“Smoking ain’t cool anymore – following Jesus!”


Notice: This post was written on 22nd March and scheduled for publish on this website in August. Now, to coincide with the “No Tobacco Day” that was celebrated worldwide on 31st May 2013 recently, I thought it would be better to backdate it to this month to make it relevant for smokers who are trying to quit the filthy habits.   

Smoking – A Fool’s Paradise

Going by such standard as the above headings suggested, can you image what it is like living in a world of fools and especially if you are not such a fool as those smokers are? Do you then think you should become one like them so that, you too, could be “assimilated” into such mainstream man-made filthy and smelly paradise? If you do so just for the sake of getting recognized as being someone “affluent” and smoke just to look “cool”, then you are only telling the “better-half” of the world what a rich fool you are for burning money and yourself  to fall into the diabolical trap of smoking.

Knowing it is a sin to destroy one’s own body which serves as a temple of the Holy Spirit as described in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, then why do people and even some Christians still smoke? The most obvious reason is that they want to be seen as someone “successful” and thus can afford to smoke because smoking has always been associated as part of a “classy” society, or so they thought. That’s why, don’t get so shocked to see beggars smoking as they too, would like to be seen as “high-class” beggars even when begging on the streets.

The question is – do you, if indeed you’re a smoker, really have to smoke just to signal to people you’re being “successful” and “affluent”? Is there no other better ways to bring about such reflection of your self-imposed and critically acclaim status meaningfully? Why not signal your success and affluence in a way so unique that not every Tom, Dick or Harry, or perhaps even beggars can copy with just a cigarette in the mouth? If a beggar also can afford to smoke, does that mean he is a filthy rich bugger like you too? So would it not be better to rob beggars than to give them alms?

The Hazards of Smoking

Smoking as everyone knows does more harm than good. It is as simple as that! Even a retarded kid knows that too! Mind you, I saw it in a Hong Kong movie with the title, “Fairy Tale Killer” which can substantiate my claim. If you have watched the movie, you would have noticed that on one scene it shows a retarded kid who is the son of a police inspector getting agitated and pissed with his father for smoking in the house. Can you just imagine how silly and stupid you would look in front of everyone if a retarded kid knows and is trying to signal to you that second-hand smokes is bad for his health, and yet, you as a grown up and intelligent person does not?

This is so obvious and true that smoking brings about nothing but disasters. If grown-ups who have the common sense to tell without having to be told so bluntly, yet still are breathing in and out the ‘fire of death’ [smoking] with impunity, can you imagine how screwed up they are in the head? It is perfectly okay if smoking had gotten them all whacked up badly, but it is NEVER okay for them to whack up others especially the health of non-smokers with second-hand smokes. What’s more, it is never a wise thing to do to smoke in front of kids because such bad habits would easily and gradually become a bad influence over them without recourse.

Smoking has been known and medically proven by doctors to be not only bad for the health of the smokers themselves but have an even worse adverse effect on non-smokers due to the second-hand smokes those smokers are stubbornly and inconsiderately exhaling wherever and whenever they light up their bad and filthy habits. It would be perfectly alright for them to smoke provided they are considerate enough not to exhale their deadly breath and that will be greatly appreciated by the non-smokers.

No one needs to do research to get so shock at the statistics of death recorded every year that arises from the damaging and filthy habits of smoking. Only the smokers are so ‘thick skin’ enough not to let such horrific results get the better of them and be remorseful. Yet these die-hard smokers still have the knack and the gall to dispute or ignore all the facts and figures contributed by their bad habits. Perhaps, smoking must have clouded their minds so badly that they have terribly lost their sense of direction in life.

At the very worst in trying to defend their bad habits, they would make all kinds of excuses not to quit smoking resulting in not realizing how vain they are for not being able to distinguish between good and bad. Perhaps, the biggest problem with them is, they just don’t care about anything or anyone. At the very least smokers can only do is to champion their “rights” to smoke because smoking is not illegal, thus is not a crime. But little did they know it’s the same as committing perjury with their second-hand smokes that can kill also and that would be considered as involuntary “manslaughter” in the court of law.

