Human Nature vs Mother Nature [Part 2]

The Ever Underestimated, Ignored, and Violated Mother Nature

In all of God’s creation, whether it’s about humans or not, everything existing in the universe has always been governed by God’s rule of law since day one! But the biggest problem ever affecting the livelihood of humans is when Mother Nature always vulnerable to get violated one way or the other to whack humans by means of natural disasters and catastrophes of the worst kind in what goes around comes around.

When unfortunate things like this happens, somehow it will destroy almost everything, especially humans, like falling dominoes and of course, without recourse. As unfortunate as it sounds, Mother Nature DOES NOT and WILL NOT ever spare people from getting backfired because of NO GOOD DEED done to her.

One thing for sure is, she always will unleash what  has been packaged to do more harm than good and…without fail! As a result, humans have the price of hell to pay like business as usual!

For this simple reason, it is good enough for people to always get ready to face and suffer serious consequences. If humans wanna see better days ahead with no bad disasters whacking us out of the blue, then we must by all means necessary not make Mother Nature very angry at being violated for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

But, do humans have a heart big enough not to violate Mother Nature by making big and resolute sacrifices to completely stop carbon emission of any kind including open-burning? I don’t think so! Do you?

The Almighty, better known as Yahweh in the Hebrew language, whom only Christians would revere and worship as the one and only true Almighty God, has never ever worried whether the reason and the purpose He created human beings on earth gonna stay its course or not until the end.

Why? That’s because He knows NO humans with a mind to think and choose can by any means violate His rule of law and escape punishment whether in this life or the next life simply because of what goes around come around.

He also knows and always trusts upfront there are still humans existing with a heart and conscience to do the right thing according to His standard to save one’s soul from eternal damnation as the top priority.

Perhaps, the only kind of humans worth mentioning in this case is no other than Christians who are smart and humble enough to acknowledge the one true Almighty God as the Creator who sent Jesus of Nazareth to atone for the sins of mankind, and in which case is humans’ one and only hope of salvation to be had – undoubtedly and unmistakably!

As such, God ONLY graciously considered those having had the sense and sensibility to choose the correct path to come clean and became born again Christians as the righteous ones in His sight!

Even more so, all Christians considered as the righteous ones by God will always be blessed with the privilege and power to pray to Jesus, the Mediator and ask Him to forgive even the sins of one’s “dead ancestors” who could have died without having any chance to obey the Gospel of Jesus due to unforeseen circumstances.

If God is offering all humans such a good term, why then are you not a Christian? Why do people still prefer to choose otherwise and rebel against Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Don’t you know why by now?

If you choose wisely to believe in Jesus and become a born again Christian, certainly there is a very good chance you could even save your “dead ancestors” from eternal damnation as long as you do so while still breathing and before Judgment Day come to pass. So no one should doubt the gospel truth of such claims! Should you?

That’s also why God gave Jesus all power and authorities in heaven and on earth as the one and only Mediator for the righteous ones [Christians] to have one last chance to take care of any “unfinished business” left unfinished by their “dead ancestors” because of one reason or another.

But little did you know? You, regardless of your race or creed, are unmistakably more important than your “dead ancestors” because where their destiny would bring their souls actually very much depends on you to make the most important decision in your life and that is – to become a born again Christian for this good reason and good purpose to save your “dead ancestors” too!

In other words, your “dead ancestors” are only on “death row” on the other side waiting to face the final second-death on Judgment Day. And that means, their only chance of redemption depends entirely on you as the righteous one to make one last appeal to Jesus the Mediator to pardon them of their sins and be saved from eternal damnation.

Jesus as the Mediator will listen to your prayers and pleas to forgive your “dead ancestors” because of you having had come clean and REPENTED to become a born again Christian!

As a born again Christian and considered as the righteous one in God’s sight, you must however by all means necessary prove yourself worthy of the appeal you made for your “dead ancestors” to be redeemed by faithfully doing God’s will in preaching the Gospel of Jesus to save as many souls as you can from the evil clutches of the Satan while you are still breathing!

So, why are you not a Christian since you are your “dead ancestors” only hope and chance for redemption? Probably, you are itching to ask where is the proof of such “fairy-tales” claims? Of course, such a significant claim about one’s precious soul gotta be substantiated by scriptural proof – if it was to be accepted as the gospel truth, right?

Well then, let’s see if what’s found written in James 5:16 is good enough to substantiate such a claim. Can it? No? Why not? But the Word of God says, if you as a born again Christian have faith in Him [Mark 11:24] and always obey His commands and do what pleases Him [1 John 3:22], then your prayer as the righteous one in His sight is powerful and effective! Do you or do you not believe this?

The reason Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob never ever worried whether humans ignore Him or not and much less fear Him or not, is because of His impeccable rule of law designed to make humans pay the price of hell when violated in what goes around comes around.

In other words – no natural disasters and catastrophes would have ever happened for no good reason and no good purpose. If anyone does not think so, then by all means test God and continue to violate His rule of law that protects Mother Nature that in turn take cares of our needs for survival, and then see for yourself whether it’s God or you who will end up having to suffer the ever worst man-made disaster in one’s lifetime and that is – dying a tragic and gruesome death at our own doings!

If everyone was ever so smart enough to have understood why the ugly side of human nature that crossed the line, inevitably or not, inadvertently or not, to violate Mother Nature over and over to get backfired in what goes around comes around, then everyone should have known better that Mother Nature is our one and only hope of survival on earth and thus, NOT to be messed around with, or taken lightly – ever!

But too bad, it looks like humans especially those idolaters will have no qualms to continue practicing polytheism and conduct their religious open-burning to do more harm than good, and like business as usual!

It’s also highly likely they ain’t gonna give a damn whether Mother Nature retaliated with untold destruction of the worst kind “just because” they think they can always turn around to put the blame on God by conveniently saying, “it’s an act of God” especially when something bad happens that actually culminated from the devil’s habit of humans having no qualms to violate God’s rule of law in what goes around comes around.

Did God ever tell anyone in the present times like as though He told Abraham He was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah in the biblical days? So how can anyone simply says it’s “an act of God” without any proof?

Humans do have an option to “forgive” one another even if it’s pretentious or not, but one thing for 100% sure is – this is NEVER the case with Mother Nature because she can NEVER pretend nothing happens especially when she’s violated!

Unlike humans, she is no hypocrite! She always can survive without any help from humans so-called “trying” in their unsubstantial and inconsistent ways to “save the earth” on one hand and “inevitably” destroying her on the other hand “just because” humans always believed it was necessary under man-made constitutions to “promote” cultural and religious diversity to make sure “peace” and “harmony” in any multiracial society not compromised, or ruined by the one true Almighty God who always believed and trusted humans upfront that they will come back to Him on the one and only correct path through His Son, Jesus [John 14:6] and NOT foolishly getting screwed up enough in the head to be so easily misled by man-made religions of the most disastrous kind!

But alas, humans have always proven themselves as gutless and faithless as ever even to reciprocate His trust and faith in us. The only humans who ever earned God’s respect so much so God ONLY recognize them as the righteous ones in His sight are no other than born again Christians destined to become sons of God or children of God in the kingdom of heaven!

So if you are not a Christian, you might as well eat your heart out and do it faster than the “Fast & Furious” sequels because the worst is yet to come!

By contrast, humans CANNOT even survive and live without the help of Mother Nature because ONLY she can make our survival possible by providing us the fundamental necessity to live such as rain, air and sunshine that MONEY can’t buy!

Even if you are a billionaire with one hell of money to burn – so what? What can your “massive wealth”  do to humanely quench your thirst if you have NO WATER to drink because of Mother Nature having had gotten inhumanely violated to stop raining for good?

You don’t think this will happen any time soon? Then, you better not think whether less or more, and quickly book yourself a seat with NASA to fly you off to Mars so that you can still continue to live as “luxuriously” as ever on your wealth somewhere over the rainbow, so to speak!

If ever those anti-Christ and non-Christians, especially idolaters still think they can get away with NO GOOD DEED done to Mother Nature, then why not by all means keep doing all the nonsensical open-burning to make her stop raining as well as make the sun keep increasing its fiery temperature to BBQ everyone alive, especially those living in tropical countries.

