The Man or The Devil In The Mirror? [Part 2]


The Terror of  Smokescreen Mirrors

If people would conscientiously look in the mirror according to God’s standard and not Man’s, it will by far out-weigh whatever excuses anyone can make in not seeing the real and ugly truth of who one is. And that’s only because it is exactly what Romans 3:23 had ‘blacklisted’ all humans, regardless of race, creed or religion. Sure enough, it’s truer than true blues’ we are all sinners and that is nothing further from the truth of who we always are in the sight of God – whether anyone believes it or not and much less, like it or not!

Because of that, such urgency to really look in the mirror to ‘make a change’ is obviously necessary – provided everyone is capable enough to have the divine vision to see beyond who is the Man or…The Devil In The Mirror’ and do something about it like what MJ’s song suggested which, at best, is only according to Man’s standards and that is it!

So how, mate? If you are so wise and an unflinching dissenter of the Word of God, then you should know better how to advice people whether Christians or not, with your earthly doctrines that proved NOTHING worthy of devotion and not the other way around with the Word of God, the Holy Bible that you probably know nothing about, yet would speak blasphemy against the one true Almighty God by calling to burn Bibles and all such nonsense!

By right, everyone should know very well by now the urgency to look in the mirror is not only for anyone to check if one is looking “cool” or not as a man, “pretty and sexy” or not as woman. It’s about having the common sense to see what went wrong to know where one stands and quickly do something about it according to God’s standard that will prevail and last.

Because something so significant gotten implicated here, so understandably, you should know this has to do with your personal relationship with God. Hence, no one regardless of whatever “religious status” has the bloody right to dictate and much less interfere with your personal decision to CHOOSE whatever you deemed fit to believe and revere whether it’s religion or not.

Again, by right, you should have fled even faster than the “Fast and the Furious” could produce another sequel, from any of those man-made religions you know damn well is not sensible enough to embrace nor worthy of your devotion simply because NOTHING is according to God’s standard but Man’s standards only. Apparently, that is NEVER even good enough to save your sorry butt from the curse of sin, death and the devil but ONLY brings you to the point of no return!

What’s even worse is, all man-made religions DO NOT address the serious problems of SIN plaguing the human race since time immemorial!

As such, you should know better that it is entirely your God-given rights to CHOOSE whether or not to believe in the one true Almighty God of the Bible without having to worry about getting intimidated or threatened in any way by whatever man-made “religious edicts” on earth to stop you from doing so! That’s because it is between you and God. How you want to work it out is no business of anyone to interfere with your decision-making or to have complete control over you what path you should choose or not choose to take.

Every person is not answerable to any other fellow human beings but to God only when it comes to spiritual matters! You can only, at best, follow your heart and conscience what path to choose that makes common sense to you. Perhaps, you probably also would ask, “What about choosing to believe in the Satan”? Well, do you not know you can even choose to worship the devil? Are there not people doing that already if they are not on God’s side? Is that not clear-cut enough?

The only devil’s problem is when it will backfire which only means you have to be ever ready to face in eternity as a result, especially when death comes knocking on your door ‘all of a sudden’ without warning! Whether it’s worth taking such high risk – only you will know because you are the one going to suffer in eternity! Then and only then, you will realize even God no longer can save your sorry butt because of the wager made between the Satan and God.

So for goodness sake – don’t even think of making a fool of yourself again to tell God on Judgment Day that you have not been warned” while still breathing about all the serious consequences for having rebelled against Him!

As such, you should think twice not to ever let God down in the first place and CHOOSE to TRUST and have FAITH in Him, not in man-made religions because ONLY Yahweh is the rightful judge who have all the say in the end, not any humans or even bad extremists’ you know and scared of on earth, provided you can relate to what Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 10:26-28!

In addition to that, even people professing as “men-of-God” cannot just simply go about practicing whatever “religious laws and rituals” and expect to gain favor in the sight of God – if whatever religious laws and practices are NO LONGER practical or relevant according to God’s standard because of God having had, under the New Covenant, divinely revealed His plan of REDEMPTION, RECONCILIATION and RELATIONSHIP with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ – the Mediator and NO ONE else!

What’s more, it is ONLY possible by having to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’, NOT by burning of incense [Jeremiah 44:23], joss-sticks, fasting, chanting, not eating pork and all such religious rituals nonsense that are only according to Man’s standards and as a result get you nowhere faster than the “Fast and Furious” sequels!

That is why, there’s nothing complicated or difficult to figure out who the true Almighty God is! Only those without any sense of direction will easily get screwed up by the devil to think and believe otherwise! In other words, don’t you think you are so ‘outdated’ if you are still struggling with such simple task that those smart and humble enough have already become Christians long before you even heard of the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ for all you know?

