The Man or The Devil In The Mirror? [Part 3]


The Soul-Searching Mirror

If anyone ever thought of doing some soul-searching, then one should know it’s only practical to look in a mirror and ask pertinent questions such as, “who am I” and “why am I here one earth”? Only then will everyone find it necessary to go looking for the right answers that will make common sense – provided everyone is doing so according to God’s standard and not Man’s!

And that’s only because Man’s standards are always the cause of all problems than serve as the right kind of solutions to the chaos in the world since the fall of Man in the Garden of Eden. It will, of course, continue until doomsday as long as humans continue to reject Jesus as the one and only SOLUTION to the problem of SIN that will always make people, religious or not, raise hell on earth!

It’s strange though – why is it that no one ever bothered to ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most humblest, gracious and merciful of them all?” But then again, asking this question is definitely out of the question – if anyone is trying “frantically” to single out anyone in ‘flesh and blood’ as ever qualified enough to fit such magnanimous and undisputed caliber of all time, be it in the past or present.

I can give you that! The answer is NO ONE! Why? That’s simply because NO ONE, save ONLY Jesus of Nazareth – the world’s best known zealot and a good extremist ever to have radically done the right thing according to God’s will and plan on earth to SAVE humans from eternal extinction! So mate, can you or can you not, even have ears, yet not hear, have brains, yet not think, and worse, have eyes, yet not see clearly that was how Jesus, as a good extremist himself, had proven good extremism is the only best option in the world to radically SAVE lives on earth and souls hereafter?

Do you then, still not know and humble enough to understand by now that Jesus’ shining example of good extremism to SAVE lives is exactly the opposite of what the Prophet Muhammad had proven himself as a bad extremist in calling “true Muslims” to fight the “Holy Jihad” of Islam with violence to kill “kafirs” [infidels] that by Man’s standards is the “true nature” of Islam? That’s because his teachings of bad extremism found written in the Koran always propagates the religion as more “superior” than Christianity and worse, killing “kafirs” [infidels] of Islam especially Jews and Christians to prove it but only for all the wrong reasons!

If anyone ever had the ‘sense and sensibility’ to spare, the person would naturally have done some homework and under the banner of ‘freedom of speech’ asked some normal but truthful questions that are obviously not to the liking of those narrow-minded ones [bad extremists] who are always against honest and truthful people [good extremists] speaking out under the banner of ‘freedom of speech’ because they [bad extremists] never ever understood the true nature and true purpose of ‘freedom of speech’ in the first place!

Questions most ordinary Joe and even Christians will ask such as…..

“How the devil could any humans ever have gotten so screwed up enough to embrace such religious teachings of Islam to kill “kafirs” [infidels] and not knowing such man-made religions will always do more harm than good?”

“How can these bad extremists [IS jihadists] also sinners themselves according to Romans 3:23 have the knack to consider non-Muslims as “kafirs” [infidels] and so are enemies of Islam to the point of having to kill them would be religiously interpreted as a “holy” thing to do just because they [kafirs] do not embrace Islam?”

“How can any sensible person accept such religion that proves nothing good nor worthy of devotion but as always the end-result of bad extremist [IS jihadists] teachings from the Prophet Muhammad that even most of those 1.7 billion “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” still believe they must keep “protecting” Islam by doing nothing to stop their brothers and sisters from getting screwed up enough to become bad extremists [IS jihadists] when it’s so clear to see they are violating even the basic morals to kill people like nobody’s business?”

Even anyone, whether religious or not, is conscientious enough as a human being to ask: “Are people, especially those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” still so bloody blind to see what those IS Muslim jihadists are now perpetrating in Iraq and Syria and soon enough the rest of the world, is nothing but cold-blooded murders which only means they are actually committing the worst crimes against humanity in the history of civilization?”

If it does not bother anyone enough to counter such bad extremism with the best of good extremism such as the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to SAVE everyone’s sorry butt from the curse of sin, death and the devil, then don’t you think everyone, especially those “self-righteous” and “religious” ones, are actually allowing such kind of despicable and detestable man-made disasters to happen that will soon enough annihilate the human race simply because people, in this case, no longer bother even to do the right thing according to Man’s standards, let alone God’s standard, to bring back, at least, law and order to the world?

All answers to these questions are always within your reach. All you gotta do is – read the Bible and do the right thing according to God’s standard. It’s all about bringing back the ‘sense and sensibility’ to ‘make a change’ only. How hard can this be, mate?

If you still don’t know why NO ONE else on earth, save ONLY Jesus who had the divine power to fulfill such a massive task coupled with God’s divine blessings and endorsement of good extremism to radically SAVE lives and souls in the history of mankind; then shouldn’t you, at least, learn to ‘copy’ from the unblemished Jesus, the Son of God and  do the right thing according to God’s standard and not Man’s to SAVE your own sorry butt from the curse of sin, death and the devil – if you cannot so much as saving others by sharing the ‘Gospel of Jesus’?

