A Perfect World?


Do You Imagine?

Have you ever imagined of a perfect world? What if you’ve been asked such controversial question which usually doesn’t cross anybody’s mind? If you’re someone who as a real human being is still conscientious, you can see everyday what’s happening with the way people are conducting themselves, would you not be duly concerned? It looked like people are not bothered even if the world would be obliterated. So what chances are there in convincing them to toe the line for the sake of humanity?

People without any doubts are taking a step back in time to become uncivilized, and unappreciative because everything is simply taken for granted. Coupled with the fact that people are finding it easier to follow the wrong culture of behaving and doing things the rebellious way. Hence, everyone is so immune to such a way of life as a norm that people have absolutely lost their sense of direction and the meaning of what a real human being is. Is that what the world is like now?

Does it not bothers you? Does not anyone love to live in a perfect world anymore? Is that a likely possibility? To those who are stubborn and ignorant, it’s a hopeless venture to even knock any sense into them. But I believe there are still real human beings out there who are looking for a perfect world. Only problem is, they may not know it is within their reach and where to start. It’s simple. It starts with asking questions like these: What is there to imagine? How can there be a perfect world? Why talk about a perfect world when nobody is perfect?

Nobody is perfect. Isn’t that what many people will say? But then again, do you imagine? What would it be like if humans were perfect? Could humans have turned rebellious and disobeyed God all the same? Would humans have problems walking on water then? Could humans have succeeded with flying colors in assisting God to manage and sustain a perfect world we would have known of and enjoying now? Would you not at least try to let your imagination run wild a little? Well, you may say, “That could have what got the Devil into trouble with God for trying that! If the Devil who once was a perfect angel of God also fell from the grace of God for “imagining” himself better than God, is there any chance it’d be not happening to us even if we were “perfect” human beings?” If that’s what you can imagine, that already is a good start because you can tell what’s happening. What’s more, if you even can counteract with a piece of your mind…that is indeed brilliant! So, is that what you would agree to disagree?

Then, let’s get to know a little about the Devil. If you read the Bible, you are bound to know something that would help you to learn a lot of things. The Devil is also known as Satan  and vice versa. His name was actually Lucifer. That was before he got kicked out of heaven. He was an angel who was chosen to seat in the right hand of God. No other angels would be regarded as God’s second-best other than him. That means he was no small fry. But then, something went wrong. Unfortunately, what exactly transpired in heaven was out of the jurisdiction of humans to have such powerful intel.  I can only imagine, he went too far, perhaps in trying to make a difference…for all the wrong reasons?

Lucifer must have imagined himself as not only smarter but as powerful as God. Hence, that could have triggered him into believing he was good enough to put himself on the same pedestal as God. He also must have been good at “sweet-talking” other angels into starting a rebellion against God. That’s why he got banished from heaven and thrown into the world as punishment.  Not surprisingly, this punishment had to be a bitter lesson for the Devil to learn because it was a lesson about humility which he failed to pass with flying colors in the first place. And of course, we don’t need to imagine either, if he was as powerful as God after all. So, do not underestimate the power of humility!

Under such circumstances, it naturally sparked a personal vendetta given anybody, not just the Devil. When humans came into existence and put on earth, it was his payback time with God because of a wager God had made with him. Don’t think for a moment that God was so stupid not to know about the fallen Lucifer’s vengeance and hatred brewing  inside him. So, it seemed the Devil’s fall out with God had to do with God’s plan to create Man. And not forgetting the wager God made with the Devil. It is not hard to imagine how the feud is going to have an effect and hold on humanity. So, it’s back to the Devil’s game…kill or be killed!

What Was God’s Plan?

The expulsion of the Devil in this world was the greatest challenge between the Devil and God to win the hearts of Man in the wager. It became clear that God’s creation of Man was based entirely on the faith factor. This is God’s plan where you,  and everyone as human beings on earth are existing for. So wake up for goodness sake. We are existing here on earth not just to eat, sleep, make money or babies, enjoy life and then die. We existed because of a mission to fulfill for God… that is only if you know which side of the divide you are now. We also have to answer to God in the end…notwithstanding whichever side you take. So…can you tell God it’s not your business to get involved in the feud between Him and the Devil? As long as you’re now existing in this world, you’re already busted… like it or not! That means, you have no choice but to choose whether to become God’s scapegoat or the Devil’s scapegoat. It was not God’s intention for us humans to become scapegoat. It was because we humans who failed to obey God that we had brought upon ourselves a curse as a result. Wasn’t that unfortunate?

