Extremism vs Moderation Revisited [Part 2]

The Ugly and Contradictory Side of Man-Made Religions

We left off on the earlier post with the big question mark about the kind of good extremism that only Jesus ever portrayed as a good example to solve whatever chronic problems of humans in the earthly sense, and whatever demonic problems in the spiritual sense that are all our own doings because of the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

Actually, the biggest problem the world is facing today is NOT so much about the demonic problem of bad extremism itself that is less than frightening and threatening to born again Christians, at least!

It’s when people, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, who kept going round and round in circles trying to figure out a “solution” to the demonic problem according to the “ways of men” such as getting “hanged” somewhere over the rainbow on the irrelevant “moderation” ideology, thus NEVER ever find closure, let alone get anywhere at all.

So, don’t you know that is even more than frightening and threatening knowing so well there is already a Godsend SOLUTION right before everyone’s eyes?

Evidently, the good extremism of Jesus was what everyone should have known and embraced as the one and only SOLUTION to ‘right the wrongs’ of the world as opposed to bad extremism that most people, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, who haven’t even had the slightest idea how to deal with such a demonic problem, but ever worsening it with the “ways of men” that are irrelevant – to say the least!

Undoubtedly, NO ONE can deny the problem of bad extremism existing today is all because of the ugly and contradictory side of a man-made religion that has gone seriously demonic with unsound religious teachings based only on perpetrating acts of violence to kill as “a means to an end” in attempting to meet its dangerous religion-cum-cult “supremacy agenda” to get the world Islamicized with NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

Let it be known that NO demonic problem of such scales perpetrated by those bad extremists [IS] today can ever, or will ever be solved by the “ways of men” no matter what measures, drastic or not, taken to tackle it. Why? That’s because there will always come one after another the likes of “Osama Bin Laden”, that perhaps could turn out as even worse than him that will keep popping out of the blue as long as no one bothers to nib the problem in bud. But how? Don’t you already know?

If you don’t, perhaps by reading every single post in this website from the beginning might help you get a clearer picture. Only then you shall understand any insanity or violence perpetrated religiously is what desecrated their religion that they CANNOT ever cover up, let alone stop it. Is that not so?

If it is not so, then why do people whether as Muslims or not, still foolishly believe according to the “ways of men” that by merely subscribing to get “hanged” somewhere over the rainbow on the irrelevant “moderation” ideology, it can work “wonders” to “wipe clean” the bad extremism of what the perverted “Holy Jihad” ever perpetrated, and still does to do more harm than good for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose?

But if it is so, then don’t you think the foolish ones, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, are as ignorant, arrogant, and stiff-necked as ever? Don’t you think they are also getting ever ‘so outdated’ to reject “all forms of extremism” including the good extremism of Jesus that can actually SAVE their sorry butts from eternal damnation by only having to obey the Gospel of Jesus, thus automatically wipe out bad extremism 100%, at least?

If not 100%, then tell me – whoever heard of born again Christians hell-bent on killing antiChrist and non-Christians as “infidels” [Kafirs] for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose? NONE! So, why are you not a Christian? Don’t you even know that by basically becoming one alone is already good enough to wipe out bad extremism upfront? Don’t people ever think but always keep shooting oneself in the foot so unnecessarily with irrelevant ideologies such as “moderation”?

And if ever they, whether as radical Muslims or not, stopped short at all cost to nib the problem in the bud, especially the earthly annihilation of innocent people as “infidels” [Kafirs] by bad extremism through the perverted “Holy Jihad” culminated from the ugly and contradictory side of a man-man religion, then it only means one thing: People, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, they DO NOT know who or what is worthy of respect and devotion, and who or what is absolutely not – period!

As a matter of fact, if those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” ever failed terribly [they always do] to solve the demonic problem of bad extremism that kills with the good extremism of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ that saves instead, then for 100% sure, the blood of innocent people getting killed violently by the IS for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose, shall be on their hands – unmistakably till Judgment Day!

Why? That’s because – if ever they wanted non-Muslims to really respect them as true ‘men-of-God’, then whether they like it or not, they must by all means necessary ‘whitewash’ the demonic teachings of their Prophet Muhammad at all cost, especially the ugly and contradictory side of Islam from the ‘dark side of the moon’ that advocates killing “infidels” [Kafirs] for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

But they [Muslims] CANNOT do so by creating a smokescreen and hiding behind it with the irrelevant “moderation” ideology and hoping to get away with it scot-free, can they? Of course they CAN – if they are trying to fool those already extremely DUMB and DUMBER ones. Too bad, there are still plenty around at their disposal! Are you one of them?

Religiously speaking, they should fulfill their duties and make 100% sure the safety of “infidels” [Kafirs]. Even more so, they must do everything possible to STOP all religious bloodshed on them because getting involved in their perverted “Holy Jihad” to kill for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose is totally uncalled for even according to Man’s standards, let alone God’s!

But too bad, it is actually MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for them to carry out. Why? Because if ever they did carry out to protect “infidels” [Kafirs] instead of killing them, then, it’s crystal enough for everyone to see there’s a ‘conflict of interest’ in the religion simply because they would have violated the true but sadistic nature of Islam for not annihilating “infidels” [Kafirs] by acts of violence to fight in their perverted “Holy Jihad” for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose, right or not?

As a result, it would have made them committed ‘religious treason’ against their Prophet Muhammad for having failed religiously to adhere to his demonic teachings no matter how unsound it sounded. Unless, of course, if they ever thought of becoming born again Christians to wipe out bad extremism 100% upfront, they absolutely CANNOT hope to solve such demonic problems created by man-made religions even in another one hundred, or any thousand more years to come!

That’s why, those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” especially, should have known better that whether they ever denied the “Holy Jihad” of Islam as perverted or not, and to get involved in fighting side by side with the IS to annihilate “infidels” [Kafirs] or not; still that’s too bad! Why? That’s because they have to answer to the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob on Judgment Day, NOT to “Allah” the moon-god!

So that only means one thing: They absolutely CANNOT even afford to get screwed up in the head to simply assume “Allah” the moon-god is the “same” as the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus and end up getting themselves awfully and unnecessarily confused for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose, can they?

The point is, either they decide to come clean and REPENT by having to  obey the commands of the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, or they don’t! Even if they don’t, they still CANNOT keep getting “hanged” somewhere over the rainbow on the irrelevant “moderation”  ideology, and pretend as though they would be “religiously” and “rightfully” exempted from having to answer to Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for their failures and inaction to come clean and REPENT according to the Word of God in Acts 2:38!

If they still continue to ignore God’s commands to come clean and REPENT, they only do so at their own risk for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose. In addition to that, they should know better that NO amount of “fasting” practiced will do them any good. Neither can such “religious rituals” save their sorry butts from the curse of sin, death, and the devil according to God’s standard. So sadly, it’s such an awful shame for them to end up still losing their precious souls to Lucifer as long as they keep refusing to obey the Gospel of Jesus. Like it or not – obeying  the Gospel of Jesus is the one and only SOLUTION to wipe out bad extremism culminated from the ugly and contradictory side of a man-made religion!

That’s why, whether they intend to fight in the perverted “Holy Jihad” or not, they should have known better that it is absolutely pointless to shout “Allahuakbar” [God Is Great] if all the while what they have been blindly practicing and misguided to do is nothing but contradictory and violent for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose. As such, they should only shout “Lucifer Is Great” instead! Have I not emphasized enough?

To sum it up, it does not matter whether they get involved in the perverted “Holy Jihad” to kill innocent people or not. It also does not matter whether they persecute Christians in the name of “Allah” by stopping them to spread the Gospel of Jesus even to them or not; still that’s too bad! Why? That’s because they still DO NOT have the promise of “eternal life” from “Allah” the moon-god, no matter how much they gonna shout “Allahuakbar” [God Is Great] to bluff themselves silly till Judgment Day! So the choice is, either they REPENT or PERISH according to the words of Jesus!

The truth is, such a divine promise is only strictly meant for those born again Christians who have obeyed the Gospel of Jesus according to the Word of God in Acts 2:38 because of Jesus having gotten raised from the dead to make God’s promise of eternal life possible.

And that’s exactly where they failed terribly to understand it’s part of God’s plan to give hope of salvation to the humankind just so we can get the ‘second chance’ to save ourselves from the curse of sin, death, and the devil by only having to obey the Gospel of Jesus with no questions asked, and while still breathing, of course!

As such, Christians DO NOT need to “spread a thousand times” to make it true because it’s already the TRUTH from the Word of God, the Holy Bible! You dig, or still no dig?

On the contrary, it’s Muslims who all the more needed to literally spread even more than a thousand times and most likely forever to defuse, deny, or worse, cover up the true but sadistic nature of Islam with the irrelevant “moderation” ideology as their smokescreen. Even then, it does not mean Islam is in any way “superior” than Christianity made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus!

Do you know why Muslims still CANNOT have eternal life? That’s because their Prophet Muhammad as a mere human being who died and NEVER got resurrected by “Allah” the moon-god only naturally means one thing. And that is – if “Allah” the moon-god DID NOT even have the divine power to save him like everyone from the bondage of the Shaytan as slaves to sin because of having failed to raise him from the dead, then how the devil could it have been possible for “Allah” the moon-god “awarded” him eternal life, let alone his followers? You savvy, or still no savvy?

Because of all such contradictions, they [the radical ones] should have known better that whether they have the “religious right” to stop other smarter Muslims from becoming ‘apostates’ or not; still that’s too bad they CANNOT do so. Why? That’s because NO ONE can act as “God” or on behalf of God to mess, dictate, or stop a person’s allegiance to Him through the correct path that Jesus had paved for us. If they ever did, then they would have violated God’s rule of law for having infringed on the rights of Muslims to have the God-given freedom to choose one’s path. Besides, to control Muslims with the ‘apostates’ act is already seen as abuse of power because NO ONE can dictate what you should do or not do, especially when it comes to the subject of one’s relationship with the Maker.

However, if innocent Muslims are still trembling with FEARS to become ‘apostates’, then that’s really too bad! In fact, none of them will ever have the promise of eternal life because of what Romans 3:23 implicated that also included their Prophet Muhammad. The reason the Koran failed terribly to prove him as ever divinely raised from the dead by “Allah” the moon-god to conquer death is simply because he’s nothing more than just an impostor prophet. That’s why he’s gonna stay dead until Judgment Day. So too, will all Muslims today if they ever failed to come clean and REPENT according to the Word of God in Acts 2:38!

And that also means they failed seriously even to realize their religion is already DOOMED for eternity. And even more so are all its followers religiously misguided to kill, or act irresponsibly to discriminate non-Muslims as “infidels” [Kafirs] for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose. All of what they ever perpetrated that they thought “religious” is nothing but only ABOMINATION in the sight of the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus!

