamas have got the “right” to fire their rockets into Israel just because the world came out in protest against Israel, can you?

If so, that is exactly why the Zionist almost immediately at the end of the truce sparked another bombardment of Gaza which is the Hamas-stronghold territory, thus causing untold misery for civilians on both side of the divide and for the world to start playing the blame-game again.

Why is that? That’s because the Israelis know all such worldwide street protests cannot be humanely and rightfully justified. If you condemned the Israelis as the devils, even more so should you condemn the Hamas as the devils too. You should know such simple equation, don’t you?

But little did the whole “righteous” world know? In taking lopsided side at street protests, it is only paving the way for the Zionist and Hamas to go back to square one at grabbing each other’s throat over and over even in the midst of an unlikely “peace” talk that will not ever see the light of day until doomsday!

No doubt there had been a greater number of Palestinian civilians especially innocent women and children having gotten killed as the days passed with both sides kept pounding each other with one’s military might that usually favors the Israelis side, mostly because their weapons of mass destruction are known to be more advance than that of the Hamas militants who probably got their cheap and inferior supply of weapons perhaps from Iran or Russia, you know?

There again, there is no excuse for the Zionist to stand idly by and let all other Arab nations coming together ‘brothers-in-arms’ to fulfill their ambition which is to wipe them out whether it’s the Zionist regime or the population of Jews as a whole.

So the devil’s question remains, do you or do you not know what is the greatest problem that immediately crops up every time in this never-ending conflict?

From what I gathered – all those “fast and furious” protests orchestrated around the world, I can already easily tell there is obviously less than a handful of people worldwide, even among leaders of the world, especially the Islamic ones who, either would prefer to ‘close-one-eye’ or not smart and sensible enough to tell that getting the Palestine civilians comprising mostly women and children killed as “collateral damage” is the ever well-known tactic of the Hamas to rally for international condemnation of Israel as the biggest “terrorist” in this fight between the Zionist and them Hamas, who are no better either.

Strangely enough, the world is so blinded to ‘see’ the cruel and evil intention of the Hamas to sacrifice their own people as scapegoats, yet the world failed awfully to notice such vicious ploy employed by the Hamas. Can you believe that?

Coupled with the fact that what led to international protest and condemnation of Israel is because of the media, especially in Islamic countries, that not only abstractly but intentionally reported small casualties of Israelis, mostly soldiers than civilians just so they can incite the world to show partisan support to the Palestine people only.

Because of that, the conflict had now gotten accelerated to the stage where the world only exonerated the Hamas of wrongdoings but exacerbated the wrongdoings of Israel to become worthy of world condemnation just because of having caused heavy casualties on the Palestine side.

Now if that is not something very wrong with the protesters calling for lopsided justice, what is?

If people can only wield such unbalanced and unprincipled worldwide outrage and only largely seen as standing on the Palestinian side and accusing Israel of “genocide”, then sure enough, they will never be able to have the sense and sensibility to tell straightaway such “genocide” can only be caused by the Hamas militants on their own civilians for not stopping the launching of their rockets attack on Israel even when the Israelis had already stopped all bombardments to observe the short-lived truce called by the UN to give aid to the Palestinians on humanitarian grounds. So who are the real devils here?

Don’t forget: if the Hamas has as much rights to defend its civilians, so is Israel under the International Law. But are the Hamas protecting their people if they keep firing rockets on Israel side? Don’t be so DUMB not to able to tell what is right and what is wrong or what is fair and what is not?

As such, no one can entirely or indiscriminately blame the Zionist only and not the Hamas, for the right in protecting and defending their own sovereignty and its people.

Under such circumstances, those protesters who mostly are Muslims, should get their act together and not get too sentimental over the plight of the Palestine people as the “only” victims just because they suffered the most casualties and just because the Palestinians are also Muslims. You cannot always take sides based on such factors, can you? If so, you are nothing but a narrow-minded freak like the Hamas.

In war, everyone is inhumane and expected to kill one’s enemies whether women or children without regrets just as the Nazis were inhumane to the Jews in killing women and children too, as well as the Japanese in killing especially Chinese women that even earned a special name for it which is known as the “Rape of Nanking”.

That is why, the lesson to learn from all these man-made atrocities is, people should not fight man-made wars. People should turn to fighting God’s Holy War which is about having a heart and conscience to ‘come clean’ with God by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ so that everyone can receive the Holy Spirit to fight the devils that caused all men to start wars.