God’s plan was to teach the Devil, the lesson of humility not from Him, but from humans who are much lower in status than the Devil. That’s why, it’s of paramount importance that you should know where you stand. God had already placed his confidence and trust upfront in you. It’s now a question of  you going to disappoint Him or not. Or worse, end up disappointing God, yourself and the human race. You see, the heart of the issue was like everyone is walking on a tight rope and risk falling. If humans whom God created, were more vulnerable to fall from grace, but can obey and worship God by only passing a simple test in the Garden of Eden. Why then the Devil who was supposedly an angel of God, failed to fall down on his knees to obey and worship God naturally? That’s the lesson of humility God wanted the Devil to learn by the example of Man. But too bad, we humans fouled up God’s plan by falling short of His glory. And the worst part is. We humans don’t feel any remorse and are unrepentant most of the time since the time of Noah. Thus we humans ended up becoming the Devil’s advocate instead. That’s why, we even use  the term, “devil” in addressing one another.

Ironically, God knew ahead that the prospect of humans to succeed in teaching the Devil a lesson would be slim. Nevertheless, God still put his trust in Man upfront. His faith in his own creation of a perfect world would continue to materialize by us, through our FAITH in Jesus until the end of time. Little did we know and shouldn’t we? Because we are created in the image of God, we as human beings are actually no less powerful than the Devil. The most important thing of all is… God created us with a mind to think and to reason. And because we’re endowed with a conscience and a heart, we should know how significant it is, to set up a relationship with Him and in retrospect by having FAITH in Him as He did in us. For this reason alone, we’re supposed to have made God proud by rejecting the Devil which is what really matters to God. But so sad as it is, we did not, because we failed God so badly! Because of our insolent ignorance and disobedience, we’re not only making God looked less than perfect. We’re making ourselves worse than being imperfect. In short, if you looked in the mirror and can’t ‘see’ the image of God in you, do you still not know what went wrong?

God wanted us humans to stand by him and that was part of his plan in a perfect world. That’s why we humans came into existence. Many people still found it hard to figure out what was God’s plan…let alone understand it! The only obstacle that kept us from knowing God’s plan and to be a part of it, was because most of us failed to set up a relationship with Him. Do you know why? It’s because we have sinned against Him. Sin has brought upon a wall between us and God. It is only possible to break the wall by turning to one person only, and that is… Jesus! When you repent and confessed all your sins to Jesus and be baptised in the name of Jesus, the wall that separate between you and God will break open. You can start to have a relationship with God. Only then, your prayers from the heart will be heard. You do not need to memorize  your prayers by heart. You can just ‘talk’ to God directly like you do with a friend. You will also begin to ‘see’ the power of prayers manifesting…only if your FAITH in God stands steadfast!

There are no millions of ways to go about it to set up a relationship with the one and only Almighty God. If there were, then what’s the point of Jesus coming into the world to get whacked and nailed on the cross? For what? For fun? And if there were, it’s only obvious that all of them lead to the Devil instead. That’s the biggest problem now staring in the face of humanity. People do not see the urgency and the correct path in addressing it. People who are gone astray from God will create their own paths which will lead them to nowhere but to kingdom come. And worse of all. We humans are the ones relentlessly making the same infamous mistake of disobeying and ignoring God. That’s what caused God who had, what humans do not have and failed to HAVE, to create a perfect world in the hope that humans would become his FAITHFUL subjects on earth in controlling the Devil and his bunch of demons. But now, it’s the other way round. Everyone knows…or so it seemed.

But, if you asked, “where are the devils? I can’t see them”. Little did you know and shouldn’t you? Please look in the mirror again. If you ‘see’ a face that had done something wrong, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small wrong or a big wrong, that’s the devil you’re looking at…everyday in the mirror! So stop kidding yourself for goodness sake! Nothing in this world can help you get the Devil off your back…except Jesus!

Am I starting to let my imagination run too outrageously wild? Are you starting to feel uneasy about it? Am I making everyone feeling the jitters? If so, then it is a good sign indeed! And Hallelujah!

Are Humans Scapegoat?

