“What does a Christian say about freedom of speech?”


An exclusive Interview

If you do a little homework perhaps like go around on the streets asking people questions on such subject like ‘freedom of speech’ just because you are curious to find out what people think or say, you are bound to come across myriad of characters giving all sort of views that may even go beyond both sides of the coin. Because of that, it’s better off to be ready to expect the unexpected as you may not find it comfortable or may even feel a little threatened if you talked to the wrong people who may take even trivial matters seriously in a society where not all grown-ups could be deemed as “matured” as you would have expected.

Bearing in mind of the fact that no one can tell who, among the crowd, would be sporting enough with an open mind to do such an interview with, and especially if asked to talk about something that may touch on religious issues which already considered as “taboo”, it could prove to be too “risky” a job to carry out after all. And since there’s a chance you could pretty much unintentionally step on the toes of others if not careful largely because of the problematic issue of “sensitivity”, so what kind of people would you approach to get hold of the opportunity to interview if ever possible just to avoid any untoward incident that could happen?

Well, if I were in your shoes and found myself in such a dilemma, I think it would be a smart move to first ask what “religion” a person embraced before going ahead with the interview. The only possible outcome to make such “sensitive” interview possible and go smoothly is perhaps to get hold of a Christian who would very much be the most fitting prospect to do such an interview with. Don’t you think that’s the only right thing to do to avoid getting into any kind of unpleasant confrontation? Of course I’m sure you will agree that is the only right thing to do in such circumstances, right? Because you see – as most Christians are ‘born again’ [new creation] to become the ‘children of God’ and having been humbled by the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ to go down on the knees to REPENT, it would naturally be the best and safest option to consider straightaway especially if you do not want to run into trouble with the law or end up being arrested and charged for no good reason interviewing the wrong person who could get “offended” and report you to the authorities for stern actions to be taken.

Q:   So what do you think freedom of speech is?

Christian:   Well, first, since ‘freedom of speech’ is a phrase, you will not find it in all dictionaries. Even then, I’m sure everyone does not have problem knowing what it is. And if you do look up the word just to make sure, you will find the word simply means “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants”. Yet, you will find it difficult to believe that since everyone already knows what it is, how then is it possible that it can still cause “misunderstandings” among people especially “if” you are engaging such privilege in questioning religion and worse if making “fun” of it as in being humorous? Probably that could have what left me “scratching my head” for a long time now. Are all human beings “only” allowed to question who the one and only true Almighty God is or perhaps make “fun” of Him but not any religion in particular?

Besides, what is so wrong in questioning or perhaps even have a little fun with some “dark humour” about religion under the banner of freedom of speech? Could making a little “fun” of religion be seen as anything worse than running amok and go on a killing spree? Now, if you can agree that there are always pros and cons, truth and lies in everything, so is the same with religion – period! Can you not agree on that too? If you cannot bring yourself to terms with this, I suggest the quickest way to solve the problem is walk into any Christian book stores you know of and tell a staff that you are looking for some humour books on Christianity or better still – go to YouTube and look up videos under Christian jokes or humour, then you will know that Christianity is heavily under attack and even getting more “insulted” than any other religion openly.

Does that mean it will give Christianity a bad name? Of course not! Why? Because freedom of speech only provides people the opportunity and the right to express one’s views in the way as one wants. It does NOT give people the opportunity and the right to retaliate by taking stern actions to punish the “perpetrators” with fines or jail sentence or even threats to kill and that’s what gives any particular religion doing such thing a bad name. That is the reason you don’t see Christians kicking up a storm and making a big fuss out of it or go around “punishing” people, do you? If you have ever considered the one true Almighty God had always allowed humans the ‘freedom of speech’ to question anything under the Sun and even about His existence, what then is so big deal about questioning or having a little ‘dark humour’ on religion? Can you tell me how to tell the “God” of a religion that one is worshiping is true or fake if one does not have the ‘freedom of speech’ to question or to even “joke” about a little?

Believe me – it is so easy to tell if a religion is true or a lie even without asking questions. The very moment you found out that any “religion” that makes it out of bound or perhaps even bound by the law not for anyone to question or to have a little “dark humour” about it, that’s when you know something is definitely wrong with such a religion and you can confidently put an X on it to cross it out of your life for good. Why? That’s because – either there are questions not being answerable and divinely substantiated or that such a religion is hiding the biggest lie behind that cannot be exposed, be speculated or be made “fun” of at all cost. If the one true Almighty God that sent Jesus is not afraid of questioning from the top to the bottom or being “ridiculed” left and right for the sake of fun, why then should people who are only humans and much less superior is making such a big deal of religion when one cannot even figure out for sure if a religion one is embracing is true or not, let alone so fearful of it being “insulted”?

You see, if a “religion” really leads all humans to come back to the correct path of the one true Almighty God, it will unmistakably be highly honoured and respected as true and divine no matter how one questions it left and right, top to bottom or being “insulted” and threatened in any way. Because anything DIVINE that TRULY comes from the one true Almighty God will without doubt stand the test of time and will last forever if it is really the way, the truth and the life [John 14:6] that brings all humans back to God. And if not, then you should know better by now whether to flee from it as quickly as possible while you are still breathing, should you not?

Q:   Then, is it good or bad for all to have freedom of speech?

