A Never-Ending Eulogy For Humans


For nearly two thousand years ago since the death and resurrection of Jesus in AD33, even until today after more than a decade already have passed in the new millennium of 2014, yet humans never ever learned any bitter lesson even from day one no matter what had happened in the past or going to happen today, tomorrow or in years to come. So it is unmistakably safe to say without any shadow of a doubt that humans will not learn their lessons – after all!

Whatever good or bad, possibly more bad than good that ever had happened all through the centuries, does not even one soul, still breathing and living on earth, would have believed by now that all tragedies happened whether man-made or not, are damn good enough in one way or another to serve as crucial ‘signs’ so strenuously telling humans about the urgency to REPENT from our waywardness that more or less, would have amounted to the same as having sinned against the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus?

Perhaps, if you are a smart journalist, you probably would have already stopped me and having asked this question, “Mister, do you mean that if every single soul on earth REPENT even according to God’s standard, no more tragedies, man-made or not, will happen?”

Well, here is how my reply goes:-

“Don’t be silly, mate and take everything so literally. Even if every single soul willing to go down on one’s knees to REPENT and obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, it does not mean all tragedies, man-made or not, will 100% stop happening entirely or overnight. But also it does not mean I’m belittling the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ that I’m trying to spread at the same time, thus contradicting myself. No, that cannot be misconstrued also – literally.

One has got to be able to tell the difference between propagating the truth of the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and using the truth of the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ as a “propaganda” to drown out other man-made religions that could not even be proven as ever divinely authorized and endorsed by the one true Almighty God in the first place.

So for a Christian to go about preaching the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ in either way is inevitable and by all means necessary because the ONLY way to get people to understand that; for the TRUTH of the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ that God revealed to prevail, it takes having to be an “extremist”, “zealot” and a “bigot” to get the message across just as anyone would have done the same when expressing one’s point of view in the social media or not.

It’s just that usually people would get too carried away to notice it but others reading their comments, opinions or articles CAN! And that only means one thing – everyone is actually more or less, an “extremist”, a “zealot” and a “bigot” one way or another but it is always all too easy for anyone not to ‘see’ oneself as such and so will go into the denial mode. Do you catch what I’m saying?

People will always have that devil feelings of being more “righteous” than others. That’s why, everyone perpetually fights one another because of all such demons of “self-righteousness” inside that is plaguing the human race since time immemorial. The one and only way to conquer all such demons inside each and every one of us is to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ so that we can receive the Holy Spirit to help us fight the devils.

In any case, I DARE say that tragedies that are man-made would very possibly happen on a lesser scale if not completely when people stopped being selfish, greedy, corrupt and sinful because of having become Christians following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

As for tragedies caused  by natural catastrophes, this is, of course, beyond the control of humans. But if humans still have a heart and conscience to play a part in not destroying God’s earth that in turn will not bring about those global warming that comes back to destroy us with heat-waves, drought and whatnot, perhaps then, there’s hope of saving ourselves from self-annihilation.

If you look at the bad situation happening in today’s world, the reason so many bad things happening especially man-made ones, is basically because of people no longer letting their hearts and conscience be their true guide.

Take the MH17 tragedy as a case-study if you do not believe in the divine power of having a heart and conscience. Do you think there’s any chance for the plane to get shot down if those pro-separatist Russians had a heart and conscience not to start a conflict in the first place?

Only those who have a heart and conscience will stand a good chance to REPENT and obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ because the truth is, it really takes someone having a heart and conscience to ‘come clean’ with God. Do you have a heart and conscience to do so and according to God’s standard and not Man’s? You can’t especially if you are a Muslim, can you? You know it as much as God knows it. So don’t be fooling yourself and God because you will get nowhere fast and that’s not a threat, that’s the truth.

So you see, how many people even those so-called men-of-God dressed up looking so religiously “holy” and “righteous” are smart and humble enough to go down on one’s knees and do the right thing to REPENT by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ according to God’s standard and not by the “ways of Man”, you know? I guess not!”

Since the fall of Man in the beginning that anyone, regardless of race, can easily learn about it by reading the Book of Genesis in the Bible, yet such gospel truth having been clearly revealed so long time ago, do not even bother people enough whether religious or not, to do something about the welfare of their precious immortal souls.

Are not our souls more precious than riches that will not last? Don’t you know that our souls will leave the physical body immediately on earthly death and will go into eternity? As such, are you not even concern at all about where your soul will end up whether in a good resting place or not? Don’t you know that we, as fragile humans, have NO control over our souls after death?

Are you then, not one bit scared at all who will take control over your soul? Your soul, if not precious to you, is very precious – at least to God or Lucifer. You know, don’t you?  So, who do you prefer to have control over your soul – God or Lucifer?

