Is God Always Right?

Things That Are Heavenly.

Is it outrageous and disrespectful to ask such a question? It depends on how you look at it. Did you not know how even the Satan never stop questioning God? Remember the story of Job in the Old Testament? If not, refer to the Power of Faith post.

If God is not spared the questioning whether He is always right or not, how could any human beings whether King or not, rich or not, be spared the questioning too especially our misdeeds and sin? Are humans more superior than God?

I have heard of people questioning God for not stopping war, for not stopping diseases and sufferings, for not this and that. Therefore God is not always right. Is that so? Little did they know. Whatever sufferings, tragedies and especially misdeeds that are happening and will keep on happening, these are all man-made. As such, no one has the right to put the blame on God. How can God stop us from choosing what we deemed as “right” to do or not do? Aren’t we given the freedom at birth to steer our own course of destiny? Whatever actions we take, there is always a price to pay, be it good or bad. Hasn’t that been understood long time ago?

If you, as a true follower of Christ, start questioning those people with dissent why their hearts are not right with God in the first place as God has the power to heal, they would brush it off as rubbish and say if God can cure someone of cancer or any other chronic sickness there wouldn’t be a need for doctors. But then again, little did they know. If anyone is capable of having the kind of faith that is equal to that of Job, the power of faith can heal as it did to Job. One only need to start believing, not complaining and one will be able to ‘see’ the power of faith that heals because believing is seeing!

If you see the obituary page of any newspapers everyday, it looks like a phenomenon is looming. You will notice after observing for some time, people who died were mostly between the ages of 40 and 50 or so. Why are people dying so much younger than those in a few decades ago? What went wrong? Is it because we are living in a faithless and perverse generation now? I suspect so. If you compare the biblical times of Abraham, Moses and the likes of such godly people with the ungodly people of today, there’s a far cry in the life-span of the past era and now.

According to the Bible, when Abraham died, he was at the age of 175 years old. He lived for one and a three-quarter century. Now people can hardly survive half a century. Can you imagine that? You are going to have a shock of your life to hear this. The one that lived and one of the oldest who died in the history of the Bible is Noah. He was already at the age of 600 years old after the great flood. He lived another 350 years. Altogether Noah lived 950 years, and then he died. Just imagine all the ‘who-begets-who’ he had in his genealogy. Even the Chinese race are said to derive from one of the descendants of Noah. Can you believe that?

Since then, whatever descendants one is from, we all have awfully gone astray from God. Every sickness, whether chronic or not are happening because of our sinful nature and are evidently the sign of it showing the decaying part of our spirituality. When the beauty and purity of our conscience starts decaying and rotting because we refuse to do something about our sinful nature, it will also destroy the natural beauty of our physical body that God has given us and entrusted us to keep in good shape. That’s why, Jesus said, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God!”

So don’t be surprised to hear of people who believed in the Word of God that they were cured of their cancers even at terminal stage. There have been many cases of cancer survivors who had faithfully testified from their real experience that ‘miracles’ can happen when you believe in the power of faith by living on the Word of God and prayers.

Can you not imagine how powerful the Word Of God is by now? You see. It is not another person’s faith and laying of hands on you that heals. The power of faith that heals must come from your own faith in God. Why? Because you need to have a relationship with God first as it has been severed because of your sin. How can God listen to your prayers when you don’t acknowledge Him first through the proper channel? To get back into communication with God, the only option is, you have to swallow your pride and go down on your knees, repent and confess your sins to Jesus and be baptized in his name. Only when you have sincerely done that will you only be reconciled with God. That’s when you can start ‘talking’ to God as in prayers without having the need to “speaking-in-tongues” too. It doesn’t matter if you are saying it silently in your heart or secretly. The Almighty God is not blind or deaf. He will hear and understand you in your own language and knows what’s in your heart. If your heart is right with Him, then you will see the power of faith manifesting. But don’t forget one thing. Your faith in God shall be tested and the rest…do I need to say further?