If you take the shining example of Jesus who, having faithfully and spiritually in the best of good extremism, had led LOST souls back on the correct path to God by His good extremist example to sacrifice His life on the cross for our sins, so, who says “all forms of extremism” should be condemned as useless and can do nothing? Because of His [Jesus] unwavering obedience to do the right thing according to God’s will and plan on earth, He certainly had proven beyond 100% what good extremism is and can do to SAVE humanity and that was proven nearly two thousand years ago!

Yet, there are many people, whether religious or not, still getting DUMB and DUMBER more than ever not knowing it, or knowing it but pretend not to! Is that not disturbing enough? Is telling such gospel truth considered too extreme and having gone beyond the boundaries of ‘freedom of speech’? Is sharing the ‘Good News’ of Jesus not a good and valid reason enough to speak out under the banner of ‘freedom of speech’ but calling to kill “kafirs” [infidels] and burn Bibles is?

In case you still have problems understanding the true nature and true purpose of ‘freedom of speech’, [once again] for the benefit of you getting the correct and true information once and for all – the ever true nature and true purpose of ‘freedom of speech’ is for anyone, regardless of race, creed or religion to stand up and speak out for TRUTH and JUSTICE to prevail anywhere in this devil’s world. As long as whoever has a good and valid reason to do so, that’s exactly what ‘freedom of speech’ is and all about!

That’s why, you cannot be ever getting that DUMB and DUMBER to indulge in those nonsensical antics such as purposely setting up a store to sell burger or doing that ever stupid ‘bend over-butt swing’ in front of someone’s house just to spite the owner over whatever issues, political or not, and arbitrarily would consider doing such nonsense as ‘freedom of speech’, can you? Common sense will tell you that’s not what ‘freedom of speech’ is for. In fact, those perpetrating such nonsense were only making use of the democratic freedom to abuse ‘freedom of speech’ and evidently only gave ‘freedom of speech’ a bad name that no one including you should tolerate!

Nevertheless, if you really want the world to have “peace and harmony” and for it to prevail in this devil’s world which is less than likely to happen, you can forget about achieving it with “wasatiyyah” [moderation] because it cannot and will never work, especially if you plan on doing it according to Man’s standards that will always end up as NOTHING but mere rhetoric that only sounds like an old record keep going off the track while playing one’s self-proclaimed “popular” tune!

Even any ordinary Joe having a ‘sense of direction’ can tell already it will not and can never solve such serious problem of bad extremism originated from Islam that is plaguing humanity longer than you ever knew possible and will continue to do so till doomsday! That’s because, it is the bad extremists’ side-effects of such man-made religions rearing its ugly head since 9/11 and now IS in Iraq and Syria!

If it’s really true that, at least, 99.9% of the world’s population having had witnessed or heard of the 9/11 ‘acts of terror’ perpetrated by the infamous predecessor, Osama Bin Laden of al-Qaeda 13 years ago, then, what makes people today, especially those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” think the “wasatiyyah” [moderation] approach can come in handy to control the current IS popping up ‘all of a sudden’ and growing stronger by the day?

Are you so DUMB and DUMBER enough to believe these religiously violent Muslim jihadists will ‘all of a sudden’ stop carrying out their “Holy Jihad” of Islam to kill “kafirs” [infidels] including even those coward Muslims running away from their religious duties to become “true Muslims” by having to die violently as “martyrs” and be “worthy” enough in the sight of their version of “Almighty Allah” [God] to enter a “paradise” hereafter – just because of some non-Muslims condemning “all forms of extremism” and supporting moderation? Please don’t make me roll on the floor again and again laughing till it hurts for goodness sake!

And even more so today, the Islamic State is practically holding the world to ransom because on one hand, these “true Muslims” [jihadists] are truly loyal to Islam because they have even gotten to the most extreme in conducting “honor killing” on its own people, so again, what makes those self-proclaimed “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” think these bad extremists will ‘all of a sudden’ make a U-turn and “go against” the religious call to fight in the “Holy Jihad” to kill “kafirs” [infidels]

On the other hand, such an inhumane and ridiculous commandment of the Prophet Muhammad to kill “kafirs” [infidels] has, ‘all of a sudden’ and mysteriously, gotten those “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims”, developing cold feet to become “true Muslims” [IS jihadists] to kill “kafirs” [infidels] according to the violent teachings found written in the book of Surah in the Koran!

As such, those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” the exact opposite of IS, are desperately making whatever excuses and justification possible such as professing to embrace “wasatiyyah” [moderation] to “protect” the image of Islam, but even then, that is yet another misguided religious rhetoric than as practical and durable solution to counter bad extremists of Islam!

