The Curse Revisited

A Transcendent Stigma

There is one thing in this world that people are less likely to know, aware of, believe or even accept it existed within every one of us. People go about their business as usual not knowing of an impending and lasting danger that is a real threat to their destiny and to the human race. As long as there are humans existing on earth, it is so certain that no one can escape the shadow of this ‘darkness’ which is a real threat that is clouding our hearts, minds, and souls no matter who we are till death does us part. If you want to know the truth who’s your real and worse enemy, so sorry to say this: “You are!” The culprit of such truth is the powerful and perpetual ‘darkness’ that will leave you in a somewhat ‘limbo’ if you do not do something about it now before death occurs.

People come and go and likewise just about everything under the sun will vanish like a mist that only appeared but for a little while. In other words, everything will become outdated and obsolete with the passing of time but this little unknown ‘darkness’ that most people are ignorant of, will not until something done to counter it. What is this ‘darkness I’m talking about here? Is it the curse of mankind? Yes, I’m afraid so!

I believe everyone probably knows what is the meaning of the word curse, right? Nevertheless, if you look up the word in a dictionary, you will find it provides for at least 3 meanings which are as follows:

  1. An appeal to a supernatural power to harm someone or something.
  2. A cause of harm or misery.
  3. An offensive word or phrase used to express anger or annoyance.

But still the question is – what exactly is the curse of mankind? One thing for sure is this: There is no curse more deadly than the curse of mankind which sin, death and the devil! You find no dictionary in the world will offer you the real explanation of this deadly curse. You don’t have to go on a witch-hunt to verify such claim either. Perhaps reading all the fairy tale books might give you an “idea” as to the source behind that contributed to the deadly curse. However, the true definition is found in the Bible. All you need is to unravel the truth that God never kept from us in secret. Perhaps that is why Christians have the upper hand when it comes to wisdom and knowledge. So why are you not a Christian? Are you not smart enough?

Now that we have refreshed our knowledge on the “technical” side of the word, let’s venture further to the supernatural side to find out if indeed there is an imminent curse plaguing mankind since time immemorial. As a Christian I always believe that the Bible is the inspiration Word of God, hence it is only wise to take His word for it. What you read in Romans 3:23 and 6:23 is precisely what formed the basis of the curse.

So what does this deadly curse entails?

It comes in a 3-in-1 package and that is sin, death and the devil. It is even better than the offer of buy one, free one. In this case, you straightaway get all 3 free without buying. Isn’t that what always fascinated all the greedy people and sometimes the “innocent” ones as well? Isn’t it also why humans have to suffer because of sin that would result in the end with one word – death! Why do we have to die? Is it because we have committed something grievous and obvious that according to the Bible in what has been known as sin since the beginning? Yes, you have never been so right and smart! But, what is sin?

Sin – A Silent Killer

Everyone knows what a silent killer is, right? Is it cancer? Yes, you are right in a sense. That was smart of you but not smart enough. Sin is such a powerful and sinister ‘darkness’ dwelling in everyone that it goes beyond cancer and death. On the outside, everybody looks fine and dandy but not inside. Nobody, except perhaps only Christians would admit that they sinned. So that’s why many non-Christians would prefer a more subtle way to address it as “human nature” to depict their wrongdoings. No matter how one goes about fooling oneself, the reality that most people failed to see is really terrifying. If you’d tell anyone that sin is what “eating” us inside and that is the leading cause of death, you’d be given a look like you’re a nutcase. Sin is a silent killer no one would ever have known or even suspected that it existed so glaringly and openly. Only problem is, people always like to think otherwise just to “feel good”.

By thinking on the “bright” side, perhaps everyone “thought” sin will no longer exist, right? Wrong! It will not go away no matter what or how you fool yourself. Not surprisingly, not everyone can see it or would like to believe it is inside all of us because basically humans are easily blinded in their hearts especially when you tell them the truth. People would rather believe a lie just to spite God and you. People always would protest or sweep anything under the carpet that portrayed the bitter truth of themselves. Perhaps only the Christians are not. How come? As it would take a person a lot of courage and conviction to admit one is a sinner and repent, that’s why only those smart enough and humble enough can become a Christian. Are you not smart enough and humble enough to know and see it? If so, why are you still not a Christian?

