Is Jesus God?

On the right sidebar of this website is an interesting and upbeat You Tube video clip uploaded by a Muslim scholar, the late Mr. Ahmed Deedat which captured my attention. It was an open debate that to my surprise was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on the 7th July 1985. The other speaker involved in the debate was Dr. Anis Shorrosh who is a liberated Palestinian now a citizen of the United States.

A Question of Tolerance

I would very much like to believe that it would be in the best interest of everyone to watch this video clip whether or not one is a Christian, Muslim or even as unbelievers. The most important thing to bear in mind is, one should watch it with an open heart and impartial mind, not with animosity and suspicion towards anyone involved. In other words, this video clip is only meant for those who are mentally stable and matured enough as a grown-up to restrain oneself and not easily get carried away. If you are not one of these, please be advised that you have all the rights in the world to turn your back and not watch it. If you expect others to exercise tolerance, you should do the same likewise.

That’s because you have to accept the fact that a spade is called a spade. And not surprisingly, if you are one of those who studies the Bible, you could not have agreed more what happened during the biblical times in the Old Testament was that the holy book, the Bible, spoke about not only those man of God, who some even kings were sensible enough to stay sober, obedient, and faithful to God. But there were others, even kings as well who became blinded in their hearts by the Satan, thereby causing them to become evil and rebellious even though they were known to “fear” God at the same time. So it does not necessary mean that anyone claiming to “fear” God will always be regarded as “righteous” and “holy” in the sight of God. Does it?

On the same note, please be also advised that it does not give anyone all the rights in the world to stop other people from viewing this video clip. Unless of course, if “someone” can claim and proved “more superior” to God to have the power to judge and mete out punishment on others, there’s no reason for anyone to feel threatened at all by watching this video clip. Let it be known that God, in fact, had proven he actually loved us more than He would want to punish us. “There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you – who are you to judge your neighbor?” (James 4:12)

As this video clip being uploaded by someone from the Muslim faith, therefore it is good enough to substantiate the fact that there is no seditious elements or malice of any nature were present in displaying the video clip in public. What’s more, it was held and recorded openly to a wide audience with different backgrounds whether religious or not. Because the debate agreed upon with mutual respect by both sides for it to be held openly, therefore this video clip is not meant to incite hatred, insult or to cause unrest of any nature to anyone or to any organizations as a whole. It does not make me or anyone WHO IS a sinner in the sight of God anymore “righteous” and “holy” to do something like that.

The purpose of the debate was to challenge the people’s openness and to decide if they have the right mind-set to make a formidable decision based on their own intelligence about what one should accept and embrace, or not to. What’s most important for everyone to understand is that, no one should feel inferior or superior in any way as a result of watching the video clip, or perhaps even reading this post which was a personal response to the video clip. No one needs be duly worried about their statutory rights, religious or not, being shaken or stirred and worse, violated because of possible dissension that may arise. If anyone claiming as a “man of God” and yet whose faith can become so easily shaken and stirred, then whoever the person concerned should seriously consider the urgency to get proselytized to another faith that makes more sense.

Truth Will Prevail

As this debate focused on a fundamental search for truth on both sides, therefore it posed no problems in distinguishing the rights of everyone to believe what holds true or not true to them. That means: You still have the right to “believe” in something whether it’s a lie or truth as long as you see fit because after all, whether it’s you, me or anyone, all will be held accountable to God only, not man, in the end for the choice that one made. That’s because what one believed as truth would possibly be regarded as a lie by another and vice-versa. Only God has the last say on Judgement Day over the choice one made while still breathing. So no one as mere human beings should play or ridiculously act as “God” to mete out judgment or punishment of any kind to anyone based on “religious decrees” that are man-made, but executed in the name of God and in which case is looking more likely a real blasphemy case itself.

Whatever truth, bitter or not that one gets to hear from both side of the divide, no one is to take it as an excuse to hurl insults in an uncivilized way or worse, turn violent and kill people as it would be unjustifiable even in the eyes of civil laws, let alone God’s law. If one can’t handle the truth, bitter or not, it’s best not to watch this video clip and this applies to either Christians or Muslims alike. That’s because as learned man of God, one surely is able to display the good example as one and be able to restrain oneself from using violence or so-called religious laws as a ‘means-to-an-end’, which by no means would be justified under whatever circumstances, let alone in the sight of God! If we can put ourselves in this situation that we are all in the same boat and sinking, then we know we could not be fighting one another to make things worse, could we?