No doubt they have their rights to exhale but what about the rights of non-smokers not to inhale their second-hand smokes? Can the non-smokers defend their rights not to be killed or suffered the adverse effects of second-hand smokes? The side-effects of inhaling second-hand smokes are even worse than smoking itself because it can also cause lung and heart disease to non-smokers. As smokers and other fellow citizens breathing the same air that God provides for the good, bad or filthy, can they [smokers] be so unreasonably selfish as to think of themselves only because of their unrestrained addiction that is polluting the air?

The Sufferings of Non-Smokers

As long as smokers do not stop smoking, others will not stop suffering. So can smokers really quit smoking? Why not? On one hand, the most obvious excuse smokers will give is that they will die faster if quit suddenly and abruptly. On the other hand, if they don’t quit at all, it’s those non-smokers who will die faster instead because of inhaling second-hand smokes. No doubt it could be true to a certain extent with such kind of excuses that smokers made, but I don’t think it is entirely true if they seek the right kind of help and not keep procrastinating with all the wrong kind of excuses. And this is the reason I’m writing this special post just to present a healthy and safe way for smokers to stop smoking for the good of themselves and others.

Mind you, I’m only thinking of the health of non-smokers that I do this because I don’t think smokers will, in the best interest of all, ever think of non-smokers suffering the worst side-effects and even could die quicker than them [smokers] by inhaling second-hand smokes. Smokers need to be made aware that if they habitually are causing others to suffer because of second-hand smokes; they too have to be held accountable in their own conscience and that is, if they ever do have any consideration at all not to smoke arbitrarily, first to show themselves as being smart and educated, but are they?

At least, I would like to think they should deserve an outstanding award if they would be so considerate as to confine their smoking activities in their own homes only. If they are so smart enough to do so, I surely would respect and salute them as successful and affluent people in the real sense of the word. Then, it would be so fitting to come up with an award show to honor such die-hard smokers who would have fought a good fight just to quit smoking.  But right now and so sadly to say this – no smokers have shown themselves as such real heroes, except the police inspector mentioned in a movie earlier and unfortunately was also told off by his wife for smoking in the house. So the best thing for smokers to do and to be the real heroes is not to exhale while smoking. How about that – just to look real cool for a change?

If smokers don’t quit smoking in open environment whether or not their own kids or others are around, they are only setting very bad examples as adults for kids to follow. Everyone knows that kids will easily follow what adults do when they grow up and will very likely become smokers themselves and not surprisingly, even before finishing school. It’s time all smokers do some soul-searching. It’s time they ‘come clean’ and set some good examples as grown-ups in the family and as law-abiding and conscientious citizens sharing the planet with others. It’s time not to pollute the air further for themselves and others who are right now suffering acute shortage of clean and fresh air to breathe.

If the sufferings and death from smoking are only confined to those smokers alone, then of course, it is perfectly okay and fine to smoke. If that is really really the case, then they can by all means smoke to their hearts’ content. But the problem is, that is not the case, unfortunately! Therefore, if such bad habits cause non-smokers to inhale what will destroy their health that also would be leading to a slew of other diseases as well, then definitely it is NOT okay and fine to smoke under such circumstances because no collateral damage that involved innocent people should occur, like it or not.

Even though there are still no laws to hold these unperturbed smokers accountable for their deadly and filthy habits, does that mean they can still violate the law already written in their hearts and conscience by continue smoking? Although authorities have taken necessary steps in the right direction to ban smoking in public places, yet it is ineffective not because of the lack of law enforcement, but it’s because the law-enforcers are heavy smokers themselves too.

Ask yourself this question. Do non-smokers deserve to die such unworthy death at the mercy of these ‘chain-smokers’ who would never ever bother to bat an eyelid as long as they can afford to smoke? Since they are a bunch of people seen as being so “successful” and “affluent” to smoke, perhaps by raising the price of cigarettes as steeply as possible that will really burn not only holes, but big ones in their pockets, then this might open their eyes to really see themselves as not that “successful” and “affluent” after all and that’s when they no longer can afford to buy cigarettes. What do you think? It won’t work? I suppose so. Why? Here’s the reason.