And of course, not to mention, Osama Bin Laden for his inhumane attack on the twin towers in 9/11 just because of his obedience to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad who propagated to all “true Muslims” that they must glorify “Allah” by having to annihilate all “infidels” especially Jews and Christians which means having to die violently as “martyrs” to earn a place in a “paradise” with “Allah” the moon-god.

So if that is the case for 1.7 billion Muslims, why all the outpouring of outrage over the Palestine people being “annihilated” by the Israelis since the Palestine people as Muslims are also supposed to die violently as “martyrs” which is exactly what their Islam religion always required of them to fulfill and to glorify their moon-god “Allah” so that they can rightfully and proudly shout loudly “Allahuakbar” while killing or being killed.

Honestly speaking, the Palestine people, if they ever had professed themselves as “true Muslims”, they really should not have minded so much and not even condemn the Israelis who, actually, are doing them a great favor by helping them to die violently as martyrs.

If they as Muslims cannot accept the fact and the truth that the Islam religion in its nature really do them more harm than good, then why did they become Muslims in the first place? Is that not right and safe for me to say so?

That’s why, I seriously DOUBT they ever understood the nature of Islam that had been “fearlessly” advocated by their Prophet Muhammad and his followers for centuries as necessary for 1.7 billion Muslims to prove themselves as “true Muslims” by getting themselves blown into smithereens in their bid to kill “infidels” or getting killed as is the current case in the Palestine so that they can actually fulfill the will of “Allah” to die violently as martyrs.

But strangely though, there is nothing in the Koran to suggest that the Prophet Muhammad himself ever had died violently as a martyr. You know, don’t you?

The usual reasoning of the protesters is that since the Palestine people suffered the most casualties, the world must stand on their side. But does it mean the whole world should let the Hamas off the hook? And based on what grounds – humanitarian or religion?

Can you then, tell just one good valid reason why letting the Hamas off the hook be allowed and that only Israel be severely punished? You can’t, can you?

Whether you like it or not, agree with me or not, those Hamas militants had as much as the Zionist, also played the deadly role in contributing to the atrocity, whether on Israel’s side or that of their own if one talked about adhering to simple and basic principles.

The Hamas, if at all sensible, should understand very well the simple principle of ‘what goes around comes around’ that any firing of their rockets from their side over to Israel’s side would bring about more carnage on their side because they cannot expect the Zionist regime to become like “sitting ducks” and not retaliate at all, can they? Given the opposite, the same thing will happen too, will it not? So why are people still not smart and sensible enough to tell and having themselves also gotten screwed up to take lopsided side?

Be that as it may, still there will also be innocent civilians in Israel getting killed by rockets that the Hamas militants continued to launch when already ordered by UN on both side to stop.

What’s worse is when innocent civilians in Israel also as much as Palestinian civilians have gotten dragged into this conflict that is no fault of both of them when actually, the real culprits are the Zionist of Israel and the Hamas of the Palestine, not Israel or Palestine as a whole – if you can understand and differentiate what I’m talking about here.

In case you don’t know or have gotten too lopsided to ‘see’ because of media’s lopsided reports, if you as much as having a heart and conscience to guide you, you should have stood on neutral ground and rallied for the world to CONDEMN both, not just Israel alone, to be seen as fair and square in rallying for both the perpetrators namely the Zionist and the Hamas militants to be brought to book.

In reality, there are as many Jews having a heart and conscience as any other citizens of the world who, too, DO NOT condone such act of atrocity on anyone, let alone the Palestinians who live among them [Jews] in the land that rightfully belongs to the Jews, God’s chosen people in biblical times and since the 1948 annexation to declare Israel as the Jewish state announced by UN, not by Israel itself!

If people, especially Muslims, are to argue for justice to be served for the Palestinians only, then it is all too crystal clear to see that it is all too bias, racist and lopsided justice served which CANNOT be accepted in the sight of Man, let alone in the sight of God.

Let it be clear that under God’s heaven, there is no such thing as “selective justice” for certain people, race or religion according to one’s whims and fancies! People can deny one another justice according to Man’s standards, but justice can never deny people! And that’s according to God’s standard, not Man’s.

Whether one, as a Muslim or not and gotten too blinded to ‘see’ the truth or not; as long as one is having a heart and conscience, one definitely must not and should not betray one’s heart and conscience to CONDEMN one side only whether it’s the Zionist or the Hamas when both having had, according to the International Human Rights Council, not only stood guilty in violation of human rights.

In fact, BOTH side also equally and invariably had committed crimes against humanity and thus, should swiftly be brought to justice and face the full brunt of the law without fear or favor – once and for all!