Sin is a silent killer that is even more deadly than cancer because of its incongruous implication that only something divine can counter it. That means no ordinary people like you, me or even anyone else even claiming to have supernatural power from above can reverse it unless proven otherwise like Jesus. On one hand, the cancer disease can only end your physical body on earth, but not your soul. Understandably, when it comes to death, you or anyone else know we do not have the power to stop this from happening. In any case, this silent killer can kill you forever both your body on earth and your soul hereafter. If you still intentionally” allow this to happen, then so sorry to say, you really are not smart enough, let alone humble enough. Unless you are on a death wish, isn’t it foolhardy to annihilate yourself for no good reason as in committing “religious” suicide like those suicide bombers?

On the contrary, the good news is, do you know you still have the power to stop your soul from being terminated hereafter as in the next life? “How”? Believe and accept Jesus as Christ and Savior. That’s because not only the Bible tells me so, but also showed me it is the one and only correct way. I know this sounded like the same old parody but I don’t know how else to tell you the truth than to tell it straightforward and bluntly. However, you can only solve this problem before your earthly death takes place. So here is the only option left. If you are still sensible enough to think so and do the right thing, you really need to have a heart and conscience to save your soul from eternal damnation. You have to give death the boot first and not ever let it happen the other way round. Death is only a passing away of your soul from the physical body. As your body needed a place on earth to live so is your soul after death. Have you found a ‘place’ that is conducive for your soul to live? If not, don’t you think it’s about time to register for your spiritual abode now like you book a hotel room first? Don’t you want to have your name written in the Book of Life first before Judgment Day? If you do, you had better start doing your spiritual homework now! Don’t leave things till it’s too late!

As long as there are humans made of  flesh and blood still existing on earth, it is almost certain that no one can exit [passed away] this world happily and peacefully without knowing and doing something about a misadventure and misfortune in one’s life. In other words, a lot of people are leaving this world with an ‘unfinished business’ that will sadly see them inevitably thrusting their souls into another ‘world’ to suffer serious consequences. Really, you do not want to become so blind as to walk straight into a big manhole in front and still not bother to stop, do you? Honestly, that’s exactly what many people are doing, falling head-on without even knowing it because the ‘darkness’ inside had consistently clouded their vision. Probably some who knew and are smart enough in contemplating to avoid such man-made disaster, but sadly, they failed to have the courage to stand firm and make a change due to peer pressure and whatnot. How unfortunate it is that people do not have the freedom of religion and to choose what’s best for their own sake. Who is to blame? Is it God or us, humans?

The worst thing ever happened is that such foolhardiness keep happening even with genuine and strenuous effort in warning people  beforehand the unmistakable but avoidable danger ahead. It is so hard even to imagine how people could get so dumb and dumber for not choosing to avoid it by doing something right about it. Where is the heart and conscience? Why is it that people are not at all concerned about their spiritual well-being when God is so concern about us straying to the point of no return? Are people trying to prove they are as capable as the devil [Satan] of a “payback” to spite the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for having created human beings? Who knows? You can never tell what humans are capable of when their minds go haywire. When God came down from heaven to live among us as Jesus, He died at the hands of humans He created, did He not? Why do people until now still not bat an eyelid knowing how gracious and merciful our heavenly Father is? What’s wrong with humans not even wanting to become saved by the proper channel so glaringly revealed? Why would humans prefer to bring upon themselves such pain and misery unnecessarily? Someone, please tell me why?

A Perpetual Killer

Just as the Christians believed that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, so is this deadly curse. As it is that one can clearly see without the need to wear 3D spectacles to watch it dancing in front of us “Gangnam Style” or not, the problem is, we are unwittingly dancing to its tune [the curse] and seemingly enjoying every minute of it. This little unsuspecting culprit [sin] actually already started dancing in the flesh and blood of every human being when one is old enough to dance to the tune of what is right and wrong.

All of us are born pure no matter how imperfect some could be who are born handicapped. Troubles only start brewing when we saw this or that as “deemed” fit to say, do or believe without even suspecting it is going to further the cause of this deadly curse we incurred if we went the wrong way consciously or not. What do you mean by that? Let’s take a glass of water that is originally clear and clean as an example. It is exactly just the same like you when you were born pure in the beginning. Everything was good as what God saw in the beginning. However, as time goes by, you, like the glass of water, started becoming contaminated simply because you allowed the unsuspecting culprit [sin] to infiltrate and blemish your purity by the things you say or do that you “thought” it’s okay and harmless like smoking and religion for instance.