Probably that’s because they have no other better choice but to use it to “shield” themselves from being seen as bad extremists of Islam even when knowing so well they, as Muslims, CANNOT escape from having to fulfill their ‘duty-bound’ responsibilities that are part and parcel of the ‘religious rituals’ for all Muslims to prove themselves worthy of the religious reward to enter “paradise” and that, under the terms and conditions of the “Holy Jihad”, it 100% as in one form of extremism’, requiring all Muslims to take up arms to kill “kafirs” [infidels] of Islam whether they [Muslims] like it or not!

If any Muslim does not like it, then the ONLY option left is to denounce Islam but it’s not possible because violating the ‘apostasy act’ to denounce Islam means death – all the same! Even all the more worse than this – is when Muslims start deviating from the teachings of Islam by  embracing liberalism and pluralism which is the same as moderation!

As such, those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” are only driving themselves into a corner and thus, having no choice but to live on ‘double standards’ to use “wasatiyyah” [moderation] to denounce bad extremism that those IS jihadists are now undertaking, while at the same time, they are trying to put up a ‘smokescreen’ that Islam is a religion of “peace” when it is NOT! That’s because now, the true nature of Islam that borders on violence and hatred has gotten unveiled beyond 100% for Muslims and non-Muslims to see! However, you have to be as blind as a bat – if you can’t see!

Everyone should know very well such irrelevant measures taken by those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” will never ever have any religious effect on those bad extremists because these IS Muslim jihadists are always hell-bent on having bloodshed at all cost and at every opportunity! So, no thanks to the “brilliant” self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad’s teachings of violence and hatred towards Jews and Christians who are “kafirs” [infidels] that needed to be annihilated!

By right, what these IS Muslim jihadists are doing is according to the true nature of Islam. Because of their religious “faith”, they should be “respected” for their undying 100% “loyalty” to Islam even though it was a screw-up agenda and for all the wrong reasons. What if they were doing the exact opposite instead? So just imagine – if only they were Christians doing the right thing according to God’s standard and preached salvation to all mankind with the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to SAVE people from the curse of sin, death, and the devil, don’t you think the world will become a better place for people to live and love, not live to hate? But too bad, that is not the case – for now and eternity because of Islam!

If you are a ‘man of principles’, you can see clearly it’s only those “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” who are actually deviating from the “true” but violent teachings of the Prophet Muhammad to kill “kafirs” [infidels] known as the enemies of Islam and thus, they are actually betraying the “sanctity” and “superiority” of Islam. They are not protecting it at all cost – if they are not willing to sacrifice their lives to fight in the “Holy Jihad” to glorify “Allah” the moon-god as do those bad extremists [IS] who are calling the shot because of their “profound” but screw-up conviction of Islam.

So all in all, those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” are actually the ones who could not even tell that Islam means “peace” ONLY to those “true Muslims” [IS jihadists] who are carrying out the “Holy Jihad” to kill “kafirs” [infidels]. Do not be misled or mistaken. Islam DOES NOT in the true sense, propagates “peace” to “kafirs” [infidels] including those coward Muslims running away from their greatest religious duties to kill “kafirs” [infidels]. In fact, it is mandatory for all Muslims to fight in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam to kill “kafirs” [infidels] to prove themselves worthy of the reward to enter a “paradise” hereafter! Do you or do you not copy whether as a Muslim or not?

And that means only one thing – most ordinary Joe and even those so-called “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” actually DO NOT understand the underlying true nature of Islam to the fullest! But too bad and too late! Why? Can you not see? Because – by the time they do, they already have gotten themselves trapped inside the cage and cannot break free to escape so much so, every one of them will end up having to ‘kill or be killed’ to the amusement and entertainment of their version of the “Almighty Allah” the moon-god!

Because of that, you can see clearly now it only makes those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” religiously betraying Islam – not protecting it! Unfortunately, the problem is, they  only thought” they always did [protecting it]. But the truth is, they do not even suspect that Islam is a ‘religion-cum-cult’ in disguise for Lucifer to destroy God’s will and plan on earth to SAVE humans from the curse of sin, death and the devil with the ‘Gospel of Jesus’! That’s why, all Muslims like Lucifer, are anti-Christ and not knowing it, or knowing it but pretend not to! That is the gospel truth they can never ever handle, let alone accept!

Only those “true Muslims” who became violent extremists [IS jihadists] according to the “true” teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, are the only ones truly “protecting” Islam even if it takes bad extremism as a means to an end to achieve it! And that only means one thing – there shall be no end to killing “kafirs” [infidels] as long as Islam is around! Furthermore, it also makes NO DIFFERENCE whether those claiming as“educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” are following the doctrines of Shiite Muslims or Sunni Muslims!

So, mate, do you or do you not know what I’m talking about here that this is nothing but the ugly truth of man-made religions and that all these bad things happening are good enough as proof in attesting to such allegations?

