A Dangerous Question…or NOT?


Why are you not a Christian?

Is this a dangerous question? It is and it is not. It depends on who you ask this question. Perhaps, it is not a dangerous question if you ask any ordinary Joe, “why are you not a Christian” because probably nothing dangerous will happen to you. But if you, as a Christian, going to ask a Muslim this question in any Islamic countries that have Shariah laws and courts, certainly you have to be ready for something dangerous to happen. Why? That’s because a Muslim will take it as an act of proselytizing him/her to become an apostate.

As such, there’s the possibility of you getting arrested and charged in a Shariah court even though you are not a Muslim. If, in having done so, such religious people would have “unknowingly” violated your human rights to consider you as having committed a “crime” for asking a Muslim a somewhat “dangerous” question. But if that is the case, the only right and sensible thing for them to do was to bring such charges on you to the civil court, not the religious court that would cause all the unnecessary confusion.

How could taking “stern action” to charge you on a religious issue in a Shariah court be justified if you were not even a Muslim to begin with? Besides, what’s the point of honoring freedom of speech if someone like a decent Christian cannot even ask an innocent Muslim a decent and truthful question? What harm can it do? Can asking such question kill anyone, let alone Muslims.

In fact, according to God’s standard, it can only so much SAVE Muslims from eternal damnation simply because Christians believe the Islam’s version to go to “paradise” requires violent self-annihilation like in the case of ‘suicide bombers’ so much so it does not even make common sense.

Because the Koran teachings literally requires all Muslims to prove themselves as “true Muslims”, thus they have no choice but to foolishly volunteer to become Jihadists to kill “infidels” [Jews and Christians] so that they [Muslims] can become “martyrs” first before they can enter the kind of “paradise” Islam propagated. Does such religion even make common sense to intellectual humans, let alone the Almighty?

Technically speaking, you, whether as Christian or not, are stripped of your statutory rights either way whether your case get heard in the civil court or Shariah court. The civil court obviously does not have the jurisdiction to take such case because it cannot even establish it as prima-facie to charge you because it is a religious issue for goodness sake. So there goes again this intellectual question – how can oil mix with water?

Nevertheless, you will still be subjected to get confused first for doing something not a crime in the sight of God but then, considered a “crime” in the sight of those so-called religious men-of-God who “unknowingly” but awfully gotten screwed up by man-made religions to think they can act as “God” to punish people on God’s earth or to tell people what they can do or what they cannot do with their lives as though people cannot tell what is right or wrong. Can you imagine such bloody madness? Can you imagine such religion that is literally showing the greatest violation of human rights in the history of civilization?

Again, regardless of what you may say or think, you’d still be ‘”religiously” punished all the same for committing a serious “offence” in trying to share the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to a Muslim. The reason a Muslim can report this to the religious authorities for “stern action” to be taken against you is because the Islamic law according to Man’s standards, forbids all Muslims to denounce their faith even if a Muslim wishes to do so. There’s no turning back even if you as a Muslim knows you are heading towards damnation according to what John 3:16-21 says.

Can you imagine the kind of inexplicable anxiety gotten trapped inside of any innocent Muslims not even allowed the choice to free oneself from?

Ironically, amid all such unnecessary and laughable confusions caused by such man-made religion, there are still many religiously volatile and yet even some so-called developed and developing countries dangerously hanging in the balance concerning human rights and freedom of speech because of race issues and the curse of man-made religions. As such, it is not surprising to see people still not fully as in 101% embracing freedom of speech that comes with absolute freedom to speak up without fear or favor.

Let this be clear once and for all. “Freedom of speech means absolute freedom to speak. No absolute freedom to speak means no freedom of speech!”

Freedom of speech is the very fundamental basic human rights for all people regardless of race, creed or religion to freely express one’s point of views whether rightly or wrongly. One must not take freedom of speech out of the context. For a person to have freedom of speech to speak up, it DOES NOT mean that another person having read or heard something not to one’s liking can act irresponsibly, shout profanities or worse, act violently to wreak havoc.

