The Holy War: Be An Extremist For Christ! [Part 3 – Conclusion]


So it’s all down to everyone to have the good sense to choose or not choose to get screwed up easily whether by religion or not. Perhaps, by looking at the fundamental basic principles of what makes a real human being, it would seem proper to allow everyone to distinguish the difference between…

An extremist bent on saving lives

As is the case that there is good and bad in everyone, so are extremists. So, how does one becomes maybe a good extremist like Christ? To become one, it’s just about one step to perfection only and that is REPENT and baptize in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yes, is that not what extremism is and about – to be humble and repent by obeying the gospel of Jesus? It all starts with whether everyone is doing it for the right or wrong reason only. Whether you apply this concept of perfection in daily routine work or play, it works all the same. When one is pushing to the limit in anything to bring forth success and fulfilment, it is not possible without becoming an extremist in that field which is the same as becoming perfectionist. You either give all that you’ve got to make it in life or not give at all what you do not have in life to give. So is the same here where one shall be expected to completely surrender oneself to God by repenting and obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ to worship and serve the one and only true Almighty God.

To say the least, it is not even good enough to become a Christian alone to become saved from sin, death and the devil. By God’s definition and standard, if anyone is to become one of the ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven, one really needs to be good at being a true Christian in the sight of God no matter what’s the cost except killing for religious expediency of course! And that only means, it’s so crucial for anyone having obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ to become an extremist for Christ in fulfilling God’s will and plan to save the world of lost souls while one is still breathing in this world of people God so loved in John 3:1-21. So the first most important thing is to get your mindset working right and that will definitely depends on what goes in and out of your mind.

The question is: Are you in it for the right or wrong reason?

If you got screwed up in your head, it’s because of one reason only and that is – you had become an extremist for all the wrong reasons either to execute punishment or kill innocent people especially “infidels” for religious purposes that are man-made. If you are not screw up, it’s also because of one reason only and that is, if indeed, you are willing to become an extremist for Christ to save others the way Christ has saved us. Perhaps only then, it would be so amazing for everyone not to get screwed up just the same as you did not, wouldn’t it?

When you found yourself as such an amazing extremist to be proud of, surely, you will not regret it for the rest of your life knowing that to have such wisdom to arrive at such decision is something not given but acquired because of you having a heart and conscience to come clean and to walk in righteousness. If there’s anything you didn’t know about the beauty of Christianity for a start, then why not become an extremist for Christ the way He became an excellent extremist for you and thus set your course of direction right, right? This is the only right reason that would be very much worthy of your devotion according to God’s standard, not man. If by now you do not have the common sense to tell the difference here what sort of “extremist” you are vouching for, it pretty much looks like you are 100% screw up in the head all the same.

Or as an extremist bent on punishing or taking lives for religious expediency

Everyone knows freedom of speech is the fundamental human rights of anyone regardless of race, creed or religion. The good thing about it is that it provides unlimited opportunities for people to speak out or voice one’s concern on many issues that are largely affecting humanity. However, as anything and everything whether good or bad comes with a price to pay, so is such basic human rights. Such a privilege is vital to bring about peace and understanding among humans where it can build bridges or mend ties but the only setback is that it can also be abused to cause havoc and chaos especially when it comes to the subject of religion.

As humans are ingrained with a special need to relate to our Creator, somehow or other, it would usually be seen as not being carried out or done in a profound way that it does not even make sense in the sight of men, let alone God our Creator. The more progress and developed the world is the worst it will become because it would be easier for humans to lose touch with the Creator and more so in not letting our heart and conscience be our guide that will lead to further degradation of moral values, thus lawlessness prevail instead.

When everyone fails to let the heart and conscience be their guide, the whole system of the society will collapse and go haywire even with adequate laws in place or whatever religion to embrace. Take for instance when one is driving on the road these days. It is so common to notice that people have no qualms breaking even a simple traffic rule by running a red light or motorcyclists riding against the flow of traffic that it has become a ‘norm’ and no big deal in committing it every day for most people. Why? The answer is simple. This is all because people no longer live with a heart and conscience but as empty shells where laws or religion can do little or worse when nothing can keep us as real humans as what God created in His image and meant to be godly.

As if that is not bad enough that some people are already so ignorant, what is even more detrimental than this is the fact that there are others seen as being “religious” and professed themselves as “man-of-God”, yet do not fare any better that would add more fuel to the fire. When it comes to setting good examples as “godly” as learned men should and more so should religiously endeavour as being “religious” to reflect on what they stood for in a society crippled by crimes and domestic violence, yet often times they are the ones who would turn violent and commit crimes against humanity in the name of religion that is being seen as ridiculous than religious and which leaves much to be desired. So, who or what is to blame? Is it religion, humans, Satan or God?

But so sorry to say that the most sorry state of affair to date is religion because it had become practically impossible not to trigger in particular the “nerves” of one side of the other communities known for their violence to break loose and having the bad habit to either punish or kill people should anyone intentionally or not touches on the “sensitivity” of their religion in whatever ways or means that could be deemed as “blasphemy” or “insulting”. It’s almost like you are watching the live feed of the Satan and God at war with each other albeit it’s only us as humans at the forefront doing the dangerous job instead.

Since the infamous 9/11 happened, the word “extremist” had somewhat become something to be avoided at all cost even in the social media network especially when blogging. Why is such fear religiously permeating the society ostensibly? To most people, this may seem like the normal question of “respecting” and “tolerating” one another religion as necessary and a prelude to “peace” and “harmony” that had been wrongfully taken for granted by some quarters, thus such backlash happening. To me, it is not. In fact and to be honest, I see it as the sign of times that the end is near as prophesied by Jesus even while He was walking the earth. He has forewarned all His disciples about false prophets and false teachings in the last days.

True enough, one can easily see much of what has been happening in this era is evidently showing the biblical apocalypse already taking place and it’s paving the way for the second coming of Jesus to be fulfilled anytime soon. That is why, I find it no longer surprising to know that it has become the doctrine of some religious radicals or perhaps more like the doctrine of the Satan as a substitute to make it as their agenda [mission] to annihilate all the “infidels” for not worshiping the version of their “God” as the one and only Almighty God that again in my personal opinion is more like the Satan in disguise.

Nevertheless, one is expected to be extremely “careful” not to trigger the “sensitivities” of these religious “tai gor” [extremist] as it could go viral easily and give rise to the “justification” in raising hell on earth and more so, an excuse for bloodshed all in the name of man-made religion as in the case of what happened after the video, “Innocence of Muslims” went viral in the Internet not long ago. Whether one believes it or not, and much less like it or not – this is already one of the factual evidences of the sign of antiChrist to come in the last days that we are living now. This should serve as a wake-up call for everyone to be ready to face God on Judgment Day anytime soon.

Since the “supreme” [annihilation] approach has failed in a bid to have the world “Islamized” by striking fear in the hearts of non-Muslims, the “easy-going” approach now used is known as “reconciliation” which is pretty much the trademark of Christianity and the gospel of Jesus. That’s good, but is it good enough? Are they “reconciled” with God in the first place according to the gospel of Jesus or just among the Muslims brotherhood only? You see, it is not just Islam alone that is questionable. In fact, no other religions whether it’s Buddhism, Taoism or Hinduism for that matter can claim and substantiate their religions as having the divine power to bring people back to reconcile with God in the way Jesus does as in Christianity now! Apparently, if you don’t think they could become reconcile with God through the proper channel which is Jesus, it’s because what these religious people are fighting is a losing battle as it is…

The Man’s Battle

Undoubtedly, everyone knows all battles whatever humans are fighting one another would be at a time when people go to war literally. Is that not right? But then since going to war on a large-scale like the last two infamous World Wars where untold millions of people died had become a thing of the past, so what really are men fighting for now and yet still die without getting killed in real wars? I believe it could be anything and maybe everything except themselves. Is that not right too?

What seemed to be so amazing is that most people will have the natural instinct to know they are “born to fight” basically for their own survival and thus pretty much like animals either to kill or be killed. However, that is part and parcel of nature and it’s understandable. Is that not right? But in the case of those religious radicals who are holding the world with the “ransom” to embrace their religion or be annihilated, it is too far-fetched or rather ridiculous. Is that not right?

On the contrary, what seemed to be rather amusing is that until now not everyone knows why we existed in this world and much less why all humans must die to leave this world as in the case of those with the empty shells roaming the world without a sense of spiritual direction will even leave the one true Almighty God “scratching His Head” wondering what is wrong with humans for not using their “brains” to think, to reason and to choose wisely. Am I not right to say so?

So, why is it that we are likened as being trapped in a time warp with no way to escape no matter what? The reason is because you have been misled by religion to find the wrong key to unlock yourself to freedom now and forever! Do you think that by fighting to kill or be killed as in the animal kingdom, you will find your way to a “paradise” as a reward? And what exactly is the kind of “paradise” we are talking about here – a place only meant for the violent ones? We are not “animals”, are we? We are humans made in the image of God – so why fight and kill each other like animals do? Why don’t we come out of such dangerous satanic mindset and try asking ourselves another sensible question instead? Perhaps appropriate question like – what are we all SAVING each other for that we need not have to die eternally which is the reward of a real paradise? Do you know what that means? It simply means come back to ‘papa’ [God] by obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ. Simple as that! Why confuse yourself unnecessarily with all those religious jargons?

Even then, after having achieved whatever all of us would have otherwise “fought” for in this life whether it’s about education, career, business, politics, women or perhaps even the latest craze fighting for “ownership” of this island or that island so small in the middle of the ocean that given the impact of global warming today can make these small islands easily disappear from the face the earth anytime soon, what else do you think can people look forward to in the next life that is far more important than all of these earthly things? Or could it be that there is nothing to look forward what is beyond the grave because you do not have the FAITH  to look far enough?

Can anyone after having accomplished all the hard work of “fighting” to have this or own that, still continue to enjoy any or all of such “fruits of success” in another place at another time that are millions of light years away for all we know? That is exactly where the problem is with humanity! Why? Because we are always busy fighting a losing battle without knowing what exactly everyone is fighting for that will last even beyond the end of time! Still, the worst thing that is happening in this life now is when no one knows and much less bothers to find out “who” is the worst enemy to fight which would have done the job nicely in describing what Man’s battle is. What does that say? Does it at best only describe about others and not you and the Satan? Why not look in the mirror as I always do and you like me will see everything clearly and even “who” is rallying behind you?

Understandably, we do not need another outbreak of WW 3 to learn a bitter and unnecessary lesson of what war is whether it’s because of religion or not, do we? However, if we did not learn at school about the history of wars, we could not have learned about the two major wars that broke out for all the wrong reasons. Should there be another one breaking out especially if it is because of religion, you can rest be assured it would be a “war” that is even far worse than WW3 And that probably would be the biblical Armageddon!

The funny thing is which I believe ain’t funny anymore is that no one and even I would have ever realized that such a “war” has been going on longer than we as humans have ever known or imagined and that is the ‘Holy War’ I’m talking about now. I would not have gotten the slightest idea or clue if I had not have a chance to read the Holy Bible to know about it that I am now actually existing in this world because of the ‘Holy War’ that started when Lucifer got kicked out of heaven and having 9/11 to substantiate it as the best factual evidence mankind has ever known.

Humans have never been so wrong to think that perpetrating wars is a “right” thing to do and that it can right whatever wrongs done in this life. As such, it never comes as a surprise that Man is always fighting a losing battle and getting killed for no good reason. And no matter who “wins” or how many “enemies” killed, it would not make any difference at all if one cannot please the one true Almighty God by being obedient until death like Jesus to stand on His side regardless of what pain and sufferings we have to go through to win the crown He has promised to those who fought the good fight in 1 Timothy 6:12 and 2 Timothy 4:7 to finally say with a heart and conscience, “It is well with my soul”. So you can easily tell the total contrast between the ‘Holy War’ of the Christians and the ‘Holy Jihad’ of the Muslims by now, can you not?

No wars could be so rightfully and humanely won, if humans had inexplicably lost the most important battle to have a heart and conscience to exist as not only real human beings, but as ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven that is made possible only by obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ and no other ways – period!

