The Amazing Grace of God


What Is Grace?

If you look up the word in any dictionaries, the word has many common usages. The word, ‘Grace’ is indeed magnificent as it sounded so nice that one of the most common usage is a lot of people especially girls would like to use it as their name because it simply is depicting charm, beauty, quality and more importantly, forgiveness! If you look at the Western monarchy especially the one in UK, commoners and officials alike are expected to address the Queen in such manner out of respect and allegiance. But the word, “Your Highness” is commonly used nowadays compared to the word, GRACE because humans could not be as gracious as God who is almighty, yet so humble to give His life in the form of a human [Jesus] for the sake of saving us humans of our iniquities.

That is why, if you study the Bible, the word, GRACIOUSNESS is so attached to the salvation of mankind that it is significantly used to portray and describe how great the one and only true Almighty God is, thus the hymn, “How great thou art” is always chosen by Christians to express their heartfelt gratitude in praising and worshiping God during Sunday church services around the world. So the meaning of the word, GRACE especially in this case that involves the subject of Christian faith will always stand out as the only aspiration of Christians to acknowledge such indescribable blessings from God.

And by partaking the Lord’s supper every first day of the week and that is Sunday, every true Christians who have received and continue receiving “the free and unearned favor of God” should all the more have reasons to share such wonderful blessings of the good news of Jesus with those who are lost and even to those who “thought” they are not just because they are “religiously” practicing other religions.

The graciousness of God holds such a special and significant meaning to Christians in their relationship with the one and only Almighty God that if you go to a Sunday worship at any of the churches of Christ around the world, you will find it normal for any Christians to start saying their prayers by humbly saying, “Our most gracious and merciful Father in heaven”. Only by becoming a Christian will a person knows how to humble oneself in the sight of man and God.

The best example to look at is the apostle Paul. He was once an arrogant Roman officer who disliked Christians so much he had no qualms rounding up Christians to persecute and kill them, but he ended up pioneering the movement of Christianity instead. He was the one who gave the name, Christian, to the followers of Christ first at Antioch in the 1st century. He suffered for the cause of Christ and made sure not to let the cause of Christ to suffer to the point of being put to death by the Romans authorities even though he was a Roman citizen by birth.

To me, as a Christian brought out of the darkness by the light of Jesus who is the only truth, the way and the life [John 14:6], the Word [Bible] itself is LIFE – not a religion for goodness sake! Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, President of the United States believed that studying the Bible would make us all greater people. “I have always said…that the studios perusal of the sacred volume will make better citizens, better fathers, and better husbands.” Yes indeed it is so true! It is such a marvel to behold because it is what made salvation for all mankind possible all because of the graciousness and merciful Father in heaven.

The Word which brought about the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ is what making the Bible as the only divine light that shines on the correct path to God and eternal life! Nothing else in the world can bring about such divine revelation for humans to be saved from the destruction of their own souls in eternity. To stubbornly and “religiously” stray from this path is only asking for eternal sufferings. It is so unnecessary to face such consequence when everyone has a choice not to!

That is why, true and sincere Christians always never fail to acknowledge and appreciate God for His graciousness, without which the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross would not have taken place at all. By bestowing grace upon anyone or anything including animals, it took our Creator, God who is the Almighty and Sovereign of the heaven and earth to have such a big heart to become so “small” as a human being who is nothing more than a ‘speck-of-dust’ to come down from heaven to save us from our self-destruction by offering Himself [John 10:30] as a sacrifice to atone for our sins. How could anyone not smart enough to see the truth, the way and the life in John 14:6 as the one and only solution to sin, death and the devil? 

In order to give us the hope of salvation, He had to take our place to endure pain, sufferings and even death, before it became possible to save us by conquering death. Death happens to us as a result of our sins that we have incurred largely because of us being ignorant of our rebellious and disobedient nature by worshiping idols and man-made religions [1 Corinthians 15:55]. The purpose of the law is to make us aware that every one of us is a sinner, it is not a solution to wash away our sins [1 Corinthians 15:56]. Only the blood of Jesus can do that and this, in what is now known as the “Amazing Grace of God” is the most precious gift [Acts 11:17-18] ever bestowed upon mankind that we, as human beings, actually do not deserve to receive, nor can it be bought with any price, yet we have the privilege to receive it freely – with no strings attached.

“No strings attached?” This may sound far-fetched to most ordinary people who make use of their common sense. In addition, let’s not forget there are others especially atheists who would surely find it unbelievable and of course to the skeptics, they will find it questionable. I know what’s on their minds and I can tell here’s the question they will ask. How could anything be given “free” without strings attached? You probably have heard it once too many that people are always saying there is no such thing as “free lunch”, right? Of course you are right because your reasoning is based on human’s point of view and that is really a futile attempt in making comparison with God. Really, you don’t have to become like God first to know what is grace, do you?

The world is still turning because God is still around working to give us the rain, the sunshine and food for the just and the unjust. Is that not bountiful of grace bestowing ‘without strings attached’ upon ungrateful creatures like us? Unless and until you become a Christian, you will never appreciate and understand the true meaning of such precious gift that is unlike humans who usually give one another gifts with strings attached. Don’t you know that you are loved only because you love others first? And obviously that comes with strings attached because it’s according to Man’s standards, not God! But when we have sinned against God and do not deserve to be loved, yet God still loved us and sent Jesus to die for us and that’s with no strings attached because it’s according to God’s standard, not man! The only problem is, you still have to do your part to accept such precious gift and seriously change for good. Otherwise, it’s pointless and useless if God’s love and graciousness failed to trigger you to become remorseful enough to repent according to the gospel of Jesus.

The big difference between what God gave and continuing giving to humans and what humans give as earthly gifts to one another is totally the opposite. When it comes to God’s precious gift that is done out of grace, the value is so immeasurable that no one can repay it in any way except by obeying the gospel of Jesus and doing God’s will through sharing such blessings with others. Not only is it heavenly and eternal, but most important of all is, it cannot be counted while Man’s gift to one another is always calculative or ‘with strings attached’ as far as it goes. That’s why, whatever humans’ gift is, it will not last. That is also why, you can fall in love easily and fall out of love easily and quickly because there’s no graciousness in human’s love.

Unlike the most precious gift God had given us which is the forgiveness of our sins through the sacrifice of Jesus, we will never ever be able to give back to God even with our lives to break even. You know why? That’s because what God gave us is eternal life that no humans on earth have the power to give one another such divine gift! That is the reason I dared say other ways and man-made religions are absolutely irrelevant and waste of time. Yet, so sadly, there are still so many “humans” living without a heart and conscience and never ever appreciate the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ and much less, grateful for the most precious gift God gave us and that is Jesus. If ever there is the biggest mistake one would make in one’s life and worse, not realizing it is this one!

True Life Story of a Lizard

Perhaps if I shared a personal experience about a lizard, I believe it would have been something so unbelievable no one would ever have thought it as normal to happen. One morning more than half a year ago, in my daily routine preparing breakfast for my wife as well as her lunch break for her to take to work and eat during lunchtime, a naughty little household lizard suddenly dashed out from under a small utility rack and managed to bit off a piece of a sandwich roll of scrambled eggs left on the table for my wife before leaving for work. I was really caught off-guard as I never would have expected a household lizard could be as desperate as that, that it would not mind eating something which is not supposed to be found in its menu. Aren’t lizards supposedly eating insects only? So it left me with no choice but to throw the whole sandwich roll away because I didn’t think my wife would have the appetite to eat it and especially not when that naughty lizard had taken a bite first.

Since that incident right up until now, every morning it would standby and waiting under the utility rack trying to pull the same stunt. As I was afraid the minute I turned my back to get something, my wife would be left without her breakfast again. Because it became a nuisance, so now it also became my daily routine to make sure that naughty four-legged little creature had its share of the breakfast as well by handing out upfront tiny bits of bread and scrambled eggs right before its eyes. It also looks pretty much now that it has become my “pet” too, and  it has never missed showing up in the morning for breakfast ever since.

Now what has a household lizard got to do with the ‘Amazing Grace of God? Perhaps if we consider ourselves as the “lizard” in this story and a pretty “unbelievable” one though, we may from this day on really know and believe that we could do better than the “lizard” that benefited from its savage act because of grace. Humans at times are much like ‘savages’ who can become so merciless that we do not have a heart and conscience to spare even a thought for one another, let alone showering the much-needed grace upon one another. I could have gotten rid of that naughty lizard without thinking twice just the same as God could have abandoned us and left us to rot in hell without thinking twice. But thank goodness, the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ has saved the day! Has it saved you? It certainly has saved the lizard though.

