The 10 Modern Day Man-Made Plagues


God chose men to do His will then

Like it’s written on the walls, people around the world whether as Christians or not, surely must have heard of the Bible story that tells about Moses who, among other prominent prophets such as Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah, rather chose to OBEY God and do His will than have fame and glory.

Without doubt at all, Christians and perhaps even Muslims all over the world especially those who are knowledgeable, knew that all prophets from the beginning until Jesus, the last prophet of the prophets were all strictly Hebrews and chosen by God to do His will.

That is why they got accepted as worthy enough in God’s sight to be included in the Bible as God’s servants who brought about reconciliation with God by advocating REPENTANCE based on one’s own freewill and not by force or by religious laws stifled with ridiculous and inhumane man-made punishments!

None of the Hebrews prophets were or could, in any way be self-proclaimed. Why not? That’s because people especially Bible-studying and God-fearing Christians were able to tell straightaway by their “fruits” that Jesus taught in Matthew 7:15-20. All of these Hebrews prophets were known as having been divinely authorized and endorsed by God to fulfil God’s will and plan on earth.

By such definition, it only means No Gentiles had ever been chosen by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to fulfill God’s will and plan on earth. It is by God’s standard that one can easily tell apart if a prophet is genuine or an impostor. It’s only that plain and simple! There is absolutely no confusion at all. God does not confuse humans.

Only the Satan and those he screwed up religiously are the cause of all confusions because his purpose was to bring as many souls as possible to Hell with him and only too late to realize it’s the point of no return!

So who says any humans can “religiously” claim to have the “power” to bring living people to Hell and then come back in one piece and not ever gotten BBQ? Are you kidding me? Seems likely that some people must have badly misconstrued the idea of what Hell is. John’s description of Hell seen through his divine vision is known as “the lake of burning sulphur” in Revelation 20:10  and “the lake of fire” in Revelation 20:14-15.

If Hell is all about nothing but only FIRE, why not stay put in a house or building on fire and see what becomes of you without having to go “visit” Hell first to know what it is? That is exactly what the Satan wants to DECEIVE humans to believe the opposite that going to Hell is more beautiful than going to Heaven. And this, of course, is the teachings of Taoism and according to the Bible, it is nothing but idolatry and sorcery.

Do you have eyes not see, ears not hear and mind not think? How could humans created in the image of God have fallen so unimaginably insane and so ridiculously disgusting to make a mockery of God to believe in man-made religions?

Moses, as one of the prominent prophets chosen by God who delivered the famous Ten Commandments to the Israelites on Mount Sinai is NOT a prophet of the Islam religion as what the Koran claimed. As such, it is only so evidently clear to see that those biblical prophets chosen by God are true and genuine ones but only so illogically and illegitimately hijacked and found in the Koran. Do you not see this is nothing but only man-made plagiarism that also made a mockery of the Bible, the Word of God?

Amusingly, since some “learned” and “smart” Muslims claimed and believed Jesus is the prophet of Islam, why then do they still not believe Jesus is the Son of God and yet hijacked the New Testament of the Bible for claiming like the ancient Pharisees did that Jesus spoke “blasphemy” against God because He claimed himself as the Son of God? Is this by itself not a blasphemy already for questioning the divine authority and power of the 3-in-1 Godhead that is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost?

Why are some of the “religiously” learned but intolerable Muslim bigots so FEARFUL of other innocent Muslims more learned and sensible enough than them to question their uncivilized and violent behaviors? Why are Muslim clerics so FEARFUL of Muslims smart enough to become Christians and not scared of the “apostasy act” imposed on them for turning their backs on Islam that totally contradicted and opposed God’s will and plan revealed in the Bible? Why are majority of Muslims so FEARFUL of Christians proselytizing them since the Koran also accepted Jesus as one of the prophets but only denied He brought Hope of Salvation to all mankind?

Interestingly, some Muslim bigots even claimed that the Bible is a book of “fairy tales.” Oh really? Is it because of Moses having had God’s power to inflict the 10 plagues in Egypt and parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross over that in which case there’s no evidence to suggest such events ever having taken place? Is it because of the serpent that tricked the woman Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden which also has no evidence to suggest such place and the fruit Eve ate ever existed? If so, they really fit the description exactly in what Jesus termed as the “faithless and perverse generation.”

