Good News!


What is faith?

Sad to say, this is a subject that is not everyone usual cup of tea. The one main reason is quite obvious. Most people are practically ignorant other than having perceived it as something very complicated to dwell on or to assess. Be that as it may, it is a tool that would be otherwise so powerful it can even “move mountains”, if only one knows how to tap on the potential of such spiritual aspiration that comes from within. Yet, it’s not surprising here is something that people are hardly familiar with, or understand what it really means especially its divine implication and the relevance for cultivating it in all aspects of life and especially to please God.

The most common ignorance is, people don’t think FAITH really matters or in any way significant to apply in our daily affairs. Or it’s simply outdated in an era and time where it is no longer conducive as everyone’s life is so conveniently overshadowed by the “dog eat dog” manifesto of the society. And it’s all simply because people have been so easily indoctrinated with all the wrong modern-day ideologies what one could clearly see happening daily in this world.

To many, Faith is something so unrealistic that it is actually becoming hereditary, thereby causing very destructive consequences when it is not viewed and applied within its proper spiritual context. One simple example is this. Almost everyone will think it is “OK” just to tell a little lie to save one’s own skin. Nowadays, people just don’t care anymore whether any wrongdoings come with the price of causing others to suffer as long as one is not caught perpetrating it.

Perhaps, this is one of the many reasons why all the bad karma are accumulated that will be coming back to destroy us with disasters of many kind. Remember the saying, “you reap what you sowed!” I also discovered today that it’s becoming a very painful ordeal for a person just to say the ‘kind word’, “Please”,”Excuse me”, “Sorry” or “Thank you” that it’s like a piece of the skin having got sliced off or “humiliated” for saying those words in public. Another problem is, people have this common perception that Faith is only something to do with the Creator. Unless a person is into religion, the talk of Faith, and much less practicing it, is almost non-existent in the society. But little did we know. It is exactly what we miserably lacked and lost touch with that is causing the society to fall apart with rampant wickedness, sinfulness and worse, people becoming more and more uncivilized. Does not that sounds like the living “Sodom and Gomorrah” of the present day? Check this out on

So what is FAITH?

If anyone wants to know the true definition of it, I believe it’s best to refer to the Word of God – the Bible! In Hebrews 11:1 of the King James version, “Now faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen.” What does that mean to you? If it doesn’t mean anything, nay worry. I had the same problem trying to figure that out myself too, and not until when the curiosity started to get the better of me. I hope it would, to you too, because by the time you know what all that means, believe me, you’d be so close to God that He is like right in front of you! To know and understand is not the end of it though. It is the challenge to bring it to life with a sense of urgency that will what change humanity and give a new meaning to God’s precious creation that is the human race. It takes having to walk the path and being tested with pain and tribulation just like what happened to Jesus while he was on earth, before one can really grasp the true meaning and power of FAITH to start HAVING it and LIVING it! Now, that’s exactly what God wants that would please Him as indicated in Hebrews 11: 6, NOT all those so-called religious holy rituals which literally means nothing to Him simply because God is not an idol or a robot, unless of course, if we humans make Him as one with such foolishness and waywardness. Will we?

Do you HAVE it?

Yes? No? Yes, anybody can have it. No, not everybody can have it! Why is that? Oh well, it all depends on each and every individual because this FAITH that we are talking about here is something between God and the individual. Let’s be clear. It’s a personal and private affair with God. No one can have a say in it or interfere with it. Everyone, no matter who you are, or where you are, is born with a right to choose, simple things like, what to eat and what not to eat or drink and what not to drink, and of course not forgetting, what to believe and what not to believe. No one should be deprived of this God-given rights that are given to all people at birth in the universe. Are you comfortable with what’s being said here? If you are, then you would want to know what’s the next course of action to take. If you are not, then it’s also your right not to swallow it, or be punished for it! If you’re still with me, then I’m glad you’ve taken a bold step in the right direction.

However, be warned. There is always a price to pay, my friend! Are you still sure now? Yes? If you are, first, you need to know something – the price to pay is certainly costly. It may or may not cost you your life. That would depend on your geographical existence whether you’re “lucky” or not. Did you know that there were rampant persecution of Christians after Christ’s death and resurrection? And that, so many Christians were also martyred in the past and are, even until today? In fact, all the apostles of Jesus were very cruelly persecuted and martyred all because of their FAITH in Jesus. Have you checked this out?