Even a simple thing like telling a lie is already as good as dropping a drop of black ink into your glass of water and turning it black color. It is the same as your heart and conscience which were once pure have now been infiltrated and instantly violated, hence it became darkened like charcoal. Instead of coming back to the God on the correct path by accepting the gospel of Jesus as taught in the Bible, you did otherwise. You deliberately entered all the wrong doors and subscribed to other man-made religions and doctrines, thereby disobeying God. Consequently, what you done were pretty much the same as signing your own death certificate and worse, you’d still thought all these were “okay” and “harmless” in your own eyes.

On top of that, you have invariably endorsed the deadly curse that is what made it a perpetual killer in your life. And Jesus’ blood shed on the cross had the divine power to help you conquer sin, death and the devil, a curse that we all have incurred, but you rejected it outright for believing there are “other ways” that are just as good. “But how good if I may ask?” If you can ‘see’ the dangerous situation you are in right up to this point, then you would have known and understood what I meant earlier.

A Children Story Meant For Adults

There is an interesting story about telling lies. Remember the story of Pinocchio? It became one of Walt Disney animation classics that I enjoyed watching so much as a boy and even now as an adult. I’m sure even grown-ups now too have read the story or perhaps have watched the movie as a kid. It’s about a man-made wooden puppet and its master wishing it to become a real boy upon a wishing star. On the same night of the wish, a fairy showed up and made that wish come true. The fairy told the boy to become truthful and not selfish and let conscience be his guide if he really wanted to become a real boy. At one stage, Pinocchio started telling lies because of his misadventure with bad hats and his nose grew longer and longer each time he told a lie. This was because he failed to let conscience be his guide. Jiminy Cricket the little grasshopper which was “knighted” by the fairy as the boy’s conscience pleaded for a second chance and so the fairy pardoned the boy. Pinocchio did finally become a real boy because he proved himself as selfless and truthful when he risked his life saving his master who ended up in the belly of a large whale.

As a boy, I have read the story and saw the movie many times. Not surprisingly, I’m still easily taken by what actually caused the writer, C. Colladi to have such magnificent imagination to bring about the moral of the story that even a “puppet” could learn a bitter lesson it does not pay to tell lies! It always keep reminding me not to tell lies ever since. Yes, it is possible not to tell lies if we always let conscience be our guide. I was thinking. What if our Creator did the same in the beginning that all humans must first be proven as selfless and truthful before becoming real humans? Of course, such a test would be proven insurmountable for our sinful nature to handle when there are endless temptations around. But nonetheless, can you imagine how many noses would have grown long enough by now that could perhaps even touch a plane flying in the sky if that was the precept? What’s most interesting is that everyone would know instantly the greatest liar on earth by comparing how long one’s nose is.

Why didn’t our Creator make us like Pinocchio? The answer is simple. That is because God is love. It never occurred to Him that is necessary. He believed that by just putting a conscience in every one of us is good enough as a guide not to commit sin. When you let your conscience be your guide , it becomes a law not to break arbitrarily and conveniently. And by the way, laws are only meant for those who have abused and violated their conscience, not as a solution to cleanse us of sins. Follow? You see, if God would just strictly enforce laws to make us “perfect” then He would have forced us to behave like robots only and not as humans who have the freewill to think, reason and to choose. And also, He would not have needed to send His only begotten Son, Jesus to suffer and died for us if laws alone can save  us from sin, death and the devil, would He? That is why we as humans [not as robots] should be thankful and grateful to our Creator who is the most gracious and merciful for loving and forgiving us even though we have sinned against Him – in so many man-made ways! He wanted us, no matter what races, to come back to Him as Christians following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ and become the ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven finally as one big happy family!

So, all is still not lost for the society if today parents would do only a small part in encouraging their kids to read this remarkable story of Pinocchio. Better still, buy the DVD movie and let them watch it over and over while they are still young and innocent so that they will learn the meaning of their existence is to let conscience be their guide. Of course, I don’t mean by doing just that, miracles will happen overnight and change the society instantly. It’s just that you have to trust the story will have a lasting and significant effect on their minds as it did on me.