To do so, this would come under the context of “freedom of violation” instead. Don’t you think so? But then again, the problem is: is there such “freedom” to act irresponsibly or violently over someone’s remarks or criticism ever condoned by any democratic country in the world? Does it mean you got the right to go on a killing spree or shout profanities just because someone “offended” you or perhaps your religion whether by words or videos and whatnot? If so, that is exactly when all hell will break loose because of you having abused freedom of speech and hijacked it with “freedom” to act irresponsibly or violently!

Even then, did you get to kill or punish the “perpetrator/s” involved and not simply other innocent people not involved? Contrary to the proposal to limit freedom of speech that most so-called intellectual people “believe” will help to stop eroding the fabric of society, really – no one, especially those people “seen” as intellectual enough to speak out, should see freedom of speech as always the only means or excuse for hell to break loose because of someone’s remarks or criticism.

People, even the “intelligent” ones, who proposed to limit freedom of speech seriously need to have their heads examined! If they think freedom of speech is such a big problem to an unintelligent and immature society, then why not call for complete ban of freedom of speech? Why not turn to communism and have everything under tight control? Is not either option the best solution than making such a big fuss over what people say whether rightly or wrongly?

The only thing when one is under verbal attack can, at best do, under the banner of freedom of speech, is to have the intellectual will to refute, rebut and rebuke [3 R’s] to counter whatever remarks or criticisms being perpetrated. Better still, if anyone and everyone has the intellectual sense to use the 4th R which stands for REPENT and become Christians, I shall forever say the best hallelujah, praise and glory be unto God Almighty.

You know why? Because then, everything will come to a closure faster than the speed of sound so that everyone can get back to business as usual and save the day! Have you seen any Christians ever made a big fuss of freedom of speech when other people demonized or ridiculed Christianity?

Whatever the case, there is absolutely no valid reason to rely on filing lawsuits to sue people for libel be it religious or not, in the hope that it will strike fears in the heart of the perpetrator/s to deter such thing from happening to you again. By using the “legal” means, it will only open up legitimate opportunities that can be abused and manipulated because lawyers are always equipped with all the necessary legal expertise to work for them and not against them.

Because of having all the good reasons to do so, they can only help you win the lawsuit but not your precious dignity as a human being with a heart and conscience. If indeed, you can still hold your head up because of your dignity not violated because of you always having proven yourself honorable in the eyes of the public and in the sight of God, then every word you say is already good enough to convince people without relying on lawsuit to defend your name.

But if you are really not what you think you are, people can tell and get even more suspicious every time and with everything you say or do. That is why it is so important for everyone to ‘come clean’ with one’s heart and conscience to admit one’s mistakes or wrongdoings.

Don’t forget: you can fool people all the time but the one you cannot fool all the time is yourself and God – that’s for 101% sure! The best advice to command respect from others and even from the “superman” inside you is always let conscience be your true guide and never ever relied on power and might to protect your self-interest because you will lose sight of what you are that can make you who you can be in the eyes of the public and more importantly, in the sight of God at all time.

In any case, if you believe you are purely innocent of any allegations or wrongdoings and got nothing to hide because you know your conscience is clear, why then resort to legal means when you can trust your own conscience to intellectually refuterebut or rebuke with your side of the story. That’s what Jesus as a ‘man-of-principles’ always did. He did not engage any lawyers to defend Him for being accused of speaking “blasphemy” against God [himself], did He?

So, if you are the same as Jesus, always a ‘man-of-principles’ in everything you say or do and having proven yourself at all times in your life not ever corrupted in your heart, mind and soul, perhaps then, it would not be easy-peasy for people to implicate you in any wrongdoings or serious allegations in the first place because you will, like Jesus, quickly stand up and speak out to put out the fire that human’s tongues can spew.

That is why, following Jesus is so cool because you will never end up a bloody fool!

