Amazing or Amusing?

The Puzzle of Life

Before you start to read this post, it would only make sense to watch a video clip first. It’s on the right sidebar with the title, “Why Are You A Christian?” Only then you will be able to follow through what the writer is talking about in the post here. Most important of all to understand is, the writer of this post is of the view that all humans on earth are given a  freewill to choose whether to believe in God or the Devil, heaven or hell, good or evil, right or wrong and anything under the sun as long as it makes “sense” to the person concerned. And not forgetting too, the right not to believe in anything at all. That is why God created as humans and not robots, because only as humans, we can have our say and have control over our own destiny. And that also clearly means no other fellow human beings have the right to control your freewill to choose who and what to believe and embrace especially when it comes to the subject of religion that is more subjective and questionable than anything else. That is why I always believe “religion” is not the answer at all to mankind’s curse which is sin, death and the devil. If it is, why is the world still upside down and becoming all the more incorrigible?

As much as we would like to believe we are in control of our destiny in this life, but then, there’s one thing we as humans have no control over – the next life, that is! Will there be a next life? What will happen when one day we longer exist as humans on earth because of death? Where will we go and end up? Will we just go back to the dust? Is that the end of it? Were we made from the dust in the first place? How do we know we came from the dust of the earth? Why do we have to die? Why are we allowed to think and not think? Why are we humans imbued with a heart and conscience? Do we still need to be made accountable for all the deeds, good or evil even after death? Why is there such things as good and evil? So many questions but where are the answers? Who or what holds the key to all the answers to all these distressing questions?

Don’t you think these are just ‘some’ of the pressing questions that we can’t avoid answering? In fact, the more questions you throw at yourself, the better. Why? That’s because of fear! Trust me, when fear strikes you in the heart, mind and soul, that’s when you start looking for answers. That’s when everything will start to come into place much like some broken puzzles that you have to put together one piece by one piece to get the full picture. Life is really like a puzzle. And it looks like everyone now has to do the homework of the puzzle of their life to put every piece of them together until one’s own clock stops ticking! I have already got my puzzle in place, have you? If not, better get cracking because time is running out!

The Doubting Thomas.

“Stop doubting and believe.” 

Amazingly, it is the most interesting and extra-ordinary words ever spoken by an ordinary man. Who? He is no other than Jesus of Nazareth. His words are so powerful you’d be healed and saved if you believe. Can you imagine the power of believing Jesus now? But if his words meant nothing to you or anyone, that’s because you are exactly what Jesus described as those who don’t know what faith is and are obviously living in a faithless and perverse generation. Surprising? Don’t be! What attributed to the above caption was because of one incident that occurred after the death and resurrection of Jesus who amazingly made his appearance to his disciples for forty days. And because many others and not only the apostles saw Jesus’ appearance after his death, it has truly become a rather significant event that would capture the hearts and minds of everyone. How could anyone not be amazed? It would do no justice to Jesus if Christians failed to bear witness of such an amazing event to everyone that made Jesus as alive then as he is now.

Now Thomas (Didymus), one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came. So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord!”

But he said to them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it.”

A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”

Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!”

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

If you and everyone else can only imagine this is such an amazing world that God created, it would really make all of us the ‘amazing-race’ of God because there’s only one race and it is those who believe in God – the Christians, that is! Or should I say, is the amazing God making you an amazing believer or an amusing non-believer? Or perhaps vice-versa, if you prefer – an amusing believer or an amazing non-believer because it’s not fair to “crucify” anyone whether believer or non-believer, isn’t it? In any case and whichever way you look at it, I can only imagine it is us – humans who are making God either amazing or amusing! So choose well.

More so, in the back of my mind, I could only imagine what made the world so amusing is actually the inhabitants who are struggling in their existence to do one thing. It is only a simple thing, yet we humans are always good at messing ourselves up and worse of all, denying it after that and then, all the more championing a deviating cause in making God look stupid with our rebellious and unrepentant hearts! Whatever the circumstances we put ourselves in, intentionally or not and in this case a serious one, it will have an everlasting effect so powerful that no one can ever imagine what will it be like if one still does not believe in Jesus. And what would that be? Isn’t it amusing if you don’t know by now?