That is why, as a Christian, I’m still mindful that I’m always at the mercy of God and because it is the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ that spared me from eternal damnation, so why should I not spare the naughty little lizard that was at my mercy? Isn’t God so amazing that anyone can become a Christian and be forgiven of all trespasses? All one needs to do is obey the gospel of Jesus. It is just that simple without all the religious jargon that only makes things worse! If I was spared because of the ‘Amazing Grace of God’, why not even little household creatures be spared of their trespasses too in the household of a Christian? So…

Who Are The Christians?

If you check the meaning of the word, Christian, in a dictionary, it does not give you the true meaning and definition as what you can learn from reading the New Testament and becoming one. Actually Christians are still as humans as anyone [Acts 14:8-20] else and not what one could regard them as super as the Superman. Even Superman is not infallible! However, what made them ‘super’ was because of their humility to stand corrected and be ‘born again’ as would be the case when anyone obeys the gospel of Jesus.

But what does ‘born again’ means? If you read in John 3:1-21 about the incidence of Nicodemus, you will understand that being ‘born again’ is to become a new creation before one can enter into the kingdom of God. The phrase, ‘born again’ was alluding to the struggle and courage of Christians who no longer are living in the ways of the world but according to the likeness of Christ by walking in all righteousness and without blemishes [Romans 8:3-5]. Apostle John called and addressed Christians as the ‘Children of God’ as recorded in 1 John 3: 1-2.

Since Christians are as much human beings as any other humans, of course they still can make mistakes that will cause them to sin against God. One such example was Ananias and Sapphira who succumbed to greed in Acts 5:1-11. The only thing that makes a Christian different is because they have a heart and conscience to wake up and realize they should   rise above the naughty “lizard” and realize they badly needed to come clean and be corrected. What set them apart from non-Christians is when they acquired the humility and strength from Jesus to own up to their mistakes and wrongdoings which are the most important criteria to fulfill in the process of forgiveness that is based on the gospel of Jesus.

That’s why Christians always look towards Jesus for spiritual guidance to keep from sinning and falling away. Certainly they do so not by observing religious laws and rituals to look and feel good on the outside [1 Samuel 16:7]. Christianity is all about fighting sin, death and the devil from inside out that starts with the heart and conscience and the gospel of Jesus, not outside in that allows sin, death and the devil to destroy us eternally- Christians or not! They [Christians] do so with earnest and sincere prayers from the heart, not by heart or by burning incense, joss sticks and whatnot. You can only pray from the heart when you have the heart and conscience to repent first according to the gospel of Jesus. You can find God only when you look inside your heart and conscience. Otherwise, whatever else one does are all pointless and without any meanings at all.

Christians are those who have found out after hearing the gospel of Jesus that no one is as righteous as in being sinless and neither can they save themselves by good deeds alone. No matter how good they think they are because of whatever act of kindness they have shown, they cannot enter the kingdom of God without being ‘born again’. As such, it was essential and necessary to put right whatever wrongs or mistakes committed by repenting. But then again, you can’t repent if you don’t own up by confessing your sins, can you?

Because they [Christians] were sinners once who came to their senses that Jesus is the one and only possible means to save them, they accepted Him as Christ and Savior that led them to become humble Christians doing what is according to God’s will as as laid out in the Bible. They no longer follow in their own ways because they obviously knew by then that it could not save them in the end. They believe that it is by faith [2 Corinthians 5:7] that they are following Jesus who will lead them to become the ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven at the end when Jesus comes back again to resurrect them. In other words, they humbly and heartily accepted the most precious gift of God and that is the ‘Amazing Grace of God’. If you are still not a Christian, is it because you are not smart enough or humble enough to become one – or both?

Everyone likes to receive gifts. If you give a gift, naturally someone must become a receiver of the gift otherwise it becomes pointless and useless, isn’t it? But even if you have accepted the gift, does it always mean it will last forever? I’m afraid not necessary so if we’re talking about earthly things. It depends on whether the person is appreciative enough and good at cherishing gifts or not. If a gift is not cherished as you expected it to, then it is totally a lost cause. The gift will either become meaningless or perhaps just forgotten and so is the same with one’s salvation which is a precious gift from God. If you do not appreciate it and take the second chance of life for granted, then the task of staying saved in the sight of God will not last even if one is a Christian. If you always allow Christ to live in you and you in Him and obey God’s commandments to do His will, then you shall be saved but not otherwise.

Innocence of Christians

Many modern-day Christians got this wrong idea from their church preachers that once a person become saved by the gospel of Jesus, the person is always saved. Is that so? I’m afraid not! Just because a Samaritan has saved you from drowning once, does it mean you will never get drown again? Does it also mean there will always be a Samaritan around to save you from drowning again as if lightning always strikes twice? No, it can never be so coincidental, can it? So it is wrong to have such perception that all Christians “once saved, will always be saved.” Can you eat once and never need to eat again?

But on the contrary, it’s only true you can say that a person once dead, the person will always stay dead – literally of course! If you are a Christian, you should know it is obviously dangerous to misunderstand the true purpose of becoming a Christian and what “born again” means. You should know it does not mean you have to do the process [born again] over and over again each time you committed a sin and needed forgiveness. Jesus is always there to help you get back on your feet if you would only trust and believe in Him at all times and not sometimes only according to your whims and fancies.

However, if you are not a Christian but are now aware of this precept from reading this blog that Jesus had seriously taken the courageous step to suffer [Matthew 26:39] and sacrifice His life for you, don’t you think you should at least obey the gospel of Jesus to become a real human being again so that His death would not be in vain? What is there for you to lose in obeying the gospel of Jesus than having everything to lose for not obeying? It’s like you have better chances of winning a jackpot if you keep buying lottery tickets than not buying at all, isn’t it? Have you not ever thought of that? So why go on a path that leads to nowhere fast when you can now come back to walk on the correct path to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God that only the Amazing Grace of God can make it possible? That is even better than winning a lottery jackpot because it’s something so precious it cannot be bought with money just to try your luck at winning it.

So the only correct blueprint to follow and to become a true Christian would best be according to God’s will and plan in the Bible, not man-made “Bibles” [false doctrines] that are causing divisions and confusion among “Christians” instead. That is why, no true Christians should believe the “once saved, will always be saved” man-made ideology that cannot be substantiated with any of the Bible’s scriptures.

If Peter denied Christ thrice even in His presence, what more today would be the chances of Christians falling away without Christ [physically] in our presence? There’s no such thing as “always saved” proclaimed by Jesus in his teachings. The simple truth is, if you are not always in Christ by faith and doers of the Word, you will not always be saved and protected from the snares and temptation of the world. In fact, Jesus had have on many occasions reminded his disciples known as Christians now to be always on their toes to safeguard themselves from falling away in Hebrews 10:26-31. 

Therefore, by subjecting to such “once saved, always saved” man-made doctrines, it will cost so-called Christians a heavy price to pay. Are you one of such “Christians” now? Also, on another separate matter, if you believe you’ve been added to a “church” that is not having Christ Jesus as the head of the church, or perhaps you did not baptize according to the scriptures in the Bible, this is serious. In other words, you seriously need to do something about it. However, it is still not too late to come back to the correct path that Jesus had shown us. It’s crucial that you come clean in the way you believe, respect and worship God according to His will and plan in the Bible, not man’s ways and doctrines!

If you’re failing to obey God on such simple and basic commandments depicted in the gospel of Jesus, how is it possible then to please and glorify God? Do not continue deliberately or ignorantly go against God’s will and plan even though as “Christian”, you believed that you have fully “understood” what Jesus said in Matthew 15: 8-9. Think again and seriously. Did you really understand fully and acted wisely according to the scriptures in the Bible?

No one can deny that anyone can easily “profess” oneself as a follower of Christ by being “baptized” and become a Christian. Even there are many version of baptism practiced not according to the Bible. Whether there’s good and genuine intention to become a true Christian or not, the underlying question still lies in the heart and conscience to go back to the true and basic teachings found in the Bible and not continue straying away from it especially when you know you already are.