We are all sinners whether Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims or whatnot and we are all certainly drowning in our own sins whether we deny it or not, believe it or not, ignorant or not, and much less like it or not. And not to mention, we all have a curse to fight and kill, not each other! This is the time that is crucial for us as humans to help one another save ourselves, and not fight over whose religion is more superior to the other instead. There is no such thing as one religion is superior to the other. If there is, and if you still can claim yourself as a man of God, shouldn’t you be able to tell straightaway that it is the Satan’s mightiest plot in using “religion” as his tool to counter-attack God’s plan in getting us to become reconciled with Him and to bring us back as ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven through the correct path that Jesus had already paved for us with his blood?

Little Did We Know

People should not dismiss  the hidden power of the Satan’s evil forces at work and “silently” wreaking havoc by blinding the hearts of man to fight and kill each other because of religion. That’s exactly what the Satan wanted to see such man-made disasters happening at all times simply because religion will easily make people become self-righteous. The most dangerous disaster waiting to happen and rearing its ugly head is when religious people hide behind the mask of “self-righteousness” to make them look good and upright even when there’s bloodshed involved.

Common sense will tell anyone that religion should make people humble and selfless, not superior and boastful. If any religion fails in such an important aspect, then it’s not a religion to embrace at all. It’s as simple as that! And that’s what Jesus had emphatically warned his disciples too, to be on their toes and not easily misled, even when he was alive. The only thing that we should believe as being more superior to us and religion is the Almighty God and we should not fail to obey and worship Him as our Creator, the giver and taker of life.

A Good Question

“Is Jesus God?”

So, it seemed this is the most interesting question of all time that until today it still baffles a lot of people who could be at best, “religious scholars” proclaiming themselves as learned man of God, or who could be at worst, displaying the foolishness of man’s heart with regards to the ‘mystifying’ power and absolute sovereignty of the Almighty God over heaven and earth. What about to unfold here is actually no longer an unresolved mystery because it had been clearly revealed in the Bible in such a distinctive and simple way that no one who can understand simple English could falter in their thinking and become disillusioned or worse, twisted in their minds.

Yet it is so shocking to see it actually not only confused a religious scholar at the debate, but also many others at large who may have already watched the video clip. If, in any case, still this question remains an unresolved mystery to you, the reason would be because you are not smart enough as a human being to differentiate the difference between man and God, mortal and immortality, earthly things and heavenly things and sadly, truth and deceit which means God and the Satan.

To all those who are unbelievers and thus ended up uninformed, it’s okay to leave them out of this debate for now. However, to all those who are “well-informed” because they’re “well-versed” with the Bible but still remain as unbelievers, wouldn’t it be really unbelievable if the question, “Is Jesus God?”, still remain an “unresolved” mystery to them? If that is the case which was what sparked the debate, then there’s a big problem out there. Why? That’s because the big problem is not with God, but with Mr. Deedat and many others so-called man of God who could even quote from the Bible accurately at the snap of their fingers as what Mr Deedat did at the debate.

Yet unbelievably, he was much like confusing himself dramatically over who created who when he questioned God’s creation. If he couldn’t so much as tell whether it’s God created him in His image, or that he created God in “his” monkey image as claimed by him, then it becomes pretty problematic and chaotic in his own spiritual realm. Isn’t it? If he claimed God created us and made us looked like monkey with beard like his, and going by the way he used the word, “monkey” that usually depicts mischief and troublemakers, it’s not because God created us that way, it’s because we are the ones who brought upon ourselves that way by our own negative conduct and behavior that our sinful nature failed to overcome.

The Much-Needed Answer

The whole episode of this greatest “unresolved” mystery rearing its ugly head to the so-called learned man of God is because it all started revolving around one “earthly” but godly man who is known by millions of followers around the world as the greatest ‘human’ that ever walked the earth, and on water too! Without the need for introduction, this is all about a man called Jesus of Nazareth who, until today was very unfortunate and tragically caught in an unfathomable debacle of man’s unperturbed foolishness that even baffled Jesus himself when he was evidently begging as he was dying on the cross asking, “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?”

