Humanity: Is It At Stake?


What is humanity?

If you just randomly ask a person on the streets this question, do not be surprised what the reactions would be like. But before you do that, have you personally given a thought about what humanity is and all about? If you haven’t, nay worry, you can still plead “ignorance” while you’re still standing. Honestly, me neither. I have not given any thoughts about it, really. In fact, it’s not until after an “incident” that happened that made me think real hard. This also led me to believe that it is not until when “something” happens to anyone, it will not trigger the inner sense of a person to start searching deep in the heart. But surprisingly, it is only when a person does a little soul-searching will the person know if there’s any ounce of humanity left. This is because the world that we are living in is so miserably and seriously lacked of the sense of humanity in almost everyone and everywhere that the destiny of humanity is somewhat at stake.

Here’s the question that runs deep. Is everyone a ticking time-bomb? Yes? No? Is there a need for everyone to defuse the time-bomb inside?  Well, at least, that’s what I thought  humanity is, it is unfortunately being shaped that way due to the ignorance of human beings who are “supposedly” created by the Creator as the intellectuals of the universe and everything. Instead, we ended up not that intellectual enough about choosing one’s own “final destination.” That’s the ticking time-bomb I’m talking about – IGNORANCE! That is what making “someone” very happy if anyone is becoming a “suicide-bomber” because of that. Sure enough, it definitely saved him the time and trouble to whip up any tricks to claim the souls of Man. Everyone should know who that “someone” is by now. Shouldn’t you?

When one talks about the very existence of humanity, regardless of how one views it, there is no denying that one will eventually come back to ask the same unequivocal questions. Questions like, what does humanity means to me? Am I a part of it? What part do I play? Why should I be involved? There’s no escaping. It doesn’t matter if a person takes a million ways to go around it. It still comes back to the same. Everyone and everything of what humanity is, all are inextricably connected. A lot of people are not aware of it and again it is ignorance that is to blame. You see, if there is any part of the connection that is in trouble, the existence of humanity is surely affected one way or another as would be the case of falling dominoes knocking each other down in sequences. That means, whatever a person does or say, whether it is a big or small issue, right or wrong, good or bad, we can’t dismiss the chance and possibility that it becomes a kind of ‘force’ that is known as qi/karma that will come back to haunt us. If  it is a good qi/karma, then of course it is good news and congratulations, because that would mean blessings of some kind. But if it is a bad qi or karma, well, it’s not surprising perhaps even a school going kid would know what result that would be without being blunt about it. Is it not?

What’s more interesting is this. When one looks at what is happening to the world beginning from day one until now, naturally one would not have had any trouble at all telling that the existence of humanity would be feeling the full force of  the good qi/karma or the bad qi/karma cause that will come back either as a blessing or a retribution in a matter of time. But, sorry to say, it looks more like the bad qi/karma are extraordinary overwhelming the good ones. Everything in the world that happens whether good or bad will come full circle. Don’t forget. The Bible also described God is not only a God of Love, but also a God of Vengeance! Why is that? Confused? Then, read the Bible and you will know the answers.

If you go to church, you will most likely hear a preacher be saying this. “The kingdom is at hand!” It is coming! What is coming? End of the world? Maybe yes, maybe no. So what? Even then, if the world doesn’t come to an end soon enough, that still does not guarantee anyone’s “own world” will not end anytime. Does it not? There was a movie, “2012” not so long ago that depicted how the world will end. Was it scary enough to change anyone’s point of view about death? Yes? No? Of course not. After all, everyone knows one has to face death one way or another. Everyone also knows that death is always imminent to anyone and at any time whether the world ends today or another century. Now what is coming that is even scarier than all the bad qi/karma and end of the world predictions combined. Do you know what that is? By the will of God, you will in the end. Brace yourself.

By the world standard, everyone knows there’s no question about everyone is having a right to choose what to believe and not what to believe. Does it matters anymore then? Yes, in all eternity. What one person now believes and hold on to, will be the yardstick to decide how and where the “final destination” of a person will be. What anyone believes in or not believes in, do count. It is a matter of life and death. One thing is for sure. Everyone shall be accountable for their own words and deeds whether one is ignorant or not, believe it or not, deny it or not and much less, like it or not! There is no other worse stigma that humanity ever have to deal with in the lifetime of being a citizen of this planet called Earth. It is stigma that really sticks! It is something that cannot be easily erased with a rubber or be retracted and forgiven. You can say it is everyone’s worse nightmares. It is something that no one can undo or not do anything about it. But it will keep unfolding all the time in your head which is your conscience.