But no matter how offended or insulted you were, you should NEVER resort to act of violence or bloodshed which is beyond the context of freedom of speech because it’s not even equal to what’s being perpetrated with words through speaking, videos or writings.

The root cause of such problem still plaguing people today is due to the fact that many, not surprisingly even educated ones, have yet understood the underlying meaning of what freedom of speech is all about and thus, gotten screwed up to take it out of the context.

Unless freedom of speech covers all scope of activities like freedom to act irresponsibly or violently, one CANNOT even shout profanities, let alone act violently. Do you see people act violently or shout profanities at one another in open debates in most Western counterparts that allowed freedom of speech?

Imagine now, everyone in the world got invited to come to “God’s parliament” for an open debate before a Bill say, for example,  ‘freedom of speech’ is tabled. The subject to talk about is pretty sensitive especially in a multiracial society because it involves race issues and religions. But everyone, whether like it or not, is expected to behave and respect God under such circumstances and not go cuckoo to cause any ruckus.

Everyone is expected to present one’s point of views like a gentleman should whether it “hurts” another person’s feelings or not. Of course then, everyone is expected to leave all their one-sided sentiments such as racism at home and not bring them to “God’s parliament” save their jolly good heart and conscience!

Let’s say, the Bill included a provision for anyone, whether Christians or not, the right to ask not only Muslims but others as well, “why are you not a Christian”. Obviously, if you, as an atheist or “free-thinker”, you will retort, “come on amigo, what is so dangerous about asking such a question that is no big deal at all?” “Why waste tax payers’ money and our time to debate this Bill?”

But a Muslim minister chipped in to say otherwise, “Yes, your most honorable minister, it may seem to look like no big deal to you but not others especially Muslims who are super-sensitive and super-protective of the Islam religion.” Now, can you not see all such insecurities arising because of Islam that would cause all the uneasiness? Do you not know how FEARFUL Muslims are when it comes to the subject of Christians and their ‘Gospel of Jesus?’ Can you not tell how panic-stricken they are to desperately uphold the apostasy law because of the FEAR of Christianization?

Don’t forget: there are at least 1.7 billion Muslims existing around the world today. Just imagine – if only half of the population go cuckoo over something not to their liking, you can never tell what would happen next even inside “God’s parliament.” What if it’s like in a scenario where all the smaller ‘gods’ fighting one another? You cannot even godly imagine what it’s going to be like, can you?

Quite honestly, given any smart Christians, one will know it’s not worth the salt to ask any Muslims this “controversial” question. Why? Because it is really a waste of time and will do more harm than good. You never ever could ask them this “dangerous” question! Why? That’s because all Muslims themselves are not as true as like Osama Bin Laden who really understood the true nature of Islam that actually required all Muslims, whether they like it or not, to sacrifice their lives as violent martyrs to kill “infidels.” And then only can they be regarded as true Muslims according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad in the book of Surah!

So if you would ask them this dangerous question about what a true Muslim is, surely it would remind them to become extremists to fight the Holy Jihad to prove themselves as true Muslims by having to obey the commandments of the Prophet Muhammad dictated in the book of Surah to kill all “infidels” for the glory of “Allah.” In doing so, this would defeat the purpose of other “moderate” Muslims who would rather prefer wealth and prosperity than to get blown up as true Muslims in the name of religion.

The term, “infidels” in the Koran basically referred to the Jews and Christians and of course, whoever else are unbelievers of Islam. In other words, all Muslims are expected to “cleanse” themselves of sins by purging the world of unbelievers [infidels] so that they can Islamize the world to become part of an anti-Christ movement.

Because of having to obey such commandments, true Muslims are desperate to strike fears in the hearts of all “infidels” to accept Islam as the only “superior” religion for one to be rewarded the “paradise” promised to all those true Muslims fulfilling the will of “Allah” to fight the Holy Jihad that ironically, most “moderate” Muslims will try very hard to shy away from being seen as extremists.