Only then should everyone start to brace oneself for the worst to come. It’s still NOT” too late to get whacked by Mother Nature for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose, you know? Does this sound too “far-fetched” and “too extremist”?

Yes, indeed it is, but it’s for the common good of everyone – if only everyone is wise enough to see and understand! It’s being satirically said just so everyone knows it is something that can NEVER come undone once the damage is done – NOT even by asking her for “forgiveness” because Mother Nature is forever unforgiving! I’ll give you that!

That’s why it’s so crucially necessary at this point to give credit to what good extremism is all about. Is it not?

The same principle applies to smokers too who go about their business as usual and smoke like nobody’s business to violate nature’s rule of law to destroy their own health as well as depriving non-smokers the right to have fresh and clean air to breath. Soon enough, all such chronic smokers will find themselves end up with health related problems such as lung and heart cancer while at the same time making non-smokers sick too with their second-hand smoke.

When such a tragic thing happens that could be avoidable, yet no one ever bothered even if the sky falls down, do you think then it’s possible for them [smokers] to ask their biological body to “forgive” them and be merciful enough to “heal” them and those non-smokers who too suffered at their hands because of the second-hand smoke they are disgustingly and selfishly contributing unnecessarily but ever so wickedly and not knowing it, or knowing it but pretend not to?

If you as a bystander, happens to know it’s an impossible thing for all feeble and fragile humans to ask Mother Nature for “forgiveness” and spare humans from getting annihilated by her fury, then certainly you would be so kind to “do-good” with “acts of kindness” to tell any of those perpetrators, “hey mister, don’t do unto Mother Nature, or your body what you don’t want Mother Nature, or your body do unto you!”

Would you not, at least, tell them such simple truths for the common good of all, and NOT just them? Isn’t what social media is all about – to share what’s good and true and not those rubbish stuff that so many will give the thumbs up instead?

One thing for sure is – protecting Mother Nature or your body from getting violated is sacrosanct – if the humankind intends to survive long enough to make this one and only habitable planet as our permanent home with blue sky and everything nice, or for everyone to live longer and happier without having to suffer from sickness and diseases because of all forms of open-burning among others that ignorantly contributed to global warming and not to mention, the devil’s filthy habit of smoking that kills everyone all the same!

Don’t you see? If we do not take care of Mother Nature by stopping all forms of open-burning whether religious or not, naturally Mother Nature DOES NOT and WILL NOT take care of us by unleashing her fiercest force of nature to tear us apart that is even worse than the smell and sight of death combined together!

Going by such definition that is about protecting Mother Nature and her rule of law especially – here is one good reason to tell everyone about the goodness of being a born again Christian! And that is, one does not need to conduct any of those ridiculous and hazardous religious open-burning, yet still can please God and accepted as the righteous one in His sight as well as keep Mother Nature calm and most importantly not violated, thus saving the day!

Also, it incredibly saves every Christian from having to burn big holes in one’s pockets and the sky – the ozone layer, I mean!

The most dangerous thing ever to happen is – those who religiously practice polytheism are not only creating a spiritual animosity between them and God who always abhorred idols-worshiping, they are also blindly pissing off Mother Nature that will NEVER tolerate getting choked and violated in any way by all such religious but destructive open-burning conducted for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

All idolaters should know all along they CANNOT and WILL NOT ever substantiate any of their lousy and ridiculous claims of idols-worshiping to save their souls from eternal damnation. So it only goes to prove one thing. They are actually doing the worst thing ever in the sight of the one true Almighty God to pay allegiance to false beliefs  churned out by false teachings and false gods from man-made religions that will always do more harm than good even according to Man’s standards, let alone God’s!

But why then do humans still keep making themselves as the worst kind of problem to God than as the best solution by only doing the right thing according to His standard? You tell me! So what a “wonderful world” it is that everyone gets whacked for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose because of the foolish ones religiously doing all the nonsensical and foolish things!

Now, “if you were a wise and reasonable person”, and looking at such perspectives, don’t you think all idolaters better known as anti-Christ and non-Christians according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible, have gotten badly blinded by the devil to rebel and destroy God’s creation? If so, don’t you think they deserve to be punished like the way Lucifer got kicked out of heaven because God could not tolerate his foolishness and now those of humans too?

If no punishment ever meted out on Lucifer, can you imagine the harm done to God’s heaven because of him having turned evil to destroy God’s holiness? The same thing – if no punishment ever meted out on humans, can you also imagine the kind of harm done to Mother Nature because of the perpetual foolishness perpetrated by the foolish ones that culminated from religious open-burning in idols-worshiping that will bring about serious repercussion for all – including even Christians?

Can you not see what’s happening now to the climate change is getting worrisome than ever? Is such reasoning too “far-fetched” and “too extremist” and so, not good enough to prove what went wrong with those anti-Christ and non-Christians who never ever acknowledged, revered, feared, nor worshiped the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus?

Do you think you can ever be “as wise and as reasonable enough” to know and understand what’s the implication here and not get offended to act violently and irresponsibly because of having read something not to your liking even though it’s nothing but the gospel truth?

Surely everyone has the common sense to tell whatever open-burning carried out whether religious or not, all such bad habits perpetrated will as a result take a heavy toll on Mother Nature and the health and well-being of all people – innocent or not!

If that is the case, can you, “if you were someone smart enough to learn fast”, tell why those who acted irresponsibly for having violated Mother Nature in the name of religion, do not fear getting implicated “just because” they knew they will never be held accountable for such serious “religious misconduct” committed against Mother Nature that is much the same as having had “molested” or “raped” any innocent teenage girls at one’s whim and fancy and still can get away scot-free?

Can you not tell why? It’s all because of two words, “just because”! Yes, that’s exactly what is causing all the problems that is good enough to set any perpetrators free from getting implicated and punished.

Yes, “just because” all such perpetrators, either got lucky enough that no one ever bothered to report them to the authorities, or that there’s no proof they ever did it “just because” there’s no law stating that religious open-burning is an offense punishable with fines or jail terms, so all such open-burning perpetrators easily get away scot-free even when they know very well they have violated Mother Nature indiscriminately and in which case, is  the same as any innocent teenage girls having gotten “molested” or even “raped” incongruously with no recourse all because of the two words, “just because”!

Now, “just because” such perpetrators can act irresponsibly to violate Mother Nature like they think they can “molest” or even “rape” any innocent teenage girls who end up scarred for life and can do nothing about it DOES NOT mean Mother Nature will also be scarred for life and can do nothing about it.

Of course not! Like business as usual, Mother Nature as the mother of all life on earth will for all her life retaliate with untold destruction on humans without recourse so much so no one can ever imagine how seriously Mother Nature would react when having gotten violated for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose, until one can witness the aftermath of any natural disasters that happened!

So everyone should always be rest assured – she is always above the law to punish humans innocent or not and mercilessly too when having had gotten violated whether by mistakes or not and unintentionally or not!

When she gets angry enough, she can kick up a storm to simply toss people out from the face of the earth, simply drown them by tsunami, typhoon, or “sweep them off their feet” right from where they sleep at night with her no-holds barred torrential “tears” pouring out of the sky to get everything submerged within minutes.

Honestly, for the good of everyone concerned, have you whether as an anti-Christ and non-Christian or not, gotten smart enough to learn faster than the “Fast & Furious” sequels what’s the implication here? If you have not the slightest idea, then better don’t make Mother Nature angry for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose. You ain’t gonna like her when she is angry!

Because of all such nonsensical religious activities perpetrated for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose, all humans whether righteous or not, innocent or not, ignorant or not, and like it or not, will inevitably have to bear the brunt of all such ridiculous and irrelevant religious open-burning activities perpetrated by the foolish ones who never ever knew who the one true Almighty God is that one should fear, revere and to worshipunmistakably!

So can you imagine “the good, the bad, and the ugly” having to suffer and probably die at the hands of the foolish ones who could be from “the good, the bad, and the ugly”? And not surprisingly, it’s highly likely no one, especially the foolish ones, would ever have thought about it in their lifetime! Have you, anyway?