Without the need to study history books, common sense will tell you that there are only 2 types of battle to fight in a war or so at least it seems to look as such to those who are smart enough to think so. One is to kill and the other is to save. What do you mean – to save? How can one go to war to “save” people when one is supposed to kill people? You probably think I am such a nutcase as one of those religious radicals, right? But I am afraid it’s you who is a nutcase if you think of me as such! By God’s definition of the ‘Holy War’, going to “war” does not necessary mean you have to kill your enemies to win the war. It is only by man’s definition that it is so, not with God! God only wants to SAVE us through Jesus, not kill us for goodness sake! It is us who do not want to be SAVED by God through Jesus that is getting us consciously and conscientiously killed now and forever! Do you still not get it in the head?

As in all battles that are usually man-made, you either take on the role of an army soldier to attack and kill your enemies, or as a doctor to administer medical attention only to “save” the wounded soldiers on your side because you cannot save the “enemies” that you are fighting literally, can you? But whatever the case, have you ever thought of the most important question to ask yourself? What is the real reason and purpose that you, as a human being, see so significant and glorifying in fighting and killing each other especially in wars? If you can answer this question truthfully without whacking your heart and conscience, then you will know whether you’re fighting Man’s battle or the Lord’s battle.

The most obvious answers in fighting that make sense to most people would be for territory, power, wealth and glory. Is it not so? What if you only achieved all these through the loss of many lives of which usually is the case, will then all your so-called victories last forever so much so you will have peace of mind until death? With so much blood on your hand, do you still think you can enjoy peace of mind and prosperity anymore? Of course you can if you do not have a heart and conscience as it’s no big deal to know that even evil people like Hitler had lived as an empty shell without a heart and conscience. Only problem is that humans stop living after death but not evil.

Evil will flourish as long as even “good men” are still vulnerable to be deceived by the Satan to execute punishment and death on his behalf. The least God could do was to lock him [the Satan] up for a thousand years according to the apostle John in Revelation 20, but his time is not up yet. So how in the world could you still enjoy power, wealth and glory at the cost of so many other innocent people’s lives just because you have never thought or ever imagined that the Satan can at different times double as “God” and the devil so to speak?

What does going to war means to you?

Conventionally speaking, most people will take it as the only way and means to show respect and patriotism in defending one’s country that comes with a heavy price to pay whether to kill or be killed. But the most depressing question is, how can it be accomplished without spilling blood and that of others? It’s impossible, isn’t it? To me, going to war is as good as killing oneself already in the heart and conscience even though one may not be killed by others.

To help you get the point, how about put it this way: Let’s say for instance your country sent you out to a battlefield somewhere to kill others who are your “enemies” but whom you have never met in your life and obviously never done you anything wrong. Now can you imagine the irony in killing and to prove the need to go to war? That is exactly what the wrong kind of satanic extremists would be perpetrating in today’s world because of religion which is the most powerful tool the Satan can ever get his hands on. So then, do you see it as the right reason or the wrong reason to kill? Perhaps, if you try to see it the LORD’s way and that by sending His only begotten Son, Jesus to die for our sins, this might change your perception in fighting your daily “battles” much more meaningfully as here is a battle that is not about killing but it’s about SAVING yourself and that of others with the gospel of Jesus Christ, not with guns and bombs. It is the only battle that you know you will win come what may if you become an “extremist” for Christ and find yourself fighting for…

The LORD’s Battle

You may ask: What are you trying to imply here about the LORD’s battle? Who are at war in the Lord’s battle? YOU – I’m afraid! Don’t think just because there’s “peace” and “quiet” out there there’s no war raging in the world. The real war is actually taking place ‘inside’ every one of us as long as we’re flesh and blood and as mortals who can and continue to sin against God with help from the Satan. As such, there’s a war called the ‘Holy War’ that involves everyone whether one is a Christian or not. Whether it’s you, or anyone, we all cannot escape fighting the LORD’s battle in this ‘Holy War’ like it or not. Yes, it’s either you are fighting for God or you are fighting God together with Lucifer. So take your pick. Not interested? Don’t want to get involved? It doesn’t matter because you will still not be spared from facing the consequence of your decision in the end no matter what. You will still be held accountable whether there is action or absence of action on your part as Christian or not as Christian. No one escapes – either the wrath of God or the reward of God.

So you asked, “Why me?” Since God is so powerful in every way, why then is there a need for me to fight in the LORD’s battle? Should He not have fought His own battle whoever He was fighting? No, you don’t understand as you have yet understood what were the implications and the truth about the Lord’s battle. Perhaps the reason you did not and could not see why is because you are not in the LORD’s battle yet. That is why you know nothing of what you are fighting for as a result.

Unlike humans’ battles where they always hunger for power and fight for it and then abuse it, the same cannot be said about the LORD’s battle. Why? This is because there’s a battle raging ‘inside’ not only you but every one of us. Unfortunately this also becomes the Lord’s battle because of our sins that got us separated from God. So now God is helping us to fight the battle within ourselves so that we can get back to become reconciled with Him once again. The battle is about obeying the gospel of Jesus yet it’s a battle that almost everyone is finding it very difficult to fight because of our sins that are making us more rebellious than ever to come back to God in the correct path. That’s why God sent His only Son, Jesus to make it all possible for us to repent and redeem ourselves.

In other words, you will never know and understand that God is actually doing you a favor without you even knowing it until you become a Christian “soldier”, or in this case – an “extremist” for Christ to save yourself first before you save others by sharing the good news of Jesus. So now is the time you should know the truth and stand up for it and be on God’s side. As God is righteous and holy, He cannot abuse His power to solve for you the problem of sin that you’ve incurred by just simply making it “disappear” like what Criss Angel as a magician can do with earthly things. Of course, what he [Criss] cannot do is to raise himself from the dead when the time comes, can he?

If He [God] more superior than humans did the shortcut, He would have violated the rules of the wager. Both of them [God and Lucifer] must stick to the rules of the wager that either side can have their own plans and ways in convincing humans to fight for either side but only no shortcuts. What really matters most in this “game” is the rule that allowed us the right to choose who to accept and obey or who not to accept and obey. This is the ongoing battle that we all are fighting or not choose to fight now that will decide where our destiny will bring us.

The Highlights of the Wager

According to the graciousness of God’s plan, He chose to convince humans with love and compassion to battle it out with the Satan who went with hatred and violence. So the only way to make it possible to happen that we all knew and understood was that God sent His only begotten Son Jesus on ‘the mission’ as a sacrificial Lamb to atone for our sins by shedding His blood on the cross. In having done so, God has definitely proven His sincerity in saving us and paving the way of reconciliation with Him. However, we all know by now that because of religion where the Satan has the greatest privilege and advantage to play around with. That is why this could be one of the reasons that there are still so many so-called humans keep straying further and further away from God to the point of no return.

So sadly it was Jesus who prophesied that humans would become blinded so much so that they do not know how to choose the best and the right choice even when they see before their eyes glaringly what’s best and right. So you wondered why? Is it because even my “pet” lizard knows how to choose between bread crumbs and scrambled eggs and humans do not? If so, I rather humans emulate my pet lizard so that they can choose the right choice and be spiritually healthy and saved. The reason people have problems making the better choice is because of man-made religion that leads us all to the wrong path and the culprit behind is no other than the Satan.

According to the crafty Satan’s plan, he chose to sow the seed of ignorance and confusion that will make humans become lost forever. He made this possible by using religion as his most powerful tool with its twist and turns to make it look and sound better even though it’s exactly the opposite of God’s plan. So you can see, he [the Satan] too, had his own brand of tricks up his sleeves. The only way to make it possible for him to fulfill ‘the mission’ and making it happen was to make sure ‘the mission’ to confuse and ignore went unchecked and unchallenged by other humans like me of course.

By using religion as his most powerful tool, it became clear he got no problem in leading all the unsuspecting humans to fall into his trap. Indeed it is so true and clear that still so many people have fallen into the snake pit of religion for not checking it out with the Holy Bible [God’s Word]. So everyone should know by now who is real the culprit behind and making it looked as though any religion is as good as Christianity or even “better”.

As he knew religion is the only obvious and workable trick to counter attack God’s salvation plan, the only way for it to work was to confuse people into believing that all religions will lead to the same “God” that was actually him [Satan] instead! You see, the Satan had always wanted to portray himself as “God” even as he got kicked out of heaven for having pulled such a stupid stunt against God. And that would make you look stupid too if you do the same. Even until now, he is using the same tactics to make a fool of humans through religion out of which even a mere human being like the Buddha ended up as a statue of worship. Is this not the same as idol-worshiping no matter how one looks at it or revered it? Even anyone making a statue of Jesus to worship is also seen as having committed idolatry in the sight of God. We should worship Jesus and God with our hearts and conscience, not with statues. What’s more, no one knows what exactly Jesus or God looks like. Do you?

That is why, it is so clear-cut to see that if anyone who fails to read the Bible and understand the urgency in obeying the gospel of Jesus which is ultimately God’s salvation plan, the person would highly likely end up as blind as those bats on the wrong side of the divide to fight against God and not knowing it. This is especially so with those who are still caught in the vicious trap of practicing all kinds of religion involving statutes that the one true Almighty God always abhorred since day one as testified in the Old Testament that even His chosen people, ‘children of Israel’ were not spared from the Satan’s deception to worship idols [Leviticus 17:719:4, 26:1, 26:30] [Numbers 33:52][Deuteronomy 7:5, 12:13, 29:17].

Trust me, you will never be deceived ever again if you study the Bible, the Word of God and obey the gospel of Jesus in Jesus’ terms! When you do so and become a true Christian by trusting and praying to God always, He will open your eyes to see much better. But do watch out because he [Satan] is so powerful he could even enter Christendom and turn the tables on God’s children by causing divisions and denominations among the Christian brotherhood just to make a mockery of the Church that Jesus built and bought with His blood. Perhaps if you study the book of 1 and 2 Corinthians, you will have a better idea why the apostle Paul was so deeply concerned about the church falling apart with different ideologies and that’s after the devil had crept in to manifest himself as “God” exactly as what was sung by Elvis decades ago that goes by the title, “Devil’s In Disguise”.

You will not win the ‘Holy War’ in fighting your sin and that is, if you do not help God to help you fight in the Lord’s battle to eradicate the sin in you and that is the war you must fight at all cost whether you like it or not. If you don’t help God to help you fight in this battle which God is making it as His battle because of you, you shall be doomed for eternity. God does not want to see you ending up this way because of His love [John 3:16]. Therefore, you can’t afford to lose this ‘Holy War’ without even fighting it. To help you fight it, He has provided you “the truth, the way and life in John 14:6” to fight this battle of sin, death and the devil which will decide where your destiny will bring you at the end of the ‘Holy War’.

Now you do understand why a Christian “soldier” now is calling you to obey the gospel of Jesus so that you too, can become the Lord’s soldier fighting in the Lord’s battle to extricate you from the disaster of facing the spiritual death [second death – Revelation 2:11, 20:6, 20:14, 21:8] because of your sin. Even though God who is the Almighty and so powerful in heaven and on earth that He could easily crush you or the Satan at any time and no problem doing so, yet He is so righteous and honourable that He would not fall into the trap in abusing His power to do so. This alone is good enough to show how unmistakably humble yet so almighty He is that He would never abuse His power to save you, nor would He forsake you to die in eternity without lifting a finger to help. So should you not reciprocate His graciousness by coming back to Him on the correct path that Jesus had paved for you with His blood?

We as human beings don’t exist here on earth just for the fun and sun. We do exist for a true purpose. It’s time you know what true purpose it is that you came into this world to die for. Don’t leave this world knowing you have ‘unfinished business’ to fulfil because if you do, that would be a piece of bad news carried forward beyond the grave. Let the good news of Jesus save you – now or never!

But if anyone is going to die in eternity for not obeying the gospel of Jesus, it would have been the choice that one made voluntarily and thus, should not put the blame on God because we are all given the freedom to choose our own path while we are still breathing. What’s more, we have been graciously warned! No humans or even God got the right to force down your throat what you decide for your own eternity whether it’s good news or bad news. Anyone doing so will risk answering to God and paying a heavy price in the end. So it’s best to leave all judgments and “punishment” to Him and not try to be a smart aleck and act as though you are “God” in giving the marching orders to people to do this and that or not do this and that.