If you read the post, “Believing Jesus Is Eternal Life”, you will know why he said that before he gave up the spirit. Honestly, I would say the same too if I were in his shoes. That’s because some humans who were even known as “religious scholars” and supposedly learned man of God, yet had become so foolish than dumb and dumber that they couldn’t tell between earthly things and heavenly things. To make things worse, Mr. Deedat even expressed how unfathomable it is for God to come down from heaven as a human being (Jesus) to die for the sins of the world. Is it because Mr. Deedat had conveniently forgotten to quote what Jesus said in Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27, and Luke 18:27. So what made him disbelieved it was possible that Jesus was already circumcised in Mary’s womb even before he was born? Is the Almighty God not mighty enough to make what seemed impossible to humans, possible with Him?

If you study the New Testament in the Bible diligently about the 3 short years of Jesus’ mission on earth, you would have no problem understanding why there were so much animosity towards Jesus, why God’s plan became badly impoverished and misinterpreted by some religious people about the hope of humanity to become reconciled with Him through Jesus. It was all because of Jesus who appeared as a ‘human’ doing God’s will. Now this has evidently become the most powerful tool for the Satan to whack the humans’ mind until today, and this debate is one example that attested to it. All of these what seemed unimaginable to Mr. Deedat would have been easily avoided and solved if the so-called learned man of God had the eyes to ‘see’, the ears to ‘hear’ and the heart to ‘believe’ which of course, Mr. Deedat were evidently short of even though he was known as someone very “well-versed” with the Bible. If only Mr. Deedat possessed just these 3 simple earthly elements, see, hear and believe, like those who were healed and worshiped him (Jesus), the need for a debate of this nature would not have arisen at all.

A Man-Made Bigotry

Unfortunately and unmistakably, he (Mr. Deedat) was not the only one having these 3 elements problem. The Bible had recorded that it was already happening not only at the height of Jesus’ ministry on earth when he was trying his utmost best at fulfilling his Father’s will in the flesh – human, but even until now people are still blinded to see the truth. The Jews were having difficulties understanding God themselves too even though they were reading the scriptures in the Torah every day at the temples and saw the miracles Jesus performed. It is also evidently happening even until today just as Jesus himself had prophesied that false prophets will arise that would blind the hearts of man, but it would be that one can easily tell by their fruits – words and deeds! Hence, it is not surprising that such a discourse in undermining the task that God had to carry out in the form of a ‘human being’ as in Jesus, is still being marred constantly by people stubbornly getting in the way to discredit His (Jesus) noble cause in bringing us back to become the ‘sons of God’ in His kingdom. So the question, “Is Jesus God?” is what the big fuss was all about even 27 years ago?

Is that also why the prospect of getting people to believe in Jesus as God himself is still being unequivocally questioned by the society today? And what’s worse is that it came especially from the people of the Muslim faith whose holy book, the Koran were actually adopted [copied] largely from the Old Testament of the Bible, and of course not the New Testament all because it was about Jesus as Christ and Savior of the world. Is that why the honorable Mr. Deedat was still unrelentingly debating on the issue, “Is Jesus God?” even when he was known as someone very well-versed with the Bible himself? Did he, like the Jews, not know who the Messiah was, that prophets such as Isaiah from the Old Testament prophesied? Therefore, such question, “Is Jesus God?” should not even arise at all if one can answer another more important but simple one. And that is: Who came into the picture first, Jesus or the Prophet Muhammad? And not to mention the most powerful and ‘thought-provoking’ claim Jesus made by saying in John 8:58, “before Abraham was born, I am!” So who should follow who?

Don’t you see? If Jesus had already fulfilled God’s plan for humans to become reconciled with God by his sacrifice and shedding of his blood on the cross as redemption of sin, why then would there be a need for the Prophet Muhammad anymore, or perhaps even the late Rev Moon, so to speak? To do what, if there’s anyone who cares to clarify? What else could he or anyone else be doing as a messenger or prophet? Save the Jews because Jesus failed? If what the Prophet Muhammad or any other messengers or prophets could have done, shouldn’t it be that of John the Baptist who prepared the way for the Lord? But John the Baptist had already done that job perfectly as God’s messenger who paved the way for someone greater than him as indicated in John 3:23-36. One should in fact question what further need is there to have any more “prophets” to show up when the show is already over because Jesus had already officially and spiritually declared, “It is finished!” in John 19:30. That’s the most important part of Jesus’ mission that Mr. Deedat also conveniently failed to quote, or missed out!