Since they DO NOT understand the true but sadistic nature of Islam themselves, so how the devil can they expect others especially non-Muslims to accept such kind of insanity perpetrated? And “just because” they [non-Muslims] don’t, they either would be targeted as “infidels” [Kafirs] to be killed, or to be discriminated in every way possible to make themselves [radical Muslims] feel more “superior” when they are not in the eyes of non-Muslims, let alone God. Is that not insane enough to get you jumping on your feet and shout, “Lucifer Is Great” instead?

Oh, I’m so sorry, I forgot and pretty confused. As a non-Muslim, I’m not quite sure who they really worshiped, you know? Was it actually “Allah” the moon-god, or Lucifer the impostor “God” who is behind all man-made religions? Definitely, it couldn’t be Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, could it? Since they already despised Him so much for having sent His only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth whom they also despised so much because as a “mere” human being, it was “mission possible” for Him [God] to raise Him [Jesus] from the dead, then they should STOP using His name and Jesus’ name in vain.

But if they ever revered and worshiped “Allah” the moon-god that’s got nothing to do with Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the ONE who sent Jesus, then why the devil do they still “revere” Jesus as a “prophet of Islam”, and yet always condemn Him for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose “just because” He claimed Himself as the Son of God and in which case He already had proven He was and STILL is, anyway?

Is that not confusing enough that one minute they claim to “revere” Jesus who actually has nothing to do with Islam and the next minute turn around to condemn Him? If it is not confusing enough to smarter Muslims who can do NOTHING about it, then it is far too preposterous to born again Christians who should speak up for having to put up with their religious misconduct just like Jesus who stood up and spoke against the hypocrisies of the Pharisees Jews.

Since it’s so confusing to Muslims not knowing who to really revere and worship as “God”, and so preposterous to born again Christians having to tolerate and endure their flip-flop religious agenda to ridicule the Word of God, the Holy Bible, thus destroying the Gospel of Jesus and the good name of our Lord Jesus Christ, so it’s only FAIR to tell them to do the right thing and STOP all such religious misconduct!

If they still do not do so as ‘men-of-God’ should, then it is only crystal clear to see what the Prince of Darkness had all these while set out to do through man-made religions such as Islam to destroy God’s plan through Jesus is certainly bearing fruits with at least 1.7 billion Muslims or more as proof in having gotten screwed up in the head for all the wrong reasons! And not mention, it’s so scary to notice such a huge amount  of lost souls having lost their ‘sense of reasoning’ so much so they cannot even tell something as simple as this: No religion that teaches people to kill is from God! And if it’s not from the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus, then it’s gotta be from the other impostor “God” known as Lucifer who is behind all man-made religions! Isn’t that simple common sense?

Since that is the case, and to be fair to born again Christians, they should no longer claim Jesus as a “prophet of Islam” and use His name in vain to drag Him into such a horrible religious scandal when it’s so crystal clear they DO NOT even respect, revere, and worship the one true Almighty God who sent Him [Jesus] by always questioning His [God] power in having raised His Son, Jesus from the dead and for having at all cost accused Jesus of speaking “blasphemy” against His Father because of Him [Jesus] having claimed Himself as the Son of God.

But even knowing very well that Jesus did not just claim in words only, but having had proven countless times with miracles and substantiated with scriptural proof from the Word of God, the Holy Bible that was not written by Jesus himself, but by His disciples who were the trustworthy ones having gotten to bear witness of what happened, yet they [Muslims] still continue as pretentious as ever to “revere” Jesus as a “prophet of Islam” and at the same time condemn Him like business as usual to prove their Islam religion as more “superior” than Christianity. Can you imagine such notorious ideologies still able to infiltrate the minds of so-called religious people? What kind of world are we living in today?

For this reason, it’s long overdue that they’d SEVERED all ties with Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as well as His Son, Jesus. They should no longer disgustingly pour scorn on Christianity to make a fool of themselves – anymore! In fact, they should no longer try to make Islam survive and thrive in the shadows of Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as well as His Son, Jesus of Nazareth.

Most importantly, they should no longer violate the divine ‘copyrights’ of the Word of God, the Holy Bible to commit religious misconduct to ‘copy and paste’ from it the names of those prominent Hebrews prophets especially Jesus as though it is the order of the day. But if they still do, then they might as well obey the Gospel of Jesus to become born again Christians, and NOT stay as Muslims for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose, right or not?

If NOT, then they should think seriously to REWRITE their Koran to make it even sound and look more “superior” than the Prophet Muhammad’s version that actually sucked because of it being festered with contradictions, abominations, and hypocrisies so much so they are actually wasting their time to embrace Islam for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

In so doing, they should also make sure that they leave Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as well as His Son, Jesus of Nazareth especially, out of the Koran – period! And not to mention, all the names of well-known prophets such as Abraham, Noah, and Moses who were strictly Hebrews and so, NOTHING to do with the self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad of Islam – an Arab religion with its own “copyrights”, so to speak!

After all, Islam is a man-made religion whether they DENY it or not and much less like it or not! The reason anyone [apart from Muslims of course] can easily agree with what I’m saying is because the religion has NEVER ever gotten proven as “authorized” or “endorsed” by Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Has it? I don’t think so!

And that is the most insensitive part of their religion they DO NOT ever bother to ADMIT, let alone do something about it.

Because of all such chronic failures of the foolish ones, especially those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” who are failing so awfully to STOP 100% [not moderately] their religious-cum-cult IS brothers and sisters and whatnot from committing crimes against humanity, so they failed immensely even to realize they, actually and unmistakably, have made the one true Almighty God looked awfully ‘stupid’ for having WASTED His precious time, effort, and energy in having sacrificed His only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth – all for NOTHING!

All in all, it only means they are the ones actually committing ‘blasphemous acts’ against the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus for having allowed those bad extremists whether “jihad warriors” or not to use God’s name and His Son, Jesus’ name in vain! And yet, they still DO NOT realize they are in great danger of losing their souls to the impostor “God” aka Lucifer! So no thanks to him for having created all such confusions and chaos through man-made religions!

And oh, not forgetting – they also should STOP bluffing themselves till kingdom come with their irrelevant “moderation” ideology that CANNOT and WILL NOT work to solve the satanic problem of killing “infidels” [Kafirs] who in retaliation will have no qualms to kill them [IS] instead in what goes around comes around! That’s because you cannot expect those “infidels” [Kafirs] especially Westerners to quietly stay as “sitting-ducks” waiting to be killed, can you?

Just imagine the irony – while born again Christians are trying seriously and desperately to SAVE lost souls here with the Gospel of Jesus, even including them, but alas – they are doing exactly the opposite instead! Either it’s the bad extremists [IS] killing “infidels” [Kafirs] such as Jews and Christians, or it’s those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” persecuting Christians even over the sighting of a mere + near them. But what’s even worse than this is when Christians trying to share the Gospel of Jesus with them to save their sorry butts from the curse of sin, death, and the devil will end up getting incarcerated for sure!

So if ever anyone from 1.7 billion Muslims or more, is smart enough to tell easily a religion that does not even sound like music to one’s ears, let alone fall for it; then why the devil still endanger oneself and hypocritically embrace such a religion that DOES NOT even teach its followers to practice the basic and simple moral values of ‘self-disciple’ and ‘manners’ that should show the good side of their religion as worthy of respect, NOT worthy of criticism of any kind?

‘Self-disciple and manners’? Hello, that’s about moral values, not religious issues, so what exactly is this writer trying to get at, you wonder?

You see, if one fails so badly to keep up with a simple moral ethic such as civic-mindedness and simple manners, then how the devil can one talk about observing serious “religious laws” such as the Islamic “hudud laws”, let alone seriously practice them NOT ever to become religiously “limbless”, “eyeless”, and as “handicaps” for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose?

Well then, let me tell you a “little lie” if you, or anyone so much had this screwed up perception that it always takes having to “spread a thousand times” to make it true. However, don’t be so surprised this “little lie” had incredibly and magically gotten so true by itself and so, it DOES NOT need anyone to “spread a thousand times” to make it true. Not possible? Why not?

You see, it only needed to be said [not spread] 1 time only, and even those “moderately” DUMB and DUMBER ones already can tell whether it’s a “little lie”, a “big lie”, or maybe even a big-time “true lie” for all you know!

Why? Because it’s something that happened in life that actually and truthfully unveiled the ugly and contradictory side of a man-made religion for even the “moderately” DUMB and DUMBER ones to see clearly and understand 100% that such a man-made religion like Islam created for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose that even those embracing it were too blind to see and know, or knowing it, but pretend not to because of the FEAR of getting incarcerated if ever they jumped ship and become ‘apostates’ that is against their man-made religious laws!

Unless, of course, some people have gotten too extremely DUMB and DUMBER than the “moderately” DUMB and DUMBER ones who already had lost all their ‘sense of reasoning’ to tell what is good extremism and what is bad extremism or worse, what is irrelevant or what is relevant, then there’s no point to say even 1 time at all, let alone “spread a thousand times”. Right or not?

If not, then those who knows how to read newspapers or smart enough than the “moderately” DUMB and DUMBER ones can easily go online and do what’s RELEVANT instead! Can you not? If you can, then the RELEVANT thing to do is – you should recall and if not, then check online an incident that happened not so long ago that went viral in the internet that even the world already knew about it faster than the next “Fast & Furious” sequel ever released!

It’s so true that bad news travel fast, but alas – the ‘Good News’ of Jesus is NOT, but only always get despised and avoided like a “plague” or something even when it was divinely done in the interest and well-being of everyone from the inside out! But given these days of the ‘faithless and perverse generations’, tell me – who is NOT that DUMB and DUMBER to know, let alone act on it?

Nevertheless, the short video clip showed a young Muslim woman dressed up looking “so alibaba” on the outside wearing a “tudung” [headscarf] as a religious reminder to stay “righteous” and “holy” by covering her head, and NOT to lose her head easily. But alas – not surprisingly, she acted otherwise! Evidently, by looking at the short video clip, it was not just enough to lose her head over a minor car accident, she failed awfully to “protect” the “sanctity” of Islam that she “so alibaba” embraced.

Probably it’s because no one ever bothered to tell her to read those irrelevant “moderation” ideology articles spreading like “wildfire” from a mainstream English newspaper to reject “all forms of extremism” including hers too, or too bad, perhaps she could not understand a word of English to get the message, to begin with!

That’s why, she could be seen in the video clip shouting profanities at an elderly man on the streets to the point of even acting religiously violent to cause multiple damages on the elderly man’s car. The elderly man probably was in a hurry to get somewhere and unfortunately get caught in a traffic jam and somehow accidentally in full view of the public “kissed” her most valuable asset – not her rear of course, but her car’s rear on what turned out to be an “alibaba” accident.