Frankly speaking, those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” SHOULD NOT so comfortably think of having the best of both world to meet their needs of ‘earthly materialism’ and ‘spiritual rewards’ hereafter! That’s because this is NOT the true nature nor true purpose of embracing any religions whether man-made or not. Even those IS Muslim jihadists are smart enough to know NO ONE can worship “Allah” [God] and mammoth [money] at the same time as what Jesus espoused in Matthew 6:24!

When one becomes religious, one should ONLY think of becoming a blessing to others, not intimidating and threatening to kill because killing is a religion of the Satan, not God for goodness sake! Even worse than ever is when those so-called “religious clerics” are attempting to make those radical and ridiculous “religious laws” mandatory that any ordinary Joe can tell it’s unconstitutional even according to Man’s standards, let alone God’s!

That’s why, those “true Muslims” [IS jihadists] fighting in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam, have no choice but to give up all worldly gains and choose to become bad extremists of Islam to kill “kafirs” [infidels] as a means to an end to enter a religious “paradise” hereafter! Even though they have gotten screwed up enough to go on the wrong side of the divide, yet they still faithfully stick to the principle of what “loyalty” is all about even if it means having to sacrifice one’s life to ‘kill or be killed’ just for the sake of upholding and protecting the sanctity of Islam!

Before you can truly understand why people, whether Muslims or not, keep turning to all the “ways-of-men” instead of God: First, you must accept the fact that there are at least 3 major reasons why most people have yet known, let alone smart and humble enough to acknowledge the gospel truth that there is really such thing as good extremism to SAVE lives and souls as proven by Jesus for nearly two thousand years ago! So, by engaging good extremism to fight bad extremism is nothing new at all, mate!

Since Jesus himself had already proven so clearly and profoundly it is the ‘one and only’ best option ever to fight bad extremism whether originated from Islam or not, so what makes people think fighting bad extremism with good extremism like the usual concept of good over evil and light over darkness should be avoided and condemned just because it’s “another form of extremism”?

So understandably, in this bad extremist case of IS that is perpetrating the world now, you must do the exact opposite. How? Simple and easy – you only need to muscle up the religious guts to have the good extremist willpower to 100% ‘come clean’ with God first and then obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and that’s it! Once you become a Christian, surely the percentage of you getting violent will drop almost down to zero because no one can claim to follow Jesus to kill people because Jesus NEVER ever propagated killing people in the first place! So easy and simple only but yet so difficult and “impossible” for many, especially all Muslims!

When it comes to TRUST and having FAITH in the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, there’s absolutely no bargaining with Him to say “wasatiyyah” [moderation] and whatnot makes better choice – if you plan on doing the right thing according to God’s standard! If not, you can forget about it. You might as well go fly kites, play computer games or better still, smoke like nobody’s business till doomsday!

So, whether those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” deny it or not, like it or not, it DOES NOT change the fact that other die-hard “true Muslims” [IS jihadists] are still fanatically’ carrying out the religious call to fight in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam with the ever bad extremism to kill “kafirs” [infidels] that will carry on till kingdom come because that’s the true nature of Islam they sworn on the Koran to follow as much as it is the true nature of Lucifer sworn to destroy God’s creation of humans on earth and their souls hereafter – albeit also with one stone!

No matter how those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” are trying “frantically” to whatever extent to correct the bad reputation of Islam by even going to another yet new level of bad extremism to condemnall forms of extremism” as a means to an end; still, it WILL NOT and can NEVER ever work – all the same!

For argument sake, even if they go to the greatest and highest level of good extremism to whitewash the bad extremist teachings of the Prophet Muhammad where his utmost hatred of Jews and Christians was found to have gotten unleashed and spewed out in the book of Surah in the Koran that even scared the daylight out of any ordinary Christians upon reading those violent devil’s scriptures – so what! That’s no big deal at all!

The gospel truth is, should there be any kind of good extremism ever employed at all, it is ONLY possible and acceptable by doing the right thing according to God’s standard, not Man’s – if you can so much be sensible enough to relate to what God instructed Jeremiah to do in Jeremiah 1:17-19! Otherwise, you are only wasting your time reading any of the posts in this website. It’s better off that you stick to your FB and do all the usual mundane stuff like clicking “thumbs up or thumbs down” to kill time and your soul hereafter!

Unless and until they have the ‘sense and sensibility’ to denounce Islam, those 1.7 billion Muslims around the world will NEVER ever see the light of day! And because of having gotten blinded by the devil for far too long, they will NEVER ever have the ‘sense and sensibility’ to bring themselves to ‘come clean’ with the one and only righteous Almighty God of the Bible – after all!