Undoubtedly, no one other than the atheists or unbelievers would ever have thought of questioning God in such a way as would the dissents or the Satan. Ironically, it turned out that most fervent believers of God happened to come from the atheists and unbelievers because only by fervent questioning that it gave them the opportunity to know God. When they do, they’d gotten so close to God they couldn’t resist and neither could they deny allegiance to God because that’s when they found out that God is always right especially the part Jesus became an atonement for the sins of the world. Is it not better than those who stopped short of questioning God because of fears? Whether one fears God or not, everyone knows that God is a superior and divine entity who has sovereignty over heaven and earth and not to mention, our souls, so it would be rather inane of anyone to play with fire and getting hurt. But is questioning God playing with fire? Maybe yes, maybe no.

If it’s a yes, it’s because it’s necessary for those without faith as to them, “seeing-is-believing” or rather only when it’s “hurting-is-believing”. Have you not heard of the saying – no pain, no gain? If you don’t burn your fingers playing with fire, how in the world would you know what pain is? Similarly, if you don’t think that questioning God is playing with fire, so is the same when you don’t think a customer is always right. Since God created us with a mind to think and to reason, we would not be doing our Creator and ourselves any justice if we do not make full use of our head especially when we should start questioning something we don’t know that we ought to know which is why we would be questioning whether God…and customer is always right. Yes, why customers? And why are we bringing customers into the foray? You shall see.

But if it’s a no, it’s simply because when you believe and have faith in God, there’s no longer a need in questioning, “Is God Always Right?” You are only playing with fire when you are not all fired-up in your heart for God. If you are right with God, you shall not be burned even if the ungodly ones cast you into a pit of fire. That’s what happened to Daniel! Even fire couldn’t consume him and neither did the lions. Do you have that kind of faith in God that God is always right no matter what happens to you or the world?

Things That Are Earthly.

For a long time, I noticed that there’s an ongoing and unsettling issue of customer-service every where that is rather disturbing! I have discovered that there’s a lot of misunderstandings between retail business entities and customers all because those in business do not really understand what customer-service is and all about. Yes. They do not understand what, “A Customer Is Always Right” means. What a shame. I am a customer myself. I do not profess I’m a perfect one though. Why? Because I complained most of the time! How come? I complained once that a delivery of pizzas arrived after waiting for an hour although I was told it would take only half. Peter Parker was fired for even a minute late delivering pizzas in the Spider-Man movie. But still I had to pay for the not-so-piping hot pizzas. What’s the rationale behind? How can I be a perfect customer when there’s no perfect customer-service?

If you ask most people who go out spending their hard-earned money why they are not satisfied with customer-service most of the time? They will tell you it’s not all about the money. It’s about the principles. It’s about being not treated fairly, efficiently, courteously and ethically. I have experienced many instances of bad customer-service that is now prompting me to give a piece of my mind that people in business has no business in questioning the rights of a customer just as we do not have the need in questioning, “Is God Always Right?”

I’m not only ashamed of the customer-service provided which is usually unprofessional and usually not up to the standard required in the retail industry, but very much disappointing most of the time because most retail businesses are seriously lacking the professionalism in educating their staff the values and benefits of providing good and durable customer-service. Perhaps, if you go to Japan or even Taiwan, you would be amazed at how much emphasis they place on the value of customer-service.

Probably, many of you would have heard of the infamous saying, “A Customer Is Always Right!” Yes indeed it is so true but why infamous? That’s because most of you, if not all, would disagree with it simply because the saying itself is not only questionable but also not acceptable. Why? Because it is like protruding customers as kings! What’s wrong with that anyway? The more kings you served, the more money you will make. Does it not make sense? Is that why any thinking person would question if there’s any rationale behind? But the real problem is, everyone is always forgetting something. Everyone doesn’t seem to realize that everyone, one way or another is a customer themselves, whether or not one is running a business, still would like others to treat you like a king. You serve a king and another king serve you back.

