“What if…..?”


Usually when any bad thing happened, everyone will only start to wonder why it happened out of the blue. People will ask why some people are not so lucky which is the kind of questions asked. Take the current case of the mysterious flight MH370 that went missing without a trace. Because it attracted international attention, people are also flocking out to attract a little attention too. That’s when almost everyone “all of a sudden” would like to chip in and try to piece the ‘mystery’ together while others will only get hysterical over others for not having any “nice” things to say.

Because of such big and sad tragedy of humans that will happen from time to time, those who do not have the slightest clue regarding what’s the divine purpose of humans to exist on earth is all about, certainly they will not know and much less believe the reason for something bad like this to happen is only so clear. What do you think it is? No one will ever know what it is until everyone knows it’s time to wake up and figure out what is the top and most important priority to get it right.

It has been quite a while now since it was last reported missing on 8th March 2014 on a fine and calm night. Why did it have to happen to that particular flight? Why did it not happen to another one that perhaps was flying to Western countries where there’s a high possibility of hijacking or terrorism involved that would make much sense? Perhaps, such questions only point to one simple truth – bad things happen for a reason!

What’s so incredibly mind-boggling is that everything was fine and dandy save two Iranians were reported to have passed through custom checkpoints at the airport to board the plane with stolen passports and even without being detected. Can you imagine that? But both of them have earlier been “ruled out” as having any bad intention to hijack the plane for the purpose of carrying out the so-called religious ‘Holy Jihad.’ Just imagine, if it was the case of terrorism, it would have had gotten everyone the incredible sickness of suffering from the epidemic of Islamophobia.

The plane would have reached its destination in just a matter of few hours only but instead, it ended up mysteriously missing. If nothing bad had happened, all the passengers on board would already have gotten back to their daily mundane routine, but it was not the case anymore.

Sadly, it no longer was “business-as-usual” for the 239 souls on that ill-fated flight. The days keep counting, yet there had not been any debris found in the ocean or elsewhere on mountains and whatnot to at least signify the plane had crashed due to some technical failures or something. But since search and rescue operations started, there’s nothing solid thus far to suggest the plane flew off-course and having had landed somewhere safely without being detected.

The latest news reported on day 13 of the search and rescue operations and possibly the only credible one was that a satellite had captured a somewhat very tiny image that is what looked a fragment of an aircraft floating in the middle of the Indian ocean south-west of Perth and mind you, that was four days ago before it made to the news media.

Naturally, under such circumstances, everyone would surely become curious and excited to find out the truth of what actually happened because this is “human nature” [sinful nature] that no one can deny. As such, pandemonium will get the better of people to start speculating in the media and online trying to make sense of the “all of a sudden” sudden disappearance of flight MH370.

Even the loved ones or relatives of those passengers and crews of the ill-fated fight too, wanted to know the truth as to the whereabouts of the plane and to know the fate of those on board, is that not so? So it’s no wonder those from China side got so frustrated with too little information. Too bad, they too, could no longer hold back their emotions, thus ended up not having anything “nice” to say about the Malaysian media and worse, started a fracas at a press conference as anyone around the world would have witnessed by now.

Now what if the Malaysian authorities got offended and feeling “hurt” that they have not been ‘appreciated’ for trying their best to do their job? Is it not possible after all of this is over, they might contemplate to take “stern actions” on those who defamed them for withholding information or having something to hide regarding the disappearance of MH370? Of course, this would not be happening if the Malaysian authorities did not let “sensitivities” get the better of them and be sensible enough to tell the difference between what’s heavy and what’s light or what’s serious and what’s not in such case, right?

Perhaps, if they did not make the mistake of having brought those affected families of the ill-fated flight over from Beijing, they probably could tell what it means to be sensible than what it means to get so sensitive and sentimental even before there’s confirmed and verified news of the plane found. How could anyone ever having brought a ticking time-bomb over  in one’s territory and not expect it to explode?

