A Chasing After The Wind

In this ever materialistic world of all time, everyone is almost always chasing after something in life except…God. And just because God is invincible, His omnipresence is unfortunately, in more ways than none, not felt, therefore making Him become either secondary or not formidable at all. Be that as it may, it still doesn’t necessarily mean all of us would not be held accountable for what we say or do unless of course we are more superior than Him. Are we?

How many people would go about their daily mundane routines remembering or thinking of God always? The only time people usually think of God is when they suddenly found themselves in grave danger as in the case of a split second from death scenario, or dying from a serious illness and needed salvation so badly that God only suddenly appeared as their top priority to save them. There’s a Chinese saying, “One only start to cry upon seeing the coffin.”

Even sometimes Christians remember God when they go to church on Sunday only to ask for blessings but do not remember to ask God what they can do to bring glory to Him. Some people do not even like the word, God or Jesus mentioned in public conversations, let alone talk about believing God and worshiping him. So it is pathetically not surprising at all that God is easily and conveniently left out in all the madness of chasing what seemed as more “precious” and “gratifying” to humans than to put God first in our hearts. Yet, we are at worst found ubiquitously spared all the ironies, the shame and the untruthfulness just because God is love and that his graciousness will cover all our iniquities at any time we ask for his forgiveness in Jesus’ name. In spite of our sinful nature, it’s still the best thing that would ever happen to any Christians who repented of their sins. How could anyone not smart enough to see that and become one? The only question is, do we conveniently violate our hearts and conscience to ride on God’s graciousness every time we think fit?

God always think of us 24/7 and 365 by making sure the world does not stop turning. In so doing, everyone whether good or evil is not deprived of the light and the rain that gives life and sustain life. Because humans are so rebellious and sinful, it’s not surprising at all they would prefer darkness and not the light since anything as pleasurable as evil can only be accomplished from the darkness of the heart. That’s why, crimes and killings would even take place in broad daylight. Don’t be mistaken that darkness is bad. It is not. It’s all up to you whether you overcome the darkness, or it overcomes you and fill your heart with darkness that is more a bad news than good news. The only one thing good about darkness is that it is only meant for us humans to take a good night rest after a hard day’s work. So we must make sure we know the difference between the light and the darkness what it can do to you or for you which very much will lead you to either the eternal darkness or the eternal light in the end.

The Light

And God said, “Let there be light, “ and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. (Genesis 11:3-4)

When there was light, what God saw was indeed good on the first day. What about you? Is what good to God good to you? Unless of course, you’re blind and not a figment of imagination is left to behold, you would, of course be just as normal like everybody else without having to switch on your imagination mode and yet still able to ‘see’ what a wonderful world it must have been in the beginning because of the light that God created to let it shine for us to see and for everything to live.

Trust me. Because there’s light, there wouldn’t be another “world” this good and fit for humans to live and survive. But if, in any case, you consider Mars or any other planets that the rocket scientists are wasting time and resources exploring unnecessary to make it as the next “Earth”, do you even believe it would be any better to live there than Earth should there be a possible of life in the red planet? I definitely for sure believe it’s no where better than the planet Earth I’m living on now!

No doubt the planet Earth is not going to last forever, but I believe there is one to come that is better than both the Earth and Mars combined. That’s because first, you don’t need to spend your life-fortunes to buy yourself a seat in a spaceship like you would be expected to do so to fly to Mars. You only need to have a profound faith that comes from reading the Word of God,  the Bible. Whether you believe it not, accept it or not, the only next “Earth” that you can only see it coming is the ‘New Jerusalem’ that Christ will come back again (second coming) to set up in what St. John the Divine saw and wrote in the Book of Revelation. But it’s crucial that you prepare yourself now by accepting Jesus as Christ and Savior before his second coming materialized, if indeed you’re looking forward to this new heaven and new earth. (Revelation 21:1)

That is why, I wholeheartedly and pretty much unprecedentedly believe that as long as God did not say, “Let there be light” to any other planets other than the planet Earth, it only simply means, there’s not even a tiny-weeny hope of life existing whatsoever in other planets that would allow humans to make a mockery of God. If that’s what those rocket scientists have tried all the time to do to prove there’s light at the end of tunnel with their “Curiosity” exploration, then it would do them good to have their bubbles burst billions of times by their own foolishness because it is so true that curiosity always killed the cat. It always does and NASA can expect it to happen at any time they ever start any projects of such nature costing “billions” of taxpayer’s money.