So naturally, if all the people in the world, regardless of race or creed, ever had a heart and conscience, everyone would have NO PROBLEMS paying allegiance to Him and not getting oneself LOST in the maze of man-made religions which, again is NOTHING but a terrible LOST cause because it’s a man-made tragedy of all time!

Where is your sense of direction? Can you not tell? It is God who created human beings in His image, so how the devil can we, as “humans” only, yet ‘all of a sudden’ become so “super” than the Creator to turn around and “created” so many gods in Man’s image that brought about nothing but polytheism and waywardness that is causing the human race a heavy price to pay in the end on earth and hereafter!

If this is not insulting the Creator to the core, then what is? Such perverted actions can only show NOTHING but the ugliness of humans because of having gotten so badly screwed up in the head by the Satan! Still not convinced? Okay, why not imagine yourself asking this question and see if you are making the biggest fool of yourself or not?

Here is the question and look in the mirror when you ask:

“How can humans created in the image of a highly intelligent Creator get so DUMB and DUMBER to keep chasing after the wind and make a fool of themselves and God by worshiping vile images of man-made gods that will not ever bring one back to be reconciled with the one true Almighty God who ALWAYS abhorred idols-worshiping?”

If after asking yourself this question and still you cannot ‘make a change’ to do the right thing according to God’s standard, then something is very wrong with the way you looked in the mirror! That’s because you look but do not see like what Jesus always said about humans who have eyes yet not see, have ears yet not hear and not to mention, have mind yet not think!

In fact, that was also exactly what the ancient prophet Jeremiah trying frantically – not as fanatically as a bad extremist, a radical and a bigot would, to tell the Israelites to steer clear from practicing polytheism and anything that borders on waywardness in the sight of God! Actually, you should read the Book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament to know how you too, would feel “if” you were in God’s shoes because of “humans” always ‘biting the hands that feed’ and always take God for granted to waste water, waste food, and waste one’s life smoking like nobody’s business.

Why are humans still so stiff-necked to ‘make a change’ according to God’s standard? That’s undoubtedly because humans had gotten so screwed up nicely and moderately’ by the Satan that one cannot even tell what is good extremism and what is bad extremism or, whether there is such a thing as good and bad in everything – including “moderation” that is according to NOTHING but Man’s standard!

If you go according to God’s standard found written all over the Bible that only Muslims who are foolish enough to ridicule and yearning to burn the holy book of “fairy tales” told by ancient biblical prophets but so strangely enough have gotten ironically and amazingly found to have been ‘copied’ by the Prophet Muhammad to make the Koran sounds more “superior” than the Bible and worse, for religious expediency purposes such as hammering Christianity at one’s whims and fancies. And you know – that’s when you will easily see and can easily tell that is exactly what all man-made religions including Islam are about – irrelevant, ignominious, and impenitent because of NOT having any proof of divine endorsement from the highest authority that is no other than the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Tell me, how can anything having ‘copied’ from other original source be considered as authentic enough to be authoritative?

And since Muslims claimed they have the so-called religious rights to stop Christians from using the word “Allah” [God] in the Bible of other languages without their permission, so should Christians all the more have the legal rights to sue Muslims in their sharia court for violating the religious ‘copyrights’ of Christianity in using the names of those biblical Hebrews prophets in the Koran without their [Christians] permission too!

But then again, Christians certainly DO NOT need to go to such an extent to take such BAD extremist, bigot, radical and “stern actions” like all those so-called moderate and democratic Muslims did in seizing hundreds of the Holy Bible like it’s nobody’s business! That’s because Christians always TRUST and have FAITH in God that whatever man-made religions including Islam, WILL NOT and CANNOT outdo nor outshines God’s promise of eternal life made possible through our Lord Jesus Christ!

And those who did the right thing according to God’s standard by having made a holistic decision to obey the “Gospel of Jesus’ will truly be blessed with inexplicable and immense joy when Jesus comes back again to resurrect them whether living or dead, to become ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven as revealed in the Book of Revelation!

Certainly, this is the ‘one and only’ price ever worth paying – even with one’s life without having to kill innocent people like those current screwed up IS Muslim jihadists are doing now!