Strangely and unexpectedly for a “so alibaba” looking woman, she went bonkers enough to do something ‘stupid’ even knowing so well she’s all dressed-up looking “religious” on the outside that should have done a “good job” in having restrained her acts of insanity and violence for the sake of showing the “good side” of her religion.

But too bad, it did not happen as expected for someone seen as “so alibaba” religious on the outside!

So what’s the moral lesson to learn from this interesting “alibaba” video clip? Of course, the simple moral lesson to learn is: DO NOT ever try to look “so alibaba” on the outside when you are NOT even 1% religiously “righteous” and “holy” inside because of not even knowing where you stand according to Romans 3:23, or knowing it, but pretend not to! Is that not obvious enough by watching the short video clip?

Realistically speaking from the human nature aka sinful nature point of view, it is always better to “play safe” and dress up looking normal on the outside so that people cannot religiously see clearly what’s rotten inside to criticize or condemn you when something like this happens than to look “so alibaba” outside to show glaringly what has really gotten rotten from inside out that’s worthy of condemnation and criticisms. Is that right or not?

Whether you think it’s right or not, one thing for sure is – humans are actually only playing a game of bluffing one another and oneself from inside out to deal with what’s coming from outside in. That’s why it is so ever important to clean and heal what’s rotten inside FIRST according to God’s standard, not Man’s! And of course, the ONLY way one can go about doing it is to come clean and REPENT according to the Word of God in Acts 2:38, and NOT by “ways of men” to dress up looking “so alibaba” on the outside, but always end up to act religiously irresponsible with acts of insanity and violence to only show the ugly and contradictory side of one’s religion.

But still, what do you really see on this video clip?

Maybe if you were a “Muslim” like her, you probably would have thought and said, “hey, it’s only business as usual and so, it’s no big deal because such normal thing happens all the time on the road”. Is that right? Yes, perhaps that is right if you think it is. It always is if it is according to human nature aka sinful nature. Anyone would have said the same or otherwise depending on whatever circumstances that took place that a person would see “fit” to say so.

So who says “nobody is perfect” after all? Everyone is actually “perfect” in his/her own human nature aka sinful nature ways but somehow people would prefer to be “perfect” for all the wrong reasons. It’s just that they are not aware of it because of having to protect themselves from getting implicated of wrongdoings all the time, you know? That’s why, it’s usually only when a person committed any wrongdoings will say, “nobody’s perfect” just to defend oneself from getting implicated as an “alibaba” of sort and that’s what human nature aka sinful nature is all about – always in a denial mode!

But apparently, no one can say, or DARE say such a thing in the face of the one true Almighty God on Judgment Day as an “excuse” not to be punished and suffer in eternity. Do you know why? Do you even know what God in reply will tell anyone who said, “nobody’s perfect” in His presence? Do you believe me that I can tell you now what God in reply will say even before you meet your Maker one fine day and make such “alibaba” excuses in front of Him? But too bad, I cannot tell you now because I believe you will not believe me and even think it’s a ‘lie’, let alone act on it, you know?

You see, given these days when people are living in a ‘faithless and perverse generation’, it’s so ever pointless to tell you because I DO NOT intend to “spread a thousand times” to make it true! So why should I tell you what you had already planned to think it’s a ‘lie’ and that I have to end up doing the tedious job to “spread a thousand times” or even more to make it true? Don’t you think it’s better off that you get it all figured it out by yourself? If you don’t, then that’s too bad! After all, God has imbued you with a mind to think, reason and to choose, so make good use of it and NOT put God to shame for goodness sake!

Back to the “alibaba” video clip issue.

Not surprisingly, even those “perfect” but lop-sided thinking politicians and police would have thought likewise too, and would have even issued a warning that “no one”, actually meaning to imply non-Muslims, should ever ‘criticize’ and ‘demonize’ other religions to “hurt” the feelings of others, especially the one enshrined in the federal constitution, to cause “racial” disharmony among the people and thus, “threaten” national security and blah, blah, blah! And wow, that’s really big deal – if you know what am I getting at! Do you, anyway?

But then, the thing is, it turned out unusually abnormal in this case that involved a “so alibaba” and “so racially” charged looking woman and that alone was smack of racism and still, you as a “Muslim” think it’s “no big deal”? Yes, of course it’s “no big deal”, but only “if” the elderly man was a Muslim and the same race too [ka ki lang]. But he was NOT and that is, if anyone gets the drift here.

And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened because any ordinary Joe can see clearly the elderly man was NOT a Muslim, that’s why he got himself into such “alibaba” troubles dealing with an “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslim”  woman who had no qualms to show the ugly and contradictory side of Islam in full view of the public because of the video clip went viral on social media.

Like it or not, that is one good thing about social media where everyone really gets to see the human nature aka sinful nature of humans and CANNOT argue about it, let alone deny it!

Obviously, even those “moderately” DUMB and DUMBER ones can see and tell from the ugly and contradictory side of Islam that this is no “little lie” because what she perpetrated as an “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslim” clearly showed her religious misconduct in public that is “like teacher, like student” following in the footsteps of the “alibaba” Prophet Muhammad himself.

Had she not have worn a religious “tudung” [headscarf] to look “so alibaba” on the outside, it would have been a different story altogether, maybe even an “excusable” one because then, she always could jump to her defense by saying, “hey look, nobody’s perfect” and so, nobody can or will ever find fault in her anymore as everyone already knew too well how to use such “alibaba” excuse like business as usual to get away scot-free from getting implicated of wrongdoings!

So, one can see so crystal clear that’s the way of human nature aka sinful nature that we, as sinful humans according to Romans 3:23, always CANNOT escape from the Shaytan as slaves to sins! As such, don’t you see by now we all the more needed our Lord Jesus Christ to set us free from the curse of sin, death, and the devil? Do you or do you not ever see and learn?

Because she’s dressed up looking on the outside to tell the world how “alibaba righteous” and “alibaba holy” she was, so it’s too bad that there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE for her to say, “nobody’s perfect” to get away scot-free anymore because of her having gotten trapped by her own “alibaba” misconduct – glaringly! So naturally, the public would have expected her to behave really “religious” the way she’s all dressed-up looking “so alibaba” on the outside, right or not? But if she was not ready to “religiously” behave herself in public, then, it’s only fair to say, she should not have dressed-up looking “so alibaba” on the outside in the first place, right?

Just so you know this is not about racism but good extremism to tell the gospel truth of what went wrong with humans. For sure, I would have even criticized and said the same things too right here in my website with ‘no-holds barred’ should any woman dressed up looking like a Catholic nun or Buddhist nun who did the same shameful act in public and captured on video that went viral.

And it’s also only fair for Muslims too to criticize as long as there’s NO act of insanity and violence perpetrated on whichever side under the banner of freedom of speech and expression. Don’t you ever think so?

As a result, she gave a bad name to her religion, or rather her religion gave her the bad impression she was “superior” enough than the poor uncle, a non-Muslim who get caught in the fray, to “teach” him a lesson not ever “argued” with a “so alibaba” looking woman on the outside who is always capable enough from the inside to wreak havoc even for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Whether this is a “little lie”, a “big lie”, or even a “true lie” of what really happened, it DOES NOT need anyone, much less myself to “spread a thousand times” for people to know the ugly truth of Islam because of the contradictory side of the religion! It only needed to say [not spread] once and the world will know and see the ugly and contradictory side of it even if the authorities try drastically to “securely” cover up for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

So, if ever anyone, in any way, could so much “prove” that by getting “hanged” somewhere over the rainbow on the irrelevant “moderation” ideology that it can somewhat “stop” any religious person like this “alibaba” case of a “religiously” dressed-up looking woman to religiously act violent over such trivial matters, is only making God looked ‘stupid’ for having sent His Son, Jesus to die for NOTHING!

And alas – the Shaytan wins again effortlessly because of man-made religions! So no thanks to the foolish ones who will NEVER ever admit it even in the face of God while still breathing because of having no hearts and conscience to know what went wrong with the humankind! But little did we know, sooner or later, it’s the stupidity of anyone to come out with such an irrelevant ideology that CANNOT prove anything but only ultimately gets backfired and so, end up do more harm than good for NO GOOD reason and serve NO GOOD purpose at all.

Either you believe only the good extremism of Jesus will do the trick, or you ain’t seen nothing yet the power of the Gospel of Jesus that CAN and WILL save even hardcore criminals on death row if one is smart and humble enough to come clean and REPENT according to the Word of God in Acts 2:38!

On the contrary, it CANNOT and WILL NOT save antiChrist and non-Christians who are as ignorant, arrogant, and stiff-necked as ever if they do not ever want to come clean and REPENT  according to the Gospel of Jesus “just because” they claimed it will so-called suffice to “do-good” with “acts of kindness”.

Well, anyone educated especially Christians can easily tell these are two different things altogether. Either you REPENT or PERISH according to Jesus who said it twice in Luke 13:3 & 5. We, as sinners, CANNOT bargain with God and have it our way “just because” we “do-good” with “acts of kindness”, can we? Please use your head, and DO NOT ever become “so alibaba” to lose your head for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

So if NO ONE ever did the right thing according to what Jesus said, then everyone will only end up making bad extremism getting worse than ever. All such ignorance, arrogance and stubbornness is the price of hell to pay for people to subscribe to the “ways of men” and not God’s. And for any ordinary Joe to think bad extremism that has so seriously gone wrong could “so easily” be stopped, or “so easily” countered by only having everyone to believe that writing “articles” in a bid to propagate the irrelevant “moderation” ideology will so-called end all threats of growing terrorism around the world because of a man-made religion, is absolutely short of NOTHING but stupidity and out of  the question! Is it not?

If you still stubbornly think it is NOT, then something must have gone terribly “wrong” with the plan of the one true Almighty God who propagated good extremism through His Son, Jesus of Nazareth in John 3:16 that will SAVE the humankind from getting annihilated by bad extremism made possible by the curse of sin, death, and the devil! It’s no wonder people keep getting DUMB and DUMBER than ever!

Whatever the situation is now, it looks like things gonna get worse than before because of people having gotten screwed up to the most to come out in “droves” to support the irrelevant “moderation”  ideology that they so mightily believe it “can” fight bad extremism. And to prove to the one true Almighty God that He had actually WASTED His time, effort and energy for having sacrificed His Son, Jesus to die for NOTHING, people today have gotten screwed up enough to believe whatever “ways of men” whether it’s through the irrelevant “moderation” ideology or not, is “good enough” already for every ordinary Joe to forget about God’s one and only good extremism plan to save our sorry butts through His Son, Jesus of Nazareth.