As such, it’s only normal that it will create a lot of controversies as it would be pretty likely become a subject that is an easy platform for any ordinary Joe to speculate or perhaps make comments online without restricting themselves to saying all the “nice” things only. Whether any of those speculations or comments is “nice” and made sense or not, it will, of course, depend on what kind of people reading them.

If the saying, “with great power comes great responsibility” is true, then what’s left to see is not about what people having anything “nice” to say or not, it’s about what people having read or heard something not to their liking will ‘act responsibly’ or not. Such is the yardstick that is what set ‘freedom of speech’ in the right direction.

So, even in times of tragedy, it will bring out a myriad of problems that will add fuel to the fire because that’s “human nature” like it or not. The most obvious ones are those who will have no qualms to conduct themselves as “righteous” by reprimanding others for not having anything “nice” to say that caused the families and relatives of MH370 to get “stressed out” which in any case, they already were day one and will again – if and when they finally get the bad news!

People can always retaliate by asking back; “Why don’t you be sensible to ‘act responsibly’ and be calm than to get so sensitive in times of crisis like this that will not help either? It does not make the situation any better or getting far worse than before whether anyone had been having all the “nice” things to say or not to say. Does it?”

So, unlike only a handful of sensitive people who have the audacity to rebuke others for being insensitive, in general, people are all grown-ups and matured enough to accept any possible outcome in such cases like this whether they get to hear “nice” things or not because they know they have to face the reality of death one way or another and that no one can escape.

For all you know, they even already knew how to ask themselves such questions in their hearts in moment of silence like; “What if the final result turned out to be not very nice and that is, the plane could not be found?” Do you think they are not prepared for the bad news and ready to face it than having you around to tell them how?

They probably knew it’s not a time to get offended or affected by what people say because that’s not the top priority. They also knew already that it’s the time to prepare for the worse outcome than hope for the best. Don’t you think they have not ever had thought in their minds, “What if the best does not come?” People have until now yet learned any lesson at all in times of crisis and usually still get all their priorities wrong. Why? That’s because they NEVER ever knew and acknowledged the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus!

Has anyone ever had considered the most significant question in one’s lifetime? Yes, do you place more emphasis on the safety of your body or your soul? You see, because of the penalty of sin and that’s according to the Word of God [the Bible], our physical bodies will risk earthly death any seconds whether one is travelling on a plane or not. What’s even worse than this is; our immortal souls will risk eternal death if one does not ‘come clean’ and obey God’s commandment to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ that took the life of Jesus to make it all possible for humans to be eternally saved!

Yet, people do not wake up until now and keep doing things the humans’ way like now in the case of MH370 that see people “all of a sudden” coming out in droves to write messages of “love” and “hope” in shopping malls just to let the world know they were “right” and concerned enough to place more emphasis for the safety of the passengers than the well-being of their souls that they can’t even do a thing about it even with “prayers,” let alone for the physical bodies of those in flight MH370 to “come home.”

The Bible teaches that you can’t “pray” for your soul to really “come home” anywhere, let alone to God if you are not a Christian. You must, according to God’s standard, first, obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to be eternally saved as promised in the New Covenant of God! It’s like you need a passport to enter another country just the same as you need to obey God’s commandments to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to enter heaven. Savvy?

Right now, what everyone can “all of a sudden” do is “pray” for the safe return of those passengers of flight MH370 that so sorry to say it’s highly likely not going to happen. So why not be honest with yourself? Why keep bluffing yourself with all the false and blind hopes? Why hope against hope when you can have the real ‘Hope of Salvation in Jesus to really ‘come home’ to the Lord no matter what happens whether it’s a plane crash or not?

Imagine, what if all the passengers, the families and relatives of MH370 were Christians? Perhaps, the situation would have been different compared to what’s happening now especially on China side where they got so stressed out with the Malaysian representatives holding press conference to update them even with corroborated and verified information.