Common sense alone will tell you that if what God saw not good for life to exist anywhere other than the Earth, then it’s naturally not good for humans trying to outsmart him by thinking otherwise. So why are we humans so rebellious and still want to challenge the Almighty God? Haven’t we learned enough from the mistakes and the foolishness of most humans throughout all the centuries? Why would humans up until now, still displaying outright disobedience and zero allegiance to God and worse, trying to prove God does not have complete sovereignty over the universe with their incessant foolishness, thus believing there are chances of finding inhabitable planets out there?

You only need to take a look at pictures taken from the outer space of other planets and compare it with Earth and especially Mars now, I’m sure you already could not have agreed more that the blue planet we’re living on now is much too outstanding than the red planet that culminated in the “Curiosity” exploration by NASA. Why spent so much money to go out there and captured something that looked so dull, so dry and so lifeless with nothing but sand or dust that it’s like God never even paid a visit there himself?

I am certainly not a genius like the rocket scientists. But then again, even when I was at school umpteen years ago, I had already learned at science class that every living thing on Earth will not live and survive if the Earth is not at the exact place as it is then and now. If something happened that caused the Earth to go out of its alignment with the Sun, it would certainly result in getting either too hot or too cold, thus inevitably making us all become either B-B-Q (char siew) or ice-lollies!

Now that is really something so hard for me to understand how could even those rocket scientists at NASA not understand such simple basic science? Does not anyone wonders where they got all their scientific calculation from? Calculation or no calculation, the fact is, most of the planets existing in the universe are either too near or too far from the Sun. Earth is the only planet that is spot on. So, that only means it’s a waste of time and resources banging one’s head against the wall for no good reason to spend “billions” of tax payers’ money just for “Curiosity” sake to land and capture some pictures. It’s better off to feed the world like what Sir Bob Geldof did who became a hero for his one and only big time charity stint that started in 1984. At least that was when he got his legs firmly on the ground on planet Earth, and not out there somewhere over the rainbow.

Does not common sense or perhaps even our human instincts alone will tell us that there’s absolutely no way humans can live and survive elsewhere in the universe except Earth? Why? That’s because it’s the only place meant for the humankind and you don’t even have to ask God why. Simple as that! How can we fight our own Creator and even try to discredit Him with our “scientific discovery” of a “possible” life on another planet? Where did our intelligence come from first? The rock? The chimps? Or perhaps, Lucifer?

The only reason this world has become less than uninhabitable is because we humans are the ones destroying it and no thanks to whatever or whoever it was that always were so good at outsmart and out playing us to make a fool of ourselves and God. The world has not lost its light and shine, it’s us! So why would anyone need to fly away to another planet to live for goodness sake? I can’t help but wonder what makes some of us humans so amusing is that they always think they are smarter than God all because they are less than willing to come “down-to-earth” and be a real human being like Sir Bob Geldof. Even though he was an “accidental hero” who instinctively aspired to do good out of watching a telly news one day and found it outrageous that nothing much done to help the suffering Ethiopians. Yet it was his good heart and conscience that drove him to do good, and because of that, he got knighted and live happily ever after. No wonder there’s no news from him anymore. So what good are we if God does not at the very least see some good in us when He created everything good for us here on Earth to enjoy? If anyone still has a heart and conscience of a human being, one should at least, make sure the light inside us does not flicker out easily and more importantly let it be the light that will bring us home to God, and not to a distant planet where we are going nowhere fast, thus making it the classic case of a chasing after the wind!

Of course then there’s this problem that begs this question. How do we know the light that “shines” is really the light we should embrace? It doesn’t take having to become a rocket scientist to find out. If you’re not blind, you can easily see this true light shining so brightly and vastly that even a blind man can see. Really? Yes, really, really even a blind man can see. That’s because this light is unlike the normal light which allows you only to see whether a woman is pretty or not. What’s extra-ordinary about this light is that, you would be better off blind if you can’t see this is the one and only true light that only shines from the inside out of anyone who embraces it like a blind man would!

The Goodness of the Light.

It would not do the true light any justice if something of this size does not come to light. Here is a testimony of a born blind man who received the true light and healed of his blindness from an “ordinary” man who’s never short of extra-ordinary miracles to do, even healing those who are born blind and deprived of a lifetime of opportunity to see. Yet, those blessed with sight and with a lifetime of opportunity to see, instead do not appreciate the one true light that will help them to see how easy it would be to triumph over all the darkness that infiltrated the hearts of man. All it only takes is embracing it instead of fighting it.

“As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no-one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

Having said this, he spat on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man’s eyes. “Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam” (this word means Sent). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.

His neighbors and those who had formerly seen him begging asked, “Isn’t this the same man who used to sit and beg?” Some claimed that he was. Others said, “No, he only looks like him.” But he himself insisted, “I am the man.” “How then were your eyes opened?” they demanded. He replied, “The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes. He told me to go to Siloam and wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see.”