Whether one is foolish enough to think one can escape from such foolish religious activities that will always screw up Mother Earth till doomsday, one thing 100% for sure is, others especially Christians, who do not believe in idols-worshiping and not ever involved in all such nonsensical religious open burning, too not only have to suffer at the hands of the foolish ones, but the ever worst part is, they can do nothing about it and will always end up having to endure and tolerate it for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

At least, God had the power to kick Lucifer out of heaven for having turned wicked, but no humans on earth even the righteous ones [Christians] have the power to kick those religious open-burning perpetrators, or smokers out of the face of the earth. Can you?

But then, no matter what’s the scenario, you especially “if you’re a Christian”, still cannot just “kill” all such “infidels” [Kafirs] like what the Prophet Muhammad instructed “true Muslims” to do to earn a place in a somewhat “paradise”. All too sadly, that is the most ugly truth coming out of any man-made religions always using God’s name in vain by shouting “Allahuakbar” to make one’s religion looks and sounds “superior” but forever at the cost of the foolish ones!

And neither can you, if you are a non-smoker, “kill” any of those chronic smokers. Already the second-hand smoke of those chronic smokers is doing a “good job” silently in killing all non-smokers faster than smoking that can kill the smokers themselves. Don’t you ever think so? If not, then please go and ask any doctors – those who don’t smoke, of course!

Because those who smoke like nobody’s business in an enclosure where people, especially non-smokers, are enjoying their meal or something, can anybody not see clearly this is the power of the Satan that makes smokers so disgustingly selfish and idiotic enough to cause other people, especially non-smokers, put up with their filthy second-hand smoke and run the risk of developing health problems that could be worse than them deserving to die from cancers?

Do smokers have any sense of civil-mindedness, let alone fairness to non-smokers? If they do, then they should only indulge in such devil’s filthy habit of smoking in the privacy of their own home, and NOT publicly for goodness sake!

End of the day, how bloody “cool looking” can they be when they start looking sickly and frail because of what goes around comes around to kill them from inside out to die a foolish death all for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Would it not have better off if they suffered and died for the cause of Christ that will please God than suffered and died under the bondage of the Satan as slaves to sin to end up in eternal damnation?

In the case of those idolaters, any Christians inevitably forced to “discriminate” against them will always vouch NOTHING good worth mentioning at all about them having gotten screwed up enough even on their “do-good” with “acts of kindness” to make wasteful “burnt offerings” to the dead than taking care of the living, especially the less fortunate ones such as the homeless people having no food to eat.

Why? That’s because the devil always want them to make the living dead quicker and the dead to keep “living” longer in hell on religious open-burning, or smokers with their second-hand smoke so that Lucifer will sure as hell devour as many souls as possible to have his revenge on God who kicked him out of heaven!

Still don’t see the big picture? How can we, as humans with a mind to think and to choose, end up in the wrong hands of Lucifer when we can choose to become the righteous ones [Christians] to end up in the good hands of our Lord Jesus Christ?

So unfortunately, all the innocent ones, whether one who abhorred idols-worshiping or not, and non-smokers whether inevitably having to inhale second-hand smoke or not, they will always be deprived of fresh and clean air to breathe and that is the No.1 most disgusting thing ever to happen to mankind on earth!

Can you, if you are a non-smoker, have any appetite and peace of mind to eat at eateries because of all such nonsense perpetrated by the foolish ones for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose? Those smokers will only wholeheartedly agree and understand when they have completely stopped smoking and start inhaling second-hand smoke to get the taste of one’s medicine!

If those smokers and idolaters still cannot see what they are doing to themselves and others, especially Mother Nature, then don’t you think they are exactly the same nutcase as the recent case of a German co-pilot of German Wings having gotten suicidal enough to wanna crash the plane into the French Alps taking all innocent lives along to fulfill his screw-up “mission” of wanting his name go down in history to be remembered? What was his name anyway? So sorry I forgot! Can anyone recalls his name thus far?

If everyone can take such perspectives into consideration and think right, then everyone would surely agree that those smokers and idolaters are too blind not to see they, like the German co-pilot of German Wings, too are doing the same most ridiculous and wicked thing not only to themselves, but also to other innocent people in the long run because of their perpetual foolishness in smoking that ain’t “cool looking” anymore, or the religious practice of open burning from idolaters who always “do-good” with “acts of kindness” only to raise hell on earth!

Then again, no matter how religiously you, as a smoker or idolaters are, in having had gotten screwed up enough to involve in the devil’s filthy habit of smoking, or idols-worshiping, but under God’s heavens, as long as you still have a wee bit of a heart and conscience to look at it in such perspectives to make a change and do the right thing according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible; still, there is hope of salvation for people like you provided you truly wake up and stop all such irresponsible and irrelevant religious open-burning practices, or stop the devil’s filthy habit of smoking if you are a chain smoker, and seriously consider making the sensible decision to come back on the correct path to the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus and become a born again Christian to save the day so that everyone, including you or perhaps, even your “dead ancestors”, a chance to live happily ever after because of Jesus who is your one and only Mediator to be had – to solve all your demonic problems! Copy?

As grown-ups and blessed with a mind to think, reason and to choose, we should always ACT RESPONSIBLY as real human beings do, and do what’s right to protect Mother Nature and the safety of all humans on earth to have the right to enjoy fresh air, blue sky and everything nice!

Perhaps, if I were in the shoes of a smoker or idolaters, I would have asked myself one simple question – how the devil could I, as a human being in flesh and blood created in the image of God, and given the second-chance to come clean and REPENT because of the graciousness and mercy of God, have ever behaved and acted as one of the foolish ones did to destroy God’s creation in the sight of God?

Is this not unthinkable when there is even no logic in doing so?

Where is the basic sense of belonging in everyone, especially those idolaters and smokers?

Have such people gone madder than Lucifer just to rebel against God to look as “cool” as a fool smoking, or that going to hell and raising hell on earth is the way of life and a “must do” thing for all idolaters?

…………………to be continued

Famous Quotes:

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
– Galileo –


Human Nature vs Mother Nature [Part 1]

The Ugly Side Of Human Nature

It is not uncommon to see man-made religions such as Taoism that inviolably has involved in burning lots of joss-sticks and other prayers paraphernalia as “burn-offerings” to appease countless of “deities” and “gods” in every religious ceremony practiced for centuries until today.

As such, there is a cause for concern, especially when one takes into consideration such an unaccountable amount of open-burning perpetrated daily for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

The reason for making such an unapologetic allegation against the religion in particular is not without substantiation from the Word of God, the Holy Bible to claim all devotees of all such man-made religions basically CANNOT even prove it has in any way ever gotten “authorized” or “endorsed” by the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as part of His plan to offer hope of salvation to all mankind because of what went wrong with humans according to Romans 3:23!

So that means only one thing – all devotees of such man-made religions should take note that whatever God abhorred is obviously irrelevant in saving humans from the chronic problem and curse of sin, death, and the devil that has plagued the humankind since day one!

Strangely, why such kind of people never ever accepted the gospel truth from God is a great mystery, indeed!

But nevertheless, all such religious practices will go on until doomsday as long as there are still plenty of superstitious and gullible people getting screwed up enough in the head to embrace such a ridiculous and irrelevant man-made religion that will do more harm than good in at least 3 ways – to begin with!

First, the immense harm done to Mother Nature that culminated from all such religious open-burning is understandably irreversible!

Second, Mother Nature has always been known for its no-holds-barred reprisal with its fiercest force of nature to cause untold disasters and miseries on humans in the history of mankind and….without fear or favor too!

Third, humans whether innocent or not, cannot escape the fury of Mother Nature’s punishment because of those superstitious and gullible people having no qualms to violate nature’s rule of law in what goes around comes around!

Yet, there’s another kind of illegal but non-religious open-burning commonly seen perpetrated at rubbish dumps, or at the backyard of anyone’s home by irresponsible people that everyone should see it as adding salt to the injury of Mother Nature already whacked bad enough because of global warming!

So sadly, even local authorities of whatever political affiliation can do NOTHING about it. Whether they are tough and serious enough to punish the culprits with heavy fines or jail sentence for the sake of Mother Nature, or for protecting the health of the living will always remain to be seen.

Bottom line is, can anyone whether religious or not, see any difference in both scenarios and do something about it?