The Curse of Addicted Smoking

You see, the problem with smokers is that they are no different from those drug addicts who would most of the time resort to robbing, stealing and worse even killing to have the financial means to feed their addiction and what more, if that’s what it takes to prevent them from suffering the cold turkey effect. Indeed, it has proven to be the case all the time. Once a person becomes a drug addict, no matter how rich the person is, the chances of kicking the habit would usually be down to zero and the worse of all is that no amount of money is enough to last in feeding such bad habits known to cause untold havoc not only on the addicted person but to loved ones as well who have to bear the full brunt of such social ills one way or the other.

The same thing happens to smokers too when they start to light up their cigarettes to avoid suffering the craving effects of smoking. Although smoking cigarettes is not as bad or as serious as in the case of drug addiction, the point is, in both cases they will find it nearly impossible to quit and to rehabilitate. Nevertheless, smokers should not feel so good about their filthy habits as compared with drug addiction. Although they [smokers] may not end up having to rob or steal to feed their devil’s habits, but they are indirectly also robbing and stealing away the rights of non-smokers to enjoy a clean bill of good health and have fresh and clean air to breathe.

In the case of drug addicts, most of them, if not all, who found themselves having gone to the point of no return will never ever be able to quit even with proper rehabilitation and care from loved ones. So, there is practically no hope of rehabilitating them even to the point of dragging them by force. Can you imagine what life is like without hope? It’s like you better off drop dead, isn’t it so true?

However, in the case of ordinary smokers, they have the upper hand and better chances to quit smoking than those drug addicts, and yet if they fail to do so, are they not putting themselves in the same boat with those drug addicts who go to the point of no return?

Do you know why drug addicts and smokers can’t quit and get back to become as normal human beings doing what’s right? Do you know why there is no stopping them once they got started off on the wrong footing with drug addiction or just smoking ordinary cigarettes? Really, you don’t need to become a medical practitioner to know why. It’s only a simple case of using a little of common sense. In both cases, the answer is because of the toxins [nicotine in cigarettes] and poisons in drugs having entered their bloodstreams and are exactly what having taken total control of them that is causing them to have frequent and unstoppable cravings to smoke or take drugs.

In other words, the evils of smoking and drug addiction have taken over them completely that it is much the same like demon-possession during the 1st century. When there were no such social ills like smoking at that time, the Satan was smart enough to make humans suffer all the same by having his legion of demons going around to cause havoc with demon possession. It was pretty fortunate for those in the state of demon possession that Jesus was around to cast out  the devils literally.

Now, the Satan need not have to unleash his band of devils to do the ‘demon-possession’ job anymore because there are already enough of social ills plus man-made religions doing the job to make humans die without hope. So, the Satan and all his demons are now sitting back and relaxing as they enjoy watching the show of humans trying to overcome sufferings of diseases and whatnot, or struggling to keep from drowning in troubled water. However, Jesus is still around to cast out the devils of smoking and other social ills that we brought upon ourselves, if you TRUST him enough to accept Him in your heart, mind and soul as Christ and Savior who is more than willing to help you quit such ‘demon-possessed’ habits of the modern era at any time you needed Him. I did it! Why not you?

Unless there is such medical practice in pumping out every drop of poisonous and contaminated blood in both cases, drug addicts and smokers alike, and do a quick transfusion of new and clean blood of the same blood types suitable enough to bring them back from the dead again, there will be no hope at all to bring these unfortunate souls back to life and live like what a real human being should live. In other words, smokers and drug addicts are as good as dead already and not knowing it.

So, it looks like here is the only opportunity left for them to ‘come clean’ and become real human beings again and that is, quit the devil’s habit of smoking and do it the healthy and safe way now unfolding here in this post.

The Healthy and Safe Way.