As for anyone contemplating to become a Christian, it is always necessary to search one’s heart and conscience first, and ask this simple yet important question. Do you think that as a Christian, it is already good enough to prove yourself as being “saved” in the sight of God? The answer is “no!” This may sound like total contradiction with what’s written in the flyers entitled, “Will All Good People Be Saved”. It is not. You see, to become a Christian and living as one are two separate issues altogether. The same principle applies in the corporate world today that anyone can apply for a licence to do business, but can one guarantee everyone will do their business legally, truthfully and honestly? It’s the same when you pledge your allegiance to God. You cannot do it your way or any other humans’ ways, but only God’s way found in the Bible. Otherwise, you are better off not a Christian.

Disagree To Agree

It is a misconception just to think that all it takes to become saved is by becoming a Christian and that’s it. “No, that is not it!” If it is this simple, don’t you think it would be taken advantage of and easily abused by those with vested interest? Don’t you think it’d be pretty easy for the evil ones to go on a killing spree and then become Christians to become “saved” and get away scot-free and vice-versa? That’s the reason Jesus made it very clear to those following him by reiterating the most profound advice ever spoken in Matthew 7:21.

God knows the hearts of man [Genesis 6:5]. He won’t get fooled as easily as man fooling themselves and others. In other words, if you become a “Christian” for all the wrong reasons and not according to God’s will and plan, you won’t last long enough to come to your “church” and stand in the Lord’s “presence” every Sunday “worshiping” Him. Why? Because when you found yourself not completely surrendering and fully submitting to Him according to His will and plan, and if that makes you still not right with Him, your guilty conscience will tear you apart inside so bad that your presence in the “church” becomes inconsistent and inconspicuous and that’s why!

So it does not necessarily mean large crowd in church services will please God. It is exactly the same thing happening in the case of Jesus that He already knew when He fed a big crowd of 5,000 that turned up only to have their fill, but did not seriously have the heart to believe and follow Him. You would be awfully wrong to think that “once saved, you are always saved” and it’s even worse to think that worshiping in any other church denominations is okay. Seriously, what’s okay to you does not necessary mean it is okay to God! You cannot decide for God that it is okay with man-made doctrines and their ways, can you? You only need to obey, follow and do everything according to God’s will and plan as outlined in the Bible. Is that so difficult?

God does not look on “big crowd” of worshipers in churches not built by Christ, but only on the quality of worshipers based solely on the heart and conscience of true Christians who are worshiping God according to His will and plan, not man because humans are always an easy target for the Deceiver to wreak havoc and confusion even in Christendom! That’s why there are so many denominations that it is seriously not okay to “worship” God at any churches of your choice if you truly understood God’s language in 1 Corinthians 1:10-17! Do you anyway?

True enough, what Jesus said in Mark 14:27 is happening to the Church that Jesus built upon this rock [Peter] that have now become so scattered with divisions and denominations straying away from the first century church started by the apostles in AD 33. It’s really long overdue for all the denominational churches to seriously repent and come back to the one and only correct path to honor and respect Jesus, not man, as the only head of the churches of Christ worldwide.

Jesus The Only Way

Until today, many people still think “other” religions are just as good as Christianity that would still lead to the one and only God. Is that so? If it is, then why was there a need for Jesus to come down from heaven as a sacrificial lamb to suffer and atone for the sins of mankind? Why was there a need too, to have the New Testament taking into accounts of the prophecies of the Messiah from the Old Testament to be fulfilled?

Sin is such a terrifying thing that it would lead to the death of everyone. So, on such account, how do you substantiate your “religion” as another way to God? Does your “religion” address the priority issue of the sins of mankind and reconciliation with God? If so, do you have legitimate proof to support God’s endorsement with what you claimed and what is the solution [if any] for sin in your religion? Do you know of any important “figure” from your religion known to have the “divine” power to save you from facing eternal death because of sin? Who could bear witness of such claims?

People can always “claim” anything or whatever “ways” or “religions” that could also lead to God. People also can claim “my God is better than your God”, and so they will tell other people, “don’t use my God’s name without official “permission” from my God because you do not belong to my race and religion”. But then again, what if there’s a book called the Bible tells you correctly about who God really is? It tells you that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not just the God of one race only but the God of all races. It tells you that Jesus is the one and only solution for your sin, death, and the devils, but because your religion tells you otherwise, can you then say something is very “wrong” with the Bible which is the Word of God, and not your religion? Are you not badly confused and lost? But who or what caused all the confusion? Is it God, man, religion, or the Satan? Surely, you are smart enough to tell by now, are you not?

Supposing a poisonous snake bit you, can you still say you don’t need to administer the correct antidote and still be fine and dandy by just “praying” or doing something irrelevant like burning some joss-sticks or incense? Supposing the poisonous snake was the Satan and the poison was religion that got into your blood-streams, what kind of help do you think will save or not save you? Do you think you will be looking for God’s help or humans’ help?

Let this be clear once and for all. No one in our humans’ capacity can atone for one’s own sin and neither can you live if you failed to administer the correct and divine antidote for the poisonous bite of the Satan. Can you save yourself when you’re drowning? “You can’t!” Definitely you need someone to save you like perhaps, a Good Samaritan or something, right? So in this case if you’re drowning in your own sin, you definitely need someone like Jesus who is the only one divinely qualified as the Good Samaritan to save you. And He did it unconditionally as He had sacrificed Himself and died on the cross for you all because of the ‘Amazing Grace of God’.

Why is it so difficult for people to understand and accept such an easy and simple theology? Do you have to become a religious scholar or archaeologist to go here and there to dig for proof and whatnot before you would believe in the ‘Amazing Grace of God?

The Christian Race

Christianity is as simple and easy as ABC but only made complicated by man’s ways and doctrines. There is no religious law such as the “apostasy” act to bind you from renouncing your faith. It’s all about whether or not you let your heart and conscience be your guide. One thing for sure though – it is not like other religions that would be measured by what “good” you done or doing outwardly that is pleasing in the eyes of man, or how “faithfully” you  observed all religious laws and rituals to do this and that. You see, there are no strings attached in becoming a Christian because it is not like a commodity that you pay and then only get something back in return which is exactly what most conventional religions are like.

As an example, you can see such things happening if you go to Chinese or Indian temples. You can see those so-called devotees looking so seriously devoted in “prayers” with joss sticks and prayers paraphernalia they paid for. However, don’t be so surprised if you found out that they were actually praying very hard to idols for lucky numbers to win lottery jackpots only and not for the wellness of their souls. They are seen racing for what is in this world and not for what is in the next world that Christians are racing in this world for.

As humans and sinners, we are absolutely NOT in any kind of position to bargain with God as in buying and selling. Christians are “the called out” of this world to become the ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven, a ‘world’ that cannot be bought or win with money, yet God is offering it free to those who would obey the gospel of Jesus because of sin that contaminated this world.

Still, many people “thought”, or have this “costly assumption” that if they donated “tons of money” to charities they could very well secure a place in heaven with or without the forgiveness from God through the proper channel. Wow! Just imagine how powerful money is, that even God has to stand aside and let you in if that was the case. But was it? What if you have no money to “donate” to charities to do good, does that mean no money, no heaven? What happens to the poor then? Destined to go to hell only? But how come a poor man like Lazarus could enter the kingdom of heaven when the rich man got fried “so good” in hell in the story told in Luke 16: 19-31?

Am I not right to say then that people still don’t think they need to become saved by the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ whether with money or without money? If so, no wonder humanity is so messed up because a place called Hell practically breaks loose every day for people to enter so freely! So do you agree to disagree or disagree to agree?

Christianity is entirely about your personal relationship with your Creator through your apprehension and obedience of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is about how God’s love and graciousness that could or could not break down the wall inside you and touch your heart so good enough to bring you down on your knees to humbly come before Jesus in repentance and ask for the forgiveness of your sins. Until such ‘reckoning’ is happening to you or anyone, you really can say bye-bye to the “tons of money” donated to charities or the “good” that you done because doing these things alone cannot wash away your sins and neither can these earthly things help you to secure a place in heaven. In other words, if your heart is not right with God in the first place, whatever else you do comes to nothing! Do you follow?

It’s only when the love and sacrifice of Jesus broke your heart, shaken and having stirred up your conscience so bad that it made you wake up finally realizing you actually deserved to die eternally but Jesus took your place instead and died for you so that you can live spiritually on earth and eternally hereafter. Now if you, or anyone who is still flesh and blood could not comprehend such an ‘Amazing Grace of God’ that was unconditionally bestowed upon mankind with the greatest love story and sacrifice ever told in Jesus’ death and resurrection, then becoming a Christian is certainly out of the question for you or anyone who cannot even tell what’s the meaning of GRACE, let alone the ‘Amazing Grace of God’.