You see, if all evidences were still around for people to see like the case of “seeing-is-believing,” then what’s the point of having the Bible anymore? Christianity is all about TRUST and having FAITH in God. It’s not about God having to proof this and that for humans to believe in Him. If God trusted humans enough upfront in the Garden of Eden to allow them the choice to choose, is it too much to ask now that humans TRUST and have FAITH in God enough to believe His promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ?

If the Bible is a book of “fairy tales,” then does it not make the Koran a book of ‘copied’ fairy tales too since Muslims also claimed Moses, Abraham, Noah and among others were also prophets of Islam? Can the Muslims declare the existing Jews, remnants of ancient Israelites, now living in Israel are the products of “fairy tales” too?

On one hand, the Prophet Muhammad ‘copied’ the values and tradition of Judaism and have them incorporated in the Koran but on other hand, he claimed Jews and Christians are “infidels” and that “Allah” in the Koran commanded Muslims to kill them. What do you think they have made themselves looked like in the eyes of the world, world-class religious idiots?

If you are a right thinking person, do you not think the Koran is a book so ridiculously and foolishly contradictory to say the least? Are not all Muslim bigots the same as slapping themselves on the face to even claim that Islam is “true” and “superior” than any other religion in the world? Are they not making a laughing-stock of themselves and worse, not ever realized it?

Back to Moses, a legitimate prophet of God that not even Muslims can lay claims on if they do not believe Jesus is the Son of God prophesied to fulfil the new covenant which is God’s promise of eternal to those who believe in Jesus and REPENT.

But what exactly the Prophet Muhammad ever had done to save mankind from the curse of sin, death and the devil when he evidently set a bad example for having committed the sin of adultery himself and needed badly to REPENT too like everyone else?

If indeed Islam ever advocated “peace” and “harmony” at all, why then did the Prophet Muhammad instigate Muslims to hate and kill Jews and Christians in the book of Surah and still doing it regardless of protests from other innocent Muslims? He also propagated to all “true” Muslims that “peace” will only prevail if all Jews and Christians got eradicated and annihilated.

No wonder there’s NO peace of mind for them, whether true Muslims or not. That is because there are still plenty of Jews and Christians to kill that obviously, it will take them more than 100 years to do so because Jews and Christians will keep on existing for 101% sure and until doomsday – whether Muslims or “Allah” like it or not!

As such, it is even incorrect to misconstrue this writer as “running” down the Islam religion or discriminating against all Muslims whether true or not. It is because of all such religious extremists themselves obeying such extremist teachings from the Koran that they are the ones practically running down their own religion by what their religion taught them to do and in which case, it has become insensible and untenable to embrace such religion no matter how other innocent Muslims go about trying to protect the “sanctity” of Islam that does not in any way prove to be so “holy” and “superior” to embrace – after all!

In other words, they are amusingly exposing themselves butt-naked in the eyes of the world and not even knowing it. So what or who to blame – Islam or Muslims? Surely, they cannot blame Jesus, Jews and Christians for their own shortcomings and foolishness, can they?

The Bible teaches that obedience to God in Christianity is the top priority and so is the same in Islam to obey “Allah” which is the Muslims’ version of the Almighty God. But then, how can there be two Almighty God with differing and contradictory version where one propagates about salvation while the other one about annihilation? How to decide who is true and who is false? So, be careful with which true or false Almighty God you pledge your allegiance to.

In my opinion, it’s best to keep an open mind so that one does not end up one-sided only that will make one become bias and eventually a fanatic. For one to really know and figure out who is the one and only true Almighty God having sovereignty over heaven and earth, then one should study the Bible and the Koran thoroughly so that one can decide better – preferably in a sensible and logical way.

Whether you accept the Koran version of the moon-god, “Allah” as the “Almighty God” or the Bible version of the Almighty God, Yahweh who sent Jesus to die for our sins, it’s entirely your choice to choose. Whichever choice you chose, you shall be held accountable for the choice you made because it really matters to the one true Almighty God that you have the sense and sensibility to make the right choice after having done your homework.

To help you with your homework, you can take the simple example of Moses as a yardstick. He wrote the first four books of the Old Testament. What do Muslims know about Moses in the Koran that Christians don’t? Was Moses a prophet of the Hebrews or the Arabs or perhaps both? But then, if one is water and the other is oil, how can both mix together? One only need to know and be clear of the truth is ask a couple of questions and that is it!

  1. Did Moses originally speak Hebrew or Arabic with the Israelites and God?
  2. Is it sensible for Muslims to kill Jews and Christians if all the Hebrews prophets including Jesus were prophets of the Koran?

If you know the answers, then let’s get back to the sensible topic of Moses and not waste time with questions one already knew the answers.