That is why, it is not surprising to witness another sign of the prophesied ‘last days’ brewing even in China because of the Islam religion. One can tell by the growing signs of Muslim Uighurs’ tension worsening in Urumqi in the Xinjiang province because of such Muslim extremists wanting to become true Muslims according to the teachings of Islam.

Muslims all over the world definitely cannot deny the fact that the Koran demanded them to prove themselves as true Muslims to sacrifice their lives for “Allah” by having to die violently as martyrs, NOT as “moderates” for the promise of their version of “paradise” which is similar to Heaven mentioned in the Bible – not the cause, of course. The Bible only propagates saving people from the curse of sin, death and the devil, not killing or punishing people for all the wrong reasons for goodness sake!

There are 3 things that Muslims should start imagining if they ever had any figment of imagination left in them.

1.   Can you imagine a religion telling – no Muslims can run away from their responsibilities to “Allah” to sacrifice and die violently as martyrs to become true Muslims?

2.   Can you imagine a religion telling – no Muslims can back out and denounce their faith either, as committing apostasy means death also?

3.   Can you imagine a religion telling – no Muslims should forget to fight the Holy Jihad which is the greatest commandment of “Allah” to fulfill?

In short, according to God’s standards in the Bible, all Muslims will die without ‘Hope of Salvation’ that comes by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’. If Muslims practicing a religious “faith” that is somewhat ‘copied’ from Judaism are not even allowed to have a choice to choose because they have gotten so screwed up not to believe Jesus as the Son of God, then they are no different from those ancient Pharisees and orthodox Jews who endorsed the crucifixion of Jesus.

Instead of getting saved from sin, death and the devil by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, they {Muslims and orthodox Jews] are actually still glorifying the curse for nearly two thousand years until today. Can you imagine that?

In other words, it is safe to say that at least 1.7 billion Muslims around the world would have had gotten screwed up by now so much so that they are not only torn between the teachings of Shiites and Sunnis, they are also under heavy pressure from the teachings of the Koran to become the kind of extremist Muslims [Jihadists] that the true nature of Islam propagated.

One cannot help but wonder if they ever would come to their senses that any Christians asking them this “dangerous” question, “why are you not a Christian” is only and actually doing them a great favor to set them free! It’s just that they don’t see the big picture yet because their hearts are so hardened and solid as a rock even to penetrate, let alone break!

There are only 3 reasons to ascertain the truth as to, “why you are not a Christian?”

  1. If you are a Muslim, you can never turn around to become a Christian. In short, you are doomed as a Muslim no matter what. That’s because you no longer can choose to become one of the ‘sons of God’ to inherit the kingdom of Heaven propagated in the Bible.
  2. If you do not believe what Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23 clearly advocated, you will never even bother to think about who Jesus was and is.
  3. If you only believe all “good deeds” done with all “acts of kindness” perpetrated are good enough as some kind of negotiation with God, then you have badly mistaken what the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ means and you will never go down on your knees to REPENT and to reciprocate God’s graciousness.

Any ordinary Joe, atheist or not, and better still Muslims, can easily and blatantly ask a Christian the question, “why are you a Christian” and there is no problem for a Christian to answer back without feeling insulted by such a harmless but much-needed question. Why? Because any Christian would tell you that it’s because of SIN that one needs the ‘Hope of Salvation’ and Jesus is simply the one and only solution to save you, or anyone from sin, death and the devil. Apart from that, Christians don’t believe in punishing people for wanting to know the truth about Christianity and especially how one can be saved from sin, death and devil.

Be that as it may, no true Christians can practically and truthfully answer the latter question without quoting the name of Jesus and even more so, why He chose to fulfill God’s will and plan on earth. The reason no ordinary Joe [not only Muslims] will simply accept Jesus, the Son of God having had appeared in “flesh and blood” like everyone else is because one would just not consider the choice and the urgency to become a Christian – if a Christian asking an ordinary Joe the question, “why are you not a Christian” not even able to explain who Jesus really was and still is.