Christian:   Probably if you want to know whether the “good” could outdo the “bad” or not, the best way to find out is to start a poll online and see the result then. Given that most of the countries in the world are known to practice and uphold democracy, I would like to believe the response to the poll would be quite normal that it would turn out to favour “good” simply because humans are ‘born free’ as the way the Creator intended when He created the world. But then again, do not forget one very important thing that is what makes all of us humans is that since God created us in His image, hence it’s only natural for us to have the freewill to think, reason and to choose and not as “robots” mechanically made only to follow mechanical orders to do this or that as some “humans” are today.

Because God expects us to think and act ‘godly’ on our part as humans, that is why God imbued us with the conscience as our guide to keep us sane and sober and to keep us closer to Him by trusting and having faith in Him. Since God is an immortal and spiritual being that we cannot “see” with our naked eyes, that is why we can still believe He exists by FAITH from hearing the word of God or by reading the Bible. So understandably, since all of us are inclined to be like God as in ‘godly’ by having a heart and conscience [not man-made religious laws] to guide us, then we should know better that it was part of God’s plan to have us tested “inconspicuously” to know about pain and sufferings in this mortal world so that we will learn the important lesson of seeking Him and His righteousness first.  And that is only if in any case we plan to become one of the ‘sons of God’ or be part of the ‘amazing-race’ of God in the kingdom of heaven in the next world that will begin at the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as foretold in the Book of Revelation. So don’t blame and curse God even if you lost everything and found yourself homeless. Instead, such things happening should trigger you to draw closer to God so that God will help you find real meaning and purpose in life better than before when you have become the ‘new creation’ as what the apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Galatians 6:12-15.

Q:   What does freedom of speech mean?

Christian:   Needless to say, this is something really subjective because it can have many different meaning to many different people from different background especially when one takes race, creed and religion into consideration. Perhaps, to put it a simple way, if you consider ‘freedom of speech’ as something like a very special “dish” for everyone to taste, you will definitely get a lot of different views and comments about it where you can’t even say if one is wrong, right or “insulting”, can you? So it is not easy to go about explaining the context of such an inextricable subject that is an open door to an onslaught of humans’ inconsistency and not to mention, ‘double standards’ the moment one brings out the subject to talk about it or in utilising it to search for whatever truth whether it is about religion or not. That’s because what is good, wrong, bad or right to you is not so to another person or the next one.

Although ‘freedom of speech’ is such an insurmountable subject to talk about but the fact remains as fact that no matter what, whether one likes it or not, it is still being enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for one reason or another. So if that is the case, probably everyone should know by now it is something of utmost importance not to be challenged and much less disputed. Is that not so?

But if you ask me about it, all I can say and advice is, do not ever fight it and go against what God had already made it as the universal right in heaven and on earth for everyone to have ‘freedom of speech’. Even Lucifer [the Satan] had the right to question God [Job 1:9], let alone obey or disobey God before he got kicked out of heaven, remember? So to me as a Christian who always believe in the one true Almighty God that sent Jesus to save humanity, ultimately ‘freedom of speech’ means it’s a God-given rights for everyone to stand up and speak out for truth and justice at all cost even if it means getting kicked under the belt till kingdom come.

But even then with such important proclamation having established officially in the UN on earth, it is so likely that if you let yourself be seen as defending such moral rights to speak out, you would be much the same as standing on thin ice and be susceptible to imminent danger at all time in doing so. The reason is you could easily and worse, be heavily ‘incriminated’ to end up breaking the thin ice you are standing on that will cause you to fall into the depth of coldness and darkness unnecessarily because of dissent. And the worst-case-scenario is that you also would be seen as “desirably” allowing others to incoherently “condemn” you that is much like having the “death sentence” forced down on your throat already for speaking out whether it’s about religion or not.

Q:   Is riding on freedom of speech seen as a roaring tiger or a toothless tiger?

Christian:   To me, I would definitely say that ‘freedom of speech’ is indeed a powerful tool although I would not say so much as meaning it can put right every wrong perpetrated. As least, if anyone who thinks so could be considered as a ‘roaring tiger’ and as such should have no qualms at all to engage in fighting the Satan’s world of deceit and greed by speaking out. In fact, if anyone still found to have even a little of conscious left is duty-bound to uphold social justice in exposing whatever truth of criminal activities regardless of whether it’s about politics, corruption small or big, or even religion that no one should spare too. That’s because people with vested interests can make use of “religion” in whatever ways possible to fulfil their earthly desires and not those of the one true Almighty God who only wants to see us coming back to Him as ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven by obeying the gospel of Jesus.

However, if it is sure as hell that a ‘roaring tiger’ could bring about justice for the good of humanity, it is sure as hell as there would be the possibilities to backfire sometimes when even a ‘roaring tiger’ will meet its match and even death because of treacherous and evil people using whatever means the Satan will offer as their shield – even religion! So do not forget that there are also a lot of other different “roaring tigers” [devils] roaming about to wreak havoc for all the wrong reasons. But still it does not make ‘freedom of speech’ as a “toothless tiger” and if not able to bite back can at least ‘roar’ as in speaking out to keep the perpetrators at bay, does it not? The only setback is that it could mean a big disaster if the legislature of what made human rights possible and that it always entail in protecting, is also constantly compromised and met with reprisal without recourse from the lawmakers themselves. In other words, how could you profess to “stand” for something you believe is so good that protects the rights everyone to speak out and yet punish anyone for so-called committing the sedition act of “insulting” religion and whatnot?