Undeniably, there are still a lot of “right-minded” thinking people out there who would not buy this story about an Almighty God having  a “childish” feud with his once beloved angel, Lucifer. Right? And that we humans became caught in between as scapegoat. Right? Some people are not stupid and will ask questions like this. So Christians have the duty to be always ready to answer such questions. “Why was God so childish having a conflict with the Devil? And are we humans being made scapegoat?”  The reason people got confused is simple. It’s basically because they are missing something.

1.   They failed to read the Bible.

If and when that happens, they are already depriving themselves of the knowledge of God and how God would handle his sovereignty over his own creation. It’s really a cause for concern why people failed to ‘see’ what caused them to become so ignorant and rebellious. As one thing will lead to another, humans even failed to realise they have ended up becoming a voluntary scapegoat because of their own ignorance and stubbornness.

2.  They failed to have a relationship with God.

People are always in a denial mode and because of that, they are too proud to ask God for forgiveness of their sins through the Lord Jesus Christ. If and when that happens, they are lost and as a result, they haven’t a clue as to where they are heading…even though they “thought” they knew. In no time, they become too vulnerable and fall into the trap of creating their own so-called gods or religions to pacify themselves which is pathetic and insidious…so to speak.

3.  They failed to understand the power of having FAITH in God.

Many people go blindly believing in something they don’t even understand just because of all the “so-and-so” said so. If and when that happens, it is of course very dangerous as it is akin to playing with fire and get oneself  “annihilated”  for no good reason. Is it worth it? What if that is your soul you’re playing with? So who made who a scapegoat here now? You, God or the Devil? Still, people like this have to answer to God when the time comes. Can you tell God I had no choice…lah?

Is God being “childish”? And should we be scapegoat? “Verily, verily, I say unto you. If God is “childish”, should we not too?” That’s not any texts taken from the Bible, it’s my quote. If we were scapegoats, do we not have a choice to choose whose scapegoats we should become? Is it better to become as God’s scapegoats or be the Devil’s scapegoats? If you choose to become as  God’s scapegoat, then you should thank your lucky star because at the end of the day, you will find yourself rewarded for this heavenly mission. I believe I don’t have to tell you what reward it would be, if you choose to become the Devil’s scapegoat. Do I?

We thought of ourselves as wise in everything. But are we? We thought of ourselves as matured grown-ups and can figure out everything on our own without God. But can we? When things go awfully wrong and no one in the world could prevent any ‘bad’ things from happening, why only then turn to God in prayers? What’s the point? Wouldn’t it be a little too late? Besides, how would you know God will hear your prayers? And especially you don’t even have a relationship with Him. Do you? God has given every human beings the second chance to repent while they’re still breathing. It’s too late when one’s breath of life got snuffed out.

If you happen to hear news of any little child miraculously survived and saved from the aftermath of an earthquake or tsunami, or whatever disasters. Do you know why?  It’s because God is being “childish” and like to save little child. Next time, if you want to save yourself from any natural disasters, you had better cry like a little child just so you know you can miraculously be saved! So, if God is being “childish”, should we not all follow God and go back to being like a child and think as a child so that we would be saved and become children of God? Perhaps then, there’s a better chance for everyone to live and play in a perfect world. Isn’t it? That’s because all grown-ups easily become obnoxious and arrogant thinking they are wiser and better than each other. Thus, end up fighting all the time. And pathetically making this world a big fighting colosseum…to the amusement of the Devil and his bunch of demons!

What Is Your Version Of A Perfect World?

If you’d still considered yourself a wise and matured grown-ups, then it’s not so difficult to imagine something a little outrageous…just so you are not labelled as being “childish”.  Why not step into the shoes of Lucifer and “act” like God?  Believe me. There are plenty of little “Lucifer” out there who do like to “act” like God. Aren’t there? Because of religion, they have become so self-righteous and holy that they are already “acting” as though they are in the same pedestal as God telling what people should or should not do. That’s why, you do not know what you’re capable of accomplishing until you start to imagine. But, do you imagine it…right?

If people get caught off-guard not knowing what to imagine, it means only one thing. People are only setting themselves adrift on the wrong course of direction by their own ignorance. Don’t forget. The Devil can also be very, very “perfect” in executing his devilry stuff as in the case of “little Lucifer”. Evidently, this is exactly what is happening to almost everyone who is trying precariously to live up to the “perfect” expectations of the world. Is this not the Devil’s world? You will know when you become a Christian.