Well, if everything keeps going at this rate, it’s not surprising that soon enough I may end up getting screwed up in the head too to join in the queue of those DUMB and DUMBER ones to write irrelevant articles that CANNOT solve such a demonic problem in the bud!

But little did we know – the bad extremism that is already taking full control of the hearts, minds, and souls of the foolish ones who NEVER ever learned their lessons even from the mistake Adam and Eve made, can now WIPE OUT 100% clean the devil’s bad extremism. However, it is only possible “if” those antiChrist and non-Christians are smart and humble enough to come clean and REPENT according to the Word of God in Acts 2:38 and become born again Christians to save others’ sorry butts with the Gospel of Jesus!

Only devil’s problem is, have people really learned what mistake Adam and Eve made?  If they ever did, then why are they still as antiChrist and non-Christians as ever and making the same mistake over and over every time like it’s business as usual?


……………….to be continued

Famous Quotes:

“He who neglects to fight the wrong is as guilty as he who commits it.”

—– Dagobert D. Runes —–

Extremism vs Moderation Revisited

The Big Issue of Extremism

Today, the word ‘extremism’ has never been so popular ever since 911. No one can deny that it is getting ever so intimidating even to the religious people of the same religion, notably Islam!

Probably, most people whether religious or not, would never have thought any man-made religions such as Islam, especially the contradictory side of it to kill “infidels” [Kafirs], can turn out to be so futile and dangerous enough to do more harm than good…and without recourse, especially if handled according to “ways of men” that will add more fuel to the fire in what goes around comes around!

The main cause that contributed to such man-made disasters actually culminated from man-made religions that in the long process of passing it down from generations to generations, somehow there’s always a chance people would get screwed up enough in the head to take for granted all religions are “good”, but it is not necessary true when you scrutinize all of them properly with an open mind and common sense!

That’s why, it is certainly clear enough for everyone to see the problem is always with humans who DO NOT do their homework to have had all man-made religions properly scrutinized with the good sense of reasoning before embracing it…or wise enough to flee from any of them that DOES NOT even make common sense, let alone embracing it.

In fact, it’s not surprising what the world can see clearly today is that such a man-made religion, notably Islam, has unmistakably proven itself as problematic and fatal enough to turn the world upside down, inside out and outside in so much so ignorance, arrogance, and stubbornness is still the order of the day!

So undeniably, that is the cause of the problem leading to bad extremism perpetrated today, not only in religious issues but racial issues as well. Yet, people still evidently have failed to admit it but blaming “other” factors not relevant to the problem.

Without doubt, anyone can tell that is what attributed to the sadistic nature of the religion making even those so-called religious people of such a religion as stiff-necked and incorrigible as ever in failing to do the right thing according to God’s standard to come clean and REPENT in Acts 2:38, and NOT according to the “ways of men” to perpetrate bad extremism!

Thus, it made those religious extremists as hell-bent as ever to get involved in the screw-up “Holy Jihad” to ‘kill or be killed’ in the name of “Allah” the moon-god! Ironically, what supposed to strike fears in the hearts of “infidels” [Kafirs] under the “supremacy agenda” of Islam to Islamicized the world has brought about a new twist that unmistakably pour scorn on their own religion in what goes around comes around.

That’s because, what has surprisingly turned out today looks more like it strikes even worse fears in the hearts of those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” who are enjoying the riches and luxuries of life too much to know what exactly went wrong with the religion they embraced.

Unfortunately, what they failed to realize is that they have completely forgotten about their “religious obligations” to get involved in the perverted “Holy Jihad” supposedly as their top priority to make them become “true Muslims”. Meaning to say – they must sacrifice their lives for the cause of Islam by having to die violently as “martyrs” whether they like it or not!

The fact that such a religious commitment is not happening as it should is because they DO NOT want to die a “violent death” as “jihad warriors” of Islam for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

But too bad, they should have known better this is part of the “religious ritual” to fight in the perverted “Holy Jihad” they CANNOT dismiss as unimportant and unnecessary, much less take it lightly – if ever they wanted to enter a somewhat “paradise” promised to all “jihad heroes” who have successfully proven themselves as “true Muslims” not by words, but by actions!

And too bad again, they also at the same time DO NOT know how to handle the crisis and in a dilemma to choose whether to seriously fight to the death or not even as they started getting singled out by their own extremist brothers and sisters of IS as “infidels” [Kafirs] to be killed too – if ever they DO NOT follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad to become “true Muslims” to die violently as “martyrs”  so that they can become highly decorated as “jihad warriors” of Islam.

And indefinitely, that is what they should do and should have done but it’s already long overdue! They should have left all their worldly riches behind long time ago as soon as they embraced Islam. By right, they should have gotten down to serious business, at least, by now to prove themselves whether they had the spirits of “jihad warriors” to fight in the perverted “Holy Jihad”….or not!

But still, it all remains to be seen, or perhaps never ever to be seen at all! Because when they started to embrace “moderation” by dismissing the ‘extremism’ of the perverted “Holy Jihad” to kill as unIslamic “just because” the nature of it is smack of violence to ‘kill or be killed’, then they should have known long time ago there’s a price of hell to pay to follow in the footsteps of their Prophet Muhammad!

So all such “pulling each other leg” nonsense about subscribing and promoting “moderation” only goes to show the perverted “Holy Jihad” has gotten unexpectedly backfired in what goes around comes around.

What started out as a “must-do” thing for all “true Muslims” to ‘kill or be killed’ according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad has been badly deviated and divided into factions. All Muslims, whether Sunnis or Shiites and whatnot,  are suppose to  fight in the perverted “Holy Jihad” to kill “infidels” [Kafirs] but end up fighting each other to ‘kill or be killed’ instead!

To the radical ones now known as IS, they believed if they were to become “true Muslims”, they must take up arms to fight in the perverted “Holy Jihad” to kill “infidels” [Kafirs] according to the teachings of their Prophet Muhammad.

Otherwise, there is NO PEACE for them, let alone worthy enough to enter a somewhat “paradise” that is far from sounding and looking legitimate according to the true version of the Holy War of Christians fighting against time to SAVE lost souls including them with the Gospel of Jesus!

All in all, it’s no thanks to those “true Muslims turned extremists” having gotten screwed up enough in their heads by the contradictory teachings of their own Prophet Muhammad to have perpetrated bad extremism in the name of “Allah” the moon-god to kill innocent people and now including even those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” found blacklisted as “kafirs” [infidels] for turning their backs on their “religious obligations” to become “true Muslims” to die violently as “martyrs” fighting in their perverted “Holy Jihad”!

Religiously speaking, what led those Islamic extremists [IS] to commit such heinous crimes against humanity in the name of religion for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose is because of the Prince of Darkness whose top priority was to trick humans into killing each other with such man-made religions so that he can “easy-peasy” devour their souls especially if they were antiChrist and non-Christians – to begin with!

So mate, if you are not a born again Christian, you are in great danger from the inside out [soul] and outside in [body]. You dig?

The only reason it got worse than ever is because they [jihad warriors] have been religiously brainwashed by the devils to believe it’s necessary to kill “infidels” [Kafirs] with acts of violence as part of their “religious rituals” to offer “ blood sacrifices” to “purify” themselves while at the same time glorify “Allah” the moon-god so that they will earn their “rightful” place in a somewhat “paradise” in the next life…or so they thought!

Even worse than you can ever imagine is the fact that such ‘devil-in-disguise’ teachings have been so religiously, so radically and so aggressively championed by extremist Muslims such as the present IS are found written in the Koran that NO ONE, not even Muslims themselves, can miss out when reading the so-called religious book, let alone find them unbelievable and makes no sense whatsoever.

Even more appalling to find out is, anything that was not beneficial to the Prophet Muhammad would be considered as heretics to all such religious extremists except killing in the name of “Allah” [God in English] that is not.

Just imagine, he made all the rules for his own sake but innocent Muslims having no choice to flee from such delusional teachings and intimidated by all his religious misconduct will suffer at the mercy of his satirical rules that are “ways of men”, NOT God! Can you imagine such atrocity of the minds undeniably perpetrated on Muslims by him?

Yet, such kind of screwed up teachings of a religion found written by the self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad did not ever seem to catch the 1.7 billion or more Muslims’ attention to neither deny it, or much less admit it, let alone flee from it! And what’s getting worse than ever is, they are getting “hanged” on “moderation” to get nowhere fast!

Somehow, it seemed rather mysterious why even those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” prefer to stay as silent warriors not wielding their swords in the spirits of “jihad warriors” to fight in the perverted “Holy Jihad”, but unmistakably keeping “mum” about it to make even such foul and wrong religious teachings as “sacrilegious” as ever for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Do they really not know about the danger lurking in embracing such a dangerous religion, or knowing it, but pretend not to just for the sake of protecting the so-called sanctity of Islam? Do they really understand what they believed? Or perhaps, it’s probably what they believed had failed to make them understand what went wrong in the first place, don’t you think?

But why do they always keep questioning the Word of God, the Holy Bible left and right when they keep after the traditions of the Jews, NOT Arabs, in not eating pork, fasting, and washing of hands and feet among others that originated from the Old Covenant that is no longer binding after Jesus having had fulfilled the New Covenant that brought about God’s promise of eternal life through Him [Jesus] by having only to come clean and REPENT?

How is it possible that they become ‘hypocrites’ blindly and not knowing it, or knowing it, but pretend not to for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose? Why did they ever copied others and then curse others as “infidels” [Kafirs] whom they must kill “just because” they believe their version of the perverted “Holy Jihad” to kill is now more “superior” than the Holy War of Christians to SAVE? Who are they trying to kid, anyway?

As such, it does make one wonders how they [Muslims] read the Koran and still so blind to see something is so seriously wrong with the religion. So do not underestimate the power of the Prince of Darkness to deceive gullible humans especially those antiChrist and non-Christians having no hearts and conscience to guide them!

Unfortunately, a religion that has gone awry to screw up people in the head with such a demonic ideology will have its adverse side-effects spilled over to “the good, the bad, and the ugly” at some stage. As a result, people whether innocent or not, are at the mercy of their perverted “Holy Jihad” to get killed for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

Because of such dangerous and endless bad possibilities happening, it can cynically make people think it’s also bad to take the ‘extremism’ approach of sacrifice even if one wanted to achieve something noble for a good reason and good purpose like perhaps, what Jesus did!

Now, “just because” a religion is having a religious problem in achieving its “supremacy agenda” to “Islamicize” the world by striking fears in the hearts of “infidels” [Kafirs] with the perverted their “Holy Jihad” to ‘kill or be killed’, does it mean everyone should blindly reject “all forms of extremism” including that of Jesus?