Brace yourself. It is not as easy as you thought to have FAITH, especially in God. You know something? If having FAITH in God is just as simple as saying the same “prayer” everyday or burning the biggest joss sticks or sacrificing the nicest and most expensive calves would surely 101% go to Heaven, I would do it man, period! I don’t mind even saying it one thousand times a day and everyday and whatever. Who won’t and can’t? It is so easy, is it not? But looky here, the trouble is – that’s not what God wants. Is that what we humans so easily thought and believed God wants? If we do, don’t you think we are only creating a so-called “God” of our own illusions that only comfort and please ourselves and not the Almighty God? Do you know what God wants? You don’t? Well then, that’s what we are here for. We are about to discover whether we have it or not have it that God wants!

If you read about the part in Matthew, at the ninth hour Jesus was dying on the cross, certainly you would have noticed that the pain was so excruciatingly unbearable that he cried out to God his Father saying, “E’-li, E’-li, la’-ma sa-bach’-tha-ni? That is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? When Jesus who is the Son of God, had to pay such a price for having FAITH in his Father to fulfill his Father’s will on earth, the question now is, do you HAVE it? I mean, the same FAITH as Jesus, having to bear the excruciating pain and yet ready to pay the price? Can you be “crucified” or become the real “sacrificial goat or cow” yourself for your FAITH in Jesus? In case you are not aware, there are already many Christians in other parts of the world, who would be imprisoned, tortured, or even killed for proclaiming their FAITH in Jesus. Would you still stand steadfast to your FAITH in Jesus if you’d be executed or slaughtered like an animal? That’s when you know whether you HAVE it or not! The answer lies in you.

How to HAVE it?

Before we learn how to HAVE it, first let’s talk about why we NEED to HAVE it? It’s a simple theology, but it is not something everyone can digest especially those who don’t believe or even think that God exists. If you study the Bible right from the Old Testament to the New Testament, you would come to the knowledge that before the beginning of this world, God actually made a wager with an archangel called Lucifer also commonly known as Satan, who started a group of rebellions and turned against God in the Heavens. Of course, since God is so powerful, He would not have had any problems destroying His adversaries if He wanted to, but even then God did not resort to killing – at least  not until when the time is right.

So, to stop Lucifer from further waging a war with Him and His angels, God challenged Lucifer to a wager. Here’s how the wager goes. He would create a world that is now known as Earth for him (Lucifer) where He would put human beings made in His image, to inhabit it. And humans will be given a choice to choose who to obey and follow. The wager was, if humans obey and follow God, then the Satan and all his fellow demons will be cast into a place called Hades aka Hell that is consuming with fire and brimstone. If Man aka human beings failed God in the wager, then the Satan and his bunch of demons will have the power to rule and have control over the world where humans live.

How to know whether humans will obey who, the Satan or God? That would be the reason God created Man with a mind to think, reason and freedom to choose. The finale to know what’s the result would be, is to put the first human being, a man whom God called Adam, and a woman called Eve, to a test. What was the test? It was a simple commandment. God told them not to eat from a tree in the Garden Of Eden which is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. God was so confident that He put His trust upfront in Man. Somehow, the Satan knew that the woman was a weaker sex than the man. That’s why he took the advantage and tempted the woman to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Sadly, the woman succumbed to the Satan’s temptation and ate the fruit and then even persuaded the man to eat it so that they become like “God” themselves. Alas, both fell into the trap of the Satan. Because of that sin they committed, we are all separated from God and the punishment was death as indicated in Romans 6:23. That is the reason we know by now why every human being  has to face death one way or another.

However, the Good News is, God still love us and because of that, we humans have the hope of deliverance from the evil clutches of the Satan. But, to save us from going to Hell with the Satan and his devils, God had to do something to redeem us first. The only way that would be possible was, God himself had to make a sacrifice to break even the wager. As we know it, the sacrifice was, He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to die for us so that in return we humans will live, not so much as in this world but eternally after that. This, of course, will depend on whether you believe this or not.

Now, that’s not the end of the story. It’s still not over yet. As long as this world is still turning, the Satan is not done with us humans, until the second coming of Jesus Christ as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Satan and his rebellion of devils, are still fighting to bring as many humans as possible into eternal damnation with him. It is a ‘war’ that many people are ignorant of and can’t ‘see’ until and unless they’re exposed to the truth. God’s word which is the Bible is the gospel TRUTH of what we need to know about the purpose of our existence and God!