Such downside happening is of course possible as it is only one of the worst side-effects of religion where abuse of power and authority would be seen as the legal precedents to keep another person’s mouth shut or to forcefully make someone learn a lesson of fear. Because of the unbalanced and unprincipled doctrines in man-made religion, it is always so easy for people to ‘victimize’ others than for them to take it all in their stride and urgently cultivate the humility to learn from the point of views of others instead. And sadly, this is usually not  the case most of the time, thus leading to all the diabolical hiccups that may become irreproachable on either side whether the “perpetrators” or the “perpetrated”. That means if there is no end to either such “war of words” or “stern actions” taken because of having “insulted” religion, then why let “religion” cause such untold havoc and polarisation among the people? Why not throw it out of the window and come back to ‘papa’ the only one true Almighty God that sent Jesus to save us and save the day thereby killing two birds with one stone?

As a human being myself, I have learned it is so true what the Bible says in Genesis 6:5 that all humans are always inclined towards the ‘sinful nature’ [human nature] of “self-righteousness” and not wickedness that we ironically have the greatest tendency to deny. And in which case people have become so easy as is the norm especially those who are “religious” to see and judge all the “bad” and “wrongs” in others with their watchful eyes and suspicious minds than in themselves by looking in the mirror first to see how they have fared thus far in the sight of men, let alone God.

As such denials would always take the better of us so, naturally, everyone will face the greatest problem in life to cultivate the much-needed patience and understanding towards one another and thus will end up failing always to have the urgency to restrain ourselves at all time. And that is one simple problem that most people have always failed to wake up to see what’s so clearly missing in our lives and that is empathy. Yes, that’s right! That is exactly what everyone is failing miserably to learn the rope of what standing in the shoes of others means. Because of such incompetency keep surfacing, people would be more prone to fingers-pointing at others and make baseless accusations without looking in the mirror first. But how to define empathy when both sides expect the same from one another? It’s simple. If you are the one who likes to bully others and think you can always do that and get away with it, then be ready to learn what’s getting bullied is like because there’s always a chance that others more fierce than you will bully you one day. If you are always the victim of bully, learn to be more patience and have faith in God that one day the ones who bullied you will have learned soon enough that it does not pay to bully others and will stop the nonsense.

As soon as everyone learns the truth about oneself and where one stands in the sight of God, the quicker it will be to save humanity from falling into the trap of what Jesus have had reminded us in Matthew 15:14. That is the reason I do not bother to post any comments on YouTube even after watching whatever videos about religion whether offensive or not. If everyone is already living the guilty conscience of sin inside [Romans 3:23] that badly needed redemption, why then still point fingers at others like what Jesus said in Matthew 7: 1-5?

Q:   Should there be freedom of speech about religion?

Christian:   Why not? Amazingly or amusingly, the world is at the threshold of a “cyber-war” [cold war] in these present times because of the impending universal rights for everyone to have ‘freedom of speech’ as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Talking about this subject could have easily got anyone wondering if ever people know or have actually read fully what’s in the act to know one’s rights. Is it important to know about it or no big deal to? Maybe, if you are living in “religious” places where life could be always at stake for talking or commenting about religion, it might come in handy to be well-versed with the international human rights act because you never know just when the Sun goes down on you that could cause you to end up behind the Sun.

Because it is a well-known fact that everyone is unmistakably entitled in what we should also declare as the God-given rights to speak out or voice one’s concern over matters affecting humanity regardless of whether it’s about human rights, racial equality, politics, civil laws or perhaps even religion which ironically is the only “taboo” subject to talk about, thus one needs to be extraordinary courageous and be ready to face the consequences when spilling the beans whether intentionally or not. It’s crucial to bear in mind what could happen to anyone as in the case of Ex-CIA chief Edward Snowden who is now on the run and seeking asylum from the ‘big boys’ who too incidentally having professed to protect the rights of everyone to have ‘freedom of speech’ yet at the same time do not really fancy too much of truth or secrets being shared publicly.

Perhaps, the American government would not have made such a big deal out of it to arrest Snowden if it was something to do with “religion” as the American government would not have “overtly” viewed such matter as a threat to national security at all. But what Snowden trying in his bid to leak to the public could jeopardise the secret institution and national security of his own country. As everyone knows that everything in life comes with a price to pay, so is such rule of law with ‘freedom of speech’. It is equally important to know when to give it a miss with something that urgently threaten the national security of a country as well as to know when not to give it a miss with something that is about the well-being of your soul.

Q:   Does freedom of speech gives anyone the right to “insult” other’s religion?

Christian:   How do you define something as elusive as the word “insult” is? What you may construe as an “insult” is usually not to others. Even more so, how can you force it down somebody’s throat to make a person submit to a particular religion as being more superior under whatever laws, religious or not, as having “insulted” religion in full view of the country’s constitution that is providing freedom of religion for everyone? In my personal view, it is important to acknowledge that ‘freedom of speech’ can only be achieved on a two-way street where equally important and necessary is also that of the viewers who should likewise be matured enough to either take it in their stride or as bystanders only no matter how “offensive” or “insulting” some postings about religion might be whether found posted in YouTube, FB, Twitter or whatnot. That’s because anyone being arrested under the sedition act for such offence as having “insulted” religion can still challenge in court declaring it as ‘habeas corpus’ on those who have the “right” to act in retaliation as God or on behalf of God.