The noble attempt by Moses to obey God’s commandments was clearly for the reason to break the spirit of the Pharaoh of Egypt whose heart got hardened, thus so adamant in refusing to free the Israelites from the bondage of slavery as indicated in Exodus 5:1-2.

Let’s go back down to memory lane. Anyone, especially those grown up during the era of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley and the Beatles, could easily recall a spectacular Hollywood movie made in 1956 about this biblical epic. It’s so ridiculously funny, you know – given that the Koran revered all the Hebrews prophets, yet such great movies no longer allowed to replay in cinemas or TV’s in some secular countries where the majorities are Muslims.

The movie which starred the demise but one of the most popular movie stars, Charlton Heston played the role of Moses. Another famous but demise actor, Yul Brynner as the Pharaoh’s son, Rameses who stubbornly locked horns with Moses and refused to release the Israelites that God instructed Moses to save.

Everyone should also know that such a mighty feat to free the Israelites from slavery did not come to pass without Moses first having to go through a lot of troubles sending the 10 disastrous plagues on Egypt. And that of course was not at all possible without any help from God.

The story of Moses was a heart-rending one. He did not know he was one of the Hebrews slaves until he found out that the woman he saved from getting crushed by a huge stone was her mother, Yochabel [Exodus 6:20] who put him when he was a still a baby in a papyrus basket [Exodus 2:3] among the reeds along the bank of the River Nile to save him from getting killed because of the king’s edict.

Moses would have succeeded the Pharaoh Sethi as the next Pharaoh of Egypt if he had not found God. Given any ordinary person today existing in what Jesus termed as ‘faithless and perverse generation’ one would have chosen the path to take the crown of a king than to obey God’s commandments to do His will. Don’t you think so?

Now it’s men’s turns to choose and do God’s will

But fast forward to the present era, there’s no attempt on the part of this writer to replay the role of Moses to save anyone from the kind of slavery depicted in the Bible that culminated in having made the Ten Commandments into a classic movie of all time. Why? That’s because the days of prophets chosen by God to do great miracles are practically over after Jesus’ death on the cross in AD 33.

And not forgetting that since Jesus’ disciples having had received the Holy Spirits to ‘speak in tongues’ went far and wide to spread the ‘Good News’ of Jesus’ death and resurrection, hence Christians today DO NOT need to ‘speak in tongues’ anymore to preach the ‘Gospel of Jesus.’

One should know by now that Jesus as flesh and blood chose to do His Father’s will. He not only left us a great legacy about the need and top priority to choose the right choice to serve God. He also promised to send the Holy Spirit that empowered all His disciples to ‘speak in tongues’ but that was ONLY for spreading the ‘Good News’ of Jesus to all nations during the first century.

Because Christians now have the Bible to read and to preach, hence, “speaking-in-tongues” is no longer necessary – what more among Christians during church services?

As such, Christians no longer need to preach the ‘Good News’ of Jesus among Christians by “speaking in tongues” but only to the unbelievers who are the lost ones. Even then, Christians need only do so by sharing the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ with the Word of God, the Bible through TRUST and having FAITH in God and not by “speaking-in- tongues!” Savvy?

Anyone, whether Christians or not, got to be very careful not to have misguided interpretations of  the Bible by ways of men. Only by calling on the Holy Spirit can and will the Holy Godhead guide a Christian to do God’s will and that is through normal and sincere prayers from the heart. Certainly, it’s not by jumping around crying and shouting the name of Jesus like being demon-possessed that is more like the evil spirits at work.

To make 101% sure whether the spirits at work in Christians are true or not, follow the apostle John’s best advice to ‘test’ the spirits as he profoundly warned Christians in I John 4:1-6.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:1-31 does not make Christians go on a “trance” and go “hysterical” to mumble words no one can understand during church services and that is too far-fetched. That’s not how the Holy Spirit works according to God’s standard in Romans 12:6-8.

The ‘Great Commission’ that Jesus instructed His disciples to fulfil is of course still being followed up by Christians today. But there are two immediate problems at hand. The first one is; what people today do not realize is that all of us are inevitably ‘slaves to sins’ [John 8:34] one way or another. The second one is; because of sin, men are not capable enough to do God’s will on earth unless and until one having obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to realize the urgency to do so. The third one is; people even after having become Christians are not in the safety zone yet. That’s because the Satan still have the power to infiltrate into the Christian brotherhood to cause divisions and denominations by getting them screwed up with conflicting interpretations of the Bible.