Christianity is about showing a good example of the good side of humans [godliness] to live as real human beings to become perfect like Jesus whom even demons were scared of. And  that is also including do-good with acts of kindness of course, but only when you have set your priorities right first! Because sin caused humans to behave and act like they’re being “demons-possessed”, humans have become erroneously lost like a flock of sheep without the shepherd. Although humans’ oddity and foolishness saddened God so bad but because He loved us, He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to rescue us and bring us back to the correct path to avoid all the serious consequences of our folly end of the day.

So, to rescue and save others became the trademark of Christianity that Jesus had shown us as an example by sacrificing Himself to rescue and save us. This is what Christianity is all about – to do the same to others what Jesus had done for us. It is about doing what others would not do like loving your enemies and do-good to those who hate and despise you without expecting any good favors in return. However, it’s exactly the opposite with all the conventional religions and that is, if you are smart enough to notice.

Here’s how it works with conventional religion. It is nothing different from doing business of buying and selling. It’s all about how much of “donation” you can contribute to temples and charities, therefore it’s about how much luck, wealth or how much of “paradise” you can get back in return. Am I not right to say so? This is said not out of disrespect for religion, but out of deep concern for such lost souls who have strayed from the one and true Almighty God because they are really caught in the satanic web of false teachings [religions] without even knowing it. Only true Christians can lead them back to the correct path of God by showing them the truth, the way, and the life [John 14:6] which is the only hope of salvation for all mankind.

The biggest problem about Christianity is that it is literally being misunderstood and seen as showing “weakness” if it means having to go down on your knees to beg for forgiveness and having to turn the other cheek when slapped, so on and so forth. Based on such principles of Jesus’ teachings of the ‘sermon on the mount’ in Matthew chapter 5, that Christians should follow, it is not surprising then that people are saying Christians are being disillusioned and worse, deranged for trying to preach and practice something that is not possible like how to love your enemies when not even all Christians can love one another in the first place? If they did love one another as Christ loved them, they wouldn’t have become so divided with so many denominations, would they?

So is it not possible to do exactly what Jesus taught? If you are not a true Christian, of course it is  impossible! However, if you are a true Christian, it is absolutely possible because God promised those who come to Him through Jesus Christ will have eternal life even if they got persecuted or killed for doing what’s impossible with not just the commandment to love your enemies, but also to rescue your Christian brothers and sisters from being misled by false teachings and doctrines not according to the gospel of Jesus.

If you are a true Christian, you will not be afraid to make a stance by telling other “Christians” about the serious consequences of falling away from the teachings of Jesus. Don’t you know you are an impostor if you have professed to be a “Christian” who believed in Jesus, yet turned around to betray Him in words and deeds that are contradictory to His teachings and worse, not even respecting Him as the head of the church by using other denomination names? Don’t you think this is serious and no laughing matter?

Yes, all Christians can be united and come back to love one another by honoring and obeying what Jesus taught with the ‘sermon on the mount’ and not be divided with all kinds of denominations not authorized by Jesus. If all Christians can’t understand and do such simple things Jesus taught and commanded, then they only have proven themselves as not true Christians according to the Word of God.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Do you think Jesus is a nutcase teaching people to love their enemies? Is it really possible to love your enemy? Have you really tried it before and proven what Jesus taught is not possible and practical? Have you tried loving and show kindness to the unkind and got killed? Even if you got killed for doing what Jesus taught you as a Christian, did you not know that whoever killed you only made you become a martyr and got you an express ticket to heaven and them to hell? If you died a martyr like Jesus to save others and not like what those religious terrorists did to kill others – that’s the quickest and surest way to heaven.

Still, the question remains unanswered. Why is it that people whether Christians or not  are not living up to Jesus’ teachings to love one’s enemy? Is it really impossible to love your enemy? If so, how to love your enemy then? Everyone knows it is so impossible and out of the question if you are at odds with one another especially like in the case of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Naturally, it is so easy for those of the same religion to send humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in cash and kind as can be evidently seen and reported in the news. What about those who are Christians having read the “impossible” in Proverbs 25:21-22? Will they follow and do likewise or not? Why not?

If you look at the present situation of those “innocent” Palestinians that are caught in untold sufferings of a long-standing conflict that is in so many ways satanic, even Christians from all over the world would want to lend a helping hand in whatever ways possible. To the true Christians, it is no longer a question of race or religion because the beauty of Christianity is about graciousness and mercy. Christ has shown the Christians that the only common enemy to fight is the Satan, not humans. That’s why Christ did not suffer and died for one race only but that His death and resurrection will bring all races in the world to become the only ‘amazing-race’ of God by showing love and compassion to all regardless of race and religion. So should Christians do likewise or not? Why not?

For those Christians who could afford to donate in cash and kind to help because of Jesus’ teachings to love your enemy in Matthew 5:43-48, it would not have posed any problems to them. But for those like me who could not afford to donate in cash but only in kind to help, what can I really do to obey the teachings of Christ to help? Of course, there is nothing much I can do but I have also learned from Jesus that I can take it to Him in prayers and trust Him that He will show me a way to help.

So that’s what I did. Here’s the help that I believe Jesus showed me. It is the kind of ‘self-help’ that the people in the Palestine needed to take to change their course of destiny if they really want to have peace of mind once and for all. They need to turn to Jesus who can help them become the ‘miracles of hope’ by setting themselves free from the present satanic conflict. To do that, the only choice left for them is to follow….

The Only Good Example That Can Save

Perhaps, if put yourself in the shoes of Jesus, you could probably see a better picture of a ‘world’ that Jesus envisioned will help humans from being unkind to one another or kill one another over religious or territorial disputes and whatnot to a heavenly diaspora where all races transform themselves to live in His kingdom peacefully and happily ever after as Christians who are the one and only ‘amazing-race’ of God.

When you take the initiative to show kindness not only to those you love and close to, but especially to those you hated so much as in the case of the Israel-Palestine conflict that firing rockets on each other has almost become the order of the day, don’t you think you’ll be making God so proud of you that He was and is still right to have created humans of many races? What is so difficult then, for all races to obey a simple commandment of God is to obey the gospel of Jesus to begin with?

Isaac and Abimelech

Apparently, I suppose if anyone who knows about the Israel-Palestine long-standing issue will agree that there has never been a chance to see the “light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel” when both are only busily embroiled in making “human-burgers” out of each other. No matter what methods or ways that international agencies or organizations are trying their utmost best to bring about a closure to the situation, the conflict will show no sign of abating even until D-Day. Why? That’s because the wounds run deep and no humans in whatever capacity can heal such wounds that have been left unattended by one possibility that could bring about a closure. You are about to find out what that one possibility is!

You can actually read about such old wounds in the book of Genesis chapter 26 in the Old Testament. It was the Israel-Palestine first ever recorded conflict as far back as the time of Isaac whose father was Abraham. It all started because of a famine when God directed Issac to move to a place called Gerar which was the land of the Philistines and the king was known as Abimelech at that time.

To cut the story short, on one occasion, Abimelech got pretty pissed when he found out that Isaac lied to him that his [Isaac] wife, Rebekah was his “sister”. Isaac lied because he feared for his life. He was afraid that he might be killed if the people of the Philistines knew he’s a married person and moreover, his wife was beautiful. You know, it’s kind of crazy that in those days, anyone, even kings could kill you or get you killed one way or another just to take your wife as his or theirs.

One obvious example was King David. Because he made someone’s wife by the name of Bathsheba pregnant, he devised a plan with Joab, his army commander, for Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah to get killed in the front line of the fiercest battle so that he could make her become his wife. Of course, this did not go down well with God because King David had sinned against God for committing adultery and murder. Following that, God dealt with him by sending a messenger [prophet] by the name of Nathan to reprimand him.

Sure enough, even King David did not go unpunished for his wrongdoings. What happened later you can read about it in 2 Samuel chapters 11 & 12This only goes to show that God is always treating everyone fairly regardless of race and status. We brought punishment upon ourselves because of our inabilities to have a heart and conscience to obey God and thus such failures led us to commit sin against God. Can we blame God and not ourselves?