You know something? I have imagined all these while that if ONLY those bad extremist IS Muslims who became jihadists to fight in the so-called Holy Jihad of Islam which is the exact opposite of the Holy War depicted in the Holy Bible; were smart enough to KNOW the big difference between both cause where one [Islam] propagates KILLING people while the other [Christianity] propagates SAVING people, plus if also they were smart enough to TELL which one is worth dying for and turn around to become GOOD extremists to SAVE lost souls with the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ than stay as BAD extremists in Islam to kill people for all the wrong reasons, then, they are, to a great extent, so much better off than those so-called moderate and democratic Muslims who even failed to understand the basic fundamentals of Islam that it is an Arab religion that has nothing to do with the Jews, let alone Jesus!

So why then would they want to keep abusing Jesus’ name by claiming He is the prophet of the Koran and yet turn around to accuse Him of speaking “blasphemy” against God for claiming Himself as the Son of God when Jesus had already proven it by His death and resurrection for nearly two thousand years ago? Are they not spewing blasphemies on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob already for doing such detestable things in the sight of men and God?

Why did they get so screw up? Is it because they are so scared of the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ having more meaning than their “Holy Jihad” that even so-called moderate Muslims ‘all of a sudden’ got cold feet to die violently as “martyrs” by having to kill “kafirs” such as Jews and Christians as depicted in the book of Surah in the Koran? Instead, they turned around trying to divert such true but extremist doctrines of Islam by bringing it down to the “moderation” mode which in the end is still the same as making a laughing-stock of Islam they always claimed as more “superior” than others!

Not surprisingly, it turned out that they even sped faster than the “Fast and Furious” sequels in switching to the “moderation” mode as a means to an end to “prove” themselves as doing the “right” thing. Are they “making that change” just to play safe? If so, how safe do they think they are when they actually are turning their backs on their own Muslims brotherhood to insult those IS Muslim extremists carrying out their duties as “true Muslims” to kill “kafirs” by having to die violently as “martyrs” propagated in the book of Surah in the Koran?

No wonder those IS Muslim jihadists in Iraq and Syria now have gotten “Fast and Furious” enough to kill even coward Muslims for running away from the call to fight in the “Holy Jihad” to glorify “Allah” the moon-god! And whether “moderateMuslims like it or not, the fact that having to sacrifice and die violently as “martyrs” is the true nature of what Islam is all about. They should have understood this better than any ordinary Christians before converting to Islam. Don’t you think so? Of course, you don’t think so – if you are a Muslim.

But now, it looks pretty much like they [moderate Muslims] seriously got cold feet and are trying to run away from their responsibilities to become “true Muslims” to sacrifice their lives for “Allah”.

That’s why, they [moderate Muslims] no longer have the guts to shout “Allahuakbar” [God is Great] anymore because they have failed awfully to live up to the will of “Allah” to fight in the “Holy Jihad” propagated in Islam and thus, feeling ashamed of themselves by hiding behind the shield of “moderation” and made it sounds like it’s the “best” and “only” answer to counter bad extremism when it is NOT!

Instead of doing things religiously by the book what’s “right” according to the “true” teachings of Islam from the book of Surah, those so-called moderate and democratic Muslims are struggling to deviate from it by trying to preach and promote “moderation” worldwide just to have their inactions in not fighting in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam justified that on the contrary Islam actually requires all Muslims to die violently as “martyrs” for the sake of “Allah” the moon-god by killing “Kafirs” and be awarded entrance into a somewhat “paradise” that is somewhat according to the Prophet Muhammad’s figment of imagination!

But too bad – no one, not even world leaders are smart enough to see that is exactly what those “moderate and democratic” Muslims are using now – a smokescreen as a shield not to be seen as BAD extremists to kill because of having gotten cold feet! And this should have gone viral worldwide to make them feel ashamed of themselves, you know?

As such, it makes them no different nor anywhere better than those IS Muslim jihadists who will only all the more see them [moderate ones] as having the bad intention to betray “Allah” for failing to die violently as “true Muslims” to become “martyrs” for his [Allah] sake! What’s making it even worse now is, they will face the death penalty all the same if they ever turned around to commit the ‘apostasy’ act to denounce Islam! So that means only one thing – they are driving themselves into a corner and either not knowing it or knowing it but pretend not to! Can you imagine that?

So you see, that’s how you can use the Word of God [the Holy Bible] as your blueprint and yardstick to know what is according to His standard to follow closely and obediently and what to toss out the windows anything that is not according to His standard – the same like you would ‘delete’ from your computer whatever scam mails that will do you more harm than good if you fall for them.

Nevertheless, if you still insist the best way to call for “redemption” that you believe will gain favor in the sight of God is to “do-good” with “acts of kindness”, then you should all the more consider the option to do the right thing according to God’s standard and not Man’s. Since you still have a choice and a ‘second chance’ to save yourself from eternal damnation to really do-good with acts of kindness, you should know by now that doing the right thing according to God’s standard means having to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to make your redemption possible in the sight of God, not Man.