Let’s get back to the darkened glass of water. So it became clear that when the purity in us becomes polluted, it is no longer safe for us to keep the darkened glass of water or to allow it to poison us anymore. As the contamination inside us starts deteriorating our bodies, it will only lead to one eventuality and that is death! Needless to say, what you badly needed is an antidote to reverse it, or you will die the most tragic death at your own hands – an eternal death! If that’s where your destiny brought you, whose fault is it? Is it God, the Satan, you, or the laws?

At this point, there is no point in whatever you’re contemplating to do, whether you are observing all the religious practices and traditions, or do good wholeheartedly, nothing will help vindicate you of your sins. Do you know why? First: Because you got all your priorities wrong. Second: Because doing all these things are actually insignificant and irrelevant to the deadly curse. You see, if you’d become like the glass of darkened water, even covering yourself from top to bottom with a cloth that is as white as “Snow White” and “pray” until the sky turns dark, still it will not change the reality and the fact that it is still black inside you. You can fool the human race but you cannot fool yourself and God. You know and God knows.

Really, it is not the solution to the problem – sin, death and the devil. When it comes to such a deadly curse, you know it is not as simple and easy as to just engage a medical practitioner to cure it just like any other ordinary sickness. You know that if you are under the curse of black magic or voodoo, what you needed is someone in the same trade who has the greater supernatural power to break the curse or to reverse it. So in the case of all humans having incurred the supernatural curse of sin, death and the devil, it’s pretty clear then what we needed badly is a supernatural antidote to clear us of the curse and set us free once and for all. If you’re looking for the one and only supernatural antidote only available for the curse of mankind, look no further. Jesus is the only divine and supernatural solution to the deadly curse that everyone has incurred. No practicing of whatever “religions” in the world can save you on that account, not even showing love and compassion can, if it is not done correctly according to God’s will and plan in the Bible. You must first abide by God’s rule of law.

Rule of Law

Don’t you see? God had already made it crystal clear His simple ‘rule of law’ for anyone of any races contemplating to reconcile with Him. If you are not a Christian and decided to become one, you must first honor and obey His commandments. You must respect His wish to go through the proper channel if you want to have a relationship with Him and be saved from the curse! The proper channel clearly depicted and taught in the New Testament was to obey the gospel of Jesus and that is, repent, and be baptized for the remission of your sins. You cannot go about it in whatever ways you “deemed” fit and much less will it work following other religious ways that are not in accordance to His plan for anyone to become the ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven. Until you can find favor in the sight of God, whatever else you’re doing, religiously or not, you are just as good as banging your head on the wall only and making a “laughing-gor” of yourself unnecessarily!

Today, many so-called grown-ups and even religious scholars are still missing the point about God’s simple rule of law to obey. Perhaps you may see clearly and understand perfectly if you can catch a simple analogy presented in simple layman term and language. Let’s take for instance, you, being affluent [big shot] who travels often and have had gone to many Western restaurants around the world to dine. Whether you order a set meal or a variety of a-la-carte, you would have noticed the simple rule of law any restaurants’ staff would be serving their customers and you as a valued customer. You will normally be served the entrée first before the main course, right? Now, what kind of Western restaurants that you ever come across that would turn the rule of law the other way round? I haven’t come across any so far, have you? You normally don’t get to experience the waiting’s staff simply dumping your food on your table as and when and how they wished without following after the rule of law in serving you, do you?

It’s exactly the same too if you put yourself in the shoes of God. What if humans don’t follow the rule of law in serving, honoring, and obeying “you” accordingly? You would have been awfully pissed, right or not? Now, if you as a human being far less superior to God can get pissed, what makes you think God as the Almighty Creator of the universe and much more superior than you can’t get pissed either? Do you think people seemingly professing to “fear” and “worship” God can just simply turn His rule of law around as and when they please and still expect Him smilingly pleased with them? No way, right?