For starters, certainly it depends on how one looks at it – rightly or wrongly! That’s because the biggest problem plaguing humanity is the ever subjective and argumentative issue of rights and wrongs as in what’s wrong to one person is not to another and vice-versa. Whatever the consequenece whether good or bad that anyone gonna face in the end will always depend on the choice that one ever made!

And the worst thing to happen in such a critical situation is, no one bothers to take care, nor defend Mother Nature from getting violated by irresponsible acts of incorrigible people doing all the nonsensical open-burning for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose. The only way to make the culprits pay the price of hell for their ignorance and insensitivity to environmental issues is to fine them heavily until they are so scared of getting fined!

Basically, the reason such kind of ignorant people all the more make matters worse than ever, especially in the case of man-made religions that caused all such environmental problems, is because of people like them having been raised up with different mentality that culminated from different background and environment usually related to man-made religions. So sad to say, that’s exactly the root cause of the problem!

The most frustrating part is, there’s absolutely NOTHING anyone can do anything about it. That’s just the way it is – something’s never gonna change! And that again, what usually considered as something screw-up to one person is not to another person under God’s heavens! Only the power of the Gospel of Jesus can change all that whether people believe it or not, and much less – like it or not!

Unfortunately, anyone especially any Christian who takes the trouble to point out all such sorry mess of a screw-up society would be made to look like the “bad person” instead of those open-burning perpetrators who should learn some good lessons from criticisms whether uncalled for or not!

If nobody ever like to be criticized, surely the same that nobody likes to criticize, especially when one would possibly end up getting “charged” for saying something seditious that is not to the liking of those who always think themselves as more “superior” than anyone else. But then, if nobody wants to be the “bad person” to do so, then how the devil can everyone learn the ever so important and crucial lesson to abide by nature’s rule of law?

If no stern actions taken to punish anyone found conducting any forms of open-burning to prevent Mother Nature from getting screwed up enough to otherwise unleash its fury to punish us…including the innocent ones not involved as open-burning perpetrators, then how the devil can the rest have the fun and the sun without getting BBQ alive out in the open?

Obviously, the only way to make sure humans get protected from Mother Nature unleashing its fury to punish us is; we must by all means necessary, make sure Mother Nature always get the protection and respect it deserves to keep calm and not easily getting it violated by humans conducting all those nonsensical and irresponsible activities of open-burning that will certainly make Mother Nature go haywire – inevitably!

But alas, “just because” every different race has all along been “expected” to stick to one’s own culture and religion to “promote” cultural diversity, so everyone too, whether like it or not, has been uncompromisingly “expected” to keep one’s mouth shut and not utter any ugly truths that could “hurt” the feelings of others.

And alas again, “just because” everyone has the constitutional right to have “freedom of religion” to worship as many gods as possible with all forms of open-burning allowed and perpetrated, so never mind about Mother Nature getting violated without recourse because it’s always “worth” spending the tax payers’ money to rebuild all the damages done and to fully compensate those who suffered losses when Mother Nature always strikes back in force to protect its nature rule of law and…undeterred!

Come to think of it, actually, there is no other better way out of all such man-made nonsense than to obey the Gospel of Jesus that had already been proven as the one and only SOLUTION, not only to the chronic problem and curse of sin, death, and the devil, but it’s ever so handy at the same time in getting Mother Nature protected from being violated with open burning simply because Christians DO NOT practice all such nonsensical things!

Even then, people are still less than interested to recognize such gospel truth that will save one’s soul from eternal damnation as well as keep the environment – spot on!

Yet, people who are less than sensible still continue to make religious open-burning as abysmal as ever so much so, such man-made problems will never be resolved, especially when all such stubborn and foolish ones keep turning their back on God’s call to reconcile with Him through Jesus of Nazareth to become born again Christians, thus not having to involve in any religious open-burning at all to get everyone BBQ alive under the hot and scorching Sun because of climate change.

No doubt the freedom to choose is, of course, good. But then again, it is very dangerous when one chose the wrong and destructive path, yet made it worse by religiously having “believed” and “embraced” it as the “right choice” that is according to Man’s standards than to make the right choice to obey the Gospel of Jesus that is according to God’s standard!

And this is all because of humans having gotten screwed up in the head apparently for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Because people deliberately do not bother to check it out with the one true Almighty God, the author of salvation, and the ONE who sent Jesus of Nazareth, hence, they are unmistakably putting their souls at high risk of getting incarcerated in the eternal pit of fire and again, for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

In fact, the hardest nut for people of all such cultural and religious diversities to crack is as certain as hitting a jackpot to say for sure it’s a zero-rated chance these people will “religiously” bother to find out the ugly truth as to whether one’s own religion holds water or not!

Whether they have it all figured out or not; still, they are as screwed up as ever all the same as long as they remain as anti-Christ and non-Christians to practice polytheism that involves a lot of religious open-burning to raise hell on earth just to keep getting Mother Nature violated like nobody’s business!

To give man-made religions its due by being correct and truthful, let’s take a look at two of the most earliest religions – Hinduism and Taoism.

Undoubtedly and unfortunately, both religions were founded on the basis of idols-worshiping that radically caused humans to go astray from our Creator to the point of no return. The ever worst thing to happen is, still they do not fear for their lost souls that are about to get incinerated any time soon when death comes knocking on one’s door “all of a sudden” for failing to do the right thing according to God’s standard!

Such a “radical” point of view, of course, is only true – if one would base such findings according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible which has by far known as the safest and truest blueprint ever available to guide mankind from being religiously misled by false doctrines and teachings of man-made religions that are absolutely NOT worthy of devotion whether people gonna embrace it for another one hundred years or a thousand years, so to speak!

It does not matter how you dressed up looking religiously “righteous and holy” on the outside because God only bothers to look inside to see whether there is still a heart and conscience to behold, or if it is still working or not, according to His standard. As long as you still are as stiff-necked as ever like the orthodox Jews and Muslims refusing to do the right thing to come clean and REPENT by obeying the Gospel of Jesus, still it makes NO difference who you are in the sight of Yahweh as declared in Romans 3:23 because it always takes having a heart and conscience, NOT religious fashion wear, to do the right thing according to God’s standard! Dig?

For 100% sure, those superstitious and gullible people will still continue with their religious practice of open-burning like business as usual. They are not ever gonna bat an eyelid even if what they are blindly doing that incurs the wrath of Mother Nature that will reciprocate their no good deed of open-burning and punish us all…without fear or favor!

And that’s because they always think they “know better” than the one true Almighty God whom most people, especially the orthodox Jews and Muslims, have gotten awfully screwed up enough to even believe it makes “no sense” for Yahweh to have ever sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to atone for the sins of all mankind when He could have just used all His might to do a “miracle” instead to save the world, and of course, Jesus from having to suffer all the excruciating pain to die on the cross just to give us hope of salvation, right?

Of course, you are right under the banner of freedom of speech! As an Almighty God, Yahweh should have done exactly that because He always has all the divine power to do so, but unfortunately He did not do exactly that for us as feeble and fragile humans! Do you know why God DID NOT and even more so, CANNOT ever do things according to Man’s standards that will not work and last?

That’s because if He did exactly what we expected Him to, then the Satan will see it as abuse of power under the terms of the wager between both of them. Then, the most despicable thing ever to happen is, humans whom God trusted upfront, will always have no qualms to violate His rule of law again and again until the end of time like history always repeating itself.

As an Almighty God, He must not ever fail to show Himself as righteous and holy for humans to trust and have faith in Him, right or not? So, if He ever had violated the terms of the wager with abuse of power just to save our sorry butts the easy way out, then why can’t we as humans do the same in violating His rule of law to do as we please? If this happens, then don’t you think all hell will break loose?

In addition to that, those having had already gotten worse enough as anti-Christ and non-Christians surely will continue to give the Almighty God NOTHING but problems until the end of time with no recourse!

Unmistakably, that is exactly what has been happening in the world of Islam where those “true Muslims” will always believe it’s “mandatory” under the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad to kill kafirs [infidels] while others claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” will always reject “IS” as terrorists and so not “Muslims” in the true sense.