Everyone should know by now the one and only ‘Hope of Salvation’ for mankind made possible by Jesus because of God’s graciousness and mercy to SAVE people whether from bad extremists on earth or from Lucifer hereafter. As such, it is definitely understandable NO political and religious rhetoric such as “wassatiyyah” [moderation] and whatnot, can ever set things right again on earth and with Yahweh, the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! And that I meant – if you ever had the ‘sense of direction’ in the first place to tell! So, the devil’s question is, have you or have you not had the ‘sense of direction’ to tell what is good extremism and what is bad extremism  at all?

Even by killing Jews and Christians, those IS bad extremists WILL NOT and CANNOT ever outsmart nor outwit, let alone destroy the one true Almighty God’s promise of eternal life to anyone who obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’! That’s because, our humans’ definition of solving any serious problems plaguing humanity can do NOTHING – if it is always according to Man’s standards that will not last. And neither can it prevail against the ‘axis of evil’ brought about by Islam that evidently has scriptural proof found written in the book of Surah in the Koran to substantiate such serious allegations!

But what even worse than ever to happen is when it “wasatiyyah” [moderation] is NOT relevant to apply even on the aspects of acquiring earthly academic and economic development of any countries, developed or not! If anyone ever claimed according to Man’s standards that it does not take the best of good extremism from the heart, mind and soul to achieve whatever earthly ambitions to become a ‘somebody’ useful to the society such as a President or Prime Minister to govern a country with 100% good extremist governance that borders on ‘fairness, equality and justifiable justice for all, then the person obviously hadn’t even the slightest idea what he/she was babbling about!

Understandably, that’s the mother of all bad news when even “educated” people having gotten DUMB and DUMBER than ever not even knowing what is the best of good extremism that is according to God’s standard and what is the worst of bad extremism that is according to Man’s standards – to begin with! And worse still, people easily get so ‘jumpy’ and ‘scared-stiff’ over just one word, “extremism” like as though it will spark off “World War 3” if allowed to go “viral” talking about it in the Internet!

Sure enough though, it only takes 1% of 1.7 billion Muslims getting DUMB and DUMBER to push the ‘panic-buttons’ of the world by sparking off the “Holy Jihad” of Islam on a world-wide scale. However, the devil’s problem is, they have to get even more DUMB and DUMBER than ever to ‘face-up’ to the super-powers of the world including “communist” China that are ever-ready to give those bad extremists a taste of their own medicine because not even 1% of “Olympus Has Fallen” to such ‘axis of evil’ evil ever since 9/11!

Let’s get back to some reasoning as mentioned earlier.

1st Reason: People are NEVER humble enough to admit the ugly truth of who we all are even though the Word of God [the Holy Bible] says so in Romans 3.23 as well as what gonna happen as a result in Romans 6:23. Undoubtedly, no one – save only true Christians who obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ according to God’s standard, are the ones ever had the heart and conscience to think of asking wise questions to find out the truth of one’s existence and purpose on earth.

Not even those from Islam who professed themselves as “men-of-God” and claiming to do everything “religiously” by the book have yet understood what it means to do the right thing according to God’s standard to set things right again on earth and with the Creator through Jesus. They DO NOT – unless first, they ever made it to become “true Muslims” [IS jihadists] to fight in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam to kill “kafirs” [infidels] and that is, at best, only doing the right thing according to Man’s standards, not God’s! If not, then it’s plainly understood they DO NOT even know what is the best of good extremism that can serve as the best solution to counter the worst of bad extremism originated from Islam so “successfully” plaguing the devil’s world today!

So, if Islam is teaching Muslims whether young, grown-ups or even “educated” ones to go backwards and for all the wrong reasons, why do you, as an “intelligent” person and whether as a Muslim or not, still continue to be seen as having gotten screwed up by such man-made religions?

Have you, whether as a Muslim or not, not seen enough of what those IS jihadists among other predecessors, have had proven themselves as nothing but bad extremists to kill thus far? Let’s put aside bad extremism for a second and talk about “wasatiyyah” [moderation] and see if it makes any sense. Tell me, if you are a Muslim, how the devil can you be claiming yourself as an “educated, moderate and democratic Muslim” make any sense – if you so easily go cuckoo over other open-minded Muslims touching dogs, or calling to burn Bibles just because of the Arabic word, “Allah” found in other language Bibles as only a simple translation of the word, God in English?

Don’t tell me just because of that, it had gotten you screwed up enough to push the ‘panic-button’ to burn Bibles as justification to “protect” the sanctity of Islam just “in case” younger and immature Muslims got confused and start to get the wrong idea that the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ makes better sense than Islam? So who are propagating such bad extremism – those bad extremists [IS jihadists] so busy killing and beheading “kafirs” [infidels] or those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” trying to prove themselves righteous in “protecting” the sanctity of Islam?

And don’t tell me too that touching dogs will make a Muslim more sinful than he/she already is but raping or sodomizing one’s own children or others is not? So can you say these bad things are ONLY committed by those bad extremists [IS jihadists] and “never” ever by those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” just because of them having “professed” themselves as such?