Otherwise, you can forget about it because it’s like you “do-good” with “acts of kindness” but you still cannot ‘feel good’ after all – because a messenger of God [Christian] now is telling you that you have missed out something even more important. And do you know what that is? You should know – if you have followed Jesus this close!

So be correctly advised. As long as any kind of “do-good, feel good” thing that sounded like “redemption” to you before, is not “so good” after all – if done according to Man’s standards only. That’s because NOTHING of such nature will get accepted in the sight of God anymore because of what the apostle Paul said clearly that ‘good works’ alone will not suffice but reciprocating the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ is and this is the top priority to make 100% sure we are in good hands of our Lord Jesus Christ when He comes back again to resurrect us whether as dead or living!

What’s more, it is far more important than anything else you can ever imagine and that means having to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ as proof of your remorse and repentance by  your willingness to 100% ‘come clean’ with God – without getting threatened or forced to do so! If you cannot even show God a little remorse of who you are because of Romans 3:23, and not willing to go by the proper channel to ‘make a change’ according to God’s standard to reciprocate His graciousness and mercy for you, then what’s the point of all those “do-good” with “acts of kindness” that will not ever gain favor in His sight?

That’s because the Bible mentioned in Isaiah 59:2 that God does not even listen to the “prayers” of those who have yet repented of their sins – according to His standard!

However, God promised abundant blessings to those who always will obey and keep all his commandments as what He indicated in Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Of course, He was saying these things to the Israelites {God’s chosen people] that He still considered them as also ‘children of God’ at that time under the Old Covenant whether they sinned against Him or not – just the same as you would treat your son as still your beloved son even if he had committed any wrongdoings, right or not?

But if you now, regardless of your race or creed, obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ which is under the New Covenant sealed by the blood of Jesus, you will and can also be considered as one of the ‘sons of God’ or as ‘children of God’ when the time comes to reward you for your TRUST and FAITH in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because of you having had obeyed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ while still breathing!

But still, strangely enough, there are so-called religious people claiming it could cleanse one’s sins by going “vegetarian” on certain religious occasions. Is that so? But how do you go about substantiating such lame and laughable claims that are according to Man’s standards? With whose divine authority? Man or God?

First of all, Man’s authority cannot be divine in the true sense. So if it’s from any of those man-made religions, then you can rest assured it will NEVER work till kingdom come! Tell me, how do you expect it to work if after eating every vegetarian meal, you wanna light up a cigarette to smoke like nobody’s business? You CANNOT even cleanse your charcoal heart and lungs inside, so how the devil can you substantiate “cleansing” yourself of sins by becoming “vegetarian” and only at certain religious occasion?

The most amusing part is – you do not even realize you have insulted your own “intelligence” [if any] for having committed an ‘act of contradiction’ with what you believed but act otherwise. Have you not ever seen any of such laughable incidents where it’s so true and correct to say, “idiots always act like smart people but smart people do not act like idiots”?

If it’s from God, worse still – that’s because the Bible has never ever mentioned about it anywhere that becoming a “vegetarian” will make one become “righteous” and “holy” again. The New Testament of the Bible only mentioned that BLOOD is the only means to cleanse and sanctify a person of one’s sins in the sight of God. However, it is not just anybody’s blood or any animal’s blood. Yes, only the untainted and sinless BLOOD OF JESUS could do the trick as espoused in Hebrews 9:11-15!

Why? That’s because Jesus had divinely proven His claim as the Son of God by His death and resurrection and even more so because of having EXALTED by God himself with a name that is above every name in Philippians 2:5-11! And not just that – the Bible recorded not only His disciples who did bear witness of His death and resurrection but as many as 500 people within forty days after He [Jesus] came back from the dead and made His appearance to His disciples in the same human form before His crucifixion.

Then again, don’t be surprised that a time will come, perhaps sooner than expected that somehow, even more religious knuckleheads having gotten screwed up enough will emerge and take it literally to mean that it can even “cleanse one’s sins by drinking human’s blood and probably even make it a religious ritual to practice.

When that happens, it would not be difficult for them to further call for bloodshed be made mandatory like in Islam, those who professed to become “true Muslims” would have no qualms to kill “kafirs” [unbelievers] of such cause. Although, there’s no evidence to suggest that they drink their victims’ blood after killing or beheading them, but who knows – things may change for the worse. It always does, does it not? And so, that’s how the Satan is always spot on in winning the wager he made with God by only having to screw up humans – up in the head!