If so, isn’t that so ridiculous? Did Jesus ever commanded His disciples to go all out to kill “infidels” [Kafirs]? If not, then why condemn the good extremism of Jesus as part of “all forms of extremism” to reject?

To those antiChrist and non-Christians, please act responsibly by FIRST, checking out what Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 28:18-20 to know and be able to differentiate what is good extremism and what is bad extremism before making any unsubstantiated and unwarranted statement for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Speaking of Jesus – even though there’s enough scriptural proof to suggest who He was, and why He still is ‘so extremely’ important to the fate of mankind, yet so much of controversial researches and religious debates have gone on until today to discredit and disparage Him for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

And “just because” He claimed Himself as the Son of God who died and resurrected, does it mean everyone should blindly reject such good extremism too that actually brought hope of salvation to the humankind?

Here are some questions that will bother everyone except only born again Christians. Do you believe Jesus really existed and died on the cross or not? Do you really believe He is a good extremist or not? Do you believe He is really the Son of God or not? Do you believe everyone should believe such gospel truth really comes from the Word of God, the Holy Bible or not?

Whether you believe it or not, it’s your choice. It’s about the sacrosanct need to make a choice always, whether one choose to stand on God’s side or otherwise. There’s no sitting in-between as in the case of “moderation” that is irrelevant when it comes to solving the chronic problem of bad extremism!

Perhaps, it [moderation] is only relevant when it comes to losing weight to eat less, or to exercise self-control by not losing one’s mind easily whether one see, hear, or read something not to one’s liking!

Whether you make the correct choice or not what you believe and embrace, you have to live with the path you choose until eternity. It’s all about our own doings whether good or not, and no one can choose to stand on both sides – God and the Satan at the same time! Can you?

You cannot sit on two toilet bowls to do your morning nature business, can you? So how can “moderation” be considered as relevant in such serious matters?

Life is all about choosing what you believe that culminated from good extremism or bad extremism. It’s never about taking the “middle-path”, or “moderation” that is sitting on the fence because it simply says it all whether you deny it or not.

But what does not make sense is, why should non-Muslims get blacklisted as “infidels” [Kafirs] in the Koran and single out to be killed for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose? What’s more, if ever they claimed their “Allah” is loving or compassionate, it only sounded more like it’s a copied version of the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus. Is that not so? If so, is that not satanic?

Of course, if you want to know the truth whether it is or not, it’s better that you, by all means necessary, read the Koran and check it out for yourself and do not take my word for it.

However, after reading the Koran – if there’s still any human’s sense left in you, you would not choose to become a Muslim even given the freedom of religion or the 1.7 figure that does not prove anything. Why? You should know the reason by then like 1.7 billion or more Muslims should have known by now!

But then again – if there’s still any human’s sense left in you, you should read the Word of God, the Holy Bible too! Because when you do, you would NOT hesitate to become a born again Christian especially if you are smart and humble enough to go by God’s standard to stand CORRECTED and NOT by Man’s standards to make a stand for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose!

Even more so, you will NEVER live to regret it if you always go by God’s standard to do the right thing because you know unmistakably it is worthy of devotion. If not, then definitely, there is something wrong with your sense of reasoning especially if you do so according to Man’s standards.

If that’s what happened and in fact happening to a lot of people today even religious ones, then the devil is always quick enough to sneak in to screw you up in the head especially knowing you do not make a stand whose side you are on.

Quite honestly, you can forget about taking the “middle path” or switch to the “moderation” mode and beat about the bush to counter bad extremism because it’s only like chasing after the wind, or a cat going round in circles trying to catch its own “moderate” tail not long enough to “catch it” easily – if you are smart enough to get the drift!

Keep in mind that God gives us only a second chance to come clean and REPENT. Either you do it or you don’t! There’s no such thing as “sitting on the fence” whether you are responding to the good extremism of Jesus that SAVES souls, or the bad extremism of IS that will lure any gullible people to join them to kill “infidels” [Kafirs] for the Shaytan!

So, do not let the devil snatch your soul away because he will not think twice about it, let alone think “moderation” will deter him from doing so? Even if you have to go down on your knees to God to come clean and REPENT, please do it by all means necessary!

Trust me, it’s worth it! You will NEVER regret it unto eternity! You will never go wrong once you know unmistakably you are on God’s side. It’s like you know you will never end up at the wrong destination if you have taken the correct train or flight from the start!

If not, you will make it even more easier for him [the devil] to screw you up in the head until eternity especially if you still are foolish enough to believe “sitting on the fence” can counter the bad extremism of IS today. Can it? Of course, it CAN’T, so why keep bluffing yourself silly? It always takes the good guys to stop the bad guys! Don’t you even disagree to agree?

Like it or not – the one and only answer to counter the chronic problem of bad extremism made possible by the curse of sin, death, and the devil staring us in the face is to choose the good extremism of Jesus to become a born again Christian to clean what’s foul and bad from inside out – FIRST! Then only, you will start to see the big difference!

The “Ways Of Men” Always Beckoning

Because of man-made religions, there has already been too much damages done to make it irreversible so much so whatever “ways of men”, whether taking the “middle path” or the “moderation” approach WILL NOT and CANNOT solve the chronic problem of bad extremism made possible by the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

So how? You shall see, or not see as we go along to find out whether such a big issue can come undone and be resolved…or not! It’s everyone’s choice to choose and it’s time to make wise decisions.

But first, we need to understand NO PROBLEM is ever so complicated as though people can never find a solution to it when actually, there already is one and only SOLUTION existing and staring us in the face and that is no other than to obey the Gospel of Jesus with no questions asked!

If whatever it is that you know is man-made or it’s our own doings, then tell me why is it not possible to undo any of them? After all, it’s only, “one small step, a giant leap for mankind” by only having to hear God’s call to come home to Him, but FIRST, one must come clean and REPENT to obey the Gospel of Jesus based on Acts 2:38 for anyone to become a new creation to start anew!

Is that “so hard” and “so wrong” to do that everyone should reject such kind of good extremism in the face of God?

The only reason it is not possible for most people, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, to do the right thing according to God’s standard, is because of their stubbornness to prefer “sitting on the fence” that blindly helped him [the devil] successfully made them run afoul of God’s graciousness and mercy and so, they will perish all the same for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

But alas – what a waste of God’s effort, time and energy to save our sorry butts from the bondage of the Shaytan as slaves to sin when we always prefer to do otherwise! Do you not agree?

Even if they were “lucky” enough that the IS did not, or could not get to kill them for one reason or another, they are still as good as dead either way whether inside out, or outside in! That’s because there is no escape on the earthly death according to Romans 6:23 – like it or not!

But on the contrary, the good news is, there is escape on the second death, but only provided you don’t leave such “unfinished business” behind unsettled while you are still breathing! So why do you still procrastinate and put your soul in danger of losing it to Lucifer?

Do you think it’s “fun” telling you such gospel truths? If you do, then you gotta have your head examined – seriously!

Such a “business as usual” thing that can happen and always keep happening is because of people, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, having gotten malfunctioned up in the head by the devil to feel the “earthly need” to promote the so-called “racial unity” and “religious diversity” more than the effervescent ‘spiritual need’ to, FIRST and AT ALL COST, do the right thing according to God’s standard to solve the chronic problem of bad extremism made possible by the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

It’s already hard to even imagine how is it possible that people, even those so-called religious ones of Islam, still do not want to choose and follow Jesus who suffered and died for their sins so that they will live eternally – if ever they were smart and humble enough to have had obeyed the Gospel of Jesus! But alas, they always have proven themselves as not smart and humble – after all!

It’s even harder to imagine what is stopping them, especially Muslims, to do something sensible and right for themselves for once in their lifetime than get involved in all the man-made religious nonsense that will do more harm than good! But alas, they always have proved consistently to the world they do not have the sense and sensibility even to save their own souls from eternal damnation – at all!

Worse of all is, it’s totally unimaginable how, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, would rather choose to obey the commands of men to indulge in idols-worshiping, or superstitious beliefs they don’t understand than to obey one simple commandment of God to obey the Gospel of Jesus that they ‘so easily’ could have understood – if ever they have read the Word of God, the Holy Bible to know what went wrong with the humankind! But alas, they always have gotten screwed up in their heads faster than the “Fast & Furious” sequels to believe the “ways of men” are better than God – all in all!

How can people, whether Muslims or not, not want to have eternal life as their ‘top priority’ after having gone through hell while “living” on earth? Yes, according to the “ways of men”, they always can – beyond 100%!

How can people, including Muslims, not believe God’s warning about the second death “just because” their religious clerics told them not to believe in such a “bedtime” story that is for kids only? Yes, according to the “ways of men”, they always can and will – beyond 100%!

How can anyone, “the good, the bad, and the ugly”, ever preferred to forsake one’s own precious soul in exchange for public support and approval of the “moderation” ideology that CANNOT solve the chronic problem of bad extremism made possible by the curse of sin, death, and the devil? Yes, according to the “ways of men”, they always can and do – beyond 100% and business as usual too!

If anyone still considers oneself a human being having a heart and conscience to save oneself before it’s too late, then the only and ever right thing to do today is obey the Gospel of Jesus according to Acts 2:38 that will open one’s eyes to see things with a different light because that light is Jesus – the Light of the world as testified in John 3:19-20!

Then and only then, one can see how the humankind has degraded to the point of no return because of having to protect cultural and religious diversity from disappearing and thus, not knowing how urgently they needed hope of salvation embodied in the Gospel of Jesus, or knowing it, but still as the greatest pretenders on earth, pretending not to!

For sure, everyone will die but we should not die in vain to end up in the wrong hands of the Shaytan and suffer in eternity when we always have a choice to die in the good hands of our Lord Jesus Christ who made God’s promise of eternal life to us possible by the ‘Blood of Jesus’ that sealed the divine promise.

So what has God’s love and compassion got to do with “moderation”? How can it be in the same league with God’s standard or better? Can someone care to explain and define?

As such, it only means one thing – if people like you who always preferred “sitting on the fence” and do not ever like to come out to the Light to stand up and speak the gospel truth 100%, then you have to be loving darkness too much as described in John 3:19-21!

You cannot ever claim to be loving the Light and do all the nonsensical things in darkness at the same time, can you?

If that is the case, then what makes you think “moderation” can get people out of the darkness of bad extremism that is so evil? Either you get out or you don’t! But if you are still stubbornly getting “hanged” on “moderation”, then do you not think it’s totally out of the question and irrelevant to save you from the darkness of bad extremism – to say the least?

The Curse of 911

Nevertheless, all the troubles culminated from bad extremism started brewing to give the word, ‘extremism’, a bad name was because of Osama Bin Laden who screwed it up for all the wrong reasons, thus having made the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, their Islam’s version of “there’s no God but Allah” the moon-god!