If you have heard of the sayings that animals bite the hands that feed, so are humans too and worse! Why worse? If you found out much to your chagrin that you have not been having a relationship with the one and only true God that sent Jesus to make everyone’s reconciliation with Him possible, then it is easily understood that you are pretty much allowing the Satan in succeeding as a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ to dupe you by making you bite the hands of God that feed. Practicing man-made religion is already a clear sign of you doing so!

Do not forget. The Satan also has the power to transform himself as an “angel” of God to even lead “men-of-God” astray and to make them rebel against Him by using religion as his most powerful weapon to screw up the minds of those mediocre and one-sided thinking people. Do you not know that the Satan also knows the hearts of men who are as eager as him to become as powerful as “God” to judge and punish people? That’s why, you can see so easily and clearly it is happening today even as religious radicals are acting as though they are as “righteous” and “holy” as God in judging who can live and who should die according to their religious edicts and man-made doctrines, yet at the same time, they have failed to realize that they are religiously screw up in their head to act as such and that they too will face God on Judgment Day – one day.

When it comes to the LORD’s battle, you have a dual role to play. You take on the role as a “soldier” for Christ to fight the dark forces of evil by making sure you don’t kill the humans in the battle. You also take on the role as a “doctor” to administer the hope of salvation on those spiritually wounded on either side in making sure all humans involved in the battle shall be saved in the long run even though they may die physically one day. Now, that’s a real toughie alright, but the reward is so priceless it cannot be counted, weighed, or measured in any way. Hence, this brings us to an understanding that the battle implicated here is between good and evil, right and wrong and needless to say, God and the Satan, but not without first setting your heart and conscience right with God by obeying the gospel of Jesus to win this ‘Holy War’.

Undoubtedly, everyone knows it is easier to comprehend that the nature of going into the battlefield is to kill, is it not correct? But to save – it does not make sense, does it? Who would be such a fool to go into the battlefield to “save” the enemies?  Until you get all my points of view right where a lot of “figure-of-speech” used, you will not see and understand what the LORD’s battle means and is all about. What you most likely fail to comprehend is that I’m not talking about the physical battle that people going into the battlefield to fight be it the right or wrong reason. I’m actually talking about the spiritual ‘Holy War that started when Lucifer got kicked out of heaven. It is a battle that is ongoing without us knowing or seeing it as the way we wanted. Only by getting it right first in your head will you fully comprehend the meaning behind and the real purpose of fighting to save ourselves from eternal damnation.

The LORD’s battle is not something as though so “invisible” that you cannot see. Trust me, you will ‘see’ it the moment you open the Bible and study the Word of God. You will ‘see’ it the moment you read about the good news how Jesus suffered and died for you so that you may live in eternity as one of the ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven. It is happening everyday as long as you’re still breathing. It is not so much about the fight between good and evil to begin with. It is about a fight within you to bring back your heart and conscience which is the only most powerful tool that you cannot live without. Without it, you are as good as dead. How can someone who is dead able to do anything, let alone fight. You have to come back alive [spiritually] first by bringing back your heart and conscience and not violating it any further with man-made religions.

The only way that is possible is to obey the gospel of Jesus and be raised from the dead together with Jesus in baptism by repenting. Understandably that’s how you fight in the LORD’s battle when you have a clear conscience to set your heart right with God.

The Hands of the LORD

If you study history on battles fought by humans with one another whether rightly or wrongly, one thing for sure you learned is that it involved much bloodshed with countless loss of lives, and worse, hardship and sufferings will follow in the aftermath for the losing side. Of course, you also learned that no battles could be won without using weapons to kill no matter how well organised the military conscription turned out on either side. But still, people have not learned that this type of battle usually fail to bring forth nothing good but only serve to glorify violence, power and greed simply because it’s Man’s battles. That’s when such man-made victories made the Satan becoming all the more powerful on earth in preparing for his last battle with the one true Almighty God in what would be the Armageddon as revealed in the Book of Revelation 16:14-16.

If you study the Bible especially the Old Testament, you will read about the history of many battles the kings of Israel fought from one generation to another not with the Philistines only. Not surprisingly, the fighting in Israel with the Palestinians today is so “intense” with all the advance artillery and support from its American ally that in which case the people of the Palestine and some other Arab nations who have been their long time contender are no match to them in any way. But ironically, one thing you will find missing in the way the people of Israel now fight is a far cry from the past. They no longer fight the way their ancestor kings such as King David did in the biblical era. He had the most powerful weapon ever to fight and winning battles when the “Hands of the LORD” [2 Samuel 24:14] was on his side!

Who is your enemy anyway? 

It is almost unavoidable for anyone whether screwed up or not to ask this question because it is so clear what is in front of you would likely [100%] be your enemy. If you are fighting in a war and in the front line, why would you be ordered to charge forward for? That’s because your enemies to kill are in front and not behind. Is that not right? But in the LORD’s battle, the only real enemy is the Satan who will rally behind you to shoot and kill what is in front of you or be killed.

So understandably – if you look in the mirror, your enemy is right before your eyes but whom you cannot fight in your own way, in your own terms and by yourself and so is saving yourself or healing your wounds that sin has caused you. And in any case that you found out your enemy [sin, death and the devil] is in you, can you shoot yourself to redeem yourself? And why then don’t you shoot yourself if you think such redemption is possible and necessary? If you do and if everybody also found out did the same, everybody would have been dead and long gone, don’t you think so? Then, it would have saved Jesus the trouble to come down from heaven to suffer and die for you.

To put it bluntly, without Jesus coming to your rescue, you are helpless and hopeless on your own waiting for the Satan to devour you at any time that you are making it possible for him to do so because of you failing to obey God’s commandment to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every day, everyone is fighting this battle in what is known as “the Lord’s Battle” in 1 Samuel 1:45. If you are not in this battle, that means you are already dead and so sorry to say so because that is according to God’s point of view in the Bible, not mine. We are fighting it the moment we wake up and go about our daily routine. Sometimes, we are even fighting it just to get a good night sleep because of guilty conscience. It’s not surprising that people are not aware of the implication and seriousness of such war that is “invisible” to our eyes but not absent in our heart and conscience. Even though we know there’s no real major war going on and yet, you feel as though there is still no peace and harmony inside, only dead emptiness. Why? That’s because the war is not about fighting others outside. If you keep doing so, it is the same as throwing punches at the person in a mirror that will do more harm than good.

The real war is actually raging inside every one of us to save ourselves and others. We will definitely not win this war if we do not realize our lives and destiny are at stake because we simply fail to see the consequences of fighting it without an “invisible” weapon that is within our reach as what the prophet Samuel reminded us that, “All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves; for the battle is the LORD’s, and He will give all of you into our hands” [1 Samuel 17:47]. Such was the case that many well-known kings like King David who failed and disappointed God during the biblical times and lost the battles to have God on their side to fight and so will you.

In fact, the Bible has recorded in the Old Testament that even in real battles that people like King David who fought against his enemy who were the Philistines at that time, had at one time become so arrogant and forgetful that he believed he could fight and win battles without help from God because he had foolishly thought he had garnered enough men and that the military might itself was good enough to fight and conquer his enemies. But he was proven wrong later that it was not the number of men in the army that was the strength or the arsenal might in winning battles, but a humble heart to obey God and seek His kingdom and His righteousness first. This is a lesson that until today those who have the military might [nuclear weapon now] to fight others still have not learned to engage the power to fight and win battles by obeying the gospel of Jesus first to fulfill God’s will and plan which is the absolute winning combination in the mother of all battles.

You may win the battle for territorial gains, political power or just to mollify yourself, but if you lose the fight to secure an eternal resting place for your soul first, what’s the point? Unless you don’t think you have a SOUL, you cannot afford to compromise your SOUL over earthly things that will NOT last but suffer in eternity, can you? Don’t you think it is so sad that people still are not setting their priorities right according to God’s will and plan?

As it is, it would be so easy to tell by now that religion is only bringing people further and further away from God – not closer for goodness sake! Such is the only intention and goal of the Satan to keep humans separated from God. In John 14:30, Jesus described the Satan as the “prince” of this world but who has no hold on Him. Now if you have Jesus living in you and [He] in you, then you would be 100% certain that the Satan has no hold on you either. However, it is possible only when you have obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ because this is the only choice left to become reconciled and have a spiritual relationship with the one true Almighty God again who can save you from getting killed eternally in the mother of all battles which is the ‘Holy War’.

Even more so, this is the one and only true “extremism” that people do not need to be afraid to embrace because it is the only correct path that God had shown us that will lead us to eternal salvation in the end. Since the Bible already showed us the way, the truth and the life to God is only through Jesus in John 14:6 and none others, why still keep banging your head against the wall by practicing religions that are man-made and proven not to be divinely endorsed by the one true Almighty God?

Do not carry on bluffing yourself that other ways [religion] can lead you back to God. No – they definitely and 100% do not! I would back this up with the “cross my heart and hope to die” oath. Of course, you still have all the rights in the world to insist your religion whatever it is, is right, but what’s the point if God says otherwise? So why keep rebelling against God and ignore the call to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ? Is it really worth it?


The Holy War: Be An Extremist For Christ! [Part 2]


Side-Effects of Religion

Make or Break?

What are the side-effects? Is there any or is there none at all?  When one talks about something so subjective and as questionable as religion, it will depend on how each person views the theological spectrum of the issue with an open mind and heart. What one can or cannot see as good or bad would stand out as the most crucial backdrop for us to decide whether to continue making it as a tradition passed down from generation to generation, or to break completely free from it while we can. We may like to think that we are living in modern times but the moment we bring religion into our lives, we do not realize that we actually are bringing back centuries old problems to stand in our way to have a spiritual relationship with the one true God that we should worship and none other.

Have we so easily forgotten or had become so ignorant? It was God who created us, not religion! So how could we worship man-made idols and religions not recognized and endorsed by the one true God [Exodus 20:4-6]? The one  true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had made it very crystal clear in the Bible with His divine revelation how humans can reconcile with Him again and that is only by obeying the gospel of Jesus to become Christians who by God’s standard would stand out as the ‘amazing-race’ of God. So why do people still go banging their heads against the wall by going other ways? Would this be amazing or amusing?

What one sees as “right” to follow and practice in a religion is always not the case for another person. When everyone starts “proclaiming” one’s religion as right and supreme, it only makes everyone become self-righteous and ‘stiff-necked’ that could easily spark conflicts and unrest in any given society. But the worst of all is when such compromising religious bigotry would become detrimental to the heart and conscience of all people whether religious or not. This is one of the worse side-effects  everyone regardless of race is facing that is known to be the most satirical yet inevitable challenge for everyone to face – religious or not! The big issue here is not so much about whose religion is right and supreme or whether one’s right to practice one’s religion be “tolerated” and “respected”. It’s about the urgency to have the common sense to ‘come clean’ once and for all. It’s about whether one is making sense of oneself with what one believes that is really leading to the one true Almighty God or not!

Have you ever asked yourself the question whether the religion you pay homage to is making sense? If not, then why keep fooling yourself worshiping those man-made “gods” made out of wood, stones and even gold or other dogmatic religions that cannot be divinely substantiated when you can go directly to the one and only true Almighty God who already had shown us the proper channel [Jesus] to come to Him?

To me, I see religion as more of a big problem than a sensible solution. Take one example such as the case of those religious festivals in India when practicing of religious rites for “redemption” would more often than not be causing more deaths than “cleansing” of sins in a river. Almost every year there would be reports of death because of the widely known stampede due to sudden pandemonium in the crowd going frenzy with their superstitious beliefs to cleanse themselves of sins with the so-called holy water from a river that’s polluted instead. How could such religious rites be substantiated, let alone hold water?

People do not see religion as the main reason that is disintegrating the heart and conscience of everyone inside that becomes the stumbling block to reconcile with God in a correct way which should be  God’s way, not man! If you don’t know where to start looking for God’s way to become reconciled with Him, the best place to start looking is, of course, the Bible and that’s in John 14:6. If not, where else?