Inevitably, there’s an urgency for men to solve the problem of sins first by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ before one can call on the Holy Spirit of the Godhead to do God’s will. But the biggest problem is getting lost souls [sinners] to understand that it takes knowing what went wrong first before one can stand corrected by the power of believing in Jesus. If Jesus as flesh and blood had chosen to do God’s will, so can any one of us.

That’s why humans today even more so needed an omnipresent Jesus as the Savior to save everyone from sin, death and the devil. One does not need to be practically seen as shackled in “chains” to know such reality is happening even in these times and age.

Now everyone, whether Hebrews or Gentiles, can choose to do God’s will since Jesus had already fulfilled it by shedding His blood on the cross. When Jesus walked the earth as a human being, He had chosen to fulfill His Father’s will on earth.  So, the onus is now on Christians because it’s men’s turns to choose the same as Jesus did to do God’s will. The only question is, will we?

The Bible prophecy of the most prominent prophet out of all prophets known to deliver humans from the slavery of sins have had already been fulfilled by no other prophets past or present and that is Jesus only! Humans have all along gotten themselves shackled in chains because of what Romans 3:23 substantiated it as so realistically true that people knowing it yet are still denying it or worse, knowing it yet not believing and accepting it because of having gotten screwed up by man-made religions!

Only Jesus has the divine power to break all such earthly chains that humans so willingly let the Satan who is the ‘prince of this world’ to bind till kingdom come. If one is not saved by Jesus’ blood, then certainly one shall be devoured by the Satan in death.

There’s no doubt that people still have the freedom to enjoy all the material riches on earth which can last but only for a while and that’s until death does one part. But what people do not see it coming is all the serious consequences involved. And that’s of course for failing to heed God’s warnings through His messengers who are the ‘born again’ Christians having gotten baptized through immersion that is according to God’s standard, not Man’s.

Unlike Moses who gave up everything, even the crown of a king and went back to become one of the Hebrews slaves just to obey and serve God, people until today still would rather not seek the freedom of spiritual richness that comes from having a clean heart and clear conscience to reciprocate first the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to be saved from sin, death and the devil.

Instead, people are still willing to pay a heavy price by giving up their precious souls for the sake of short-term earthly gains that will come to a full stop at one’s last breath when the soul will meet its eternal damnation. People easily forget what Jesus said in Matthew 16:26 and brush it aside – all the time!

To a lot of people who do not believe in Jesus, of course, this is no big deal to them because their beliefs are only based on the concept of “seeing-is-believing” that is according to Man’s standards and in which case according to Jesus is nothing but the case of ‘faithless and perverse generation’ that got people having lost their souls to the Satan already even before earthly death happens.

In making the excuse that Jesus is not around for humans to see and touch or perhaps even to say verbally “I am God” would have saved the day as what the deceased Ahmed Deedat argued on the subject, “Is Jesus God?” during a debate in the 80’s, so understandably no one will believe Jesus ever existed, let alone have the power even now to save one’s butt if people still are subjecting their beliefs according to Man’s standards.

Why is that? That’s because people always have the biggest problem understanding what it means to TRUST and have FAITH in the “Gospel of Jesus’ which is the one and only ‘Hope of Salvation’ for the humankind that is according to God’s standard, not Man’s! What most people failed to see and understand is that the purpose and plan of God having sent Jesus was to save us from sin, death and the devil. Yet, even Muslims having claimed Jesus as a prophet of Islam are so consciously and sensitively ignorant for having denied Him. Can you imagine that?

But the worst irony is, even God having sacrificed His only begotten Son, Jesus and painfully delivered Him on a plate into the hands of humans as the DIVINE and PERFECT answer for humans to be reconciled with Him again. Still, it is being ridiculously seen as a “blasphemy” in the sight of those religious Muslim bigots for not having the common sense to tell the difference between the divine power of God to come down from heaven in the likeness of a PERFECT human being [Jesus] and the sinful nature of humans having to face the penalty of death as declared in Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23.

Not surprisingly, if anyone who does not have a mind to think will want to argue about the chicken and egg theory to claim which one comes first whether it’s the chicken or egg. Is it not the same as arguing whether Adam existed first or Eve?

Quite frankly, if people do not have the common sense to tell who or what came first, whether God or the universe, whether the father or the son/daughter and more importantly whether Christianity or Islam; that’s exactly the sorry state of those who do not know where they stand between heaven and earth, God and the Satan to know what really matters to Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

What’s worse in cases like these is when such people haven’t even the slightest clue who the one true Almighty God is. Yet they still keep claiming they do according to man-made religions. Is that not the same as chasing after the wind? Is that not meaningless too?