Meaning to say, even if you are a boss of your own business, don’t tell me you are not a customer too? I mean, don’t you become a customer at other people’s businesses like for instance, a doctor in need of surgery has to go to another doctor for surgery? You can’t perform the surgery on yourself, can you? Or you are an owner of a restaurant and needing to go to another restaurant as a customer to eat? You can’t be always eating at your own restaurant, can you? The list goes on. So, don’t you want to be given the same, “A Customer Is Always Right” privilege. And yet, many people are still missing the point in this, “A Customer Is Always Right” fiasco that is so easy to understand and accept and yet, it still gets misunderstood and rear its ugly head every now and then that even in some instances led to unnecessary fracas. And what’s worse is, it is making a laughing-stock of the retail industry especially those well-known franchised businesses.

Ramification Of Doing What’s Right.

Everyday there are many other things happening that do not even have any rationale at all, yet we can never question the rationale behind. Why? For instance, we all know very well there are good and bad people living together on the same planet, yet why does God still provide rain and food for all regardless of who or what we are and did or talk only, not do? Is there any rationale behind for God to do that? Given you, because of “human nature”, you would definitely not give anything good for the bad and evil, much less your enemies, or simply anyone you don’t think fit to help, would you?

That means, you only give and help those you think are deserving and that’s the only right way in doing charity whether it’s because of your religion or race. Is that right? If that is the case, probably you are one of those who would not give to a beggar on the streets if you notice the beggar is still capable of working because he still has both hands and legs. Are you not? But how can you expect a beggar to find a job when he’s dirty and smelly even though he has both hands and legs and can work? So, what’s the rationale behind in doing charity or what’s right?

Do you choose who to help then? If that’s what doing charity or what’s right means to you, you are no better than those who would be questioning the rationale that God is always right just the same as you would question the rationale that a customer is always right. Is it rational for showing such double standard when you know you shouldn’t? That is the reason Jesus said, “No one is righteous, no, not one!” 

That is also why, if you want to talk rational about doing what’s right, nothing would turn out right at all whether you want to question the rationale of “A Customer Is Always Right” or “Is God Always Right?” The only rational thing to ask is this. Can you offer a service with a smile to a customer whether he is a good or bad customer in your eyes, just the same as God providing for us everyday our food and water whether we are good or bad in his sight? Or, can you help the beggar instead of passing judgment on him?

Just imagine, what if God is fed-up with humans complaining about Him for not stopping this and that, suddenly decided He doesn’t want to be always right anymore and stop the rain for good? Not only will your eyes pop out, you would then only truly understand what’s the rationale behind and not ever question the rationale, “Is God Always Right?”

Just imagine, what if customers feel they are not being valued and stop coming because of your bad customer-service? Will there be anymore business? If no, that simply means no income which also means no food on the table. What good is there if you have a shop but not customers? Don’t you think now not only “A Customer Is Always Right”, but also “Customer Is Your King?” Why? It’s much too simple to understand. That’s because customers are your rice bowl and you depend on God’s grace to provide the rice so you can reap the profit. You should go down on your knees everyday and say grace to God without questioning, “Is God Always Right?” or “A Customer Is Always Right?” Shouldn’t you?

Case Study.

As you or anyone may still not be satisfied with the equation given between the sovereignty of God and the rights of customers because one cannot simply compare God with humans, I agree with it totally. You see, what I’m trying to do here is to get people to totally understand and accept the concept of what doing business is and what it entails, without having to fall into the trap of questioning the rationale behind of what it means that “A Customer Is Always Right”. And what is most important is that I want people to see how much of the amazing grace of God who blesses us unconditionally that we so easily taken for granted all the time and that we should also not take customers for granted.

Perhaps if I give an example of a customer-service that gone awry, you might get a better picture of what I’m trying to get across with more clarity. Plus it will trigger your brain cells to think about the amazing grace of God and how vain are our own self-righteousness!

Here is a scenario that is happening in a not so up class restaurant. A group of middle-class family walked in and after waited for a while for a waitress to clear and clean a table, settled down as it is usually busy in the weekends. As it so happened I was having dinner with my wife, we were sitting not far from their table. I no doubt could witness what happened or worse, what went awry later and that was when the paymaster of that table asked for the bill. After checking through the bill, the paymaster told the waitress that a dish that he ordered did not turn up on their table. The waitress insisted that everything was correct and that there were no dishes missed out.