After having discovered Isaac lied to him, King Abimelech was angry initially but later he spared Isaac by giving him and his wife a second chance to continue living in the land of the Philistines and gave the orders that no one touches them or be put to death. But later things began to take a turn for the worse. As usual and as a Jew being smart and industrious, Isaac started becoming prosperous and rich, and that evidently also made him became the target of envy as this became a threat to the livelihood of the Philistines too, so King Abimelech told him [Isaac] to move “out-of-town” as indicated in Genesis 26:12-16 to avoid any untoward incidents that may arise.

The one and only good thing that came out of this conflict was that King Abimelech perhaps later realized that the Lord [God] was on the side of Isaac and blessing him. So he probably thought it was better to make friend than become enemy with Isaac and hence wanted to make a peace treaty that did both side no harm.

That is the reason I see there is only one possibility here that makes sense in the long-standing Israel-Palestine issue. Although it pretty much would not look promising at the outset, it is however, not impossible to consider such option to end the conflict once and for all. You see, if only the Palestinians are willing to open up their hearts and minds like King Abimelech and only humbly obey a simple commandment of God who is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by obeying the gospel of Jesus to become Christians, it will certainly do them no harm as what King Abimelech also wanted in Genesis 26:28-29.

Now, if they [Palestinians] so much believed this God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as their “Allah” [just another name only in their language] they should have no problem believing it was the same God [Allah] that sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to atone for the sins of mankind and anyone believing and obeying Him will have eternal life. Isn’t this one possibility that can save the day as it did with Isaac and Abimelech in those days? Although the circumstances then and now are somewhat different but it’s the same principle and approach that matters, isn’t it?

Surely you will question if such possibility could help to defuse the conflict, or perhaps even finally bring about a closure to an almost century old wounds both side of the divide have suffered for no good reason at all because of the Islam religion of the Palestinians, right? However, let’s not forget that with God, everything is possible and so is solving this conflict!

First of all, they’ve got to really really trust God on this like the way King Abimelech did in Genesis 26:26-28. So in what is now called a ‘truce’ that is opening up an avenue for the peace process to take place, it’s crucial then that either side take a step back and give way, right? Why not then, the Palestinians take the initiative like King Abimelech did, by taking another important step further as the conceding party under the banner of peacemakers in Matthew 5:9?

In order for them to amazingly break free from the satanic chains binding them now, they must be ready to let the rest of the Muslim communities to amusingly see this as eating “humble pie” because doing so will have defeated the Satan who was the biggest culprit in putting them in chains in the 1st place because of pride that led to the present conflict with Israel  whose powerful ally is America.

You see, it’s all about adopting [copying] the humility and love of Jesus that saves lives and not killing that disrupts the peace process and ending up still in the chains of the Satan. After all, I see no point for the Hamas trying to make “human burgers” out of the Israelis when it backfired most of the time with making even more “human burgers” out of the innocent civilians in the Palestine instead. This is where the vicious trap of the Satan that lies undetected and had ensnared not only the Muslims but everyone in every civilization since time immemorial. This will go on forever in the conflict with unnecessary loss of lives.

What’s the point of living under such displaced circumstances all the time? Isn’t it time for the Palestinians to follow the wise decision of their ancestor King Abimelech? Likewise, isn’t it time for the ‘children of Israel’ to come back to God by obeying the gospel of Jesus and help the Palestinians to become the ‘sons of God’ too in the kingdom of heaven? It’s time to bring back the days of Isaac and Abimelech to bring the conflict to a closure. We all do not live on this earth forever for goodness sake! So why fight one another till kingdom come?

For the Palestinian people to stop further bloodshed on their own people, what I see that will bring hope for a permanent state for the sake of the Palestine people is to commit the so-called but much-needed apostasy act that their “religion” forbids and become Christians by obeying the gospel of Jesus according to the one and only Almighty God’s will and plan which is the one and only solution after all – not just for the Palestinians and Israelis but for everybody in the world as well. Whether it is so much the only way out or not for the Palestinians that needed rescue and be saved from the conflict, it’s not hard for anyone to believe that America will have to think twice to rally behind Israel as their ally if Israel really consider air and ground assault on the Palestine “now” full of Jesus’ disciples called Christians.

As a matter of fact, I believe even the Zionist will think twice if ever America [God-fearing people] turn around and stand on the Palestine side in protest against such military assault on  the Palestinian “Christians” and this, of course, if the suggestion fell through and taken seriously. But the question is: Will the Palestinians be smart and humble enough like King Abimelech or perhaps even like Dr Anis Shorrosh who became liberated as a Christian and spared the conflict as well as eternal damnation because of sin, death and the devil?

Are they not sick and tired of seeing their loved ones and friends becoming the biggest “human burgers” factory on earth and breaking the Guinness Book of Record because of the inevitable and unsolvable conflict? Honestly, if I were the Palestinians, I would do the right thing. Yes man, I would rather obey God to become a Christian and not the ways of man and religion that probably what caused those Hamas hardliners fueling the conflict further with no end to it.

Although the conflict started because of territorial dispute and not because of religion, but if the Palestinians were smart enough to see the only possible solution to end the conflict was to go for the one and only solution and that is to abandon their “religion” and then accept Jesus as Christ and Savior, and trust me, if they were willing to become Christians, this would have amazingly helped them to kill two birds with one stone.

If King David when as an Israelite kid, “small” but smart and brave enough then to kill the giant Goliath of the Philistine [now Palestine] with one stone, surely the Palestinians now should have no problem ‘copying’ the same tactic to become like King David, “small” enough to humble themselves and lowly accept Jesus who is no smaller than King David in the spiritual sense, first, to end the conflict by becoming Christians, and second as Christians to kill the curse which is sin, death and the devil that their religion Islam has no divine power to do so, thus killing two birds with one stone by obeying the gospel of Jesus! So simple only, isn’t it?

Isn’t that one hell of a happy ever after ending for all? Since their religion Islam is ‘copied’ from the Old Testament laws and traditions of the Jews as in Judaism, they [Palestinians] might as well embrace Jesus Christ who is the Savior of all, not to the Jews only! All in all, Jesus’ death and resurrection has really saved the day for everyone [John 11:49-52] provided they see and believe the scriptures in John 14:6 that will lead them to obey the gospel of Jesus.

“O hear ye, o people of Israel and the Palestine, it’s time to wake up to see the light in Jesus!” Wake up now!

When the Zionist starts seeing the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ working on their enemies who have had amazingly become a great nation of Christians and as followers of Jesus Christ, one can’t help but wonder if America that always cherish the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ will still stand idly by with folded arms, watching their ally Israel trying to make “human-burgers” out of their Christian brothers and sisters in the Palestine. But then again, the question is: Will the Palestinians be smart enough and so brave to renounce their religion? I don’t think so, but I hope they are not as ‘stiff-necked’ (ngan kein) as the Jews too. And for the sake of their physical and spiritual well-being, hopefully they will realize that only Jesus can help them to kill two birds with one stone together with the ‘Amazing Grace of God’!

So, no one should underestimate the power of what the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ can do to the heart and conscience of humans. You only do so at your own peril!


The Amazing Race of God


A Question of Conscience

While surfing on the internet for news on the 11th anniversary of the infamous September 11th tragedy, it was at the height of another counter religious vengeance over an anti-Islam video clip that I came across one comment that seemed rather theological in its nature. The funny thing was that it so surprisingly and timely caught my attention as if I was a “cut-out” for such a controversial religious conflict that sadly is the cause of all misunderstandings and chaos in the world. And of course, no thanks to the greatest Deceiver of deceivers of the humankind! [2 John 7]

Now that I’m writing this post that in a way related to this comment, I thought it would make a better impact if I could share and put the same “cut out” comment here word for word. But then, too bad I’m not able to find it. As I only have a flimsy memory of the comment, hence I have no idea on what news portal was the comment made and who uploaded it. Probably if I’m not wrong, maybe the social media wouldn’t keep record of all the comments made every day. It could have been possibly deleted by now. So it looks like my conscience is in question since I have no proof to substantiate my claim about the comment. Now I have to depend on only one thing to pull through – TRUST! Do you trust me on this?

The only thing I can remember is the person who uploaded the comment was arguably questioning a theological theory about the fate of the Satan. Here’s the question: If the Satan, once a powerful archangel of God, got kick out of heaven as recorded in Revelation 12: 7-9, what chances are there for humans, who being sinful and much less superior, could go to heaven? The person was like questioning the fate of all humans that sounded like there’s no hope at all for us to become saved. So we might as well get ready to face our “final-destination” which is hell – whatever the outcome! When I saw this comment I could not have thought it was so important and nothing crossed my mind that it is until now. If you consider such a significant question, don’t you think it deserves the top priority to bring it to a closure by any means possible?