Anyone, as well as lawmakers, who is a right-thinking person [matured] would be better off not to ignore the necessity to see and respect with the highest regards the human rights of everyone to practice ‘freedom of speech’ whether or not it’s done in a diplomatic and democratic way. Meaning to say, supposing you found some postings or point of views presented in the social network media did not “seem” to you as being done in a proper context showing immaturity of the mind as in the case of “insulting” that got you “offended”, so you decided to report what you “didn’t like” to the authorities and wanted “stern actions” to be taken against the person/s concerned. Now if you went ahead and opted for such option to stop or rather as a way to “gag” others from expressing themselves freely, it only means you have little or no knowledge at all what ‘freedom of speech’ is and all about especially when it comes to the subject of “religion”.

Also, if you don’t think ‘freedom of speech’ is necessary and important, you are much the same as those who would have turned themselves into ‘little’ Napoleons and not even knowing it does more harm than good on themselves than others. This is because such undemocratic action to curb ‘freedom of speech’ would have an even far worse adverse effect on yourself in suppressing others. Do you know why? Because when you have turned yourself into becoming so radical in adopting the bad habit to punish people than to be accommodating and forgiving, you are much like acting as “God” already in judging others. That will certainly put a lot of people off and you will never learn to grow up to become as grown-ups until you are standing in the shoes of others! Besides, don’t you think you would be so busy not living a normal life-like as everyone else as there will be no end for you to stop people from practicing ‘freedom of speech’ and even more so in a country professing to be democratic,

Do you know why there will be no end to such insurmountable problem with ‘freedom of speech’ that “insulting” of religion can happen at any time, anywhere in the world and to any religion? It is all because of one reason only – there is always a heavy price to pay for democracy if ‘freedom of speech’ is guaranteed by the constitution of any given country professed to protect human rights and freedom of religion! You cannot profess to practice and uphold democracy and human rights and then simply throw people to jail for speaking out something not to your liking whether by means of videos or blogging, can you? That is only fitting for those communist countries to do so, not democratic countries professing to safeguard and protect ‘freedom of speech’ for everyone!

Even if lawmakers found themselves cornered in such a scenario, they are all the more expected to show not only professionalism but also as good examples in the eyes of the public as responsible and matured law-abiding citizens too and not simply take “stern actions” to execute punishment based on emotions over such trivial matters like “insulting” religion that would easily make anyone roll on the floor laughing over and over anytime such show of immaturity from lawmakers to punish rear its ugly head.  No postings how “offensive” or “insulting” concerning “religion” should invoke charges for committing the sedition offence because nothing in religion is cast in stones except the Ten Commandments found in the Bible.

Q:   Does freedom of speech also give the offended ones the right to retaliate?

Christian:   The answer is “no” and “yes”.

Why “no?”   Unless and until you or anyone could wield such power as that of the Marxist to turn the world into “communism”, you CANNOT by any means retaliate by banning or take down all such videos, or stop people from making unbecoming remarks, and criminalize people for whatever reasons. If you do so, you would have done it in bad taste and no better than the perpetrators. Moreover, it would be seen as violating human rights to suppress ‘freedom of speech’ or expression in a free and democratic system of the world God created. Meaning to say, you CANNOT tell anyone with the so-called warning to write or “blog responsibly” and neither can you threaten anyone with harm or retaliate by making arrests for committing “sedition” and whatnot. Instead, what you can only do is tell people to ‘act responsibly’ when reading blogs or watching any “controversial” videos at YouTube especially anything about religion because the truth is the truth and the truth will always hurt the feelings of anyone and so are lies too.

How then can you tell anyone to write a “blog responsibly” when it comes to telling the truth? If you are so afraid to tell the truth for fear of repercussion, the only way you can do so is to tell lies then, is that not right? But if that is the case, you might as well don’t write or blog at all if you are betraying your own conscience, right or not? Then, there is no reason for the Internet to exist too, is there? If ever any blogs or videos in the social media network that “could” so easily spark unrest or so-called threatening national security is because of those reading such blogs or watching such religious controversial videos do not know how to let their conscience be their guide to ‘act responsibly’ as matured grown-ups do.

Why “yes?”  So to answer the above question in a fair and unbiased way, yes of course, the offended ones also have the right to retaliate but to a certain extent only. And that means, one can only do so with the “war of words” but not with acts of violence to kill or to punish with fines or jail sentence which is not equal to the nature of the “offence” originally committed by words or pictures only. Also, one cannot simply use the civil laws as an excuse for religious expediency to make arrest which is violating human rights because no one even those professed to be “men-of-God” can make any particular religion so superior as though it is above the law. Even the one true Almighty God of the Holy Bible always allowed all humans the freewill to obey or not obey His commandments. No one should abuse the law to charge people for committing the “sedition” offence just because of an uproar or protests that made the victim “looked” like having broken the law seriously. This by itself is already seditious enough for anyone trying to be a smart aleck to point fingers at others without looking in the mirror first!

Q:   Do you see freedom of speech as a real threat to religion?