Now if what I’m reporting here is what you could have read in the news media or seen in the Internet all such religious mythologies and practices are as true as what you have read in the Bible that God abhorred in Galatians 5:19-21 that stemmed from the sinful nature of humans, can you say I’m being ridiculous and bias about other people’s religion and unbelievers just because I believe Jesus is the only answer and solution to sin, death, and the devil and that any other conventional religion is not? Well, the truth is still out there. It is up to everyone to search for the truth and work out their own salvation with fear and trembling – or not at all!

Generally, what people can only see is that as long as the “freedom” to practice one’s religion is not restricted, it would bring all people together in what would seem as “peace” and “harmony” on the outside, but little did one know about the side-effects brewing inside. People are easily misled to think that as long as one doesn’t go overboard by practicing “moderation” in one’s religion, everything will be fine and dandy. Is that so?

How does the call for “moderation” in religion works and in what sense? Does subscribing to “moderation” means there is moderate freedom available for Muslims to choose Christianity or moderate freedom for Christians to proselytize Muslims? Or does it only mean that in some special cases, Muslims can still commit the act of apostasy to make “moderation” possible? What about the case of proselytizing Muslims? Does it also mean Christians need only fear “moderate” retaliation from those extremist Muslims for preaching the gospel of Jesus to other humble and innocent Muslims? If that is the case where you are pretty much stuck with a little of what you can do and a little of what you cannot do, what’s the point and purpose in propagating “moderation” and especially when Islamic laws say otherwise? Meaning to say – for a Muslim to become a Christian, one either can or cannot in the extremist sense and that there is no in-between as in the case of moderation. You can’t be half Christian and half Muslim, can you?

One case in point is the death penalty imposed on Muslims committing the act of apostasy. What have you got to say about this? Do you consider this as extremism or moderation? Such existing religious law such as “apostate” is good enough to prove that it is already bordering on extremism, not on moderation. So, is not calling for “moderation” the same as building castle in the air?

Does bringing “moderation” into religion always bring about good only and would solve all problems of religious conflicts and controversies? I do not think so! No matter how you’d like to think so, the truth is – it is not so! Because – if the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ does not in any way trigger the hearts and conscience of humans to the extremist point of feeling remorseful of their sins and falling on their knees to repent by obeying the gospel of Jesus, what do you think “moderation” could do to the hearts and conscience of humans when the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ could not?

Therefore, if we cannot or are unwilling to become extremists for Christ just as Christ had become an extremist to the point of sacrificing Himself and died on the cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life, what makes you think “moderation” is the answer? That’s why God shown us ‘the way, the truth and the life’ [John 14:6] so that we know how to break completely free from our centuries old problems in practicing religions that are no longer practical and acceptable to Him, especially with “burnt-offerings” because such practices of…

Religion deteriorates the environment.

No doubt, the Bible in the Old Testament depicted how the Israelites often times made animal sacrifices and incense burning as traditional practice to offer “burnt-offerings” to the Almighty God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob mostly to sanctify themselves which was the traditional way to ask for forgiveness of sin. But now, that is history! Why? Because now we have Jesus Christ as our one and only Mediator – that’s why! Even God had already changed with the modern times and mind you, that was nearly two thousand years ago [Acts 17:16-31].

Based on such biblical factual evidence alone, it has already made you become pretty outdated if you still make “burnt-offerings” like incense and joss-sticks and worse to man-made “gods” and for whatever religious rituals in the hope of redeeming yourself! He [God] had already fulfilled the promise to do away with the old covenant to sanctify oneself with a new covenant that was made possible with the ultimate sacrifice instead – that of His Son, Jesus to atone for the sins of mankind so that we, as so-called modern people, do not have to go back to the old ways to make “burnt-offerings” to God.

And mind you – that was already prophesied in the Old Testament by the prophet Isaiah in chapter 53 the coming of a Messiah who would ultimately bear the sins of the world since all the prophets in the Old Testament could not carry out such a massive task. Thus, such radical and unprecedented change that God made is helping us to save the day and the planet from being polluted and destroyed incessantly by the foolishness of idol-worshiping that involved open burning. And of course, the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah 53 by Jesus Christ shedding His blood on the cross has become in what Christians from the 1st century already believed is the one and only hope of salvation for all mankind which is why it is called the Good News [gospel] of Jesus Christ.

Because God made a new covenant to send Jesus as the Mediator and ultimate sacrifice to atone for the sins of mankind, hence, such outdated religious practices of “burnt-offerings” should no longer be practiced to make it become a ‘threat’ to our health and the health of our Mother Nature! Did you not know that? If not, do you not realize you are so awfully outdated according to the New Testament in 2 Corinthians 5:17? That is the reason you do not see Christians whether Jews or not making “burnt-offerings” [open burning] of any kind to God anymore starting from the 1st century as substantiated by the apostle Paul in Acts 17:24-29. So understandably, religions whether or not with “burnt-offerings” do not get you anywhere, anymore – only Jesus does! [John 14:1-4]

If people keep fooling themselves and continue not making sense of what they religiously practicing that are in fact leading to more side-effects [environmentally and health-wise] than benefits, can I not safely say then there will never be any hope in their lifetime to ever break away from suffering the side-effects of religion? To make matters worse, such side-effects of religion will cause not just them but others to suffer too because of all the religious open burning! Does not anyone know the hazards of open burning?  Anyone who has even a wee bit of general knowledge will know that those religious “burnt-offerings” of incense, prayers paraphernalia and huge joss sticks are much the same as open burning that are carbon footprints that not only irritates the eyes and throats if inhaled, but are what causing the greenhouse effect contributing to the already worsening condition of global warming. Did you not know that when a house or building is on fire, it’s not the fire that BBQ you beyond recognition, it’s in the inhaling of toxic smokes that would kill you first and instantly? The more people continue burning religiously or for agriculture purposes making the yearly haze as an occupational ritual, the faster everyone getting choked and fried obviously because it’s making the Sun burning extra furiously too!

Have you not been taken for a ride far enough with such undermining religious practices of open burning?

As this has already triggered the domino effect with chain of events taking place one after another, it will eventually lead to the world experiencing serious heat wave and frequent drought that is already starting to happen. Apparently, the current hot spell that keeps recurring now and then will soon become permanent coupled with more and faster infrastructure development such as housing and commercial buildings that would lead to another serious problem. And that is water! Naturally, one would see a rise in water consumption. But soon enough there will be lesser rainfall to ultimately no rainfall because of global warming. You know what happens when this happens?

When there is no rain which literally means no water to drink, let alone bath and wash your cars, there will be of course panic and pandemonium and all hell will break loose fighting for water. Surely anyone can easily picture this will happen in the not too distant future, right or not? By then, it will be too late even to “cry God a river” should the world ever come to such man-made disaster. Perhaps, if you understand this simple and practical Mother’s nature theory, you will understand clearly what you and the world will be like without water! Is water not precious to you? If so, why do you still not become obedient and come back to “papa” [God] through the proper channel [Jesus] and abandon all other religious practices with no questions asked? If you can wisely equate water with God that you cannot live without, then stop all these mindless religious open burning immediately and just do the right thing by obeying the gospel of Jesus to save yourself and God’s beautiful planet for goodness sake! [John 6:35]

Here is a simple equation to remember: No God = No Water! No Religion = No Problem!

By the time everyone sees the side-effects of religion that are so seriously disastrous and a threat not only to the heart and conscience of everyone but the environment as well, it would be practically too late to do something to reverse the critical and dangerous condition we ultimately have brought upon ourselves and the planet. Indeed, it is a little too late now and too little done to stop or repair the damage all because humans preferred to turn away from the one true Almighty God and worship all other unknown gods that man-made religions created and which also could be seen as destroying Mother Nature plus the health and spiritual well-being of all humans!

As a result of humans’ foolishness and incompetence to protect the environment and our health and not to mention – our conscience, there are already irreversible signs showing so clearly and even felt that it is either getting too extremely cold for humans to become frozen as ice lollies, or too extremely hot for others to become eatable BBQ [char siew]. What’s even worse to happen is that when the wrath of Mother Nature starts wreaking havoc, it does not do so moderately and that’s for sure as everyone if not having experienced it before would have at least seen its fury reported in the news! If mankind not kind to Mother Nature, naturally, Mother Nature will not be kind to mankind! Heard of this adage?

As a result of us humans becoming so ‘stiff-necked‘, we no longer can save ourselves by our “own” religious ways any more than we can save the planet by all these religious open burning that are not even acceptable in the sight of the one true God in modern times. Either way, you still perish whether by the air pollution you helped to create or by whatever religions that screwed you and the world up.

So what are you going to do about it? What would be your top priority? Do you not know by now what is more important and valuable to you? Now you have only 2 options to choose from. Either you abandon God and carry on with your own religious ways to “kill” the people and the planet with your harmful religious practices, or abandon your harmful religious ways and obey God according His will and plan clearly laid out in the New Testament of the Bible.  The reason you still do not make use of the only chance of the second chance to save your soul now by coming back to the LORD [God] in the only correct path to have eternal life through Jesus Christ is because you have failed miserably to believe there is a war raging inside everyone one of us and that is the Holy War! And the enemy we have to fight is the devil inside, not other humans outside. The “devil inside” implicated here is our sinful nature that is what causing us to be separated from God with all those idols-worshiping and man-made religions. Because we are so awfully blinded by our own ways, we have become like lost souls badly in need of spiritual redemption or disappear into eternal oblivion of darkness soon enough!

Religious Freedom: Good News or Bad News?

If you are living in a multiracial society, you can obviously see a pattern that everyone would be expected to follow and honestly, that is already what would be “killing” everybody’s chance of salvation for not looking on both side of a coin and make proper assessment of what the side-effects of religion are.

For example:

If you’re Chinese and Chinese-educated, you shall be expected to embrace either Buddhism or Taoism as your religion or you would be seen as having “betrayed” your ancestors. The only best chance of a Chinese becoming Christian or Muslim is when one is bi-lingual and whether one is living in Western countries or not. At least, there’s a freedom to choose in this case, but is it bad news or good news?

If you’re an Indian, whatever education background you come from, you too shall be expected to follow your parents to embrace Hinduism although there’s a mix of Indians who are Christians as well as Muslims. As there’s also freedom to choose in this case, is it bad news or good news?

If you’re of the Malay race, it’s totally a different story altogether as you would strictly be bound by the federal constitution of the country to become a Muslim the moment you’re born. Even when you have grown up and have a mind of your own to think and reason, you’re still obligated to stay as a Muslim whether you like it or not. You will not have the luxury of freedom to choose other religion to embrace as doing so would be committing “apostasy” that is not allowed according to the man-made doctrines of the religion. As there’s no freedom to choose in this particular but peculiar case, is it bad news or good news?

If you’re a Caucasian, naturally you’re more or less “expected” to become a Christian as you have all the luxury of freedom in the world to embrace Christianity, yet atheists and skeptics are still aplenty in this case, so is it bad news or good news? If ever there is good news here on earth, don’t you know what it is by now?

If you’re an Arab and living in the Middle-East, you would be “born” and die a Muslim. Doing otherwise would be fatal because Islam is your “supreme” religion whether you like it or not. Although there’s religious freedom for Christians to become Muslims and not otherwise, a Christian would be restricted in sharing the gospel with the Muslims as doing so would be subjecting oneself to persecution for proselytizing. Is it good news or bad news?

What’s the purpose of outlining such pattern of beliefs in different racial communities? This is to let you see clearly what religions people are embracing would be based largely on their racial ethnic background and that they are usually stuck with for the rest of their lives because of one reason or another. Meaning to say – people are making many “gods” to worship out of many skin colors while the one true Almighty God of many skin colors is not acknowledged, feared, respected and worshiped. People of all religious background hardly would consider the option [freedom] of looking into other beliefs that are outside of theirs. The problem is, how often do you hear of Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, or Muslims “researching” one another faith to have a better understanding so that one can use the ‘common sense’ to tell if one’s “religion” is really the correct path to come back to the one and only Almighty God and not only for the sake of “fostering” unity among different religious groups? The point people always fail to grasp here is, they always got  all their priorities wrong whether spiritually or not even when told how to get them right. How sad it is that people keep banging their heads against the wall. In other words, humans are as rebellious and disobedient as ever to the one true Almighty God since the days of Noah and the greatest flood ever known in the history of civilization that destroyed the disobedient and unrepentant ones.