However, in this rehabilitation exercise, we shall only concentrate on saving smokers and leave those drug addicts to the professionals. Of course, they can still save themselves provided they have the sense to surrender to Jesus first, but how do you expect them to become sensible to do so when even most ordinary and sensible people are not when it comes to obeying the gospel of Jesus?

So what can we do here to help in rehabilitating smokers and still make sure they would not go back to smoking again? But then again, nothing in life is 100% guaranteed. It is still all up to any people concerned in taking control of one’s life or at least let Jesus take over if you are not capable of doing so. Without doubt, this surely requires one hell of inner strength and courage to triumph over such recklessness and darkness that are the real perpetrators bent in destroying the heart and conscience of humans. Perhaps it would be better and easier if one knows and believes he/she can do all things through Christ who can strengthen us [Philippians 4:13]. If not, this would allow the Satan and his band of devils to continue watching the show with much pleasures but only silently without us knowing!

So is that the only reason to quit smoking? I’m afraid so because there is power in the redemption and salvation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! Of course, smokers have to know and should prepare themselves to face the odds that this is certainly not going to be easy as it sounds. But believe me, trusting Jesus is the only way to get you back on your feet again. Once all smokers start to get the hang of it, it will be all over too soon and they can begin to live happily ever after and not having to face the curse of smoking ever again so that I can give praise and glory to God for being a blessing to others with this short and easy ‘quit-smoking’ post.

But let’s do some fact-finding first. Given that non-smokers do not empathize with smokers and vice versa is what making it really impossible to solve the crisis where smokers will continue to smoke with impunity and non-smokers will suffer the curse in silence because there’s no avenue for them to be heard and be appreciated. The reason both can’t see eye to eye is because both are not putting themselves into the shoes of one another to understand the plight facing each other. Smokers will claim they have the right to smoke and it’s not their problems if others don’t like it. Non-smokers will think otherwise. They will curse the smokers for having encroached on their rights to clean air and that they should confine their ‘demon-possession’ [smoking] at home and not in the public.

So, it looks like no one wins in such a “war” because it is absolutely not winnable in the first place. The best solution is not to start one, but the problem is, smokers have already started it and this “war” is showing no sign of abating because the numbers of smokers just keep increasing all the time even with statistics showing high numbers of death every year. Educating people not to light up the deadly habit of ‘demon-possession’ [smoking] is really an uphill battle, let alone showing them how to cast out such devil’s habit of smoking. Really, Jesus is so badly needed to come into the picture to solve such modern-day ‘demon-possession’ crisis as He did when He walked the earth in the 1st century. Don’t you think so?

From my Christian point of view, having seen and still am seeing so much of diabolical happenings around in this world, it has led me to believe that such wantonness of smoking alone that have ensnared the world is showing clearly that the world is absolutely under the control of the Satan. Non-believers especially smokers, of course, will think otherwise as they are already in the state of ‘demon-possession’, are they not? The simple truth is, people have been awfully blinded and not knowing it. That’s the power of the Satan in wielding his earthly control on weak earthlings like us who do not pay allegiance and worship the one true Almighty God made known to us through the sacrifice of Jesus to save us from such unworthy wantonness in life that we, as humans, are always falling for. [1 Corinthians 15:33-34]

From my personal experience, I believe most smokers finding it difficult to quit smoking are usually victims of circumstances or more like victims of the Satan. Perhaps, by sharing about the dark side of me, all those smokers and non-smokers might not become ill-advised towards one another. To tell the truth, I was once an addicted smoker too. Yes, I fell into the same modern-day ‘demon-possession’ of smoking like other smokers. Well, do not be so surprised to know the truth about me as I am also a human who could stray and go wrong. The worse thing to happen was that I too, became deceived by the Satan to think that smoking is “cool”, but only Jesus made me realize I was a fool to think so.