That is exactly the point. If you can’t even get a simple priority right here, how can you ever even imagine you can make yourself right with God for all you know? And if you are not right with God according to His simple rule of law, what makes you think He will hear you and all your so-called “prayers” even if you are reciting them by heart every day? Are you having so much fun fooling yourself and busily getting fried “so good” as in KFC that you still think all your religious practices and traditions are fine and dandy and everything is business as usual when you have failed even to obey the gospel of Jesus which, by the way, is God’s simple rule of law? So sorry if this sounded offensive or condescending, but actually there is no malice intended on anyone in presenting the gospel truth. Remember the unknown quote, “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free, but first, it will piss you off?” Truth hurts but if it saved you from getting fried, then can you not tell which is better?

Given me, honestly and seriously, I would rather be offended outright by the outstanding TRUTH of God than to get outrageously fooled for the rest of my life and have my precious soul suffer eternal damnation because of getting fried [false teachings] by man-made religions and doctrines that are never recognized and acceptable in the sight of God in the first place! At this point, I know atheists and skeptics would twist it around and ask, “Why does a God claiming as loving and forgiving punish people for not obeying Him?” What these unbelievers failed to understand is that actually they are the ones who brought punishment upon themselves for failing to obey God. To obey or not to obey is a choice they always have in their power to execute. Since they have a choice and God never ever forced anyone to obey Him, so why still accuse God for having to face the punishment? Let’s be clear once and for all.

  1. If you choose to smoke and died of cancer, can you put the blame on God and not those cigarettes?
  2. If you don’t obey the traffic rules and got crushed “so good” in a road accident, can you say that’s God’s will and not your fault? Grow up please!

Should there ever is an outburst and outcry of “uneasiness” among religious bigots, atheists and skeptics alike over such an outlandish remarks in telling the TRUTH about how one should respect and obey God, it means only one thing! The Satan would surely be around to fan the fire of protest and would be making sure as well all religious bigots and unbelievers felt insulted and thus, have the excuse to become boiling hot for bloodshed for “insulting” and “disrespecting” religion. Perhaps, the only reason they couldn’t take the heat is because of their disability to think intelligently is being exposed glaringly. Some people just can’t take criticism as the correct ‘medicine’ to cure them of mental sickness. This is exactly what is happening in the world every now and then, when talk of religion can easily spark unrest that can go viral at the snap of fingers. So that brings us to a happy and justified conclusion that peace in the world is possible and will only prevail if there is no religion to mess it up.

What about Christianity? Is it not a religion? “NO, it is not!” In fact, it is the one and only SOLUTION to the curse of mankind and that’s the whole purpose of Jesus shedding His blood on Calvary! All humans will only be saved by obeying the gospel of Jesus! So it’s crucial that all Christians who professed to follow in the good example of their Master [Jesus] must let their hearts and conscience be their guide if they want to find favor in the sight of God and not by man-made religious laws, traditions and doctrines.

Come to think of it, religion is much like smoking that goes hand in hand together. When you start indulging in it, you will easily get addicted and not be able to quit as easily as when you started it. You know why? The explanation that you are about to hear now is pretty easy to understand if you are smart enough to notice the logic. I don’t mean to insult anyone’s intelligence, but everyone knows there is poison in nicotine that derived from smoking. When one smokes, one is automatically and evidently insulting ones’ own intelligence, don’t you think? So that obviously makes smoking pretty much as suicidal. Once it starts getting into your bloodstream it would also start to take control of you instead of you in control of it. When that happens, you are much like “impaling” yourself voluntarily just as exactly the same as you allowed “religions” that are not leading you to the one and only Almighty God, to impale you! That is why smokers and religious bigots keep insisting they are still in “good health” physically and spiritually when they are not which brings us to the conclusion that they are fooling no one but themselves.

So the next time, if you see the “No Smoking” sign, this also strictly means “No Religion” and that is the official sign from God. God had made it very crystal clear and transparent in the Bible that He will not tolerate paganism, idols or deities worshiping, superstition, sorcery or false teachings that made even religious people not religiously right according to the gospel of Jesus. You can keep insisting that you are still in “good health” with your ‘smoking-religion’ pact when in fact you are actually being rebellious and disobedient in the sight of God. Who suffered in the end? Wait till the day comes when you meet up with your Maker, then you shall know if you were smart enough for impaling yourself with the ‘smoking-religion’ pact once upon a time.

