Another Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings!


Since “Love is All Around” to make Valentine’s Day celebration possible, here is another round of loving or perhaps not so loving greetings. In order to abide by the dominant law to be more “sensitive” to the sensitivities of others so that all will enjoy the festive mood without feeling “hurt”or down, you will notice that there are spaces left blank for you to fill in whatever you determine as the “nice” things to say rather than to put up with mine which you probably could have thought are not nice things to say, anyway. However, if one is still interested to know my side of the scripts, all of the original words left out will be released in a month or so for you to compare with your version. Of course, in the spirit of freedom of expression, let it be known that there is no such thing as right or wrong for that matter because what is wrong to you is right to others and vice versa. So, no one can really thump on one’s chest to tell people off what one say is right or what the other one say is wrong when it comes to having satire fun among all the grown-ups who supposedly should be matured enough to handle all the odds with proper sensibility and not go cuckoo to force whatever seditious laws down people’s throats, right?


  1. “Many people will surely rush to express their love on Valentine’s Day without so much as thinking twice; but only to find out later and regret it’s all the wrong _ _ _ _!” 
  2. “Many a time, people do not think love will ever go wrong and could break; but it’s the same people who thought so and actually putting their lives at stake when they found out later their partners may be _ _ _ _ _  but are super _ _ _ _ _ _!” 
  3. “Many men when looking for love will naturally promise pretty ladies the Sun and the Moon; but the moment one’s love is not reciprocated, no promises are _ _ _  and shall be broken all too _ _ _ _!” 
  4. “Many a time, people do not realize that love according to Man’s standards can still land them into troubles; but have you yet realized the love of Jesus that is according to _ _ _ _ _  standard will spare you all the troubles that you should not wait and had better grab it on the _ _ _ _ _ _?” 
  5. “Many a time, people having the biggest problem to love will soon enough find themselves “Lost in Love” and could become insane; that’s because they will never be capable to reciprocate the love from above that will change them to become God’s saints and that is something definitely not done in _ _ _ _!” 
  6. “Many people might tell you not worry about what true love is and it does not really matter that much; but by the time one finds no meaning to love, it is already too late to think true love is better than gold _ _ _ _!” 
  7. “Many people would love to sing the award-winning song, “The Greatest Love of All” and like Whitney Houston would tell others by all means necessary strive to lead by examples; but only to find themselves leaving behind most of what seems to be their life’s unwanted _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _! 
  8. “Many a time, people do not wish to see themselves “All Out of Love,” but in fighting the onslaught of worldly temptations and all the incredible lust; one cannot help it but had to deal with all the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  if one does not go looking for help from above and especially with plenty of _ _ _ _ _!” 
  9. “Many people are so accustomed to write love songs for others to sing them or play them on the radios or perform in concerts themselves and so, by right and by now, everyone should know and see “What A Wonderful World” to behold; but unfortunately it is not the case because any love that is according to Man’s standards is still not capable of bringing everyone back to God’s _ _ _ _! 
  10. “Many people in today’s standards say even having ‘lots of love’ does not work anymore if you are really broke and having no money at all; that’s because too many people without a heart and conscience will prevent you from walking tall, so what bloody good is love when it’s no longer your damn _ _ _ _!” 
  11. “Many a time, people would not mind to “Give A Little Bit” whether it’s love or money just to showcase one’s generosity; but what is the point of gaining all such publicity if nothing is done out of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?” 
  12. “Many people still say love will always make people do the most stupid thing ever known; that’s not because love is blind, it’s because of everyone yearning from inside to free oneself of loneliness which is a dark secret that must not be outwardly but only playfully _ _ _ _ _!” 
  13. “Many a time, people do not understand why lovers and couples still fight each other even though they so much love one another; that’s because it’s the kind of trust and faith they lack that fails to match those of Christian sisters and brothers who, for the love of Jesus, do not go “Hurting Each _ _ _ _ _ !” 
  14. “Many men say that love means it’s not practical to worry, therefore it is no crime to have as many women as possible to marry; but the one true Almighty God that sent Jesus also says that it’s detestable to commit _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  because there’s nothing so _ _ _ _ _ _ [divine] about sin and that’s when one finally get to face the Almighty God’s wrath that would surely be _ _ _ _ _!” 
  15. “Many people who are not rich actually got the wrong idea that love is blind; that’s because they failed to realize it’s just not possible for the rich people to give all their money to the poor sincerely and not ever mind how all their riches are so bloody hard to _ _ _ _!” 
  16. “Still, many people haven’t got the slightest clue what love can do to save one’s soul; that’s because they are not willing to do the right thing to come back on the correct path to God through the love of Jesus to stop feeling all the_ _ _ _ _  and be so smart enough to know without being repeatedly told one’s salvation is more worthy than all the earthly _ _ _ _!”  



“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

picture1 Just for some fun and amusement, here are what’s nice or perhaps not nice things to say about Valentine’s Day, the only day in 365 days to express one’s love officially!

“Many people today only express their love on Valentine’s Day and very much so commercially. No wonder it’s becoming something so popular that one cannot find much meaning actually!”

“Many people still think that buying expensive gifts is the ultimate expression of love; but don’t realize what matters most is the real LOVE from above!”

“Many people also still think that love can be bought with a price; but would never have given a thought that their relationship usually end up not very nice!”

“Many people easily forget that love like everything else got its side-effects too. That is why, everything usually starts to rumble and tumble when a fool in love loses his cool!”  

“Many people still love the song, “Love Is A Many Splendor Thing,” but when love turns to hate, one is definitely not in the mood to sing, let alone go for another romantic fling!”

“Yet, many people still cannot live without making sure that “Love Is In The Air.” Oops, in that case, one might as well go for a little hunting spree on Valentine’s Day and ruffle some hairs just to show a little bit of masculine flair!”

“Many a time, when love is taken for granted; it’s because people do not understand what it takes for one to become respectfully wanted!”

“Also many a time, love for ladies could very well burn big holes in men’s pockets; that’s because it is not possible for men to have burning love and not fly pretty ladies to the moon in super-cool rockets!”

“If any man wants to know what love got to do with a lot of money; well then, the one and only best advice is: Don’t go looking for honey!”

“Many people when in love do not care if love is hard to bear, but as soon as the love starts to wear and tear; one will surely swear!”

“Many people do not understand why love so supposedly “godly” can still make people divorce and marriage always at stake? That’s because no one can tell to what extent a fragile human’s heart can take or worse, fake!”

“Many people say that the love that is kind is actually blind, but many a time when it’s proven not to pass the test of time; one will surely start to change one’s mind!”

“Many people say that love is what makes the world go round. No wonder now everyone can go round the world but only in the Internet where love is easily found!”

“Many people also say that love is what helps one to forget when one forgives. So far it has not been proven to be true because the problem is; everyone keeps forgetting to forgive in order to live!”                                                    

“Many love easy come and easy go, so what love that can last and really hold? The only way to find out is to LOVE the one true Almighty God that sent Jesus with your heart and soul till you are very bloody damn old!”