Everyone is no angel here on earth and that is a fact that everyone should know and accept by now. If you look at the case of the apostle Paul who he was before he got blinded on the road to Damascus and how he changed after Jesus had spoken to him, you can tell easily any one of us can change from bad to good or good to bad depending on where or how one got one’s influence from, be it good or bad. It became clear that apostle Paul too got fooled and deceived by the Satan to think it was “cool” to persecute and kill Christians. It was Jesus who made him realized he was a fool to do so. And that is exactly the reason the gospel of Jesus is here to save everyone whether one is in the state of ‘demon-possession’ [smoking] or not and whether one is a fool or not!

I hated the fact that I got involved in smoking, and of course I don’t consider myself as righteous and qualified to lecture smokers, but the least I could do here is offer a little help by sharing how I managed to quit smoking. I’m so thankful to God the Almighty that I managed to kick the addiction and now living a healthy life –  or so I thought, initially. How come? Don’t you see? How can it be possible for me to live healthily and have peace of mind when there are more smokers than non-smokers surrounding me wherever I go, shop and eat? Can you tell me how to tell those smokers not willing to live a healthy life to stop smoking? You can’t because you don’t know how if you have not been a smoker who stopped smoking, right? As I have been a smoker before who have tried to stop and came out successful, that’s why I know how to tell smokers to quit.

To me, it was not such an impossible task to quit smoking, but most smokers may think otherwise. Nevertheless, the best part of what changed me was that I have learned what’s good about empathy which is putting oneself in the shoes of others and the urgency to help other smokers to stop smoking. If I am still a smoker, how can I tell other smokers to stop smoking? It does not make sense, does it?

So here’s the real transformation that took place. For the transformation plan to work out orderly and effectively, the first step to start working on is me – yours truly. It was only after I quit smoking that I started to empathize with non-smokers why they dislike and always protest against smokers and how awfully unkind, illogical and inconsiderate all smokers are that they are destroying not only their own health, but also the health of non-smokers and worse, polluting the air and environment for everyone – so to speak.

And rightly so, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of smokers and get the facts right as to why they become smokers before we can think of helping them to quit smoking. If everyone can understand the basic foundation of “human nature” as opposed to sinful nature to make mistakes and the second chance to repent, only then can we open our hearts and minds to search for the right solutions to solve our problems, right?

As I once was a smoker myself, I believe most other smokers like me were probably…

Victims of Circumstances

It all started when I was still schooling. Being young and innocent and as a prey waiting to be devoured, I became a victim of circumstance or to me – a victim of the Satan! Back then and perhaps even until today, it was only the norm for boys eager to become like a man to smoke. If I could turn back time, of course, I would like very much to go back to be a boy and really behave like a boy should, but of course this is not possible anymore, right? But I believe what is still possible is to have a change of heart which I did. Everyone, as boys or as grown-ups, I believe all of us are vulnerable to all the temptations in the world to become sinners one way or another. There is no escape for anyone not to become one. The only way to stop becoming an habitual sinner is to obey the gospel of Jesus – like it or not! But then again, the devil is always around to make sure everyone does not like it. So it’s all between you, God and the devil and everyone has to take a pick whether blindly or not.

As a boy being so curious to be seen with a cigarette in the mouth to look “cool”, I believe this was how most smokers like me could have fallen into the trap of such vanity just to feel like a man. I remembered I started experiencing the thrill of smoking at birthday parties that were the only popular thing to happen those days. Besides, cigarettes were still cheap and easy to come by without buying and so was meeting and having all the chances and luck in dancing with girls. It was all what really matters when studying got bored end of the day. Of course, there were no such things as the internet or computer games to keep you sane and sober at that time but only partying all the time does!

So, it all happened because of sheer influence from classmates who would tell you that girls only like boys who smoke. Is it still true these days? As boys will be boys, you know what it was like if you did not join in the crowd and have fun together. You probably do not get invited for the next birthday party and that means losing every chances of meeting girls. You can say it was sheer foolishness of how an immature person I was in craving for all the attentions that got me into the dark days of the devil’s habit of smoking. I was lucky that I didn’t get involved in drugs! Otherwise, I’m finito!