Is this not disturbing enough for you to put on your spiritual thinking cap? Are you thinking out of the box or are you becoming more theocratic instead?

If what I have just pointed out does not give anyone regardless of race the luxury of freedom in searching for the truth – it means only one thing. As far as the rights of everyone to practice religion is concerned, people still are adamant that all races are better off leaving one another alone to have their “own way” to God, right? So then, here is the issue: You have people telling you there’s no need to “research” or “disturb” the peace and harmony among the people and go searching for the one and only true way to God that would very likely “threaten” the peace and harmony of the people for doing so. Is that right? If so, then you must ask yourself this life and death question.

Life: Is achieving all of what in the world like “peace” and “harmony” through “moderation” by “respecting” and “tolerating” each other religion more important than knowing whether it is well with your soul?

Death: Is having “peace and “harmony” more important than to have the luxury of freedom to choose and be sure where your soul will be resting in eternity? Don’t you think you should at least be fair to yourself by giving yourself a chance to think out of the box what really matters in your life spiritually? Why spiritually? Have you forgotten? If you are not on God’s side, the Satan will immediately claim your soul upon death! The scariest thing is we can’t see that kind of “paranormal” activity happening when we’re alive but only immediately after death! And that’s too late then!

No one is predestined to end up that way because everyone has the luxury of freedom to choose while still breathing God’s  breath of live! That is why if you do look on the other side of a coin, you may find it shocking to know the harsh truth about where you went wrong and will be heading from the Bible’s [God] point of view. Why take the risk with eternal death when you can opt for eternal life by obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ? Do not let the Satan take control of your soul because that only means eternal sufferings of the second death which is hell. The only time you can decide a proper dwelling place for your soul in the next life is to do something about it in this life – now! One thing for sure is that this is no laughing matter! How can you laugh anymore when you’re suffering and not in the good hands of the Lord? And why would you be fooling yourself unnecessarily going other ways when you can become saved by obeying the gospel of Jesus which is the one and only way [John 14:6]?

If you find yourself in such a malignant and unfortunate position, this only goes to show that you are still being disobedient and rebellious to God for believing your own ways are “right” and will “suffice”. This is what I called the side-effects of religion that would be leading people nowhere but to an eternal oblivion one shall find not as blissful as when one has gotten awfully misled in one’s man-made religion whatever it is. Being such a case that you have made of yourself, you are then going in the direction that is certainly not according to God’s will and plan as outlined in the Bible. Why I say so? That’s because I have found ‘the way, the truth and the life’ [John 14:6] to the living God that all man-made religions tell me otherwise. And now this is what you could not set yourself free by continuing to be disobedient and unrepentant, could you?

Religious Freedom: Pros and Cons


What people don’t realize about the downside of having absolute religious freedom is the adverse effect that usually backfires more than fire someone up. That’s because such autonomous privilege in religions will give people more absolute reasons to deviate and stray from worshiping the one true Almighty God. Instead, people will see their “ways” and “creeds” look and sound better than God’s word [the Bible] whether it is idol-worshiping or monotheism in Islam and even in Christendom!

As such, one can see clearly that the more freedom people enjoy, the easier and quicker they would take God for granted. And this begs the question: How could anyone living in one’s lifetime yet not smart enough to know there is one and only Almighty God [Deuteronomy 10:16-17] and not many based on skin colors? Does having religious freedom means one can practice polytheism as in the case of all the religions each having one’s own gods or deities identified by different names?

How could it be possible that worshiping so many earthly man-made ‘gods’ would lead to the one and only true Almighty God? Can you marry many women that will lead to giving birth of one child only? What sense does it make? If you ask Lucifer [the Satan] this question, he of course, will tell you it makes perfect sense because he is the creator of many gods and religions so that humans will be miserably confused and end up not worshiping the one and only true Almighty God that sent Jesus who is the one and only hope of salvation for all mankind!


Surprisingly, when there is no religious freedom at all, miracles would start happening. People would then yearn to learn who the one and only true Almighty God is. And when they found ‘the way, the truth, and the life’ [John 14:6] to God so worthy of devotion,  if indeed they do, they would be so willing to the point of getting persecuted or martyred for their faith as in the case of the apostles of Jesus in the first century and even Christians today in some parts of the world like N. Korea in particular.

Do you know what seems to be the problem with humans? When they have all the religious freedom in the world to get to know the one and only true Almighty God, they don’t appreciate it by making full use of it and search for the truth who the one and only true Almighty God is. When they don’t have it, only then will they be willing to fight and even die for it. Almost everyone will never know where and how to find God until one becomes unwittingly deprived of the freedom to do so or perhaps only when tragedy strikes with loved ones and properties wiped out in natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, killer diseases, so on and so forth. It is not so much the issue of religious freedom that is the cause for concern. Rather, it’s when one does not have a heart and conscience to see the urgency in making oneself right with God is what seems like the biggest issue of humanity since time immemorial. Still people are so blinded to see until now especially with those who have all the religious freedom in the world because there are so “many” ways to choose from according to Lucifer who is the greatest Deceiver of mankind – Genesis 3:1-5, John 8:42-47.

Another biggest issue yet is when people are purportedly going in all the wrong directions in seeking the truth that would not be leading us on the correct path to God even though the correct path has already been paved for us so long ago by Jesus who, in so doing, had to die and shed His blood to make it possible for the sake of all of us. The worse thing is, we don’t even know how feeble-minded and fragile we are that God had to come down from heaven to save us personally from all of our foolishness. If that is not the one and only true Almighty God that we should praise, glorify and worship, then there is no reason for us not to get awarded the ‘double-bonus’ award [refer to the Cursed Revisited post] in the end.

So is it still the best solution to become an “extremist” after all?

Why not? And it’s a “no” and “yes” answer to be honest. It depends on how you do your homework. If you use your head to do an in-depth analysis of what is being impartially explained in this post, everything starts falling into place like a puzzle. If you base your study on the accounts above and not only that but with an open heart and mind as well, you can see clearly that no can say it is right or wrong, bad or good when it comes to the personal “perception” that led to one’s belief in embracing one’s religion whatever it is. Everyone will definitely hold on to their positions and defend their faith as much as all screwed up extremists will keep making “human-burgers” out of anyone standing in their path.

As it is, those screwed up extremists would go on a killing spree to prove that it’s okay to kill as they still think they are “right” and “good” in the sight of their version of “God” whatever name it is in their language. Does it make sense? To you or others maybe yes, but to me it’s definitely no! So this brings us to a conclusion that everyone thinks and believes one’s “religion” whatever it is, is worthy of devotion, right? Can then one say it is bad or good? You can’t because what’s “good” to you is not so to others and vice versa. What’s the solution then? If you want to be on the safe side, it’s better to take “no” for an answer then. If you take “no” for an answer in this case, perhaps then you may see there’s a chance for you to become saved end of the day.

The “NO” answer.

No – of course not! It’s not the best solution in the sight of God to become an “extremist” if the purpose is to go on a killing spree to promote your religion and strike “fear” in the hearts of those you consider as “infidels” for not accepting your religion. In other words, no, it is NOT okay to kill “infidels” no matter who they are. Neither is it okay to impose your somewhat religious edicts [man-made ones] on your brothers or sisters and kill them for leaving your religion just because your religion forbids them to commit the “apostasy” act. Did your “God” tell you to obey all of such mindless and heartless commandments? If so, then you are 100% screwed up in the head and that actually makes you worshiping Lucifer instead and not God as you would like to think but as only the foolish ones would.

Only the Satan likes to see humans killing one another and not surprisingly humans keep making God a laughing matter by doing so. It’s so sad that we keep allowing the Satan to make us the most vicious laughing matter of all time killing one another as and when we could. Did you not know that? Do you not believe in God and the Satan? Do you believe both of them are only “imaginary” as much as what this writer is “babbling” about all these while and wasting time like Noah foolishly asking people to repent before the flood happened? The most urgent question to ask now is: Do we all repent before death strikes us or after?

Here is even the scariest thing to happen than death itself! Did you not know that there are Christians who became Muslims? Would you consider such wavering act of faith as imaginary too? But why were they not killed by other Christians then for committing the apostasy act? That’s because there’s no such act in Christianity. What if later these same “Christians” renounce Islam and turn back to Christianity again? Will the Muslims kill them just because it’s taught in Islam that it’s a “sin” to commit apostasy? Does committing “sin” always deserve to get killed right away? If so, how come nothing of this sort happened to the Prophet Muhammad and many other Muslims? He married 15 wives and thus committed adultery. Was this imaginary too? Does that mean only he’s got the “right” to sin and not his followers? What if there were Muslims following in his footsteps who committed adultery and rape, do they not have the same “right” to sin as he did? So could that be considered as “sin” or not? Do they then deserve to be killed or not? What “sin” would one consider as sin in Islam then? Is there such a thing as “righteous” sin? Does that mean some have the “right” and “privilege” to sin while others not? So what sense would they [Muslims] be making if they would kill those flip-flopping “Christians” or even those Muslims apostates on such religious grounds? Do you not see there are more contradictions than convictions with such man-made religion?

Did you not know why Jesus never taught about “apostasy” to His disciples? You will know why if you remember at one time the apostle Peter who denied Christ three times, but later became very remorseful and Christ forgave him when he repented. That is why such man-made religious edict has no place in Jesus’ teachings because Christianity is about love and compassion, not vengeance and earthly judgment! The Bible stated very clearly in Romans 12:19 that the power to mete out vengeance and judgment belongs to Him [God] only, not man! I would have become a Muslim long time ago but I didn’t and you should have no difficulties knowing and understanding why.

Surely you can tell now that such religious edict [apostate] is a man-made doctrine and would never be approved by a loving, gracious and merciful God that sent Jesus to save us and not “kill” us [John 3:16-18]. Even without reading the Bible, we all know God created every one of us with a mind to think and to reason but most important of all, a freewill to choose. If that is so, why Muslims cannot also do the same and become Christians and not get killed for committing the “apostasy” act that is forbidden by Islam?

Tell me – what is so wrong or bad about fulfilling one’s right to choose? Did God “speak” directly to any Muslims or even the Prophet Muhammad that it is wrong and it is a sin to choose one’s own path? If so, can it be proven and why? If cannot, then those religiously screwed up extremists should stop playing “God” and give out such unsubstantiated and ridiculous decree that is akin to cold-blooded murder under the civil laws. What those screwed up extremists see as wise to promote a god of hate and violence should easily make you see exactly the opposite that what the world most needed now is the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ to help us ‘born again’, not religion and much less moderation!

No one, whether Muslims or not should become so foolish to write one’s own death warrant for the Judgment Day. And much less should any humans in their sinful nature be given the “authority” in the name of religion to execute punishment or kill another person because of one’s right to choose[Joshua 24:14-15] . Remember this: Everyone no matters who or what you are, how “religious” or “holy” you thought you are, will have to stand before God on Judgment Day too. Only the Almighty God that sent Jesus, not man or religion, has the last say where one’s destiny lies when the time comes.

If you do become an “extremist” and do not know and understand whether the “purpose” you will be  fulfilling as a believer and the “cause” you will be pursuing as a follower makes any sense or not, then it’s so evidently clear and obvious that the religion you’re embracing is not the answer and solution to set your heart right with the one and only Almighty God. Have you ever gotten down before to analyse how risky and dangerous the situation you would be getting yourself into for not knowing the absolute truth about God and everything He commanded before you passed the ‘death sentence’ on others not to your liking? If you have not, have you not wondered how preposterous you are making of yourself in acting as “God” in the sight of man, let alone in the sight of the one and only true Almighty God – who sent Jesus to do His will?

What looks and sounds important to you and seen as a “religiously” right thing to do are not necessary so to God. Have you done a counter check with God? Were you so 100% certain what you were doing is according to God’s will and plan? If not, do you not think it’s time you get your priorities right with the one and only true Almighty God from the one and only correct source and that is no other than Jesus? Otherwise, don’t you think you’re only ‘annihilating’ yourself for no good reason in the end? God is not a silencer. When you read the Bible, He is speaking to you. When you obey the gospel of Jesus, He is saving you from eternal damnation. When you do His will, He is making you become one of the ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven. What man-made religions can offer you such peace of mind here on earth and hope of eternal life hereafter? Do you not want to “kill” 2 birds with one stone? With Jesus, yes, of course, you can and none others – period!