All Religions & Humans Questionable 

So what’s the Prophet Muhammad, or even the late Rev Moon doing actually? Besides, there’s no record in the Old and New Testament that any more “god-send” prophets will appear after Jesus. If, in any case, there would be anyone claiming as a “prophet”, you would be so certain beyond 100% that it would be a false one because there is no longer a need for prophets anymore as even Jesus while alive, had warned that false prophets will arise to lead people astray after He’s gone. Sure enough it is so true what Jesus had prophesied is happening today even in Christendom, let alone other religions! In fact, the Bible recorded that there were already false prophets existing even during Jesus’ time. So what is so “surprising” and “shocking” that even false prophets still continue to exist until today? Naturally, if you become blinded in the heart, you will not ever see clearly the truth of what Jesus said before he died.

So what if the subject of the debate renamed like, perhaps, “Is Islam relevant?” or “Is the Prophet Muhammad a sinner?” One can’t help, but wonder if Mr. Deedat’s supporters at the Royal Albert Hall in London back in 1985, would bring the house down if Dr Annis suggested such topics for a debate? But let’s all be fair and square as humans and show no double standards on both side of the divide. If the authority and authenticity of Jesus as God was not spared the questioning and ridicule, why then should the credentials and credibility of the Prophet Muhammad as a human being or mere messenger spared the questioning? So shouldn’t those claiming themselves as “learned” man of God be careful and not simply go about shooting oneself in the foot with their own unsubstantiated interpretation of who Jesus is?

The Bane of Misinterpretation

Mr. Deedat began his counter speech by saying that the question, “Is Jesus God?” can actually be easily solved, if only he could hear it from the lips of Jesus himself who should say directly and bluntly, “I’m God, worship me!” Oh my God, isn’t that so ridiculous? Who would have the “face” to say such a thing like that? Given Mr. Deedat himself, I’m so sure beyond 100% he wouldn’t be stooping so low as to demand people to worship him out of the blue, would he? Logically and understandably, you just can’t simply demand respect, let alone demand to be worshiped. Can you?

Even a simple respect has to be earned, not by demanding and he, as a “learned” man of God should have known better than a small fry like me. It’s only when you have proven yourself as respectable, only then will people automatically respect you without having to demand for it. That was exactly the case with Jesus. He didn’t need to demand people to worship Him. People automatically went down on their knees to worship him in many instances recorded in the New Testament that I’m so sure Mr. Deedat were well versed with but failed to quote those scriptures again. How then could he (Mr. Deedat) not have understood such simple basic principles about respect and honor before he spoke?

On the subject of the Holy Trinity, he argued how could God created another 2 God that is Jesus, the Son and the Holy Spirit and therefore, there are 3 persons becoming one God. He was satirically not very pleased with the way the English language described the context of 3 persons becoming as one. One wonders how else could it be phrased that would make Mr. Deedat satisfied and understood? Perhaps he would have understood better if the Bible was in Arabic. So, it didn’t make any sense to him like he protested.