Apparently, the paymaster who knew what he ordered quickly pointed out that one dish was not theirs but wrongly served on their table so he was reluctant to pay for that dish. But the waitress argued with him that they already walloped the particular dish clean and that means he had to pay for it whether he likes it or not. But still the paymaster insisted that it was one of their waitress’ fault who served the wrong dish to them and therefore he had the right not to pay for it. However, one of the family members, a guy called the waitress to his side and paid the bill instead. It’s obvious that he didn’t want the paymaster to make a scene further. I overheard the paymaster saying to the guy who paid the bill that he should not have paid for the mistake that the staff made. The rest of the family members tried to calm down the situation by saying it’s only a trivial matter and don’t make everyone unhappy and then they left.

Right Is Wrong? Wrong Is Right?

As an observer, what do you make of this case? Who’s right and who’s wrong? The paymaster? The waitress who argued? The waitress who served the wrong dish? The guy who paid in the end to avoid making a scene? The other family members who didn’t want a scene?

There are many types of conclusions that an observer can make based on the implication of what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. It depends on what principles one use as a yardstick to gauge the situation to make any comments. Everyone can have their say in different ways. It will also give everyone the benefits of a doubt. But I believe there are only 2 types of people present in this scenario. They would be the self-righteous type and the gracious type. When you put yourself into the shoes of each of these characters, you will see a profound meaning in understanding God how great He is.


If you are of this category, you will very likely even sue the restaurant simply because you do not believe you have to pay for a mistake that is not made by you. You would of course argue that it’s not fair and not ethical. Perhaps, that is partly right of you to defend your statutory right as a customer as in “A Customer Is Always Right”. There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that you are doing what’s “right” on this part.

What about the conscience part? You knew a dish was wrongly served on your table, yet why did you not quickly correct the waitress by voicing it out in the first place? Why did you allow all the people on the table to wallop everything clean? And later not willing to pay for it? What’s worse was, you passed that guilt to others on your table because it became their guilt too for having eaten that dish. Was that not dishonest of you? Were you really doing what’s right in the end because of your self-righteousness? How are you going to answer to your own conscience, let alone God?

See the danger of having self-righteousness now? No matter how you go about it on this incident, still it will come back to the same conclusion that it does not pay to have self-righteousness. It is just as dangerous as playing with fire and get hurt. Many people get disrupted and disoriented with their destiny and they don’t know it or see it. They easily strayed from the right path all because of their self-righteousness. Why? I have heard this once too many. They will argue and tell you why should they go down on their knees and beg Jesus for forgiveness as long as they do “good” and not “harm” others? Haven’t you had pleaded your innocence and self-righteousness like this before? How do you define something that is good and not harm others? Do you believe what the paymaster here did was “good” and not “harm” others? If your own conscience is still holding you to ransom, then you should know better what went wrong even if you thought you were doing what’s right!


If you are a person who falls under this category, really I must praise God and give glory to Him! Why? That’s because you had to become someone who is ready to offer the left cheek if slapped on the right cheek. You had to become someone who, even Jesus would salute because you not only know the teachings of Jesus himself, but follow exactly his foot prints who would not even make a fuss at being wrongly accused, slandered, or being made a mockery of and yet still humble enough to say the same as Jesus did on the cross, “Forgive them, Father for they not know not what they do”

But the only question is, can you be like Jesus? No? Yes, of course you’re right? No one can – no, not one! Graciousness is the only trademark that belongs to the one and only Almighty God. The graciousness we humans show are nothing. It can never be compared to the one that God showed which Jesus manifested by shedding his blood on the cross. It is still showering upon us everyday.

1    Because of His graciousness, whatever wrongdoings we have committed, all of them would be whitewashed if only we  humbled ourselves and accept Jesus as Christ and Savior.

2.  Because of His graciousness, there is still food and water.

3.  Because of His graciousness, you, I and everyone else can live another day.