So if you know the answer, why still wait for disaster to happen which is the disaster of losing your precious soul? You had better make up your mind faster than any of the “fast and furious” sequels before you end up losing your soul to Lucifer because this will, whether you believe it or not, like it or not, happen immediately upon death when you no longer can have control over where your soul will end up whether in the good hands of the Lord God Almighty or Lucifer!

Not surprisingly, most people today believe nothing in this world is so big deal and so are their souls. Can you believe that? The only reason people got such a stupid and dangerous idea is because they do not even realize that they have gotten screwed up by the devil to think so. Can you imagine the consequence of letting the devils screw us up in the head to rebel against the one true Almighty God who had done His utmost best already through Jesus Christ to save us instead?

As humans, we know we are created with a mind to think and to reason and thus, we cannot be so DUMB not to be able to tell that we humans have gotten separated from the Creator because of Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23, can we?

And we cannot be so DUMBER even not to know that God had to become an “extremist”, a “zealot” and a “bigot” just to send His only begotten Son, Jesus who had already paved the way for us to come back on the correct path to reconcile with the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Job, can we?

But seriously, are we still so DUMB enough to even suggest that God should not have been such an “extremist”, a “zealot” and a “bigot” as in John 3:16 to send His only begotten Son Jesus to sacrifice and die on the cross to save our butts?  But then, if God is not, how can we expect Him to get things done in moderation especially for Jesus to fulfill the promise of eternal life in the New Covenant by having to shed His blood to seal it? Be reasonable and sensible for goodness sake!

So with a heavy heart, here is an eulogy only for the unrepentant hearts still breathing. This eulogy is NOT meant for the departed ones because their souls are already either in the good hands of our Lord or not! So what’s the point of writing an eulogy for them that they no longer can hear or read?

It’s always the living ones on earth that matters, not the dead. That’s because, the dead cannot sing praises and worship God and do His will, can they? So why are people still so stupid to pray for the dead and not for themselves to have the will and courage to ‘come clean’ with God first?

Like it or not, the dead whether good or bad are history! Do you believe it’s more important to become one of the dead not knowing where your destiny will bring you while still breathing than to believe in the promise of Jesus that you can become one of the ‘sons of God’ waiting to inherit the kingdom of heaven even when you have yet gone to the other side?

So if you understood the purpose of obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, surely you know damn well that you can only save the living ones from having to suffer the consequence of the second death that we are always being warned seriously while still breathing, NOT when one is dead!

At best, you can only so much be kind to the living ones and not the dead because no “do good” or whatever “act of kindness” shown to the dead can bring back the dead or for you to be spared from the second death, either! Get your priorities right for goodness sake!

Jesus did not come down to earth to save the dead. If He had done so on any occasion recorded in the Bible, it’s only because He needed to prove that He has got the power from above to save humans – dead or alive! But His main mission was to save the living ones before going to the next life. That’s why He is the one and only rightful one qualified to atone for the sins of mankind then and even now. Savvy?

  1. “According to God’s standard, when a person having obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ died, the person is pretty much part of God’s divine inventory, so that is certainly something not _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

  2. “Because God promised Christians the reward of a place in heaven that is forever savory, thus Christians are taught never to lose their faith in Him to live spiritually, and even more so, not to lose one’s sanity which is by all means _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

  3. “But according to Man’s standards, death is definitely the end of one’s misery, that’s because to non-Christians, there is no such thing as everlasting life, on the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

  4. Non-Christians believe they can “reincarnate” as many times as one likes without God’s authority, but on the contrary, the Bible says if one’s name is not found in the Book of Life, that will definitely make one a doggone history, _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

  5. “According to God’s standard, if you have the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in thee, indeed the devil will flee from you in no less than a minute to find another anti-Christ as the best _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

  6. “That’s because Jesus promised Christians by saying, “I will never forsake thee until the end. As such, Christians are spiritually encouraged to live for Christ regardless of what’s the present real life _ _ _ _ _!

  7. “But according to Man’s standards, someone will tell you by all means make God your big-time enemy. Because if not, how the devil Lucifer could ever have the chance to make your eternal holidays with him in Hell so bloody hot and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

  8. “That’s the reason any Christian will be asked, “why are you are Christian” so sarcastically. Obviously, this is because you, as a Christian, is racing with the devil that is not only necessary but seriously and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

  9. “According to God’s standard, everyone has a heavy price to pay because of sin. That is why no one can save you, not even your next of kin except only Jesus who can help you to conquer death so that you can surely _ _ _!

  10. “You, like everyone else, have a second chance while still breathing to ‘come clean’ with God, so you had better on the double repent. Because that could only be made possible by Jesus whom God sent so that you can be baptized in His name and say, _ _ _ _!