Christian:   No, I really don’t think so – 100%! To be honest, I could not be happier if someone asks me questions about Christianity from the top to the bottom. But then again, don’t expect me to be able to answer such question like, “who created God?”  I suggest it’s better to find out directly from God by reading the Holy Bible personally. If you truly are searching for the truth about God’s will and plan, I believe God will not forsake you and will certainly guide you until you know what it means to obey the gospel of Jesus. Whichever the case, I would encourage anyone to do so with no further delay. In fact, it is so very important for everyone to do the same and should, without fear of repercussions and to one’s heart content, ask Christians any questions whether “sensitive” or not about the ‘Good News’ of Jesus. I can promise you that you won’t get stoned to death or something – that’s a 100% guarantee. If not, you can stone me to death then. Fair enough?

I believe most Christians, if indeed are found to be true Christians, would have no problem in welcoming anyone with open arms and to aid those who are sincerely searching for the divine and correct way to be reconciled with God again to have peace of mind here on earth and eternally. That’s because people should know in the first place that Christianity is not a “religion” like those conventional ones that only focus on observing man-made laws and practicing rituals that do not serve God’s purpose for all humans to become His children in the kingdom of heaven. Christianity is, in fact, in principle and in theory a salvation divinely “orchestrated” by God to bring all of us back to Him. However, the rest is up to all people whether smart enough or not to see it, believe it and to have FAITH in it but you just can’t simply force it down somebody’s throat for goodness sake!

As far as I’m concerned, Jesus is the one and only solution to the curse of mankind and that is sin, death and the devil. These are the realities happening in this life on earth now that had what caused us to become separated from God who created us. So it should not in any way be thought and much less be regarded as a “religion” because Christianity is all about bringing oneself to become right in the heart and conscience with God. It is NOT about practicing all the religious laws and rituals to look “right” only on the outside and to find favour in the sight of God. How far can you go and last if based on such precepts? In other words, what I’m trying to say is, even if you in a bid try your best to practice all the “religious rituals” still could cause such a “religious person” like you to go wrong whether intentionally or not to have committed sin in the heart and conscience against any of the “religious laws”, what then do you think you would look like in the sight of God – a religious sinner? If you can’t even answer to your heart and conscience that you have violated, how then are you planning to answer to God whom you have no chance at all to escape from answering to?

Let’s say for an example that you are on real-time religious “fasting” out of “religious obligation”. While surfing the Internet in the office, you came across some “interesting” obscene videos so common today that unless there is no such thing as the Internet existing I’m sure no one being in flesh and blood like you and me would be so “righteous” and “holy” enough to bypass them. Would you anyway? As such, it’s so tempting you cannot resist watching because you thought no one knows but have forgotten that God knows because the devil’s power to tempt you has clouded your mind to think, “it’s okay amigo be bold!” In doing so, you have violated your heart and conscience to have committed such “much-needed” but only “human nature” sin against God that is okay and no big deal or so you thought. So then, can even “fasting” be good enough in the sight of God to vindicate you of your “harmless” sin? No, of course not! That will definitely not do if you are dealing with the one true Almighty God who does not look on the “outside” but on the inside of every amigos where your heart and conscience only matters to Him.

Because of our foolishness and unrepentant hearts, it is not surprising at all that anyone can easily be misled and confused by religion. What you do on the outside is one thing. What happens on the inside with what you do is another thing altogether. Do you see the big difference in what’s outside and what’s inside? No? Don’t you know why? While there is no problem for you to see what’s on the outside, the greatest problem is when you don’t see what’s inside and not that you can’t – you won’t! The reason you don’t is because you have been seriously blinded to see the truth of what’s inside that you have violated. The reason that you won’t is because you probably were taught from young to believe whatever religion you have embraced is good enough and will “suffice”, thus there’s no need to look for the real solution to sin, death and the devil. Is that right? To you maybe it is but is it – to God?

According to the teachings of Jesus and God’s standard, it does not mean what “good” you have done on the outside will “always” make good on what you have violated on the inside. Religion that is man-made would of course teach you otherwise. In most conventional religion, if you “do-good” on the outside like in the case of giving to charities, you will be “rewarded” and it does not matter what has happened on the inside where sin rules the heart and conscience and that is exactly where the biggest problem is that no one bothers to admit, let alone solve.

However, it’s only a very simple puzzle to fix that a lot of people will overlook the need to fix. What is that supposed to mean? Maybe a simple illustration will help you to piece the puzzle together to see the big picture. In today’s time and standard, surely you know that anyone who is capable enough to give a big sum of money to charities is without any doubts in the eyes of the public a “big-shot” to praise and to adore, right? People would very much regard such people as “righteous” because of having done the right thing to “donate” money to charities, right? So it would be pretty obvious that nobody would bother to question if the person is living with a guilty conscience or not, right? But what if such a “big-shot” is living a lie inside as a murderer or having committed adultery before without getting caught by the law? Do you think it is right or wrong that a big chunk of money given away would be good enough to “whitewash” the bad history of such person? God has the answer. He had already revealed it crystal clear. Why not ask Him?

Perhaps if you know why according to the one true Almighty God’s standard, not Man’s that you really have to do something about the ‘sin’ you have had incurred and rotting inside you, then you might understand better if the gospel of Jesus will come in handy to get you off the hook or not. And that is only if you are still in the flesh and blood to be human enough to feel remorseful to know if there is an urgency to REPENT or not.  Also, then only you will know whether you would be redeemed by the blood of Jesus and forgiven by the ‘Amazing Grace’ of God or not. Do you see the difference it can make what’s inside and what’s outside or not? I guess perhaps not for a lot of people who are not even allowed to read the Bible.