You see, the problem with Muslims today is that they must always go by the book [law] which is according to Man’s standards, not God’s. They would argue everything about Jesus and the Word of God, the Bible as though Jesus and God were on trial in Man’s court of law and that under Man’s laws, even Jesus and God must show enough evidence to prove themselves better and mightier than “Allah” in order for Muslims as less than perfect human beings to lawfully believe and accept the truth that Jesus and God are ONE as Jesus having claimed in John 10:30 and proven by the power of His [Jesus] resurrection from death in 1 Corinthians 15.

But even with Bible scriptures to substantiate Jesus is the Son of God, yet they keep denying and ridicule Him. Because of such insolence and religious bigotry, there will be more than 10 man-made plagues to come for the hardened hearts today that are extraordinary disastrous than those of Moses’ time. At least, in the case of Moses, those 10 disastrous plagues stopped after it took the life of Rameses’ son that resulted in the freedom of the Israelites.

It was only a temporary measure at that time for Moses to wield the 10 plagues to free the Israelites so that they can go back to worshiping the one true Almighty God once again. But too bad, that did not come to pass even in the Lord’s presence at Mount Sinai. The Israelites failed the test of patience and went back to idolatry and sorcery. And so is the same thing happening with humans today still plagued with idolatry and sorcery in what Jesus termed as a “faithless and perverse generation!”

People will keep on suffering from their own man-made plagues for as long as anyone of us keep on refusing to ‘come clean’ with a heart and conscience to come back to the one true Almighty God on the correct path that Jesus had paved for us.

In short, you’re better off to be more than 101% sure that whatever man-made plagues existing for a long time now will not go away. In fact, more will keep coming and here to stay unless people start to choose and to do God’s will by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ because if not, people will continue to suffer….

The 10 Modern Day Man-Made Plagues.

1.        Living Standards 

            Price Hike:

            “If price hikes got you shaken and stirred, you shall be not spared the stinging economy pinch because no one really cared. No matter what you say, it’s                               business as usual and that’s something no one can change even if you _ _ _ _ _ !”

            “All business traders will take more than a foot when given just an inch only to have all the price hikes ridiculously prearranged. Because money-making got people so greedy and busy, it’s impossible for anyone to show one bit of emotional flinch that is no longer something you thought so _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

            “Do not expect traders to care even if there’s no food left in the world to sell as their precious wares, so that is something you had better be prepared. That’s because sooner or later Mother Earth will not be able to withstand the brunt of wear and tear that everyone will eventually _ _ _ _ !”

           “No wonder people only care to indulge in big-time money-making binge as it does not matter if it’s too late to have become even deranged. Perhaps, that’s the reason the heart and conscience of everyone will suffer humanity’s ever worst damage because of not having obeyed God, thus not ever _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

           “Because of that, sensible people cannot help but show their anger by protesting in the streets. Ironically, that’s even more frightening to see people never wake up to see the biggest horror of reality is the endless chronic greed that is something not so sweet, let alone _ _ _ _ !”

          “In order for anyone to understand what not everyone understands that being contented by living sensibly is such true grit. So the only way to find out what it is and means, is to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to get oneself truly out of the Satan’s snake pit and not wait for the safest _ _ _ !”

2.        Climate Change

             Dry Spell:

           “Do not take for granted when there’s plenty of water to waste than to drink. Open burning of all kinds, religious or not permanently takes a heavy toll on Mother                           Earth to retaliate with no rain but it’s only too late to use our brains to think when everyone starts to terribly _ _ _ _ _ !”

           “So what’s the point of getting panicky and only start to go down on one’s knees to pray desperately for the rain? If “praying” for divine intervention in God’s sight is already so vain, what makes people think getting no rain is not a _ _ _ _ ?”

           “The reason any “act of kindness” could do little is not because all such religious “prayers” came too little too late. The problem with people not smart enough to know is when they blame it on fate that put everyone in such a sorry and violated state, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

            “Yet, soon enough the time will come that people will die whether or not of thirst, so don’t think of religious “prayers” first. Only by obeying God’s commandment to be baptized in Jesus’ name when there’s still a tank full of water left for immersion just to be cleansed of Mother Nature’s _ _ _ _ _ !”