Honestly, it makes perfect sense to me even though I’m only a human with limited intelligence compared with Mr. Deedat who was a well-known religious scholar in South Africa. Perhaps if you’re someone like me who drinks 3-in-1 coffee, it will make perfect sense to you too. It’s only normal to drink coffee with sugar and creamer which makes it still coffee even if it’s 3-in-1, right? So, what is so shocking and surprising that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are 3-in-1 that still makes it as the one and only Almighty God? Maybe Mr. Deedat didn’t like 3-in-1 coffee, so that’s why he protested against the 3 persons who would be the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Again, Mr. Deedat maybe wasn’t fortunate enough then as we all do now who have the luxury to watch movies on big screen. If you have watched the movie, “Tin Tin and The Secret of the Unicorn”, it would have undoubtedly cemented your conviction of  3-in-1 and its significance. In the movie, it all started when Tin Tin bought a model ship at a market and found out later it got stolen when he return to his apartment because he earlier refused to resell it to a Mr. Sakharine who wanted so badly to buy it from him that Mr. Sakharine didn’t mind paying Tin Tin double the price. As the story unfolded, Tin Tin found out that there was not just a hidden puzzle in the model ship he bought, there were altogether 3 model ships that hold the secret to some lost treasures out there somewhere. So it got him enthusiastically looking the other 2 hidden puzzles to combine with the one he had that would lead him to the lost treasures which, after all the madness in chasing it half way round the world and fighting it out with the sinister Mr. Sakharine, were actually found inside the drunkard, Captain Haddock’s great-grandfather’s mansion, who once were fighting with the great-grandfather of Mr. Sakharine over the treasures in the middle of the ocean. And that the history repeated itself which saw him facing off with Mr. Sakharine in his time.

The reason I highlighted the movie as an example is because almost everything important comes in the pack of 3-in-1 to make it complete as one. For instance: You need to have a heartmind and soul to make you a conscientious human being. You need to have a fathermother and children to have a wholesome family. You need to have a president/prime ministercabinet of ministers and legislation as a legitimate government to run a country lawfully, equally and honestly. You need air to breath, water to drink and food to eat to live and survive. Even the curse of mankind comes in a package of 3-in-1, which is sin, death and the devil. Last but not least, you definitely need the Fatherthe Son and the Holy Ghost to bring you back to the correct path to become ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven! Make sense?

That is why I still believe in the 3-in-1 Trinity, and baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit because God was more than willing to sacrifice one of His head, His only begotten Son, Jesus to save me from my sin and eternal damnation and allowing the other head, the Holy Spirit to live in me and to guide me so that it keeps me from sinning again. That’s what really matters to me and it makes perfect sense too to have all 3 that would lead me to a priceless treasure ahead. Even the Bermuda Triangle known as the Devil Triangle required 3 points to form the triangle. So why question if God made up of 3, 5 or 10 persons for that matter? Wouldn’t it be doing us a lot of good just to believe in Him than question Him unnecessarily and worse, foolishly?

After all, when it comes to God, everyone should know instinctively that it’s about believing, not questioning! But in this case, I really sympathized with him (Mr. Deedat) that he got so frustrated with this spiritual anatomy of God and maybe it’s because he wasn’t so sure he was on the safe side to have no leads to a heavenly treasure, let alone seeking for 3. Unless he intended to become more superior to God, there was no reason for him to become so worried and uptight with God (a powerful spiritual entity) having one “body” and “3 heads”. Perhaps, he should only be so concerned if he, as a human being, he was having one body with 3 heads, shouldn’t he?

The Bitter Truth Revisited

So, “Is Jesus God?”

This is a question that no one as a human being can answer for you or anyone. You can start by reading the Bible and the Koran to get to the bottom of this, but you will end up having to give up one half-way through or by the time you finished reading both. Whatever the decision, it’s your choice to make and no one has the right to interfere or to stop you because it is your ‘God-given’ rights to have freedom of expression and the freedom to choose. You will find it never could have been this better after watching this video clip to let your intellectual ability to guide you so that you can decide whether the question, “Is Jesus God?” is better off believing it like Thomas did, or better off carry on doubting it?

When Dr. Deedat answered a question brought up by someone from the audience about ‘the doubting-Thomas’, he said it was just an “exclamation” that Thomas uttered like anybody would, when he finally met and touched Jesus who appeared to him. Therefore, he (Mr. Deedat) was of the view that there’s no significance with what Thomas said as it is not pointing towards any evidence that Thomas was worshiping Jesus as God. Is that so? If you read carefully in John 20:28, and as an impartial observer, I’m pretty sure you would have disagreed with Mr. Deedat without questions asked.

Thomas said to him (Jesus), “My Lord and my God!” Does this sound like just an exclamation? To me, that sounds more like the tone of someone worshiping the Almighty God! What about you? When someone uttered, “Oh my God”, then I readily agree that’s really an exclamation! But did Thomas utter like that? Does it not look like Mr. Deedat was a little confused with what an exclamation is, and what honoring someone as superior sounds like?