Because those highly “righteous” and “holy” ones hypocritically declared Jesus as “merely” a prophet only in Islam to screw-up the true version of Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God found in the Word of God, the Holy Bible as qualified enough to atone for the sins of mankind, thus they have “successfully” fooled those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” to “believe” Jesus was but only a “mere” human being who cannot be part of the Godhead that is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

To make it even more “believable” according to the “ways of men”, they made it known outrageously by openly and mockingly question Christians in debates, “how can one God split into three”? Big deal, huh? Well, is it not possible according to the “ways of men” for three roads to merge into ONE road on ONE way traffic system? If that is something possible to Man, then tell me, what cannot be possible to God the Almighty?

Anyway, they have somewhat “successfully” twisted and turned the true version of the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus to make the death and resurrection of Jesus, a “mere” human being as “fairy-tales” only and they have harped on it ever since to keep innocent Muslims from becoming apostates!

Because of that, they thought they have also somewhat “accentuated” their Islam’s version of “there’s no God but Allah”the moon-god” as more “superior” than the Christian version of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost…or so they thought!

Little did they know? They have gotten so screwed up in their heads and religiously misguided so much so they would have no qualms to create a ruckus in public even at the sight of the + near them. If Islam is “so superior”, why were they ever so FEARFUL about the + that Jesus was crucified on?

That’s because, Muslims have always been aggressively instigated one-sided that all “criminals” always only get crucified on the cross according to the Romans’ laws. What they failed to tell those innocent Muslims was that Jesus was wrongly accused of a “crime” He did not commit for having claimed Himself as the Son of God.

Every Muslim should check it out personally by reading the first 4 books about the life of Jesus in the New Testament that will clarify every doubt and misunderstanding of who Jesus was.

As far as I know from reading the Word of God, the Holy Bible, ONLY the devils CANNOT bear to look at Jesus, let alone at the smell of Jesus approaching when He walked the earth. Are they the devils who cannot bear the sight of a +?

If not, then what is so big deal to see a + near them? It is just a symbol of Jesus having died to conquer death that gave hope of salvation even to sinners like them to have eternal life! Do they not want to have eternal life that only God promised those who obeyed the Gospel of Jesus, and NOT by freaking out like cry-babies at the sight of a mere + near them?

My goodness, it is so very, very scary how some people could have gotten that screwed up in their heads by man-made religions to become such religious fanatics to create havoc for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose! Is it not?

Back to Osama Bin Laden.

People, especially those extremist Muslims themselves, who knew him and fought with him could even easily tell he was only a somewhat “true Muslim”, who seriously went all out on what even researchers alleged his main motive was more like a “personal vendetta” to punish Westerners especially Americans than what was largely reported in the news media as having coincided with the perverted “Holy Jihad” of Islam that so coincidentally, the ideology of killing Westerners as “infidels” [Kafirs] found written in the Koran somehow fit into his “perfect” agenda like killing two birds with one stone – only it’s the wicked way, of course!

On one hand, to say that “one person” like him, a human being in flesh and blood implicated as a sinner like everyone else in Romans 3:23 and who have had seen better days wreaking havoc on the Americans especially up until the time of his demise for having committed the most heinous crimes against humanity by killing innocent people for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose, that is how anyone would know this is certainly the best description of what bad extremism is!

What’s more, it is something almost everyone can relate to, including even those claiming as “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” around the world that not surprisingly, they were reported to have gotten so religiously ‘fired-up’ to the point to applaud and praise him as a “jihad hero” of the perverted “Holy Jihad” by shouting “Allahuahkbar” [God Is Great] when the twin towers in New York came crashing down now infamously known as the curse of 911 and it’s the worst terrorist attack on American soil ever known.

Of course, everyone knows ‘God Is Great’! Don’t you? And if ever that is the case, He is the ONE who sent Jesus to atone for the sins of mankind because of His love and compassion, NOT because of the devil’s version to kill “infidels” [Kafirs]. So please do not ever use God’s name in vain whether in Arabic or not – for goodness sake!

Most Muslims from around the world and the Middle-East especially, may have gotten somewhat overwhelmed by the success of Osama Bin Laden for having caught the Americans off-guard on 911. But the reason he could pull off such a strategic attack on the Americans is not because of his unprecedented courage to strike fears in the hearts of “infidels” [Kafirs] as taught in the Koran.

It was actually his ability or should I say, ‘crafty nature’ of the devil to recruit and conspire with the educated but gullible homegrown Arab-American Muslims to do the dirty job of revenge for him in the name of religion. Perhaps, that’s what made it looked like the Americans were behind the 911 attack.

Don’t forget – he was once an ally with the Americans who supplied him military arms to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. So it does not come as a surprise he could have won the hearts of many sympathizers in America that turned out to be those educated but gullible homegrown Arab-American Muslims having no qualms to kill his Americans ally turned enemy for his sake.

That is the reason the alleged story of the Americans themselves having fabricated the attack on their own home soil cannot be evidently substantiated until today to back such unwarranted claims. The question is, why did the Americans ever wanted to do such unspeakable evils on their own people and country to help those so-called religious “jihad warriors” who were actually ‘terrorists-in-disguise’ to fulfill the “personal vendetta” of Osama?

If any allegations about the Americans terrorizing people of many race and background working in the twin towers on that fateful day were true, then tell me, they committed such heinous crimes for what good reason and what good purpose?

Who were those terrorists then – Arabs or Americans? If it were the Americans who did it and what they alleged or having blamed the Americans behind it is true, then is it not possible that it was those educated but gullible homegrown Arab-American Muslims behind it all because they were sympathizers of Osama Bin Laden for one reason or the other?

Even though now everyone knows justice is done with Osama Bin Laden finally annihilated by his own personal agenda in what goes around comes around, still so sadly, at the height of such gruesome atrocity perpetrated so unnecessarily, it has been a terror ride for many who lost their loved ones on the fateful day and are now scarred for life in this man-made disaster perpetrated for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose.

On the other hand, it’s unimaginable how, especially those antiChrist and non-Christians, still cannot relate to Jesus as “one person” qualified enough to atone for the sins of mankind even when it clearly said so in John 3:16-20 among others!

As such, it is overwhelmingly unbelievable how could it have been possible that they still do not get in their heads when the death and resurrection of Jesus having gotten substantiated with scriptural proof for nearly two thousand years now that ‘nothing is impossible’ [Luke 1:37] for God, what more to raise His Son, Jesus from the dead!

In other words, what makes them think it was a “mission impossible” job for the Almighty God to raise His Son, Jesus from the dead?

Just ask yourself one question – how could it not be possible for God to raise His son, Jesus from the dead when Jesus himself had proven even as a “mere” human being, He got the divine power too from above to raise Lazarus [John 11:1-44] from the dead during His three years in administering His Father’s will on earth?

Did the Prophet Muhammad ever had such divine power even after having “claimed” himself as the “last prophet” that “Allah”, the moon-god sent?

In fact, all Muslims should have gotten very, very surprised long, long time ago why their “Allah”, the moon-god failed totally to raise their Prophet Muhammad from the dead – if he so much as having claimed he was the messenger sent by “Allah”, the moon-god?

The devil’s question is, why are 1.7 billion or more Muslims still getting so ‘outdated’ on this issue? If they keep harping on it at debates, or perhaps even on their Friday sermons that Jesus’ death and resurrection is a “fairy-tale” story, then why the devil were they ever so FEARFUL of those “educated, moderate, and democratic Muslims” who “might” become smart enough to abandon their Islam’s faith and become Christians?

If ever they were not fearful of such a possibility happening, then why the devil did they need to implement the ‘apostasy act’ to stop Muslims from becoming apostates?

Anyway, I do not ever see what is “so surprising” to Muslims about God having all the divine power in heaven and on earth to do anything that is not possible according to Man’s standards. After all, He is the Almighty God – is He not? If He could not even have His way as the Father, the Son, and The Holy Ghost, then what kind of Almighty God is He?

You see, God’s plan in having raised Jesus from the dead was to conquer death so that mankind have hope of salvation believing the death and resurrection of Jesus is no news but ‘Good News’! So what is there to argue or debate about anymore when the Word of God, the Holy Bible is always available for anyone to check it all out?

But apparently, that will not happen because the Shaytan has already done enough of screwing up the heads of those antiChrist and non-Christians that even when they read the Word of God, the Holy Bible they will end up with the devil’s interpretations like what has happened all these while with those religious Muslim clerics who kept arguing and debating on the same old issue, “Is Jesus God”?

Don’t you see – Lucifer will never ever give up hope in destroying God’s plan that His Son, Jesus of Nazareth had suffered and died for! In fact, he always make sure there is a back-up plan that is sinister and vicious enough to argue, counter-attack, and dispute God’s plan that saved mankind from the curse of sin, death, and the devil!

And that’s where the Islam religion comes in handy doing the dirty job for him to argue, counter-attack, and dispute God’s plan by screwing up the minds of Muslims that the death and resurrection of Jesus is only a “fairy-tale” story.

Unbelievably, it seems to be working out nice and dandy all because Muslims were ever so FEARFUL even to touch the Word of God, the Holy Bible, let alone read it. It could have been otherwise possible to stop the 1.7 billion or more Muslims from being so ‘outdated’ and start to think wisely and not do themselves and the world more harm than they already did!

The claim by the Prophet Muhammad that the angel, “Gabriel”, appeared to him in a vision is far from believable as such claim was nowhere substantiated in the Word of God, the Holy Bible – if he was to be “authorized” and “endorsed” by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to fulfill His will to atone for the sins of mankind which unfortunately Jesus had already fulfilled it!

Believe it or not, that clearly means one thing only – he was an impostor and a self-proclaimed prophet appointed by Lucifer to wreak havoc on God’s plan instead! Do you still not get it in your head? Lucifer needed someone, a “mere” human being as well, to do the dirty job for him!

Just ask yourself one question. Why would God have contradicted himself to send an “Arab prophet” and to do what? Did not His Son, Jesus of Nazareth had already done the job and proclaimed ‘it’s finished’ on the cross even long before the so-called Prophet Muhammad came into the picture out of the blue?

Probably the reason no one likes to use the word ‘extremism’ in whatever ways to counter the evils of extremism that he [Osama] and today IS perpetrated in the name of religion even though there’s something good found in ‘extremism’ that most people do not see, is because no one really understands the big difference between the good extremism of God’s love and compassion that saves mankind and the bad extremism of man-made religions that kills and destroy God’s plan instead!

Yes, that’s what people are too blind to see. Even Jesus subscribed to good extremism to counter bad extremism like it takes a good cop to nail a bad or corrupt cop! Is that not possible? Is that something you still cannot relate to?