            “Do not wonder why the whole episode of humanity is not getting any better but even worse. That’s because, everyone’s bubbles of hope are under the control of the devils having no qualms to happily _ _ _ _ _ !”

            “Whatever “righteousness” in the name of religion is nothing to gain but only unprecedented pain. So don’t get delusional to think your “prayers” will be answered like the “fast and the furious” speed because if it’s not according to God’s standard, you cannot even explain, let alone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

3.           Riches

          Property Investment:

          “Even lower income people entitled to decently get a roof under one’s head. But suddenly they found property prices spiralled out of control in every nooks and                   crannies for even the “rich” to bitterly see _ _ _ !”

          “All humans regardless of race and status are God’s creation and equally loved because of His amazing grace that no one should get politically or religiously                             misled. Because the poor are struggling to buy a decent place to live, this is good enough reason for greedy property developers having problems going to _ _ _ !”

         “Greedy property developers only bother about building high-end properties for property investors to have one hell of money to make. Ironically, it’s not the poor                   but the rich finds it not that funny when their long-term investments not selling fast and no longer can enjoy the sweet taste of honey for goodness _ _ _ _ !”

          “They do not even consider about the possibilities of leaving behind plenty of unsold empty lots. As a result, that’s when plenty of expensive and unsold properties soon enough will give way to a different kind of unseen occupants that might as well be the “happy ghosts” as the accidental landlords so much so that’s what all these greedy developers and rich investors in the end deservingly _ _ _ !”


          “When people get caught in the ever worsening traffic congestion, it’s only too easy to blame it all on society’s rapid development. Unfortunately and sadly, what                        people can only at best do, is to suffer the ever-increasing high blood pressures as cool as would a gentleman because of all such _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

           “No one really has a choice but to “smilingly” accept such necessity even as one celebrates the much-needed infrastructures with jubilation just to showcase and prove                there is absolutely no contradiction. Perhaps, that’s the reason everyone badly needed to get into such an emancipated inception as the only way to get out of the constant indigestion for getting stuck in the unbearable traffic congestion and not able to see a doctor about one’s terrible _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

            “So better don’t go around and simply suggest the next course of action to such a man-made situation. That’s because you are only courting nothing but all the silly Facebook remarks and Twitter postings that will make you going further and further away in all the wrong _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

4.        Politics

             Racial Cards:

            “Put yourself in the shoes of any ethnic minority and you will find it catastrophic not to be treated fair and square.  Why then did you not speak out face to face or at open debates with lots of question getting raised on the _ _ _ to show you really _ _ _ _ ?”

            “What if you got threatened by dominant and intimidating laws that could land you in “hot soup” just to make sure you get so scared?” Will you then rather lose your dignity even if you are not treated equally and sensibly as enshrined in the constitution and for the sake of future generation plead not guilty and by all means _ _ _ _ _ ?”

             “Just because of protecting one race only, the government may well ask, “what other ways to play foul in the name of the game if one cannot flash the racial cards?” Little did they know – such delusional racial policy to divide and rule will instead cause a large part of the population to become incorrigible social retards right from the _ _ _ _ _ ?

             “No wonder, there is no true peace and harmony for all races to experience, what more to naturally embrace. So how can there be true unity from all races when                        everyone cannot see eye to eye with one another because of all the dark secrets embedded in racial lens that cannot be totally _ _ _ _ _ _ ?”

             “As such, no true national unity will prevail if it does not come from the hearts of the oppressed to be heard no matter what’s the case. That’s because people are still stuck in a time-warp of a database that only separates others from one particular _ _ _ _ !”

              Racial Rights:

              “Human rights activists never failed to say NO ‘racial rights’ to protect only one race. Rightly or wrongly, they are in a somewhat daze because it is mission impossible to make every race filled with God’s amazing _ _ _ _ _ !”

              “Better if everyone has the same equal chance with no foul play from the starting line to run the rat-race in good taste. If not, democracy cannot equip everyone with the human spirits to conquer racial disgrace and make it out of date but it’s too little done too late which is such a _ _ _ _  _ !”

              “If that is case, better don’t violate what is, by God’s standard, fair and square for every government in the world to embrace. That’s because God’s golden rule for good governance is to ‘come clean’ and not go down in the history of mankind as belligerent fools promoting “racial rights” and having everyone only a racial warfare                 to fight inside the pathetic _ _ _ _ !”