So there is good and valid reasons to believe that even by promoting “wasatiyyah” [moderation], it WILL NOT and CANNOT ever alleviate nor exonerate Islam from the bad reputation known to the world today as the ‘axis of evil’ as long as the violent and hatred teachings to kill “kafirs” [infidels] not gotten “whitewashed” from the book of Surah in the Koran.

If all those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” still do not understand nor accept the fact that there is such a thing as good extremism according to God’s standard to fight bad extremism propagated in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam that is according to Man’s standards, it only means one thing: Lucifer has gotten even more powerful than we ever thought possible! And that also means, we all the more need Jesus and even more than ever now to help us fight back – provided we do so according to God’s standard!

And because nothing from Islam ever made common sense when it always propagates violence and killing as a means to an end, so the one and only option left to counter all such evils of bad extremism is to come back to the one true Almighty God by obeying His commandment to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’! Don’t you think it’s time to do the right thing according to God’s standard – if you ever wanted to talk about saving the world?

Although the latest IS craze in beheading people to strike fears in the hearts of “kafirs” [infidels] to embrace Islam as the only “superior” religion in the world is nothing new, yet one thing is for sure that will not go out of fashion is that Lucifer has successfully taken control of the world in harvesting more and more of those “educated” yet DUMB and DUMBER ones to become anti-Christ and that’s getting so chilling and scary – by the day!

If this is not satanic enough to make your hairs stand on end, then what is?

So, anyone especially a Christian, can safely say who the one true Almighty God is – save only those 1.7 billion Muslims around the world who, not surprisingly, have yet figured out who the one true Almighty God is, even though they are all dressed-up looking “so religiously good” on the outside but only always shouting the name of God,“Allahuakbar” in vain!

But now that all the shouting of “Allahuakbar” no longer work, it’s obvious that they have to try something else that perhaps is more “enterprising”. Not surprisingly, they had no choice again but to ‘copy’ from the Bible. Yes, they are now attempting to turn the tide in their favor and start talking about “love” and “compassion” both of which are actually the trademark of the ‘Gospel of Jesus’! Can you imagine that?

Still, the devil’s problem is – it WILL NOT and can NEVER change the true nature of Islam that it is mandatory for all Muslims to ultimately fight in the “Holy Jihad” to kill “kafirs” [infidels]. And that is – if ever any Muslims contemplating to become “true Muslims” and yearning for “Allah” to give them “peace” hereafter.

In order for them to have “peace” hereafter, other innocent people condemned as “kafirs” [infidels] shall be denied real PEACE to live on earth because they will, sooner or later, end up as unnecessary statistics on the list of Lucifer’s soulful inventory. So again, no thanks to the violent and hatred teachings found in the book of Surah in the Koran!

By the way, as for the subject above love and compassion, is it not nicerbetter and more meaningful to read about them in the Bible because that’s where it originated and NOT from Islam? Whether as a Muslim or not, please do take note of that and not get so easily confused by all such confusion!

Whether people, especially Muslims who knew better, admit it or not which of course they don’t, it’s such a shame that they never ever bothered about what went wrong inside and up in their heads which is why, it easily justifies my saying about them going backwards to become religiously DUMB and DUMBER in the eyes of the public and in the sight of the one true Almighty God who sent JesusBecause of their ignorance and ever being impenitent – can you imagine now even true Christians are getting blacklisted as “bad extremists” too – for telling nothing but the ugly truth about them and what’s going on in this devil’s world?

Evidently, most Muslims’ figment of imagination, at best, can only help them to create their own version of the so-called Almighty Allah, the moon-god that is only “so good” at propagating to kill “kafirs”[infidels]. However, it CAN help them to ‘think out of the box’ to know what it means to do the right thing according to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to SAVE themselves from the serious problem and curse of sin, death and the devil  –  if they ever obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’! And if they ever did, can they not tell the big difference between killing and saving people?

And if they ever ‘copied’ anything good from the Bible, don’t they know all such divine blessings made possible for anyone and everyone is ONLY by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and definitely NOT by practicing any of those outdated religious rituals nonsense and worse, glorifying “wasatiyyah” [moderation] by condemning “all forms of extremism” that all such “self-proclaimed” ideologies means nothing at all because it WILL NOT and can NEVER ever prove to solve the problem of bad extremism till kingdom come?

That’s why, such political and religious rhetoric of “wasatiyyah” [moderation] by further condemning “all forms of extremism” serve NO purpose at all but only as silly excuse and non-justifiable justification for the inaction of those claiming as “educated, moderate and democratic Muslims” who have gotten cold feet and not willing to sacrifice their lives for “Allah” the moon-god, to fight in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam to kill “kafirs” [infidels] that is ONLY according to Man’s standards [Prophet Muhammad], not God’s! Still dazed and confused? If so, then blame the devil of the man in the mirror, not God!