For those who are not deprived of such privilege, then, it should come as the ‘Good News’ for them provided they know how to appreciate it and do the right thing which is – read the Bible of course! So if it was what Adam and Eve did because of disobedience that brought sin, death and devil into our lives that is what causing all humans on earth to die without hope, then it is in reverse of what the ‘Good News’ of Jesus’ death and resurrection did that is bringing back the hope of salvation for all mankind because of His [Jesus] obedience to God until death. That is why I have always emphatically emphasized in this website that if any “religion” that cannot solve the curse of mankind that is sin, death and the devil, it is totally irrelevant and a lost cause that is best avoided and to flee from at all cost. Had you not better check this out once and for all to make sure you are not banging your head against the wall all of your life with whatever “religion” that you are embracing now?

Q:   Do you see it as “insulting” if someone made fun of Jesus and Christianity too?

Christian:   Well, I don’t know if you would be calling it as playing “cool” or not but as a Christian following in the footsteps of Jesus, the most important thing any Christian would have learned is about humility, love and compassion all of which were the trademarks of Jesus till the day He got crucified and died on the cross. If Jesus as the Son of God got mocked, spat at and being crucified as “criminal” who committed no crime still could forgivingly uttered, “Father, forgive them for they knew not what they do” in Luke 23:34, how much more should Christians as sinners like others be expected to do the same? So no matter how “bad” or “insulting” any remarks may sound or any postings may look, a Christian always knows better what not to do than what to do to like running amok and cause havoc in public places so much so it becomes like an “excusable” excuse to cause unrest and bloodshed that in doing so is obviously already seen as more like insulting one’s own intelligence than anything else.

If anyone found to have committed such violent act to kill or even to religiously punish others, then is it not clear enough to see any “religion” propagating such ideology is the real culprit behind, and not ‘freedom of speech? Everyone, whether religious or not, should know very well that God’s laws do not work in such a way and so is Man’s laws, what more for those professing to be “men of God?” Should religion make a person better or worse, good extremist or bad extremist? If one knows the answers to such simple question, surely one should have no problem or difficulties knowing how to ‘act responsibly’ when responding to blogs or postings not to one’s liking and not blame others instead, right or not?

As such, it is absolutely right then to say that in such a scenario, no one has the right to tell anyone to stop uploading or withdraw any of those videos or postings no matter how truthful or hurtful all such materials may project. Let this be clear. You CANNOT whether as Christian or not criminalize anyone whether he/she writes or “blogs responsibly” or not. Rather, the authorities should criminalize those failing to ‘act responsibly’ who, actually, would be the ones posing a real threat to other people’s lives and national security instead.

Freedom of speech that includes the freedom to choose whether to tell truth, lies, insult or humours are God-given human rights and would be best left to all other people to accept or not to accept by letting conscience be their guide. And if not, would it not be better to leave such problematic issues to the Almighty God and not take the law into your hands? But if ever anyone would retaliate with acts of violence to kill or to punish based on emotions or whatever “religious laws”, it will be clearly seen as not ‘acting responsibly’ and as such the laws should penalize them with stern actions instead. Does it not scare the hell out of you to see people have taken up the bad habit to think upside down and react in the wrong, illogical, ridiculous and violent way?

To ‘act responsibly’ means it is only up to every one of us to decide and restrain ourselves whether to read and watch or not to read and watch and whether to post comments or not to. No one should perpetrate violence or execute punishment under such circumstances as it is not a crime for everyone to have ‘freedom of speech’ even enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and undisputedly protected by every nation professing to uphold democracy. If ever there was any evidence of crime, it is so clear to see it is actually the work of the devil rallying behind those so-called self-righteous ones who would get “offended” so easily just to spark such mindless devilry to get humans fighting and killing each other. Can you not tell or see by now the power of the Satan playing games on humans? But still, it is so sad to see humans keep falling into his trap time and again without fail all because of religion.

Q:   Do you believe it’s safer to enforce “limitation” in freedom of speech on religion to curb public uproar?

Christian:   Well, if you want a straightforward answer, here it is. The only way to stop all such nonsense is to adopt “communism” – end of the story! Other than that, I really see no chance or point of how such “limitation” can be enforced and in what way. The answer is quite simple for anyone to understand and accept if you do understand the meaning of the word, “freedom”, in the first place. The only logical thing to say is this simple. If you allow anyone to have freedom,  you should apply the same that you cannot impose “limitation” on anyone or the other way round. Meaning to say, if you impose “limitation”, what’s the point of allowing “freedom” then? For example: Can you tell your daughter that she can have all the “freedom” in the world to go out dating any of the boys she fancies but there will be “limitation” with what race and religion of the person she can marry? If that is the case, don’t you think even your daughter would be questioning you back, “what kind of freedom are you talking about?”

If you are talking about enforcing “limitation” on what people can or cannot say about religion, so sorry to say that this is completely out of the question because the simple explanation is this: Whether or not one likes what one reads or watches on the Internet, one can only so much do is either refute them with all the necessary upbeat and convincing arguments, or turn one’s back or keep one’s mouth shut and walk away. Why? This is because there is no evidence to suggest that ‘freedom of speech’ is in any way a “threat” to religion at all or would cause a war to erupt. Tell me: Can saying something not complimentary about a religion cause people to kill one another? If that is so, then it’s not the ‘freedom of speech’ that is the problem, it is the “religion” that is the real threat here. Is that not so easy to tell?