               Racial Disparity:

             “Don’t rely on racial disparity by having the ‘power-that-be’ to bail out your unchangeable and unstoppable man-made disability. That’s because what’s left for the society to bequeath are ‘the best of fools’ equipped with all the worst kind of inability only to showcase such despicable stone-age mentality with no sense of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

              “If you have yet figured out the true values of humanity, then have a heart and sensibility towards ethnic minorities. It’s not something to abuse in the course of                        your journey because you cannot be so proud of your “racial rights” if you have permanently destroyed your own precious _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

               “Propagating any unhealthy race-based policy brings about nothing but only the perennial problem of one race. The only best solution in this dicey case is not to                          check if there’s any disparity with other race but having the honesty and sincerity to ‘come clean’ quick enough not to keep losing face for lagging behind others at such a shameful _ _ _ _ !”

5.         Religion


             “Worshiping idols of any kind is what God always abhorred and more importantly, He made it very clear in the Bible. If you as a grown up still cannot figure out who the one true Almighty is because the sinful nature of people become so abominable, what else do you think is more _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

              Open Burning:

              “Make sure you don’t get hit by heat-wave or snow-storm, otherwise you will blame it on God but not your religious open burning that everyone has to suffer today because of such burning consequence. So don’t do your part to BBQ everyone or make people frozen because of you having lost your sense that is without a heart and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

               Bad Extremism:

              “Today all screw-up religious extremists are the world’s No. 1 public enemy. That means only by blowing up “infidel” is as easy as ABC, so don’t let people see you                      around with the extremists’ goatee famous for bringing about such predictable _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

               “In any case, better wake up to smell you are not in a mistaken paradise. But if you did, that’s only because you could not care less that it comes with paying a hefty price only to become so _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

               “Don’t think it’s worth playing the dangerous dice. That’s because the devil will surely make you become the target of the Jihadist enterprise and that’s certainly no _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

              “So better get down on your knees and accept Jesus Christ to make yourself exceptionally wise. If not, there is really no other way you would be graciously and safely evangelized and that’s the only best _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

6.           Catastrophes

                Natural Disasters:

               “Sadly, humans living under God’s heavens yet in His sight have no qualms to violate the laws of nature. Because of that, all the bad side-effects will come around to destroy us, so please do understand and bear in mind there is no immediate and absolute cure because that’s 101% for _ _ _ _ !”

               Man-Made Disasters:

              “Humans have always proven until the present times not ever learned the lesson of disobedience whether it’s regarding the law of nature or God. So be ready to suffer the brunt of such stubbornness for having become the confused, ignorant and dangerous lot that usually everyone so easily _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

7.           Self-Righteousness


            “If people could not figure out what went wrong with the world today is because of ignorance that got most people caught off-guard and not knowing why. But when the gospel truth unveiled and had people bluntly told, still people believe there’s no reason to feel remorseful and what more to _ _ _ !”


           “The more people told about the need and urgency to ‘come clean’ with God, the worst it got for them to accept it as the only solution to save oneself from sin. That’s because of Satan having the power to harden the hearts of humans as solid as a rock and not able to crack open for the stubbornness inside to get out even for Jesus to become the next of kin just to _ _ _ _ !”

8.       Internet


           “Internet is everything and the privacy to commit promiscuity made everyone thought it is no big deal. Why not then give Lucifer the credit that is long overdue                           because of people so busy to thank him for all the deliciously sweaty and lusty _ _ _ _ _ !”


           “Now everyone can become billionaires and only need spend less than the price of a pair of shoes to get a dot-com website just to scam anyone till kingdom come.                       That’s because trapping those who are especially greedy have never been so easy since they do not have the common sense to tell money-making can also mean having to lose even a bigger sum that can never come _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

9.        Crimes


           “Men claimed all damsels walking in the streets dressed sexily deserved to be raped and not be charged in the court of law for committing such welcome assault.                          Because under the Islāmic law, four male witnesses must testify to prove the victim got raped and that’s the biggest insult to justice because of all the shameful and immoral adults as a _ _ _ _ _ _ !”


           “Don’t believe all men-in-uniforms are true for they may turn out as syndicates’ tools, thus leaving everyone with no clues. For this reason, crimes that went                                 undetected, let alone crack is because of the endless possibilities that those in the law enforcement are in control of all crooked means to give everyone nothing but the damn _ _ _ _ _ !”

10.      Diseases


            “It matters not where one gets the cancer from be it smoking, second-hand smokes, eating or drinking that one will surely end up dying because of living the greatest lie. So don’t blame God for such inevitable man-made plagues that make it so deadly satisfying it’s no use crying when a person _ _ _ _!”