There’s no denying that an unwavering doubt is looming in the back of everybody’s mind and not surprisingly, that is happening even in Christendom! The problem is, no one even among Christians had the power of wisdom and knowledge to pass the correct information about what really transpired up in the heavens even long before we humans came into the picture. So really, if troubles already started brewing up there where the infamous theory of the Satan got kick out of heaven that preceded humans’ existence on earth, what chances are there for us as sinful humans go to heaven? This is certainly getting people everywhere whether Christians or not to question the “mystery” of a powerful and divine entity that we came to know and worship or to the unbelievers, not worship as the Almighty God.

Supposing we humans do go to heaven, is it because God already had a plan even before we existed? What was the plan then? Was it fully revealed to us? Was Jesus anything to do with the plan? If so, what made God so confident of humans accepting this plan that involved Jesus and not the Buddha or the Prophet Muhammad? Why then even when all humans imbued with a heart and conscience and not to mention an intelligent mind, yet still not believing and accepting it? Is it because we humans have completely lost our sense of direction? But what caused so many intelligent humans so confused and dubious about God’s plan? What chances are there for humans to wake up and see how terribly lost they are without God’s blueprints and guidance? Will not such questions drive you nuts? If this is what bugging you, no wonder those who can’t handle whatever truth would usually avail themselves as atheists or skeptics. And every time it would seemingly work best when they cry foul of the lack of “scientific” or factual evidence to substantiate whatever claims made in the Bible just because they don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God [Psalm 14:1]. But the irony is, they would fall short of making themselves accountable for their folly without even knowing why they are making a mockery of their own existence. One can’t help but really wonder how the atheists came into the world and what caused the skeptics to drive themselves nuts doubting everything about God and Jesus but not themselves?

As a matter of fact, it is certain beyond 100% starting right at this moment it will keep bugging you from time immemorial until you make a change and do something to stop all such unnecessary foolishness. Do what? Become a Christian? “Yes!” You are so absolutely correct and smart for once in your life! It was absolutely God’s plan for everyone regardless of what skin color one is to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God starting as a Christian! Are you kidding? “No!” Definitely not! Trust me. You will know the TRUTH and the truth will set you free and that’s only when you become a Christian. But does this include going to heaven? You know very well it is not up to me, or anyone to say who deserved what, be it heaven or hell. Only by proving that you can bring ‘heaven’ to others first the way Jesus did, perhaps then you will know better if there’s a chance for you to get there. That’s why you should make Jesus your greatest hero because he had provided you his footprints to help you get there. Once you know what you have to do, then there’s a very good chance you will know whether you can or cannot go to heaven the sooner you begin to ‘establish‘ a relationship with God as a Christian through Jesus.

If Jesus had the divine authority to tell you that he will prepare a place for you in his Father’s house, is that not a big chance for you to go to there already? Otherwise, tell me, what other chances have you got that you know of? If you can’t think of a sensible one than this, then why are you still not a Christian? Why still wait to get foolishly busted when you already knew the correct way to become saved?

But then again, don’t be mistaken that just about anybody can have a relationship with God as and when one “deemed” fit. If you study the Bible you would have learned that only the ancient children of Israel were the chosen people of God during the Old Testament time to have a direct relationship with God and they were known as the Israelites. Today, the people of Israel are known as Israelis because of migration where there are even black Jews! So, during the biblical times, we learned that God spoke to His people, the Israelites who were pure Jews at that time, either through prophets, high priests, kings or even ordinary people of low status like a laborer, shepherd or farmer, for any specific instructions that God deemed necessary to convey to His people.

However, it is a different story now. God no longer directly speak with the ‘children of Israel’ as He did, nor to anyone today, whether Christians or not. That is history! Why? If you study the Bible, you would have learned that the ‘children of Israel’ no longer enjoy such privilege because even after having been set free from slavery in Egypt, they went back to idols worshiping and broke God’s law. That obviously did not go down well with God. Since then, you can read in the Old Testament that the ‘children of Israel’ had have on many other occasions been ungrateful and sinned against God even with the laws passed down from Moses. Evidently, this was not seen as glorifying and honoring God as their one and only Almighty God. It was from such outcome and many others that we learned why the law of the old covenant can no longer keep the Israelites and even religious people today from sinning because of their sinful nature. Neither could it save them from their sins. That’s why God saw the urgency to bring about a new covenant that will fulfill both the old and new. So God engaged prophets as messengers to announce the prophecy of a Messiah that would come from the seed of King David, and who would have the divine power to bear the iniquities [sins] of all humans regardless of what races so that people from all nations of the earth shall have hope of salvation through the Messiah that was Jesus.

Understandably from such prophecies made in the Old Testament, we now know that by observing only the laws of the old covenant even with practices of rituals and traditions cannot serve as the means of forgiveness of our sins. And because humans cannot offer themselves as “burnt sacrifice” to atone for their own sins, that’s why God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to become the sacrificial Lamb for us instead. Only the blood of Jesus can save us for having broken God’s law which was why it culminated what Jesus said in Matthew 5:17 as the link in fulfilling the law. That is also why, only Jesus has the divine power to forgive our sins. Our sins cannot be forgiven simply by observing “religious laws” and “rituals” or just “do-good” to find favor in the sight of God. Again, that is why no religion whatever it is whether it’s Buddhism, Bahá’í Faith, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam or Taoism, are good enough to take place of the greatest human offerings which is the ‘sacrifice-of-blood’ to wash away our sins.

The priority to fix here is the curse of mankind:  sin, death and the devil. That is the reason no one can go directly to God because of sin to seek forgiveness of sin. Jesus is the one and only solution to the problem. If you still claim you can have a direct relationship with God through all your religious laws and traditional practices, you are only wasting time fooling yourself unnecessarily. If anyone ever believed there is one and only Almighty God in the universe, the person is better off believing He [God] would not have provided so many other ways to confuse us and cause us to fight one another over which one leads us to Him, would He? Are you not smart enough up till now to notice all other ways are man-made ways that cannot even be substantiated and worse, proven by any means?

In other words, you have to get your priorities “religiously” right first according to God’s will and plan as laid out in the New Testament. Having inter-faith forums will not help one bit. First of all, it is irrelevant and it does not offer hope of salvation that every soul should seek. Inter-faith forums could perhaps “help” humanity from falling apart but mind you, humanity has already been broken into pieces long time ago because of sin and religion. How to fix it now? Even if you use the latest “laughing yoga” 24/7 and 365, do you think you can “laugh” away all your sins for good? Maybe that’s what makes God can’t help laughing instead! As long as humans do not attempt to seek the only way, the truth and the life [John 14:6] that God had shown us, whatever “forums” or even the “laughing yoga” to keep people sane and sober will not last. Whatever ways that are man-made, will surely die a natural death in its own course!

After the death and resurrection of Jesus, God only promised to send the Holy Spirit to help the early apostles to kick-start the evangelism with the power to speak in tongues. The only special case that God saw fit to speak to a sinner through ‘vision’ was Saul of Tarsus, who later became the apostle Paul. So don’t be confusing yourself that you, or anyone whether religiously inclined or not, could feel like having a relationship with God as and when you wish without going through the proper channel which is Jesus! And not forgetting it is all the more applying to the ‘children of Israel’ now ever since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Shouldn’t they know better who the prophesied Messiah was by now? The Bible very clearly teaches that God will not hear those calling out to Him, even the ‘stiff-necked’ Jews [Exodus 32:9], if they did not come to Him according to His will and plan [Isaiah 59:2]. Be honest with yourself. If you do not honor His wish and come back to Him according to His will and plan as testified in the New Testament, how are you going to expect Him to hear you?