Q: Do you see freedom of speech as necessary and significant in checking if “religion” is something that can do more harm than good?

Christian:  Oh yes, I’m afraid so! Why? Because anyone can claim one’s religion is from God. Who will say that it comes from the Satan? Don’t forget that the Satan always wanted to be seen and worshiped as “God” too. So, it is only a simple task to carry out to know the truth. If one cannot prove and divinely substantiate that it comes from God, then, it is understandably from the Satan, isn’t it? Here’s one simple and clear-cut illustration of the harm that “religion” can do to humans if it is not from the one true Almighty God who is known and proven to be the God of love and compassion that saves, not kill.

Supposing you became influenced by your religion whatever it is that made you become a fanatic. One fine day, you happened to come across a video at YouTube that kind of make “fun” of your religion. You could not resist watching it to confirm. Indeed it was after having counter-checked with what your religion teaches! So you found out to your dismay it was really “offensive” and what happened next? Obviously if you were someone mentally unstable and immature and on top of that, your “religion” failed to teach you about restraint, let alone humility, love and compassion, so surely you could not stand it, could you?

That’s when your emotions took the better of you and it drove you nuts and that incidentally is what could cause you to run amok and boiling hot to spill blood or in lesser serious cases, one might make a report to the authorities about such postings for action to be taken on the ones involved. This is where the anger crisis religiously has reared its ugly head until today and it will continue in all centuries to come. Whatever anger that turned into “war of words” can still be considered as not a crime in the eyes of the law, but when such anger turned into acts of violence involving killing and bloodshed, that’s when the true colours will emerge to tell what you really stand for.

Now this is here along the line where it is so crucial for you to prove whether you are on the side of God or the Satan. In order to pass the test to show where you stand, you will have to decide whether to tolerate and prevent such outcome to take place or otherwise. From this point onwards, you will show to the world who you are paying allegiance to – God or the Satan?

Unfortunately, you failed the test to prove that you are on God’s side and the worst thing is, you have been misled by “religion” to think you are. As one thing leads to another, you did not even realize you have ended up with a death wish and went around killing other innocent people who were not even the ones responsible for displaying such videos. Knowing that your religion all the more allows you to do so is the worst thing ever taught and encouraged to fulfil, you even did it with pride and with the assurance that will reward you in the next life. Does it not look like now that your “religion”, whatever it is, has done you more harm than good? So who do you think would want to wreak such havoc on humans – God or the Satan?

Even if you are 100% sure that any of those videos is telling lies or truth, humour or insult, you still CANNOT say or judge others as “satanic” and not you if you have failed to ‘act responsibly’ as “man-of-God” yourself by resorting to violence because of anger, can you? Under God’s heaven, you may have the right to get “angry” at someone being “satanic” just because you “felt” someone has “insulted” your religion you regarded as the only supreme one. But it does NOT give you all the rights in the world to punish or kill people over any remarks or videos posting not to your liking.

Everyone should have no difficulties or problems understanding that it is not a crime to engage in ‘freedom of speech’ to express one’s views or opinions in the way one “deems” as fitting. Does it really matter whether one’s remarks or videos “seen” as truth, lies, insult or humour as long as there are no killings or unjustified punishment taking place? If one having embraced a religion that one considers as supreme but failed to understand such simple principle of what’s right and what’s not to do, then is it not really no news like bad news to embrace such an illogical and ungodly religion that is only based on executing punishment and violence on others?

First of all, does it ever occurs to you whether as “good” guy or not that what is “right” in your eyes to do may not even be so to the Almighty God. Don’t forget that you too will have to stand before God on Judgment Day one day to answer to Him for all that you have done or not done because all of us including of course this writer are accountable for our actions or inactions. Don’t think that just because you did the “right” thing in “protecting” your religion and “God” from being “insulted”, you would be spared from standing before the one true Almighty God on Judgment Day. Don’t ever forget that the Satan too, had always wanted to be seen and worshiped as “God” before he got kicked out of heaven.

Do you then believe that you have really done your homework perfectly in figuring out that the “God” you are worshiping and paying allegiance to now is really 100% the one and only true Almighty God? Could it not be the Satan in disguise?

Q: What benefit will freedom of speech bring to humanity that religion cannot?

Christian:   Hope of salvation in the spiritual context and peace of mind for everyone on earth to find which is the way, truth and the life to God our Creator that I believe ultimately is the only answer to break the curse of mankind that we already know is sin, death and the devil. I guess that’s what freedom of speech could allow humans the opportunity and hope to achieve in the first place. People only need to tap on the potential of such freedom to set themselves free forever whether one is talking about earthly things or heavenly things.

To be honest, even as a Christian, I’m being taught by reading God’s word that I could not rely totally on being “righteous”, let alone as “holy” in the sight of God to become saved eternally. But sadly, that is exactly what most conventional religions are propagating for everyone to become “righteous” and “holy” by only observing and practicing a set of “religious laws” that I believe will not work with the one true Almighty God. That’s because – if all of us are sinners in His sight, how do you expect to work your way in your own man-made terms to become “righteous” and “holy” and make oneself to be worthy in the sight of God?