The “YES”, answer.

What if someone asked you to become an “extremist” for Christ Jesus now as this post would have suggested? Yes, do you think you would – with no questions asked? Yes, do you believe Jesus is the only answer and solution to SAVE you from sin and eternal damnation? Yes, will you become an “extremist”, the Christ’s way? Do you know why Jesus died for you and became the right kind of “extremist” for you to follow? Do you not know it is because of your sins and that of the Prophet Muhammad too? If your answer is yes, then there are more reasons for you to rejoice than reasons for you to back down. However, here is something that not many others know that you should know is that one of the reasons Jesus died for you is not for you to honor Him with “another” religion or start divisions that would confuse people. Jesus died that you might have life eternally, not religiously!

Through the divine work of the apostle Paul, Jesus gave birth to Christianity and all the disciples were only called Christians first at Antioch in the 1st century and by no other name. So by no means should any true Christians be deviating from the teachings of Jesus in remaining as His faithful flock till the end so that they shall be resurrected together with Him on His second coming. If you find yourself as an innocent “Christian” who did not obey the gospel of Jesus according to God’s will and plan as found in the New Testament word for word, this will be the testing time of your “faith” and only you can decide to do the right thing by setting the record straight and most important of all is to come back on the correct path of Jesus once and for all without hesitation and excuses.

According to Jesus, not me, it is NOT okay to continue staying as you are whether as Christian or not because if you have not obeyed the gospel of Jesus in Jesus’ terms, you are still not saved to have eternal salvation in the kingdom of heaven as Jesus had warned in Matthew 15: 8-9. So how can one proclaim oneself as a follower of Jesus and yet still disobey His commandments? Are you making sense of yourself if you found yourself in such a predicament now? Many Christians have asked this question: Does it really matters which church one goes to every Sunday? The answer is of course YES! It DOES really matters, at least to Jesus! You know why? That’s because Jesus built only one church and that is the Church of Christ [Romans 16:16], not many churches known by other man-made names. So why go other ways?

In order for you to get a clear-cut picture of the commandments of the LORD, it would be better to lay it out with a simple example. For instance, let’s say, Jesus invited you to come to His church which is the Church of Christ so that you can have fellowship with Him and be blessed as one of the ‘sons of God’, but you went to another church “thinking” it’s okay and kept doing so until one day you no longer exist in this world. Then suddenly, it was so shocking that you couldn’t meet Jesus after death and wondered why. So you asked the Lord when He finally appeared on Judgment Day saying, “how come I’m a Christian and still I couldn’t meet you after death?” Then Jesus replied, “I invited you to come to My church which was the Church of Christ [Matthew 16:17-19], but you went to another “church” that I do not know of – that’s why you couldn’t meet me!”

The same thing too will happen if you invite your girlfriend or boyfriend to meet up in a restaurant to have a romantic Valentine dinner together. Can you simply go to any restaurants and expect to meet your girlfriend or boyfriend for that romantic dinner? You can’t, can you? So don’t be fooling yourself that what is “okay” to you will also always be “okay” with the Lord. It’s time you ‘come clean’ in your conscience with the Lord if you had been awfully misled and don’t leave things till it’s too late.

Then, is there extremism in Christianity?

There is and there is not as it depends on how one looks at it! There is of course “extremism” in Christianity if one would easily associate them with those who are perpetrating hatred and violence which the world now regards as terrorists. But so far there is no evidence to suggest that Christians are mulling for the blood of others who do not wish to become Christians. In fact it’s the opposite. Christians today whether trying to save others or not are easily getting hated, jailed, persecuted and killed more than the numbers of people killed in the 2 world wars combined because of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ since the 1st century until now. Even then, Jesus had prophesied about it when He last walked the earth nearly 2,000 years ago and until today it is being fulfilled. This alone is good enough to prove that the ‘Holy War’ is real and still ongoing as long as the world keeps turning.

Before Jesus ascended to the heavens after his death and resurrection and having appeared for a period of 40 days with around 500 people bearing witness of Him came back alive, He gave the ‘Great Commission’ to the 11 disciples in Matthew 28:16-20 to make disciples of ALL nations. If ever there is such a thing as extremism in Christianity, it would be the extremism of Jesus Christ who sacrificed His life to save the lost souls of this world and not to kill. Do you still see such extremism in bad taste? If you do, it’s not surprising that you probably would end up becoming one of those screwed up extremists who would give extremism a bad name. If Paul of Tarsus who was once a screwed up extremist and being a sinner himself known to have persecuted and kill Christians suddenly woke up from a miracle to declare that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” in Romans 3:23, what makes those screwed up extremists being sinners themselves think they have the right to kill other unbelieving sinners? How could killing others be seen as redeeming their sins? What kind of redemption is that?

Humans are all screwed up one way or the other whether one is religious or not. Even if Jesus did not teach us that no one is that “bad” or that “good” in the sight of God, I still believe in my capacity as a human being without the support of the Bible scriptures that it is so true there is none good and righteous in this world whether Paul of Tarsus made his point in Romans 3:23 or not. Now that Paul had made his points clearly, what else do you need to believe that Jesus is the one and only solution to sin, death, and the devil, and not man-made religions?

Also, the reason Paul put it in black and white is that no one can argue or make any excuses on Judgment Day that God did not warn us. The Bible has strenuously warned us not to stray further but of course not without a divine solution for humans to come back to God, right? So why still stray further and further away from God?

So Christianity is not about “practicing” all the religious laws and rituals to become “good” and “righteous” in the sight of God. Doing all these alone cannot be “good enough” to save ourselves as these have nothing to do with our salvation and the sacrifice of Jesus – sin does! Because the penalty of sin is DEATH, that is why Christianity is about obeying the gospel of Jesus and doing the will of God to become SAVED through faith and good works, not just by the good works alone as written in Ephesians 2: 4-6. So whether you plan to become an “extremist” for the right reason or not, it’s all about whether you’re getting screwed up in your head. Are you?

The Holy War: Be An Extremist For Christ! [Part 1]


A Modern-day Taboo

If you study the Old Testament of the Bible, you will notice the book contains many accounts in chronological order how it depicted wars that were fought between God’s chosen people known as the Israelites or “Children of Israel”, with neighboring opponents of various tribes where some were even among the tribes of Israel while others were not throughout all centuries. One of the most notable wars fought during the biblical era was with the Philistines where the most famous story  of King David was recorded. Not surprisingly, the war between the Israelites now known as Israelis is still ongoing with the Philistines now known as the Palestinians occupying the Gaza strip and West Bank of Israel where they are still fighting for the autonomous power of a separate state even until today.

Unless the Palestinians are smart enough to become the “miracles” themselves as suggested in “The Amazing Grace of God” post, such centuries old wounds will never be healed and so is the same with peace that will never be felt or ever seen to happen. On the contrary, the large part of the Muslim communities in the Middle-East especially Iran think otherwise. Instead, they believe the only solution to bring about peace according to their “interpretations” of the teachings of Islam is to strike “fear” in the hearts of their opponents by taking the extremist ideology as in perpetrating war to annihilate Israel that will completely wipe out the land of “infidels” for not embracing Islam in solving the conflict. Nevertheless, if anyone is to criminalize war, the best one to start with is Iran and then North Korea where both have destructive nuclear weapons ready to strike any time soon.

So this was why such extremists as in the case of Iran, they became known as the “jihadists” fighting what they called it as their “Holy Jihad” to make their Islam religion as the only supreme one that all humans will ever know. But based on the scriptures found in Revelation 13: 6-8, the Bible depicted the “Holy War” in total contrast. If you read carefully in verse 8, where it says, “to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world”, that kind of depicted that the “Holy War” was brought down to earth when the beast [Lucifer] got kicked out of heaven and that the world was created because of the “Holy War” that started in the heavens. As mortals, we do not have the divine power to fight with the Beast and because God trusted us, that’s why, “the Lamb that was slain” was actually Jesus that God sent to help us fight the “Holy War” now raging on earth in the hearts and conscience of every human beings.

What is the real definition of the “Holy War” here? First of all, if it is holy, why then is there killing of humans involved? Yes, indeed there has to be “killings” involved, otherwise it is not a war, isn’t it? “What do you mean by that?” Well, it is quite easy and simple to understand if you are not too blinded by the evil force. There are actually 2 types of killings represented here. One is for good and the other is, of course, for bad.

If you look at the Islamic version, most of the followers are led to believe they are doing their Allah a favor by killing those who are “infidels” and that’s how it brought about the term, “extremists” the world now know are associated with the trademark of bombings and whatnot. Because of such terrifying identity they have created for themselves, it has evidently become obvious that such Islamist radicals are more like making it a ‘satanic cult’ under the disguise of “religion”. How can it be identified as such? That’s because it is understood that their ‘modus operandi’ was to kill especially Jews and Christians who they believed are the enemies of their Allah. And that is exactly what glorified the Satan rather than the one and true Almighty God who the Christians always believe is the most gracious and merciful Father in heaven that abhorred such traits of the Satan in killing humans He [God] created. [Romans 12:19]

Now if you look at the way Christians would propagate their faith, what you’ll discover is that they always believe that according to the Word of God [the Bible] – no humans, whatever their races, are enemies of God except only when one refuses to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ to be saved. The only real enemy of God is the Satan [Lucifer] who is always rallying behind those hell-bent on killing the “infidels” whether Jews or Christians. For other followers of Islam who are less radical and not approved of killing, they would be expected to stay away from the Jews and Christians and not commit the “apostasy” act to keep them in Islam, otherwise they would be killed too. If you could see the real contrast here, you would have already understood clearly the true definition about the “Holy War”, what more the need to fight it God’s way and not the devil’s way. Yes, not surprisingly even Christians would advocate about “killing” too, but it’s not about killing humans, it is about killing the Satan who wanted so bad to see us humans killing each other. Only when we, as humans, come clean before God by obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ can we really fight the “Holy War” and kill the Satan, or not at all!

The simple truth is, when a person got badly screwed up in the head, it will spill out on the outside. Usually that only means bad news. You know exactly what am I talking about here if you have heard of all those killing-spree of innocent civilians with guns even in the most civilized countries in the world, have you not? So you don’t need to become a ‘shrink’ to know and understand the root cause of such problems as in killing that is existing in our societies, do you? The problems of humans whether religious or not, are always having to do with what we allow to enter our minds because that will be where the devil’s workshop is. It starts to get worse when one does not know how to control one’s mind and get things right.

Now, the only way for us to do it right and do it God’s way is to become an extremist [jihadist] for Christ to save ourselves and others from being annihilated eternally by the satanic curse which is sin, death and the devil. What Jesus came to fulfill was to show us to fight with repentance to bring back the heart and conscience while those Islamic extremist [jihadists] are showing their Muslims brethren to fight with hate and vengeance for power and glory which is exactly the way Lucifer was fighting God in the heavens and now on earth – using humans! See the difference?

What does the word, “extremist”, means to you?

It’s not uncommon to hear as much as it’s a well-known fact to see factual evidence in the Internet or TV news about those extremist militants known as ‘jihadist’ waging a somewhat peculiar war that is unlike those happening during the biblical era. These ‘jihadists’ had become what most normal people today in the world have conceived as a group of ‘disillusioned’ people so hell-bent on revenge that they were willing to become suicide-bombers to make “human-burgers” out of innocent people including women and children in a bid to make themselves as “righteous” and “holy” warriors of “God” or Allah in Arabic and Tuhan in Malay, fighting their version of a holy war called the “Holy Jihad.”

As unbelievably screwed up in the head as in the heart and if you, as an ordinary people who is not, would easily see what they’re perpetrating is more for a wrong cause than a right one that started all the unnecessary havoc in the world and even in their own homeland. What could not be any worse is when they have audacity to believe there would be honor, justification and reward in killing to become “martyrs” and be assured of a “paradise” in return for “protecting” their religion they claimed as the only “supreme” one in the world. Now, if it is really that “supreme”, don’t you think that any right thinking people will be able to tell and know for sure it is worthy of devotion – or not?