The point here is, if you are still capable of imagining a little, and put yourself in the shoes of this born blind man, you probably would have never known what untold sense of relief and amazement to grasp if you hadn’t the chance to see the beauty of everything in the brightness and vastness of the light after having been born blind for a lifetime. Is that not right? Now that there’s a chance to see a new lease of life, you would for sure be jumping for joy, wouldn’t you? But what would you do after all that excitement is over? Trust me, if you continue to read in John 9:12-41, what you most likely do would be the same as the appreciative and grateful born blind man had done and said. I can bet then that no one would be able to comprehend your life-transforming words that would lead you to say like the born blind man said in verse 25, “I was blind, but now I see!”

If even after this, you still not gonna see, you will not see at all. Sadly, it’s so true. There are so many who are not blind, yet failed so miserably to appreciate the power to see, but instead saw themselves living their lives blindly, believing or not believing blindly and worse, die blindly chasing after the wind over things that are meaningless! That’s why it culminated Jesus in saying to those who are not blind but yet, so inextricably unrepentant and unwilling to open their eyes to see. Jesus said, “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.” 

The Darkness

When God separated the light from darkness, it is for a good reason. God created our biological bodies  in such a way that we know that means you work during the day because there’s light and rest at night because there’s only darkness. But if you as a normal human being does the opposite, then is it normal anymore? Perhaps if you check with Zak Bagans whether it’s normal or not to work in complete darkness in his Ghost Adventures series, you might be “surprised” if he’d tell you how pleasant it is to see daybreak every time and how he must have missed all his beauty sleep at night. Then you know what it’s like if only darkness surrounds you because you know very well there’s no goodness of life present when there’s absolutely no light around you and much worse if there’s none inside you.

Again, unless you’re like Zak Bagans who is so immune to work in complete darkness, a chasing after the wind, you would not able to comprehend how helpful and necessary it is to have even a tiny-weeny little light existing and penetrating the darkness. If not, how could it be possible for Zak Bagans after all the years working on his Ghost Adventures to throw some “light” on all his paranormal discovery?

Until then, it seemed no one really appreciates the immense goodness of the opportunity to see the light because almost always, everyone is taking everything for granted because of God’s graciousness. But so sorry to say, God couldn’t be as gracious as you expected on Judgment Day especially if you failed to grab the opportunity to repent and reconcile with Him while still breathing on Earth. So you had better not abused His graciousness or there will be a fiery place ready for you! And that means if one does not take in good light the darkness that is shrouding our hearts that caused all the chasing after the wind, there’s not a chance at all to see the light ever again comes Judgment Day. The trouble with humans is, when there’s no pain and sufferings, there’s no gain because there’s no lesson to learn or nightmares to wake up from. Here’s one now.

Perhaps, if you can only imagine the worst thing that ever happened to you for chasing after the wind, you might otherwise be very much not likely to get back on your feet again and become a real human being as you should, like Sir Bob Geldof. Supposing you committed a grievous crime and get locked up in a really dark cell where darkness totally surrounds you and which usually would come together with the reward of sleeping in a dilapidated surroundings coupled with the unbearable smell of urine and human feces, then it shouldn’t take long for you to automatically go down on your knees begging not only for mercy but more importantly, to see the light again.

Did you not know that when a human being deprived of light for a long time, the person would suffer all kinds of hallucination and end up becoming cuckoo big time? Not to mention, that’s the devil best chance to devour you like there’s no tomorrow? Not only that, there will be other complications worse than you can ever imagine that you have to personally experience it to know it’s the greatest “thriller” than that of Michael Jackson. It would get so torturing that given you, you would prefer a quick death with an overdose of propofol made popular by MJ. But of course, I don’t suggest you try such remedy just to know and appreciate the goodness of the light. Hopefully, this little message is good enough to light the way for you to come back to embracing the true light that is no other than Jesus who is the Light of the world.

If what was good to God, how could it be not good to you even if you are in the shoes of a born blind man? If this question becomes a topic for a debate, everyone would surely irrevocably agree that it’s not justifiable to say that God created everyone equal then. Is that so? If you’re born blind, how could you be equal to others who are born with sight to see? Of course, you are right, and there’s no doubt about it. So what if you’re feeling very bitter towards God because of that? Does that make God wrong? If you believe so, it only means one thing. That is, you do not know what’s the problem with you in the first place? Little did you know, you have awfully failed the test. You do not know and understand what ‘blessings-in-disguise’ means. The truth is, you do not even know what faith is and so obviously you do not have faith in God like God had in you to make you born blind in the first place. If you still don’t get it in your head, then go and read the Book of Job and learn from Job until you get it in your head and understand why, what was good to God is good to you even when things did not turn out good for you. Follow? Is it getting more confusing?