Everyone should know instinctively that there are no secrets surrounding it as to God’s existence, nor should we question the power and sovereignty of God either. That’s because we as the less superior, the humankind should have no problem ‘seeing’ clearly what is hung over our shoulders instead. If you can do that, you will see so clearly we are actually carrying a curse on our backs that badly needed an antidote to reverse it. It’s all in the open. The Bible is the greatest testament. It is so freely available except only in some religiously inclined and volatile places that are so fearful of the truth being made known to the people. If not, how then can anyone not know about it by now?

Besides, we already knew in our hearts, minds and souls from the time somewhere between our adolescents and death. And not to mention, much less do we need scientific evidence of any kind to prove there is one and only Almighty God who is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Do you not search your heart and conscience? Whether one lives long enough to figure everything out is immaterial. The only question is, what are you going do about it if you knew? Maybe I guess that’s why nobody dared to “like” my website because there’s too much gospel truth and human’s foolishness told bluntly. That’s too bad because I don’t like to beat about the bush and so were Jesus.

“I dare do all that may become a man, who dares more is none” – Macbeth.

So, isn’t it amusing if you don’t even have the common sense as a human being created in the image of God to know such fundamental truth about God and ourselves from reading the Bible or not reading it? I thought the fundamental question of God’s existence has long gone and forgotten in everybody’s mind because all already knew very well we don’t burst out of nowhere and out of the blue, do we? If it’s not God who created us, what or who did? Is it rock, chimps, the Devil? Isn’t it amusing again, that there are people still grappling with this unambiguous subject in this millennium? What does, how old the earth is, have anything to do with us believing in God? Why dwell on things that are insignificant?

Are You The Doubting Thomas?

In life, everything that matters is only decided by two choices that will ultimately change our lives which would be either for the better or for the worse. When it comes to telling the truth in whatever circumstances, there’s no such thing as half-truths or standing between as in moderation. Can you be half human and half robot? You are either a human or not at all. So it’s either you tell the truth or lies in your daily connection with people and not forgetting the One above in the back of your mind. When it comes to your spiritual well-being, it’s either what you believe comes from God or the Devil. When everyone has finally ‘bite-the-dust’ here on earth, it’s either heaven or hell everyone is heading and not to some “unknown” paradise. It’s either you win or lose in lottery or football betting. It’s only that simple! Everything is so clear-cut. Why then make things so complicating for yourself unnecessarily?

For instance, if you are poor, then just go out and make yourself rich – the legal and honest way of course. Or if you’re contemplating to become an “extremist” to make a better impact on 9/11 every year, then by all means go ahead, but just make sure you do it the Christ’s way and that is, sacrifice yourself to save others, not to kill, which is the Devil’s way. Hello, this is the only honest-to-goodness and down-to-earth truth that makes a believer of Christ an amazing human being and a non-believer, helluva amusing bad news! That is it!

Every little thing that we do and say is always based on the choice made that we “deemed” as fit and right. It is either making life sweet or bitter, good or bad, right or wrong, this or that with just a simple yes or no that everyone has to answer end of the day. But of course, in-between you need to watch out because there’s always an uninvited guest who will pump all the poisons in your head to confuse you so that it becomes a somewhat inconsequential and amusing problem to you for the rest of your life.

But if you don’t defend the only TRUTH that God had revealed and manifested through Jesus, there’s nothing else to talk about that matters because no matter what scientific evidence to discredit God, His creation and the sacrifice He made to save you, is absolutely pointless and meaningless! That is something everyone should know very well from day one, or at least by now especially the scientifically educated ones!

Perhaps, you will understand better what I’m talking about if you come face-to-face with another fellow human being who, although may talk a different language and have different skin color or status, but it’s whom you can easily tell by what one of you think up in the head and do from the heart. That’s what will set you two apart as humans or not at all. Can you imagine all the big difference it made, and all the troubles it caused with just a small thought that comes in the form of a dissent especially in religions? And because you and the other fellow think a little differently, that is exactly what making all the difference when you know you either made yourself the amazing creation of God or the amusing ones – period!

Hence, it is not surprising that not many people can tell who they are if they do not even know what they should believe in the first place. Or perhaps what they believe seemed “amazing” to them simply because they assumed in their right frame of mind that they were “right” which obviously meant others are wrong. But the question is, how do you define what exactly is right to you is right to others also? Don’t you think it needs proven right first before everyone would accept it as right?