Do they really have to go on a killing spree to make a point? How “supreme” can it be when almost everything of what they are teaching and practicing were ‘copied’ from the Old Testament of the Bible? Even though they claim they also believe in Jesus and that Jesus was mentioned many times in the Koran, but strangely though – they do not believe Jesus was crucified and resurrected which is a total contradiction of what’s being recorded in the New Testament. In short, they don’t believe Jesus is part of the Godhead who took the form of a human being to sacrifice and die for the sins of mankind. As such, isn’t it fair to say they are officially stereotyping themselves as the wrong kind of extremists without other people doing so? Is not something going awfully amiss here?

To say the least and without prejudice, everyone knows what these religious extremist perpetrating are inexcusable and unjustifiable whether in the sight of man or God. Yet, why do I still suggest the alternative for everyone to become an “extremist” for Christ in this particular post? Is this a joke? Am I out of my mind? “No, I am not”! When you finish reading everything, you’ll see or not see. Because of religion that is so subjective and questionable, the word “extremist” has become in what is now considered as a modern-day taboo to majority of people in the world, but not to me!

Furthermore, it is undoubtedly changing the political landscape of foreign policies in most Western nations where especially diplomats can be seen taking ‘extra’ precaution in presenting their speech at public press conference in Islamic nations as not all Muslims are extremists. But because of some who were that got badly screwed up in the head, the world  is subsequently getting another wrong kind of attention from them. Now the whole world knows these religious extremists have made their philosophy of ‘annihilation’ so dramatically well-known and intense that only by killing the “infidels” or “blasphemers” of their “superior” religion will they have proven their allegiance “profoundly” and “truthfully” in serving their version of their “Almighty God”. Well, at least that’s how their contradictory religion taught them to have a “purpose” in life – a dangerous and disastrous one though!

As a result, such arbitrary misinterpretation in religion has unmistakably plunged the world into becoming so weary of their “Holy War” that it would be best and safe for other “lesser” aggressive ones in the same religion not perceived or seen as the “extremist” [violent ones] that ultimately led to a movement to call for “moderation”. This, of course, was expediently propagated in a bid to “nullify” the damaged reputation of the religion. One thing for sure is that one really does not need to go around the world to “protect” a religion and much less God or Allah whether by killing or by calling for “moderation” [lesser violence?] when in fact such calling [moderation] is no big deal at all as that is no different from calling people to practice everything ‘halfheartedly’ even in spiritual matters pertaining to obedience and allegiance to the one true Almighty God.

On the contrary, don’t be so surprised to know that God is rather interested in humans obeying and glorifying Him by becoming the true extremists who should walk in the ways of the LORD with all their heart and soul according to 1 King 2:3-4. How could anyone claiming as “man-of-God” have the heart and conscience in making a mockery of the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ by simply killing people who they believe are “infidels”? Did Jesus come down from heaven to kill all the “infidels”? In fact, it’s the opposite. He was saving them [unbelievers] and even now for goodness sake!

Whether a religion can or cannot be proven and substantiated as the true and correct path to God, one can easily see the truth just by the good or bad examples the followers are showing openly. When it comes to your personal belief and spiritual allegiance to God, either you give all your heart, soul and mind to God as an “extremist” for the right reason, or not at all [Deuteronomy 5:32-33 and 6: 5], but you don’t simply go around killing people who don’t embrace your religion! If you can’t do it right according to the one and only true God of the Old and New Testament, don’t you think you’re better off as an atheist than as a jihadist? At least, atheists are not that screwed up to simply go around and kill people for no reasons be it bad or good. So, will such “moderation” movement work especially with what’s left of al-Qaeda since the founder of the organization had been duly annihilated in his own ‘annihilation’ agenda?

Is it a bad thing or a good thing to become an “extremist”?

The Bad

Even without having to become an “extremist” to kill, you would be able to tell instantly whose side are you already. If you’re not with God, the author of life and the Bible and the One who sent Jesus to save you, then naturally you’re with the Devil, the author of the most generous ‘double-bonus’ award! There’s absolutely no place for “moderation” in such instance. If the character of a person you consider as “good” or not that good becomes an “extremist”, would you not agree that everything is down to how educated the person was and whether the person has gotten badly screwed up with radical ideologies or not? Today, what most people perceived is that when anything looks or sounds ‘radical’, it is bad news and would instantly be associated with the “extremist” rightly or wrongly, right or not?

For example: If you spot someone wearing a “goatee” and “clothing” that resembles Osama bin Laden, you would have almost passed the person off as an “extremist” or maybe feel a little suspicious and might even take necessary precautions on that person especially at immigration checkpoints of airports around the world, don’t you agree? You probably would have mistaken me as an “extremist” too just by looking at the title of the post, would you not? These things happen because of a stigma that stemmed from such horrible man-made tragedy like 911 that no one is left unaffected and much less forget such heinous crime ever committed in the name of religion. But then again, just because all the people in the Middle-East almost has the Osama bin Laden look-alike, can you then say all of them are “extremist” rightly or wrongly? You can’t, can you? You cannot judge a book by its cover and so is the same with religion – or so it seemed. Somehow, based on my Christian belief, I’m afraid I have to “disagree to agree” on this especially when it comes to religion, not people.

So, is it really true that you cannot “judge” a religion by what some followers do and what others not do? For those who kill in the name of religion, even unbelievers would have branded them as extremist in the true sense of the word, right? What about others in the same religion not committing such sin? You cannot brand them as “extremist” too, can you? Now this is where it gets a little edgy when it comes to telling the bitter truth about religion and especially when I do not want people to see me as being prejudicial or only “good” at stereotyping others. To be honest and stating from my Christian point of view, if you profess yourself as a “man-of-God” but failed to stand up and stop short of reprimanding your “extremist” brothers from committing such heinous sin, then you should know better this is no different from sinning against not only God, but you as well. For further reference, please read Ezekiel 3.

As such, you are not in any way better off than them for not rebuking their wrongdoings and reprimanding them according to what Jesus said in Matthew 18:15-17. What good is there to call for “moderation'” in such scenario if it does not solve the problem? This shows that even there is a price to pay to be ‘kind’ to others especially your own kind. If you, as a man of principles, show impartiality in not taking the appropriate action to solve the problem, you are only making the situation worse because you would have then become a victim in a collateral damage. For example, if you caught your son stealing money from your wallet, would you close one eye and pretend nothing ever happened or would you teach him a lesson by reprimanding him to come back to the correct path? There is a time to be kind and not kind to show the true definition of kindness. Sometimes, depending on circumstances, it is not exactly wrong or bad to become “cruel” to be kind if it’s done with a heart and conscience that does not involve in killing people..

Do you know why? Because whatever “religion” and whatnot that one embraces, it doesn’t matter whether one is a Buddhist, Muslim or Christian and even atheist, all are brothers and the principle to live in unity is universal as what King David said in Psalm 133:1. Meaning to say, there is no unity without first having purity in the mind. Purity comes from the consistency in having all the humility to repent by willing to stand corrected, otherwise unity among one another of the same race and with other races is 100% impossible and become only as good as lips-service. When there is no unity of the heart and conscience inside of everyone to walk in the likeness of Christ in Ephesians 2:1-6, there shall not be real peace and harmony on the outside. That’s why it is not uncommon to see civil unrest such as rallies, street protests or worse, suicide bombers linked to religious issues.

However, King David also saw it equally and universally important for everyone not to mind one’s own business only. It is in fact mandatory to help one another see and correct one another mistakes or wrongdoings so that everyone will be blessed and enjoy prosperity in Psalm 128:1-2. If one really really fears God from the top to the bottom, then one should not so much as mind others pointing out one’s mistakes or wrongdoings and be readily stand corrected, don’t you think? So, whether a Christian brother trying to correct a Muslim brother and whatnot or the other way around, it should not be seen as a “threat” to destroy one another’s faith or as one trying to proselytize the other or worse, to stir up racial disharmony. If you teach someone even though not your son to walk on the correct path and uphold God’s law to have a heart and conscience in doing the right thing, will doing this stir up the whole neighborhood to fight and kill one another? If it does, that’s really no news like bad news and unfortunately that’s exactly what’s happening these days because of religion and pride!

Everyone is universally entitled to one’s right to choose or not choose. Telling a Muslim brother about Christianity or the other way around with Islam, does not mean one must abandon one’s faith and change to the other. There is always a choice to do so or not do so. I may have the right to talk about Christianity but I don’t have the right to ‘force’ anyone to become Christian just as much as a Muslim brother has the right to talk about Islam and likewise, does not have the right to force it down somebody’s throat. This principle applies to all “religions” without having to embrace any particular religion to know about it. Therefore, if anyone, regardless of what religion one comes from and doing otherwise is much the same as violating God’s law and His universal constitution as even He being almighty and superior than humans, does not stop anyone for not believing or obeying Him. Is anyone more powerful and superior than Him to do otherwise? The point is – the right to freedom of expression whether it’s religion or not must be guaranteed and so must the rights of everyone to choose because it’s universal. Get the point?

The reason I would like anyone reading this post to get it right in the head once and for all is to understand a simple ‘guideline’ that will dispel all the negative thoughts one may have and then, know exactly how to handle the truth if in any case, one comes face-to-face with such ‘edgy’ situation because of religion.

  1. To know doesn’t mean one will believe.
  2. To believe doesn’t mean one will accept.
  3. To accept doesn’t mean one will obey.
  4. But to obey, it really means one must act on it.
  5. To act on it finally means one will be saved.

If you use this guideline and have the heart and conscience to do the right thing, you won’t go wrong. You can try this out now. Let’s say you are sitting at an “inter-faith forum” and asked to share your views. For example, let’s say you are a “Christian” and one who has a strong and unwavering faith. You want to tell everyone why they should become Christians too after having studied and researched other religious “faith” that you believe were “good”, but not good enough to save you and give you eternal life promised to those who obeyed the gospel of Jesus. You’re now sharing it with even those of the Muslim faith as you consider Islam as very close to the religion as Judaism with regards to those “canonical” religious laws and rituals derived from the Old Testament of the Bible.

Based on your personal belief in the one and only true God of the Old Testament whom also the Muslims believe, and the same God that sent His Son, Jesus in the New Testament whom unfortunately, the Muslims do not canonically believe as part of the Godhead that is God, you’re convinced you’ve made the right decision to become a Christian all the same. Supposing you invite a Muslim brother who is supposedly a “man-of-God” as much as you to God’s “cinema” and watch one very important God’s epic movie called “The Bible” which the screening is the Old and New Testament. And again unfortunately, your Muslim brother walked out of God’s “cinema” half way through because it was coming to the part of the New Testament where Jesus was getting crucified, thus he failed to know the story completely for not watching until the end of the movie. What does that mean? It means he has simply passed up the chance to know the TRUTH because he could never “judge” whether God’s epic movie was good enough for him to understand all the spiritual implication behind especially the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and followed by His resurrection on the third day. It was unfortunate that your Muslim brother had this misadventure, thus not fully [100%] gotten down to know the one and only true God, His will and His plan for everyone in the world to become the ‘sons of God’ in the end. Am I right or wrong? Do you agree to disagree or disagree to agree in this case?

“So how”? You cannot “kill” him because of that, can you? He, as a human being created in the image of God, has every right to decide what’s “best” for him according to the guideline, right? As you cannot do anything about the consequences he will face, so the best thing to do is to leave it to the hands of the Almighty God as only He has the supreme power and the sovereignty to judge us or to have mercy on us. No one on earth has the divine power to mete out death as a “punishment” whether for God or on behalf of God [Romans 12:19-21]. Now the question you will ask is: “Why then still go and tell a Muslim about the gospel of Jesus”? This is because the responsibility of a true Christian is to carry out the ‘Great Commission’ as that was what Jesus [God] commanded His disciples before ascending to heaven in Matthew 28:16-20.

Whether or not Muslims and even the Jews failed in whatever way or circumstances to obey the gospel of Jesus would be their business. What matters here is that you as a “Christian” are doing your best to fulfill God’s will as that’s even what Jesus did and doing so in the best interest of those who are lost, but sadly don’t think so. The point I’m trying to make here is: I have the right to share with a Muslim, or anyone else regardless of one’s religion about my faith and vice-versa. A Muslim and whatnot has the right not to accept it, but he does NOT have the right to stop me or have their religious authorities to arrest me based on their man-made doctrines and laws. Neither does he have the right to “punish” me under whatever man-made religious laws as it is NOT a crime to share the good news of Jesus under the sovereignty law of God!