Have you gotten screwed up yet? Well, don’t take for granted, mate! It’s better you do a ‘spiritual check-up with the Word of God [the Bible] to make sure you passed the check-up just to have peace of mind that you are still free from getting screwed up in the head, you know? But do not wait any longer. Time is running out. Just do the right thing according to God’s standard by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and let Jesus come into your heart, mind and soul before the devil does and get you screwed up till kingdom come!

So, what is the real purpose of looking in the mirror? If you have ever heard of MJ’s hit song, “Man In The Mirror”, surely you should have known long time ago what to do. If until today, you have yet ‘make a change’, that’s probably because you hadn’t the slightest idea which one works better – by MJ’s standard or by God’s standard?

Not surprisingly, you certainly cannot ‘make a change’ if you cannot even make up your mind whose standard to follow. So obviously, you shall not be able to ‘make a change’ after all. But then again, people are ALWAYS very superslow at making up their minds especially if told to do so urgently because it’s ALWAYS “human nature” that is the culprit as far as doing the right thing according to God‘s standard has to take precedence.

Perhaps, for once in you life, if you TRUST and have FAITH in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob which I already can tell you probably don’t; you should, at least, give yourself a chance by letting your heart and conscience as your true guide to do the right thing according to God’s standard. When you actually become the ‘miracle’ yourself to seek God first and His righteousness, then you will see how powerful, profound and perfect it is to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to become one of the ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ in the kingdom of heaven.

Why then, go all the wrong ways for all the wrong reasons that are according to Man’s standards? Is it not better when you CAN go to the PROPER and CORRECT channel by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ which is according to God’s standard than get yourself LOST and cannot be found anymore for going out of God’s radar?

But it’s so strange and unbelievable though. People are always rebellious and unrepentant when asked to play by God’s rules to 100% ‘come clean’ with Him. Why do people not always play by God’s rules? That’s because humans with the help of the Satan have lost their minds, thus are no different from animals, nor are they better than them.

It’s understandable that nature does not always play by the rules because God did not create them to rule over humans but only in their own kingdom. However, if humans created in the image of God do not play by God’s rules, that already meant something went awfully wrong in the first place and that we all should know by now it’s because of Romans 3:23!

In the animal kingdom, lions are known to be the most feared and fearless animals. They always tend to display themselves as more “superior than other animals so much so they are not afraid to kill other animals and not afraid of getting killed by other animals as food because no animals would dare to kill them in the first place.

Humans without any sense of direction will behave the same way too like lions do but it only gets worse if given “special rights” because they will abuse it like nobody’s business and like real lions having no qualms in attacking humans like nobody’s business!

The same thing with religion too, where there are too many “lions” as in the case of those IS Muslim jihadists always around waiting to kill because they have gotten screwed up enough to think of themselves as “lions” that are better than others to say, hey looky here, it’s okay for me to insult you because I’m more “superior” than you and therefore, you cannot insult me. If you do, I have the “special rights” from “Allah” even to kill you and not have to face jail sentence because I do not always have to play by the rules since the Koran says I’m more “superior” than you if you are a Jew or Christian who is a ‘kafir’ that has to be annihilated and blah, blah, blah”.

So while God ALWAYS do not like to “kill” humans, humans will have no qualms in killing God as having been perfectly proven in the case of Jesus as having gotten nailed on the cross by His own people for having done NOTHING wrong. His only “crime” was telling nothing but the TRUTH of who He was! That’s the reason I said humans are no different from animals for having so easily gotten screwed up by the devil to rebel against the one true Almighty God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!

You can see clearly now that common sense is exactly what everybody needed to cultivate so that one can tell easily that everything ALWAYS works out fine and dandy if done according to God’s will and plan – like what Jesus did and obediently till death! Only humans without any sense of direction are like animals that do not always play by the rules even on anything as significant as redemption, reconciliation and relationship with the Creator. And that’s only because they always prefer to get things done according to Man’s standards and not God’s.

That is why, still many people stand condemned in the sight of God and not even knowing it or knowing it but pretend not to. Ironically, the best they can do is keep bluffing themselves by going on a denial mode or come out with any kind of unjustifiable justification they could have ever thought of – all the time! If not, why would we humans still prefer to utter, “OMG” and not “Oh My Satan” at the last-minute when something bad happened ‘all of a sudden? So, don’t you think it is safe for me to say we can’t deny that we still NEED GOD one way or another – even when death ‘all of a sudden comes knocking on our doors?

That is why, God ALWAYS provided us Jesus as our ‘safety net’ for all occasions but usually humans without a sense of direction would prefer their own that will always have ‘divine malfunction’ because it’s not made according to God’s standard, but Man’s – provided you are smart enough to know what I’m talking about!