Ironically, everyone in their right frame of mind would think they are right in their own eyes in everything and whatever circumstances, but the only problem is, do they ever consider if they’re right in the sight of God in all their ways that they conduct themselves as humans? I can’t say I’m right all the time and neither can I say I’m wrong all the time, can I? So where does that lead us? What is right and awesome to you is not be necessary the same to others, let alone God and this will never end if everyone keeps bashing one another over what and who is right or wrong. That’s why the Bible is the only correct blueprint and guide for us, the badly confused and troubled humankind, to bring us all back to the one and only correct path which had already been proven right for everyone by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. And anyone who is in the right frame of mind should believe and accept it because it is God’s Word. Is it right or wrong to say so?

Supposing you are someone who has been through hell (sufferings) and yet because of that it even turned you to become a Christian, a believer in the one and only Almighty God, the One who sent Jesus to save us from our foolishness that stemmed from our disobedience, do you then, believe you have any problem at all telling apart who the “Doubting Thomas” are, and who amusingly in all their gullibility would be defending their deviating cause as in the case of atheists?

In doing so, it turned out that you believe they (atheists) are instead making your faith in God not only a virtue to be had, but even stronger for running you down. What is your answer if you were not a Christian? Do you believe, or not believe anymore in God? As it is, if there’s only a yes or no answer and no maybe’s, which only means it’s either you are on God’s side or you are not, does it not occur to you that it makes more sense to ask yourself, ‘why are you not a Christian’ instead? So what is it that really set you apart from the masses? Is it better to believe in God or not to? Isn’t that as simple as ABC to figure out who’s amazing or amusing?

So that easily brings us to a conclusion that it is no longer necessary to waste time arguing about it or debating about it either. What you believe or don’t believe is your own personal choice and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. There is not even a need to prove what you do not believe with any scientific evidence whatsoever. When you are dealing with an intangible subject like God who is an immortal and naturally One you can’t see with your eyes like you can’t see wind to believe there is wind around, common sense alone will tell that you don’t need scientific evidence to prove his existence or even your own. Hello, believing God is all about FAITH, not scientific evidence for goodness sake! You don’t even have to read the Bible to understand such simple truth. Do you?

Are You The Amazing Believer?

The best part of being a believer, especially if you are a Christian, is that you have the upper hand when it comes to confronting questions from non-believers – atheist especially! For example, there is this common question as seen in the video clip that any atheist will ask and that is, “why are you a Christian?” In any case, if you come across this “intimidating” but unavoidable blessing-in-disguise question, there’s no point telling them about Christianity at this point, or explain yourself because if their hearts were already hardened as a rock, nothing will penetrate them and it will be a waste of all your virtues, effort and goodwill to even reason with them.

The only thing left that you can do is act as cool as Jesus and throw back a question at them that will make them amusingly shell-shocked. Just ask them, “why do you have to die? or “why does everyone have to face death?” Then tell the person, if you can answer me this question, I will answer yours. That’s what Jesus always did every time the Jews and teachers of the law tried to test him. Remember the incident about a woman who committed adultery and they brought her to test what Jesus had to say? Remember how Jesus answered them? If you don’t read the Bible or even have one yourself, of course, you haven’t the slightest idea what I’m talking about here.

If the person (the atheist) can’t answer you insomuch as showing the truth of human’s frailties and foolishness instead, then it is so clearly indicating that the person doesn’t know the answer at all. If that is the case, he only makes it so obvious that if he can’t handle the truth, it’s because he knows nothing about the truth! If he’s trying to evade by saying something else you know it’s not related, that’s when you know he’s cornered. So here is where you have the good opportunity to open up a dialogue by telling him straightforward the answer which by the way is SIN.

If he asked how you know? Just say, the Bible tells me so! Better still if he insisted you showed him where it stated in the Bible. Then show it to him it’s in Romans 3:23 and 6:23. Don’t forget to remind him that it’s God’s Word he’s reading, not yours. If he believed, just as later the ‘doubting Thomas’ did after Jesus appeared in front of him and told him to touch and feel him, then you certainly know what makes you the most amazing believer than Thomas is that, you have not seen Jesus the Son of God, yet you believed without having to become a rocket scientist to do so. Now, does that not make you so amazing as a Christian?

To all the unbelievers: “Why are you not a Christian?”