People are so caught up with the business of making money and more money that the only thing which makes everything “perfect” in their own world is money! “Money, money money, it’s not so funny…in the Devil’s world”. The Devil inside you will tell this: No money, no perfect home! No money, no perfect holidays! No money, no perfect luxury! No money, no perfect honey! Isn’t that what most people will tell you…or rather the Devil inside? Is that not your version of a perfect world? On the contrary, does the Devil ever tell you, “No money, but got God who so loved you?”

The Pros?

Our humans’ intelligence are pretty much limited for reasons that would be unknown to us. However, there’s no imagination that is unavailing for us humans to imagine of a perfect world that is either…good or evil. Why is a perfect world consists of good or evil? It’s because there’s good and evil in everyone, so is a “perfect world” if it is measured by its earthly standards where the Devil rules. There are always 2 side of a coin to look at.

Sadly, the simple dream of a God’s perfect world is always looking unimaginable and unachievable to a lot of people. That’s because the Devil is unremittingly offering the easy way out for people just as he had tried doing the same to Jesus before. Not all humans are smart or wise enough to accept and follow in the footsteps of Jesus to reject the Devil. Hence the Devil can easily win the hearts of humans with all the materialistic comforts…that would not last! That way, the Devil can claim the souls of those who are naïve enough to fall into the trap without waiting too long. Just ask yourself this question. How many 10 years of life can you have in your lifetime that the Devil can’t wait?

A perfect world actually is just a thought and an action apart only. What’s left is basically only applying a simple principle in between which is either positive or negative. Everyone knows… whatever a mind can conceive and believed, it would be achieved. For a perfect world based on FAITH in God to materialise, everyone should know it is not impossible. If only people be humble enough to follow the “blueprint” of God to go back to being as what a child think and talk as in being “childish”, then one will see how great the impact is…in becoming to become perfect!

Can Anyone Be Perfect?

Why not? If humans are so unmistakably capable of thinking or doing what’s unthinkable and unstoppable just to meet or to do something else, but a perfect world. Why would not everyone instead, imagine themselves as children of God following one “blueprint” that will hold the key to creating and sustaining a perfect world? The point here is. Why be perfect in doing evil when you can choose to become perfect in doing good? Just imagine. Wouldn’t it be incredible if everyone is living in a perfect world? Would that be something too unbelievable to happen? If you believe that’s not going to happen, it is presumably going down in that direction because you have only failed to see one thing. It’s the most crucial of all. You have unwittingly and undoubtedly missed out on this “blueprint” of God to go back to being a child. And that is, think, speak and act as child does. Is that joke? No. It is not! So, brace yourself for the last chance to live it…or lose it!

  1. If anyone goes back and be like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong to kill in the name of democracy or in the name of God…then DON’T KILL for goodness sake!
  2. If anyone goes back to become like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong to tell lies…thenDON’T TELL LIES for goodness sake!
  3. If anyone goes back to become like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong what one is teaching is the correct path to God…then DON’T SIMPLY TEACH for goodness sake!
  4. If anyone goes back to become like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong to steal…thenDON’T STEAL for goodness sake!
  5. If anyone goes back to become like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong to condemn others…then DON’T CONDEMN for goodness sake!
  6. If anyone goes back to become like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong to cheat…thenDON’T CHEAT for goodness sake!
  7. If anyone goes back to become like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong to exploit others…thenDON’T  EXPLOIT for goodness sake!
  8. If anyone goes back to become like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong to reject Jesus the Messiah…then DON’T REJECT for goodness sake!
  9. If anyone goes back to become like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong to follow the Devil…then DON’T FOLLOW for goodness sake!
  10. If anyone goes back to become like a child who is innocent and don’t know whether it is right or wrong to become evil…thenDON’T BE EVIL  for goodness sake!

There are only 10 items listed here as examples. Remember the saying, “Practice makes perfect”. If anyone can follow this blueprint and create another 90 items of your own and start practicing all of them until perfect to score 100 marks, you would have created a perfect world of your own. Then, if you share this with 10 people who do the same, you would have helped those 10 people created a perfect world of their own. In time to come, if this blueprint of God starts to spread like wild-fire, the world will automatically become a perfect world on the outside. That’s because everyone is fighting to create a perfect world on the inside. What’s perfect from the inside will automatically shine perfectly on the outside. That’s what really matters…to God!