Thankfully I woke up. I just don’t know if I was a “cut out” for smoking or not, but I guess I was not after all. That’s because later in my life after I got married, not only my wife protested, I was beginning to feel the dissatisfaction and disadvantages of smoking. I felt as though there was like some strong feeling of redemption overcoming me and  I came to realize it was an awful waste of money to smoke as it’s much the same as burning money just to get a little kick that I know will have me kicking the bucket if I do not quit smoking soon enough. And every time anyone kicks the bucket without having obeyed the gospel of Jesus will certainly glorify the Satan!

I am so glad that I came to my senses after a long while addicted to smoking. I knew it was not worth it to keep smoking because it only meant that keeping up with such bad habits only keep shortening my life and it did not make sense after all. At the same time, I was beginning to find no taste at all in the food I ate because smoking badly spoiled my taste buds. So it is like you eat to fill the stomach only, and not eating to taste and that is not the way to live and enjoy life, is it? So I decided to quit.

And not surprisingly, it did not take me very long to quit the filthy habits because I believe all humans are not made for smoking but for living. I did not think I should live to really go up in smoke after all. If those people who smoke to live, it’s probably because they really don’t know how to live and smoking only makes it worse. Hopefully, I suppose they, like me, would have found out by now. So I told myself this – why should I let something that always burn a big hole in my pockets and the heart, yet still foolishly allow it to take control of my life and see it finishing me off soon enough if I did not bother to stop? That really did not make sense, did it? So the only wise option was to quit and that finally made sense.

And quit I did, but it’s funny though. I found out to my surprise that to quit smoking is really not as difficult as those hard-core smokers would have thought or imagined. It is only a mind game that is easy to play if you only know how to use your common sense coupled with some determination from inside. You have to start working from inside out since it was a problem started from outside that was spreading inside to finish you off. Maybe it’s because of my nature and it’s in my blood to believe in God that evidently was the powerful motivating factor in helping me to quit with flying colors. Besides, I always believe if there is a will, there’s always a way.

The Only Way

I should say the only way I discovered about overcoming the powerful cravings to smoke is first to stop buying cigarettes no matter what. When there are no cigarettes around to easily get hold of, you will think of an ‘alternative’ as cigarettes so that you would in another way be fooling your mind [devil’s workshop] you were still enjoying your “cigarettes” all the same. To carry out the feat at this point, you have to replace buying cigarettes with buying a lot of fruits instead. This is exactly the alternative to replace cigarettes that would serve as a healthy and safe way to counter the cravings to smoke.

As a smoker once, I know what it was like when all the smoking easily fouled up one’s taste buds and making whatever I ate tasteless and that’s exactly the right time to work on it. To make this possible and working perfectly, I always have a supply of green apples ready. The moment I start craving for a ciggy, I would grab a green apple to bite. Why green apples? Because the sour taste of the fruit further disoriented your taste buds and you will find lighting up a ciggy to smoke at this point will not give you any kicks out of it. On top of that, eating fruits instead of food will keep you from getting obese. So remember this: Don’t eat food, eat fruits or drink fruit juices only when the cravings to smoke starts to bother you. Also, if you drink hot and really thick Boh tea or Lipton tea without milk and sugar, it will do the same trick too in your mouth. You will not want to smoke anymore if you keep up with such regimented exercise.

The Downside

As for drinking tea as an alternative when the cravings to smoke start to bother you, make sure you put double tea bags in your cup to make it thick, it will not work otherwise. If you start grabbing food to eat, you will definitely end up becoming obese. You may have succeeded in quitting smoking but you will have the problem of obesity to start worrying about next if you don’t watch what you eat to overcome the devil’s craving to smoke. That’s clearly the downside of quitting not all smokers contemplating to quit will be able to handle easily.

Do you know why smokers who quit smoking become obese? That’s because if you do not satisfy the cravings to smoke, you will find a big appetite to eat will easily get the better of you. If you do not know what to do at this point, the cravings to smoke will make you eat non-stop and you probably will not bother even if you eat all the wrong food and that’s when you keep putting on weight even though you have stopped smoking. But here, I recommend eating fruits or drink fruit juices as an alternative to eating food has proven to be healthy and effective on me. You can eat as much fruits or drink as much fruit juices as possible, but you will not become obese so easily even after you quit smoking. So it’s all down to common sense.