But if you, as a “Christian” ends up being punished and is suffering for doing God’s will because of them violating God’s law to punish you, the Bible teaches that still even as “extremist” for Christ, you cannot repay them evil with evil or insult with insult as what apostle Peter taught the Christians in 1 Peter chapter 3. If you as a “Christian” are afraid to suffer and not ready to die for the cause of Christ to SAVE [not kill] those who are lost, then you’re better off as a Muslim, atheist or whatnot. No wonder the population of Muslims is growing at an alarming speed worldwide because it’s easier to kill or punish others than to save them! The sinful nature of humans will always make people inclined to punish others than to be punished. That is why a lot of people are so afraid to become Christians according to the gospel of Jesus. They’d rather preferred to become the conventional “Christians” where they do not have to risk getting punished by telling a Muslim about Christ that is so unlike what you are encouraged now to become an ‘extremist for Christ’ that could get you killed on earth for doing so, but would please and glorify God because of your faith.

Unlike humans whom you cannot judge by their looks but when it comes to religion, it’s a different matter altogether because what the followers of a religion do or not do really reflects what their religion had taught them to become. “Become what – an extremist”? So what? Even the Prophet Muhammad was an extremist who didn’t stop fighting and killing during his lifetime and not to mention, he never failed to have extreme dominion over women. So what is so surprising that your Muslim brother may ‘know nothing’ about it if you shoot him the question? Even if there are really ‘negative’ elements found in a religion, it is only natural that the followers would interpret as “correct” and reciprocate with actions corresponding to the ‘negative’ religious texts, isn’t it?

Then, what about the Bible? Are there no ‘negative’ elements found in it? Yes, of course there are, but if you read carefully and diligently, you will find that all of them were meant to help you see the truth. Let’s take for example the case of Jesus who was brought before the governor of Rome by the Pharisees and scribes in their bid to kill Jesus and not have blood on their hands. They were hoping the governor would charge Jesus for the crime of having committed blasphemy against God. The negative element found here was that the Roman governor found it odd when the Jews got him involved in punishing a man who supposedly committed “blasphemy” but it’s a crime that did not even exist in the Romans’ laws for him to execute any punishment on Jesus leading him to tell the Jews, ” I found no fault in this man”. This has proven that whatever ‘negative elements’ that man found in the Bible will not be able to over-ride or dispel the truth that God wanted us to know.

Yes, so sorry to say this. You can judge, measure, weigh any religions, paganism or monotheism including Christianity by what standard each of them comes from – man or God? So how to tell? Really, it is not as difficult as you might have thought. The most easiest and obvious way to spot is by the kind of behavior and actions the followers of a religion whatever that is, are perpetrating. If the followers of a religion are radically accosted to propagate hatred and violence, you can tell straightaway it is from man and not God. Yet when they claim themselves as “man of God” but act otherwise, then you can even tell more easily who the devil is rallying behind them. Of course, that will very much depend on where you got the knowledge and wisdom, man or God, that is helping you to see so clearly and tell so quickly and wisely.

With such conclusive findings, this instantly begs an earnest question. Would you not then all the more ‘disagree to agree’ that religion is really not the answer and neither is it the solution to the problems of humankind because it’s so festered with man-made creed and decrees that usually are unsubstantiated with divine endorsement of any kind? What then is the real and sensible solution? Obviously, obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ is! It’s as easy as ABC to tell! It is the only possible link to God fully substantiated in the Bible which is the Word of God itself, not man.  It  has already been divinely proven by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the only correct path to blissful eternity that is free of religious radicals and bigots to screw you up in the head here and eternally. If you can’t tell what is from God and what is from man, so sorry to say this: You are definitely and awfully 100% screwed up!

As is always the case, there are “good” and “bad” people everywhere in every race and in everything, so is religion! How can this be? How can there be “bad” religion? Why not? If there is God to save us, then there is certainly the Satan around to kill us! Although all religions usually would be seen and thought as “not bad” because they teach people that anyone can go to “heaven” by just doing good only and whatnot, but the only problem is, according to God, the author of the Bible in Ephesians 2:8-9, no religion is “so good” enough to stop people from sinning, killing one another, or be cleansed of sins by what “good” things one does.

“So how”? You wrong or I wrong? Of course, you’ll say I’m wrong. But I’m also saying you’re wrong! So who’s right? Why not we ask God? The God I believe and trust told me that I can only go to heaven if I have obeyed the gospel of Jesus who can divinely wash away my sins with His blood as this could be substantiated by the Holy Scriptures in 1 John 1:7-10 for instance. Now who is your “God” or whatnot that can wash away your sin and how? Can it be substantiated and proven in any way? Do you have a heart and conscience to tell the truth? Can you say your heart is right with God for what you believe or not believe now? If not, that’s really no news like bad news!

If you can tell the biggest problem that is threatening the humankind is the heart and conscience of everyone, then surely you can tell that is what ultimately led to the birth of many religions that by far are usually man-made ones and cannot be proven or substantiated in any way that all of them comes from the one true God of the heaven and earth. If there’s ever one chance in my lifetime on earth that you, or anyone can tell me just one “religion” that makes common sense and proven as divinely “supreme” than the one I belong to, I’ll turn around and have no qualms in renouncing it. On top of that, I would  become an “extremist” for it whatever that is with no questions asked. I always take it seriously when it concerns the destiny of my soul that is far more precious and valuable than anything else on earth. You know what? If it is not well with your soul, that’s really no news like bad news forever. So – deal or no deal?

Surely now, you can tell straightaway that religion is what causing people to have all the different perceptions and beliefs and not to mention, havoc and chaos big time! Because of humans’ foolishness in paying homage to so many “gods” and “religions” but not the one true God that sent Jesus, people are being misled and thus are awfully lost. All the problems started simply because of one simple fact and that is, you can’t say or “argue” whether one is right or wrong with one’s belief but only could advisedly tell people to “respect” or “tolerate” each other religion, lest there will be carnage when people start fighting who’s right and who’s wrong about religion. This is because what one claimed as “right” may not be seen as such by another and vice-versa. Now if religion can cause all the troubles and problems, why still “tolerate” it or “respect” it? Why not chuck it away for good?

But little did we know? What’s more frightening and ironical than this is when any country enforced only ‘one’ religion in its constitution as supreme so that you don’t even have the privilege and freedom to argue for your rights if you supposedly were born in such impoverished places that strictly embraces only one religion as supreme to others. When this happens, naturally there’s an easy and big chance for anyone there to become the wrong type of “extremist” who could be so theocratic in such a way that one would not even be realizing it. Obviously, that is when the most dangerous thing is waiting to happen for all the wrong reasons. Yet, they would believe and uphold as “right” because the Satan will stop at nothing to deceive all humans in fighting over the issues of religion just to make sure people don’t wake up! So hopefully this post will open your eyes or not at all.

The Good

If you have this perception that “extremist” are always “bad” and never good, you are right and you are also wrong at the same time. It depends on whether you are a smart and conscientious person and be able to discern between truth and lies, right and wrong, wise and foolish and most importantly, being saved or lost.

You are right – if you look on both side of a coin and be able to make correct and sensible assessment of the pros and cons. In doing so, you are opening up an opportunity for yourself to see things in a better light so that you know you’re making by far the right and fair judgment of what being an “extremist” is and means to you and not just simply stereotype them. Only then will you know better what made those people become as such [extremist] and you’ll be able to tell better whether you should avoid becoming the same or not.

You are wrong – if you only look on one side of a coin and that makes you become so ‘stiff-necked’ [ngan-kein] to look on the other side to make correct judgement with the most proper assessment possible. For example: You cannot just study the Old Testament and not the New Testament, or accept the Old Testament and not the New Testament, and expect to know and understand God’s will and plan, can you? You have to ask yourself whether you’re 100% making sense of yourself with what you believe and not as ‘halfhearted’ as in the case of moderation. Otherwise, you are as good as making a bad news of yourself [self-stereotype] in the sight of God and that’s really no news like bad news for another time and counting!

In this case, why it happens is because the ‘only’ religion you embrace does not allow you the luxury of freedom to have an open heart to see and an open mind to choose what you think and believe is a right thing to do or become. In other words, you’re just as good as running on empty. If you don’t look on the other side as well, how can you be so sure it’s not good and equally practical or perhaps even better? When you become suppressed by your own religion without the luxury of freedom and the choice to choose which side is good or make better sense, you’re pretty much like someone forced to go on the ‘road to perdition’ and that’s exactly what those “extremist” militants all along have headed to kill or be killed all because they “failed” to get the correct information from the correct source. The problem so obvious was, they only looked on one side of a coin, and it’s another no news like bad news keep adding.

The Screwed Up

To me, the word “extremist” is never a bad thing if you know how to handle it and not let it handle you and screw you up in the head instead. To do that, you must have an open heart and a clear conscience to look on both side of a coin to know what are the pros and cons just the same as you should know why a person is good, bad or screwed up. There’s always a reason for everything to happen whether bad, good or screwed up. That is why no matter what’s the situation, it’s always so crucial to do one’s homework first before coming to a conclusion and that is to search for the TRUTH! That’s because what is good or right to you can turn around and perceived as wrong or bad to others and that’s how the vicious circle keep circling. Only you have the power to stop it. You can start by searching for the TRUTH because you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free [John 14:6]. Otherwise, you are still pretty much in “shackles” up in the head, in the heart and conscience. Finally, that’s really no news like bad news for good!

People no longer would have a wrong and bad impression of what an “extremist” is if people are smart enough to take the bad examples of the bad extremist and turn it around to become as good examples of an “extremist” for Christ instead. “Become an extremist for Christ”? You must be saying, “Are you joking”? Why not? There is nothing wrong if you’d become one for the right reason and purpose and better yet, one that is filled with the ‘passion-of-the-Christ’! That’s why He is the one and only ‘good news’ to be had – one that you have been missing out all along without knowing it because of being one-sided only.

Here are two most prominent examples of different people doing the right thing in a way a sober and liberated “extremist” would. One is a human as in the flesh and blood. The other is Jesus in the form of a human and yet as God in divine existing at the same time. So the question, “Is Jesus God?” should no longer be an issue by now.

  1. If you study the history of America, you probably would agree that the famous President Abraham Lincoln was pretty much a righteous “extremist” who sacrificed his life in fighting the evils of the slavery trade and got himself assassinated. We all knew that Abraham Lincoln was doing his best to free all the African Negros from the bondage of slavery. Can you not say he did it for a good reason and that is to save, not kill?
  2. If you study the New Testament of the Bible, you would agree that Jesus too, was pretty much an “extremist” but in a special way because He sacrificed His life in saving the lost souls of all humanity and got himself crucified. We all knew that the reason Christ came down from heaven was to free all men from the bondage of sin, death and the devil. In doing so, He gives hope of salvation to all people regardless of race and gender. Can you not say the same for Christ what He had done for you?

So, who says being an “extremist” is bad and be avoided at all cost? Yes, the only reason it is bad is because your “religion” got you off on the wrong footing and you cannot avoid it at all cost because you don’t know if you’re doing it for the right or wrong reason and purpose.

To become an “extremist” is not that bad after all, if you know how. “So how”?

  1. You must clear your mind of all the bad images of the wrong type of extremist that you know, heard and seen in the news all along that caused you to think it does not pay to become an “extremist” which is what making it the modern-day taboo.
  2. You must understand and be able to come to terms with it that it does not necessary mean all “extremist” have to “kill” to be seen as such. You see, if you become an “extremist” in the head and worse, for the wrong reason because of religion, you would be so sure that is already good enough to “kill” you in the first place, let alone others. But, if you become an “extremist” the way Jesus did for the right reason and that is no other than to SAVE you and the lost souls from eternal damnation by first obeying the gospel of Jesus yourself, then you would be so 100% certain the one true Almighty God would be so proud of you because of your willingness to repent and come back to Him on the correct path paved by Jesus.

…… be continued in July.