The Cons?

We humans are nothing but just fragile mortals because death is always hovering over our heads to remind us so. We set out to do what we always thought are good and best for our future children’s children even if it means having to go about it unscrupulously without thinking of the repercussions that may follow.  Eventually all the bad karmas will come back to destroy ourselves in ways we would not be able to imagine, let alone comprehend. As to why bad things can happen to good people, we humans have no means whatsoever to uncover or to discover God’s divine power of his sovereignty over his own creation. That’s why having FAITH in God is what matters! Remember Job?

We are all created in the image of God. Does that not sound like we’re almost as good as being next to God? As such, don’t we humans have the power to make a choice that can even rattle the Devil to kingdom come and make God proud of us again? The biggest question mark in the history of the human race still looming is: When are we going to rattle up a perfect world that will leave no perfect chance for the Devil to make this world his perfect favourite playground? When are we going to rattle up all our resources we ever had to bring back a perfect world by doing something to make sure the Devil can no longer be around to rattle us to kingdom come? When are we going to rattle up the likeness of God in us to make the right choice once and for all to wreak havoc back on the Devil…for goodness sake? We always thought we knew better what’s best for us. In fact, it turned out most of the time we don’t! Then, why are we still kidding ourselves and still end up on the wrong side?

It is not impossible for anyone to become perfect to live in a perfect world. But don’t forget. The Devil also has a perfect world of his own. Whatever is not perfect to God is definitely perfect to him. So it all depends whether the Devil can outsmart and outdo humans to claim the souls of Man. The Devil is pretty much at an advantage and no problems having  a head start. He doesn’t need to crack his head in creating any “blueprints” for people to follow…unlike God. People will automatically fall into his trap voluntarily and easily. What trap? It is too long a list to unveil. Perhaps, by listing just 10 items will be good enough to give you an idea of a perfect world on the opposite of the divide.

  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if a person can cover up any lies until the day the person dies…that means only one thing. That person is a  PERFECT  LIAR!
  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if a person can get away scot-free for whatever murders committed and not apprehended until the day the person ides…that means only one thing. That person is a  PERFECT MURDERER!
  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if a person can evade the long arms of the law for committing crimes of rape until the day the person dies…that means only one thing. That person is a  PERFECT RAPIST!
  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if the court of law failed to nail a person of any serious corruption until the day the person dies…that means only one thing. That person is a PERFECT CORRUPTOR!
  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if  laws enforcement failed to make a person accountable for cheating regardless of small or big cases until the day the person dies…that means only one thing. That person is a  PERFECT  CON MAN!
  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if a person has the power to use religion in misleading people to fulfill any hidden agendas and is woefully protected until the day the person dies…that means only one thing. That person is a PERFECT DICTATOR! 
  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if a person would not feel any remorse or repent whatever sins perpetrated until the day the person dies…that means only one thing. That person is a PERFECT SINNER!
  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if a person goes about saying one thing and turn around doing otherwise and is not made accountable until the day the person dies…that means only one thing. That person is a  PERFECT HYPOCRITE!
  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if a person stubbornly does not accept the second chance that is given by the Almighty God to redeem oneself until the day the person dies…that means only one thing. That person is a  PERFECT FOOL! 
  • If anyone is a grown-ups and have no problems differentiating between what is right or wrong, but yet if a person can escape from the punishment on earth for crimes against humanity until the day the person dies…that means only one thing. That person is definitely the  PERFECT DEVIL!   So…who says,

Nobody Is Perfect?

Heard of it? Sounds too familiar? As human beings, naturally everyone will say, nobody is perfect! As such, no one would argue about it either. I would! In fact, the most interesting thing is, everyone also know very well too, when to exercise the magic of using it. This is because everyone keeps telling each other that all the time, at work and especially in politics when finger-pointing can so easily and often rear its ugly head. It is also so easy to get oneself out of a “sticky” situation when one is found pushed into a corner that one can’t get out of. So by pleading, “nobody is perfect”, it will thrive on the sympathy of anyone who will most likely also succumb to the curse of this human’s “perfect solution” that can help anyone to get away scot-free from being accountable. Do you not agree this is the  “perfect” weapon to keep one from getting busted for any mistakes made or wrongdoings done? Does it not work…everytime? Of course, everyone knows it does…especially those who are caught with their pants down with what they say or do. Hence, it’s not surprising that no one would be accountable because all one has to do is just say, “nobody is perfect”. “Viola, this will do the trick…all the time”! All will be forgiven and forgotten…or so they thought! Isn’t nobody is perfect…is a “perfect” excuse of all time?