Right now, if you are still not smart enough to throw the ‘smoking-religion’ pact out the window and follow the one and only correct path that God showed us to become the ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven by obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ, you can rest assured your path is not one “good health” of a joyride all the way to eternity. You will definitely be missing out with all other races [Gentiles] of the world and be ready to join God’s one and only amazing race, and that is the Christians! That is exactly what God’s plan was since the beginning of the human race. That is also exactly why God created humans for this purpose. However, no thanks to humans who are becoming so naïve and foolish and believe otherwise. Yet God still trusted and loved us but we are not standing on His side and not helping to fulfill His plan like we should. Instead, humans are so rebellious and disobedient and not smart enough to even notice that the Satan is using the ‘smoking-religion’ pact as an addiction that will backfire on us and keep us from coming back to the correct path. Now you have only one choice. Quit your smoking and religion addiction now while you’re still breathing.

The Experiment

Now when it comes to the spiritual abode of your soul, you have only one choice to make. It’s either you are on God’s side or you are not. There is no such thing as standing in between as in moderation. Can you say to God, “I love to obey you but I also love my ‘smoking-religion’ pact that I saw no harm done?” Why not then do a little experiment and see how it goes?

“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”

If you look in the mirror and see a haggard reflection of yourself  because of smoking, but you still insist you are somewhat in “good health” , can you say something is very “wrong” with the mirror, and not with you?

“Smokescreen For Smokers”

If you noticed non-smokers trying to keep some distance away from you or someone you are speaking to, do just the same, can you say something is very “wrong” with them and not with you?

“Mistaken Paradise For The Religious”

If God told you to obey the gospel of Jesus and be saved from sin, death and the devil so that you will become one of the ‘sons of God’ in the kingdom of heaven one day when you no longer existing on earth, but your religion taught you otherwise. Can you say something is very “wrong” with God and not your religion?

If you still insist you can and that you are right, of course you are. No one can argue with you or stop you from thinking in such a way simply because you have the freewill to think and the freedom of expression to choose what you “deemed” as you “can” do and the “right” to believe. No one can stop you nor has the right to control you as that is the kind of human’s right enshrined in the spiritual constitution of God, right?

Only problem is, when it comes to facing all the consequences of what you thought you “can” do and the right to “believe” whatever your religion taught you so much so you believe is true and correct, so sorry to say then, no one can help you to face God on Judgment Day whether the outcome is good or bad except yourself. However, if you have a change of heart and smart enough to come to your senses that the ‘smoking-religion’ pact is really bad for your physical and spiritual well-being, then don’t you think you ought to do something about it? Do what? If you still don’t know by now, it really only mean one thing. You have simply gone beyond the point of no return to even notice what went wrong! If that does not scare you, even just thinking about it would scare the hell out of me!

Sin is such a horrible thing that it requires the sacrifice of blood to cleanse it. It would not be just any animal blood or any other human’s blood of sinners that would do the trick. Only the blood of Jesus can do the magic because He had proven to us that only He has the divine power to conquer sin, death and the devil. His death and resurrection have attested to it. No one else could! If you accepted Him as Christ and Savior, you too would have the power over the deadly curse. So why have you not obeyed the gospel of Jesus and be saved from eternally cursed? There is only one way out if you do not attend to this ‘unfinished business’ before your time is up. You shall find yourself having to face death – twice! Really, you do not have a “good health” so good that you can face it on your own. You need Jesus who is your only hope. In life, you are frying chicken and whatnot. In death, you are certainly getting fried “so good” as in KFC, if you were not smart enough to avoid such consequences and it is this double death, a bonus that is certainly no laughing matter.

Death – The Bonus!

It is a well-known fact that people who are working for others would usually get their bonuses at the end of every year. In the case of those with ‘unfinished business’ on earth brought forward to hereafter, it is entirely a different scenario altogether. Even if you were not working for God while you were still standing, you would still get your bonus, not annually of course, but only at the end when your existence on earth get self-destructed by itself. Some, like the Christians, would be not so lucky to get just one bonus on earth which is the physical death, even though they may have suffered much doing the work of the Lord. But strangely for them, they would still be jumping with joy and happiness in “Gangnam Style.”  Call them nutcase if you wish but it is pretty hard for those who are greedy to imagine how amazing it is even just to have one bonus to content with. Why is it that Christians are not greedy and envious of others who probably would get double the bonus hereafter? Perhaps that’s the beauty of what a Christian is because of Christ. A Christian cannot be qualified to become the ‘amazing-race’ of God if he/she were greedy and envious of others getting double the bonus, right?