If you still cannot, then you should stop reading any further because there’s no point to continue reading something that does not get into your head, right or not?

But, if you can, then you must FIRST understand and accept a simple truth. If there is good and bad in everyone, so is ‘extremism’ and that is, if you know what good extremism is, and know how to use it for the benefit of others like what Jesus did! Then and only then, you would have shown yourself by leaps and bounds as having become truly mature enough not to dwell on something irrelevant – anymore!

Understandably, by having broken the best record of your lifetime in dealing with your own devil inside to become a grown-up and mature enough to tell the difference between good extremism and bad extremism, you truly and naturally shall be considered as a grown-up ready to be assimilated into the society of other grown-ups such as born again Christians who never ever have problems telling what is good extremism that is the solution and what is bad extremism that is the problem today!

But if you still do not know what is bad extremism, then you all the more should not switch to the “moderation” mode because it can be as bad even if you know how. Why? Because it is NO BETTER than bad extremism to begin with! It always get “hanged” half-way like your computer does – all the time!

Honestly speaking, the ideology of “moderation” should only be fiercely introduced and aggressively taught to those who always act irresponsibly with acts of violence to wreak havoc unnecessarily “just because” they see, hear, or read something not to their liking.

It’s such a waste of time to beat about the bush promoting “moderation” with articles that are irrelevant in countering such a big-time problem such as bad extremism that is the order of the day and will always be here to stay as long as people keep getting “hanged” on “moderation” that is irrelevant!

Only the good extremism of Jesus can counter the bad extremism stemming from the Islam religion – like it or not! The devil’s problem is, people are not DARING enough to face and handle the truth of bad extremism and like Jesus did, and NOT hide behind the smokescreen of “moderation” that cannot solve the chronic problem of bad extremism that can only get worse than ever – religiously!

So whether it’s about good extremism or not – it’s  a question about every person making the right choice or not! Are you? Anything and everything in life is always about the choice you made that either make matters better or worse. It cannot make matters “so-so” as in the case of “moderation”. Can it?

You cannot “so-so” love and protect your family from extreme harm of any kind, can you? You cannot “so-so” do your job and expect your extremely horrible boss to pay you a “big fat packet” end of every month, can you? You cannot, as a President or Prime Minister, “so-so” run your country festered with GREED and CORRUPTION from the top to the bottom and expect even the extremely DUMB and DUMBER ones to keep voting you, can you? You cannot “so-so” fight GREED and CORRUPTION by having double standards on who to call up for extreme questioning until the person commit suicide and who not to call up for questioning at all to violate the rule of law with abuse of power, can you?

Life is always about taking control of any situation or any situation takes control of you because of you having lost control when you switched to the “so-so” moderation mode that you’ve got nothing to hang on to, especially to save yourself from getting annihilated by the curse of sin, death, and the devil for NO GOOD reason and NO GOOD purpose – in spiritual sense, of course!

But even in the earthly sense, it is always about the ‘us against them’ in everything we do whether it’s a football match where both teams will surely treat each other as fierce opponents even to the point of doing something ‘stupid’ in dying to win the game and that is one form of bad extremism sportively perpetrated, or in politics where both the ruling party and opposition party will always take the opportunity to grab at each other’s throats even over trivial matters and that is another form of bad extremism politically motivated, or even in man-made religions where some have gotten so “righteous” and “holy” that they cannot bear to see anything that has a + on it whether it’s on church buildings, houses, cars, t-shirts, so on and so forth and that is the worst form of bad extremism religiously perpetrated that ever happened in the history of civilization!

The point is, either you choose good extremism that Jesus chose and made a big difference simply because the sacrifice He made could save souls from eternal damnation, or bad extremism that will get you nowhere fast because there’s always a chance you could get screwed up enough to become the next “Osama Bin Laden” to continue his legacy, or worse, taking the “moderation” stand that will not get you anywhere at all like when you always get “hanged” somewhere over the rainbow and so got you frustrated all over too – if you get the drift. Do you?

Whether or not you come out of any situation unscathed and victorious, it all depends on whether you choose good extremism or bad extremism as your guide to make your journey through life worthy of all your sacrifices…or not!

That is why, one must know what is good extremism and what is bad extremism just the same as you must know unmistakably who the one true Almighty God is, and who sneakily masqueraded as the other version of “there is no God but Allah” to fool gullible humans on earth who never ever bothered to find out the truth from the correct source because of having gotten “hanged” somewhere over the rainbow on the “moderation” mode!
……………………………to be continued

Famous Quotes:

“The test of democracy is the freedom to criticize, not to abuse of power”

…..David Ben Gurion…..

An updated version.

Extremist vs Moderation?

 Is Religion The Answer?

People everywhere regardless of race are embracing different beliefs and rituals that everyone is calling it – religion. And rightly so, no one can deny that almost everyone, everywhere has something to believe that is known as religion. Don’t you? Everyone is “religious” in some sense and at one’s own discretion. There are chances that at some points in their lives, doubts or confusion may incoherently arise, triggering the imminent decision to change. It is then possible that people can change from one religion to another. When this happens, others would consider it as having committed apostasy and in some instances where religions in its nature are repulsive, it would call for death.

Even skeptics and agnostics have their own “religions” too. The agnostics are people who don’t believe there’s a God. The skeptics are people who always question or have doubts about the one and only Almighty God. Can this be considered a religion…of their kind? Even paying homage to any “deities” or ancestral worshiping is another interpretation of a religion. As long as one holds on to a “belief” of something, it’s considered a religion in the eyes of the beholder. Right? Is that a good sign or not a good sign? To many, maybe yes! But if you asked me… it is no! I don’t think so. Why?

It’s simple. To me, religion can only be a source of pacifism. Still, it can go wrong along the line. That’s because people can easily abuse religion for many reasons or purposes. Religion can do more harm than good if grossly misinterpreted. Religion can cause sufferings than heal the hearts. Religion can start conflicts and wars. Religion can break up families and homes. Religion can cause people to fight in courts. Religion can make people become arrogant and self-righteous. Religion can segregate people. Religion can blind people in the minds and hearts. Religion can make human rights null and void.

Incorporating politics with religion can jeopardize the welfare and future of people in any country in the world. It is akin to mixing oil with water that is evidently and obviously irrational. It is literally playing with fire if people mixed politics with religion without thinking of the repercussion that may follow. Perhaps, that’s why it can so easily spark off civil unrest, social discord and extremist that has terrorized the world. Don’t forget this too. The repercussions of the twisted interpretation of the “Holy War” which some advocated on violence, can still be felt anywhere even after 9/11. But lately there’s a call for the world to rally together to step up with a new strategy to counter it. The answer to dissolving the terror of extremist is by showing moderation. Will it work? Maybe yes, maybe no. Perhaps, as we go along and explore a little about the “pros and cons” of both as the topic of this post suggested, we shall all be enlightened…hopefully!

On top of that, religion is the most finest and powerful tool of the Devil to deceive humanity. One can see it manifested when reading the Bible that the Devil tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness telling him from on top of a mountain that what he saw in front of him could all be his if only he exercised moderation by bowing down to worship him. The Devil was asking Jesus to betray his extreme allegiance to God and that by exercising  a little moderation to accept his offers could not have done much harm. When God is concern, there’s no such thing as giving a half-hearted allegiance to him and the other half-hearted allegiance to the Devil. Is there? How can a person step on 2 ships at the same time? Is there any logic? Is this moderation? That’s why, I don’t believe religion helps. It’s not the answer either. You’ll see. You’ll learn. You’ll believe.

If it helps and is good, then there wouldn’t be any “annihilation” of this and that happening in the name of religion, would there? We’re talking about killing and murdering because of religion. Is religion supposed to teach people to blow people apart? How helpful and good can it be if religion is forced down the throat? If it helps and is good, then no one would have to worry about getting stoned to death for being accused of “blasphemy”, wouldn’t it? How can religion be used as a court of law to pass judgment on the freedom of expression and speech? If it helps and is good, then there wouldn’t be such “holier than thou” attitude that is causing segregation when one claims superiority of one’s religion. Would there? How can religion be used to measure one’s worthiness? If it helps and is good, why is it so surprising to see the world is getting even more divided than being united today? Is religion supposed to bring people together or driving them away?  If it helps and is good, why then is there no solution to solve mankind’s worse nightmare which is Sin, the Devil and Death? Does anyone have eyes yet not see, ears yet not hear, brains yet not think, thoughts yet not wise and a heart yet wax cold?

Is Religion Man-Made?

Believe me. If you do a survey and randomly ask maybe your friends or colleagues questions about religion, you probably won’t  believe what your ears will be hearing. There’s no problem at all to ask a simple question like, “what is your religion”? Most people can tell you the answer straightaway. More often than not, when you throw another simple question like, “why do you believe in your religion”? Well, don’t be surprised to see all kinds of reaction. It will be either scratching their heads, stopping short of words, or the most popular answers given would be, “oh, it’s a tradition…I’m only following it because no choice-lah!” Or the quickest one to avoid further embarrassment would be, “I don’t know!” Can this be what keeping in line with moderation is all about?

Can you believe it? The society today is so filled with people who either don’t have a clue, or worse, not knowing how to handle their own religion when asked about their views. Who is to blame? Their parents? Grand parents? Their ancestors? Or maybe, God? Why is that? What is the cause of such size of ignorance? The Devil? That’s possible. But he can only be blamed…partly! How come? Since the time of Adam and Eve who fell victims to the dark forces of evil which the Devil has the biggest part in the design of God’s creation, humans from then onwards are lost souls. Humans became rebellious because of their sins. It also caused them to sever their relationship with God. So, one can see why humans gradually turned to creating their own “gods” or religions designed only to fulfill their wishful thinking and earthly needs. The biggest culprits to blame entirely for such displacement of one’s allegiance to the true Creator is not the Devil. Unfortunately, it’s us….the humankind!

Is Christianity A Religion?

We have a choice and an opportunity to reconcile with God and to reject the Devil. But still, humans strayed on the wrong side of the divide. You know what’s the biggest problem with humans? We always tend to forget that there’s always a choice that we can choose.  And to choose well, we do not need religion to tell us how one could be saved. We already have the best SOLUTION at hand that is the ONE and ONLY answer to mankind’s curse – Sin, Death and the Devil. The invitation to accept the SOLUTION is now available to everyone on the planet. There is only one simple little act that can save you, me and everyone else. If you do that, then your eyes will open and can see clearly why it’s not prayers-by-heart that can save you. It’s not just doing good that can save you either. It’s how you manifest your FAITH in God that saves you! Do you HAVE it? You only HAVE it if you know where your true allegiance lies, not what your religion is.