That is also why it’s so true that God is love [1 John 4:7-21]. Otherwise, it could not have served the real purpose of Jesus having had shed His blood for your sins so that when you can bring back your heart and conscience to even look in the “smokescreen” mirror – you STILL have the inspiration, reason and purpose to look beyond to pick up the willpower, sanity and priority to ‘make a change’ that will last forever and that is ONLY if you have really, really come to your senses to get it done according to God’s standard and not Man’s!

So have you gotten your ‘unfinished business’ done yet?

It is ALWAYS the hope and prayers of all true Christians that if only all humans are sensible enough to TRUST and have FAITH in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, everything will work out perfectly for sure. So plain and simple to work out, yet so difficult for many – especially Muslims! So evidently, that only means this is not the world we know of or living in now because of Romans 3:23 so much so humans are making this world a bad and terrible place to live, thus making it the devil’s world. But the worse part is – people still prefer to blame God than the devil and much less blame oneself even when looking in a plain mirror with nothing blocking your thoughts or blinding your views!

Do you know why humans do not blame the devil? Well, if the devil is the culprit that has gotten you screwed up enough to think and act as a devil does, how the devil can you blame the devil because of you having had become the devil of a man? If you really want to blame the devil, that only means you still have a choice. Either you put a bullet in your head and be done with your life on earth or be smart and humble enough to let Jesus do the job kicking the devil out of you – by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’! Take your pick.

But if you cannot even blame the devil and much less want to blame yourself, then obviously the only one left to blame is God, right? But wait till you meet up with Him sooner or later and see who is the LOSER after all! Another reason is – humans are just too bloody weak to fight the devil on their own. That is why, we as humans will always need someone like the resurrected Jesus to help out or else, we always will be fighting a losing battle – all the time!

Of all worse things to happen is when humans having gotten too screwed up by the Satan to reject Jesus flat-out for far too long and that is exactly the reason the world is getting worse than ever! The day the world gonna get better is only when the Satan ‘all of a sudden’ starts feeling remorseful or “touche” enough to go down on his knees to REPENT and obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ too. But of course, that is even remotely possible to say the least because he is so certain and confident more and more humans are getting DUMB and DUMBER enough to end up on his side because of humans having awfully lost their sense of direction and principles to do the right thing according to God’s standard!

It’s a vicious cycle that keeps going round and round non stop! Only Jesus can help us to stop or decrease all such nonsense once we understood the purpose of obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’. If not – can you imagine now all humans are going to die at the hands of the Satan [Lucifer] if we still do not WAKE UP to smell the burning pit of Hell that is close enough every passing second when death ‘all of a suddencomes knocking on one’s door?

Can you not feel or in the least tell it is so sad to see most humans are succumbing to the devil’s call to ‘play with fire’ especially with what is happening now in Iraq and Syria that sure enough those screwed up IS Muslim jihadists, like Osama Bin Laden will end up getting themselves BBQ instead? And worse – for eternity! But then, how the devil can anyone tell them not to act like such bloody idiots in the sight of the one true Almighty God when the Satan has already taken full control of them to kill just about anyone like nobody’s business?

One lesson to learn here that most people will not ever learn is 3 questions to ask ourselves:

  1. Don’t we ever think according to God’s standard in Romans 3:23 to know such real and ugly truth of who we are and ‘make a change’ for once in our lives?
  2. Don’t we ever understand that all man-made religions will get us nowhere fast and so just get rid of them to make God happy for once in our lives – perhaps like what the late Robin Williams is probably doing now in heaven as he did on earth?
  3. Don’t we ever know that Jesus is the one and only SOLUTION to the problem of SIN? That’s because it’s SIN that is causing screwed up humans to raise HELL on earth for everyone whether good or evil and that we should by now pick up the courage to do the right thing according to God’s standard for once in our lives – without procrastinating further!

These 3 simple questions are ‘answers-in-disguise’ waiting for anyone calling oneself a ‘human being’ to materialize that naturally, those DUMB and DUMBER ones shall never and cannot ever figure out because of having gotten badly screwed up by the devils! If you still consider yourself as a ‘human being’ created in the image of God, then you should no longer hesitate to become the ‘miracle’ yourself and do the right thing according to God’s standard without delaying anymore. Otherwise, you are only a human with just an ‘empty’ shell and that is as good as dead – in the sight of God! Are you, anyway?

The reason all humans do not get to see the light at the end of a tunnel is because of too much of darkness’ plaguing humans in this devil’s world so much so everyone has been awfully blinded and thus, do not see the real and ugly truth of oneself when looking in a plain mirror, let alone ‘make a change’ to make this world a better place even according to MJ’s standard!