But instead, they threatened to go on hunger strike, which is really far-fetched, for not being satisfied with “no real” information of the whereabouts of MH370 due to the fact that nothing solid was forthcoming from the on-going search and rescue operations that most probably may take longer than expected before the plane is finally found. And with or without all those “all of a sudden” of people coming out in droves to “pray” who probably haven’t the slightest clue who they have been “praying” to, that even the one true Almighty God also got confused whether people are praying to Him or not because there are so many “gods” humans are worshiping.

Given you, if you are in the shoes of the one true Almighty God, won’t you too be awfully confused by humans turning everything to become as “gods” to worship? So, it looks like the biggest problem is; it is NOT the case of the one true Almighty God confusing humans. It’s only humans themselves getting bloody confused as to who the one true Almighty God is! That’s why, one had better not “pray” if one does not really know which one true Almighty God is out of all the man-made gods!

Given any Christian the chance to tell the truth, the truth to tell is; if the families and relatives including those victims of MH370 who are the grown up passengers on board were Bible-studying and God-fearing Christians, perhaps the situation would have been calm and collected.

The reason I dare to say so is because Christians have been taught that death is only a transition to the next level of immortality which is the top priority for one to understand and accept before becoming Christians. That’s why I believe if everyone is a Christian today, no one would have made a big deal out of MH370 because every Christian knows and believe that when one died, one shall be in good hands of the Lord! Check out what apostle Paul said about death in 1 Corinthians 15:55 for verification. And also in 2 Corinthians 4:18; “So we [Christians] fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

So in times of crisis like this where no one knows the fate of the ill-fated flight MH370, yet their loved ones waiting for the news of the plane would find comfort in the promise of the New Covenant of God that those still in the missing plane are in good hands of the Lord – if they were Christians!

Everyone should know by now that the top priority that anyone should consider before stepping on to a plane, ship, train or whatnot is not to be scared of one’s body being destroyed by accidents of any kind. Instead, what one should really scare of is when one’s soul could be destroyed in eternity according to the Word of God [the Bible] in Matthew 10:28. The physical body of any human beings will go back to dust from whence it came, but not the soul because God is still calling the shot!

What if God told you that your soul will be in good hands just by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’? Do you obey or not obey? But it’s not even “what if” in this case; it’s a PROMISE from God in the New Covenant sealed by the shedding of Jesus’ blood. So why are you not a Christian by now?

“Aiyo ah boy, still don’t believe ah! When God gave you the real gold, you say it’s only a rock but when the devil gave you a rock, you say it’s the real gold – what’s wrong with you, ah boy?”

The fact that one needed to take into consideration is that you CANNOT control what people want to say whether one wants to show oneself as super idiot or in this case “all of a sudden” super heroes for coming out in droves to “pray for MH370.” That’s because everyone is provided under God’s constitution of human rights to have the freewill to choose whether to speak out or not. If not, people would have easily forgotten that there is to a certain extent, bad in good and good in bad, just as there is good and bad in everyone.

But if people are only “expected” to refrain from saying things that are not nice at a time of distress just because of people suffering from the possibility of not seeing their loved ones again in any ill-fated tragedy, not just MH370; what does it even prove to tell people that if you have nothing “nice” to say, then say nothing at all? Even then, saying nothing at all does not mean the worse will not come out of it, does it? So what is all the big fuss about telling people to shut up if not having “nice” things to say?

Does that mean people should only respect the sensitivities of everyone and should not have the sensibilities to ask questions or write articles like this that might turn out to be not so “nice” things to say but in reality it’s the truth?

Of course, to the sensitive ones, anyone saying anything that sounded not “nice” about a tragedy or something would have been easily written off or given the thumbs down as insensitive or insulting even though there could be some truths in what’s being said that would have gone unnoticed just as this post would probably suffer the same fate if anyone who is sensitive enough to read this but not sensible enough to see what’s good in bad or bad in good.

Let’s switch to another case, perhaps then, you might understand better what’s good in bad or bad in good means. What if you compare this case with Jesus who died even for those not having any “nice” things to say about Him at all and worse, even having accused Him of speaking blasphemy against God who sent Him?