The only way out is to deal with it while it’s not too late. What one is reading here hopefully will be a beacon light for that purpose. When you take into account of what human beings are doing to each other since the beginning of time where humans have no qualms in killing each other non-stop and it’s all over many earthly reasons that may not even be justifiable. Does anyone ever wonder when this kind of human tragedy will ever be resolved? Now if one would take an earthly view of what humanity is, perhaps then, one will see how the degree of evil that struck humanity is so unbelievable that it even reduced God, the Almighty to so much grief that He also had no qualms in wiping humans off the face of the Earth as in the case of the great flood and the fiery annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Can you imagine this? What kind of humanity would one see it coming when humans have such ability to cause such grief to the Creator over all evils that humans have done and perpetrating? Even then and now, people are still not capable of comprehending the sadness and disappointment that overcame the Maker all because it’s not in the human nature of humans to put themselves into the shoes of God. Has anyone ever tried to do that? Maybe then, humans will understand God better and not put a big hole in his heart, won’t we? After the great flood, even though God was sad that he destroyed humans, He was however pleased with Noah for his FAITH in Him. Because of that, God promised never to destroy humans with flood again by putting a colorful rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise. But, can humans make any promise to God not to become evil and sinful?

The question is. Does anyone ever thought what it is, to kill or be killed? Maybe to “kill”, yes! But what about, “be killed”, it’s definitely no! Even if a person doesn’t like the idea of falling into the category of “be killed” will sometimes like the idea “to kill” especially when being offended to the boiling point. Don’t you think? After all, we are only humans and it’s better and easier to “kill” than “be killed” all in the name of self-protection or saving face. Isn’t it? So, could that be the reason the North and South Korea became separated all because one wants to kill and the other not willing to become as “sitting ducks?” Or perhaps, the Nanking massacre where the killings of Chinese were such “fun and game” for the Japanese? Or how about the Holocaust of Europe where the Jews were so unfortunately caught in a “jinx” just because they were intelligent and hardworking and a nutcase was jealous of them? And what’s more, everything and anyone else who is allowing evil to triumph in this dying planet and do nothing? Or even, oh yes, not forgetting God our Creator, who was not even spared? He came to earth as a humble mortal trying to save humanity but He, too was killed? All of these that happened were because of ignorance? That no one knows whether it’s right or wrong to kill or be killed? There’s so much of evil prevailing in humanity. Maybe, people will never wake up after all.

There are many examples of humanity at its worst simply because evil is allowed to flourish. One such example was Adolf Hitler. He and his band of Nazis who brought the “axis of evil” to its peak were responsible for the massacre of millions of Jews in Europe. Does anyone recalls the history of such ruthless dictator of all time? His resentment towards the Jews started when he found himself homeless and without a job just as he was starting out after dropping out of an art school twice. Without qualification and no one to help him, it was the end of the road for him. Ironically, a war that broke out in Europe at that time landed him a job in the military. Amazingly, he was awarded with a medal for bravery in a battle by a higher military officer who happened to turn out as a Jew.

Hitler was not even born in Germany. He was only later awarded the German citizenship when he got promoted as a chancellor. Before all these, he was a mess at the age of 21 back in 1909.  His mother who was the only that he’s close to, died of breast cancer at the age of 47.  He didn’t like his father who was a failure and always take it out on him by beating him. Because of his own failures, he needed someone to blame. The Jews were his easy targets. So, he blamed them for owing him  a living and who “stole'” every opportunities in his own “homeland” in Germany. So his hatred started brewing and he wanted to start an ethnic cleansing. Because Hitler allowed the “cancer” of hatred to grow in him, the evil disease  started to connect and spread even to Asia where he collaborated with the Japanese. After he won like two-third majority of parliament seats, and became a chancellor, it was his rising power that allowed him the chance to fulfill his evil agenda.

It was then that he issued the “Kristallnacht” in 1938. This was what started the killing spree that became a living hell for the Jews and the most horrible genocide in the history of war. Business operated by the Jews came to a halt and were destroyed. Families got broken up and sent to concentrated camps. Many lives were practically “gassed out” of them as part of an experiment in warfare. And of course, women and children were not spared as long as they were singled out as Jews. Any of these evils perpetrated is a sure-fire to the inevitable traumatic event of either to kill or be killed in the history of war that would become mankind worst nightmares.

In the words of  Edmund Burke (1729-1797) he wrote, “The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”

Oh yes, something shall be done. Although Hitler is dead now. He is not free and so are those who committed such heinous crimes against humanity. God is not done with him. He will have to bear the brunt of God’s justice when the time comes. Little did he know. The evils that he committed will come back to haunt him twice as “evil begets evil”. The result of such evil is even more scarier than the earthly death itself and the end of the world combine together.

The Bible has warned in the Book of Revelation 20:8, “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the SECOND DEATH.”  

Since Hitler massacred millions of Jews, he is naturally seen as a murderer, isn’t he? When such damage is perpetrated, it is indeed irreversible. That means, according to Revelation 20:8, he shall be classified as someone whom God will punish with the second death. Agree? Good. Then, just imagine, having to go through the 1st death as a human being is already scary enough for a lot of people. How about going through it the second time? Will the thought of having to face the second death change one’s point of view about death? Well, if it doesn’t, I don’t know what will.