But then, both preaching different ideologies still will, at all cost, “protect” the true but sadistic nature of Islam with one side favors killing kafirs [infidels] while the other side that favors “moderation”  end up having no choice but to condemn those Muslims extremists such as IS for giving Islam a bad name. Whether that is really the case or not, they can’t tell because they are a confused lot becasue of the Koran ever festered with contradictions in the first place!

One can’t help but wonder how the devil those claiming “moderation” as the “one and only way” forward can actually make the “Islam Supremacy Agenda” of Muslims to “Islamicized” the world “possible” by condeming other “true Muslims” killing kafirs [infidels] as “terrorists”? If both sides cannot even see eye to eye with each other, how the devil can they ever “Islamicize” the world when no good deeds done in the name of  Allah and thus, only shouting “Allahuakbar” in vain?

Because of the world so troubled by man-made religions, so how the devil can we expect the one true Almighty God always do “miracles” to save us every time we are in trouble? What if you borrowed heavily from loan sharks every time and cannot pay back, can you then expect your father, or any of your family members to do “miracles” to  “save” you every time? Surely if you cannot, so is the same with God, right or not?

Since all humans [save only Christians] have proven to be a big failure to Him for not even trusting and having faith in Him all the while He always means us no harm since day one in the Garden of Eden by putting His trust and having faith in Adam and Eve to do the right thing, so now that Jesus had fulfilled the New Covenant that God promised eternal life to anyone who obeys the Gospel of Jesus, so isn’t it fair that He expects us, as grown-ups to be mature enough to understand a simple equation? to reciprocate His trust in us the second time?

Don’t you think this time around we should rciprocate His trust in us upfront the second time? That means – now it’s our turn to make Him proud of us – we should no longer hesitate to have the sense and sensibility to pluck up our courage to become the miracle in His sight by just doing the right thing to come clean and stand CORRECTED enough to obey His one and only simple commandment and that is to obey the Gospel of Jesus to save our sorry butts from the bondage of the Satan as slaves to sin! Is that so hard to do?

God had put His trust and faith in humans upfront believing humans would obey Him and not to do anything silly and foolish. Still, from the time of Adam and Eve until today, humans have always ended up doing exactly the opposite of what God has trusted us to do. Why do humans never ever learned any lessons?

Common sense alone is good enough to tell anyone that if God put us here on earth for a reason and a purpose, then, we might as well find out what those were and act in accordance to His will to do the right thing so that we can safely come home to Him by His way, and NOT by the “ways of men” through man-made religions that will cause us to die without hope of salvation!

Because of our wrongdoings in having sinned against Him in Romans 3:23, we actually deserve to die in eternity according to His rule of law; yet He did not give up on us because of not wanting to see our souls suffer and rot in hell for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

That’s why, He had gotten down to get everything back in order by having shed the precious Blood of Jesus, His only begotten Son to reverse the curse so that we can save our sorry butts from the bondage of the Satan as slaves to sin by only obeying the Gospel of Jesus with no questions asked.

All in all, that was a fair and square game in dealing with the Satan’s wager for the souls of all humans! So that means – your soul and everyone else will end up either in good hands of our Lord Jesus Christ, or the Satan aka Lucifer. Take your pick!

Yet, humans are still as DUMB and DUMBER as ever not to see the all too GOOD REASON and GOOD PURPOSE behind in obeying the Gospel of Jesus! Can you imagine that?

Perhaps, if by any chance, you or anyone, whether a “die-hard” believer of one’s own religion or not, happens to read this post; hopefully, you might like to consider doing a little homework to find out what exactly Christianity is all about by reading the Word of God, the Holy Bible! Won’t you?

Undoubtedly and undeniably, this is the smartest thing ever for anyone claiming oneself as a real human being should do simply because it’s the right thing to do according to God’s standard. But alas, many so-called human beings created in the image of God would, like business as usual, not bother to find out who the one true Almighty God is and why everyone should only fear and worship!

The worst part is, when you, “if you are a Christian”, tells them about the Gospel of Jesus, they would have no qualms to “blacklist” you as an extremist instead. This happens especially when you pinpoint the Gospel of Jesus as the one and only hope of salvation to be had and that all other man-made religions are irrelevant to say the least!

But whatever excuses and justifications used against you “if you are a Christian”, still, they could not tell whether you are a good extremist or a bad extremist. And this is all because they still stubbornly and incorrigibly refuse to accept the Word of God, the Holy Bible as the one and only TRUE and SAFE guide for humans to stand CORRECTED by coming back on the correct path to God through Jesus of Nazareth!

Unmistakably, everyone would usually like to “correct” others only, but strangely and hardly would anyone, especially the orthodox Jews and Muslims alike, like to stand CORRECTED – even by the Word of God, the Holy Bible! That is why the world is always in trouble like business as usual!

No doubt there’s a chance one might have heard about the Good News of Jesus but what is most certain that one would never so much have thought seriously about is the disposition of Christians always claiming Jesus as the one and only SOLUTION to the chronic problem and curse of sin, death, and the devil!

Indeed, it is beyond 100% true – if ever anyone really had done one’s homework by checking it out with the Word of God, the Holy Bible, and NOT by man-made religions that will lead even more people to go further astray from God to end up in the evil clutches of the Satan aka Lucifer – all in the name of religion!

The only reason Christians DARED to make such a claim and never ever afraid of being challenged to prove it is because it had already been proven by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ – it’s only as simple and plain as that!

Such an important and serious claim made that always could be substantiated with scriptural proof was all the more crucial in having had fulfilled God’s promise of eternal life to anyone who is smart and humble enough to obey the Gospel of Jesus.

But alas – it has been ironically proven that NOT everyone is that smart and humble after all…and especially when it comes to saving their own precious souls!

You see, if Jesus had “failed” radically as in the way of a good extremist does to prove He had the divine power to raise Himself from the dead, do you even think Christians would have ever dared to claim it as a “good news” and share it with all other lost souls as the one and only hope of salvation to save their sorry butts from the bondage of the Satan as slaves to sin?

Honestly, I would not have dared to do so – for one bit! In fact, if that was the case, I would not have even thought of becoming a Christian in the first place!

However, if such a significant event of Jesus having gotten raised from the dead, witnessed and testified not only by Jesus chosen disciples but by many others up to about 500 people at the time of the incident according to the Book of Acts, then don’t you think such a reliable testimony recorded by the Word of God, the Holy Bible is worthy of your trust and conviction?

But too bad, even though God had, for nearly two thousand years ago, provided humans under His New Covenant, the avenue and the chance to come back on the correct path to Him through His only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth; still, humans have gotten screwed up more than ever by one’s sinful nature not to accept it as the gospel truth from God. To those who have gotten screwed up enough to become anti-Christ and non-Christians, everything about God and Jesus is a lie!

Because humans always end up thinking and believing all the “ways of men” are better than the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, this certainly looks like people would rather prefer to go their own ways and in which case only means one thing: Humans have incorrigibly and irreversibly chosen to rather die under the bondage of the Satan as slaves to sin unto eternity than to quickly obey the Gospel of Jesus as the one and only hope of salvation to be had.

That indeed, is the saddest thing ever happened in the history of mankind! Now, are we not as human beings looking as ridiculous and hopeless as ever even in the sight of men, let alone God? Of course, this is not a “nice thing” to say, but it’s the ugly truth that everyone has to deal with – sooner or later!

What’s the point in saying all the “nice things” to you but still, you end up having to face the ugly consequence in Romans 6:23 whether you like it or not?

Perhaps, that’s how even “educated” people such as those orthodox Jews and Muslims have gotten screwed up enough in the head to think such teachings of the one true Almighty God who sent only “one” human being [Jesus] to atone for sins of mankind is too “far-fetched” and thus, “too extremist” for them to handle “just because” God so loved the world according to His own standard and way in John 3:16!

So, does that mean Christians are “too far-fetched” and “too extremist” too, if they worship the one and only true Almighty God “just because” He sent His one and only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth as “one” man only to atone for the sins of the world?

So, is sharing the Good News of Jesus death and resurrection to save everyone’s sorry butt from the bondage of the Satan as slaves to sin also “too far-fetched” and “too extremist” too, to believe and embrace “just because” this does not promote cultural and religious diversity to preseve the so-called peace and harmony in multiracial societies?