By right, the Jews should rally behind Jesus and be the leading example in becoming Christians quicker in numbers than the Gentiles. But sadly, this is not the case. Instead, it turned out exactly the opposite as it seemed those joining the amazing race to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God are other races known as Gentiles in the biblical term. How unfortunate it is that the Jews keep banging their heads on a wall in Jerusalem while saying their prayers every day, and still waiting for the coming of their own version of “Messiah” since they rejected Jesus Christ as the One who had already made his appearance almost two thousand years ago. And not forgetting that Jesus is coming back again for the second time. When this happens, there’s not a chance for the Jews to reject Him because He’s coming back as a human being in the flesh, but as the eternal King with power and great glory. [Matthew 24:30]

If anyone whether Jews, Christians and whatnot wondered why the curtain at the holy temple in Jerusalem got torn into half [Matthew 27:51] on the same day Jesus died on the cross, wonder no more. That event actually signified that the prophecy of the new covenant of God to replace the old covenant had finally been fulfilled through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son, Jesus. So that evidently made Jesus’ blood shed on the cross not only as the official endorsement, but also as a seal of the new covenant God made as found prophesied in Jeremiah 30:31-34 in the Old Testament.

Unlike the old covenant, the new covenant  is not so much about the law but based more on principle (heart and conscience) in what is now known as the Law of Christ [3R’s] than on the laws alone brought down from the Mosaic age where there’s no emphasis of the heart and conscience [repentance]. That was the reason the ‘children of Israel’ kept sinning against Jehovah (God). Today it’s the same. People keep sinning even with whatever laws in place because they don’t have a heart and conscience to obey them like Jesus obeyed His Father in heaven until death. So you can see why today people become more like robots that can go haywire and in which case more laws would be implemented without end to curb a malfunction and robotic society. Again, you can easily see why even so-called religious people have no qualms breaking God’s law. This is all because they failed to have a heart and conscience, but that doesn’t mean the law of the old covenant [not the rituals and traditions like incense and burnt offerings, animal sacrifice, circumcision, fasting, abstinence of certain meat, the Sabbath, etc] do not serve its purpose anymore. The truth of the matter is, you can no longer depend on observing man-made religious laws or rituals not authorized by Jesus, and expect to find favor in the sight of God and be saved from sin, death and the devil. Follow?

If all the religious laws cannot fix the problem of sinning and bring back the heart and conscience of everyone in one piece, then what else can? The answer is Jesus! The only obvious problem that needs fixing is the heart and conscience of all humans, not the laws. If the ‘Amazing Grace’ of God shown through Jesus still does not move or trigger your heart and conscience to stop being a sinner and come back to God according to His will and plan, then it only means one thing: You have gone beyond the point of no return and there ain’t no coming back! Simply put, you are history! End of the story! Game over!

What’s more, there is another important factor that you should take note of and be absolutely clear by now is why there’s absolutely every reason Jesus DARED to claim in John 14:6,“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Can anyone say from the heart and conscience one reason why Jesus should not have committed such “blasphemy” during his tenure as the Messiah? Even the governor of Rome said 3 times he found no fault in the man [Jesus]. If you or any one can’t think of a reason, then why still go banging your head on the walls for nothing and making a ‘laughing-gor’ of yourself unnecessary by going other ways? There is only one way to God and that is Jesus! Think again! How could the one and only true God contradicts Himself by providing so “many ways” [religions] to confuse humans that He created and loved so much? Based on such simple truth, one can easily tell that whoever could not prove that God sent him to do His will is an impostor – big time! Only Jesus hadproven [John 8:42-58] that He was sent by God because He died and rose again the third day. Don’t you have the common sense to think?

If you still do not follow Him [Jesus], it only clearly shows you do not have a heart and conscience. So if you see anyone flouting the laws, religious or not, actually it’s your own reflection and that’s when you know why you shouldn’t point fingers at others nor become theocratic in judging others!  If you have as much guilty conscience as others that you have yet come clean yourself, then what makes you think you are better than others even with all your religious practice and whatnot?

Undoubtedly, most Christians are aware that the Bible does not directly or bluntly in any way, whether in the Old Testament or the New Testament provides the “much-needed” testimony that would defend the action God taken to kick the Satan out of heaven. It is much like the case of searching for a needle in a haystack if you are not a Christian as you would be left hanging without even a clue where to start. Even more so, you had better not expect even the smallest chance of whatever hindsight or insight to start the probe. If that is the case, perhaps you are better off reverse the scenario than try to unravel a “mystery” that would not be within your grasp especially if you are not a Christian. So here is the reverse scenario. It is no longer why the Satan got kick out of heaven that matters now, but why there’s the biggest chance you do not even reach the gate of heaven, let alone kick out if you still do not have a heart and conscience to become a Christian to begin with!

Actually, come to think of it, it’s only a simple theory that would be solved easily as nothing is more trivial than this to understand once you become a Christian and seek God first. As is always the case for being a Christian is that, you always have the upper hand in acquiring wisdom and knowledge when you have earnestly and honestly established a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. So, if your heart and conscience is leading you to study the Bible which in turn is leading you to become a Christian and do the will of the Lord, then it is certain beyond 100 % that you are walking on the correct path to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God. If you have a heart and conscience washed cleaned by the blood of Jesus, this will what keep you from breaking the laws whether religious or not. If everyone is capable of having a heart and conscience that culminated from becoming a Christian, soon enough all the judicial institutions in the world will go bankrupt or get shut down without laws to make. How could that be possible? It could only be possible when Jesus who is the biggest law institution is found in the heart and conscience of everyone!

Let truth be told. Here is the most important and critical stage to pull through if you want to know if there’s any chance of saving yourself and what more if you are clinching to become ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven. You really need to bring back your heart and conscience in one piece to begin with. And only Jesus can help you. No one and nothing else can! Jesus is the only right forum for you, now or never, to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God!

The Fire of Conscience

So it’s clear we can end this simple conscience forum with a simple and straight forward presentation. If you can’t overcome this hurdle with a clear conscience, even if you know the truth why the Satan got kick out of heaven, what’s the point? What do you mean by that? A simple illustration is good enough to help you understand a simple philosophy of life that you don’t learn at any institution of theology. And also, you will learn there is something else far more important than why the Satan got kick out. What is it? Your heart and conscience of course! It is the absolute law that will finally decide where your destiny will bring you.

For example: You know the truth in your heart and conscience tells you that it’s wrong and it’s an offence to beat the red traffic light, yet you don’t bother thinking it’s only a “small” offence and went ahead, thus violated your own conscience and the civil law. On the inside, you have broken the ‘law’ already written in your heart and conscience. On the outside, the existing civil-law would act as an official confirmation that you have committed an offence. Thus, you would be made accountable to man-made court of laws for earthly punishment, and of course only if you get busted by the law! So you keep up with this “little” bad habit knowing it does not burn a hole in your pockets and much less a hole in your heart and conscience. Is that so?

But what if one fine day your luck ran out and you got someone killed? In this case it still does look much the same that you have broken both the laws inside and outside. So what’s the big fuss here? Of course, it’s no big fuss if you only got yourself killed as it’s no fault of others but yourself. The big fuss is when you got somebody killed because of your inability to have a heart and conscience to prevent this from happening. What you miserably failed to ‘see’ and understand is that there is a far more serious ending that you have brought upon yourself and that is no other than someone’s blood on your hand. When something like this happened, you know damn well it’s not something that water can easily “wash” you clean of it. You know why? That’s because what you have inherited is someone’s blood splattered all over your heart and conscience that will stick with you for the rest of your earthly life and perhaps even eternity. The worst part is when you failed again to do something “radical” and something rather important in the “extremist” sense. What’s that? To stand corrected in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost! Your sin is something that you can never ever wash clean even with “acid” because it’s in your heart and conscience. Only the blood of Jesus has the divine power to wash away your sins in the most radical and extremist way [sacrifice] possible that usually doesn’t augur well with those who suddenly found themselves in such tight spot.

At the outset, of course you can still defy the ‘outside’ law and get away scot-free by using money to bribe your way out of it, but what you can’t do the same is when it comes to the ‘inside’ law which is your heart and conscience that you violated because you have broken God’s law. Can you bribe God with money too and get away scot-free? If you can’t and that only means in the end you will for sure see yourself receiving a far more serious punishment than those meted out by earthly laws when you breathe your last breath and finally meet up with your Maker. So in this case you had better make sure you don’t stop breathing because you certainly do not want to meet Him in the end, do you?

But your heart and conscience will not stop pricking you because as a human created in the image of God, you would not be able to bring yourself in front of a mirror to look at the mess you’ve made of yourself. What’s more, how are you going to escape the inevitable “face-to-face” meeting with Him sooner or later whether you like it or not? In this simple example of conducting oneself as a human being dealing with what’s right and what’s wrong, do you think you can overcome the hurdle (the truth) with a clear conscience? No? Then I suggest you had better become an “extremist” in your heart and conscience that will “radically” prevent you from arbitrarily committing even the “smallest” offence that you thought insignificant and no big deal. If you found yourself as incorrigible and unrepentant as the Satan, you don’t even get close to the gates of heaven, let alone get kicked out.

