The Circle Of Life


What is your version of the circle of life?

What does most ordinary folks think? Perhaps, if you base something like this  on a general view of what makes the circle of life, would it be better to sum it up with questions like this? Would it be something that revolves around three stages that would be what made every human being considered to have completed the circle of life? Which, of course is birth, marriage and have kids especially sons to carry the bloodline and death? Nothing more, nothing less? And that everyone would most likely think that’s about it? Would these questions be good enough to make you agree it is the ordinary version of most people and probably yours too?

But then again. What if there’s a version now that is more than meet the eyes? What if there’s something much more significant than just birth, marriage and death? What if it makes one feels that a bigger picture of what the circle of life is…. is missing? Based on such assumption, perhaps that may trigger everyone to put on the thinking cap and start doing a little homework. Do you believe that people have, at some point in their lives, been looking for ways to reach a higher ground that can really heal the soul, if not the flesh? Well, if you ask any successful people what is missing in their lives, they might tell you they somehow have the feeling of this deja’vu with a ‘higher ground’, but not exactly sure what it entails. This ‘higher ground’ that these people are looking to experience, is rather different. It is not the type one runs to when there is a flood to escape from. That’s temporary and for safety only. But, this particular feeling of deja’vu with a ‘higher ground’ being explored now is for immortality and eternity. It is existing “somewhere” already. Where one can find true solace and enjoy peace of mind that transcends time, space and circumstances. That when one “found” it, it don’t matter even if the sky falls down. It is where it gives a person a divine sense of satisfaction that really makes sense of what ‘satisfaction of living’ is all about. It is the one  and only hope of the future that is truly aspiring for all to be had, and much different from what usually one feels in achieving on the outside. Those earthly feelings of achievement in career-wise or the pursuit of riches is nothing compared to this. The only obstacle is NOT in “finding” it. It is in, LIVING IT! Together, with the help of a divine power from above, it will ultimately lead a person to discover the ‘higher ground’ that only the person will know what it is and is even ready to die, just in living it. This ‘higher ground’ is not something mythical or anything mystifying about it. It is about what you are ‘treasuring’ now on earth in the hope of reaching the ‘higher ground’. Of course, not without precisely knowing for what reason and for what purpose. It is within reach of everyone. The question of whether one is willing to pay the price in reaching out for it and making what one should really treasure, a reality would require some soul-searching. And, it all starts with this……

Live To Give

This is the most crucial part of the agenda to engage in, if in any case the human race is to thrive and to survive until the end of days. But not surprisingly, most people will find it  missing in their lives unwittingly. And for all you know, this is the real treasure that people would fail to find because people are not looking for the treasures that last – most of the time. Little did we know. Some ‘treasures’ do not need to go on a hunting expedition. Therefore, look no further. You have the most wonderful treasure that needs no searching at all. It is already ingrained in every existing and living souls. All one has to do is just unleash the power of living it! And that’s it. Simple as that. But, there’s only one problem though. It is the greatest of all problems in humans. Many people who are going through life and haven’t had a clue what was the real reason for their existence here on earth would just resign to the fate that death is the end of everything. For them, nothing ever lives or transpires beyond death. This is what all skeptics will think and believe. Don’t be surprised. The world is full of people like this, whether consciously or not. There’s one notable skeptic of all time by the name of Bertrand Russell who is also a well-known mathematician. He said in his experience from one of the books he wrote about his philosophy of life, ” I believe that when I die, I shall rot, and nothing of my own ego will survive.” Another one of his famous quote sounds like this. “No one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and still believe in God.” These are the bitter words of a skeptic who couldn’t bring himself to come to terms with God just because God did nothing to stop sufferings or death. Sadly, he is just like many skeptics who are just missing the point…badly!

So, could that be the reason many people today are preferring to take life just as the way they deemed fit with the usual sentiment most commonly heard, echoed or advocated by practically almost everyone?  Which is, “enjoy your life while you can”  because no one knows when one’s “own world” will come tumbling down. And God is not around to stop that!