 But why is it that people who are not blind, yet can’t ‘see’ the truth? That’s because we humans are so naïve and foolish enough for the Satan to deceive us into believing that only “Seeing Is Believing” which is of this world, while it is the other way round with God which is “Believing Is Seeing”. And since we can’t see what we want to see, that’s why that calls for having FAITH which is the toughest act to follow. One would know what that means if one knows about the story of Abraham and others in Hebrews chapter 11. So, which one is easier to accept? To most mortal beings who can’t ‘see’ what God wants, of course they will choose the easiest one which is “Seeing Is Believing”. Right or wrong?

That is the reason Christians around the world who understand what “Seeing Is Believing” means, are racing with the devils to ‘wake up’ every still breathing humans to ‘see’ the urgency in coming back to God with repentance. But don’t forget. Satan is also racing to stop Christians from bringing the gospel TRUTH to everyone. That’s also why Satan is using those who are against the gospel TRUTH of Jesus to wreak terror and war on Christians by persecuting them. Hopefully, you can ‘see’ now if you join VOM, because persecution of Christians is already getting more and more rampant and openly in some parts of the world even to this day.

Up to this point, a lot of people still do not understand the part that God had played that is very crucial for the human race to save one another from falling into the darkness of evil. Many still don’t understand, let alone believe that if, Jesus is God (John 10:30) who was born as a mortal, who can feel pain like us when inflicted on the flesh, how could He save us when He couldn’t even save Himself on the cross. Doesn’t make sense? Many are still confused how an almighty spiritual entity such as God could die? But what they failed to ‘see’ and understand is, when it comes to the Almighty God, it’s not about reasoning or seeing, it’s about BELIEVING!

Have you forgotten? Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, That means, he had conquered deathIf he is not God, how could that be possible? Although, we were not there to ‘see’ it all happening and can’t ‘see’ God either, would that be an excuse not to believe in God? If that’s the case, then we are walking right into the trap of the Satan just like Adam and Eve did. Since the beginning of time and right up to where everyone is now, all are just like “Adam and Eve” failing God in the wager. Therefore, we can’t blame Adam and Eve for passing the “original sin” to us because we’re all given the choice to choose as Adam and Eve whether we like it or not.

Let’s get back to the part earlier about us being separated from God because of sin and the punishment is death. This is to help everyone get a clear picture and understand why not everybody can HAVE it. So does it mean, salvation is only limited to some people only? No! Of course not! This God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob does not discriminate against anyone. The only problem and the biggest one existing now is when a person put a fence or a wall between himself and God. That’s when it’s out of the question for such a person to reconcile with God, let alone have FAITH in God. What a lot of people have misunderstood about Christianity is this. Many still think it is just another religion like others which will lead to the same road to God. No, it is not! If you study God’s word, the Bible and diligently, you would come to an understanding that will lead you to believe that Christianity is not a religion. It is actually the only SOLUTION to save humanity from the Devil, Sin and Death. Nothing else on earth can save you and me, not even saying prayers by heart, or burning whatever joss sticks in trying to sanctify oneself.

Before one can have FAITH in God, it is crucial that one needs to have a relationship with Him first. Since everyone became separated from Him because of sin, how is it possible then? Yes, it is possible but only through a mediator. Who then would qualify as the mediator? The answer is Jesus! Only He can save you and me from eternal damnation. He is your everyday dose of Good News because he is God. But you must make a move and take the initiative to accept Him as the one who can save you from the bondage of the Satan by confessing your sins and believing that Jesus rose from the dead, and be baptized in his name and with the Holy Spirit because that will help you to fight the devil inside who’s taking control of your life here on earth.

Everyone is fighting a ‘war’ everyday and are not even aware of it because Satan has blinded us. It is only when we start accepting Jesus into our hearts can we only then ‘see’ clearly the truth of why we are existing here on earth. That’s when you will start to realize the urgency to HAVE it and share the Good News with others so that they can HAVE it too. The ‘war’ is within each of us, regardless of who we are and where we are and this is the ‘Holy War’ or ‘Holy Jihad’ each and everyone has to fight. You can not destroy the Satan with stones, bullets or bombs. You can only kill him when you have the LOVE OF JESUS in you or you’d be killed – indefinitely!

The crux of the matter is, whose side are you? The message is clear. God has said, “If you are not with me, you are against me” Does it ring a bell? Well, let’s just hope and pray that this bell that is still ringing loud and clear, will be good enough to ‘wake up’ everybody and smell the danger of the Satan, the Ruler of this world, still lurking endlessly and silently wreaking havoc with God’s precious creation and that is us – the humankind. God had fought for us by sacrificing Jesus on the cross. Are we ready to fight this ‘Holy War’ or ‘Holy Jihad’ for God by accepting Jesus into our hearts, minds and souls? The ball is in your court now.