A Backfired Conscience.

Whether you are a Christian or not, if you diligently study the Bible, you must not do it for the wrong reasons that would violate your heart and conscience. For example, if you study the Bible for the sake of training yourself to become good at only quoting scriptures at the snap of your fingers just to spite others at religious debates; or to expose where all the Bible’s “discrepancies” are to make yourself feel good and better in the eyes of the public, but which do not in any way contribute to bringing any lost souls to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God, what’s the point? You don’t become a better human or better Christian than other humans or Christians just because you’re good and better at quoting Bible scriptures to prove you’re a “learned” man of God or showing “contradictions” to prove that the Bible is not the Word of God. Christianity is not a religion that is about who is better, stronger, wiser or knowledgeable. It’s about sacrifice, love and compassion that comes from one’s repentance in the heart and conscience. Perhaps, this is the only 3-in-1 package that would earn you, if indeed you are a true Christian, a ticket to heaven! Are you earning this ticket?

But if your heart and conscience is leading you to study the Bible which in turn is leading you to become a true Christian who does the will of the Lord, then certainly you are walking on the correct path to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God. So don’t be so surprised and awestruck that humans can still go to heaven. How? Perhaps if you “sign up” for an amazing race to begin with, this could do well to put you on the right track. At this point, you’d find that it is a race that is rather different from that of the Olympic race that could win you all the earthly medals only.

In contrast, what we have here is a race of the heart and conscience to see how you fare in the sight of God. It is definitely harder than you thought to win this race of a lifetime that will lead you to such an amazing prize so unimaginably priceless that only God, not man, can award you at the end.

This race is not a test of speed, strength or skill that will decide the winner. This race is so unapologetic in its nature that it comes with an unremitting test of your ego. That is: how low can you go as in being humble and selfless in serving others and the sacrifices made to help or save others and not yourself as in the case of Jesus? Who would want to sacrifice and die for other people and only get rewarded hereafter? As such, there will be a lot of people who will definitely give up even before trying because they only want to see and get their rewards now on earth immediately, and not hereafter. Many others will give plenty of earthly excuses to join other man-made “races” instead that are religiously pleasing only in the sight of man, not God.

What’s even more interesting is that there will be some very impatient people who believe they have a quicker way to “win” the prize in the race. They are going for an even more amazing race than this – kill in the name of God those who committed “blasphemy” against God! Now, this is really something even faster than lightning strikes than to waste time signing up for the amazing-race of God to sacrifice oneself with love and compassion. But somehow, they would probably be so surprised when they found themselves on the wrong side of the finish line for missing out on the real amazing race to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God!

Do you have conscience?

Maybe if you being honest and God-fearing who is contemplating to join the amazing race may like to question the organizer who can qualify to run the race, right? So who can join such an amazing race? Everyone and anyone! But you asked: As humans, we have sinned and fall short of the glory of God as that was what the Bible told us, so are we all still qualified? Why not? For your information, this amazing race is exactly meant for amazingly sinful people like us. Even if you’re a handicap because of your sin or that of your grandfather, you are still qualified to take part in the most amazing race of all the time as the priceless prize ahead does not show discrimination to any one. Unless of course you willfully wield that discrimination upon yourself, then it is certainly out of the question to even give you the second chance. Until you know you have a heart and conscience to seek God and His righteousness first, you will refrain from joining the amazing-race of God or procrastinate till doomsday!

So who is the organizer? His name is Jesus. Everyone who’s interested in taking part in this most amazing race would have to come to him and register first. You only need to go through the 3R’s process. After that, you would be qualified to join the amazing race. The reason Jesus came into the picture is to deliver a promise first that if you believed and accepted him as your Savior as is equal to an instructor, then he is the only reason for you to run like there’s no tomorrow to the finish line and win that priceless prize to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God. Does this help bring back your heart and conscience if you have none to take along in this amazing race?

Let’s get back to the theological question. Why did Satan get kicked out of heaven? Every conscientious person, surprisingly even atheists or skeptics, will ask this question. If God is loving and forgiving which certainly qualify Him as very conscientious too, why then did He not pardon him [the Satan] and gave him the second chance just the same as it is given to us now? Moreover, the Satan was once His archangel, so was God being unfair to him? As much as I would like to share with you my findings, but suddenly I found myself saying the same thing as what Jesus had said: “If you do not believe earthly things, how could you believe if I tell you heavenly things?” [John 3:12]. So if I start shooting everything straightforward and you still missed it, what’s the point of telling you everything then? Wouldn’t it be better if it’s done God’s way to decide if you have a heart and conscience to begin with first? You will know if indeed you have a heart and conscience once you check yourself looking in the mirror and ask yourself some of these pressing and critical questions.

Do you have a clear conscience?

No one should find it surprising or shocking if asked such an intimidating yet inevitable question? The answer would be either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ depending on who and what kind of mentality and environment that shaped the person who is undergoing the process of living as a human being. Even more so as humans because we all know we are sinners and pretty much drowning in our own sins. Since that is the case, wouldn’t it be much easier and wiser to obey God than to rebel against Him? So why do you still want to get drown willingly and unnecessarily if you “thought” you have a clear conscience? Furthermore, the more we deny and unwilling to face the truth, the worse it will be for us in the end, because that’s when we found ourselves becoming as incorrigible and unrepentant as Lucifer that even God can’t help and save. So how can anyone who is religious but not religiously right with God be saved? Become a Christian and join the amazing race of God. It’s as simple as that!

No one likes to see oneself plunging to the point of no return. We are all given the freedom to choose, thus no one including God be blamed for the choice one made rightly or wrongly as one struggles to live as a human being on earth and having to face an amazing race whether to take part or not to. If anyone faces the challenge to answer such a painful question, everyone can unmistakably guarantee that no one would be spared the mental torture in being truthful about where one’s conscience lies. This is when you can truly ‘be yourself’ only if you are honest and true with yourself. This is how you know and understand what being true to yourself means and is all about because your worth as a human being is not measured by who you are in the eyes of others, but what you truly make of yourself in the sight of God by your heart and conscience and that is only if you have a clear conscience. Have you anyway?

Do you value your conscience?

This is the only time and place where every one of us would become indispensable when it comes to making  our own conscience accountable for what we have done, and that is of course if you still have any conscience left at all. That is why if you are without a heart and conscience, you would be highly and likely become unrepentant and incorrigible, hence have no qualms in breaking laws, religious or not and yet always in denial mode. What’s worse is when you would be so foolish to think God is “dead” just because God is not around to execute poetic justice on earth. Do you still think you can by all means carry on wreaking havoc as and when you fancy? Little did you know? If God is dead in your heart, it’s only because you do not have a heart and conscience to see He is as alive as ever!

For your information, God is so much alive and living in the hearts of those who are God-fearing and are still capable of bringing evildoers to justice by the rules of law that govern all human’s conscience. And not forgetting God has imbued everyone with a heart and conscience that would act as the law to steer us back to the correct path by pricking on our guilty conscience to do the right thing. If you opposed because you thought no one knows and control what’s in your heart and conscience, you only make matters worse because in no time you will find your heart and conscience “bleeding” to death every day until eternity. Just how many ten years of life can you have to bleed from inside? Is that not good enough reason for you to come clean? Do you not value your conscience? Is it worth it to mess with your good heart and conscience? If you mess with it, it will surely mess you up nicely till kingdom come. That’s the name of the game.

People who become gifted with wisdom and knowledge on all aspects of the spiritual realm are known as the ones who studied the Bible and become Christians. The important thing is, they have learned how to establish a spiritual relationship with God through the one and only mediator who is Jesus Christ. So, there is absolute reason and possibility that they would eventually become the ‘amazing-race’ of God when the time comes for them to resurrect. They would be raised from the dead and be resurrected just like Jesus to triumph over sin, death and the devil and no longer will there be any curse as indicated in Revelation 22:3. When you start to cultivate the love of Jesus in your heart after becoming a Christian, that’s when your heart, not your eyes, will help you ‘see’ clearly and the conscience to do the right thing. That’s how Christians will receive such special gifts from God if they are faithful in putting God first in their hearts, minds and souls. This will certainly help all Christians run the most amazing-race of God effectively and meaningfully as what apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9: 24-27.