On the contrary. Do people realise that the world with everyone in it is actually tumbling down already because no one cares anymore or stop at nothing to learn and understand God and His purpose for us? Will the excuse, “enjoy your life while you can” be good enough to make one really feel elated and satisfied? But, for how long? When the person’s feet are back on the ground again, then what? Will it help one to understand the difference between what one makes out of life without God and what one can make life and death meaningful by having FAITH in God? Is everyone so concern about one’s own world only? That no one really believed that it’s worth anything at all to give a thought to who God is? And what He means to us? It said, in the Book of Deuteronomy 6:5, “And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” And from verse 13-15, “Thous shalt fear the LORD thy God, and serve him, and shalt swear by his name. Ye shall not go after other gods, of the gods of the people which are round about you; (For the LORD thy God is a jealous God among you) lest the anger of the LORD thy God be kindled against thee, and destroy thee from off the face of the earth.” The Bible made it very clear that it takes knowing God, believing in God and loving God to care for others. And that by paying it forward to care and bless others first, the blessings of God will come back twice the fold to anyone who obeys God’s simple commandments. Could this be what many people “found” missing in their lives because they simply are straying away from God? Their hearts became so hardened it fueled them to worship idols made in their own images to replace God? Because humans no longer have God in their minds, hearts and souls, is it any surprise at all that humans don’t treat each other any better, either? And that people no longer exalt the healings of a human touch that touches the heart like Jesus? Even if someone does “care”, would it not be without a solid reason that will benefit oneself only? The worse part is, “That’s life. Deal with it!” That’s what most people will tell you. Who can change that? Can you?

Perhaps, such radical eventuality could be attributed to the reason that for everyone to live and survive, it is no longer about giving from the heart as the world is falling fast into decadence of our earthly wantonness. But rather, there’s the sinister elements in “giving” that most people would be caught off-guard, and don’t see the danger of it. Not until the dust settles after a long time. It is actually “receiving-out-of-giving”. What does that means? It means, the worldly term for “giving” is now being translated as “grabbing in the disguise of giving.” Look around you and ‘see’ if you can spot any of this happening, then perhaps your eyes will pop out! Sadly, that is not what the circle of life is meant to be. Do you know what is the biggest problem in humanity? It’s people who are refusing to wake up to smell the danger of straying further and further away from God’s intended purpose for us. That simply is, “Live To Give, Give To Love and Love To Live – As Jesus.” Yes, can anyone follow in the footsteps of Jesus? Thus, the circle of life has been badly interrupted by Man’s arrogance, selfishness, rebellions and disobedience towards God and the law of nature. The circle of life has been pretty much sidelined and not running its natural intended course, unless and until everyone is aware of the principles that will make it work again.

So, how to make it work? The answer is in this question: Do you Live To Give? That’s the 1st step. It is a simple law to obey, but in reality, it’s not an easy task to follow through. Most people don’t really live to give, but would rather live to receive. That’s when the trouble starts. From experience, it is more of a pain than joy to receive especially when it comes to the subject of money! You can pay back the money, but not the “favor” even if it takes a lifetime once you’re being indebted. It’s even worse and degenerative if you can’t pay back both! It is so easy for one to get branded as “ungrateful” if one failed to return the “favor” or the money owed. Unless, of course, if someone implicated here is a true follower of Jesus who knows what it means to give, the need to return the “favor” and money owed will not become an issue.

The Downside of Giving & Receiving

 Let’s talk about receiving first. When it comes to receiving, the truth is, people are always tempted to receive than to give because there’s no price to pay in receiving, isn’t it? Or so it seemed. Nevertheless, that is part of human nature which is not easy to have control over it. That is also why it can easily land a person into trouble when even in receiving….is not controlled! You see. What started as “harmless” in receiving can aggravate the want to receive more each time that will trigger the evil danger of greed. When this happens, it becomes a “little” bad habit that would seem to look normal and harmless. After all, if something is willingly given, why should it not be willingly received? You see, that’s exactly how this little “harmless” evil of corruption will sneak in and take control when the giving and receiving side don’t see the danger it entails. In the end, what started as a “harmless” privilege in receiving, will gradually be regarded as “rights” that is not expected to be violated or challenged when it rear its ugly head. When the “rights” of a wrong perception in receiving starts taking roots, it inevitably corrupts the minds and the hearts. It would then cause us to become the enemy of our conscience, an enmity that will be very difficult to shake free from it. Hence, the very essence of modern civilization to advance healthily would be eliminated one way or another. So, to curb such evil from “eating up” the minds and hearts of the giving and receiving side, what would be the best possible solution in fighting it? Is it for the giving side to fight such detrimental ‘disease’ or the receiving side?