Because of so much terror that those screwed up IS Muslim jihadists among other predecessors are terrorizing the world now, every ordinary Joe is ‘frantically’ looking for the right answer to bring back world peace, right? But it looks like no one is giving peace a chance because everyone whether good or evil is so busy tearing each other apart to make Lucifer the happiest devil in the world – not God! Can you believe that?

The good ones will always have problems speaking out the gospel TRUTH because of the evil ones always have the upper hand to shut them up with man-made laws for either religious or political expediency. But if you really want to give PEACE a chance, you don’t have to march in the streets with placards and banners to showcase what you want. It’s really a waste of time and energy.

All you gotta do is – give Jesus a chance to come into your heart, mind and soul so that the devil will not have any chance to get you screwed up in your heart, mind and soul and make a bloody fool out of you to rally for “world peace at UN with whatever social or political rhetoric such as “moderation” that will never work – bigtime!

ONLY Jesus is the answer to bring back PEACE to this troubled world – like it or not and much less believe it or not!

Otherwise, you can forget about it. It’s better off you go fly kites, play computer games and whatnot. And of course, not forgetting that Lucifer is waiting patiently to meet up with you later to ‘play with fire’ together at his sizzling hot and fiery place called HELL and that is something even more interesting than rallying for world peace.

Do you know why “world peace” is so remotely possible? There are, at least, 3 reasons – for now!

  1. It’s because Islam is a ‘religion-cum-cult’ that propagates bad extremism and violence. It speaks of “peace” as a religion only to those Muslims who honor the will of “Allah” to fight in the “Holy Jihad” as “true Muslims”, not to those blacklisted as “Kafirs” in the Koran! But it quickly becomes a ‘cult’ when it speaks of violence’ in the book of Surah as the only means to an end to become “true Muslims” to sacrifice one’s life by having to die violently as “martyrs” to glorify “Allah” the moon-god by killing “Kafirs”!
  2. Even world leaders are not facing up to the reality that Islam is the ‘culprit’ behind that is wreaking havoc and chaos around the world today. So far, only President Barrack Obama DARED to stand up to such nuisance all these while. And only recently, UK and Australia started feeling the heat of homegrown bad extremists that they started to panic and call for good extremist actions to counter such growing threats of ‘bad extremism’ that everyone seems powerless to face head-on for fear of more reprisals. Other world leaders would prefer to keep a low profile and even hide behind smokescreens with irrelevant political rhetoric such as “moderation” to counter the ‘axis of evil’ that originated from Islam. Can you imagine using a bucket of water as in “moderation” to put out a wild-fire as in bad extremism  that had gone “viral” worldwide like nobody’s business?
  3. The rest of those so-called moderate and democratic Muslims should stop fooling themselves by still insisting Islam is “peace” when it is NOT – obviously,  practically and evidently! In fact, they are failing awfully for not DARING to stand up and seriously go against their screwed up Muslim brothers by giving them the ultimatum to abandon their ‘acts of terror’ on innocent people or else, they will kill them personally themselves like what happened in the movie, “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes” where Caesar, even as an animal [an intelligent one though] had no choice but to take out one of his own kind and killed him for having gotten screwed up and turned violent to assassinate him [Caesar] and for killing one of his own for refusing to kill humans.

And that’s exactly all other so-called moderate and democratic Muslims should do to stop their screwed up and violent IS Muslim jihadists from killing others and their own Muslim brothers for taking the “moderation” stance and for failing to carry out their duties as “true Muslims” to fight in the “Holy Jihad” of Islam.

So now, you can see clearly from such scary perspectives of Islam that is only created as means to an end for humans with vested interest. It is definitely NOT for the well-being of anyone’s SOUL to have eternal peace of mind in the kingdom of heaven that is ONLY possible by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ that will SAVE everyone’s sorry butt from the curse of sin, death and the devil and without having to kill innocent people to earn it!

As long as people still do not recognize Jesus as the one and only SOLUTION to the problem of SIN, there shall be NO peace and harmony no matter how all the world leaders commune to talk or negotiate with one another to have world peace” that will never ever see the light of day till kingdom come! Mark my words!

Tell me, how the devil can there be “world peace” when all leaders are busy fooling one another at the UN with irrelevant political rhetoric such as “moderation” while the IS Muslim jihadists all the more having the time of their life religiously ‘beheading’ people like nobody’s business that got President Barrack Obama shaken and stirred to the core? Is that not something scary enough that people have yet discovered such TRUTH of wickedness and evil that is plaguing mankind for centuries until today, tomorrow and till kingdom come?