So, according to Man’s standards, has God gotten “too far-fetched” and “too extremist” to expect all humans of whatever race and culture to come back on the correct path to Him through Jesus “just because” it sounded ridiculous to those religious fanatics that there is no other way around to save one’s sorry butt from the chronic problem and curse of sin, death, and the devil?

Given all such true definitions about the ONE true Almighty God, the ONE true Gospel of Jesus, and the ONE true SOLUTION for all to enjoy eternal life in heaven, yet the biggest problem still plaguing the humankind is because of the Word of God, the Holy Bible having claimed Jesus got resurrected and with ample proof! Can you believe that?

Such shocking news certainly not only got the world all shook up, but will surely continue to shock the crap out of even religious and pious people such as the orthodox Jews and Muslims alike! The only reason they religiously thought it was an “impossible” thing to happen is because they only LIMIT themselves to think, believe, and act according to Man’s standards, and not God’s!

So, the problem is with them, NOT God! Is that not so?

Perhaps, not surprisingly, even God must have found it more shocking that His chosen people had failed awfully to believe He will always, whether they like it or not, have the divine power to make anything that is “impossible” according to Man’s standards, as in the case of Moses who set out to free his own people from slavery as an example, to become POSSIBLE anytime under His [God] might that is according to the terms of the wager between the Satan and Him!

Since the days of the Israelite ever involved in practicing polytheism as early as the time of Abraham who, at one time, pleaded with the Lord God to spare the two most wicked city known as Sodom and Gomorrah from destruction as recorded in Genesis 18:23-33, humans until today, whether it’s the orthodox Jews or Muslims, all have still not learned any valuable lesson to know who the one true Almighty God is – to fear and to worship unmistakably!

Instead, people are as stiff-necked as ever to turn to idols-worshiping and false hope culminated from embracing man-made religions that would lead even more people to go astray from the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth into the evil clutches of the Satan!

The purpose of Jesus death and resurrection was to bring all mankind back on the correct path to God – NOT as a means for people, especially radical Muslims to abuse it by claiming Jesus as the prophet of Islam, or for others religious affiliation to so-called diversify their cultural and religious ideologies that will even cause further racial and religious polarization all for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Let it be known that man-made religions can ONLY be “so good” in making people go to the point of no return. It certainly DOES NOT and CANNOT help humans to return to God for good – for goodness sake!

The proof is in John 14:6! Still not get it? Or, is it because you still insist the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth still “too-far-fetched” and “too extremist” to accept and to obey? In what way? In saving your sorry butt from the bondage of the Satan as slaves to sin?

So sadly, the reason God destroyed the two wicked city, Sodom and Gomorrah, was because Abraham could not find even “one righteous” person after he somewhat “bargained” with God to find for Him from 50 down to 10 righteous people to justify his plea for the two city not to be destroyed.

Ironically, Hinduism and Taoism today, are like re-enacting the twin city of Sodom and Gomorrah where this time around, it’s not God, but Mother Nature itself will surely destroy the world one way or another because of all such irresponsible and irrelevant religious open-burning activities of polytheism posing a serious threat to Mother Nature till kingdom come!

Taoism was founded in 565 B.C. by Lao Zi of China. Because it was created by a human being in flesh and blood who died and NEVER resurrected by whatever “deities” or “gods”, hence, it’s always safe to say Taoism is nothing more than just a man-made religion out to make fast and easy bucks from those superstitious and gullible people – all in the name of religion!

Because there’s no exact record when Hinduism was founded, it probably must have been founded even earlier than Taoism. Perhaps, even historians probably could agree at such point in time, but, being a pioneer religion DOES NOT mean it’s always worthy of devotion, especially if it DOES NOT and CANNOT solve the chronic problem and curse of sin, death, and the devil according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible!

So, in relation to the history of any any religions and if compared with Islam, there’s no doubt Taoism came into the picture much earlier than Islam, but still, it is arguably only so much a man-made religion that is no better than Islam in any way whatsoever and vice versa. Perhaps, the only good thing about Islam is because there’s no religious open-burning involved and that, of course, is a great relief and certainly would give Mother Nature a much-needed break to stay calm for a while!

However, in complete contrast is – no one could ever be so blind not to see the true but deadly nature of Taoism that is all about raising hell on earth in every known festivity celebrated because it always has involved burning a lot of “burnt offerings” to appease countless of “deities”, “ancestors” and “gods” which is why it is already good enough to make it equally as screwed up as Hinduism combined together.

Whether in the eyes of the public, or in the sight of God – these two religions can do NOTHING more than only give the materialistic impression that is for the sake of soaking up all the glory than in the “spiritual” context to save people’s souls from eternal damnation.

If both religions are always only interested in trying to do as better as the other with their festive celebrations to always make it look as “grand” and “impressive” as ever, then what’s the point in gaining the whole word but lose one’s soul like what Jesus said in Matthew 16:26?

But alas, the incongruous motive is always only to attract more devotees to burn more holes in their pockets by making sure all such delusional people keep indulging on their religious “burnt offerings” like business as usual so that it will screw them up to think they are doing the “right thing” when they are not, especially in the sight of the one true Almighty God who always abhorred idols-worshiping since day one!!

So sad to say – all such vain religious practices have unmistakably served NO GOOD purpose thus far in the sight of the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth.

As such, there is NO GOOD reason either for people, whether superstitious and gullible or not, to keep indulging on something that makes no sense and worse, something that even Mother Nature cannot tolerate because of all those religious open-burning that will always do more harm than good!

Nevertheless, it does serve Lucifer one hell of purpose after all! In fact, he has all the wicked reasons to jump for joy knowing he has gotten those DUMB and DUMBER humans screwed up enough to practice polytheism to piss off the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

Like it or not, humans can only make one hell of a difference in the sight of the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – only when they have a heart and conscience to come clean and REPENT by obeying the Gospel of Jesus to become born again Christians according to Acts 2:38, NOT according to Man’s standards through all such frivolous and irrelevant man-made religions!

Understandably, there’s always money to be made “unsuspectingly” in man-made religions because of the “amazingly” whopping supplies of superstitious and gullible people out there who haven’t had the slightest idea what they have been doing to their precious souls to get involved in idols-worshiping that undoubtedly comes with the price of hell to pay according to the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

What then, is the price of hell to pay as anyone might like to ask?

No sooner than the first earthly death takes place, the Word of God, the Holy Bible had seriously and strenuously warned all idolaters especially, that they will certainly face the second death in Revelation 21:8 for having gotten involved in idols-worshiping in their lifetime that the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth, had always abhorred since day one!

So, if one does finally find oneself in the eternal pit of fire after Judgment Day because of having failed to obey the Gospel of Jesus, that only means one thing.

It’s highly likely that there was absolutely no one in the family’s bloodline ever became a Christian to pray and plead with Jesus, the one and only Mediator who has the divine power to ask His Father in heaven to forgive even the sins of one’s “dead ancestors” as long as the still breathing Christian/s in the family’s bloodline always do the right thing according to God’s standard to be considered as the righteous one in the sight of God.

If that last ray of hope was not even possible to save the sorry butts of one’s “dead ancestors”, then so sorry to say there is no one left, not even God is to blame because everyone while still breathing has been seriously and strenuously given the second-chance to come clean and REPENT by obeying the Gospel of Jesus.

Perhaps, if only such kind of people had bothered enough to check out what Hebrews 4:12 said, then this could have helped them to wake up and not take the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus of Nazareth as only heresy!

Because both religion, especially Taoism that involves a lot of religious open-burning in whatever form, still it makes both religion “bad to the bones” because both are only “so good” at not only stoking the wrath of Mother Nature to lash out at humans with natural disasters and catastrophes for having indiscriminately and arbitrarily polluted and destroyed the environment like nobody’s business to make global warming worse than it already is!

But what also could not be any worse is, both religion are one hell of a deadly silent-killer whether it’s those pungent incense “burnt offerings” perpetrated at the altar in the office or at home, it will always pose a great threat to the health of everyone all the same.

Those elderly especially, who already has an illness like perhaps, chronic lung or heart disease and whatnot will always be vulnerable and at high risk of dying an accelerated death – if such ridiculous and hazardous religious open-burning were regularly carried out whether in close proximity with residents living in congested residential areas or not.