Undoubtedly, there would be a vast difference of atmosphere on the other side of the divide. Why? That’s because there were those not believing and working for God while alive on earth yet still get even “luckier” than the Christians and got double the bonus and that is one on earth [1st death-the body] and the other hereafter [2nd death-the soul]. Yet surprisingly for them, even after having awarded double the bonus, they were so dumbfounded and disappointed that they couldn’t express joy and happiness, and worse, no more dancing to the “Gangnam Style” tune because they suddenly found themselves feeling all the heat and only realized then that their double bonuses instead got them frying “so good” as in KFC. Well, I don’t think I’d like the idea of being reminded what it would be like getting fried, do you? So to avoid being a self-induced target for frying, why are you still not a Christian? If you are not, then is it not obvious enough and crystal clear to see you are on the devil’s side?

The Devil – Satan

If you study the Bible starting from the Old Testament to the New Testament, the devil always get mentioned frequently. The first thing that ever happened to Jesus when he began his ministry preaching about himself doing the will of his Father and about repentance which is the key to enter the kingdom of heaven was that the Satan tempted him in Matthew 4:1-11. You would have learned the biggest culprit we should fight is the Satan whom also Jesus fought. We also learned the devil successfully became the instigator of the curse of mankind who made it come alive after Adam and Eve fall prey to him [the Satan] by disobeying God in the Garden of Eden.

Until today, it is so baffling and unbelievable that there are still people having troubles coming to terms with the word devil. A friend of mine once claimed there is evil because evil exists, but it does not necessary mean we should associate evil with the devil because there’s no proof that the devil exists. Is that so? Does it mean that if someone has done something evil, that person is still not seen as the d-evil? Then, as what if I may ask? If you are saying you believe the devil is existing only when you have seen it with your eyes  in some physical form as you see your boyfriend or girlfriend right in front of you, then you really have the same big problem like the atheists in understanding what is mortal and what is immortal, don’t you? Frankly, I don’t know how else to explain in your “language” what “constituted” as a devil. Even if you do good, it doesn’t mean you will “see” Go(o)d right in front of you, does it? If you can, then, don’t you think the word ‘faith’ is useless and better be deleted from the dictionaries and the Bible as well? Since we can “see” God, then the Bible is practically useless, isn’t it?

On the contrary, here’s something you wouldn’t want it happening to you. God’s holiness is so great and so glaringly powerful that if He allowed you to ‘see’ Him with your naked eyes, you would definitely catch fire and get burnt to ashes in an instant! As I recalled, there was one incident when King David ordered God’s ark [ark of the covenant] to move back to Israel and a man by the name Uzziah appointed as someone in charge of the task was so unfortunate to get struck down dead by the wrath of God as described in 1 Chronicles chapter 13 for trying to save the cart from a stumble and in doing so, he touched the ark of the covenant. At the outset, you might be thinking why God was so cruel and unreasonable, right? “No, God was not!” No matter how well our intention is, our impurity because of our sinful nature will never let us “see” or even “touch” God. His Holiness is so great that when He came down as a ‘human being’ in Jesus, He had not in any way become blemished by us as mere humans even in death. That is why we still have to look towards Jesus as our Savior and be saved. Have you not ever thought of this? You see, it’s how we can identify a person by the traits of what he/she does whether good or evil as symbolic of either God or the Devil. From here, we can tell that either the light of God or the darkness of the Devil exists in us that we don’t “see” literally, don’t you follow? It’s the action that speaks volume of a person.

As the devil [Satan] is the biggest culprit in the curse of mankind, we as humans created by God who still loved us even though we are the ones who sinned against Him, can you honestly say what really makes sense after all? Should we be fighting the Satan or God? Should we be obeying the Satan or God? Should we be following and worshiping the Satan or God? Or should we give half of our heart to the Satan and the other half to God and expect the Satan to lessen the curse?

If you know deep in your heart and conscience what’s your answer, then why are you still not a Christian? But if you are not a Christian after this, isn’t it so easy to tell you are actually fighting God with the help of the Satan who, of course, will rally behind you to keep you from becoming a Christian and leading you to other man-made religions instead? So, why do you prefer to become bad news than good news?