However and thank goodness – something amazing happened nearly two thousand years ago that brought about the much-needed Hope of Salvation’ that only those smart and humble enough have found out it was made possible by Jesus’ death and resurrection and to obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ by having to reciprocate the ‘Amazing Grace of God’ that will save our sorry butts from the curse of sin, death and the devil!

And so it was supposedly a ‘Good News’ according to God’s standard that all ‘sensible’ people will not hesitate to embrace to know the joy it brings, but so sadly and evidently, that is not the case. Why? That’s because people have gotten screwed up enough to even turn their hearts into ‘hearts of stone’ that the power of the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ can no longer penetrate!

Apparently, you should know by now why there are still plenty of people until today not bother about the ‘Good News’ of Jesus. That’s because of the “smokescreen” mirror we humans have created. If there is anyone, or most probably plenty of people out there who still cares about nothing else but only oneself, riches and glory, certainly there are plenty of people still asking, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest, mightiest, or the richest one of them all?”

But then, no one would be bothered enough to ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the one true Almighty God of all?’ And who also ALWAYS send the rain to quench our thirst and not to mention, Jesus for having to die a cruel and inhumane death to SAVE our unworthy and sorry butts.

Undoubtedly, many defensive people especially the rich ones, this sure sounds like another one of those famous Walt Disney “fairy tales” movies to them. Is it not? But the devil’s fact is, whether one denies it or not and much less like it or not, it cannot be “fairy tales” anymore when people especially the rich ones are always comparing and competing with one another on who is the richest one of them all, or for damsels on who is the fairest and sexiest one of them all – all the time!

In reality, there is, of course, such kind of people still existing in this somewhat “fairy tales” world today. So, no thanks to the man or perhaps, the devil in the mirror!

No matter what one says or do to prove oneself as not the devil in the mirror, still the devil’s fact remains – everyone CANNOT escape from having to face the curse of sin, death and the devil that is like a shadow behind following everyone until death doeth both part! The worst thing to happen is – everyone does not seem to know that is always business as usual” for all the devils of the people in the world because of the “smokescreen” mirrors the Satan always help humans to create to shield him from harm and blame. That’s why, you should not get caught between the devil and the deep blue sea or you will easily get ‘blacklisted’ as a bad extremist!

Whether you find this absurd or not – that is exactly what “smokescreen” mirrors are for – to show only how “good-looking” you are especially for guys who smokes and how “pretty and sexy” for damsels whether smoking or not smoking!

But once you get rid of the “smokescreen” in the mirror like they do in making movies after removing the green or blue screen behind, that’s when the real scene will come alive in cinemas. That’s the same thing happening too with the “smokescreens” removed from all mirrors, there lies the real and ugly truth of who you are! Of course, in this case, you need Jesus badly to help you get rid of the devil’s smokescreen mirror blocking the truth of who you are as indicated in Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23.

Otherwise, you will never ever see the ‘real’ beauty of yourself again and to have the second chance’ to become one of the ‘sons of God’, provided you ‘all of a sudden’  are feeling “touche” and decided to seek Jesus’ help to undo the curse of sin, death and the devil by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’.

What if today only Jesus has the antidote to the Ebola disease that no “medicine” on earth can cure you? Do you go or do you not go and seek Jesus for help even if you have to go down on your knees? Don’t forget – if you don’t, you will surely die a horrible death and I mean really horrible because it’s not just once but twice! You only live once but you will die twice – if you ever rejected Jesus Christ!

Whether you like it or not, Jesus is the one and only ANTIDOTE ever available in the whole wide world that is so awfully plagued with man-made ‘sickness’ and ‘diseases’ of the heart, mind and soul! You know what that means, don’t you? Of course, it is not a very good choice to turn to Jesus especially for Muslims because they are anti-Christ since day one, right? But are you, even as a Muslim, still so DUMB and DUMBER enough in choosing to die a double horrible death because of Islam when you can CHOOSE to live in eternity by obeying the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and SAVE your sorry butt from the curse of sin, death and the devil?

You + Jesus = Salvation! Is it not plain and simple enough? Is it not simple mental mathematics that needs no calculator whatsoever? But why still many people whether “educated, rich or religious” also fail to work that out? Better you tell me!

If not, you will surely “blacklist” me as a “bad extremist” for having made you DUMB and DUMBER because of you rejecting Jesus and not going down on your knees to REPENT and obey the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ to save your sorry butt from the curse of sin, death and devil!

“La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas.”

(“The devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”)”
Charles Baudelaire, Paris Spleen