No doubt, it’s a bad thing that they [ancient Pharisees] did not have anything “nice” to say about Jesus of Nazareth, what more – they even spat at Him and ordered Him to be crucified, but the good thing that came out of this bad thing was, now everyone can have the ‘Hope of Salvation’ in Jesus! Got the drift? You see, what one sees someone as good might not be the case for another and goes the same for who’s bad.

Not surprisingly but so sadly to say is that still existing today are those modern Muslims “Pharisees” doing exactly what those ancient Pharisees did in accusing Jesus of speaking blasphemy against God by claiming Himself as the Son of God when He appeared in the likeness of a human being as in “flesh and blood” like everyone else.

But to the sensible ones especially Christians who are mature enough to know life is not a bed of roses and that death is always hanging above one’s head, they will always be ever ready to accept the reality of life that bad things could happen unmistakably “all of a sudden” to anyone.

As such, no one should brush it aside that death would not happen to anyone – even suddenly! Have you not ever heard of people having died of ‘sudden death’ that one can read about in the daily newspapers?

So, why make it such a big deal if someone said all the passengers on board MH370 have died which is probably the case by now? Although it’s not a “nice” thing to say but it’s the truth and the reality is that no one shall be spared the penalty of sin which is death and that it can strike anyone any seconds including – even this writer!

What’s more, this [death] happens even to any new born babies that no one can guarantee all babies will grow up to live a healthy and long life, let alone grown-ups, can you? People die every day and any seconds whether you have all the “nicest” things in the world to say or not.

Everyone will die – it’s just a question of when and how only. There is nothing new about this, so why make such a big fuss of people not having anything “nice” to say online? Come one amigo, don’t make it sounds as though those people on board the ill-fated flight will not die if everyone starts having something “nice” to say.

In any case, you can bet that life is about either to live or to die, but surely not everyone lives, so why not be realistic and face the truth with a heart and conscience? Because of sin, death is the penalty and so it is the most miserable consequence that everyone including this writer has to face – only sooner or later! People should know very well that death can strike down anyone at any time possible, anywhere up in the sky, below on earth or under the seas and whether young or old, good or bad, rich or poor, famous or not, healthy or not so on and so forth.

That is why God had provided us the most significant SOLUTION [not religion lah] to conquer death by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ that comes with the promise of eternal life even if or when one is snuffed out “all of a sudden!”

Perhaps, for the lucky ones who came out unscathed from any mishaps or tragedies – that could be because of God having spared them for reasons only known to Him! Maybe, God had plans for those lucky ones to figure out why they got so lucky this time or the next until the time for them to figure out, expired. So, don’t wait till the last minute to acknowledge the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus! That’s why people become so stressful and can easily get freaked out because of not knowing and acknowledging WHO holds the key to their future with what goes beyond one’s grave!

If by then, one still could not figure out why one got so lucky many times and if ever there was such a person having had such divine experience before and so happen to be with the ill-fated MH370 flight, then it could not be more true to suggest that every bad thing happens for a reason and yeah lah, that’s not a “nice” thing to say, but so true nonetheless!

Make no mistake about it. One can only learn a good lesson when one is taught a bad lesson!

Hopefully, what has been said would strike a chord in the hearts and conscience of everyone to learn something that is valuable from MH370 that the most important thing in life is this: No one should take for granted one’s precious soul that although cannot be destroyed by earthly tragedies but it will be destroyed eternally if one does not choose to ‘come clean’ and come back on the correct path to God through Jesus to really ‘come home.

Have you made that most important decision in your life yet? If not: “What if you were the one with that ill-fated MH370 flight and it’s too late now to do something to even send out the signal, SOS?”

  1. “By God’s standard in Hebrews 11:1, faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see; but by Man’s standards, it’s not about having faith in God, it’s about having hope against hope can people only be certain of what they may see or probably not see because of “praying” out of humans’ own _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!’

  2. “In Hebrews 11:3, by faith [not hope] we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible; but by Man’s standards, it was at the devil’s craftiness that men crafted “God” in humans’ images out of wood or stone, so that what is seen in man-made religion was not made impossible out of what was _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!”