In fact, I learnt to my dismay that I did not deserve to be saved at all because of the sin I have incurred that violated what’s inside [heart and conscience]. However, it’s because of the ‘Amazing Grace’ of God that caused His Son Jesus to shed His blood on the cross to atone for the sins of the world is what everyone should see clearly is the only hope of salvation to deliver us from eternal death which is the second death, that it was what saved me. And it was by God’s grace and mercy that I believe Jesus died for me and I live but it’s not I who lives, it is Christ who lives in me. That means without Christ, I’m just an empty shell. What would you do with an empty shell? What can all the religious laws and rituals do with an empty shell? Nothing! Do you think now you are an empty shell or not?

So if in any case the “God” you are paying allegiance to is really the one and only true Almighty God, then should you not have known better by now that He needs no fragile, feeble and sinful humans to “protect” Him from getting “insulted” or to act on His behalf to punish “perpetrators” who have “insulted” Him?  In fact, if I have learned as a Christian being ‘born again’ who totally rely on the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ and fervent prayers to become saved and obedient enough to faithfully do God’s will which is spreading the ‘Good News’ of Jesus to all the lost souls out there, have you not then learned a little something too about what really matters to God? To put it bluntly, have you still not learned by now what God wants from us is obedience, not protection?

Finally, the point is, if you didn’t like what you watched in YouTube, FB, Twitter and whatnot, you always have the choice and the universal human rights to turn your back and not watch them or do so with a pinch of salt, but you DON’T have the right to simply go around killing people to vent your anger or reporting it to the local authorities just to “prove” that your religion reigns supreme. Common sense alone already can tell that no religion should propagate violence or making arrests that are violating the fundamental human rights. If any religion that does, don’t you think you should become alert and be weary [tired] of it and flee from it as quickly as possible?

Q:   Finally, what danger do you see in freedom of speech?

Christian:   Why would I or anyone see danger in freedom of speech? On the contrary, the real danger I see is religion and especially when one becomes overtly theocratic and radical for all the wrong reasons. The truth is, everyone has the right to freedom of speech or expression says the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but not the right to kill or punish indiscriminately says both – God and the human rights institution. What’s wrong and worse is when one got screwed up in the head to become so radical enough that even killing becomes a religious ritual that is righteous in the eyes of those who professed to be “men-of-God”. Does that not give you the goose-pimples all over even to think of it?

The real danger is when one failed to realize that one is actually posing a danger to others for gotten screwed up by religion to believe one is doing God a big “favour” that is “righteous” and “holy” enough to have no qualms to kill or to punish. If you have as much rights as others to upload your videos, controversial or not, can you accuse and blame others who uploaded their controversial videos and as such, you have the right to kill or punish? Don’t you think you would be so ridiculous to think you are the only “righteous” ones to do what you “deemed” fit but not others? That’s the only danger I see when people got so confused with what they believed and embraced in religion.

If you can see the real danger is when those who went on a killing spree and committing cold-blooded murders for killing innocent people done in the name of religion, then you will see even greater need to have ‘freedom of speech’ for people to voice out their concerns . Don’t you think those who got screwed up and kill be charged for murders and have no right to ever criminalize others for having uploaded videos no matter how controversial they might have looked? Under God’s heaven, it is not a crime to have freedom of speech or expression but killing and punishment is – whatever the excuse! And not to mention, anyone trying to stop or criminalize others just to curb freedom of speech or expression is clearly seen as violating human rights that they at the same time are ironically professing to “protect”.

If a person went insane and killed people, certainly you cannot put the blame on YouTube or even any written articles like this one in the Internet, can you? And neither can you shut down YouTube or the Internet just because of some nutcase who are not matured enough to handle their own emotions, can you? The problem is with the person losing one’s mind because of being screwed up by religion and they are the ones who should look for a shrink [psychiatrist] instead and not someone to punish or kill. Otherwise, those shrink doctors will go out of business and end up going for a “killing spree” too.

Honestly, I don’t enjoy watching all those “controversial” videos, but I still continue watching as many as I could because it helps me to learn about self-restraint and more importantly to be counter-productive in writing articles like this one. I’ve seen enough of videos not only criticizing but also paint a very bad picture of Christianity in many ways too. How come I, being a Christian, didn’t run amok and go on a killing spree or imposing on You Tube to take down those “controversial” videos? So how do you explain this? I also read all the comments good, bad or insulting because the ‘Holy War’ is real whether you believe it or not but I never even bother to chip in and post any comments because it will never end if I start doing so.

Just because I believe what the Bible said about the ‘Holy War’ is real, it does not mean I have a few screws loosen up in the head and should start making “human burgers” out of people, does it? For your information and to tell you the truth, if ever I really got myself so screwed up in the head, there will really not be enough people on this planet for me to “kill” and especially if I got offended so “easily” by any of those videos that I didn’t like.

In fact, if you are the hilariously weak and foolish type, the more you watch these videos the more you should become smart enough to see but only if you know how to counteract with countervailing opinions like what I’m doing now! Trust me, if you do not have the courage to “kill” like a religion would urge you to, you will have the courage to find even better strength than me to search for the way, the truth and the life to God so that you can easily tell if there’s truth or lies in any of those videos or blogs about religion.

So the ‘Holy War’ and the ‘freedom of speech’ must go on, regardless of what uproar, protest or religious laws!