However, even if there’s an answer to such “unsuspected” evil problem that has been made known all these while probably would not be taken seriously as the excuse will be that corruption has been around for ages. It was already recorded at the times of the Prophet Isaiah who said in the Book of Isaiah 1:4, “Ah, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.” Can anyone ‘see’ clearly by now that there’s even greater danger in receiving than in giving? What one thought it’s the joy of receiving but for someone may end up sulking all the way to jail when the long arms of law catches up…and if it catches up!

Giving. There are many implications to consider when it comes to the part one plays in giving. First, there’s always this dilemma. “To give or not to give?” Some people may “give” but will expect something back in return. And of course, that is the cause of  all evil where corruption can take place and spiral out of control. The most amusing one is this. Some are already more afraid of not getting back even before giving, especially with money as in the case of friends or closed ones who asked for help. Some may give but not with the heart. It’s only because of publicity or for name sake. In the end, there’s not much of a meaning in giving as nothing much to learn from giving and receiving in view of all these earthly perspectives. When people starts questioning or simply having doubts about the virtue of giving, or even felt “inferior” and no joy in receiving, then there’s really something seriously wrong with the way giving and receiving if that is the way everyone interpreted it. There is one crook too many that spoiled the virtue of giving and receiving. Don’t you think people are making a mighty mess out of a simple little thing like giving and receiving?

What makes it getting worse about giving is when there are now people even complaining of receiving during festive season….gifts that are “cheap-skate”. It is so hard to comprehend these days what goes through the minds of those who are at the advantage of receiving. What has happened to the joy of receiving? Is it because there was no joy and meaning in giving from the start? So, are both the giving and receiving to blame? Or better yet, why not blame it on the Devil?

Does anybody knows the virtue of giving and the joy in receiving anymore? Since people are so confused, lost and haven’t a clue what they are doing even in giving and receiving, why not, let the Word of God the Bible shed a light on this. The Acts of the Apostle in the Bible recorded by John in chapter 20:35 said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Does this helps anyone now to believe in the true spirit of giving? Of course, one needs to be careful too, because when the giving is not wisely executed, it will most likely lead to the evil of corruption and social ills. For example, you can’t give when you know it will pamper or spoil someone who eventually will be having problems getting off the hooks in receiving and that’s the biggest disaster! You can’t give thinking you can escape crime or punishment. You can’t give especially money to a drug addict or a compulsive gambler or drinker. Common sense will tell you that’s not the right way in giving. Always think first. Will my action to give, go against my conscience or make matters worse than good? If it does, then it’s not right to give!

Give To Love

What is the significance in giving? If you study about the 3 short years of the life of Jesus’ ministry on earth, it’s all about giving. However, please take note. The way Jesus give is not like what many people these days “give”. The worse crime in giving is thinking it will help a person to “wipe clean of all the wrongdoings.” Many people still thought they can buy their way out justice and punishment by “giving” away large sum of money to charities and all will be forgiven. Hey mister, is it that simple? Does that in any way looks good to you in the 1st place? If it doesn’t, how on earth can it ever looks good in the sight of God?

The greatest thing Jesus had done in the true spirit of giving was, he gave his life on the cross for us in exchange for our salvation. He shed his blood on the cross to save a wretch like us. He give us light so that we have the hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us. Jesus is the greatest example of a good soldier who fought the good fight in the ‘Holy War’ that does not “kill”, but to bring us all home to God….saved! In short, Jesus Give To Love. Do you give to love? What did he take? Oh yes, he did take too. He took all our iniquities and sins. Can you?

Here’s another interesting story that is a bane to the rich who does not know what it means to give. Jesus taught about giving from the heart and not from abundance. Jesus always liked to teach when the Scribes and Pharisees are around as they always liked to show off how righteous they were in front of others. He was at that time teaching in the temple and sat over against the treasury and he observed how people were donating money into the treasury and that the rich could afford to cast in much as recorded in Mark 12:41-44. “And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing. And he (Jesus) called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury: For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.” What Jesus was trying to teach here is, it is immaterial with the amount of what a person give whether it’s small or big. What’s more important is that a person who gives is giving from the heart like the poor widow who gave all she had even though it was a small amount because she gave to love. Yes, do you “Live To Give, Give To Love, and Love To Live?” That’s the moral of the story. It is not so much as to give for the sake of publicity or for recognition as in the case of some rich people who can give from abundance, but…. is it from the heart?