Believe me – if this exercise is strictly regimented to counter all the devil’s cravings to smoke, in no time you not only realize you have successfully quit smoking but you will still be in good shape and looking good. However, you would be best advised to get ready to experience some minor discomfort as in experiencing the “cold-turkey” treatment but it does not get as bad as what you see those drugs addicts would have experienced during rehabilitation. After you have successfully stopped smoking, you will get awfully agitated or pissed every time your nose detected second-hand smokes around you or even the slightest of smokes emitting from lighted cigarettes.

When you find watery liquid flowing out of your nose by itself, it means only one thing – you have succeeded in your personal campaign to stop smoking. That “running nose” sort of experience is not something bad or to be duly concerned. It is just something part of the process of treatment. It’s like the case of a positive reaction to any kind of treatment, so don’t worry. I still get the same experience every time when I smell second-hand smokes and so I know there are smokers around to avoid.

Although I’m not a medical doctor, but I believe it is the biological reaction inside you that is beginning to reject the polluted second-hand smokes getting into contact with your smelling sensors. And also, your eyes will be getting somewhat sticky because of the carcinogen effects from inhaling second-hand smokes. When this happens, it only means you are on the road to recovery and going back to normal again. If you are normal, you will reject what’s abnormal and vice-versa. If you cannot overcome the downside, you will most likely be tempted to smoke again. Don’t forget to keep drinking as much water as possible because this will help flush out whatever toxins that may still be inside your body. And what you can’t flush out, you will have to seek out another alternative and that is….

Exercise To Sweat Out Toxins

Without saying it loud and clear, everyone knows what goes in must come out or what goes up must come down and so is the same with whatever goes inside our bodies especially what’s bad. Our biological bodies were designed in such a way that they will absorb what’s good and flush out what’s not at the other end. What not good in this case would, of course, be all the toxins from the food we eat and the air we breathe, polluted air like carbon dioxide and not to mention second-hand smokes produced by our “friendly” smokers or the smoking itself.

One normal way to get rid of the toxins inside our bodies would be to drink at least eight glasses of water [ doctor’s advice] so that there’s a chance for toxins to get flushed out when we go to toilets to pass water. But unfortunately there are some other unwanted elements like cholesterol and other toxins that entered our bloodstreams that cannot be flushed out by just drinking water alone. So what do we do with these bad elements still inside?

There is no medical way to get rid of them except to take the natural course of action and that is to go exercising to sweat them out. Exercising plays a very important role not only for this purpose, it also keep us healthy and most importantly help the bones in our bodies from becoming rigid. You will feel much livelier and energetic the more exercise you do and as often as possible. I also understand that eating raw garlic along with meals is pretty effective in the cleaning process of toxins we know are contaminating our bodies. And if no such attention is given to care for our health, soon enough we will be making our bodies become medical shops.

If you are living in a cold weather country, the best way to sweat it out is go for a swim and then take a steam sauna that will get your body become moisturized while at the same time sweating all over in the heat of the steam. This way your skin will not become so dried as in the case of charcoal sauna. You will feel so light after coming out of the sauna and a bath that you almost felt like you could be blown off your feet by a gust of wind. You also will sleep like a baby at night. I have had such marvelous experience before, that’s why I can tell you now it’s true if you do exactly the same like I have done before.

If you are living in a tropical country that is already sizzling hot [natural sauna] most of the time, perhaps it is only natural and understandable to go for a morning jog and that alone is good enough to make you sweat like nobody’s business already. After that, either you go home and make yourself a big glass of fruit juice to drink or head to your favorite fruit juice stall outside to have the refreshing drink and it’s best served without ice. But before you go out and begin your exercise, drink at least 200-300 ml of mineral water first as this will help you to start sweating easily once you start jogging or walking.