Yet, they [Muslims] would be so unashamed to proclaim their “religion” as from “above” when they CANNOT even substantiate their claims with justifiable divine scriptural and factual proof as to who already had the divine power from above to wield the greatest SOLUTION to the problem and curse of sin, death and the devil!

Apparently, there is NEVER any evidence whatsoever found written in the Koran to suggest that the Prophet Muhammad was a prophet sent from “above”, let alone “tasked” to carry out the ever divine job to atone for the sins of mankind that already had so clearly and evidently been done by Jesus and having had attested His mission to fulfill God’s will and plan on earth with the famous quote, “It is finished” in John 19:30!

Anyway, the Bible NEVER mentioned Yahweh ever had chosen any non-Hebrews as a prophet to do His will. Jesus was a Jew and known as a descendant who came from the line of King David as substantiated in Matthew 1:17. However, no Muslims whether moderate or extremist, can ever tell, substantiate, nor show proof from what line the so-called Prophet Muhammad was part of the hierarchy of God’s chosen people – the biblical Israelites who were pure Hebrews then!

Why? That’s because he was an Arab for goodness sake! So how the devil can Muslims have the audacity to use the name of Jesus in vain by claiming Jesus is a prophet of Islam and then turn around to accuse Him of speaking “blasphemy” against God?

Is anyone found accusing Jesus still “not” considered as speaking blasphemy against Yahweh, the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Hello, Jesus had already proven He is the Son of God by His death and resurrection and especially He had been EXALTED by God himself in Philippians 2:5-11. What’s more, this already had happened nearly two thousand years ago. Hello, are you still living in the stone age or what?

In fact, the worst kind of blasphemy ever perpetrated against the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus is from those who hadn’t have the slightest clue who the one true Almighty God is and yet use His name in vain whether in Arabic or not! By right, according to Islamic laws, anyone found guilty of committing [blasphemy] such a sin against “Allah” [God] is definitely worthy of stoning to death!

Well, if that is the case, that means by right, all Muslims should have gotten stoned to death already. Instead, they ever clamored to stone others to death with man-made religious laws such as the ever-controversial “hudud laws”! Can you imagine such preposterous ideology still plaguing mankind in this millennium?

So understandably, that only means one thing: Whoever is not a pure Jew in blood appeared ‘out of the blue’ and ever claimed oneself as a “prophet” sent by God [Yahweh], especially after the death and resurrection of Jesus, is NOTHING but an ‘impostor’ whose teachings would definitely be irrelevantirreverent and irreconcilable under the New Covenant of God’s promise of eternal life ONLY made possible by the ‘Blood Of Jesus’, not by killing “kafirs” [infidels] as is the case of Islam. End of the story!

2nd Reason: People are NEVER grateful, let alone gracious enough to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace’ of the one true Almighty God who sent Jesus! No one, save only true Christians who realized the truth of who they were as indicated in Romans 3:23, did they know the urgency to 100% ‘come clean’ with Yahweh [God] to have had REPENTED by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and gotten baptized in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of one’s sins. Only then, one will know and believe there is power in the name of Jesus!

By right, anyone and everyone, “religious” or not, should know by now deep in their hearts the urgency to do the right thing according to God’s standards but have failed awfully to do so until today and highly likely till doomsday as well! No wonder it has become a trend today with people always looking and feeling“so cool” if one ever dared to say, “see you in hell” so much so one shall be seen as “so outdated” for not following suit to see one another in hell and they will – after all!

Again by right, anyone and everyone should have figured it out already long time ago and easily too, without having to spend fortunes enrolling in “religious” schools of man-made religions to become certified as “religious-scholars” that one would have automatically known by ‘nature’s instinct’ the simple answer who the one true Almighty God is – as surely as one should have known by the same ‘nature’s instinct’ who one’s real mother is with no difficulty and…without having to go to school to find out!

And yet, after having gone through all the hard work studying and researching, still they [Muslims] DO NOT know who the one true Almighty God is! If they ever did, they would have denounced Islam already like the ‘instant karma’ of John Lennon who, during his heydays touring US in the 60’s, had gotten himself in hot soup for declaring the Beatles as more “popular” than Jesus for humor’s sake!

Of course, there’s no justification whatsoever, whether by Man’s standards or God’s standard, in having him assassinated like “kafirs” [infidels] as in the case of Islam, because it is always God’s will and plan to SAVE humanity from eternal extinction, not to annihilate people just because of a little harmless humor or as a whistle-blower of nothing but the gospel truth. What’s more, it was the true nature of John Lennon to crack jokes whenever and wherever he performed with the group. Frankly speaking, I do miss him if not talking, singing and vice-versa!

However, it is entirely a different scenario today in post-Islamic era, when, whether one speaks out about the ugly truth of the religion or even simply having a little harmless humor about the Prophet Muhammad, innocent people would easily be getting annihilated because of the religion claiming “superiority” over non-Muslims and even Christianity.