  3. “It says in Hebrews 11:6 that, without faith [not hope] it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists; but according to Man’s standards, it’s okay to do and worship whatever ‘gods’ as you please because, hopefully, the one true Almighty God does not mind even if you forgot to give Him a goodbye kiss as long as you are “not” doing something that got Him rather _ _ _ _ _ _!

  4. “The Bible teaches in Matthew 17:20 that it’s faith [not hope] that can move mountains, but what humans can at best do is to keep “praying” that will only create mountains and more mountains of hope; so if that’s the case, what good is “praying” when the harshest of reality still in the end hurt those who were most vulnerable and cannot possibly _ _ _ _!”

  5. “According to the Word of God in Matthew 10:28, death has no hold nor can it destroy one’s soul; but according to Man’s standards, it’s not possible to have such hope because when a person died whether from mysterious circumstances or not, there shall be no story to unfold, let alone _ _ _ _!”

  6. “In Hebrews 11:7, by faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family; but humans today even having been strenuously warned by the Bible about not nice things to come, yet do not in fear and trembling care that one’s destiny will end up somewhere not nice finally but _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

  7. “In Hebrews 11:17, by faith Abraham, when God tested him, offered Isaac as a sacrifice; but by Man’s standards, when tested, they would only think of building more temples and idols to worship that would foolishly be _ _ _ _ _ _ _!”

  8. “In Hebrews 11:24, by faith Moses’ parents hid him for three months after he was born because they saw he [like Jesus too] was no ordinary child and they were not afraid of the king’s edict; but by Man’s standards, when you try to preach Jesus as the Son of God to some people, it’s quite normal if they do not understand what made Jesus tick, but it’s most frightening and detestable that only the Muslims don’t _ _ _!”

For those who are smart enough to figure out what are the “correct” words to fill in the blanks and don’t feel the need to request for the “stipulated” words from my side that are original but censored in this post, my hats off to them if they ever “believed” their “answers” are better than the original ones that were not revealed here for one reason or another.

But if anyone whether smart enough to know everything already or not, still wish to counter check with the writer’s “stipulated” words, then the person is welcome to send an email to me at corbenx2@yahoo.com for the original answers that will not be made public, but only by request through emails! Please state down “Stipulated Answers” as the subject when sending your emails to me.

Of course, as expected, there will be no “all of a sudden” masses of people rushing to make requests for my “stipulated” answers as it does not in this case give anyone the benefit of publicity but only the benefit of doubts. The reason not many people will be interested what are my “stipulated” answers are, is because there are plenty of those out there who think they are even “smarter” than God to know their answers will “suffice” as would whatever religion they embraced or idols to worship. If not, they would have obeyed God’s commandment to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ already, wouldn’t they? 

But little did they know? That’s exactly what is wrong with people until today who don’t think the correct path to ‘come clean’ and come back to the one true Almighty God through Jesus in John 14:6 as the one and only SOLUTION to sin, death and the devil. Instead, they think their religious ways of showing penance are better.

Why? That’s because they have been pretty screwed up by Lucifer to think it would be so boring not to have other “ways of men” to beat about the bush as they like. After all, they still “insisted” all man-made religions will also lead them back to the one true Almighty God all the same. Oh really, who said so – you or God?

If it’s you who said so, can you substantiate your claims with divine evidence from above that endorsed all such “ways of men?” But if it’s God who said so – worse still, because when I read the Bible I found no evidence at all to suggest that God said so!

Sure enough, people will dismiss the need to know the “stipulated” answers from my side as necessary because they probably don’t think it’s such a big deal to know as any answers like whatever religions that sounded “good” to them will suffice. No wonder it’s so true what Jesus said about spiritual blindness of people in John 9:35-41.

If that is the case, certainly it is no big deal for me too, to know in advance that people will not believe what I have been saying because of what Jesus also said in John 12:44-50 when even those ancient Pharisees did not believe him just the same as today many modern “Pharisees” out there do not believe me for saying everything according to what the Word of God [the Bible] says.