You see, what made it even worse is the devil’s wind blowing all the smelly smog into everyone’s house and getting everything stinking with the burnt smell of hell even on one’s hairs, clothing hung out in the open to dry, pillows in the sleeping room and whatnot so much so those who get caught in such a screwed up environment could have felt like “living in hell” already even before reaching there!

It’s interesting how anyone could ever have embraced such kind of religion that teaches about the “goodness” of preparing oneself to live as “luxuriously” as possible even in hell like one did on earth by having loved ones burn those prayers paraphernalia such as, “branded cars”, “big-screen TVs”, “big bungalows” and whatnot as “burnt-offerings” for their dead loved ones who are still “craving” for all such things even in hell, is indeed creepy!

One can’t help but wonder what the devil those dead would be watching on their “burnt LCD big-screen TVs” in their “burnt luxurious mansions” or driving their “burnt Rolls Royce” in hell – to go where?

Unlike Christianity, all such man-made religions were not founded with the sensible belief and correct conviction that should base on TRUST and having FAITH in the one true Almighty God by reading the Word of God, the Holy Bible – so those who are suffering from high blood pressures will see their blood pressures shoot up to dangerous levels that could cause sudden death as long as all such religious open-burning to raise hell on earth were not completely stopped for the well-being of Mother Nature and people’s health!

The fact of the matter is, everyone should have known damn well already that even any healthy person in the long run inhaling all such passive smoke from any open-burning perpetrated, whether religious or not, will run the risk of developing any of those chronic health problems such as lung and heart diseases because of the dangerous and toxic carcinogen substance produced from whatever open-burning conducted.

Common sense alone can tell that even non-smokers not having any health problems from the beginning would soon enough develop one, either in the lungs or the heart – if one has always gotten stuck inevitably in the long run inhaling second-hand smoke from those chronic smokers and that is an equally toxic and deadly disaster to happen too!

Because the planet Earth is about to meet its fate any time soon in what is known as the Armageddon described in chapter 16 of the Book of Revelation, it has been extraordinary interesting to note those scientists at NASA had somehow done a great job for having taken great efforts and spent fortunes trying to prove Mars as the next habitable planet for humans to escape from Earth to live there.

Henceforth, this certainly seems to sound like, at least for now and for many gullible people, as the “best” news ever for all mankind to have a new beginning… or so we thought!

But alas – what if those who embraced Taoism and Hinduism allowed to continue their religious menace of open-burning in Mars all for the sake of “promoting” racial and religious diversity so that they can somewhat carry on the tradition of their “dead ancestors” in a new world that will likewise end up having to suffer the same fate as Earth because of those religious people “so smart” to put old wines into new bottles so that they can continue with their religious but nonsensical practices in Mars!

In that case, what the devil do you think Mars be like next? Don’t you think Mars will suffer the same fate as planet Earth because of those superstitious and gullible people stuck with the devil’s habits to raise hell everywhere they go to live?

So then, what’s the point of migrating there when you know it’s doomed to end even quicker than it can ever begin because of all such environmentally destructive religious practice of raising hell on Mars and perhaps, Venus next?

Basically, when we come to talk about religious “burnt-offerings”, people especially Christians who are not as superstitious and gullible as the devotees of Taoism, they will consider them as wasting unnecessary money in burning hell money to their “dead ancestors”, “dead deities” or whatever “gods”, because it is much the same as burning real money that could also at the same time burn big holes in one’s pockets especially when all such taxable prayers paraphernalia do not come cheap these days!

If that’s the case, don’t you, if you are an idolaters, think it would have been better off to give all such hard-earned money to charity organizations and help the less fortunate than the dead that cannot even say a word of “thank you” for appeasing them , or perhaps “save me” from burning in hell that is the worst thing ever to happen to your “dead ancestors” who never got a chance to obey the Gospel of Jesus?

Is it not better this way than to see your hard-earned money going up in smoke that will destroy the health of the living and worse, Mother Nature that will come back to punish us with its nature fury that is even worse than you ever could imagine?

Because man-made religions always led people to do something so religiously unnecessary and irrelevant, don’t you agree it’s the most silly and ridiculous thing ever to have existed and happened in the history of mankind? Naturally, those who are superstitious and gullible enough will say otherwise. Of course, you can’t expect screwed up people to admit honestly and wholeheartedly that they have had gotten screwed up, can you!

So, can you imagine the foolishness of humans silently killing everyone because of all such foolish religious open-burning taking a heavy toll on Mother Nature? But on the contrary, it is only beneficial to those conducting such “religious circus” to raise hell on earth by making sure those superstitious and gullible people keep burning big holes in their pockets to be a part of it!

Because of the foolishness of such misguided people, there’s always money to be made for the religious aficionados to conduct religious open-burning activities of all sort – all in the name of religion to “do-good” with “acts of kindness” even to the dead to make sure they get to enjoy the same “luxury” in hell as they did on earth!

In fact, the more such “do-good” with “acts of kindness” activities to the dead conducted, the more devotees have to spend on buying all those taxable prayers paraphernalia as “burnt-offerings” to their “dead ancestors”, “dead deities” and whatever “gods” all for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose except only to burn an even bigger hole in the ozone layer that is getting worse than ever because of all such religious practices that practically holds no water!

Meaning to say, it DOES NOT and CANNOT solve the chronic problem and curse of sin, death, and the devil the way Jesus of Nazareth can – period!

…………………………to be continued.

Famous quotes : When wealth is gone, LITTLE is lost; when health is gone, SOMETHING is lost; but when character is gone, ALL IS LOST!

Humility vs Pride


What is humility?

It comes from the word – humble. In any dictionary, it means, “unpretentious” or “lowly”. Lowly? Surely, it is a word that is loathsome, at least to a lot of people if not some. It is not surprising because no one likes the idea of seeing oneself  as being “lowly”. Do you? Many would even dread of being seen as humble especially those who see and think highly of themselves as being superior than others. Because to them, being humble is a sign of weakness and insecurity. This is, without doubt, the most common earthly perception we know of that is what usually making these people unwilling to eat the humble pie. Unless, of course, it’s when they’re “caught with their pants down” for what they said or did, that will obviously leave them with no other choice but to eat the humble pie. Isn’t it? So, is it therefore, safe to assume that ‘humility’ can come in more than one facet which can also be opened to abuse depending on the situation? Whether there’s such chance or possibility, it naturally suggests the explanation about why there are 2 sides of the coin. And, if one wants to explore further to see what’s in store about the real meaning of humility, then one should look at both sides of the coin with unbiased minds. In order to get it right and fairly, let’s name one side of the coin as “false humility” and the other side as “true humility” so that one would even know which side of the coin, when tossed up in the air and come back down on the palm of one’s hands is true or false. That’s because it seemed people today are so confused, they don’t know what is true and what is not, anymore.

False Humility.

So, to understand better the true meaning of the word, perhaps the best way to get round it would be to explore, what is ‘not’ humility! How about that? Probably, this way it would be easier for anyone to differentiate it correctly when one can see all the rhetorics of how people are misusing the power of humility for their own self-aggrandisement and not for the good of humanity. You see, the most common tendency for a person to get people’s attention is always by saying the right word and at the right time. Simply because, it’s always the human nature of everyone to become convinced and to accept something that sounds like music to the ears. Amazingly, it has been proven to work, especially for people who are looking to garner for support of some kind. Perhaps, like politics? That is most interesting. When it comes to politics, nothing would be spared. Not even the word, ‘humble’. No wonder the word seemed like it’s getting pretty popular all of a sudden. Even people who were once seen as very arrogant are beginning  to change the course of direction after realising how the word, ‘humble’ can have such a distinct effect on the right-minded thinking people. It is so incredible that people suddenly like the idea of saying the word in the public now. The word has hardly been given any pre-eminence all these years. Is it because it is becoming a new trend now, and makes a person looks “cool” if seen as humble? If it is, does it not makes anyone wonders what will happen to other people who are still so proud of themselves, but now suddenly have to switch gear, and follow suit because it’s trendy and “cool” to eat humble pie just to keep up with times, or to win the hearts of people for something else? It’s so marvelous. Now, suddenly everyone can become “humble!” Just say the word only. Or maybe wear a t-shirt with the words, “I’m as humble as humble pie” and one’s popularity will shoot up instantly…. or so, one thought!