Years before when I was still smoking as I start to recall now, I could hardly walk up a flight of stair-case or even walk a short distance in the park, let alone jog. I would be seen panting and having difficulty breathing because of shortness of breath and that’s when you don’t look “cool” after all the years of smoking. Mind you, I was younger than now. So what’s so good about smoking and worse, if you start young? When I tried to go for a morning jog in a park, I looked half dead already after only having done a short distance No thanks to the “cool” look in smoking!

Now that I’m no longer a smoker and not getting any younger as well, yet there is so much difference compared to when I was much younger and smoking. In fact, it’s getting better than before. Now when I go exercising in a park, I don’t walk or jog as everybody does. What I did with my style of exercise will not only shock you but I’m shocked at myself too. You see, normally people walk or jog in front, but I walk backwards instead and I could take the biggest round in the park that would about cover almost one kilometer. The best part of it is that I do not only sweat enough to get the t-shirt I’m wearing completely soaked but yet I don’t get as tired as before and easily. It’s not that I want to boast of having accomplished such unbelievable feat, but suddenly it all seems possible because it is so true that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me” [Philippians 4:13]. Do you believe it or not?

It would seem like an abnormal way to exercise for anyone but not to me because I’m practically doing it so often and yet I don’t stop and be seen panting and neither have I experienced shortness of breath. It was really so amazing that even I found it hard to believe my eyes such unlikely thing was actually happening to me like a miracle. I was making my body a medical shop when I was smoking. Now it is so amazing to see my body is no longer a medical shop but it’s looking much like Jesus’ workshop. Perhaps, it is so mighty true that I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me – Philippians 4: 13.

Only the problem is, the hardest part in this campaign is not about casting out the devil’s habit of smoking, it is about getting smokers to even think about casting out the devil of smoking in them that is the real test here. Even though you may have completely and successfully quit smoking and doing what I’m teaching you to do in this post, you will find out soon enough that you still cannot escape from the evil clutches of those who are smoking everywhere after all.

That’s when the Satan will not let you off the hook so easily because you will smell what they [smokers] leave behind in the air the moment you step out of your house to go anywhere whether it’s on the streets, on the road, offices, shopping malls, toilets, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, lifts and etc. This is something you will find really annoying once you have kicked the devil’s habit of smoking. The whole idea of getting smokers to quit once and for all is to get them annoyed with the smell of cigarettes miles away. Meaning to say, they must get the taste of their own medicines first. Only then will they wake up and empathize with non-smokers having to put up with their [smokers] filthy habits. Then, you will find yourself facing off with the Satan in the final round to get all the smokers to become as annoyed as you so that you want to do all you can to help other smokers to quit too. To do that, you have to get them to quit smoking the way I did first. Only then, you will start gaining grounds on your enemies to wipe them out like in wars. But of course, in this case, we don’t treat smokers as enemies and shoot them, we will, and we will save them instead. Cool?

Just imagine the good chances of getting all smokers to quit smoking by first getting them annoyed with smoking [demon-possession]. This is the most crucial part in making this campaign a success. Don’t forget. I once was a heavy smoker but now I’m a heavy hater of smoking. If it worked on me, I’m so sure it will also work on all smokers if they have the willpower to quit the devil’s habit of smoking. Because I started to hate smoking and empathize with non-smokers only after I have stopped smoking myself, I believe all hard-core smokers can follow suit if they want to find out what I have declared here is true or not. Trust me, once you cast out the devil’s habit of smoking, you will not likely want to start again if you follow exactly the way I have described here in this post.

If you want to see all smokers getting annoyed with smoking, try that out yourself first if you’re a smoker, then quit smoking the way I show you and you will agree with me. If it does work on you and you want to see more places and the environment free from the hazards of smoking that is making a medical shop out of every smokers, why not share this post with people you know are smokers whether hard-core or not? Hopefully, this piece of information may come in handy for any smokers contemplating to quit the devil’s habit of smoking.

And that’s because, I’ve discovered that, “Smoking ain’t cool any more, following Jesus is!” That’s the only reason I quit smoking, why not you?

If you start smoking with a wrong reason, then you must end it with the right reason.