That is why God created everyone different, but still he made sure all humans are equal in the sense that if one is born blind, the person would be gifted in other ways. Take the case of Stevie Wonder as an example, there are so many people born with the normal sight to see, yet cannot outclassed him as a singer and song writer and made more money than any ordinary people with perfect eye-sight. So if you’ve got faith, it doesn’t matter anymore even if you’re born blind because now there’s a light that even a blind man see. But the worst thing that ever happened is when a person is blinded in the heart, the person will not see the light even if the person is not born blind. If you’re not born blind, yet you do not see, then what’s the point in existing? You are as good as dead then. Right or wrong?

If you study the Bible, it is full of all such examples of men who became man-of-God all because they trusted God who always meant good no matter what happened to them. Like I said many times before, what God is looking for in us is not what we are from the outside, but what we meant to Him inside and that means He only wants to know where your heart and conscience lies! There are many people who are not born blind, and they are already much so blessed with sight to see and thus should be contented with their livelihood, yet they abused God’s blessings and all the more becoming greedy by resorting to rob, cheat, steal, and even kill which is anything but a chasing after the wind. In doing so, they became blind in their hearts and in the end they have to face all the serious consequences that ensued whether in this life or the next life because it is so certain no one can escape the Judgment Day, not even those who died centuries ago can get away scot-free.

Let this be crystal clear. Death is not the end. It is only the beginning of eternity. When you are either beginning to suffer or to enjoy eternity, can you still not able to imagine if that is something to fear or not? Of course it sure is fantastic if one is going to enjoy eternal bliss, but I wouldn’t say the same if one is going to suffer the fiery heat throughout eternity. How you know? That’s because the Bible tells me so, that Jesus is the one and only solution to your sin, death and the devil. That’s God’s word, not mine! So had you not better choose wisely and not make your journey on earth  a chasing after the wind?

The Curse

It would have seemed really pointless to have such a magnificent creation (Earth) around if there weren’t creatures of some kind that are of an intelligent caliber being good enough not only to enjoy God’s creation but to take care of it as well. So, not surprisingly but otherwise regrettably, it only took God to create human being on the sixth day to cause a perfect world that God so meticulously created for us to come tumbling down all because of the infamous disobedience of a simple commandment in the Garden of Eden which has since then, disappeared from the face of the Earth. No one knows where it once was. It’s history! But don’t be surprised there are people still looking for it even though they know it’s definitely a chasing after wind. Some have even attributed the Bermuda Triangle as that of the Garden of Eden .

Because of that we have wronged (sin) the One who gave us life to enjoy His creation. Everyone, save the atheists, knows that for all the wrongs we’ve brought upon ourselves, the penalty is death. Yet, up until today, it’s so hilarious and amusing to know that there are these so-called “humans” still believing and advocating it wasn’t their wrongs or faults, that they existed in this world and do not deserve to suffer the wrongs of others. That’s what the atheists would be crying foul as they believe they are not held responsible for the sin of Adam and Eve. Of course they don’t have to. Who says they should? But what about the sin of their own? Should they not  be held responsible? Do they not sin at all? Is that not why they made it sound as though the sacrifice and death of Jesus on the cross was by no means necessary or in any sense a solution to the curse of humanity which is sin, death and the devil?

One can’t help but wonder what happens if it’s the other way round. What if it’s God who “wronged” us? I really can’t imagine what the world would be like especially with the atheists who never believed there’s a righteous and holy God in the first place when they are no where better either. It’s gonna be much too interesting to know if humans can answer just one question I’m all fired-up to ask. Will they put God to stand trial before them? How? How do you judge “something” that is a spiritual entity until you become one yourself? Can you? But then, you don’t become one until you’re six feet under, right? After this, you are not even sure if you are going up there or down there where Lucifer is already the boss on fire. So how do you go about punishing God for his “wrong” to have brought you to earth when you can’t even bring yourself back from the dead to settle the score with him squarely? So don’t be kidding yourself that you are smarter than God with all the meaningless lamentation.

The truth is, whether we deny it or not, believe it or not, ignorant or not, and much less like it or not, we are all under a curse and drowning in our own sin. So why can’t we just humble ourselves and say sorry to God for having all the unnecessary and meaningless issues with him which is but a chasing after the wind? Yet, how could “some people” be still so stubborn and not see a solution is at hand to save us from our eternal damnation? Can you not see how lame and a bane humans are? No wonder the good news of salvation is beginning to sound lame.