Walking On Water?

Don’t be surprised if someone who is not as “real” a human being as you thought should be…would tell you, “Next Time You Think You Are Perfect. Try Walking On Water”! What would be your reaction? Have you not heard of this before? I have seen it somewhere before and were not dumbfounded and neither as surprised like you would!  Who would have ever thought of propagating such a propaganda although not short of moderation? Of course, it has got to be someone who must have studied the Bible. Apart from that, any Christians would know it has to do with Jesus. Talking about Jesus walking on water, suddenly it got so inspiring and so like…bugging me to death that somehow it seemed there’s a calling in me to check from inside out what exactly can we learn from this by scrutinising the incidence a little where Jesus made history…walking on water!

This account of Jesus walking on water is found narrated by John in one of the miracles of Jesus in the Gospels that were also recorded in the book of Matthew and Mark. In John chapter 6, if you read from verse 15, you can tell Jesus already sensed he was going to get in trouble waters before even walking on water. He knew sooner or later, he would be captured and turned over to the local authorities because of the many miracles he performed as a “human being”. And especially for claiming he was the Son of God of which those high priests, the Pharisees Jews at that time were accusing him of committing “blasphemy” against God and wanted him punished.

Because of this, he departed into a mountain alone…maybe to pray. At that time, after performing a miracle of feeding a multitude of people, He supposedly should have gone with his disciples over the sea of Galilee to Capernaum. The disciples decided to leave without him after seeing no sign of him coming to join them. After having rode their ship a short distance out in the sea, they saw a ghost-like figure walking on the sea towards them and they were afraid, but found out soon enough it was Jesus. According to another account given by Matthews 14:22-23, he mentioned that Peter, an apostle of Jesus also walked on the sea in a bid to receive Jesus back to their ship. However, on seeing a wave coming towards him, Peter got scared and started sinking. Jesus stretched out his hand and rescued him instead. And Jesus said to him, “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt”?

So you see. Simon Peter was not a perfect man. However, he was the closest to Jesus of all the disciples. Even though he was one of the chosen disciples of Jesus, yet he denied Christ thrice before the rooster crowed when Jesus was taken into custody after being betrayed by Judas in Matthew 26:67-75.  The reason Jesus was walking on water was because he wanted his disciples to know he could do it not because he was perfect. But it was because of FAITH! And Peter sank because he failed to HAVE it! Maybe, the slogan would make a little more sense if it sounded like this, “Next Time You Don’t Think You Are Perfect. Try Having Faith…Like Jesus”

Can You Imagine?

Imagine…what if you have become an  upright and perfect person because you have succeeded in leading others to follow the “blueprint” of God in going back to think like a child? Do you think everyone else will have second thoughts accepting the same “blueprint” to become upright and perfect? Wouldn’t you be proud that people are following in your footsteps? So, is such a perfect world a little near, yet too far for you? It won’t be…if  only you can imagine!

Imagine…what if it’s as simple as everyone like you only do a little small act of kindness in blessing others the way you would like to be blessed by sharing the blueprint, then everything will go back to being a perfect world…just like magic? Would you have second thoughts doing it…everyday of your life? Why not…if only you can imagine!

Imagine…what if everyone makes it an everyday resolution to drive the Devil nuts and back to hell? Wouldn’t it be nice to keep him out of job in wreaking havoc with God’s creation which is us! Wouldn’t everyone be reaching the ‘higher ground’ by fulfilling the circle of life in living to give, giving to love and loving to live as Jesus? Would doing all of these not make everyone a part of a  perfect world of saints even before the second coming of Jesus? Why be the Devil when you can be the Saint? If… only you can imagine!

Jesus knew whoever believed and followed him will undoubtedly be persecuted and killed in those days. Not surprisingly, this is happening even in the present times. He reminded his disciples this will be the price to pay for having FAITH in him to become perfect in the sight of God. So in John 10:11, he told them, “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy  both soul and body in hell”. 

Everyone dies. Not everyone really lives! Do you?