Love To Live

Perhaps by now, most people would probably know what was the reason for being here on earth. But then again, knowing is one thing. It’s not the end of the story simply because there’s still the seriousness and sincerity of one’s piety in question. Action speaks louder than words. Would it make any difference if the person acknowledged the truth only, but don’t believe it? Considering this as the truth. Is it not safe to say that the purpose of human existence here on earth, is still neglected and ignored? Will the most crucial question that has to be answered urgently be also the question that  everyone should answer truthfully? Test yourself and see where you stand. Ask yourself these questions. Does it really matters whether you did good or bad during the lifetime of your journey on earth? Supposing you believed nothing really matters in life as an agnostic does. Does it means everything you have done on earth be it good or bad, will just simply disappeared into thin air when it’s time for you to go? And all deeds good or bad are as good as gone with the wind? Nothing is accounted for and even if there is, no one else, friends or closed ones who are still alive on earth will know especially all the “bad things” you have done? Which, usually are kept secret or covered up for reasons known only to you alone? Does that mean you don’t have to face the music even in the next life? Does that means it is okay not to overtly worry about what will happen in the next life? Or, if there’s ever a next life to worry about at all?

Without a doubt, if there are people who found themselves in such a predicament as described above, what would be their concerns? Will they not be all too happy to “give” anything just to bypass the dreadful chance of facing God on ‘Judgment Day’ for what they have done? But, too bad. The Bible has prophesied of such things that will in time come to pass and no one can escape that fateful day. It doesn’t matter if one believes it or not. If ever anyone thought that just by “giving” a big sum of money to charity, it will please God and all sins and bad things done will be forgiven. Well I’d say. What a big joke someone is trying to pull off here and….especially with God? Think again. Isn’t it the same as treating God as a robot or idols that have no say in anything except to abide by the ludicrous conduct of the person who created him for his own comfort and delusion? Isn’t it funny how people construed the Almighty God, an entity that is without divine power, but only an idol to please ourselves than pleasing Him? But, sad to say, God does not compromise when it comes to justice no matter what a person tries to do to “give” in the hope of sanctifying oneself in the sight of God. God had promised that those who did evil would be punished in the end even if they escaped punishment on earth because of man’s inadequate authority or laws that flawed or abused and twisted.

However, truth be told. This God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is not like what humans “thought” can program into a robot which can dance to the human’s tune. This God is loving. He wants to have a relationship with us. Not just one way street like a robot or an idol that humans create and for humans only for their wishful thinkings. He wants us to worship and glorify Him so that He can bless us abundantly all the days of our lives. But, instead people are so foolish to turn to worshipping idols because of the “excuse” that the Almighty God has abandoned them. It’s alright then, to create their “own gods” of their own liking and worship it and… to spite God. Isn’t it astounding? They believed if God is loving, why then did He not do anything and stop all the sufferings? That’s a good question. No doubt about it.  But it’s a bad mistake to turn rebellious. Hello people. In case people out there are still “sleeping with the enemy”, God already did what He had done more than 2,000 years ago to bring us back to Him. He came to earth in the form of human and Himself had tasted greater sufferings than any humans can ever comprehend when He shed his blood on the cross all because of our arrogance and disobedience. So, who turned its backs against who? Ironically, it was we humans who made Him suffered and killed Him. Not the other way round, mate! Can you imagine? We humans actually killed our own Creator who loved us. What does that looks like to you? Saint or Devil?

As for all the sufferings besieging us humans, please grow up for goodness sake! It is all our own doings! How can we blame God for all the sufferings that are usually brought upon by ourselves? Look around you and see how inundated we are with our own sorry state of affairs. For example. If a person smokes and eventually had lung cancer or heart diseases. What does that entail? Before the person suffered and died, it also caused those close to him to have suffered and maybe, “died” financially in the hope of curing the disease. And, not to mention that the second-hand smokes are also killing others as well as the environment wherever a person smokes. People knows that smoking is deadly and suicidal. Yet, they have no qualms at becoming a nuisance to others. People also knows that smoking doesn’t make one looks cool. Yet, they want to show how pathetically others are wrong about their filthy habits. Of course, no one can deny that there’s a great “kick” in smoking. But, can the smokers deny that “kicking the bucket” anytime is also the greatest kick in smoking? So, how can God stop such “kicking” sufferings when a person had in the first place a choice to choose not to smoke? Did God ever force a person to smoke? So, who abandoned who? Who is causing who to suffer? God or ourselves? Or better yet, why not blame it on the Devil?