That is where many people are missing something. Do you know what that is? It’s …the big picture! All along people are having the notion that Christianity is just another one of those orthodox religions founded by someone who is either a prophet or someone who found enlightenment of what existing as humans is all about. And people are being led to believe that following after the teachings to do good which is the only means to get enlightenment and righteousness will be what eventually bringing people to the one and only Almighty God. That’s why many people also conveniently thought of Jesus as just another prophet or simply a messenger of God doing the same job as others before him or after him. Is that right? Wrong! Why? That’s because people who jumped to such conclusion, are the ones who failed to read the Bible to find out who Jesus really is!

The reason that prophet Isaiah said that Jesus was to come to earth was not to start another religion. There’s more than enough religions to confuse people already. No thanks to the Devil! Jesus came to present himself as an atonement for the sins of humanity and to dissolve the curse. No religion or man on earth can fulfill such mammoth task because it required the divine appointment of God to become the antidote of the curse, and the divine purification of sin by sacrifice. The blood that Jesus shed on the cross was the only hope of salvation to set humanity free from the curse of the Devil and the bondage of  Sin that leads to Death. Can you name who else on earth ever had the divine power to do that? That’s why Christianity is not a religion. It is the one and only SOLUTION to bring us home to God via Jesus the Messiah!

Extremist: Good or Bad?

To make it simple to understand, “extremist” is exactly the opposite of the word, “moderate”. In any dictionary, “extreme” means: “very strict or severe; drastic”.  As for the word itself, “extremist”, now everyone knows it is inextricably related to some people who are popularly associated with a “religion” which had never been seen to have so much prominence in the society before. It is not… until something so drastically happened a decade ago that no one would be awarded the so-called “paradise” for glorifying such an ill-fated tragedy of the highest degree that took place in September 11, 2001 without a hitch! Because of that, the devilish mark of 9/11 is even up till now so vividly flashing in the minds of the 2,000 or more victims’ friends and close-ones. It has now become unmistakably etched in the minds of all humans the worst man-made atrocity ever known in the history of civilization. And it’s no surprising people are always hoping when September ends.

The Pros?

The perpetrators who killed in the name of religion are easily stereotyped as “terrorist” all over the world because they have indeed passed with flying colors in a bid to teach the world a “new” meaning to acknowledge the divine existence of the one only Almighty God.  To them, it seemed like the only way forward to “convince” people into submitting to God is spreading its “faith” by violence. And that by exploding people especially the “infidels” into “human burgers”, it is “a means to an end”. Maybe, it’s their way in expressing the power of what a positive attitude means that “whatever a mind can conceive and believe, it can be achieved” and that is how they translated it into action! In a way, it  “worked” for them, insomuch they have learnt from their religion that the reward to annihilate those whom their religion considered as “infidels”, is their only chance to enter a “paradise” by the only means of dying as a “martyr” Is this the trait of the Saint or the Devil?

On one hand, their ingenious plan that has successfully contributed to the sudden disappearance of the two famous Twin Towers that made way to the eerie silence of a memorial that is now known as “Ground Zero” really made a mark. The tragedy has now become a great lesson to learn about the price of ignorance. It is also manifesting the greatest price to pay because humans are showing a great indifference in acknowledging that God existed.

On the other hand, the need to acknowledge who God is, and the sovereignty of his creation, is something so important to respect and be revered that it drove the perpetrators to have committed such extreme act of devouring human lives just to bring home the message. That is what all the shout of “Allah-u-akhbar” meaning “God Is Great” is all about.  Does it not make one wonders if they really know what they were shouting about? Does it make any sense to give praise for killing?

Can this be considered as pros? Yes, I honestly believe so, if one takes it on a lesser extremist view, like in moderation, perhaps? However, I can only agree on the part where they went to such length in making people aware of the urgency and importance of acknowledging the divine existence of God. It’s a noble cause to promote the Almighty God, but not the plot that went along where violence is involved in killing innocent people to portray their version of God, and that is unacceptable and are completely a bunch of nutcase.

The Cons?

Notwithstanding the conflicts of such ideology, it’s not a bad idea though to give a little credit to an “extremist”. Why? Because there’s always 2 side of a coin. What the perpetrators had done is just one side of it. What about the other side that no one knows of…or understand?  As in all humans too, there is good and bad in everyone. It’s not fair to look just on the bad side of it. Isn’t it? It is ony fair and square to look on the good side of it as well. If you look at it in a different standpoint and analyse it rationally, actually there’s really nothing wrong to become an “extremist”. Is that a joke? No, it’s not. It just boils down to how you go about it. It’s either you take full control over it or it takes full control over you. As there’s bad in good and good in bad, so is being an”extremist”.

Let’s be on the Devil side a little…just so you know there’s moderation! Do you think it’s okay if I’d told you that God is an “extremist” too? You don’t think it’s okay, do you? Would it have made me an “extremist” too for telling you God is such and such? If God is an “extremist”, why shouldn’t I be one too? Probably you have no idea what am I talking about here. I don’t blame you. So, listen up first. I believe it would definitely be a different story altogether once you can see from my point of view why I said that. I have what I need as proof to substantiate my statement because it’s the Word of God itself. Do not be mistaken though. It is not meant as an insult and neither is it a blasphemy of God. It is in fact the pros of what an extremist is…in God.

If you read in John 3:16-21, it said, “For God so loved  the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.”

If you take note of the highlights of the words you already can tell what I meant after all. Can’t you? Don’t you think the words, “so loved”  cannot be taken into the context as meaning “extremely” in which case simply put, God is an extremist too. Am I not right to say so? Is there anything wrong to act as an “extremist” in the first place? Or to see God as an “extremist” in this analogy? It’s your words against mine now. Of course there is something wrong, but also….not something wrong. What does that mean? If those extremists interpreted killing of innocent people was a right thing to do. Then, there is something wrong. And God should punish them without second thoughts. That’s because, God’s commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” is already a law written in our hearts since the day everyone is born.  So there’s no excuse for any humans to kill one another. Even God wouldn’t simply kill people. That’s because God is Love! This is where God did not go wrong as an “extremist”. This is because God even if seen as an “extremist”, he sacrificed himself on the cross to save us…not to kill us for goodness sake! If God is an “extremist”, it would be because God extremely loved (“so loved”) us that it will save us from the extreme second death which is a result our stubbornness to repent.

So sad as it is, what those extremist failed to understand is that their culture of worshiping God is much too theocratic. That’s why, they became much too myopic as well to ‘see’ the true nature of who God is, and how he would handle his own sovereignty over his creation. They thought they have made God proud for what they have perpetrated and would earn a place in “paradise”. Instead it is really a bad mistake as what they did is the same as making themselves as “underground judges” for God. Who goes where, whether to “paradise” or not is not up to any humans to decide. We humans have absolutely no power to have any say over the sovereignty of God’s own creation. Jesus has said in John 13:16, “Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor a messenger greater than the one who sent him.”

Moderation: Will It Work?

One thing though. All of what the extremist did, goes to show they have proven one thing. The Devil existed too…that is!. The Devil is always busy in all things that have to do with humans. Even God cannot stop him because of the wager he had made. The Devil will only finally meet God in battle after Christ’s return to set up a New Jerusalem. The Devil meanwhile, has the power to do what he wishes with humans. The Devil will in his power devour humans in whatever devilry possible to claim as many souls as he possibly could before his time is up.

The Devil is known as being crafty, vicious and a devil-in-disguise…even in religion! It’s the Devil that caused sin to enter the world. Every time when people committed sin, people are actually assisting the Devil to become more powerful. As for those extremists, apparently they were too ignorant to realise they were on the wrong side of the divide as their interpretation of the “Holy War” that involved killing is actually the Devil’s most prominent trademark. And worse. To think they were doing the right thing and serving God by killing in the name of God is in fact a direct blasphemy of God. For that, they themselves should deserve to be stoned to death. The “Holy War” has been grossly misunderstood. The Bible described it as a war that is between God and the Devil. That’s why it’s called the “Holy War”. It is going to happen after Christ’s return to reign for a thousand years. The Bible never mentioned that the war is with humans and on earth now. What they failed to see and understood is that their minds had been badly twisted by the Devil in fulfilling his agenda. Therefore, it is so so very sad that humans are still so ignorant, so rebellious, so unrepentant and so consistently foolish to end up on the wrong side. Thus allowing the Devil to win the wager with God and paying a very high price with their souls. That’s why, it’s an uphill battle for Christians who play a very crucial part in assisting God by spreading the good news of Jesus who is the only SOLUTION to mankind’s curse. So, you can see now it’s not religion or moderation in religion that can save you or me. Religion cannot and will never be able to fulfill such a significant criteria in solving this problem because it is about a curse that requires an antidote to reverse it. Can religion be the antidote? If yes…how?

The Pros?

With all due respect. I’ve thought high and low and as best I could crack my head. Unfortunately, I can’t believe that there is not a very big scope of things that could be done in moderation. Maybe health, wealth, and work? Without any doubts, people can practice moderation in their eating habits to prevent health problems like: obesity, hypertension, heart disease or diabetes. In the case of wealth, it’s possible to go on the moderation mode as not everyone is looking to become millionaires. Right? There are, of course, people who are contented with what they have been blessed by God. As for work, it’s possible people can do in moderation without the pressure. But then, that depends who is the boss, government or private? What about religion? Is it possible to go on a moderation mode? Yes… maybe like, not building so many places of worship so that the money saved can build more low-cost housing for the poor and needy or spend on health-care for the benefit of everyone? The true place of worship is not about how big and expensive the building is. It is about how true and right your heart is…with God!

The Cons?

The Devil knows his time is near and so should us humans. When you have to choose which side are you, God or the Devil,  can you choose to have half your soul with God and the other half with the Devil… as in moderation? You decide that yourself whether you can split yourself into half. No one can force you to make a choice. Can applying moderation help then? We shall see. There are only 10 simple questions below. Each answer is 10 marks. When you have finished answering all of them. You shall know what your score is. Either way, you’re 100% right whether you choose all yes or all no.  Nothing on earth, not even God or the Devil has the right to control how you want to choose…let alone humans! Only you and you alone have the rights to choose. Do not be deceived no more. It’s your soul that is at stake here…after all!

1.     Does it help to tell lies in moderation?  Yes.  No.

2.     Does it help to have honesty in moderation?  Yes.  No.

3.     Does it help to pray in moderation?  Yes.  No.

4.     Does it help to sin in moderation?  Yes. No.

5.     Does it help to worship God in moderation?   Yes.  No.

6.     Does it help to riot in moderation.  Yes.  No

7.     Does it help to show support in moderation.  Yes.  No.

8.     Does it help to vote in moderation.  Yes.  No

9.     Does it help to give money to charity in moderation?  Yes.  No.

10.   Does it help to forgive in moderation?  Yes.  No.