And of course, this kind of man-made atrocity will keep on happening whether or not, true Christians are telling the ugly truth that Islam is a religion of violence and hatred for anyone, even Muslims, if proven as “kafirs” [infidels] for not championing the cause of Islam with bad extremism as a means to an end! Why? That’s because this is the true nature of Islam unveiling its ugly truth of such man-made religions that is NOT according to the one true Almighty God’s standard!

Again and again, by right, anyone and everyone should have known better already who Jesus was and still is, but amusingly, all of what supposedly ‘by right’ kind of reasoning had incredibly ‘all of a sudden’ become something no longer ‘by right’ anymore – like it’s gone with the wind just because of people having had become more DUMB and DUMBER than ever for not having any ‘sense of direction’ to tell!

Because of humans’ impenitence and always so ‘stiff-necked’ enough not to know nor response to the urgency to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, hence, people are consciously making the one and only ‘Hope of Salvation’ through Jesus become 100% obsolete till doomsday! And what’s even worse than ever is  – humans no longer let their hearts and conscience be their true guide to do the right thing according to God’s standard to SAVE their own sorry butts from the curse of sin, death and the devil! Because of this, most people save true Christians, are susceptible to ‘self-annihilation’ without knowing it, or knowing it but pretend not to!

So you can clearly see again, at least, by now that this is a world full of pretentious and more than ever, ‘double-standards’ people existing and probably I could even get “blacklisted” as one too – for telling nothing but the ugly truth of who we all are because of Romans 3:23!

Today and not surprisingly, the hottest thing to happen on earth is not what Samsung can come out with, it’s “see you in hell” that pretty much looks like it has taken a new and fashionable twist that makes it so cool” even in conversations of those LOST SOULS on earth who are looking forward to see one another in the eternal pit of fire instead of heaven!

3rd Reason: People are NEVER even merciful enough to save their own SOULS except only true Christians. It’s unbelievable how people have yet even until today, realized their destinies are hanging dangerously at their own mercy and always at high-risk of losing their souls to suffer the ‘second death’ in eternity!

By right, such an unfortunate incident of losing one’s soul to the devil can be avoided and resolved easily – if only people’s hearts are still beating correctly to have the ‘sense of direction’ to 100% ‘come clean’ with God according to His standard and not Man’s!

But too bad, this is not the case – all the time! That’s because, humans are always “so smart” enough to live on their own without having to reciprocate God’s graciousness and mercy shown through Jesus of Nazareth! Thus, they always think and believe their own “rules of law” together with their “self-righteousness” that derives from all such “do-good” with “acts of kindness” alone will suffice.

And to those “true Muslims” [IS jihadists], they have gotten screwed up enough to “believe” killing “kafirs”[infidels] is even better than God’s way to save people through Jesus. Is that not right? No wonder all true Christians are always having a hard time trying to knock some gospel sense into such people’s heads because of them not knowing how badly gotten screwed up they are!

By far, only Christians who are true to themselves and God, are the ones having had figured out it is the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who is the most humblest, gracious and merciful one of all. Even if there are other earthly man-made deities and gods that perhaps, you as an anti-Christ, probably would prefer to acknowledge and worship – still, it does not make any difference or change the fact who you always are in the sight of God because of Romans 3:23 having ‘blacklisted’ all humans as NOTHING good or righteous but as sinners whether religious or not!

According to the Word of God, Jesus of Nazareth is the one and only SOLUTION to the problem of SIN and ONLY He can SAVE our sorry butts from the curse of sin, death and the devil – like it or not! Of course, all those who became anti-Christ because of Islam will always despise any Christians saying what always should and needed to be said – if one ever planned on sharing the ‘Gospel of Jesus’. If not, better not say anything at all and go fly kites!

Honestly, it does not matter if you are “never” perfect as a human being, but at least can you not be a little humble, gracious and merciful enough to SAVE your own SOUL from having to suffer the ‘second death’? Even if you have to curse me for telling you such ugly truth, by all means please do so. If cursing me can wake you up to do the right thing according to God’s standard, then it is even all the more worth it because it’s God rewarding both of us, not me only!

The reason most people have yet understood there is such thing as ‘second death’ that one would face as a result of one’s doings is because of people not willing to 100% ‘come clean’ with God even when given the ‘second chance’ to do so while still breathing.

So, that is why NO ONE should blame God but oneself, especially if one already knew very well there’s always a chance for anyone to end up in the eternal pit of fire because of one’s ‘unfinished business’ with God not taken care of while still breathing on earth!

If this is not the right kind of soul-searching to do, then what is?

“I would rather be a devil in alliance with truth, than an angel in alliance with falsehood.”
Ludwig Feuerbach, The Essence of Christianity