If anyone can accuse God for not doing anything to stop all the sufferings and death of humans, does that means it is “okay” for one to have the excuse of turning to idols-worshiping as a “cure-all” of the sufferings caused by our own doings? But, why then are there still plenty of people dying everyday of diseases or disasters, even when they are worshiping their so-called “god of this and that?” Why then, are these “gods” not stopping all these sufferings and death either? Why then, are we needing even more doctors and more hospitals if these “gods” can stop all the sufferings and death? Why is it that people keep kidding themselves with the real Creator? Is it God, the people or the Devil who should take responsibility for causing all the sufferings and confusions all around? Can’t we see?

Let’s argue for argument sake and see if there’s any logic in worshipping idols. If there are so many “gods” out there, then which one of them is the only one who created humans that are inhabiting the planet Earth now? If all of them claimed they all created humans, wouldn’t they be busy fighting among themselves over putting humans in which planet, wouldn’t they? After all, there are so many planets unoccupied out there in the universe. Wouldn’t some “gods” may prefer humans in other planets like Mars, Jupiter or Venus and so forth so that humans can worship them without getting confused over which one created humans for which planet like Earth, Mars, Jupiter… etc, right? If there are so many “gods” surely there must be a lot of different kind of creation in humans and why only humans? Surely every one of those “gods” would have their own design of their own creation that may not necessarily be in human forms but something else, wouldn’t it? Anyway, is there any logic in going any further? It will be an insult of your intelligence of the highest level if argued further. Don’t you think?

Let’s reason instead. Okay. If there is only one and the Almighty God, one planet Earth and one type of race which is the Human Race existing. Is it “really” necessary to go to Him through so many other “gods?” Why not just go straight to Him and not go a big round? Of course some will argue. If that is the case, why then have to go through Jesus Christ either? Good question. It’s a long story to tell all over again. Please read all my other posts. To cut the long story short, it’s because Jesus and God are ONE as written in John 10:30! To put it bluntly, that means Jesus is God and God is Jesus in human form. Get the point now?

Another thing about why we as human beings should understand and accept is that we should ask ourselves this question. What is the purpose of us living in our mortal bodies made of flesh and blood? If one studies the Bible diligently, one would know why we existed and put on Earth. Our human body which the  Almighty God created is for worshiping and glorifying Him with undivided allegiance even in the midst of being tempted by another evil entity which is the Satan. Our bodies are our responsibilities to keep it healthy and in good shape simply because all of us are the properties of God. From dust we come, to dust we go. We are only “wearing” it temporarily. We do not respect God if we do not respect our bodies by willfully destroying it like in smoking especially, or abusing it some other ways. Or worse, offering our bodies for the worship of the Satan. Bear in mind. It is NOT Satan who created us. Is it? Even though God is loving, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to take full responsibility of our bodies even if we are bringing the sufferings on ourselves. We will be held accountable regardless of who we are. But, because God is so loving, He is giving us a second-chance just as He is full of wrath and will also punish with the second-death. Take your pick.

Even then, don’t be surprised that they are still plenty of people incapable of jumping at the second-chance that God is giving to go back to Him just because it had to go through the Lord Jesus Christ. The point is. Is it more relevant to think that it’s better to suffer in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone than to stoop very low to repent and confess one’s sins to Jesus and Love To Live? There is one person too many who can’t ‘see’ straight for far too long to know what it takes to stoop very low. Why? It’s because it’s far too easy to walk on the crooked path to come clean anymore, that’s why! If people can’t ‘see’ how, by practicing this version of, “Live To Give, Give To Love and Love To Live – As Jesus” and still can’t reach the ‘higher ground’ and complete the Circle of Life….. then, of course nothing else will work, indefinitely! It doesn’t take someone to become a “rocket scientist” to know that.

When God did nothing to stop this and that, people complained and became rebellious and turned to worshipping idols to spite God. When God did something to SAVE us via Jesus the Messiah, people still stayed rebellious and unrepentant. Well…then, what else can God do? Anyone knows better?