It is much easier for an atheist to understand than for a Muslim when you pose such traumatizing question to them that will traumatize you instead. Why is that? Herein lies the biggest problem that will never ever be resolved if you asked a Muslim, “why are you not a Christian?” Do you know why? The answer is downright clear and simple. This is because of the Islam religion that is in every way anti-Christ and yet, the Koran contradicted in another part to revere Jesus as the prophet of Islam. Can you imagine such confusion and contradiction?

Even though the Book of Revelation had prophesied about the anti-Christ in the ‘last days’ and obviously, any of those “moderates” or Muslim bigots who read the Bible are expected to understand what anti-Christ means, yet they don’t, thus making them as anti-Christ too. Now what is even more frightening is that Muslims have been religiously “fed” the idea that Jesus is no big deal because He also was once a “human being” like any ordinary Joe.

Because of such reasoning according to Man’s standards and not God’s, they don’t believe Jesus has the divine power to forgive sins to become the Christ and Savior of all mankind that is according to God’s standard. It’s like Muslims are having a love-hate affair with Christ Jesus, you know?

On one hand, Muslims who are paradoxically anti-Christ will tell people especially among Muslims themselves that, at best, Jesus was only a prophet or messenger of God. Ironically, on the other hand, they revered Jesus as also a prophet of Islam but only they do not accept Jesus as the resurrected Christ and Savior that the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob having sent to atone for the sins of mankind.

Unlike Christians not having any problem at all to believe and accept Jesus as someone so cool to follow, the Muslims do the opposite and set themselves on fire by rejecting Jesus.

The reason Muslims are driving themselves into a corner with such misguided interpretation of the New Testament is because they have eyes yet not see, ears yet not hear, mind yet not think and so obviously not able to figure out that Jesus is more than meet the eyes, ears and mind – in the divine sense!  As such they will never ever be able to see the big picture of the magnanimous Jesus having been given the divine power from above to save mankind from the curse of sin, death and the devil that the Islam religion can’t – period!

Little did they know? This most amazing sacrifice of Jesus as a human being took place all because of the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ to give humans the second chance to REPENT and be saved from the curse of sin, death and the devil. But the funny thing is, Muslims can NEVER prove the Prophet Muhammad as a prophet sent by “Allah” to save people from the curse of sin, death and the devil which should be the top priority – if ever the Prophet Muhammad had been prophesied in the Koran to atone for the sins of mankind. However, nothing of this sort ever foretold or if you like, prophesied in the Koran, so nothing of this sort ever came to pass.

If Jesus had already done the job to save the world, so what did the Prophet Muhammad do – kill the world? Exactly!

Come one, common sense will tell you that no one can save oneself of one’s sins even by shedding one’s blood or do good. Can you die on the cross or kill someone to save yourself from your own sins? It will only make you more worse than you already are because of Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23.

Now if that is the reason Islam propagated to the Muslims to die violently as martyrs by killing “infidels” for “Allah” to redeem them of their sins, it is ONLY because they had no one as sinless and perfect as Jesus in 1 Peter 2:22, qualified enough in the sight of God to atone for the sins of mankind!

How can a religion encourage its followers to become suicide-cum-murderers? Any kids old enough to use the brain already can tell it’s a no-no to die by killing, don’t you think?

As such, how could it have been possible for Muslims to have accepted the Prophet Muhammad as a “true” prophet? There are more than enough evidence in Romans 3:23 to prove that even he also have sinned and fall short of the glory of God for having committed adultery 15 times.

How then could the perfect moon-god “Allah” so mistakenly have sent a less than perfect prophet to not even save mankind from the curse of sin, death and the devil but to propagate to the Muslims to kill all the Jews and Christians instead – for “peace” to prevail? Are you kidding me? My goodness gracious me, so much for “love” and “compassion” in Islam and the preaching of hadith or al-wasatiyyah [moderation] and whatnot!