             “Now invisible but incurable viruses so technically termed like H1N1, H7N9, Dengue Fever and lately MERS-CoV have become humans’ greatest man-made modern artistry that will sooner or later make the human race history. But don’t get panicky, all you only need is Jesus as your firewall tapestry and that’s your greatest eternal death-defying _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

Once again, here’s another opportunity for those interested in learning to put their intelligence to the test. The riddle is left with all the empty blanks to fill in. Hopefully, this post is meaningful to those who do not mind taking the challenge to stimulate their brain cells a little by having to whack one’s brain to fill in all the correct answers.

But, if at all possible your answers are exactly the same as mine, of course then it would have required you to send me an email at requesting for the “Stipulated Answers” on my side to counter check with yours just so you know you got all the answers right. You have a choice to choose whether you want to or not. The most important thing is, you must allow yourself the freedom to choose and no matter what – not forced or feel obligated to.

The simple reason I’m doing this is because I believe anyone smart enough would have figured out already without asking why. It’s not about me trying to prove how poetic or smart I am to test it on others. It’s all about whether people still have the humility or not to bring out the big man inside to do small and simple things like this that will make one discover what makes anything in life to grow bigger and larger actually starts from something very small that no one even noticed it’s larger than life because of the potential of it keep growing every day.

The philosophy of life is; if you start from the bottom, you will have every good chance to reach the top and stay at the top without having to worry if there’s going to be someone to come around and beat you to it. That’s because by then, you would have gotten matured enough to tell – if there’s no big deal to win, surely there’s no big deal to lose too, right or not?

But if you think you can take a short-cut and start from the top that is only possible by unscrupulous means, then there’s always the chance you will fall down to the bottom quick enough to die a gruesome death and never to rise up again because that is obviously the end.

The ugly truth is – what falls down from the sky will not survive but what grows from the ground will surely thrive! And that means you can’t start from the top because you will surely drop no matter what kind of support!

Of course, the only reason you can still stay on top in such shaky circumstances is because you have to continue to rely on unscrupulous means that will not hold and last. And that goes to explain why you should know better that such untenable “success” will gradually take a heavy toll on your heart and conscience and worse your dignity for not doing the right thing from the start.

Dignity is very much part of the soul of a human being that one should not let it be violated and lost. If you live without dignity, it’s the same as living without a soul! Now choose which do you think is better – to hold one’s head up high with dignity or to live like a ‘dead-man-walking’ without a soul that only God knows even if you are “good” at being pretentious like there’s nothing wrong with you?

Even if you are good at bluffing others and yourself – what’s the point? End of the day, you know you can NEVER bluff God because God knows and that’s more than 101% certain! Why create more man-made plagues that are already more than enough to screw you and everyone up till kingdom come?

It’s time to come back to live as a real human being God created every one of us to be. Don’t you think it’s totally insane to screw up His creation with all the man-made plagues to cause unnecessary sufferings to everyone? What’s more, if the wrath of God “rains” down hard on us and Mother Earth to react likewise because of all the bad side-effects of humanity, who do you think is the biggest loser here – God or humans?

Perhaps, if you can so much put yourself in the shoes of the Almighty God and Mother Earth, then you and everyone as well should ask oneself one simple question only. And that is; how long and how much that you as “God” or “Mother Earth” can TOLERATE year in and year out so much of man-made plagues with no end in sight and that it’s disastrous?

Can you say that you, as “God” or “Mother Earth” are not even one bit affected by such intensity of humans’ inadequacies and incapability to put things back in its right perspectives? It’s even wrong and unwise to construe this as whining and complaining. Even if you are somewhat right, it does not change the fact that mankind is still heading for doomsday whether you believe it or not, like it or not, let alone whine and complain or not!

This could not have come at better time for us to look in the mirror and see our dark side that is even more frightening than to venture to the dark of the moon!

So why still put all your hopes on this world or in any “other” planets where no one can forever live? Why not opt for eternal life in Acts 2:38-40 than having to hope against hope that will come to nothing found – not even your own soul, let alone God? It’s so sad. Although it’s such a simple and correct choice to make yet humans always have the biggest problem making it.

Having said that, there is NO EXCUSE whatsoever for anyone not to REPENT and BE BAPTIZED in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost to be saved from sin, death and the devil. And if indeed, one really having had understood what Romans 3:23 said and why Jesus died to pavé the way for us to come back on the correct path to God and still do not bother doing something about what Romans 3:23 said, then it’s the worst plague ever to suffer from now to eternity!