When people make statements in the public using the word ‘humble’ to make themselves looked “humbled” in the eyes of the public, it would seem as the quickest and most effective way to  get a favorable attention from the audience. However, if there’s anyone present who knows what true humility is and about, will have no problem at all detecting it at the snap of the fingers that such show of adulation is not real. It is only making a mockery of the word. It is just false humility at work. In fact, it’s much the same as boasting. It is just another way of exalting oneself. When one is truly humbled, people can even smell it from a distance or would be revered in the hearts and minds of rational people even if the person is dead. There’s no need to announce it by telling the world. That is pride. And false humility! The Bible has spoken of such tragic human hypocrisy saying that even having pride is a sin. In Proverbs 21:4, “An high look, and a proud heart, and the plowing of the wicked, is sin.

True Humility.

Not surprisingly, the meaning of true humility is “awfully misunderstood” and is easily abused, indeed. When it comes to touch on the subject of humility, the most common mentality detected from a lot of people is this. Humility is often regarded by many as something to do with the “losers” only. At least, that’s what I learned and experimented and experienced. Here’s an easy example to prove such claim could be substantiated. I was walking out of a convenience store and I held the door open for someone to walk in. There was not a word of “thank you” heard. It’s not surprising, anyway. Why? Because that person could be thinking I’m just a loser because only losers do that! Only losers stoop so low as to even become a “doorman”. Try putting it to the test, and you’ll be made to feel the same too. That’s why these days, people no longer do that because they simply just don’t want to get “mistaken” as losers. That sure is swell, isn’t it? So, the next time if one walks in or out of a door, be careful not to get slammed on the face by the door, because there are not many “losers” around to hold the door open.

You see, that’s exactly what happened to Jesus. He was a “loser” in the eyes of his people, especially those self-righteous high priests who didn’t believe he could be their Messiah even though there were many signs indicating that he’s the ONE. Jesus, even though is the Son of God, was rashly and irrationally rejected because he was “awfully misunderstood” just because he had the power from God to do miracles. He was never once let off the hook for being accused of committing “blasphemy” every time for rebuking those self-righteous priests of hypocrisy. Many people today still feel ashamed in  associating with Jesus. Why? Is it because Jesus stooped so low as to wash the feet of his disciples? Is it because he tried to save a woman who committed adultery from being stoned by those self-righteous priests? And, because of that, he offended them by telling them off in John 8:7, saying, “He that is without sin among you cast a stone at her.” Is it because Jesus was so full of human touch that he touched the “untouchables” and let them touch him as recorded in Luke 7:37-50?  So, was doing all these made him a loser? Because to many people then and even now, only a loser would do all these lowly things. Right? So, how can one believe in him? How could he be the Messiah that Isaiah prophesied to come?

Don’t make sense? Know why? Perhaps, by sharing what other people say about what they thought true humility is, then there could be a chance that everyone will see the real picture better. And most importantly, the picture of who the real loser is here, after all.

Someone by the name, Paderewski who became well-known as a great pianist had this to say about what it takes to learn the lesson of what humility is. He said, “Before I was a master, I was a slave.” Isn’t it powerful enough to get a person to put on the thinking cap? What he meant was, to become a ‘somebody’ and be respected by people, it takes a lifetime of unremitting effort in achieving it. And it begins by stooping very, very low. Does that means he is a loser?

There’s an Asian proverb that says, “The taller the bamboo grows, the lower it bends.” It simply means, the higher a person is in grace, the lower the person will be willing to stoop, to serve others. Does it makes one, even a manager, a loser to serve others? If it does, then the world is full of losers, isn’t it?

There are  a number of contemporary “saints” who can show the power of “doing humility” better than any others who are only talking humility or boasting of humility. One such character that deserved hailing as the most beloved “saints” of the century is no other than Mother Teresa. Even though she was a humble person, yet she was not spared the criticism at some point in her missionary work in fighting poverty, sickness, and diseases all because of the lack of medical facilities in the hospitals that she established through her hard work and FAITH in Jesus. She was nevertheless, awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1979. It was when she started to show the power of “doing humility” which comes with the inevitable process of paying the price of suffering as Jesus did, that she got criticized for having a bizarre philosophy for quoting, “It is the most beautiful gift for a person that he can participate in the sufferings of Christ.” Is someone being criticized for exemplifying the “doing humility” of Christ, a loser?

Another person that should be given the same standing ovation is, Helder Camara. Camara says in one of his books, “When I am about to go out and face a huge audience which is applauding me and cheering me, I turn to Christ and say to him simply, “Lord, this is your triumphal entry into Jerusalem! I am just the little donkey you’re riding on.”  Is someone being applauded and cheered for giving credit to Christ, a loser?

 Now, what are all these telling a person to learn here about humility? To be a loser?  Maybe yes, maybe no. I’d like to take it as Yes. It is so crucial that one really needs to stoop so low as a “loser” to learn the lesson of humility. The best example is what one can learn from Jesus when he made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. He was only riding on a donkey and not on some grand chariot or something. Did it make him a loser? When he was suffering immeasurable pain on the cross, and before he gave up the ghost, yet he said in Luke 23:34, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do!”

If he was a loser, then why are there still people believing in him? And even willing to become ‘crucified’ or ‘criticized’ for having FAITH in him? Jesus has demonstrated here that for anyone who is genuinely and sincerely seeking God and his kingdom, one must first fully give oneself to God by being humble in the sight of God. That’s because it said in 1 Peter 5:5&6, “God always resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.”


 God always abhorred arrogance. As a matter of fact, it was arrogance that caused the angel, Lucifer, to fall from the grace of God and became what he is now known as the Prince of Darkness. So, who is the real loser here? Jesus who stooped very, very low or Lucifer who was so full of pride and arrogance? Of course, those who don’t believe in Jesus will surely say Jesus is a loser just because he got crucified. Only the downtrodden and criminals would be executed by crucifixion those days. What people failed to ‘see’ is this. It was a ploy. It was exactly what the Satan had plotted, and that is to have Jesus killed in such a way. So much so, as to make it unbelievable for people to believe that Jesus can save people from the evil clutches of the Devil and Sin. How can a “loser” who has died the death of a “downtrodden” and a “criminal” be a Saviour? You can say the Satan has succeeded in a way, because up until now, a lot of Christians who took up the cross and followed Jesus are taken as “infidels” and would be persecuted and killed indiscriminately like Jesus. Jesus has said in John 15:18-21, “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me.” 

But, the good news is, Jesus, a “loser”, “downtrodden”, and “criminal” was raised from the dead on the third day. This was what crushed the Satan’s hope of claiming the souls of Man in the ‘Holy War’ that he is waging with God.

The Bible says, the kingdom is at hand and advised people to repent. However, it takes having to swallow a lot of pride for a person to repent. The question is, how many people are willing to become a loser and stoop so very, very lowly to do that? Yes, how low can you go? But, if there is anyone of those who don’t believe in Jesus and despised him and his followers, ever think of wanting to reconcile with God and to have a relationship with Him to enter his kingdom in heaven. Well, here is bad news for them! This is because they will have to go through Jesus, the “loser”, the “downtrodden”, and the “criminal” first.  Apparently, the Bible does not give any hints that there are millions of ways to get to God and especially bypassing Jesus, because in John 14:6, “Jesus has saith, I am the way, the truth, and the life: No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

 Price Of Humility

If, for any reason anyone had a change of heart and is sincerely looking to seek God and his kingdom. That’s good. It has been emphatically pointed out right from the beginning that anyone regardless of who, has no other choice, but must first get the true humility of Jesus by stooping very, very low to humble oneself in the sight of God.

Will the person be willing to become a loser to hold the door for others? Will the person be willing to swallow the pride and accept Jesus as the one and only one who can save the person from the Devil, Sin and Death? Will the person be willing to show the beauty of humility by offering the right cheek if slapped on the left or vice-versa?

If the person is not yet ready or willing to do all these to become HUMBLE in the sight of God, then the person must never ever think of uttering the word with impunity. And using it at one’s whims and fancies. Which, as a result, it would be destroying the beauty and true meaning of the word, HUMBLE which is the trademark of God.