So, if Jesus is no big deal to Muslims even though He had proven to have the power to save even them and wash away all their sins by obeying the gospel, what makes them think Islam is so big deal when the Prophet Muhammad DID NOT and WILL NOT ever have the power to save Muslims from sin, death and the devil apart from getting them nowhere fast?

One cannot help but wonder if Muslims ever understood why they and everyone else in flesh and blood have to DIE? If they still don’t believe it is because of SIN as what the Bible declared so crystal clear in Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23, then what is?  Don’t they have any better idea at all? If they don’t, then are they not better off following the footsteps of Osama Bin Laden who actually was a true Muslim according to the Koran because he obeyed the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad to become extremist in the Holy Jihad?

Why is it so? That’s because it’s only “true” Muslim like him who really understood the nature of Islam and having obeyed its teachings in the book of Surah without fail, not those who claimed to be “moderates” of Islam and showing themselves as having double-standards instead.

Come to think of it, it’s the “moderates” who are deviating from the “true” teachings of the Koran, not those extremists like Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda and whatnot.

So those “moderate” Muslims should get their act together to know what a true Muslim entails or not be a Muslim at all. Make sense?

As a Muslim, one should know better what the Koran teaches in the book of Surah and to obey it with no questions asked. It clearly teaches that “paradise” has no room for those not willing to sacrificing their lives in the name “Allah” to kill “infidels” such as Jews and Christians so that one can die violently as a martyr.

The Muslims have to resort to such extremist teaching to kill so that they can make their version of “salvation” [self-redeemed] possible simply because there is no one in Islam like Jesus who have the divine power to SAVE them from sin, death and the devil. But when they claimed Jesus as a prophet of Islam and not accepted Him as the Son of God – where is the logic?

Since the Prophet Muhammad did not have such divine power to do miracles because of himself having committed the sin of adultery over and over and himself having died too but not resurrected, so Muslims can only sort of  “save” themselves by dying violently as martyrs to shed blood and purge themselves for the sake of “Allah”.

Any of those “moderate” Muslims who had not ever died or never so much as committed to DIE as religious martyrs as proof of obedience to “Allah” shall NOT be rewarded with the prize of the “paradise” that funnily though, the Koran never ever specified what this “paradise” really was.

Of course, by now Muslims must have been taught it’s Heaven, the same one like the Bible since the Prophet Muhammad probably couldn’t think of a better term than that of the Bible to copy and paste, you know?

The biggest problem of all time that everyone knows is this: it’s pretty much easier for humans to believe a lie than truth because that is usually what makes people “feel good” about it just so they could “believe” they have not been misguided and led astray. The Muslims are one good example of believing such lies propagated in the Koran that they can in no way prove as the truth that is divinely substantiated and endorsed by the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus and provided all revelations in a book called, ‘The Holy Bible’.

The argument is simple – no true Almighty God would have had encouraged humans to kill one another. That is why, one is only smart enough NOT to ask the wrong people especially Muslims about Jesus, the one true Almighty God and Heaven.

If you do, you will be asked to get blown up first to kill “infidels” as martyrs to know what it [Holy Jihad] is. One should ask Christians only if one wants to get to the bottom to know the truth about Jesus and the gospel simply because Christians chose the correct path to come back to God but not Muslims who chose self-destruction in the name of “Allah”.

Because a Muslim could only so much be considered as a “true” Muslims by killing according to the Koran, can you not tell straightaway whether that is the truth or a lie? If you, as a Muslim says, it’s the truth that the Koran teaches Muslims to become extremists and sacrifice their lives in the Holy Jihad by having to die violently as martyrs – I believe you! However, I do not believe you if you say it’s a lie, but I will only believe you if you truthfully say the Koran is a book of TRUE LIES that anyone in the world is smart enough to tell from reading it!

There are only 3 examples to prove it.

  1. It cannot be a lie when Osama Bin Laden literally gotten ‘annihilated’ by U.S. Navy Seals on 1st May, 2011, can it?
  2. It cannot be a lie that those existing Talibans still around proving to the world that Muslims must first become Jihadists to fight the Holy Jihad and only then they can be considered as true Muslims, can it?
  3. It cannot be a lie that “moderate” Muslims, whether they like it or not, will ever be recognized as true Muslims according to the teachings in the book of Surah, can it? If these are all lies, it’s ONLY because they are nothing but TRUE LIES!

This is the most vicious part that is dividing the Muslims because of what is being taught in the book of Surah as necessary for true Muslims to carry out. I don’t know why but I already had this weird feelings that in no time, Muslims may “all of a sudden” find the book of Surah disappeared from the Koran. If not, maybe it could get “whitewashed” to a certain extent with something “nicer” for 1.7 billion Muslims to read. One must understand that such deliberate act is necessary to keep Muslims from getting religiously confused‘, you know?

In any case, if the Islam religion had to become relevant again, of course Muslims must subject themselves to the apostasy act not to end up as apostates that is according to the ‘ways-of-men’ rather than the ways of God.

In order for anyone to know and understand whether Jesus is only a “mere” prophet/messenger of God or not, one must first take the initiative to find out the truth so that one will get to know who He really was and what crucial role He played that brought about the birth of Christianity pioneered by the apostle Paul, Peter and other disciples of Jesus in the first century.

In the course of such argument, what is most important to take note of that Muslims failed to do so is that: no “mere” prophets of God died and resurrected save Jesus only! Did the moon-god, “Allah” resurrect the Prophet Muhammad after he died? “NO!” Why? Because he was really a human being only in flesh and blood having violated what Romans 3:23 pointed out; so he too, had to face the penalty of death like everyone else according to Romans 6:23! The worse-case-scenario is, “Allah” did nothing to raise him from the dead and to give him the name that is above every name unlike the case of Jesus in Philippians 2:6-11, you know?

The onus now is on humans not to betray the TRUST that God having had put in us upfront from day one even until today. It is so clear to see that only by reciprocating His TRUST in us will we have the chance to save ourselves from losing our souls to Lucifer. The only way we can succeed and to hold on to the TRUST between God and us is to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to seal it forever as our destiny to become the ‘children of God’ or as ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven.

Talking about the subject of ‘sons of God’ mentioned in the Bible especially in the New Testament; again Muslims who read the Bible have gotten an incorrect interpretation about Jesus and even got some ill-informed “Christians” converted to Islam because of this. They [Muslims] argued that since Jesus was also a human being only, He could not have been more special than other ‘sons of God’ with the likes of Abraham, Moses, Noah and other prophets chosen by God to tell the Israelites to REPENT from their sinfulness or if you prefer – human nature.

The reason the Bible in the King James Version specifically mentioned Jesus as the ‘begotten Son of God’ in John 3:16 is because God chose Jesus to atone for the sins of mankind – died and resurrected! However, all other prophets died too, but NOT raised from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit – yet, until such time at the second coming of Jesus Christ. That is why, God only exalted Jesus as recorded in Philippians 2:6-11 because Jesus was the one and only [begotten] Son of God. Was any of the other prophets mentioned as ‘begotten’ and got exalted the way Jesus was exalted?

If you study the first four books of the New Testament that recorded what Jesus said and did when He went about His ministry work by having to perform miracles to heal the sick, blind and those unfortunate ones who became demon-possessed, you will easily be amused especially by how Jesus handled Lucifer’s bunch of demons when casting them out by the divine power from above.

Now, if Jesus as the Son of God was only a “mere” prophet as claimed by Muslims and not part of the 3-in-1 Godhead, why then all the demons got so SCARED of Him every time they smelled Him around? Also, why Jesus himself not ever gotten possessed by demons if He was “only” a human being? You tell me!

One may ask, “what do you mean amused?” “Amused by what?” If any Christians can recall or, perhaps any ordinary Joe can read Matthew 8:28-34 about a bunch of demons that recognized who Jesus was and that these demons could straightaway tell Him as the HOLY ONE to get so panicky at His sight, why then Muslims are not smarter than the demons to tell who Jesus is and gotten panicky too for not obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus?’ Are you not amused by the stupidity of Muslims by now to still belittle Jesus when even demons ran helter-skelter as soon as they heard the voice of Jesus? Are not the Muslims so outdated?

If those demons existed at the time when Jesus walked the earth and even got so smart and humble enough to plead with Jesus to spare them so that they could flee helter-skelter into some swine and gotten drown in a pond, why then are Muslims today not even sober enough than the demons to see who Jesus is and still keep drowning themselves in nothing but follies after follies? Is that not pathetic – to say the least?

Talking about demons having possessed those swine and got drown because of the FEAR of Jesus casting them out, probably that’s the reason Muslims and orthodox Jews today dared not eat pork just because of this incident. But it was not the fault of those swine that a bunch of demons got into them, was it? Even then, it was only that particular bunch of pigs that got drown and already dead so long time ago. So amigo, there are no demon-possessed pork in these modern times. Are there? In fact, the truth of the matter is, there are only demon-possessed minds that are even more dangerous than eating pork. Don’t you think?

How then, can Muslims so easily take offence and not even sit together with others on the same table because of others eating pork? How does it make any sense to regard eating pork as “haram” [sinful] to consume when all humans whether Muslims or not, are already sinners according to Romans 3:23 and not pigs? The Bible only mentioned humans as sinners, not animals.

Are pigs sinners and capable enough to kill humans as their food? Can one be seen as a “lesser” sinner in the sight of God for not consuming pork or not sitting together with people eating pork? Can one, as a sinner according to Romans 6:23, escapes from the penalty of death for not eating pork? Don’t be fooling yourself silly for goodness sake!

As humans, how can we treat these animals that God created as “filthy” food for us just because a bunch of demons entered them to flee from Jesus and because of this, the Islam religion forbids Muslims to eat them as food? Where is the logic? If pigs as animals do not have the brains to think and reason, that is of course understandable, but if humans given brains to think and to reason, yet are not capable to do so, then would it not have been better that God created animals to rule over humans instead?

I know for a fact that Muslims in the Middle-East would rather prefer to eat camels that are equally smelly and filthy and perhaps even worse than pigs. Quite frankly, if I as a Muslim “given” a choice to choose, really I would rather choose to eat pork than camel’s meat to be safe. Maybe, it’s because of eating too much camel’s meat that is now causing the MERS-CoV disease to spread in the Middle East lately, don’t you think?

Animals whether pigs or camels though filthy and smelly outside, they are innocent creatures without sin. And they could not ever do any harm to humans or even having any chance or means to speak evil of humans while humans can do so about them and to all other humans at any time whether or not it’s because of religion. They do not have any choice to choose or protest if and when led to be slaughtered to end up as food on our tables only because God created all animals as food for humans.

It’s only humans whether Muslims or not are capable of unleashing all the harm on one another and against humanity that actually are the ones really filthy and smelly from inside out. Anyone can easily detect such detestable things of humans coming from inside save only Muslims who, by far, are the only ones in the world having gotten so religiously screwed up and couldn’t tell whether “Allah” created pigs or not.

So, the simple argument is: if “Allah” forbids Muslims to eat pork, why did he create them? Did he, anyway? Don’t tell me “Allah” never ever “created” the animal, pigs as food for humans? If he didn’t, then who did? The Satan?

As far as I know and believe, it’s the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who claimed to be the one and only Almighty ONE who created the universe and the world as substantiated in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible. There’s nothing in the Koran to say “Allah” created what – from the 1st day to the 7th day, is there? If there was, would it not have ‘copied’ from the Bible and violated the copyrights of the Almighty God who sent Jesus?

………..to be continued.